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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 10, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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be fast, be secure. bounce forward. with comcast business. get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.90 a month. call or go online today. >> gyms like this one, salons and tattoo parlors finally will be opening up in san francisco. i will tell you when. >> a beloved summer camp that helped many bay areas through cancer has burned in one of the wildfires. coming up, how you can help. >> thick smoke. i will let you know how the air quality looks going into the weekend. >> south bay residents demanding answers and action. abc 7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. >> the ominous orange skies on wednesday morphed into a concrete gray layer of smoke and ash and conditions went from bad
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to dangerous across the bay area. >> more than 100 monitoring stations reporting very unhealthy air. look at this. this is incredible. no matter where you are, the air is bad. >> you can blame it all on the smoke from the dozens of wildfires still burning. >> but it does look like as the wildfire smoke settles out, we are tipping over from the red in san francisco to at least purple in some places this evening. >> this is how it looks, the san francisco skyline encased in gray and the freeway almost invisible through the haze. this is sfo. you can see the smoke blanketing the state in this satellite image. children and people with respiratory issues are told to avoid all physical activities
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outdoors and doctors say inhaling wildfire throat can cause smoke and throat irritation, coughing and more. >> long-term exposure increases your risk of cardiac disease, stroke, and also it actually reduces your life except aens, so you have increased mortality. >> the bad air forced san francisco's nine9/11 ceremony t move indoors. this is the 25th save the air alert in a row. these comparisons show the transformation from the pumpkin orange that was so eerie to the smokey gray skies we got today. because the smoke was trapped above the fog and now is reaching ground level some residents can say they feel the change. >> it is bothering my eyes and making it harder to breathe.
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i find myself wearing my mask inside and out. >> the picture on the left is from the end of august, the middle is from yesterday, and the one on the right, well, that is just this afternoon. you can see the change. look at these two videos shot from atop the hill, a dramatic difference in air quality from late august until today. as the camera pan there is, on a clear day you can see all the way to twin peaks. today, as it was as you can see or not see, completely shrouded in smoke. >> incredible, and not in a good way. not just unhealthy air. the wildfire is raining ash around the bay area. in the east bay drivers were racing to get their cars cleaned up. at broadway car in oakland, folks say the ash is awful. >> you put your windshield wipers on, brown, yucky, solid stuff. gunk.
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>> according to, ash mixed with fog or rain can create substances that are quite harsh on a vehicle's paint and trim. so much we are dealing with out there in the air, dan. >> it looked like snowflakes on cars today. why the smoke got so bad and what to expect tomorrow. >> yeah, dan. there is a good explanation for it. even though the air quality is awful, let's take a look at this first. santa rosa, very unhealthy, fairfield, san francisco, purple. all in the freemont, san jose, red unhealthy air quality and you will notice red around the santa cruz area. yesterday the smoke was in the upper layers of the atmosphere and it remained suspended. today the smoke started to come down to the surface, mixing in
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with the fog, and that created the very bad air quality we experienced. stay indoors with windows and doors closed. put your heaters and ac on. very important to avoid exposure to the smoke and a reminder it is a spare the air alert for tomorrow as poor air quality will continue to plague the bay area, moderate saturday through monday. i do have some glimmer of hope regarding the air quality for the upcoming weekend and i will be back with the details and the forecast coming up. >> yeah. hey, moderate sounds good. videos and pictures of the orange skies are the most clicked on content on the website. and you can find an explanation of why the sky looked so strange. >> the north complex of fires, the deadliest fire in california this year. seven more people have been
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found dead bringing the total to ten. the coroner hasn't publicly identified the victims. the family of a 16-year-old tells the chronicle he is among the dead. the teenager was last seen at his home tuesday before the fire just ripped through. the complex is burning and overall more than 247,000 acres have burned and the complex is 23% contained. the portion affecting butte county is out of control. an evacuation county was lifted for part of paradise, the town largely destroyed by fire back in 2018. at least 2,000 structures were damaged or destroyed, 16 people still unaccounted for. one reporter went to a burned home and talked with the homeowner's daughter. she reported her parents missing. >> is this your parents' home?
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is there an a-frame house to the left? >> a white house spokesperson said president trump called governor newsom to express his condolences and give his support. >> just tragic. a beloved camp has burned in the north complex. s it facility in berry creek in butte county sustained significant decade. the camp needs our help. kate larson explains what you can do.o a little lake it was a refuge for children affected by cancer. >> it feels so sad that something that has so many precious memories has been so scarred. >> reporter: the north complex burned through the camp.
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her five children has all attended. her youngest diagnosed with a rare lung tumor when he was six years old. >> the place might be gone right now but the people definitely aren't. >> reporter: there are other kids whose siblings also have cancer. >> they helped me to understand that there are other people going through this and that we need to go through it together. >> reporter: she is cancer-free and a three-year veteran camper. >> i love swimming there. i also love the camp fires. >> reporter: because her cancer is genetic, every three months she is scanned, blood drawn and treatments. the camp allows her to feel important between all of the visits to the doctor. >> we kind of pretend we are like, normal. >> it was such an important and magical place for so many people
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for such a long time. >> reporter: he helped to found the camp 40 years ago. >> it completely changed the relationship we had the next time they came back to the clinic. they were less nervous and frightened. >> the camp is free for all families and they will find a way to rebuild but they need to help. you can donate any amount on their website. >> such an important resource for those kids. all donations are being matched right now in honor of childhood cancer month which is september. we will have a link to donate on our website. you can follow the latest details on the fires across california with our exclusive wildfire tracker able on and the abc7ne
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abc7news app. for the first time since march people in san francisco will be able to get their hair done inside or go to a gym. >> thank you. we are so happy. >> reporter: salon owners praising the san francisco mayor who announced thursday that salons, gyms, hotels, tattoo parlors, some of the many businesses allowed to reopen on monday. >> i am over the moon. i couldn't be more excited. we have been ready. we have been waiting for this day. we are thrilled. i can't even contain my excitement. >> reporter: while the mood going forward is a pone, many are skeptical about having to wait this long just to reopen. june's diamond club tattoo studio was denied small business grants and dipped in to savings just to survive. >> it was an issue allowing
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certain businesses to open and not others. >> reporter: hotels will get to worker essential workers and everyone. >> we will have the opportunity to welcome tourism back into our hotels. something we are very, very excited about. we will do it in a cautious and safe manner. >> reporter: this owner says that allowing tourists in addition to essential workers is great. but his hotel and others are empty and that won't change until businesses reopen downtown and conventions come back. >> if they are not open, i don't see any businesses. nothing will be changed. >> reporter: they have been preparing by fogging their salon and in a couple of days they will be ready. >> the wait is over. now it is just getting everybody in that will be hard. >> reporter: in addition outdoor boats and tour buses will open come monday. in san francisco, j.r. stone,
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abc 7 news. all california state university campuses will remain virtual for the rest of the academic year. in a letter today, the chancellor tim white says this decision is the only responsible one available to us at this time. white cited a number of factors like wanting to give students and parents plenty of time to plan for the rest of the school year. >> in san jose residents are coerned over a grongmp sehe sizl field. that sto >> traffic starting to pick up but the timing of normal gridlock is changing. >> and hear from the
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an army family who is always at the ready. so when they got a little surprise... two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa - who helped find the right coverage for them and even some much-needed savings. that was the easy part. usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it- easy. in the south bay residents living near a massive illegal
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dump site are tired of excuses skp and inaction by the city. >> reporter: along busy monterey road in south san jose, an illegal dump site the length of a football field. >> there are 15 cars out there now completely disassembled. just mounds and mounds of trash. >> reporter: they demanded city leaders provide a timeline for trash removal. arnd said the mounds have e last grown more massive and noticeable in the last four months. this resident was so curious about what was littered on the side of the road he pulled over to take a look. >> i don't know what to think about it. this is insane. it goes down the whole way. >> reporter: neighbors are pleading for people to stopnd d.
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residents concerns have gone unanswered by city leaders. excuses and not solutions. >> reporter: we sought answers from the mayor's office and they said he was unavailable. we also reached out to union pacific. >> we are trying to be good partners and have dedicated a significant dust w a going to do something. we actually do it. is it enough? we can always do more. >> reporter: they dedicate another six weeks to address the encampment on the right-of-way.
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>> dav >> quite something. the pandemic has new safety protocol, working from home, changing careers and managing work-life balance. everyone is looking for solutions. it hasn't been easy. the week after labor day means the start of commute gridlock as summer vacations end, but nothing about traffic is normal now. we asked for the latest on how the bay area's changing workplace is playing on out on the roadways. >> reporter: march 17th was the first day of shut down orders in the bay area and traffic disappeared. this was morning rush hour. we are going to show you things here are very light. we will keep monitoring that for you. >> traffic was so low the lights didn't come back until mid-may. when we tracked bridge traffic in july, the metering lights came on about 6:30. this morning they came on at
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5:32. the transportation commission uses area from toll bridges as a barometer to what is happening to traffic around the region and we requested an result. >> the day following labor day, i see like so many other things in 2020, this year is weird. >> reporter: bay bridge traffic on tuesday was 85% of what it was last year and hovering at the same level since june. >> april through june there was a surge. we went from 50% of normal, if you will, into this 80% of normal range. >> reporter: tuesday morning bay bridge traffic from 5:00 to 7:00 was completely back to normal. 7:00 to 8:00, 11% above normal. in the early morning from 3:00 to 5:00, down dramatically.
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>> that might be because congestion pricing has been suspended. there used to be a discount and now it is $6 any time every daya >> they don't last as long before the pandemic. looking at the data, traffic was 82% of normal. and where congestion was growing before the pandemic is 78% of last year. south bay, bridge traffic seems to show a lot of people are still working from home. >> and they have continued. >> the san mateo/hayward bridge is 60% of last year.
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lower traffic on all bridges means lower toll revenue and major concern about transportation funding in the years ahead. >> we reckon the next five will be really tough. this is based on the sales tax revenues that are used to finance transit or county transportation projects in the non-bay area counties. >> reporter: golden gate is about 60% of last year. the bridge district uses toll money to subsidize bus and ferry service, and they are in trouble. >> we are in dire congress does not act and we see action we will need to continue making cuts. >> reporter: a new round of bus service reduction. it is designed so officials can quickly add service back when and if demand and funding
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return. >> amazing impact. sorry i interrupted you. amazing impact we have seen on traffic. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. >> yeah. we are hoping for better air tomorrow. >> i wish i could give you great news about tomorrow. i can't deliver that. i think we may see change in the weather. a lot will dmend hepend on what fires are doing. visibility is being impacted because of the smoke and the fog. you will notice a mile all a
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way to santa rosa. the smokey, foggy conditions. tomorrow expect similar conditions especially to start off the day. air quality advisory, the spare the air for friday. poor air quality. moderate for the weekend. let's look at the smoke forecast. 7:00 tomorrow night. you will see the violet purples northern and central california and all the way up in to the oregon/washington area because there are so many fires burning up and down the west coast. as we go in to saturday and sunday, notice the smoke going eastward. hopefully by sunday afternoon we have better air quality here in the bay area. we certainly need it. i do want to update you on an advisory issued. lanina advisory. cooler tomorrows near the equator and that means a week
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la nina has developed and there is no clear indicate as to what is go to happen for our winter rain. we will see what happens. hopefully we will get the much-needed rain here in the bay area. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. spotty drizzle. certainly fog around and haze to start off your day. we will hang on to the hazy skies. that will hold the temperatures down like today. today was 6 to 16 degrees above average. here is a look at what is to come next week. pacific northwest gets rain early in the week. midweek, wednesday we might see a possibility of a few showers in the bay area. warmer for your weekend. better air quality by sunday. next week, maybe a chance of showers on wednesday. >> wow. all right. thank you. >> tomorrow on good morning
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three san mateo police officers are credited with helping to save a 3-year-old's life. >> the officers were first on the scene yesterday after parents called 9-1-1 saying their 3-year-old son was choking. >> the parents are spanish speakers. >> we got there and we had to take the child from the father's arms and he was reluctant to give the child initially because of the language barrier. >> he was breathing and conscious and his eyes were alert but he was visibly strained. >> i was telling him it's okay. we are here to help you. >> almost like aheim lick.
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we had him face-down and we were doing palm thrusts to his back. >> the role i played, i speak spanish. so i was able to medical personnel talk to the family and relay what was stuck in his throat, which happened to be a grape. >> scary stuff.
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(vo) i have the best job in the world. ♪ i get to remind people of their grandmother's conchitas. give the little kids cookies... and celebrate birthdays with all our neighbors. hopefully, we'll be part of this community for many, many more years. ♪
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>> abc 7 sports. >> good evening. the giants said good-bye to pablo sandoval. the lovable panda wasn't hitting and the giants are making a playoff push in san diego taking on a red-hot padres team. not a great start for the giants. mitch moreland, a two-run double off of the center field wall. trevor cahill allowed three in the first and the giants never recovered. in the second, wilmer flores. when he connects good things
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happen. this is gone. that would be the giants' only run of the night. next frame, manny machado, admiring his work. the padres win their fifth straight, 6-1. giants hanging on to the final wild card spot. the first place a's padded their division lead and it appears tromp is back, great news for the athletics. game five against the astros. the four plus the make up game. sean manaea had a perfect game until the sixth, goes seven and allows a run. matt olson, a two out, 2-1 blast. 12 homers. insurance in the seventh. chad pinder singles up the middle. ramon laureano, he does not like the astros ends it with the sliding catch.
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6 1/2 game lead. the nfl is back. the super bowl champion texans. moment of unity. 16,000 chiefs fans booed that. david johnson acquired in the deandre hopkins deal. 19 yards, 7-0 texans. chiefs scored the next 31. patrick mahomes and travis kelce and the rookie out of lsu. 138 yards and a score. nba playoffs, james harden and the rockets trying to even their series with the lakers and lebron had other ideas. under 45 seconds left in the fourth. lebron out to caruso. caruso, 16 off of the bench. caruso the steal. rondo, the backboard pass to lebron in a playoff game. lakers win it 110-100, up 3-1
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so i'm voting 'yes' on 19. it limits property taxes on wildfire victims so families can move to a replacement home without a tax penalty. you never know what you'll be faced with. please, vote 'yes' on 19.
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. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live," with guest host, john legend. tonight, dj calid, and now, here's john legend. >> hello, welcome to "jimmy kimmel live!" my name is john legend. this is a fun change of pace for me. normally at this time of night, i'd be in a tuxedo, sipping a glass of champagne, and staring wistfully out of a window. just kidding, i'm usually in my sweatpants making dinner with my wife, watching real housewives. but here i am. this is actually the first time i've been in a quiet, empty house in years.
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