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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 7, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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i spoke with commissioner adam silva. >> i thought a one-year ban was in keeping with what we saw happen on the floor together. >> reporter: kyle lowry spoke at media availability. >> a guy like that showing his true class and he shouldn't be a part of our league. no place for that. >> reporter: that guy is billionaire and venture capitalist mark stevens. he said, i made a mistake and i'm truly sorry. i need to be better and look forward to making it right. i fully accept the punishment administered by the nba and the warriors. the shove was the talk among players, fans, and even the warriors head coach. >> i will also personally apologize to kyle and to the raptors. that's unacceptable. >> i just credit kyle the way he handled it because it could have been a lot worse in terms of an
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altercation that should not have happened in the beginning. >> the behavior is unacceptable. i'm glad steps were taken and it wasn't ignored. >> i think it's excessive. >> reporter: and stevens' ban begins immediately. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. hopefully all that mess is behind us. >> right. >> and game four is tonight in oakland, and the action, crossing fingers, will be on the court. >> abc 7 the only place to watch. our coverage begins on abc 7 news at 4:00 followed by the dubs on 7 pregame show at 5:00. the nba countdown at 5:30 and then tipoff for game four is at 6:00 p.m. followed by after the game live at oracle arena. it is 4:31. if you're just waking up to us, greetings. over to mike nicco and a look at the weather. we still have the sea breeze. 16 at fairfield. 10 at concord. everywhere else it's not going to be quite as aggressive as yesterday.
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i think that will help boost our temperatures a little bit above yesterday's kind of cool levels. 51 to 52 degrees at 7:00. a few sprinkling in the 40s through the 7:00 hour. we're near 70 for bay and inland neighborhoods. 74 to 77, that feels really nice. if you're heading out this evening grab a coat. once the sun sets at 8:29 we'll drop into the 60s rather quickly. the big heat wave i've been tracking. alexis? overall we're off to a quiet start here for the friday morning drive looking at light volumes, southbound 680 through walnut creek right around north main. before the 24 split in either direction. if you're heading to san jose on 680 or taking 24 into the oakland area, everything is looking great. so no issues for you and our drive times are looking good, too. westbound 580, tracy into dublin, still in the green. you know we're looking at a friday commute there 30 minutes. southbound 680 dublin to mission
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boulevard also in the green at 14. no delays northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino. b.a.r.t. is apologizing for a service disruption that snarled the evening compute yesterday. b.a.r.t. had to suspend service after a a national gas line. it took about an hour but, of course, damage was already done and delays remain into the evening. >> thanks, alexis. developing news in san mateo where a police officer is accused of sexting a girl he thought was under age. >> actually, she was a concerned citizen posing as a teenager. reporting chris reyes is live with the reaction from police. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that police officer is edward davies and he has been here since his arrest on thursday. after a week's long investigation police believe
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that davies was communicating with someone that he acknowledged to be 16 years old on social media sites tinder, click and snapchat. davies knowingly engage d underaged girl. silicon valley crimestoppers initially received a tip from a concerned citizen who posed as a 16-year-old on a number of mobile applications and connected with davies on may 11th. san mateo police issued this statement. this alleged conduct, if true, is in no way a reflection of all that we stand for as a department. as police officers we have sworn an oath to serve and protect our communities. i can assure you that we remain steadfast to this commitment. now davies was arrested in morgan hill where he lives. he remains here at the santa clara county jail being held on $50,000. now police are asking anyone with any information to help with their investigation to call
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crimestoppers. that phone number is 408-947-7867. we'll have that phone number on our website as well. now back to the studio. at the live desk u.s. and mexican negotiators plan to meet again today with the clock ticking. they hope to hammer out a deal before president trump can order new tariffs to take effect starting on monday. the trump administration wants to use tariffs as leverage to slow the flow of immigrants to the united states. president trump spoke to fox news overnight. >> they shouldn't be able to walk through mexico. that's an invasion. >> democrats and even some of president trump's fellow republicans oppose tariffs on mexico and china. the president lashed back at those who oppose his tariffs saying if they supported him
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mexico would, quote, fold like an umbrella. a group of parents has launched a recall effort against three new haven school board members. the east bay times reports the parents notified board members as well as the board president of their intent to recall them. the group says the lack of leadership by the school board members has prolonged the strike that is now nearly three weeks old. the strike has gotten the attention of democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. he tweeted teachers deserve pay and benefits that reflect the work they're doing. happening today a san francisco board of supervisors committee will consider banning the sale of ecigarettes in the city. the proposal was made in march. ecigarette companies would be prohibited from leasing city owned properties. juul is based in san francisco.
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b.a.r.t. can begin testing its new silicon valley extension. bta just gave b.a.r.t. the keys to stations in milpitas and san jose's berryessa neighborhood. they built the ten-mile extension. it should open by the end of the year. he loves making smartphone apps. he's only 10 years old. what apple did for him, and the first time ever, for a wiz kid. caltrain adding more seats. the safety reason behind the move. >> that's all ahead. first, it is 4:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from your hot forecast. hi, mike. castro valley at 50. the warm spot would be alameda, richmond and union city along the east bay shore. 63 in antioch for the warmest anywhere.46 in napa, 51 in san
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degrees cooler than this time yesterday. dress appropriately. a very quiet pattern. brighter and calmer. no small craft advisory today out on the bay. here is a look at the peninsula. high clouds and sunshine and 50s and 60s through 11:00. then full on sunshine this afternoon and mid-70s. a look at east bay valleys. 7:00 to 9:00 we'll go from 55 to 62. we'll end up near 80 with total sunshine this afternoon. gorgeous evening on the way at 7:00. 77 degrees. and in the south bay the high clouds will linger through at least 11:00 and then the sun and 70s break out for the afternoon hours. by 7:00 you're down to 69 degrees. enjoy the comfort while it's here. it's gone for most of my accuweather seven-day forecast. alexis, hello. good morning. checking out our traffic maps,
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seeing a lot of green. we have one slow spot, same road work we're seeing every night between san antonio and oregon expressway. various lanes closed. looks like they've wrapped up on the southbound side. just a little bit of stop and go traffic through palo alto. a quick check outside, some overnight road work that should be wrapping up at 5:00. maybe a little bit before that on the richmond/san rafael bridge. some of the trucks off in the parking lot already on westbound 580 on the richmond appro
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a couple issues around the state if you're going to be traveling today. for the area you see in orange, and that's pre centraln southern san joaquin valley not as much. the merced river at pohono bridge will flood near yosemite. we have 69 yosemite. 62 in tahoe. low to mid-80s very nice through the central valley. 73 in l.a. 101 palm springs. let's head back to tahoe. 62 today. 65 tomorrow and a nice 73 to round out the weekend. an update now on that deadly training accident at west point. army officials say they will not release the identity of the cadet who was killed until 24
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hours after next of kin notification. 19 other cadets and two soldiers were injured yesterday when their military training vehicle overturned. their injuries range from face abrasi a broken arm. officials say the vehicle was being driven by a soldier across rough terrain. the exact cause of the crash is still under investigation. reggie? caltrain plans to add more seats to cars where passengers are allowed to bring on their bikes. caltrain is working to replace its entire fleet by 2022. that's when the system will run on electricity. "the examiner" reports caltrain's board voted to add four more passenger seats inside every bicycle car. the idea here is to prevent thefts by letting more cyclists sit near their trains. near their bikes, i should say. a lost hiker is safe this morning thanks to sonoma county sheriff's deputies. she got lost in the armstrong red woods yesterday. a sheriff's department helicopter found her, lifted her to safety. this is video taken from a
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deputy's helmet cam. they flew her to waiting park rangers. she is fine. 4:43 now. on the peninsula meet the youngest app developer atwievop conferen. a 10-year-old boy from menlo park. ayush kumar said he started coding at 4 years old and is making quite a name for himself in the tech industry. reporter amanda maendel castill spoke with him. >> reporter: this is 10-year-old ayush kumar. >> the enthusiastic coder who likes new things. >> reporter: the bright young boy who followed his dad's direction ahead of apple's worldwide developers conference in san jose. the task, take ten days to create an app and submit it for a chance at the company's scholarship program. the challenge, participants have to be 13 years or older. >> i said this is a great opportunity. let's build a project based on whatever you want to do and submit it to apple and see what happens. >> reporter: apple made an exception. >> i made my app by looking at
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the trajectories and learning about the arc of the cass pull the catapult's projectile. >> reporter: ayush's interest in tech started when he was 3. coding started at 4. major tech milestones even with managed screen time. >> he only gets three minutes of screen time on a daily basis. >> reporter: on weekends he gets a couple hours. that's when he takes advantage and develops. >> i access through my laptop and my ipad. i don't have a phone yet. >> reporter: and when he isn't buried in his coding, he's bringing on the noise. ♪ >> i like playing the guitar. >> reporter: no shortage of talent when it comes to this 10-year-old future tech titan. >> this is his day, what he wants to do today. we'll see what he does in ten years. >> reporter: in the future ayush hopes to design tech for cars. in menlo park, i'm amanda de castillo, abc 7 news. >> amazing.
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>> wait, he started coding when he was 4 years old? >> took an interest at 3. started by 4. >> what is coding? mike? >> oh, reginald. >> do you know what that is, mike? >> me? why are you putting me in the spotlight? >> i don't know. >> i just want to do weather. i'm just kidding. i was accidentally in an apple store when they were trying to teach young kids to code. >> i would have run. >> where are my air pods. >> where are they? i just need to buy these. >> come on, bring my stuff. i'm getting a little nervous. hurry, please. good morning, everybody. it's 50 degrees in walnut creek as we look south on 680 towards 24. it's going to be sunny today. our most comfortable day moving forward. we have our hottest highs sunday and monday. it will still be warm next week at least inland as the summer spread starts to return tuesday. that means the coast will start cooling. we have a weak cold front you can see here kicking up high clouds. so expect colorful sun rise this
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morning. once they go away we'll be left with sunshine, mid to upper 70s in the south bay, even an 80 in morgan hill. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. 61 to 63 along the peninsula coast with sunshine. we'll have mid to upper 60s in downtown south san francisco, sausalito. mid to upper 70s through the north bay. wine country, a nice day to sit outside and sip some wine and have some yummy bites. 72 in oakland. 73 to 76. livermore, you are 79 today. we'll be 80 around pittsburg. check out your temperatures tonight. not quite as cool. my accuweather seven-day forecast, the heat is just on saturday. saturday night into sunday breezy in our hills. we hit 90 to 100 inland for our hottest day. alexis? good morning, mike. we have a new issue, this could be a major problem.
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we have a multicar crash, five or six vehicles involved at castro valley boulevard. one person is pinned in a vehicle. that is blocking at least a couple lanes right now. they have all lanes temporarily stopped. hopefully they'll be able to open up one shortly. we have red filling in on our traffic sensors. heads up. i probably will be talking about that. a quick check of the toll plaza, a stackup in the cash lanes on either side but no issues if you're using fastrak. car-pool lanes should be opening up in a few minimum. happening this morning it is national doughnut day. casual car-poolers will receive free doughnuts in oakland. they will hand out free doughnuts at the casual car-pool pickup area on claremont avenue near college avenue. and this morning's doughnut giveaway starts at 7:00, runs until 9:00. or until supplies last. >> that's cool. >> if you want that nice glazed doughnut, get thereearly.
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>> and it's perfect for casual car-pool because they don't want them to talk. >> keep that mouth occupied. >> shut your mouth with a doughnut. thanks, alexis. would you be willing to ditch your smartphone and use an old style flip phone for one week? >> what about if there was money involved? here are your "tech bytes." a new line of defense against those annoying robo calls. >> the fcc has given phone companies permission to automatically block the calls without getting customers' permission. the carriers don't have to offer the service. they can even start charging for it. and walmart is launching a new salvo in the online delivery wars. >> the retail giant is now offering to deliver groceries to your house and have the delivery person place perishables in your refrigerator if you're not home. and surviving one week using a flip phone could earn you $1,000. a utah-based company called frontier bundles which sells phone packages has issued a flip phone challenge.
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if chosen they'll pay you $1,000 to document how long it takes to text and check emails using a flip phone instead of a smartphone. it'll take forever. >> those are your "tech bytes." >> remember texting was, one, two, three, four, five, six to get a single letter. >> hi. >> help. a new addition in the san francisco neighborhood, the goddess now calling it home. also, a swarm of drones for disaster relief. the big call for code in san jose. plus, just chilling out. see why a video of this tod
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guess who is in town to take on the giants at oracle park tonight. the dodgers. 7:15. 63, dropping down to 59 degrees. it's going to be cool but not too brezy. >> thanks, mike. a santa clara sheriff's deputy is recovering from a rattlesnake bike. he was looking for illegal marijuana grows on mt. hamilton. he had to be airlifted to the hospital to get treatment for that leg bite. much happier news a 15-foot-tall goddess has a new home. >> an artist and her crew installed the metallic sculpture in hayes valley. the buddha's skin is a composition of everything from bicyc
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bicycle sprockets. >> the female buddha stands for compassion and so i think in a cool way she is just a mix of the old and the new. >> the sculpture will be at the park for the next year. really? i thought the same thing. we think a lot alike, huh? oh, that's crazy. right. >> this adorable moment of a dad pretending to have a conversation with his infant son is gaining a lot of clicks at the dad here, deztin pryor, it having a good time with his son's babbling, and so did mom, the one recording the video. >> i really appreciate the gesticulation. he's pointing at the screen. he's gesturing. >> i think -- i don't think this is babbling. i think they truly understand
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each other. >> totally. they're talking about the season finale of the show. it's great. very sweet, mike. >> this whole show is about overachieving youngsters. >> it really is. that's the theme today. >> good for them. that was cute. 74 in san francisco. look at the mid-80s around the bay, the 90s returning inland tomorrow. it keeps getting warmer. mid to upper 90s. close to 90 in oakland sunday. richmond. close to 80 in san francisco and mid to upper 70s. and then look at monday, 100 in clover dale, clear lake. 99 in napa. 100s all throughout the east bay valleys. mid to upper 90s in the south bay. the same thing around hayward and redwood city, 90 once again. a very uncomfortable sunday, monday and to a lesser extent tuesday. >> can't wait. we are checking out the roads
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this morning and do have an issue in the south bay. currently all lanes are temporarily stopped westbound 580 at castro valley boulevard due to a five to six car crash. it sounds like quite a bit of danch to at least one of the vehicles. one was driving recklessly before this collision. likely causing the crash. right now the backup is certainly starting to grow. i believe castro valley into the foothill boulevard will be your best bet. get off that main line to get around this and take those surface streets. not a lot of great options at this point. i will definitely keep a close eye on this and give you any updates as soon as we get them this morning. highway 4, six minutes. and westbound 580 at least from the stretch between tracy into dublin is looking okay. in the green at 31 minutes. if you are a coder and you're concerned about natural
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disasters, ibm wants to hear from you. here is an idea in the code competition. a drone flown using code rather than a human operated >> this will help prevent humans from having to go into dangerous situations. we can take drones and have them fly over the decimated areas and figure out where the victims are and send the firemen straight in to rescue those people. >> other technology solutions preparedness response and recovery. they will get several rewards including $200,000. next at 5:00 a.m., providing an answer to when the sales force center will finally reopen. gusty, dry winds, warmer temperatures and increased fire danger are on the way. what firefighters are doing to keep us all safe.
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>> reporter: the game isn't until tonight but these warriors fans are lined up to show their
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good morning. welcome to friday, june 7th. it's 5:00 a.m. keep an eye at the bottom of your screen. we are counting down to game four of the nba finals tonight. >> 12 hours and 29 minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. let's get over to mike nicco. thank you very much. here is a look at the high clouds coming in. that's the gray you see on live doppler 7. nothing but a beautiful sun rise and they're not even into the south bay as we look at 280 and 17. going to be


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