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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 22, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the wait is over. many businesses are finally allowed to reopen for indoor services. including gyms and restaurants. >> because of the county decision, this gym and dozens of others are closed. how that decision could put people out of business. the move to have mental health experts on hand. how several bay area cities plan to improve policing. tracking heat, high winds and fire danger. i'll have your forecast coming up. "abc7 news" at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is "abc7 news." tonight, a sobering and unthinkable new coronavirus milestone. more than 200,000 people in the united states have now died because of the virus. >> here in the bay area, there is some good news. the numbers are stabilizing. that's allowed three more counties to join most of the
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region in loosening covid-19 related restrictions. >> today, these three counties eached a vamsed from the purple tier to the red tier status on the state's color coded blueprint for reopening. but the counties are taking very different approaches to reopening. >> san mateo county is jumping at the chance to ease restrictions. luz pena spoke to several business owners and customers who say they are ready. >> reporter: depending on who you ask, it seems like everyone has a story about how they heard the good news. >> i get the news from a friend of mine. they told me to check the internet. >> actually, just before you called. >> reporter: at the oldest mexican restaurant in daley city, there was no time to waste. >> i saw it on facebook and sai the reservation, make the reservati cooking with a smile n
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his face. >> i miss the customers all the time. >> reporter: after six months and short reopening in between, today, the county moved from the purple to red tier, where indoor service are also now permitted in many sectors. >> we need to crush this virus, and we need to open up at the same time. >> reporter: restaurants will only be allowed to have 100 people or 25% capacity. now, the same goes for places of worship. 25%0 pelewhevs . the p are each. >> reporter: a monumental day for many, as they hope and pray this reopening lasts. luz pena, "abc7 news." >> and it's a much different story in the east bay tonight. alameda health officials are taking a more cautious approach to reopening. j.r. stone spoke with one business owner who says that
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decision may force her to close. >> let me open. we can do it safely. >> reporter: that is the message from gym owner tammy to the alameda county health department. tuesday, while they were outside, alameda county said they must stay there, because indoor gym use is still not allowed, even as the state gave the county the okay for indoor workouts at 10% capacity, and with a mask on. >> i've been crying all day, you know? it's just devastating to not know. >> reporter: devastating because she's lost about half of her 900 members. state rules would allow restaurants in the county to open indoor seating at 25% capacity. alameda county not allowing it. and while that will impact business, some owners we talk with say that's okay. >> i don't mind waiting. >> reporter: still, these gym members are upset, saying other counties are allowing indoor
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workouts. and if an opening doesn't happen soon, the future of the gym may be in jeopardy. >> if they keep putting it off and putting it off, i don't know. if it's not open october 6, it's probably done. >> reporter: as these outdoor classes continue, the county health officer says her office will closely be looking at the numbers to come up with a safe plan in two weeks. in alameda county, j.r. stone, "abc7 news." during his weekly update, california's top health official emphasized the state is taking a slow and stringent appac reopening. dr. mark galley pointed to the lessons california learned during the first round of reopenings in late spring. he said it's a delicate balance between stopping the virus from spreading and making sure businesses don't close for good. >> we're very sensitive and interested to support our economic sectors across the state. it's the engine for so much that
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drives health, jobs, housing, many of the resources that flow through businesses. >> he also said the state is closely watching out for a second surge in the fall. nail salons can reopen and take customers inside after the state relaxed restrictions today. however, the final say is actually up to the county health department. in the bay area, every county except samona and alameda counties are allowing nail salons to reopen indoor operation it is they haven't already. the decision came after realizes businesses could operate safely. in the north bay, starting in october, napa valley expo will be reimagined as a drive-in theater. the film also be shown on a large l.e.d. screen. showings will be limited to no more than 250 cars. abc news has a new tool to make sense of the state's four-tier reopening system. you can pick your county and see how the numbers are trending.
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if your county is below the number for three weeks, it could be moving into a new tier soon. check it out on a sad milestone. more than 200,000 americans have now died from the coronavirus. the united states has 4% of the world's population, but accounts for about 20% of the covid-19 deaths. and as our reporter explains, the pandemic is once again the talking point out on the campaign trail. >> reporter: president trump said little to mark today's horrific milestone of 200,000 americans killed by the coronavirus. >> well, i think it's shame. i think if we didn't do it properly and do it right, you would have 2.5 million deaths. >> reporter: the u.s. has 4% of the world's population, and 20% of the world's covid related deaths. tuesday, the american medical hospital and nurse's association issuing a joint statement saying covid-19 is affecting americans at a rate that represents a
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nearly worse case scenario. with the number of cases increasing in 33 states and puerto rico, the president speaking of the pandemic as if it's a thing of the past. monday night, he said that the virus only really affects older americans with preexisting conditions. >> elderly people with heart problems and other problems. if they have other problems, that's what it really affects. >> reporter: and he added that young people are basically immune. dr. fauci saying tuesday that's just not true. >> the elderly and people at any age with underlying conditions. underlining any age. >> reporter: the number added to that death toll, an american life, a family forever changed. four out of those 200,000 counted are from the beltran family, who got sick after a get together at a home in phoenix. father, mother, and two sons dying. >> it's hard.
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more than half of my family is gone. >> reporter: joe biden saying today it didn't have to be this bad. >> the names that are empty chairs in dining room and kitchen tables that weeks and months ago were filled with a loved one. >> reporter: at a rally in pennsylvania tuesday night, thousands of the president's supporters packing the venue, most not wearing masks. all attendees required to sign a disclaimer they voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure from covid-19. and with fall stoking worries of a second wave, combined with flu season, health officials are pleading with americans to wear masks and avoid crowds. in los angeles, abc news. all right. let's take a turn now and take a live look outside from our golden gate bridge camera. it was a fine fall day with good air quality. however, we are in for a big change. let's check in with meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya?
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>> yeah, ama, enjoy it while it lasts. here's what's coming. fire danger will be increasing. we have a fire weather watch that begins saturday morning and runs until monday morning for the north bay, and the east bay hills and also for the east bay valleys. so the winds are going to kick up out of the north-northeast, that's a down sloping wind. it drives out the atmosphere further. so we are looking at gusts 35 to 55 miles an hour in the hills. any fires that do develop will quickly spread. i want to show you what's going to bring about that change. it's a building ridge of high pressure that brings the autumn heat. with that, you get high fire dangers as the winds come out of the north and northeast. i'll have a look at howot >> after mth of pres sevel y area cities are making changes to the way police respond to mental health cry's the. i'm amanda del castillo with that story up next. this is probably my last
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chan chance. >> plus, america's oldest park ranger celebrates her birthday, asking for an unusual gift. and a delicate operation to rescue a dog stranded on the side of a bridge. >> all of that is coming up. but first, here's a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> join me tonight and every night forever. will we ever see these characters again? i know you wrapped it up, but is there any possibility of anything beyond this? >> i guess it just depends on
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the recent demonstrations
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against police brutality around the country have sparked a conversation. in an effort to build a better bay area, several local cities will havemental experts on hand to respond with police. amanda del castillo explores what this means and why now. >> reporter: redwood city leaders are taking a good look at the future of policing. influenced by the demonstrations and the death of george floyd, mayor diane howard hopes this shows residents are being heard. >> it started everyone questioning the role of the police department with respect to mental health issues. >> reporter: they are working on a pilot program to provide mental health support when police encounter anyone experiencing a mental health crisis. hundreds have come out offering input and discussing impact. >> it was hard to listen to, because some people have had very poor interactions with
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police in their past. >> reporter: san jose, silicon valley pastor jethro moore commends city leaders and says it's a step in the right direction. >> let's see how it goes. let's give it a chance and then look at it, and we can make adjustments after that if something else could be done different. >> reporter: he says it's time to work toward restoring trust back in police departments that way officers can best serve the community. >> what role they play and what tools we give them is critical. and i think that's what we're trying to do. >> reporter: redwood city hopes to launch the program in early 2021. i'm amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." now if you or someone you love is struggling with mental health issues, you can find your ally. just go to new at 11:00, the vallejo city council approved a black lives matter street mural tonight. you've seen them in other bay area cities like this one in martinez. when it came to a vote, the only
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black council opposed the idea, calling it a hollow gesture. he says the city should focus on education, housing and police reform. juneteenth is now a holiday in santa clara county, starting in 2021. it's also known as emancipation day. it's the oldest celebration of the end of slavery in the country, dating back to 1865. bay area civil rights legend betty reed turned 99. hundreds logged into zoom to celebrate with her. but her mind really is on the election. she became a song writer in the civil rights movement during the 1960s. she's also well known as the oldest park ranger at the historic park in richmond. today, she was looking ahead to the november election. >> i don't think that there's ever been an election that's more important than this one.
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i think since the great experiment began in 1776. >> she has been recognized nationally and locally as one of the unsung heroes of the civil rights movement. >> she is just incredible. this gives you an idea of how windy it was today on san francisco bay. "abc7 news" was in foster city and there were lots of people on the water kite surfing. this takes some skill, because not only do you need to understand how to ride a board, but handle flying a kite at the same time. i wouldn't even try it. >> it's fun to watch, though. pretty fascinating. all right. let's turn to meteorologist sandhya patel. nice day out there for that, sandhya. >> absolutely. and the breeze definitely helped it clean out our air today for this first day of fall. i think you both can pull that off. we should give it a shot, maybe a live shot.
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let me show you a live picture right now. spectacular view as we look across the bay tonight, because we don't really have a lot of fog out there, just a few patches and high clouds. so good air quality and fine fall weather continuing tomorrow. hot, dry, and gusty conditions this weekend, and high fire danger and more smoke enters the picture this weekend. right now our air quality, you will notice everyone in the green from santa rosa, fairfield, concord. san jose and santa cruz right now. so enjoy the fresh air that we have out there, because it will be changing. the smoke forecast, showing you good air quality the next two days. tomorrow is fine, thursday is fine. friday, the wind changes direction, coming out of the north-northeast. that will drag the smoke down from the northern california fires. so you will notice more smoke entering the picture, not just for -- your saturday and your sunday. so be prepared.
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good air quality for the wednesday, thursday time period, for everyone. and then friday, saturday moderate air quality. this is the latest from the air district. now, saturday, those temperatures will sore. inland areas, 90s, 100s. even the beaches get warm around this time of the year, and that's what is going to happen sunday. near 80 along the coastline. this continues even hotter conditions for your monday. as you'll notice, 106 in san francisco. definitely well above average for this time of year. temperatures for right now in the comfort zone, anywhere from the 50s to 70s. you look at live doppler 7, notice the high clouds passing through the bay area. we're watching the system. looks impressive on the wider perspective here. but that low is going to push into the pacific northwest. on thursday, it brings them some rain, but for us on thursday, it's going to squeeze out a little bit of drizzle. that's all we're going to get out of it. the good thing is it helps the firefighters. as you look at the hour by hour
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forecast, 4:00 tomorrow the fog regroups after a few patches. at 5:00 a.m. thursday, showers around the mendocino coastline. in the bay area, we get a little drizzle thursday morning for the commute and then out of here. so it will cool down as well on thursday. tomorrow morning, low 50s to the mid 60s. as we head into the afternoon hours, upper 60s to the upper 80s. accuweather seven-day forecast looks like this. fresh air, nice day, enjoy. we will see declining air quality, hotter conditions for the weekend. and windier with triple digits sunday through tuesday inland. dan and ama? >> all right. thank you, sandhya. we're in for it for a couple of days it seems. thank you. >> back to the 100s. tomorrow on "good morning america" charles o
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new developments tonight in the south bay. san jose is going to spend an additional $3 million through the end of the year to clean up illegal dump sites. we've been reporting on this problem extensively. the city council approved the plan tonight. it comes as san jose earlier this week started removing huge piles of trash and a homeless camp alongmo monterey road. now to a very lucky dog in mississippi. by chance, a bridge inspector spotted this hound stuck under the bridge deck 120 feet over the mississippi river. look at this. that rescuer climbed to the dog and then made a makeshift harness out of rope and lifted that dog to safety. and the dog was adopted soon after that rescue.
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try my $4 mini munchies with marinara or ranch. back at jack in the box. good evening. with a week left in the regular season, the giants are clawing for a wild card spot. every win is just huge right now, opening a three-game series with the rockies. lucille, getting some cardio in. row, row, row. stay in shape. top 7, , bottom seven, alex dickerson, with that new pop of power. dickerson with a pinch-hit bomb. giants up 3-2. they add on. brandon belt, another deep drive off the wall. giants win 5-2, tied for that final wild card playoff spot. possible world series preview for the a's in l.a. against the dodgers. the a's clinched last night,
11:30 pm
while watching houston lose on tv. how do they celebrate? >> you don't. they're not real keen on that this year, which you can understand. we just had a little meeting about it. >> division champion a's all smiles in l.a. robbie grossman, a drive to left here. and bonks off the foul pole, so that's a home run. a's up 1-0. but frankie montos gave up five runs. max muncie, the former a, he's got so much power. dodgers up 3-2. they hit four homers in this contest. bases full, dodgers in the 7th. bellinger to matt olson. dodgers win 7-2 and clinch the n.l. west. nba playoff action. lakers/nuggets. game three western conference finals.
11:31 pm
nikola yolkic over anthony davis. lebron james, with the jam. lakers within three, but murray unconscious from stuff range. he had 28. nuggets win 114-106. but the lakers still lead the series two games to one. jon gruden was all jacked up after the raiders beat the saints last night. probably less pumped when the nfl fined him $100,000 today for failing to wear his take mask on the sidelines. so even if you make $10 million a year, i think writing that check has got to sting.
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all right. ♪ >> this is an abc station. stat. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, the emmy-award-winning cast of hit's creek, creek, cre, here's gem here's jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: hello. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. we are coming to you from our studio in hollywood, on the first official day of fall. you can tell it's fall because the fires are changing color. it's very beautiful. and with a new season, comes a fresh new crop of emojis. the unicode consortium, these are the people who oversee which


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