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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 29, 2020 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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air and our live stream answering questions. youtube live. abc7 tonight, the covid crisis in america escalating. one of america's top health officials warning, we are running out of time. cases tonight surging across more than half the country. at least 14 states hitting the brakes on reopening. los angeles county alone topping 100,000 cases. its largest single day increase. the city of jacksonville, the site of the gop convention, ordering residents to wear masks. in west virginia, 200 told to self-quarantine over concerns about possible exposure at a gym. and tonight, the warning from new york's governor to the rest of the country. on take you hospital in arizona where icus are now close to the breaking point. plus, the new headline about that rare syndrome in children tied to covid-19. also developing tonight, the
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four officers charged in the killing of george floyd appearing in court today. the judge asking floyd's family members to control their reactions and warning all sides to stop discussing the case publicly. president trump and the racist message from a supporter he retweeted, then deleted. >> white power! >> the white house failing to condemn the message. president trump also retweeting this video. the front lawn confrontation. a white couple waving guns in front of their home at protesters. local authorities investigating tonight. also, the white house denying that bombshell report. president trump insisting he was never briefed on u.s. fighrso kill u.s. troop in afghanistan. lawmakers from both parties demanding answers. the major ruling by the supreme court on the issue of abortion. striking down a restrictive louisiana law. the chief justice voting with the liberal justices. the chilling confession.
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what this serial killer said in court. the man known as the golden state killer pleading guilty to 13 counts of murder. and good evening. thanks for joining us on a monday night. i'm tom llamas, in for david. and as we come on the air tonight, the coronavirus surging across more than half the country. at least 14 states pausing their reopening. some putting newly lifted restrictions back in place. there are now more than 126,000 american lives lost. the w.h.o. issuing a blunt warning, saying, quote, this is not even close to being over. take a look at florida. long lines of cars waiting for hours at testing sites in miami gardens. jacksonville, host of the gop convention, now issuing a mandatory mask order. texas with nearly 4,300 cases in 24 hours. houston's fire chief saying paramedics are responding to nearly 1,100 calls per shift.
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most of them respiratory issues. and breaking news in arizona on new closures, with some hospitals near 90% capacity. the governor moments ago issuing in sheout orders for many businesses. alarming numbers in los angeles county, now with more than 100,000 cases after reporting its large egs single day increase. new york governor andrew cuomo considering delaying phase three of reopening, because of the rapid rise in cases in other parts of the country. and some governors urging president trump to require everyone to wear a mask in public. abc's marcus moore is in texas to lead us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, doctors say the coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire across the country. in houston, paramedics working around the clock. crews suiting up in ppe, treating every call as a possible covid case. >> in the last couple days, we've doubled and tripled. >> reporter: this team racing to save a patient in cardiac arrest, using a special device for cpr to limit exposure to the virus. but sadly, it was not enough to
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save a 55-year-old man. texas trying to halt the flow of patients. >> if i could have done anything differently, it would have been to delay the opening of bars. >> reporter: still, this was the scene at a restaurant last night in houston. bars shut down in seven california counties, including l.a. county, where cases hit 100,000 today. in tennessee, where cases reached new records, singer chase rice facing backlash after posting this video this weekend. at this planet fitness in west virginia, officials warning over 200 patrons may have been exposed. bars across florida are now closed again, where hospitalizations have climbed for 15 days. and now, backlash after mayors announced beach closures for the fourth of july in florida's biggest counties. >> be grateful for the wonderful america that we have. >> reporter: the governor of new york today signaling he may pump the brakes on restarting indoor
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dining. >> our reopenings have worked very well. we're not going backwards. >> reporter: the governor later tweeting, "wake up, america. covid is getting worse, not better. the white house is in denial." casing climbing in 31 states, but tonight, there is no national strategy to face an exploding crisis. the health secretary warning time is running out. >> the window is closing. we have to act and people, as individuals, have to act responsibly. >> reporter: but it comes amid mixed messages. the vice president pushing masks at his dallas campaign event. >> wear a mask wherever it's indicated or wherever you're not able to practice the kind of social distancing that would prevent this spread of the coronavirus. >> reporter: pence wearing a mask himself, but watching a 100-person choir swing without masks before a crowd of 2,000 people in just the last 24 hours, 28,000 more americans infected with the virus. so many of them young. 29-year-old allie gidry losing
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her battle with covid. but doctors able to deliver her baby girl four months early before her mom passed away. and in florida, 17-year-old chan tell solas is talking after spending more than a month on a ventilator. >> i feel like god gave me a second chance to live life. >> that 17-year-old survivor right there. and marcus joins us now from houston. and marcus, we're learning more tonight about that rare inflammatory disease effecting children? >> reporter: tom, researchers have found 300 cases of the syndrome and we're talking about children who were experiencing this syndrome weeks after contracts covid-19. and 80% of the cases, they needed intensive care and a handful actually passed away and that's significant, tom, because of the vast majority of d-19. tom? >> still so much to learn about that syndrome. marcus, thank you. now to that breaking news in arizona. oerg
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bars, nightclubs, gyms, movie theaters and water parks to close for at least 30 days. tonight, hospitals there in the state are on the brink. abc's kaylee hartung is in phoenix tonight. >> reporter: doctors in arizona calling it a terrifying wave. nearly 7,500 cases report eed ts weekend alone. icu beds at 88% capacity. >> never, never have i seen this many patients. we're using icus that we've never used before. >> reporter: this is inside the icu of the medical center in phoenix. this doctor overseeing the care of 100 patients, getting constant emergency calls. >> patients are suffering. they're on ventilators for weeks. families cannot be here. there are patients begging me not to put them on the breathing machine, because they know that they might die.again.
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>> reporter: tucson dr. brad dreyfuss thinks arizona is on the brink of losing control. what does the stress feel like? >> exhausting. myself and others are leaving the hospital, sometimes in tears. >> reporter: in an op-ed piece in "the new york times," he said health care workers are close to breaking. >> yes, we took an oath. it's not like you can walk away from people you've been caring for in your community or someone you've been caring for in the icu for three weeks. no, you're there, you're in it, you're with them. and that's why it's so emotionally exhausting. >> reporter: doctors we've been talking to here all day say they believe the crisis will get worse before it gets better. the governor's closures tonight should help. tom? >> kaylee hartung tonight. thank you. and there are new developments tonight in the police killing of george floyd in minneapolis. the four officers charged in his death appearing in court today. his emotional aunt and uncle in
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the courtroom, as well. abc's alex perez is in minneapolis. >> reporter: tonight, the four fired minneapolis police officers accused in the murder of george floyd in court. derek chauvin seen with his knee on floyd and charged with second degree murder appearing via video. the others charged with aiding and abetting chauvin. also in the courtroom, rookie cops j. alexander king and thomas lane, both out on bail. watching from the gallery, george floyd's aunt and uncle. >> i'm sitting six feet from the dude that just killed my nephew. >> justice for him is jus his for all. >> reporter: the judge admonishing both sides, instructing them to limit pretrial publicity and argue this case in court, not the media. the former officers have not yet entered pleas, but court documents show j. alexander king
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intends tomer cops are due back in court in september. a trial could start here at the courthouse as early as march of next year. tom? >> alex perez for us tonight. alex, thank you. we move on now to the white house, fighting battles on several fronts tonight. responding to president trump's new twitter firestorm. over the weekend, the retweeting then deleting this supporter yelling a racist message. he retweeted startling video from abc news, showing a couple pointing guns at protesters marching past their homes in st. louis. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: more than a day after the president tweeted video of his supporters that included one yelling "white power" -- >> white power! >> reporter: -- the white house has neither the phrase nor the person saying it. >> his point was to stand with his supporters who are oftentimes demonized. >> reporter: shortly after the president tweeted the video, republican senator tim scott
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called it offensive. >> i think it's indefensible, he should take it down. >> reporter: today the white house press secretary insisted the president didn't hear the words "white power," though they are clearly audible at the beginning of the video. >> did he listen to the video before retweeting it? >> he did and he did not hear that phrase. >> reporter: the tweet comes as the president is trailing badly to joe biden in the polls. and trying to rally his base with racially incendiary rhetoric. this morning, another one. a tweet featuring video of a white couple in st. louis poi pointing guns at black protesters walking by the street in front of their home. one of the president's supporters in congress tweeting, "this is all of us." >> all right, jon karl joins us now from the white house. and jon, local authorities investigating that couple tonight? >> reporter: the tom prosecutor for the city of st. louis announced they are investigating, saying, quote, we must protect the right to peacefully protest and any attempt to chill it through intimidate or the threat of deadly force will not be tolerated.
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the attorney for that gun-toting couple has also a statement out, saying their actions were borne solely of fear and apprehension, were not race-related. in fact, tom, the lawyer for the couple claims that they support the protesters and the black lives matter movement. >> all right, jonathan karl for us. jon, thank you for that. president trump tonight pushing back against an explosive report, accusing russia of paying bounties to taliban fighters for killing u.s. troops in afghanistan. president trump insisting he was never briefed. republicans and democrats in congress demanding answers tonight. here's abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. >> reporter: the intelligence was alarming. a military official telling abc news russian agents were suspected of bounty to target a kill american servicemembers in afghanistan. a source saying the intelligence was specific enough that the military and cia took steps to
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increase security and surveillance of russian operatives in afghanistan. and senior officials were briefed, as well. but today, the white house insists president trump still hasn't been briefed himself. >> and neither the president nor the vice president were briefed on the alleged russian bounty i tell jeps. >> reporter: reporters then asking, why not? >> there was not a consensus among the intelligence community, in fact, there were dissenting opinions and it would not be elevated to the president until it was verified. >> reporter: but dissenting opinions can be common. >> unverified intelligence gets put in front of presidents all the time. it's the nature of intelligence. doesn't mean it's not important and it doesn't mean it shouldn't be seen by the president. woer w wouldn't the president want to know this information? >> you would think that the minute the president heard of it, he would want to know more instead of denying that he knew anything. >> reporter: republicans had questions, as well. congresswoman liz cheney asking,
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too, why the president would not have been told and asking why has been done to protect our forces and hold putin accountable. the white house press secretary was asked if the president had a message for moscow. she said there was no message for moscow, because the president hasn't been briefed on it. and tom, she gave no indication that he wants to be. tom? >> okay, martha, thank you. the press secretary was asked today. we turn to the supreme court rule, as well. the justices striking down louisiana's law restricting abortion, and for the third time in two weeks, chief justice john roberts' decision ultimately siding with the court's liberal wing. here's abc's terry moran. >> reporter: at the hope clinic for women in shreveport, louisiana, they've been waiting for today's ruling anxiously. >> what's at stake? it is highly possible that all but one if not all clinics will close in louisiana. it's going to affectstes ll
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vided supreme court struck down that louisiana law, which required any doctor providing abortion services to have admitting privileges at a hospital less than 30 miles away. the state said it was for the safety of women. abortion rights advocates said it was aimed at denying women access to abortion. justice stephen breyer writing for the four liberal justices agreed, declaring the law would leave thousands of louisiana women with not practical meanof abortion. but the crucial vote in this case came from chief justice john roberts, who wrote, he joined the liberals only out of respect for precedent, citing a 2016 ruling striking down a nearly identical law in texas. a ruling which roberts originally disagreed with. for abortion rights advocates, a close call. >> you know, i think it's just a sigh of relief. >> reporter: both justices appointed by president trump voted to uphold the louisiana law and limit aboion access, but once again, it was chief
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justice john roberts who declined to go with the conservatives, choosing stability and precedent and caution in the law, rather than rapid change made by this court. tom? >> terry moran from the supreme court tonight. terry, thank you. now to the chilling confessions of a siakiller in california. the golden state killer today pleading guilty to more than a dozen murders and admitting to dozens of sex assaults. families and surviving victims face-to-face with the now trail killer as he claims responsibility for the horrifying attacks that began four decades ago. here's abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman. >> reporter: today, the feeble man in that origin jumpsuit confessing. >> i admit. >> reporter: he admitted he's the golden state killer. one of the most sadistic and elusive serial killers in history. >> 13 murders and 50 rapes between 1975 and 1986. >> reporter: one after another, prosecutors from 11 counties reading the counts.
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so many victims and sue hring ha ballroom with a 2,000-seat capacity. but in a powerful moment, his victims, known as jane does, defiantly standing up in court to face deangelo. during his reign of terror, deangelo would taunt police and his victims with phone calls long after the attacks. >> gonna kill you. gonna kill you. >> reporter: he was captured living in plain sight in 2018. >> we found the need until the h haystack. and it was right here in sacramento. >> reporter: investigators linking dna from a door handle and a discarded tissue to decades-old crime scene dna. just before the hearing, survivors huddling tonight. does it give you any satisfaction to see him there admitting to his crimes? >> huge amount of satisfaction. i'm pretty overwhelmed, so, didn't have a lot of great words right now, but yes. >> reporter: and by pleading guilty tonight, tom, deangelo
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spared himself the death penalty. now, all those victims you saw standing up when his crimes against them were read in court, they will have a chance to confront him again during his sentencing in august when they read their victim impact statements. tom? >> matt, thank you. tonight, the fire threat across the southwest. red flag warnings from california to kansas. some residents ordered to evacuate. evacuate. stay with us. get out of my face! hpv can cause certain cancers when your child grows up. get in its way. hpv can affect males and females... and there's no way to predict who will or won't clear the virus. but you can help protect your child by taking a first step. the cdc recommends hpv vaccination at age 11 or 12 to help protect against certain cancers. hey cancer! not... my... child. don't wait... talk to your child's doctor about hpv vaccination today. and sometimes, you can find yourself heading in a new direction. but when you're with fidelity,
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finally tonight, america strong. the sacrifices they made and the children waiting for them to return. that's little george and there was no holding him back. three months since he's seen his mom. she's a nurse in england, charlotte cole, separated from her 2-year-old because of her work on the front lines. she said, "i've never seen him run so fast and he grabbed onto us so tightly. i never wanted to let him go." in some case, health care workers finally able to reunite with their children after making tough decisions to keep them safe from exposure. mary ann, a doctor at boston medical nt, working with covid patients. seeing her children for the first time in more than 90 days. >> i really love my kids and it's really good to have my kids. >> reporter: she's just landed at the sacramento airport to reunite with her children, separated bill more than 2,000 miles while they were staying with maernts.
3:58 pm
>> i knew that i was going to be leading a covid team and i said, dad, it might be for three to six months. and he said, i don't care. >> >> reporter: in phoenix, taking its toll, especially on the young ones. 4-year-old paisley, thinking she was going to watch planes take off with her dad, when this moment happened. >> mommy! >> reporter: surprised when she realized her mom, callie, is back home. >> i missed you. >> reporter: mom, a pediatric nurse, went to new york to work on the front lines. seeing her daughter after 68 days. a reminder, the sacrifices these health care workers make stretch seegsei'm tom llamas. the w i'll see you right back here
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this is "abc7 news." >> please, practice physical distancing. please, please wear a face covering. >> a plea today from the governor, a pledge to get tougher if people do not start following safety guidelines, as coronavirus cases continue to climb in california. good afternoon, and thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> we're going to begin with a difficult question that every county in the bay area is facing. it involves our health and economy, two factors and our focus to build a better bay area. that question is when to reopen. the answer keeps changing. dan ashley joins with us the latest on the state's response to the pandemic. it feels like two steps forward, one step back. >> yes. during a news conference, the governor said there's been a 45% increase in cases and 43% increase in people being admitted to the hospital with covid-19 in just the past seven days. in addition, he's adding four more counties to the state's coronavirus watch list,


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