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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 8, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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you can alread see it's starting to clear like mike promised good morning, america. shocking resignation. new york's attorney general, one of president trump's fiercest opponents and a champion of the me too movement, forced to quit after an explosive report. four women coming forward with allegations of abuse and assault. now, one of the reporters who broke the story is live only on "gma." also breaking this morning, president trump just hours away from announcing that high-stakes decision. will the u.s. pull out of the iran nuclear deal? volcano disaster. that massive eruption in hawaii growing, sending rivers of lava through neighborhoods, swallowing cars and homes. the popular ride-sharing service uber on the verge of testing flying taxis. their big meeting today and when these rides could hit the sky.
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♪ when you call my name >> and heaven sent. the biggest stars in the world bringing divine inspiration to the red carpet. katy perry, rihanna and ariana grande dazzling at the met gala and what you didn't see behind the scenes, as tiffany haddish says -- >> good morning, from the met gala! ♪ we were talking right over all that. >> because of tiffany. this is why we love her. shi just keeps it real. >> the whole gala looked great last night. >> it did. >> the whole gala was great and we hear that song "like a prayer." madonna put on a surprise
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performance for all the guests at the gala last night and opened with that song and we have much more on that coming up. >> it's keeping with the heavenly theme from last night. but begin with the breaking news, the stunning sudden resignation of new york attorney general eric schneiderman facing abuse allegations. four women accusing him of physically assaulting them in a blockbuster "new yorker" article and we're going to speak with ronan farrow, one of the reporters who broke the story, we're going to speak to him ? just a moment, but first, linsey davis with all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fall was swift. just three hours after the "new yorker" article was published, eric schneiderman, one of the most powerful attorneys general in the country submitted his resignation. one of his accusers called coming forward an unusually difficult situation, asking the question, what do you do if your abuser is the top law enforcement officials in the state? new york attorney general eric schneiderman appeared to be an outspoken supporter of the #metoo movement, taking legal action against harvey weinstein. >> we have never seen anything as despicable as what we've seen here. >> reporter: even issuing this tweet praising the brave women
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and men who spoke up about the sexual harassment they endured at the hands of powerful men, but now "new yorker" magazine reports that schneiderman is facing abuse accusations of his own. according to the magazine, four women have come forward claiming they were physically attacked by the attorney general on multiple occasions during relationships he had with them. with two women, michelle manning barish and tanya selvaratnam, both democrats and political activists, speaking on the record saying the now-former attorney general hit them, often after drinking, frequently in bed and never with their consent. manning barish said she dated schneiderman for nearly two years, telling the "new yorker" one night in his home the politician called her obscene names before he allegedly attacked me and just slapped me open-handed and with great force across my face landing the blow on my ear. months later she says she had to seek medical treatment for her
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ear. overnight, schneiderman first denied the allegations saying, in the privacy of intimate relationships i have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity. i have not assaulted anyone. i have never engaged in nonconsensual sex which is a line i would not cross. and after his resignation, he said, he strongly contests the accusations but adding, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office's work at this critical time. in the magazine, selvaratnam calls schneiderman a misogynist and sexual sadist saying she too was slapped on several encounters. schneiderman says his resignation will be effective at the end of the day today. the manhattan prosecutor is opening an investigation into his alleged behavior. >> all unfolding so fast. thank you, linsey. we'll bring in one of the "new yorker" writers who broke the story and, ronan, let me begin with you. this exploded so quickly after you posted the article. he's now gone. he is resigning as attorney general. have you heard from the accusers since this article was posted? >> i think that there's a complicated wave of emotions
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whenever a woman or man steps forward with this serious an allegation. they're going through all those emotions right now but several have reached out to say that they find it gratifying that these stories are being heard, because george, they hesitated for a long time, partly because of schneiderman's power and his influence within the democratic party. >> that's what i wanted to get into. schneiderman, very publicly, talking about harvey weinstein, talking about these allegations against other men, yet the women who are accusing him now had held back. do you fully understand why? >> they gave a variety of reasons. look, any time you speak publicly about this kind of a trauma and violence, especially in an intimate context which some of this was, is painful and marks you. this was a brave thing these women had to do. it was difficult for them but also in this case doubly so because he is a power player within their world, these all women closely connected to the democratic party in various ways and because they say in several
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cases he used his office and his power to intimidate and threaten them, saying that he could wiretap people, that he could intimidate people in various ways. >> let's get into that with dan abrams now. we do know the resignation is taking effect at the end of the day but the manhattan's d.a. office is now investigating. what kind of trouble could he face? >> well, he could face criminal trouble. there are three possible crimes here, right, based on the reporting that ronan and jane mayer did. you have the possibility of an assault based on the slapping. you've got the choking is a possibility as a separate crime and the threats. also, a possible harassment crime so you've got -- >> all within the statute of limitations at this point? >> well, for a misdemeanor, it would be within two years. for a felony it would be within five years. most people believe that, based on the facts as laid out here, this would likely be a high-level misdemeanor which would mean it would have to be done within two years but i think that most of the allegations that ronan lays out occurred within the two-year time frame but it means they'd have to move quickly. >> how about these threats to use his office in order to
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protect himself and threaten them? >> look, that's another possible crime. again, you're going to have to prove it, right? the interesting thing to me is that part of his defense is seemingly to admit that he did this stuff, right? the first thing he says publicly is it was role-playing. well, by saying it was role-playing, you are in effect conceding i did what they are saying but it was consensual. so he's now kind of boxed himself in, i think, as a legal matter where he can't say -- he could but i don't think he will say none of this ever happened. he's going to say it occurred within the context of some sort of, you know, consensual role-play which is clear in the article the women dispute. >> and ronan, one of the things you get into in the article as well is, not only did the women hold back from accusing him publicly but stayed in the relationships for a whole time, and you get into the psychology of the abuser in this case.
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>> george, some were in a relationship with him at the time. but i want to point out to what dan just said. these women one after another were adamant. this is not "fifty shades of grey." this was not in an area of grey at all in their mind. this was assault, they said, over and over again. this happened when they were fully clothed in many cases, not in the context where they gave any consent and in one case, george, this wasn't in a relationship at all. a prominent attorney said clearly he just came on to her at an event and when she rebuffed him, he began calling her some really horrific epithets and slapped her across the face more than one time to the point where it left a mark and we looked at that picture and i'll tell you, it was very upsetting to see. >> one of the great ironies of this is schneiderman was ordered to review how the manhattan d.a. had handled the harvey weinstein investigation. and now it's flipped. which is the manhattan d.a. is now investigating the attorney general for this behavior.
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i mean, this is -- it's a stunning -- this -- you have to understand if you live in new york and you live in the sort of political world in new york, this is a stunning allegation and a stunning fall from grace. >> and one of the things we're seeing, dan, also, as we've seen tweets now from donald trump jr. and kellyanne conway taking, you know, this on. of course, schneiderman also a big antagonist of president trump. >> a huge antagonist on president trump. particularly the amazing thing on the issue of the way people treat women. >> incredible. dan abrams and ronan farrow, thanks very much. robin. >> okay, george. now to president trump and that high-stakes decision. the president is hours away from announcing whether the u.s. will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. the deal meant to keep iran from developing nuclear weapons. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega is tracking all of this for us. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hi, robin, good morning to you. the president called this deal insane, ridiculous, said it's something that never should have
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been even signed in the first place so these are his concerns. there's a clause in this deal that allows iran to resume part of its nuclear program after 2025. that is one of the president's main issues with this and he's also here looking to make good on a campaign promise. this is something he told his base he would tear up on day one. european allies have lobbied him hard, fearful that if the u.s. pulls out it might give iran the incentive to leave this deal too. emmanuel macron for that bro fest making the pitch in person. the brits made a last-ditch effort recently, even sending someone onto fox news to make the case in hopes that president trump might hear them. now the president this morning appears all -- appears all but ready to pull out of this deal and, robin, iran has threatened grave consequences for anyone who, quote, betrays the deal. this announcement happens at 2:00 right here at the white house. >> yes, indeed. all right cecilia. george, i know you'll have it live when that happens. >> we'll do that this afternoon. we move on to politics now. voters going to the polls in ohio, north carolina, indiana, west virginia, all setting the
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stage for november's midterms with control of the house and senate at stake and our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce is tracking it all. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, all eyes right now are on west virginia and the controversial former coal baron turned gop senate candidate don blankenship. over the last 24 hours we have seen something pretty remarkable. president trump coming out and urging voters to the to back blankenship, a member of his own party, republicans are afraid that if blankenship wins the nomination today he won't be able to stand up to the democrat come november and they'll lose the chance to turn this blue state red. he's the gop senate candidate that has his own party on edge. >> i'm neither despicable or a moron or a bigot. >> reporter: as west virginia voters head to the polls, president trump is urging them not to back don blankenship. comparing to fail alabama senate candidate roy moore. tweeting, blankenship can't win the general election in your state, no way.
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remember alabama. blankenship responded saying, he's trumpier than trump and pointing out that the president supported accused pedophile roy moore. >> we all really liked president trump's policies but we know that he doesn't get things right. >> reporter: blankenship has been going after the washington establishment but sparked outrage with this racial remark about the family of mitch mcconnell's wife, transportation secretary, elaine chao. >> mitch mcconnell has created millions of jobs for china people. >> reporter: his past is also a point of contention. blankenship served a year in prison for a mine safety conviction after a 2010 explosion in one of his mines killed 29 people. but he recently told us he did nothing wrong and insists he's misunderstood. >> what do you want people to know about you? >> i'm probably the most honest person that ever ran for office. >> reporter: now, george, blankenship has been embracing the president throughout this incredibly tight race and now he claims that trump is simply being misinformed by the
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washington establishment and republican leaders here on the hill who blankenship says doesn't want him to win because he'll help promote the president's agenda. >> yeah, and all this so important for republicans, mary, because you've got in ohio, indiana, west virginia, democrats on defense if the republicans can pick up one of these seats, it helps secure senate control for them. >> reporter: exactly. look, republicans see these key races today as their best chance to grow their senate majority. they're looking to nominate republican candidates in these red states that voted for donald trump but where there are currently democratic incumbents. keep a very close eye on ohio and indiana where you see the republican candidates scrambling to out-trump each other. in fact, in indiana, one of the republican candidates has been carrying around a cardboard cutout of the president just to see who is more close to the president than anybody else. george. >> okay, mary, thanks very much. michael. >> all right, thank you, george. now to that volcano emergency in hawaii. in an incredible look inside that volcano spewing lava hundreds of feet in the air and
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spreading a potentially dangerous cloud of toxic gas as far as 60 miles away. so far at least 35 homes and other buildings have been destroyed, and abc's kayna whitworth is on hawaii's big island with the latest. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: michael, good morning. we have a total of 12 cracks in the earth but authorities are saying volcanic activity has subsided a bit at least for now. still, the hazardous fumes continue and this morning, a new problem as authorities try to figure out how to remove flammable material from a nearby geothermal plant. panic on the island this morning as two new cracks in the earth open up. >> wow! >> reporter: spewing lava into a community already devastated by the wrath of the kilauea volcano. kilauea, now violently erupting for six straight days, sending stress throughout the paradise island. when you look out here behind me you can see those plumes of smoke. each one of those is a separate crack in the earth that is
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spilling out lava over leilani estates. >> reporter: the neighborhood of leilani estates will never be the same. the nearly 2,000 people evacuated fearing the worst. >> and saying good-bye and just hoping for the best but not knowing. >> reporter: those who chose to stay witnessing the destruction firsthand. >> the sheer destruction of this through your neighborhood, i mean, it will never be the same. >> never ever. saw three houses burn yesterday with my own eyes burn right down to the ground. >> reporter: the lava now streaming through a line of fissures over two miles long and in places shoot up to 330 feet in the air higher than the statue of liberty's torch. you can see the lava has destroyed that home right there and it's also completely taken over this road. in some places it is stacked some 20 feet high and you can feel the heat radiating from it. the lava already reaching temperatures of nearly 2,000 degrees, so hot it can melt gold. take a look at this time-lapse videotape of a mustang bursting into flames as it's devoured by a wave of lava.
7:16 am
and while the crisis continues, the community is coming together in the evacuation centers. >> when everything is gone there's just no way of replace everything all at once and to get back a little bit of what we had, we can at least keep living. >> reporter: they have about 200 people in shelters right now and local leaders are trying to get help from fema while also trying to create access to communities that have been cut off because of new cracks in major highways. michael. >> all right, thank you so much, kayna. what a tragic situation out there in hawaii right now. and now to a big change that could be coming to the way you travel. flying taxis, they may be hitting the skies closer than you think. scenes like these are closer to becoming a reality. uber is meeting with transportation officials in los angeles trying to convince them to let them start testing within two years and abc's t.j. holmes is here with the details. >> we've been promised this
7:17 am
since we watched george jetson make his commute on saturday mornings. this is moving towards reality. uber air, you could call an uber and instead of pulling up to the curb it would come down from the skies, yes, and have wings. you're seeing an idea but uber is having a summit that includes the transportation secretary and other members of the administration and they are making a push to allow them to start testing these within the next two years in cities like dallas and dubai. they said it would not cost -- it wouldn't be cost prohibitive and it would cost about the same at a cab eventually and they also say this would cut down on commutes, this would cut down on congestion, and it would cut down on commutes and pollution. this is becoming a reality. >> costs the same as cabs? >> eventually down the road it would. not initially. people wouldn't do it if it would cost so much to take it so they had to bring the cost down. >> that would be the least of my concern. [ laughter ] i'm just more comfortable on the ground. >> but safety is a big -- there are so many regulations to get past to do this. how do you do air traffic
7:18 am
control for low altitude? a lot to get past. but this is a huge step. >> okay, now "the jetsons" theme song is playing in my head. ♪ jane his wife let's go to ginger with flooding in the heartland. >> you can see images, 1400 homes affected by some of the worst flooding in 40 years. there's more rain coming. more on that in a bit. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. the coast and bay not quite as warm today.
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you can see the cloud deck out there that reaches inland tomorrow, which means you will cool then. and summer heat for friday and saturday. let's look at our temperatures. we go from the 60s along the coast, up to san francisco and oakland, low to mid-70s around the bay, and a few 80s mainly in the east bay valleys. my accuweather seven-day forecast. low to mid-50s tomorrow and cloudy. you can see the slower sunshine brings us our coolest day tomorrow. coming up, first lady melania trump takes on bullying with the president by her side as their marriage faces scrutiny. and the search for this man, accused of dining and dashing. taking women out on dates, then disappearing, leaving them with the bill. more women now coming forward with their stories. sometimes, bipolar i disorder can make you feel unstoppable. but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels,
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good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." happening today, google getting responsible. the role of tech in our well-being likely a theme of the morning as the company starts its developers conference. thousands of people are expected at the shoreline amphitheatre, and the ceo will speak at 10:00 a.m. he may address privacy concerns and give parents new tools to manage how kids access information on different devices. google may update google assistant, improve the android mobile operating system and push further into augmented reality technology. now traffic with alexis smith. hey, good morning. it has really been a busy morning on the roads. i want to take you back to westbound 80, just as you come across the carquinez bridge. we had a five-car crash. that's been pushed off to the side, but a lot of debris in that as well. sounds like a few vehicles got
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flat tires, so some still off on the shoulder. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights and the typical backup into the maze. make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross led california's fight ofor clean, renewable energy.or he cleaned up pollution at the port of l.a. and created more good-paying jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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listen to your pets. they're your best friends, so they don't want you to spend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross. good morning. you may have noticed a little bit of a difference when you step outside. the marine layer's back, and it's kept our temperatures pretty mild, low to upper 50s most neighborhoods, santa rosa and ukiah in the upper 40s. you can see a lot of sunshine in the south bay pinland -- inland areas won't be in the cooling today. watch out for the small craft advisory if you're taking a ferry from the temperatures cooler and everywhere else steady. look at the rebound friday near 90 inland. >> thank you, mike. we'll have another news update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and
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join us for "abc7 mornings" weekdays 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. the news conti
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. welcome back to "gma." that's pop superstar and "american idol" judge katy perry looking angelic on the red carpet at the met gala. check out those enormous wings. they're taller than her and i think they're taller than shaq actually. she arrived standing up in an open-top car because she could not fit in a regular one, of course, but what a look coming down the street. >> she definitely wanted to be noticed and she accomplished that. the met gala, by the way, is actually where president trump popped the question to melania back in 2004. we now know their relationship has been in the spotlight quite a bit this morning. we're going to have much more on their marriage coming up. >> all right. but first, we'll talk about the top headlines we're following. new york attorney general eric schneiderman, a vocal champion of women's rights, is resigning following those bombshell allegations. four women coming forward accusing him of physical
7:31 am
assault. and a startling new report this morning suggests pedestrian deaths are on the rise. skyrocketing 46% between 2009 and 2016. many of those deaths occurring at night on busy streets. and we're going to get some good news here. the white sox pitcher who collapsed during a game in april, he is now out of the hospital. danny farquhar suffered a brain hemorrhage from a ruptured aneurysm. he'll miss the rest of this season but his doctor says he expects danny will be able to return to the pitcher's mound. >> great news. >> yeah, it's great news. >> good news. as amy said, we have more on first lady melania trump. she was front and center in the rose garden yesterday laying out the agenda for the well-being of children. president trump was watching from the front row as their relationship faces new scrutiny. our chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas here with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you.
7:32 am
a new poll just out this week shows her favorability ratings are higher than her husband's. now 16 months into the job, the first lady is ready to step into the spotlight under her own terms. >> i'm very excited to announce be best, an awareness campaign. >> reporter: first lady melania trump launching her official initiative focused on children's well-being, opioid abuse and anti-bullying especially on social media. >> when children learn positive online behaviors early on, social media can be used in productive ways and can affect positive change. >> reporter: the first lady's efforts surprising to some who point to her husband, president trump, as a bully himself. but the first lady still moving forward and president trump right there by her side. >> america is truly blessed to have a first lady who is so devoted to our country and to our children. >> reporter: a public display of unity and affection for the first couple. coming at a delicate time around the white house, the president's alleged sexual affairs dominating headlines. >> did michael cohen make
7:33 am
payments to other women for the president? >> i have no knowledge of that, but i would think if it was necessary, yes. >> reporter: and that $130,000 payment to porn star stormy daniels. the president's team says to protect mr. trump and his family. recently, "snl" poking fun at the first couple's relationship. >> listen, i have completely hypothetical question for a friend. if her husband is accused of crime, would she have to testify against him? >> no. >> but could she? if she want to? >> reporter: this as "the washington post" reports the president and the first lady sleep in separate bedrooms. the white house livid. the article mentioned an unsubstantiated rumor that mrs. trump doesn't even live in the white house. >> that is an outrageous and ridiculous claim. the first lady lives here at the white house. >> reporter: but those close to the president say, despite the
7:34 am
rumors and hurtful headlines, the two remain close and mrs. trump is ignoring the noise. >> she wants to take on a role that helps the country and strengthens the country. i think she's a very big player in the president's life and i think probably the most influential person around him. >> reporter: now, the first lady did receive some criticism online after it was revealed the pamphlet she released as the be best guide to talking with kids about online behavior is nearly identical. take a look at that to one released by the ftc in 2014. now, a spokesperson for the first lady tells me there was no plagiarism here. they worked hand in hand with the ftc and that the ftc approached the first lady to help promote some of their material. >> tom, she's been on this since the campaign and at times, as they say, taken on the president for some of his tweets. >> she has and you'll remember also in the campaign she would defend the president when he would go after some of the other fellow candidates, some people called him a bully. she said he was a
7:35 am
counter-puncher but she has said sometimes she wishes he wouldn't tweet as much. >> see what effect it has. tom, thanks very much. move on to the investigation into the incident at the university of florida. a staffer rushing minority students offstage when they started doing celebratory dances during graduation. victor oquendo is in gainesville for us this morning, good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that staff member in the middle of that video now being investigated by the university as they determine what actions to take. they have not yet released his name though. now this comes after the commencement ceremony over the weekend where some black students began to celebrate on stage by dancing only to be forcibly removed by that staff member. we have spoken to two of the students who were yanked off the stage would say the dances have symbolic meanings in their sororities and fraternities and felt they were targeted because of the color of their skin. the president of the university called all 21 students who were mistreated on the stage, and
7:36 am
here's part of a voice mail that he left. >> i'm just appalled that we did this to you and i personally apologize that this happened at the very time that we all should be celebrating your accomplishments and your time at the university of florida. i want you to know that we have changed our practice after that commencement, not to rush students and not to in any way physically retrain them during their commencement. >> reporter: so changes are coming to the university of florida. they're reviewing this issue and they're looking at how they train staff for graduation. robin. >> all right, victor, thank you very much. we've all been to graduations and we know it can get, you know, people are cheering -- but it's part of it. it wasn't just rushing them off but physically doing it in that kind of way is totally out of bounds. >> spent all those years getting that degree. give them a few extra seconds to walk across the stage. >> i don't know why people complained with the celebrations that were going on and some people say i can't hear my child's name -- well, just wait until the celebration is over and your kid -- >> i'm with you. >> oh, come on.
7:37 am
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we are back now with that college football player on trial accused of killing his ex-girlfriend. jurors watching video of his police interrogation and a conversation his friend secretly recorded. amy, i know you're following this for us.
7:41 am
>> that's right, robin. prosecutors say william riley gaul stood in his ex-girlfriend's family's backyard and opened fire through her bedroom wall and killed her. his motive, they say, according to the state, he couldn't get over their breakup. this morning, former college football player william riley gaul is back in court standing trial for first degree murder, accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, high school cheerleader emma walker, in her sleep. jurors heard her mother's desperate 911 call after finding her daughter's body. >> can you tell me what's going on? >> she's not responsive. >> okay, is she breathing? >> no. >> reporter: prosecutors say gaul purposely shot walker through the wall of her bedroom as she slept after the 16-year-old broke up with him. on monday the law and crime network covering the trial live broadcast prosecutors showing jurors a video of police interrogating him the same day walker's parents found her shot to death in her bedroom.
7:42 am
>> i hope to god i'm not a suspect in her death. >> did i say you were? >> i hope not because -- i wouldn't hurt that girl for -- i would hurt myself before i hurt her. >> reporter: prosecutors also showing the jury this hidden camera video filmed at the request of police by one of gaul's friends hours after the interrogation who says the football player showed him his grandfather's gun which had been reported missing two days before walker's murder. >> it just needs to be gone. >> reporter: gaul unaware he was being recorded then suggesting walker took her own life. >> people that understood the situation said she killed herself because of me and her parents or she just killed herself because of her parents. >> but she didn't kill herself. >> she did. >> reporter: arresting gaul two hours after this recording just as gaul was trying to dispose of the weapon. gaul's attorneys admit their client pulled the trigger but say he didn't mean to kill her. >> there is no doubt that you
7:43 am
will hear some of the most bizarre, reckless conduct of my client. >> reporter: but detectives say where he aimed the gun suggests otherwise. >> the person fired in the location that was consistent with where emma walker's head would be. >> reporter: prosecutors resting their case on monday, as did the defense without calling any witnesses. gaul has pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment, which carries a possible sentence of just 3 years to 15 years in prison. whether he faces life in prison for murder, well, that is now up to the jury, robin. but such a sad, sad story. >> her family, thank you, amy. >> very sad. coming up, that search for the so-called dine & dash dater. women coming forward saying they went on a date with this man, then he ran out leaving them with an expensive bill. with this man, then he ran out leaving them with an expensive bill. we know the value of trust. we were built on it. back when the country went west for gold, we were the ones who carried it back east. by steam. by horse. by iron horse.
7:44 am
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7:47 am
after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. we're back now with that search for the so-called "dine and dash dater," accused of running up expensive tabs on dates, then disappearing, leaving women with the bill. abc's diane macedo has all the details. >> okay, for the record when we say we want to dashing man this is not what we mean. more than 20 women now tell the same story about being left with the betrayal and bill, and police believe it's the same guy and there are more victims out there. >> did you just say you're seeing other people? >> yeah. i mean, isn't that the whole
7:48 am
point of online dating? >> no. it's to find your soul mate! >> reporter: for many people, online dating is what you do to find love but several women say for one california man, it seemed to be less about filling his heart and more about filling his stomach. >> he just knew all the right things to say. and that's what like really makes me like angry inside. >> reporter: paul gonzales is accused by at least six women in the los angeles area of inviting them out to dinner after meeting online and ordering an expensive meal. they say after eating his phone rings, he steps away to take the call and never returns. >> he ordered a caesar salad with shrimp, a steak, a baked potato and a glass of pinot noir. >> he had told me his son may be calling. i said i have the kids, i understand. >> reporter: the dine & dash has been accused of duping several dates over the last few years. last november he was even sentenced to 90 days in jail for
7:49 am
theft. but just months after being released pasadena police say he's back at it telling abc news, we're looking at him for other incidents of this nature. we believe there are other victims who are afraid to come forward. and in the most recent incident gonzalez reportedly got scared off by a restaurant owner who recognized him but he had already eaten, still, the restaurant did comp that bill so at least the woman was not stuck paying for it. >> i know who that woman is and reached out. it would be easy to laugh about this and say, oh, my gosh, what's the big deal here but, when you learn more about him and it's jut thinking what else is he capable of? >> it's so calculating, but he's also accused of doing the same with haircuts, goes and gets haircuts and runs out on those bills as well. police are wondering what else is there to it. >> he met these women online as well. you know what he looks like and you know his name. how does he continue to do this? >> well, he does use different names sometimes. many of these women he
7:50 am
apparently met under bumble and that was under a different name but the site kicked him off and banned that profile and offered those women to pay for their bill, to compensate them for that cost. >> and we just put his picture up on national television. >> do not date that man. >> stay away. >> oh, wow. diane, thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up, everybody, a parenting alert about youtube and your kids and the channel millions are watching. and all the incredible looks at the met gala from rihanna, katy perry. lara was there. she's going to take us behind the scenes of the super bowl of fashion. come on back. owl of fashion. come on back. of the super bowl of fashion. come on back.
7:51 am
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claritin-d relieves more. welcome back to "good morning america." a stunning time lapse of lightning there and that's conway, arkansas. i just realized it was conway. my uncle lives right near there. hey there, uncle ralph. that's what was happening there but that's the stormy pattern that's actually going to shift now thanks to the jet stream. the severe storms possible in central illinois so, if you're still at u of i, you got to watch out for this. strong winds, large hail. that's for tomorrow so for wednesday in much of central illinois, that includes st. louis area, damaging wind, hail and then we've got more excessive heat to talk about in the southeast. all of this is brought to you by all of this is brought to you by kay jewelers. led california's fight ofor clean, renewable energy.or he cleaned up pollution at the port of l.a. and created more good-paying jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor.
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7:56 am
hey, good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." do expect a cooldown on the way. meteorologist mike nicco has our forecast. hey, mike. >> hey, good morning, natasha. hi, everybody. the cooling trend's going to hit the bay and the coast, not quite inland yet. you'll get your big cooling trend tomorrow when these clouds are more dominant and reach your neighborhoods. beaches today a little more cloudiness, a little breezy, not quite as warm as it was yesterday. it's going to be warm inland and around the bay. yeah, watch out for the strong winds north of the bay bridge. you can see 60s at the coast to 80s inland. here's alexis. >> okay, looking at heavy volumes westbound 580 on the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. i did just hear of a report of a collision past the toll plaza, according to our partners at waze, but chp has no location. 55 minutes westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 49 westbound 4 antioch to concord. that's not great. slight delays southbound 101 if
7:57 am
you're coming from marin county. >> thanks for the update, alexis. we'll have another abc7 update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and you can join us for "abc7 mornings" weekday together forever-a pixar night time spectacular. ooohhhh. ahhhhhh. okay, maybe two. celebrate friendship and beyond at pixar fest. staring april 13th at disneyland resort.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, the shocking resignation of new york state's attorney general, a champion of the me too movement, four women with stunning allegations of abuse and assault, the latest this morning. youtube and your kids. the popular channel that so many children are watching, 35 million views and counting. okay, it looks like a harmless puppet but it's filled with violence and foul language. the parenting alert for you this morning. ♪ dancing doubleheader. fierce competition heating up the dance floor. adam rippon wows again as kareem and lindsay steal the show. rashad jennings' magic in the ballroom. a guest judge for the night, this morning he's live in times square. and the biggest fashion night of the year, divinely
8:01 am
inspired. heavenly bodies showing off fashions best from blake lively to sarah jessica parker, frances mcdormand to janelle monae and a surprise proposal and lara spencer taking you inside and look who is saying -- >> good morning, america. we're at the met ball. mwah. >> nice when people take the time to say good morning, america, like that. we appreciate that. and it's great to have you with us on this tuesday morning. >> we saw some of the faces at the met ball but now new details on who will be at the royal wedding including the clooneys at the met gala. lara was on the red carpet and had a chance to talk to them and that's coming up.
8:02 am
>> a lot coming up. we begin with the breaking news. the stunning resignation of new york's attorney general eric schneiderman after those explosive abuse allegations, four women coming forward to accusing him of physically assaulting them in a blockbuster "new yorker" report and linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. eric schneiderman's accusers say as his voice grew louder in the me too movement their angst only grew. culminating with this bombshell report in "new yorker" magazine. according to the magazine four women came forward claiming they were physically attacked by schneiderman on multiple occasions. two of the women spoke out on the record saying schneiderman hit them, often after drinking, frequently in bed and never with their consent. both women say he threatened to kill them if they broke up with him. one of the women said he just slapped me open-handed and with great force across the face. months later she said she had to seek medical treatment. overnight schneiderman denied the allegations saying in the privacy of intimate relationships i've engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity. i have not assaulted anyone. three hours after the article
8:03 am
was posted schneiderman resigned saying he strongly contests the accusations but added they will effectively prevent me from leading the office's work at this critical time. >> now he's facing investigation. linsey, thanks very much. now to that volcano disaster in ohio. lava still spreading and air quality getting worse by the minute. let's go back to kayna whitworth on the big island. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: michael, good morning. so two new cracks in the earth opening up a total of 12 fissures right now and at one point one of those fissures was spewing out lava some 300 feet into the air. we have more than 2,000 people evacuated and more than 30 fi tctur move flammable material from a nearby geothermal plant while also trying to create access to communities that have been cut off because of new cracks in major highways. people on this island have been enduring this toxic environment
8:04 am
for six days now and, michael, there is no end in sight. >> wow, i'm sure that's the last thing anybody wants to hear. thank you so much, kayna. robin. >> that's true, michael. now to a well-deserved honor for james shaw jr. that's the young man who helped stop the waffle house killer, grabbing his gun before he could fire again. well, shaw resists being called a hero. he does that over and over again. doesn't want to be called a hero his alma mater, tennessee state university, tsu, announced a scholarship in his shaw's name citing his bravery and courage. shaw himself started a gofundme page to help the victims' families raising nearly $230,000. >> wow. great, great. >> good coming out of this. coming up we have more behind the scenes at the super bowl of fashion, the secrets from last night's met gala and the surprise madonna performance. it's the youtube channel you probably never heard of but your kids have. considered inappropriate for
8:05 am
young viewers, is the site doing enough to protect them. lara is upstairs fresh off the met ball. >> yes, and straight off the plane from l.a. former "dancing" champ jennings is here with us to talk about his unbelievable night as a guest judge and we have an incredible audience so we don't need to go anywhere. "good morning america" is coming right back. love is everlasting. love is a diamond. if there's one thing i know, it's couples in love. from the runway to the wedding aisle, to the most romantic day of their lives, i'm there. each piece of my jewelry collection is designed with lovers in mind. the vera wang love collection, at zales. the diamond store. could clean almost anywhere, all on it's own? (intense music) the shark ion robot maneuvers from floors to carpets. while it spots trouble, it steers around it.
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technology this convenient... could make history. what's in your wallet? [ applause ] good morning. we're talking about where she was last night. >> so much to discuss. >> you have "pop news" first, right? >> yes, i do. [ applause ]
8:10 am
>> good morning to you guys and good morning to you. so in case you hadn't heard, the royal wedding less than two weeks away and -- >> where is the countdown clock? >> do we have the countdown clock? is it too soon? >> it's going to happen. it's going to happen, george. >> a lot of the producers were wondering and i guess this is something i guess a big decision that a lot of women face and that is should i take my husband's last name? but in meghan's case it's even more complicated because not many people know what harry's actually last name is. do you guys have any guesses? >> there's like 20 of them. >> so let me spell it out for you. some think it's windsor but a little research says his actual name is henry charles albert david mountbatten windsor. that is the name that queen elizabeth and prince philip chose back in 1960. if you watch "the crown" you know phillip is from greece only adopted the name of queen
8:11 am
elizabeth's uncle mountbatten when he became a citizen in 1947. this is important information. as for windsor that was at queen's grandfather george v who adopd the castle where the royal couple will marry. >> is the last name mountbatten winds or? >> yep. so the royal family didn't even really have a last name before that so we would like to say an early congratulations to meghan mountbatten windsor. >> should she take it? she might be like huh-uh. >> they liked the house and named themselves after the house they liked? >> it's quite common to name yourself either after where you live or a dynasty. none of us usually have these problems. i'd be like lara flea market. doesn't have the same ring to it. [ applause ] >> because y'all need to tune in tomorrow because we will have the countdown clock for george tomorrow. we will. the royal countdown.
8:12 am
he's asked for it repeatedly. >> it actually starts -- >> good to know i have clout. >> all right. >> the executive producer, that is happening. okay, also in "pop news," let's get to the met ball, shall we? >> yes. [ applause ] met ball madness. there's cardi b looking amazing at the gala making quite a fashion statement. on the steps of the met wearing a custom creation by jeremy scott, celebrating her growing baby bump. cardi says the hardest part isn't the fatigue or wearing those ultra high heels. she said it's the pregnancy dreams. she took to twitter describing, quote, weird crazy spooky dreams both good and bad that wake her up almost every name. medical experts say hormonal changes during pregnancy could be to blame for such vivid dreams. chances are that's not what kept
8:13 am
her up last night. she made it very clear she was going the distance for fashion's biggest party. actually just talked to chris jenner. manna ng "ke araye ay s wat nta surplari ise pteerformance. we're going to talk about all of that coming up. much more coming, and then finally, a little question for you, what do president trump and rapper 2 chainz have in common? >> i know. but i'll let you say it. >> i'm guessing you don't think much but i'm telling you how about a met gala proposal. first a flashback of the president who popped the question to melania at the ball back in 2004 and last night 2 chainz did the same dropping to his knee to propose to his longtime love kesha ward on the same steps. we saw it happen realtime. the crowd roaring when she said yep. there she is showing off that new ring. 2 chainz posting a photo on instagram flashing a giant smile and writing, she says yes. [ applause ] >> got to say, i sat next to him
8:14 am
at a knicks game and he was telling me and chris rock that he was going to -- but i wonder if she got two rings. 2 chainz, 2 rings. just curious. >> inquiring minds want to know. >> much more coming up. >> because the met is also our "gma" cover story. some call it the super bowl of fashion. celebrities, fashion designers and more all colliding on that red carpet last night at the metropolitan museum, and lara, you looked absolutely gorgeous on the red carpet. >> thank you. >> beautiful. [ applause ] look at -- look at you. >> well, i was trying to be with the theme so i was space angel. >> that's what you were going for. >> so -- >> heavenly. >> as you said it is fashion's biggest night led by "vogue" editor anna wintour. tickets for the gala go for an estimated $30,000 each. that's only if you make the cut, and the fashion did not disappoint.
8:15 am
on fashion's biggest night, the stars taking to the metropolitan museum of art's stairs serving up divine fashion inspiration. is this theme not tailor made for you? >> i wanted to come in on a cross but i think that was a bit extra. >> reporter: this year's co-chair rihanna dazzling in a papal inspired look. blake lively as usual stunning in versace. >> oh, that's fine. and circle back. so it's sort of like a three-point turn. i walked around in my apartment and my apartment is not as big as this gown. >> reporter: sara jessica parker working with a show-stopping train. >> how long is the train? >> it's so long. i hope she takes it off. the train is my nightmare. >> reporter: a serious headpiece. >> i dare say heavenly. >> thank you. >> reporter: crowns, a major trend of the night. this year's exhibit heavenly bodies: fashion and the catholic
8:16 am
imagination providing fashion inspiration that could only be described as heaven sent. the attendees all gathering to raise money for the metropolitan museum's costume institute. "vogue's" anna wintour controls who gets invited and that guest list did not disappoint. ariana grande wearing a dress by vera wang and michael angela. >> i've seen the sistine chapel in person and it's so full of mystery. >> reporter: making a colorful political rainbow cape by carolina he rather ra. >> i wanted to make a statement and we came with it. >> reporter: tracee ellis ross in stunning fuschia. >> the third sunday of lent, the clergy wears pink for the coming joy. >> reporter: katy perry in versace and wings on the red carpet. and inside, showcased on "vogue's" instagram account and the new costume exhibit. they were there to celebrate. ♪ reach out
8:17 am
>> reporter: a-rod with jennifer lopez in a stone-encrusted cross by balmain. >> the sketch came in and it was nice but it did not look like this. look like this. it up a move every year. >> i just have fun with it. i do love fashion. >> reporter: tom and gisele. and george clooney whose wife amal served as co-chair of the event. >> how long did it take her to get dress? >> like an hour. that's a lot. >> how about you? >> like 15 minutes. >> reporter: the night so high who do you are want to hook up with. >> i want to see anybody who want to see me. i want to hook up with anybody who make more money than me, better credit man me but if i'm just going to call out name, what up, michael b. jordan. >> to ashley graham. >> rihanna is right there and i'm right here. i'm freaking out. i'm never speechless and i'm speechless right now. did you see that? she just -- she just told me i look good.
8:18 am
[ applause ] >> everybody was starstruck. i'm joined by "vogue's" special accessories and special projects director, selby drummond. let's talk about the theme in general. i posted a picture of rihanna and got mixed reactions and some offended by this theme of the evening. that wasn't meant to be at all. in fact, the catholic church supported the event and sent artifacts over to the museum. >> we had 40 pieces on loan from the vatican that will never be able to be seen by a lot of people. the curator did an amazing job and we always make an effort to open a conversation about what art mean, what fashion mean, and pick themes that might be controversial but to treat them with imagination and thoughtfulness. >> and everybody went for it in varying degrees. we just saw a picture of rihanna. talk about that look and your reaction when you saw it. >> she looks fantastic. always one of my favorites.
8:19 am
she was in margela couture and a papal tiara. >> hard to miss. >> she had to go there for the theme. but it was a little tight. she wanted to make sure it stayed on and she had a bit of a headache by the time i talked to her at dinner. >> yeah, i would imagine. madonna, madonna, madonna. as i said in the piece i said to madonna, this was tailor made for you. i felt like i was seeing vintage madonna in the '90s. >> gauthier has dressed her and did the famous cone bra so he's come back to dress her again and she is iconic. people just scream, she came out for a surprise performance at the end. she was fabulous. >> yes, i heard it went quite late and she was right in the center of it all. also in the center was katy perry. appeared and people just gasped. it was -- i thought it was the victoria's secret show for a second but and i did hear that the wings were not going to have to be -- she wasn't going to wear them through dinner. >> once she came inside she had to take the wings off.
8:20 am
she's always amazing. she's always willing to go all the way there. she got a couple sketches from donatella versace in the beginning and said these are beautiful. thank you so much. i need to go a little further. i need more. >> had so much fun on the carpet and loves the event as does sarah jessica parker. great to see her back at the event this year. [ applause ] and wearing the most elaborate dolce & gabbana along with andy cohen. they looked fantastic together. the headpiece. >> there was -- she is so intel gent about fashion. her headpiece was a neapolitan nativity ultra scene, the kind of relic people carry through the streets in southern italy on holidays, on christian holidays and she just down to every single last detail. perfect. >> she said it was heavy and andy cohen was worried about having to carry that 40 pound train and trains and headpieces were quite prevalent throughout the night with everyone wondering how they would make it
8:21 am
work but they sure did and the evening went quite late and one to ten on the fashion scale. >> ten. always ten. at the met gala. >> selby, thanks for the incite. more from the met gala on our website, a lot more. so definitely check that out. right now though over to our own fashion icon ginger zee. >> hey, i chose lara spencer on the red carpet. you looked stunning. we have to get to the "gma" moment because it is time to make you smile this morning and this is paxton from cleveland, ohio and this is how i feel after i do one set. i feel so accomplished. i feel so great. paxton is 15 months old. he picks up that kettle bell. yes. the smile. he puts it down and there he goes. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. the coast and bay not quite as warm today. you can see the cloud deck out there that reaches inland tomorrow, which means you will cool then.
8:22 am
and summer heat for friday and saturday. let's look at our temperatures. we go from the 60s along the coast, up to san francisco and oakland, low to mid-70s around the bay, and a few 80s mainly in the east bay valleys. my accuweather seven-day forecast. low to mid-50s tomorrow and cloudy. you can see the slower sunshine brings us our coolest day tomorrow. now to our new series youtube and your kids. so many children watch videos on the site, but parents are concerned about inappropriate content. so we're taking a closer look and abc's juju chang sat down with several families to talk about this. good morning, juju. what did you find out about this? >> good morning, michael. well, we found out a lot. if your kids are like mine, they are suction cupped. literally glued to youtube. clicking on video after video after video. but how often do kids end up seeing something inappropriate? i spoke to kids, parents and experts and got some pretty surprising answers.
8:23 am
>> reporter: with youtube constantly in the news, we gathered together some philadelphia area tweens and their parents who have one thing in common. they say their kids are often hooked on youtube. >> have you ever tried to take youtube away? >> the whole thing. >> what's their reaction? >> it's the end of the world. >> you're ending their life. >> reporter: almost all say they use some form of parental controls on their computers and mobile devices and try to limit the exposure of inappropriate conte content. >> have any of your kids found inappropriate material on youtube? >> david has and then he says he doesn't like it and he just moves on. >> reporter: the kids all between 10 and 13 are eager to talk about their youtube savvy. >> so you know who's kid friendly and who is not. >> yeah, like supermario logan, i've watched him. he's one of my favorite channels. >> you're laughing. >> yeah, i know who jeffy is. >> you've seen it too. >> reporter: we took a closer look at jeffy, the puppet on
8:24 am
supermario logan. 35 million view, the "n" word. >> racial stereotypes. misogyny. i mean violence, it's got it s, >> racial stereotypes. misogyny. i mean violence, it's got it all. this is not something parents would want their kids watching. >> common sense media started rating youtubers this year due to overwhelming requests from parents. >> youtube is the biggest pain point for parents. >> common sense media calls supermario logan your basic online nightmare for parents of young kids, rated for ages 17 and up. these kids are all 13 and younger. >> it was a suggested video. i watched it and it just kept reeling me in to watch more videos. >> it attracts kids because you wouldn't think of him as inappropriate because of the way he looks but when you actually watch him, he traps you in it. >> do you think youtube does enough to block inappropriate content for kids? >> no. >> i do not think so. >> whatever is getting the most views they're like, oh, you should watch this. >> reporter: youtube recommends popular videos based on what's being watched which raises the
8:25 am
question, do kids know what's good for them? sam, your mom said she trusts you to know what's right and wrong in terms of what you're viewing. do you think that's the right way to go ? >> yeah, because like i don't watch like inappropriate videos. >> i don't think it's a trust thic. thicng. i think it sometimes the kids get drawn in and it's not their fault. >> reporter: we showed some of our video no common sense media. >> developmentally kids aren't even primed at that age to have the wherewithal to shut off youtube. >> reporter: the creator of supermario logan told us he's lost revenue since youtube started age restricting and demonetizing his videos. he also said common sense media's review was accurate regarding those old videos and that his newer ones are much cleaner in content and made for a wider audience but adds, it's ultimately the responsibility of the supervising adults. youtube told us their main site is for those 13 plus. we created the youtube kids app to offer parents a safer
8:26 am
alternative and ramped up our efforts to age-gate flagged videos on the main app that are better suited for older audiences. now, it does say on the main site's terms of service that it's not intended for children under 13 which, of course, was news to the parents we spoke with. in fact, school officials in two town, rome, new york, and brainerd, minnesota, have warned parents about supermario logan and youtube says they have tools to help and filters to block appropriate content and its restricted mode. tomorrow we'll look at how well they worked. >> they're watching one thing and a suggested video pops up and it ends up something inappropriate for children. >> waving things in front of the kids. >> juju, we'll talk to you tomorrow about that. coming up, former dancing champ rashad jennings live.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." it's 8:27. and today, google sets out to get responsible. the role of tech in our well-being is likely a theme of the morning as the company starts its developers conference. thousands of people expected at the shoreline amphitheatre in mountain view. the ceo will speak at 10:00 this morning. he may address privacy concerns and give parents new tools to manage how kids access information. google may also update google assistant, improve the android mobile operating system, and push further into augmented reality technology. let's just talk about actual reality right now. hi, alexis. >> yeah, it's not great if you're going to be traveling on northbound 280 in the south bay, as you head past the cupertino area. we have a crash just south of magdale magdalena, blocking the two left lanes.
8:28 am
that is a solid red line for miles, really, back down into the downtown san jose area. here's a check of the bay bridge toll plaza, thinning out on the back side but still the long line on the middle and right. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
8:29 am
(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) let's talk temperatures real quick. hi, everybody. mainly low to upper 50s, even a few 60s around concord, antioch and clear lake. and you can see it's really sunny out there and it's going to be a little breezy north of
8:30 am
the bay bridge for your commute. >> another abc7 new welcome back to "gma." we have a great audience on this tuesday morning. we do. [ applause ] and we have a great guest. she's an actress and neu neuroscientist, whoa and best-selling author. now she has a new book called "boying up." take a closer look at what's it like for boys to grow up in today's world. please welcome mayim bialik. [ applause ] >> nice to see you. >> welcome. >> good to see you. >> how is it going? >> thanks for having me. [ applause ] >> thank you. thanks for joining us at the
8:31 am
desk. >> oh, you know, nothing else i'd rather do this early. >> come on. >> congratulations on the new book. this book is really timely because in the wake of the me too movement there's so many conversations about raising men in today's world. >> uh-huh. >> it's tough out there. >> yeah, i mean i obviously wrote it a year ago before any of this was more part of a conversation because, you know, the book was a follow-up to "girling up" and everything that happens in the boy's body as a scientist that i wanted to share and as the mom of two boys and the culture boys are being raised in there's so much more to talk about so that is also a large part of the book. >> it it true once you got the green light for the book you panicked a little? >> yeah, totally panicked. seemed like a great idea until i had to write it. even though as a scientist i'm trained to know not only about the female and feel body as a mom, i felt like i didn't
8:32 am
necessarily know and did include obviously my boys' voices throughout the book and male friends, you know, grown-up boys who kind of give thoughts per chapter so we have kind of a real male perspective but also, you know, the big angry internet can make you feel like what am i doing. i read one comment was why do i know about boys? exactly, why do i know? >> how old are you? >> 9 1/2 and 12 1/2. >> did they surprise you at all about what they said? >> yes and no. i mean i think the whole process of parenting is a large surprise and in particular parenting boys which i consider myself like i'm a rough and tough mom. i like to wrestle and i like sports cars but when it comes down to it there were a lot of things about their development and the way they process emotions i didn't know how to handle. you don't want to hug and talk it out? that's what we do. past a certain age they don't want to hug and talk it out. >> you think your boys will follow in your footsteps and become scientists or actors.
8:33 am
>> oh, heaven forbid. heaven forbid. no, i mean, you know, for most of their lives it looked like we would have a mailman and a policeman because that's what they said they wanted to be. now my older one, he's very musical. he also has the mind of an engineer or an architect so that would be lovely. my younger one is a really talented art at this time. i don't know but actor, oh, no, i hope not. >> it worked out for you. 28 years ago "blossom." >> why you making me feel old? [ applause ] >> you were an infant. >> i was 14. but, yeah, growing up in the spotlight it's hard and, you know, for me i think that for my boys i want them to do whatever they want but i'm not driving them to auditions, that will have to wait if they want to do that. >> what's the biggest thing you learned that you want to give to them? >> i think that it's funny, i just got emotional because i
8:34 am
feel like what i want them to -- what i want boys to know or what i hope that parents who read this book can communicate to their boys is that there is a natural or gangic process to growing up whether you're a boy or a girl and parents, we know a lot of things, but we don't know everything and it's okay to be part of a conversation like to take part in a conversation with your children about what's the best way for us to communicate right now. what's the best way for me to teach you to behave respectfully while respecting your organic process as a human. >> it just got heavy. >> it did. >> going back to the me too movement and you understand this because you made comments and you said it was taken out of con text and people realized that. we have to be able to be comfortable to have the conversation that we're going to have misat thes. >> also in the book we talk about consent. we talk about some of the words my children only learned because our president has brought them into our vernacular and that's not a political statement. that's a statement of there are things in our culture that even if i wasn't ready to talk to them about, if you don't teach them, the internet is going to.
8:35 am
>> exactly. >> so, yeah. >> can we bring you back to acting for a little bit. i love "big bang theory." >> there you go. >> cannot believe the wedding is going to happen. >> between awe ensheldon. >> any surprises? >> if they were surprises and i told you it wouldn't be surprises. >> there are some surprises and obviously mark hamill is on the show and we have amazing guest stars. it's a really fun episode. i think that everyone will feel very satisfied. >> ooh. >> satisfied. >> that's well put. >> very well pit. scientifically put. >> whoa. >> it's a great cast and the book and -- i love it's a companion to the book you did before. >> thank you. >> very fitting. >> thank you. >> i love that. "girling up" and "boying up." "boying up" is available everywhere today. make sure you go out and pick up your copy and coming up who is getting an invite to the royal wedding?
8:36 am
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if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross. a you. hey, so tonight is the open night of the reputation stadium tour. good morning, america. >> we are excited. welcome back to "good morning america." that, of course, was taylor swift taking off her "reputation" tour tonight in arizona. it is her biggest stadium tour
8:39 am
yet and i bet it's going to be one of the biggest of all time. it is a big morning on "gma." we're celebrating national teacher appreciation day. a special new way to say thank you and we have a few teachers all of these tables right here are teachers that make such a difference in our lives and the lives of so many children like my high school math teacher bob wells. he is the one -- a wig reason of why i'm here today, thank you so much, mr. wells. i got to see him recently. our sponsor crayola wanted to do something, honor achievements with their new thank a teacher campaign. they want to encourage everyone to write and share thank you notes to their favorite teachers, the goal, reaching a million notes. these guys, you're writing to your teach everers. that's a rainbow for which teacher? >> my name. >> my name. >> i like it. i like it a lot. we want to you share your name, your letters on social media using the #crayolathanking.king.
8:40 am
we have three special teachers. mariah central school and the urban assembly school for criminal justice. come on down here if you want. stand up, yeah, yeah, yeah. first off we want to thank you for everything you do. teachers, you can come all the way down if you wouldn't mind. right now, you know, we have a little bit of a surprise. we have some kids coming in. please, crayola is bringing this in and donating $10,000 to each of your schools for new supplies. yes. that is the way that we celebrate teacher appreciation. so come on bring in those checks. those look good on you. we want to give a big thanks to crayola and to all of our teachers and teachers wat good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. clouds quickly back to the coast by 10:00. mostly sunny afternoon and away from our inland neighborhoods, not quite as warm. our coolest day tomorrow, but look at some of that summer heat
8:41 am
friday and saturday. ah, such a special moment. thank you again to all the teachers. robin, we'll head over to you. >> all right, hey, ginger, you know tommy, one of the members of our crew, he made this. can you see this? it's with crayola and looks like a little rose. tommy, yeah, he said he watched a 7-year-old on youtube, a 7-year-old on youtube make this. i'm a little worried he's watching 7-year-olds on youtube but the good point is that he was able to make this. >> to have the patience. >> that's right. >> it matches your dress. >> we'll count down to the royal wedding, george loves this. it's just one week from saturday. who is getting invites? eva, you'll tell us more. >> a hot ticket. anyone who has been a bride knows this is the crunch time putting together all those little final details. now everyone should, they should have rsvp'd and learning more about who will be at the royal
8:42 am
wedding. it's the most coveted invitation of the year. harry and meghan's wing is just over a week away. it will be the who's who of hollywood royalty mingling with real-life royalty. but who actually made the cut? >> victoria and david beckham, george and amal clooney. priyanka chopra, meghan invited the entire cast of "suits." pipal middleton with her husband and ellie goulding and james blunt. >> reporter: who may miss their big day? in addition to the obamas and canadian prime minister trudeau and sophie both close friend, serena williams told robin she's not sure if she'll be there. >> i don't know. you know, i think it's during one of the tournaments so i'll see if i can make it. >> reporter: expect the wedding of the year to potentially also include some of the most iconic names in music at the intimate
8:43 am
private reception at frogmore house, who have been by harry's side from chris martin of coldplay to rihanna, harry famously taking an aids test side by side with her in barbados in 2016. ♪ good-bye >> reporter: all a generation after making a touching tribute to harry's mother at her funeral. ♪ like a candle in the wind >> reporter: elton john has not only helped harry caray on diana's legacy in her hiv and aids work, the rocket man is tipped to make a special appearance for the little boy who he's watched grow up in front of his eye, also on meghan's last-minute to do list this week showing her wedding gown to the queen. >> meghan's wedding dress is now being moved to windsor castle where she'll later this week show the queen informally at a private showing. [ applause ] >> and that is the detail we're all wanting it know. her wedding dress.
8:44 am
lots of speculation. don't miss a moment. you and michael will be live from windsor next week as we count down -- >> come on in here, michael. yes. >> i can't wait. [ laughter ] >> he wants to know the dress. we'll be there. >> do you know who the designers are? >> it's -- i know but i can't wait, yes. >> neither can david pure because david and i will be anchoring the live coverage at 5:00 a.m., may 19th right here an abc. all right. coming up former dancing champ rashad jennings is here live. plus kareem abdul-jabbar is gone bye-bye and his partner lindsay
8:45 am
8:46 am
all right. back now with a big night in the ballroom. the athletes going head-to-head on "dancing with the stars" and last night, not one but two
8:47 am
couples eliminated. >> oh, boy, well, we're going to talk to kareem abdul-jabbar and his partner lindsay in a moment. along with former champ rashad jennings but first here's a look at all the action on the dance floor. ♪ the ballroom last night was electric. magical. snoits it's a small world after all ♪ >> reporter: and reaching new heights literally. 5'6" dancing pro lindsay arnold using a little shoulder support to get on the same level as her 7'2" partner kareem abdul-jabbar. >> i cried for the first time. ♪ >> reporter: the elite churned out dance after dance. then it was team football versus team tennis squaring off in group routines. rising to the top adam and jenna for their feisty quicktep tied with their best economy r
8:48 am
ray & their foxtrot. >> that for me best dance so far. ♪ we are searchlights >> reporter: though arike donning heels for the first time in competition who made a lasting impression on the judges. >> there's something so powerful in you being vulnerable. thank you for putting on the shoes. >> reporter: in the end, it was basketball all-stars kareem and arike sent packing. arike leading with nothing but fond memories of the dance floor. >> this was something i was hesitant about but i got to do it and it was one of the business experiences i've ever had so definitely trying new thing. >> what a night it was on the dance floor. kareem and lindsay will join us in a moment but first here with last night's guest judge former nfl pro and season 24 mirror ball champ rashad jennings. [ applause ] welcome, man. >> thank you. appreciate it. appreciate it. >> watching last night you made one heck of an entrance into the show last night but how was it
8:49 am
for you to be on the other side of the judges' table. >> to be on the other side was so much fun. i was nervous because being in the ballroom and used to the competition and competing with everybody, now i get to see it from another view and actually was fun because i went back to my season as i'm watching all the contestants and putting all this energy into a dance and a routine and i've been there before. now i can actually critique and give positive reinforcement to where they're at. >> which brings me to your new book "the if in life" giving it everything you got. tell me about the book and what brought you to it. >> yes, i'm so humbled by this. truly am and this is the birthday of my first book. so i'm completely beside myself. and obviously having michael strahan writing the foreword is humbling and if in life is a play on word when you spell out life if is the foundation of the
8:50 am
word and everybody that has heard my story of being a overweight chubby kid, fifth string running back, saying i wanted to lay in the nfl. i've had to overcome a lot of adversity to make it here and as an inspiration to kids i'm showing if i didn't have a loving famgly, if i didn't keep god in my life, if my brothers didn't make sacrifices, if i wouldn't have stopped making excuses and taking ownership and responsibility i wouldn't be having this interview today. [ applause ] >> you know what, you've overcome so much. nfl, mirror ball champ and now we'll bring in to the competitors from last night, kareem abdul-jabbar and his partner lindsay arnold. hello, you guys joining us from l.a. >> how are you? >> hey, kareem, i got to say, my smile was so big watching you two dance. you dedicated last night a salsa to your father. how did you feel after that
8:51 am
dance? >> well, i was very glad that i was able to execute the dance, lindsay did such a great job preparing me and i thought the executed pretty well and i just was hoping my father wherever he is was looking down because he always enjoyed dancing and the music so i'm sure he participated wherever he was. >> and, kareem, as we just saw in video, lindsay, you got on kareem's level, figuratively, literally last night. how in the world did you pull that off? >> you know what, it was the help of haley, the incredible troupe dancer because we couldn't have done it without her. i thought it would only be fair to kareem to finally have a dance partner his size and it was so much fun. i'm so grateful we were able to do that. it was something really fun and somebody that nobody has done on the show. >> it was pretty remarkable. >> you guys -- you get to see everybody, every day so, kareem, who do you think will walk away with the mirror ball trophy?
8:52 am
>> i think it's probably going to be one of the dancers, adam or mirai because they do it every day. that's what they do for a living so i expect them to be able to execute -- they got great presence an the dance floor and their execution of all the moves was impeccable and i think they're going to go on and push into the end. >> so we've got kareem's pick, rashad, who is making it to the top three or taking it home? >> that's tough. i mean everybody can dance. obviously adam and mirai are outstanding but i think but somewhere between it's going to be a surprise. i think chris, josh and jennie, one will slip in the final two or three in watching kareem with that shoulder shimmy yesterday, i was excited. kareem, linden, thank you guys for joining us, waking up early out in l.a. rashad, thank you.
8:53 am
rashad's new book "the if in life." see new dancing monday 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. we'll be right back. it's "watch what you want on the fastest internet" streaming. it's "live sports so you never miss a goal" streaming.
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>> announcer: a wedding so posh, so fabulous it may make them jell out. so many couples entered but only one can be married live in the heart of walt disney world. a fairy tale happens live when
8:56 am
they say "i do" on "gma." "good morning america" is sponsored by the capital one venture card. what's in your wallet? >> great book. [ cheers and applause ] have a good day.
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8:59 am
and good morning. it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." meteorologist mike nicco, is it ever going to be less gloomy outside today? >> yes, in a couple hours, the clouds you see that are out there, yeah, they're going to be gone. all right, let's talk about your activity planner. it will remain to a more stubborn extent yesterday at the beaches, but warm inland, exercising north of the bay bridge. kind of breezy on the water. low to mid-60s along the coast and san francisco, upper 60s to mid-70s around the bay, some 80s in the east bay, near 90 temperatures friday and saturday. >> all right, looking forward to that, mike. and taking a look at the roads, a little bit of good news. first, that crash on northbound 280 just before magdalena heading into the los altos area has cleared, but boy, we've got some long residual delays, both on 280 and northbound 85. a lot of folks using that instead. and a new crash just in northbound 101 at central san rafael.
9:00 am
four to five vehicles involved, blocking three lanes, reggie. >> thanks, alexis. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the film "anything" and the series "the affair," maura tierney. and one of the stars of the hit drama "empire," bryshere gray. plus, performing their new hit "babe," sugarland! all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: hello. [cheers and applause]


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