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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 31, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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a tour bus, a big rig, and two cars involved in a deadly crash overnigh. >> all lanes of northbound 880 on the hayward are shut down right now. >> good morning on this wednesday, october 31st. alexis has an update on this in a moment. >> we have a crew at the scene. we want to check in meteorologist mike nicco for our forecast. >> hi, everybody. never more than 7 minutes away. breezes gusting in the north bay. it will continue an hour or so. red flag warning in effect. high fire danger. solano until 11:00 this morning. we'll see how halloween day breaks down. a cool start. by noon, 70 around the bay and
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inland. 66 at the coast. mid-60s by 4:00. mid to upper 70s for bay and inland. murky sunshine. high clouds roll in. heading out to trick or treat, cooler at the coast. 59, a light jacket. the rest of us 66 to 69 ought to be okay for the kids. serious situation on the roads. now alexis for an up sky 7. they are live over this deadly crash. it happened 10:40 last night. we had two people who did not survive this collision. so full closure continues for northbound 880 at whipple road. right out of union city and hayward border. honestly, i don't know if they will be able to get this back open by 6:00. that is what chp is hoping they would be able to do. they are still conducting the investigation. they still have to tow all the vehicles and reopen the roadway. amy hollyfield is live this
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morning. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, alexis. it does still look like they me get out of the way so you can see for yourself. of a lot of debris still on the highway. this happened about six hours ago. but still a lot to do here. two people did die in this accident, a man and woman. they were both driving cars. the other two vehicles involved were a tour bus and a big rig. it happened just north of the hayward city limit before the whipple exit. officers are working hard to get the lanes reopened in time for the morning commute. >> we understand one lane, two lanes impacts traffic. especially which all the lanes are closed. we urge people to look for alternate were routes to try to get to work, to try to get wherever they're going. >> reporter: at this point
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officers don't know why this happened but don't think alcohol or drugs were involved. it appears to have started with the tour bus coming up on stop-and-go traffic. it hit one car, pushed it to the side. then it hit another car, pushing it into a big rig. they're not sure how fast that bus was going. they didn't have any passengers. only the four drivers were involved. chp is aiming to he reopen this morning. amy, thank you. waymo wins. the first company to get permission to operate on state roads without a driver. >> matt keller live in mountain view with where you will see this truly driverless cars. matt? >> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica. yeah. waymo has been their driverless cars for 10 years. they're not going to need someone sitting in this driver's seat anymore. the dmv has given them the green light.
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they sent out a tweet yesterday, waymo did. they were just granted the first driverless permit by the state of california. palo alto, sunnyvale, mountain view, los alto altos hills. >> the exciting thing is we don't know what it will generate. >> reporter: if they expand to other communities, they will let the other communities know about it. matt keller, abc 7 news. a woman is facing murder charges after a crash that killed a father and his daughter in walnut creek last thursday on south broadway off highway 680.
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this woman, jessica martin, plowed into three other cars. she is being charged with two counts of murder and drunk driving. a go fund me page for hector garza was in one of the cars and died. his 8-year-old daughter also died. they have raised near $70,000. we have a link at in the east bay, a father faces charges after his 3-year-old son was shot. the boy is in critical condition following the shooting monday night. oakland mayor says the shooting happened inside the family's home where there was an unsecured firearm. your voice, your vote. one of the more controversial measures in san francisco. it would impose a new tax on san francisco businesses. the money would then be used to pay for homeless services. mark benioff said tech ceos need
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to be more charitable and support tax on themselves. jack dorsey disagrees. here's abc 7 news reporter kate larson. >> we found a mother living in one of our forrests here in san francisco with a 9-year-old child without shoes. it is just shocking. >> reporter: mark benioff with dan ashley during the 4:00 p.m. newscast discussing proposition c. he spent millions, which proposes a half percent tax to fund homeless programs. >> they're going to have to contribute to solving our biggest, most important problem, which is homelessness. >> reporter: it would cost an additional $10 million a year. benioff is willing to pay but jack dorsey is critical, worrying if the city is business friendly enough. >> prop c changes nothing about our approach to homelessness.
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>> reporter: scott wiener says they need to think about the approach to spend an additional $300 million a year. >> we have already dramatically increased what we spend on homelessness the last 10 years. the problem has not gotten any better. >> reporter: san francisco mayor breed also opposes prop c. she would like more time to make sure the measure doesn't come with unintended consequences. >> i want to make sure we protect manufacturing jobs, retail jobs and others that aren't necessarily tech. >> reporter: i asked if he thinks jobs, tech or others would leave if prop c passes. and he said no. since he has been so vocal, i asked if he had any political ambitions of his own, and he said he will never run for public office. indicate larson, abc 7 news.
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>> watch election coverage one week from tonight. your voice, your vote. abc news will have some of the biggest races around the country. you can get updates any time on on you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. in the north bay, chilly temperatures. 42 guernville. ukiah, 43. petaluma, novato, upper 40s.. napa, 52. 55 in san rafael. we've got upper mid 50s from alameda, san francisco. daly city, 58. same thing towards cupertino. amount of upper 40s. mid to upper 40s san carlos,
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newark, san rafael. a gorgeous day with a lot hhclo. breezy along the north bay. out and about, warmer than average. peninsula, 54 this morning. increasing high clouds. won't stop us from reaching 70 a at noon. mid to upper 70s this afternoon. 64 with a partly cloudy sky. 50s this morning. sunny. high clouds roll in as we hit the mid to upper 70s. still at 6:00, we're at 75. 66 at 8:00. 53 east bay. mid-70s this afternoon. dropping into the 60s by 6:00. mid-60s by 8:00. nothing but treats for this halloween. hope you enjoy it. unfortunately we have issues on the road. here's alexis. sky map 7 on sky7. 880 and whipple road, union city and hayward border. all the flashing lights are on the northbound side of 880. we have a full closure due to a
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double fatal crash. that started at 10:40 last night. crews are still there. they are working on recreating this collision to get the investigation wrapped up. we have several tow trucks on the scene there. they hopefully will be able to tow them quickly. the latest we are hearing from chp is still we should have the roadway back open by 6:00 this morning. sky7, back a little bit there, all the headlights are being forced off at alvarado-niles. do not take northbound 880 out of union city. stick to surface streets instead. union city boulevard or mission pwhrfld are your best alternates right now. the latest at 5:20. if you use bart, the 8th and market street entrance at civic center will be off-limits. that's in front of the hotel. bart is permanently closing that entrance for future
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improvements. the announcement follows also cloche last year in front of burger king and grove. it's part of a larger effort to increase peak capacity. a building inspector accused of taking thousands of dollars in bribes from people's properties he was inspecting. and cheering on a day care fight club. plus, now we have seen a lot of scary stuff on bart.
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here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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good morning. welcome to the last day of october. also known as halloween. i want to show you the temperatures of the next three days. we're going to get warmer as the calendar flips to november. as you can see, we actually get to mid-70s tomorrow in san francisco. a lot of upper 70s to mid-80s elsewhere. slightly cooler friday. i'll let you know if that will last through the weekend. here's reggie. thanks, mike. want to get fired at a day care? do this. a st. louis day care teachers appear to be cheering on kids as they are in sort of a fight club. the teachers have been terminated. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, a mother is suing over troubling footage
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showing preschoolers taking part in a toddler fight club. in the 2016 video, teachers are seen cheering the young children on. one jumps enthusiastically while the other helps students put on toy fists. one little boy caught on camera tries to break up the fight. >> get out of the way! >> reporter: the incident came to light after a 10-year-old boy captured this video on his ipad showing his 4-year-old brother allegedly being forced to fight with another student. >> they are fighting. >> if he wouldn't have had his ipad on him that day, who knows if we would have even found out about this. >> reporter: the boy's mother nicole immediately reported the incident to the school and authorities. we'll have the latest in the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m. lindsay davis, abc news, new york. a man accused of mailing more than a dozen explosives to prominent elected officials and news organizations also looked up a location in the east bay.
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fbi investigators found that cesar sayoc performed an internet search using the term uc berkeley library. they said there is no reason to believe any explosives had been sent to the school. police say they have had explosive detective dogs checking mail as a precaution since last week. they are also making extra checks at the like. a san francisco man could face charges after pulling out two chainsaws on a bart train. a concerned rider recorded it and reported him to bart. >> i look up to a guy with two chainsaws. >> this is nuts. jolina was on on her way to work on the richland line when she saw this guy. she tweeted bart for help and they replied right away. >> he was like ya! he made that sound and everything. and the guy was like, no, stop, that's not funny. >> bart police arrested the man,
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patrick bingman. he has several outstanding warrants. new troubling details on the radioactive cleanup project at the hunters point shipyard.shipd the navy relied on outdated safety standards to avoid cleaning up toxic substances. the report says this lowered cleanup costs while putting people who live and work at the site at higher risk of cancer. earlier this year the navy knitted its contractor tetraaaaa tech falsified samples. and a massive fine for taking bribes. east bay times reports thomas espinoza took $2,700 in bribes. he committed 47 ethics violations, including misusing public money and using his authority to coerce others. the maximum penalty totals more
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than $1 million. elspinoza worked for is the cit from 2005 to 2014. a final decision will be made next week whether to ban sales on vaping products. it would include flavored pipe tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco and cigars. it would apply to traditional cigarettes that contain menthol. the county's health director said a third of high school juniors now vape. business owners say it could force them to close their shops. a second and final vote is slated for november 6th. get your costumes ready. in the east bay, bay fair center is hosting a free halloween event. >> it's happening from 4:00 to 6:00 tonight. kids can pick up a free trick or treat bag and then stroll the mall to collect candy.
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kids under 13 have to be with an adult. they will hand out treats until they costumed staff member. they have been married by disney get married in.ombies.thed room the ceremony starts at 8:30 this morning to 3:00 this afternoon. you need to make an appointment. >> a beetle juice guy. >> sweet, salty and sassy to marry you. sounds like a fun time. i can't wait. this is the one time i like to drive-through traffic in downtown san francisco to see how everybody is dressed today. >> it is fun. >> it will be cool. especially with it being so warm. let's jump into the forecast. winds have tapered considerably. mt. tam good enough to go 24 miles per hour now. the red flag warning will be expiring. so warm today. murky sunshine.
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milder tonight with high clouds. right now i see nothing through the 15th or 16th of november as far as rain. low to mid 80s in the east bay. mid to upper 70s in the bay. san francisco, 73. santa cruz, 81 degrees. tonight we'll be 5 to 10 degrees warmer with low to upper 50s. notice there's not going to be a moon when you're trick-or-treating. it doesn't come up until 12:53 tomorrow morning. so it's just going to be stars and high clouds. it will be a little dark for your trick-or-treating this evening. all right. a look at my accuweather 7-day forecast. warmer. a couple of degrees tomorrow. and today's temperatures for friday, saturday. set the clocks back an hour.
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get the extra hour of sleep. temperatures will taper monday and tuesday. 60s and 70s for the most part. hope you have a good day. gomike. back live to this traffic alert we have been covering all morning. back live to the scene from amy hollyfield and her photographer. northbound 880 still fully blocked on the hayward union stiff line, whipple road. you will be diverted to alvarado-niles. stick to surface streets to get around this. it looks like they have started the cleanup process. one of the vehicles loaded onto the tow truck. chp is starting to sweep up the scene. i am thinking they are wrapping up that investigation right now. hopefully they will be able to stick to that 6:00 a.m. estimate of reopening the freeway. here's a look at what it looks like on traffic maps. the line continues to grow from northbound 880. this is a boulevar
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boulevard. a quick note on 880, reopened at 23rd. it has wrapped. alexis, thank you. ithe bay area is going down after the federal reserve raised and rates. silicon valley business journal reports sales in september suffered one of the biggest drops in years, down 20% compared to september 2017. sonoma county plummeted 27%. largely contributed by the north bay wildfires. santa clara county, sales down 21%. >> we see people dressing up but how about a building? mow's tavern from the simpson's. the bar teamed up with a local restaurant to include a crusty burger. they also have the flaming mo from tmoe from the tv show.
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>> you have to get dressed up and go as marge. that's what i want to be. >> really? >> not this year. coming up, the 7 things you need to know before you go. the parking system. one issue light plate recognition technology. >> we are showing this because we are hearing from mr. feeney after he scared off a season trying to break into his house. first, let's get you into the halloween spirit with creepy
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here are the 7 things to know before you go. number one, we have a major traffic alert on union city hayward line. 880 fully closed at whipple road. you are being diverted at alvarado-niles. this is a crash that involved a
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big rig, tour bus and two cars. self-driving cars on public roads without a test driver. waymo will be hitting the road in sunnyvale, mountain view, los altos. more funerals in pittsburgh, pennsylvania in the wake of the synagogue attack. the president and first lady visited. they may have located the lion airplane that crashed into the java city. transportation officials are investigating the airline. >> number five, the elevator attendant program is a success at two stations. bart started the pilot program at the civic center and powell street stations in an effort to stop people from using drugs and
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urinating in the elevators >> number six, i couldn't be more happy for those partaking in trick or treat. the weather couldn't be much better. high clouds at 6:00. 60s and 70s. still in the 50s and 60s by 7:00. just barely dropping into the 50s. we'll stay in the 60s in the evening hours. it will be great. >> number seven, the "abc 7 mornings" candy bracket challenge. we want which candy wins in your house. tweet it to us. we are coming back with another full 90 minutes of news, including a new twist in the battle over controversial development in the south bay. san jose will spend $6 million to upgr
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recently, more than $20 million has been spent in the race for superintendent of public instruction to attack my friend tony thurmond's record. well, i've worked with tony, and no one is more qualified to lead our state's schools. that's why tony thurmond is the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers
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and the california democratic party. because tony will stand up to the donald trump-betsy devos agenda and has always protected our local public schools. join me in voting for tony thurmond. let's put our kids first.
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which candy wins? >> any one of those could win at any minute. >> i wouldn't turn them down, would you? >> no. >> i will show you how nice it will be for those tri trick-or-treate trick-or-treaters. in 28 minutes, the red flag warning will end for all of us but solano county. it goes until 11:00 this morning. gusts from 15 to 25 miles per hour. it is definitely tapering. mid 60s to 70 at the coast at noon. high clouds roll in. mid-60s at the coast. mid to upper 70s elsewhere. trick-or-treating, near 60 at the coast. 66 to 70 around the bay and inland. we will temper this with what alexis is following.
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so sad, alexis. >> yeah. we have a really unfortunate situation on northbound 880 -- excuse me, you're diverted to alvarado-niles. it happened at whipple road at 10:40 last night. four vehicles in total, big rig, limo bus, two is sedans. both drivers of the sedans did not survive. we are looking at the scene from sky 7. quite a bit of activity in the last few minutes. i'm guessing that the investigation phase has wrapped up is and they are starting cleanup mode. let's get to amy hollyfield covering this live for us this morning. what can you tell us? a alex hreb chp. they think they will make the 6:00 a.m. deadline. they have to get the cars towed and then a quick sweep of the road. this is interstate 880
5:33 am
northbound right before whipple just past the hayward city limit. they have been here working this accident since 10:20 last night. chp explained why this is taking so long. >> we are recreating the scene. that usually takes a while to collect evidence, take photos. currently they are getting the vehicles separated from each other. into another car, and all of that into a big rig. the tour bus ended up on top of one of t they advise that you avoid the
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area. they expect it to take a while to unclog and get moving. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. developing news, tpaoupb rattle continue today in pittsburgh, pennsylvania in the wake of the most deadly anti-semitic attack in history. >> it's not about you! let the families grieve. this is our neighborhoods. you're not welcome here. >> local officials had asked that the president and the first lady delay their trip to the tree of life synagogue. p ka andar th first lady melania >>e says a purver he speech.heselcome iny
5:35 am
synagogue and in my city. >> more than 1,000 protesters gathered nearby demanding that president trump denounce white nationalism. >> meanwhile, as the fbi moves forward, they are struggling to find information on robert bowers. the man accused of opening fire on the synagogue. students who accused san francisco state university of tolerating anti-semitic conduct will now appeal a federal judge's decision dismissing their lawsuit. they claim the school knowingly fostered a months file environment for jewish students. the judge said the students failed to present adequate facts. in the north bay, a second grade teacher who was hit by a car and killed while riding her bicycle is being remembered this morning. >> the crash happened monday afternoon on sir frances drake boulevard near railroad avenue in wood acre. the 63-year-old deborah
5:36 am
debeneditto was a long time teacher at dixie elementary school in san rafael. she was hit by a 2006 explorer. chp says the driver, paula drake of fairfax, was apparently under the influence. and counselors from the school district were at the elementary school yesterday to help kids process the news. >> tremendous sadness. tremendous loss. everybody was kind of shocked and stunned. it was obviously not something anybody expected to happen. >> authorities say the driver, paula drake, will be charged with a felony dui and gross negligence manslaughter. our media partner, mercury news, has more than enough signatures to qualify a valid referendum. a group in cupertino submitted it to the city clerk on monday. they have sued the city to block the project. they will turn the shopping mall
5:37 am
into a mix of housing, offices and retail spaces. it ishat eminate the need for certain developments and approval for housing. >> coming soon to san jose parking garages. in fact, yesterday the city approved a project to make parking easier. $6.3 million upgrade will allow drivers to make online reservations, scan validated parking tickets and use apple pain to pay for parking. it involves automated license plate readers, which is raising some privacy concerns. cameras similar to the ones at san jose airport, will photograph license plates. and note the time and location of vehicles entering the lot. airport officials say it helps people who have lost their parking garage tickets. but the thought of license plate tracking makes some people uneasy. >> if you're just taking my license plate, none of my information is out there.
5:38 am
the biggest thing. i mean, how much information do you actually need? >> it will start february or marat parking garages downtown. >> in the east bay, oakland city council is taking the first step toward regulating dockless scooters. the council voted that the companies pay an annual fee and a per-ride fee. they have to distribute at least half their fleet in east and west oakland. the council will take up other regulations at a later meeting. a fire hazard involving batteries forced e scooter company lime to pull its scooters. it affected l.a., san diego, and lake tahoe. a manufacturing defect could cause the patry to smolder or catch fire. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast.
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look at the microclimates on the peninsula. 42, menlo park. governmenter and redwood cities, 46. san mateo, 49. belmont, 55. 54 half moon bay.haar free san jose. 44, san ramon. 57 in antioch. napa, 48. microclimates this morning. if you're going to head out on the bay, a light chop everywhere. breezy on the north beaches. everywhere else will be calm. warmer than average this afternoon. let's take a look at what that means by looking at the north bay. we start off 50 degrees at 8:00. 74 at noon.
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our la s south bay. it will be just as gorgeous. 50 with sunshine this morning. 70 at noon. mid to upper 70s.0. all right. turn it over to alexis. i have been following a sad situation out there. yeah, it definitely is. our major traffic alert. northbound 880 closed at whipple road right at the union city/hayward line. sky7 over the scene. this is the street sweeper that is there. a lot of glass and debris on the roadway. they have really gotten this cleanup process going at this point. amy hollyfield is live at the keep. she said chp is hoping to reopen all lanes by 6:00. we have been seeing the vehicles involved in this crash slowly towed away there. honestly, i think they may be able to do it. i want to quickly flip over and show you what this looks like on
5:41 am
our traffic maps. 25-minute delay with the sig-alert. use union city boulevard or mission boulevard to get around that. ashley station is closed due to police activity. trains are not stopping. all we know is we have police activity. we are working to find out what's going on. mutu mutu mutualaid is being provided. i will definitely change your commute traveling from ashby. how the elevator attendant program is going. who knew that turning on the light would make headlines across the country? hear from the boy meets world actor about the moment that robber meets feeney. >> why wasn't this around when we were kids?
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fire season continues. to cig fe through 3:00. central valley, solano county, we have that until 11:00. the high fire danger this morning. about 3.7 phpl people. mid to upper 70s in san diego and los angeles.
5:45 am
83, palm springs. 68, yosemite. average high is 57 in tahoe. d t 60s and mi, thank you. now to an abc news exclusive. actor william daniels, known as mr. feeney on boy meets world. >> yes stopped a break-in at his l.a. home over the weekend. now he is telling good morning america how he did it. >> i struggled with an intruder, took him to the ground. and he ran away with bruises all over him. would you like to print that? you better not, it's a total lie. >> he shared a light-hearted take on the close call saturday night. it turns out the suspect didn't even make it inside the house. he ran away. he was scared off when daniels, mr. feeny, turned on a house
5:46 am
light. he said after the incident they called their son and made arrangements to get a new alarm system and went back to bed. i hope that is just a loud voice yelling, get out! >> no kidding. i love that. i'm glad they weren't hurt. didn't come near the house really. >> he's still got it. bart says the elevator pilot program is a success. >> bart began at civic center and powell street stations in an effort to stop people from using drugs and urinating in the elevators. they are now cleaner. the program is set to run until november of next year. abc 7 news is on a mission to build a better bay area. we're focused on finding neighborhoods. san francisco launched a new program in response to break-ins at city garages.
5:47 am
they are called garage ambassadors. people can request an ambassador by phone or in person to escort them to and from their car. it's all free. >> they are roving around, walking stairwells, looking for any suspicious behavior. >> the parking garages got rid of their physical booths when they turned over to their automated system. we welcome your knots about improving safety. use the #betterbayarea on on twitter, facebook and other social media to join the situation. safety comes first when trick-or-treating. in the south bay, firefighters will treat kids to free glow in the dark necklaces so they can easily see tonight. they will hand out necklaces and safety tips sheets. a clever way to trade in your up wanted treats. reese's created a candy exchange vending machine so picky trick
5:48 am
or tweeters can swap out the candy they don't want and get a peanut butter cup. they are only doing it in new york city. but they said if it's a hit, they will put it in more cities next halloween we issued you a challenge. a lot of you accepted. >> take a look. it's our halloween candy bracket. ul you fill it out like a march bracket. there is this one going rogue. filling out skittles in extra
5:49 am
point. and gregory with either for butter finger or life savers. and a plot twist with my favorite one of them all, sophie's choice. just can't pick between smarties and twix. >> really? come on. >> how did smarties make it to the end? that's a cinderella story i don't want. >> i sampled each one of these yesterday justify to ma to make. i ate a whole pound >> doing research? >> research for work, yes. i think three musketeers. >> that's an unusual choice. i respect it. >> thank you. >> it's not the way i thought this game would play out. i will say i think the number one is probably a tie between reese's and snickers. makes sense, right? >> that would be my one and two. but we learned you don't like peanut butter. >> i don't like peanut butter very much. when forced to eat candy, if
5:50 am
it's the only one in front of me, i will eat anything. >> not saying anything bad. i thought it was interesting. >> i picked snickers talk aboun weatherwise. it is halloween. san jose, 87. high clouds and sunshine. mild to warm temperatures in the coast and inland. warmer than average afternoons. a dry begins for november. all right. we flipped the calendar. but the storm track stays the same. double trouble. high pressure right there keeping the storm track well to the north. rain still falling in washington and oregon. none of it making down towards us. just high clouds and sunshine. murky. 81 degrees today. look at san francisco. mid-70s there. upper 70s, mid-to upper 70s for the rest of the bay.
5:51 am
the moon doesn't come up until 12:5 tomorrow morning. low to mid-80s, even warmer. friday and saturday, we lose a degree or two here. the sea breeze starts to take over a little bit. remember to set your clocks back saturday night. we get an extra hour of sleep. mainly 60s and 70s monday and tuesday. closer to average. have a great day. here's alexis with the commute. back to sky 7 over our traffic alert. a double fatal crash on hayward/union city line. 880 closed at whipple road. however, they are making amount of progre -- a lot of progress. the street sweeper is out. hopefully they will be able to
5:52 am
reopen in the next 10 minutes or so. we will certainly let you know as soon as that happens. the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights at 5:21. unless you use carpool lanes, you will have a bit of a wait. mass transit issue. parking lot ashby station closed. mutual aid is being provided by ac transit. they will either take you to berkeley or macarthur depending where you're headed. plan for extra time if that's part of your commute. thanks alexis. new at 6:00, our first look at a nasty crash one driver is blaming on autopilot on tesla model s. a book sale here in the bay area. i'm so excited for it. the adorable conclusion to
5:53 am
you've worked so hard to (huachieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for.
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in need of a good book? the largest book sale on the west coast kicks off. the 54th annual friends of the san francisco public library book sale at fort mason center. books in more than 70 categories are available. all sections are restocked with new books every day. it raises money for san francisco's public libraries. it is open to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on sunday, all books will be slashed to just $1. this morning we are learning the story behind this epic proposal. many of you have seen this of a couple getting engaged in yosemite.
5:56 am
>> they gotten engaged and this was just a photo shoot. he got on one knee again. >> l.a. times reports the couple plans to get married in april. now they have a variety of shots to use khapictures. >> a major sig-alert. northbound 880. we are watching from sky 7 as they get closer to he owe opening the freeway. everyone is being diverted off to alvarado-niles. a double fatal collision. our crew amy hollyfield at the scene. of course they want the crews to be safe as well. once the lanes do reopen. keeping a close eye on this, i think we will get the 6:00 a.m. or a couple minutes after 6:00 for the reopening.
5:57 am
a quick note on bart, ashby station closed. ac transit providing mutual aid. some parents spend months thinking of their kids's costumes. then they have to cover it with a coat or worry about rain. not this year. low to mid-60s elsewhere. it will be nice for rain goes through march, april of next month. >> mike, thank you. next at 6:00, bay area real estate market hits a snag. >> we had mark ben off in our studio. he is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to a controversial proposition. plus, we continue tracking
5:58 am
plus, we continue tracking brea proposition 11 solves two issues. first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11. "look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
5:59 am
proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks
6:00 am
"so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. sky 7 over the breaking news where a deadly crash blocked 880 at whipple road. >> it involves a bus, big rig and two cars. we have team coverage. a less his helping you get around the mess for your morning commute. >> we will start with abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live at the scene. amy, that freeway has been closed more than seven hours. >> good morning, reggie. good news, they kicked us off the freeway. i'm stand anything a store parking lot. they wanted us out because they were about to reopen. my v


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