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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 23, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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today california is making a big bold move. by 2035, the next 15 years, we will eliminate in the state of california the sales of internal combustion engines. >> what a lofty goal set today. to eliminate gas powered cars and have all new sales be solely zero percent emissions. >> the state will become the first to halt sales of new gasoline powered passenger cars and trucks by the year 2035. the governor says that will help reach 100% zero emissions vehicles where possible by 2045. and the result will be a 35% cut in green house gases. >> reporter: governor newsom signed an executive order that would transform transportation in california. >> trends are in the direction of zero emission vehicles.
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the trends are in the direction globally in zero emission vehicles. >> reporter: the governor would like the phase out the sale of new gas powered cars by 2035, to reduce the state's emissions. he's driving this change forward with the help of california's air resources board. >> we know we have an obligation to keep on working to clean up the air and to make it as clean as it can be. he said it is for other states to follow. already the state has 34 electric vehicle manufacturers. >> the difference is with a zero emission vehicle, you have lower maintenance costs, lower operating costs. if you want to protect impoverished communities, then pull away from the gas pumps. >> reporter: the california new car dealers association released this statement. bypassing the elected legislature and directing the california air resources board
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to adopt rules to prohibit the sale of nonzero emission vehicles to enact the significant transportation policy change is deeply troubling and deprives californians of a direct voice in this important issue. drivers feel there are pros and connells. >> if there are long material benefits, that's fine. i drive a stick shift. >> the prices of electric cars aren't down. it will be extremely hard for people to have car ownership. >> the governor says people can still buy or sell their gas powered vehicles. >> joining us now, professor, thank you. let's assume this is doable. what would this mean for california's infrastructure? at a minimum would you need a lot xhoorncharging stations tha
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have now. >> it is doable and it is easy to install. we see going into homes, some businesses requiring it and larger companies requiring some fraction of curbside parking meters to also be electric charging stations. this is neither that difficult nor expensive. so it can take place. >> electric car owners know all about battery anxiety. will we have long range options in 15 years? elon musk is talking about it with break through that's could be coming. but how soon will those be reality in. >> so we have an electric vehicle in my house. and i don't think there's much remaining range anxiety. we can buy new electric vehicles today with up to 400 mile range. charging times have gotten faster and faster. so again, this is part of that infrastructure mind set change. we're all used to pulling into a gas pump. the ability to do this, to clean
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the air, to make it available for low income californians, to think about this as an integrated strategy with more and better mass transit tied to the electric vehicles. this is all part of a process for which the market will make this a reality even well before 2035. we need to get on with the job of shutting down oil and gas production in the state, too. ? i'm glad you mentioned the lower income aspect. does this create an even bigger gap between haves and have-nots. it is like a 10-year-old jeep that you know will run forever. >> one is that the announcement, the executive order, did not prohibit the resale of used gas powered cars so that option is still there. it is still much more expensive to drive a gas car than an
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electric car. electric car prices are dropping. yesterday tesla announced the $25,000 model. i was recently in china that had a $9,000 vehicle town car. so it is there. lyft made an announcement by 2030, all of their fleet would be electric and they were investing in a program to make those vehicles available at subsidized rates for drivers. so i would say the california 2035 goal and the lyft goal for 2030, those could both be brought forward. they would clean our air and reduce our demand for gasoline. we would find ways to make it more and more available to lower income people. >> then you see if california leads the way nationally and internationally. thank you for your time this afternoon.
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>> a stark warning from stanford researchers about the dangers of the historic poor air quality. it could be causing thousands of deaths in california. >> chris reyes explains what the scientists are calling the hidden cost of air pollution. >> this is what a record breaking streak of spare the air days looks lying. and now all that soot in the air could result in 1,200 extra deaths and 4,800 e.r. visits in california from august 1st to september 15. >> we're not measuring fatality rates in real time. we're saying we know how much worse the air quality got. we know based on 20 years of medicare data, how many deaths do we get. it is the combination of those numbers. >> scientists are most worried about what hangs in the air. a kind of pollution that is especially
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the stanford researchers based their findings on how the increase would affect $6 million in california who are ages 65 and older. that's why they say 1,200 deaths is on the low side. >> my hope is that we are attentive to it. >> he saw the hospital during last month's persist ten air quality. >> does the poor smoke and air quality stay with us in our environment? we started to see the numbers rise with people with the coughs, shortness of breath, exacerbation of the chronic lung conditions. >> marshall burke hopes the numbers will drive home the point to take poor air quality seriously and to help those most
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vulnerable. >> they have much larger costs than we realize. >> the morbidity, we won't know the final impact on our society for quite some time. >> chris reyes. abc7 news. >> new developments now in the breonna taylor case. an oers has been charged but not in connection with her death. he is facing three counts of what is called wanton endangerment for shooting into a neighboring apartment. each carries a maximum sentence of five years. now what happened to the other two officers under investigation. >> wanton endangerment in the first degree. >> today a grand jury presented its report in the breonna taylor case. >> my team set out to investigate the circumstances surrounding miss taylor's death. we did it with a singular goal
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in mind pursuing the truthful. >> the former officer now facing three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree. but none of those counts are related to the homicide of breonna taylor herself. >> we want full transparency. we want the truth. breonna taylor's death should not be swept under the rug in any way. her life matters. >> the three officers are accused of shooting into breonna taylor's apartment in march in the middle of the night. however, there was no mention of those other two was onners in today's hearing. >> our investigation found that mattingley and cosgrove were justified in their use of force. taylor, a 26-year-old emt, was shot and killed by police when they executed a search warn. the officers were investigating a suspected drug operation linked to taylor's ex-boyfriend. no drugs were found in their
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search. her death caused mass protests coast to coast with chants of say her name, as they demanded accountability from the louisville police department which declared a state of emergency ahead of today's announcement. >> it would be violent activity, serious property damage. >> breonna's boyfriend who was with her that night told investigators they didn't hear the cops announce themselves. so he fired a warning shot from his legally owned gun. an officer was injured. walker is now suing the city and the police department. the mayor has ordered a county wide 72-hour curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. beginning tonight. the national guard has been deployed to help protect critical infrastructure during any protests. abc news, new york. >> the speaker of the house said breonna taylor should be alive today. she should be living and laughing and loving. instead her family is left
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continuing the search for justice. oakland mayor will bey schaaf said her city is ready for peaceful protests but there will be zero tolerance for violence and vandalism. >> we do not tolerate vandalism and we are clear about the lines 13 those two. we are prepared to hold and honor people's grief. >> she called it tragic and avoidable. if you're dealing with social shoes, we want to help. go to take action for a list of local resources. >> covid isolation, the fallout of the pandemic. how social distancing is affecting mental health. check out counter. the candy at the check out.
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the u.s. is closing in on 7 million confirmed coronavirus cases. that does include people who have recovered. yesterday, the u.s. marked 200,000 deaths. the death toll is 201,669. the bay area passed 102,000 cases today. sonoma county has amended the health order to aline with the framework that will allow businesses to reopen and businesses to resume. sonoma county is in the most restricted purple tier when sonoma county moves into less restricted tiers, businesses will not need to wait. gyms reopen today in san mateo county. the gyms are cammed at 10% capacity right now. everyone must wear masks and clubs are continuously cleaned throughout the day. the city of east palo alto has a
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covid-19 positivity rate three times more than san mateo county. the city is trying its best to be proactive to stop the spread. they're dealing with another challenge. default on rents due to the pandemic. here's anser hasan. >> he's working with high school and college students to do covid-19 outreach. several city and community groups are taking part in different outreach programs, trying to stop the spread. >> when i draw back and say final.4%, it's a big number. >> final.4% is the covid-19 rate for east pal walt officially that's more than three times the average. she said it is important to put the numbers into context. >> we are unapologetically a city that supplies this reason with essential workers. >> and they are more at risk of exposure, and in a city where 12% are residents don't have
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health insurance. >> which means that when our residents get sick, at least that 12%, we don't always have easy solutions to help come to the aid. >> so the city has identified hot spots through contact tracing and set up testing sites in those neighborhoods to test and educate. >> so we're proactive about it as opposed to just waiting for people to come. >> they face another big challenge. defaults on rent. they've set aside a small emergency fund. but they're going after healthy donors to help out. the chief officer at facebook and his wife just dough natd a million dollars to help pay rented in east palo alto. >> every time we can help every family we can, hundreds or thousands at a time, to today in their homes and to be able to survive and not become homeless. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> and we have a new inactive tool to make essential of the
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reopening system. this lets you pick your county and see how your county is trending. check it out on the home page of >> a research ship devoted to exploring the frigid seas of antarctica is paying a rare visit to san francisco. nathaniel b. palmer powers through thick sheets of ice on various research missions. the vessel, it rarely gets into this part of the world because most of the time it is in the sornl hemisphere. because of covid-19 travel restrictions, that ship is scheduled to depart tomorrow to i had to the molecular boy over diversity of the southern ocean. >> the southern ocean? the indian ocean? >> we'll have to look it up.
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i was just happy to hear that science is still a thing. it's still a thing! >> yes! that's right. that icebreaker is not a hoax. i'm going to start with good news. we've had good air quality and we're expecting it again tomorrow. they can which out. good, good, good across the region. on friday, a little decline in air quality begins and that will continue through the weekend. just to share some good news. we have gusty winds once again. an onshore flow. 24-mile-an-hour winds. 25-mile-per-hour surface winds in san francisco. breezy and refreshing all around the bay area. a lovely clear view. hook out over san francisco. it is 69 degrees. we have low 80s in san jose, 87
4:20 pm
in gilroy, and 68 at half moon bay. looking out over the bay with a clear view from the top of mount tam, low 80s, low to mid 80s in santa rosa, napa, fairfield 90 degrees and mid 80s in concord andler more. and on we go with our view looking across the embarcadero. the blue skies over the bay. it is taking my breath away. these are the forecast features. clouds, fog and drizzle are in our forecast for the overnight hours and early morning. look out for wet pavement tomorrow if you're a morning commuter. it will be hot, dry and gusty and that pattern will continue into early next week. thus, high fire danger. here's a look at our fire weather watch as a result of those conditions i described. with the rising temperatures and gusty winds. and dangerously low relative humidity. a fire weather watch is in effect, or will be from 11:00
4:21 pm
a.m. saturday to 8:00 a.m. monday. the north bay and the east bay and the inland valleys of the east bay as well. so let's move along. a powerful surge of fog. across the bay into many inland areas. overin it low temperatures will be in the low 60s. upper 50s just about everywhere else. mid to upper 70s around the bay. then saturday, a sudden jump in temperatures, up to about 100 inland. above 100 in many areas sunday and monday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. two more days of moderate temperatures turning warmer and windier and windy and hot and dry into early next week before we see any break in the heat
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wave. >> i looked at the southern ocean. i didn't know. it was named an official body of water in 2000 because its water is different from anything else, including the antarctic area where it is new. so there you go. i learn something different every day, guys. >> science. >> those last-minute snacks at the check out counter. new rules are coming. >> rain or shine. they're working and working hard. >> they help
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to deliver your packages. and the peace of mind of knowing that important things like your prescriptions, and ballots, are on their way. every day, all across america, we'll keep delivering for you.
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berkeley started a trend years ago by putting a cap on soft drinks. now there is a limit on putting them in the check out aisles. >> reporter: inside your local supermarket, as in real estate, it is all about location, location, location. that's why the candly, chips and soda are all right there when you check out. it passed unanimously last night. >> as with behavioral science, we're not saying you can't have these goods. we're just saying they won't be
4:26 pm
right at the eye level of your children when you walk into the store. >> reporter: berkeley led the way with tax on sodas and dr. christine matson said this is a logical next step. >> if you really reduce someone's added sugars, you can see significant reductions not just in weight but in people's cholesterol levels. in some of the other lipids in their system. >> that's about two dozen grocery stores in berkeley. >> the ordinance takes effect early next year. health policy expert holly who helped advise the city council on this issue says stores will be encouraged to put healthy snacks at the check out. >> coke has 15 tea spoons of added sugar. this juice has no added sugar. it is all natural sugar. >> she said both drinks are
4:27 pm
manufactured by the same company and sell for the same price so stores and manufacturers won't be hurry. the city will try to educate grocers when the ordinance takes effect next year. but in 2022, face penalties. >> children dealing with a pandemic and isolation. what parents should be on the lookout for right now. plus -- paying
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♪ if i could, baby i'd ♪ how can i, when you won't take it from me ♪ ♪ you can go your own way ♪ ♪ go your own way your wireless. your rules. only with xfinity mobile. social distancing, quarantine, they're byproducts of the pandemic. they are clearly affecting our
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mental health. today, ucsf tackled that issue. the issue of depression and isolation among young people as well as the elderly. not surprisingly, lyanne melendez says depression rates are up in this country. >> reporter: it is that loss of connection, the loss of rituals, that causes young people to feel a sense of hopelessness. >> more suicidal behaviors. in the first four months of shelter-in-place, we have more suicidal attempts and behaviors than in the last four years. >> reporter: she's a psychotherapist who works at two school based health clinics in east oakland. today she and others in the field of mental health at ucsf presented their findings and suggestions. for example, during this time of isolation, parents should connect more with their children and then encourage them to engage with their friends in a
4:31 pm
safeway. >> when is a therapist needed? >> any time we've seen extreme behavior change. someone outgoing, kind of much more withdrawn. any time it can last for more than a week or two weeks.eks.ek. >> sheltering in place has affected people over 65 disproportionately. 80% of fatalities due to covid with within that group. luis says they need to stay engaged to feel less frightened and isolated. >> the laughter and the shared purpose. it just makes everything more meaningful. >> reporter: one thing to remember, others are feeling the same thing and ask for help and learn to live at a distance without isolation.
4:32 pm
abc7 news. >> the psychotherapist you saw. in story, thanks for joining us. >> you've been a champion for mental health for a long time. how acute and how widespread is depression right now among that group? >> we already know that suicide is the second leading cause of death for adolescents. and there's also an increase in suicidal rates, for especially black and young people of color. it is widespread. we don't have exact numbers. there's a drama study that speaks about depression rates right now after covid. we're just at the beginning of that curve of depression and more increased mental health. symptoms and more acute of symptoms.
4:33 pm
we've noticed increase in anxiety and in suicidal thoughts and behaviors. >> is this maybe existing problems worsening or are you seeing kids well adjusted before the pandemic, become unwell mentally and emotionally now? >> i think we're seeing a little of both. we know that our vulnerable communities, especially impacted by poverty, impacted by loss of jobs, and already our communities are impacted by trauma and stressful those communities, if you were vulnerable, are getting less protective factors. school is a protective factor. so not having those ritual that's we're used to. even for young people and teens and adolescents, the loss of routine, of connection to their peers is having an impact. for us as adults, during this time. the impact to our own mental
4:34 pm
health and well being. >> so given that loss and connection. what can you advise kids and parents in terms of trying to that? >> paying attention. i have a middle schooler at home. also taking time to monitor your own feelings and responses, exercising together. we even started playing charades together. bringing out those old games. and also, taking any kind of thoughts about suicide or i don't want to wake up tomorrow. taking those seriously. we want people to understand all behavior has meaningful to reach out for support. >> those are some good ideas to try. >> what are some signs and symptoms to long out for that
4:35 pm
would suggest, hey, my kid might need some intervention and help. >> being able to pay attention and sleep. if someone is shoepg more often or not at all. paying attention to changes in an tied. maybe that sad, morose, it can show up as irritability. and it is not just being a team. that it can be a sign of depression. also feeling hopeless about the state of the world. feeling hopeless about their future. and also, thoughts about death and dying and really holding the anxiety. feeling on edge. feeling that the worth. it impacts all of us. for young people paying attention to these worries last longer than two weeks, it is
4:36 pm
time to talk and get some additional support. >> thank you so much. i love the message that we're all in it together. and that's comforting. >> thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> a really interesting and important conversation there. no more gas
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>> time for the four at 4:00. we're already hearing reaction from the governor's plan to phase out gas powered cars. that's a signature there. the governor's plan announced this morning. all new passenger cars and trucks sold in 2035... the governor says transportation accounts for half of the state's green house gas emissions, which contributes to climate change. when i first saw 15 years, i thought, wow, this is pretty ambitious and i don't know what the pushback will be from car makers. obviously, you know, the oil and gas industry is entrenched. they may not nab hurbe in a hur make the change. >> of course we expect a major uproar from people, motorists are unhappy because they want to
4:40 pm
drive the cars they want. modest measures will not save the planet. it will take something rather tough like this if we're going to save this environment and seen the life as we know it on earth. that's just what it will take. i would rather save the planet than drive the car of my choice. >> i like that. >> you have a young daughter. you want to preserve the planet for her, right? >> yeah. it would be good if there's still a planet. there will be pushback. but in the grand scheme, if we can do it, let's do it. i want this fancy car. dels makes a nice looking car. it can be done. so let's to it. they just announced the 25,000
4:41 pm
mod that he will they home will make it more major stream. speaking of all things future, this 25-ton 60-foot robotic behemoth, like transformers, right? it is now walking and kneeling. they have named it based off the popular 1970s tv show, mobile suit. the construction began in 2014. the robot was supposed to debut next month to show case the robot. that's been delayed by the coronavirus. what do you think? what do you think? impressed? >> by his size, yes. what can dough? that's a scary looking thing.
4:42 pm
>> i home it serves a useful purpose. >> i'm impressed and terrified.. >> what does do it besides mash humans? >> he looks slow. i think we can deal with him. it is the boston dynamic robots. now, those robots, i'm looking out for them. i don't know what i'm going to do but i'm looking out for them. >> for the first time ever, rolling stone decided to remake its list from scratch to reflect changing times. they tabulated the list from more than 300 producers, critics, artists like beyonce, stevie nicks.
4:43 pm
here's the top ten. one, marvin gaye, what's going on. the beach boys, pet sounds, joni mitchell, blue, stevie wonder, never mind, rumors. prince is fantastic. bob dylan, blood on the tracks. lauren hill. i would add ac/dc back in black. and a little hawaiian music. alone in iz world. spencer? do you want to add to the list? >> i can throw a few in there. i can't, a was on marvin gay. but there was an album called inner visions. steely dan, joe cocker, mad dogs and englishman, and all the first five albums by chicago. all awesome albums.
4:44 pm
you should be a movie critic and weatherman. >> i love music. where's my hall and oates? >> what about abba? i learned english through abba. yes, i realize it is a swedish family which explains a lot about me. okay. how young is too young to bask in the fame of being a world record holder? a utah couple is being heavily criticized after their 6-month-old infante was reported water skating. at that age, casey humphries holds the distinction of being the youngest ever water skier. that's not sitting well with a lot of parents. they're facing ridicule for putting their child at risk and accused of using their child to
4:45 pm
gain an online following. you know what a baby can do at six months. what do you think about this? >> they can hold their head up, maybe. i would say for, in my household, as i say, it is risk versus reward. i would say a lot of risk considering they can't really think about when to hold on, let go, they can barely hold on to begin with. they combrace themselves knowing a wave is coming. the reward? 15 minutes of fame? a world record? the kid won't even remember it. that's not a risk i am willing to take for my child. >> i know, right. you know the same for your grand kids? >> i don't want to sound like i'm criticizing someone else's parenting. that's that the choice i would make and not the choice i home my daughter would make with her children. >> when i saw the video, i
4:46 pm
thought that's so cute. the life vest is almost bigger than he is. >> i don't know. i don't know that the risk is that great. we used to ride our bikes around with no helmets or anything and look at me now. >> come on! if something went wrong, would you ever forgive yourself? >> i think larry hit his head on the ground a few times. >> that would explain a lot. hey, my twitter is blowing up! dear jack box, bring back the spicy chicken strips, still waiting for the spicy chicken strips, so many about spicy chicken strips. wow, i hear you. so i'm bringing back my juicy 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo for only $5.99!
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shape your future. start here. visit the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is lying in repose at the supreme court today and tomorrow. americans are paying their almosts to the second woman to serve on the nation's highest court and the political battle is continuing to play out over filling ginsburg's seat. andrew has more from washington. >> reporter: after decades championing civil and we will's rights in the hallowed halls of the highest court, ginsburg ginls honored today in a place she served for 27 years. her casket arriving at the supreme court for her memorial service. the eight remaining justices together for the first time since the pandemic began to mourn the loss of an institution alikon and colleague. >> among words that best describe ruth, tough, brave, a fighter, a winner. >> president bill clinton who
4:50 pm
appointed her to the beth paying his almosts today. tomorrow president trump will do the same. a fight is unfolding. >> republicans should for once be straight with the american people. they are fighting to reverse judge ginsburg's legacy. not honor it. >> the president and the gop senate are moving forward to fill the seat before the november election. >> i can only repeat that we have an obligation under the constitution, should we choose to take advantage of it. >> democrats slamming the rivals across the aisle accusing the president of hypocrisy. four years ago when president obama sought to replace the late antonin scalia, the republicans stopped it saying it was too close to an election. that was anybody months before the election. this time it is not even nine weeks. but they say it is different because the republicans control the senate and the white house. >> i will still be announcing
4:51 pm
the nominee. if you don't love it, don't vote for me. >> reporter: on friday, ginsburg will lie in state at the capitol. the first woman to ever do so. and one day later, president trump will make his announcement to fill her seat. ginls will be laid at the arlington national cemetery next week. dealing with the pandemic and the recent smoky air is difficult for everyone, it is specially hard for people who have to work outdoors. up next, meet a group of moms stepping up. new at 5:00, a major change at csu. the school's first chancellor of color and his life story is really the stuff of movies. we'll have that. plus, the santa rosa police department. they saw a veteran detective die and nine officers sickened in the spring. so what happens now? from the city to the sea. the future comes to life in a
4:52 pm
world of waves.
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tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 catch the goldbergs, schooled, american housewife, and single parents. at 10:00 who wants to be a millionaire then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. a group of moms called daughters of the field are providing local farm workers with essential goods. it is part of our building a better bay area project thanks. >> when we look at the food on our tables they're all being picked by somebody and who is that somebody? we're all going through this. a pandemic. a lot of us are in a situation where we're able to work from home. however, they're not. they are out there working in very close conditions and not to mention the fires. we produced terrible air quality for people. they're out there. those are the kinds of things we
4:56 pm
really want to bring to light. rain or shine these are people who are working and working hard. and i think that is what people overlook sometimes and that they forget. the four of us are children of immigrants and this is how they started their american journey and it was through the fields. it was really important to us and especially with everything happening with the pandemic and recently the fires. >> we were three strangers on social media and jumped on a post and she was doing a caravan of donations for the farm workers and now we formed this group and it just kind of grew from there. >> all the donations are from our communities and friends and family and people we don't even know. i think it's a huge thing that people want to help. they just don't know how. we're giving them a source to
4:57 pm
use to be able to be part of the community. >> we did a survey and the majority of them without fail asked for masks and food. just knowing these people are working seven days a week ten plus hours a day and still need help with food as essential as they are just made me so sad. it was eye opening to know there is such a need. they are actually very humbled and shocked by how much the community has given to them. >> i don't see this slowing down. it is something that holds dear to all of our hearts. it is something we don't want to stop. this is just the beginning. >> i feel blessed that we're able to take a little and give a lot. i feel that this time has really brought our communities together to help and it just confirms that together we can do a lot.
4:58 pm
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5:00 pm
make a better california for all of us. next at 5:00 the decision in the killing of breonna taylor. no officer is held accountable for her death. the mayor of oakland tonight calling for calm. in the north bay the santa rosa police department is fined over how it handled covid-19. a veteran detective died and nine officers sickened in the spring. so what happens plus the new effort to get rid of gas powered cars in 15 years. are consumers ready to drive the fight on climate >> breonna taylor's life should not be swept under the rug. her life matters. >> this is offensive and egregious. >> we must fight back in ways that we do not destroy ourselves in the process. >> a lot of reaction


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