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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 3, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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that would be terrible. >> nerves of steel. i don't know. i can't wait to see that good morning, america. breaking news, rudy giuliani's shocking claim on live tv. >> the president reimbursed that over a period of several -- >> he says he did repay his personal attorney michael cohen for that $130,000 paid to porn star stormy daniels. just last month trump declared he knew nothing about it. did he break the law? also breaking overnight, an explosion during a dangerous police standoff. >> s.w.a.t. standoff. multiple officers down. >> officers rushed to the hospital. the search is on for that suspect. how did this happen? the new incident on a southwest plane, a window cracking midflight. just weeks after that deadly engine explosion that killed a mother of two. an abc news exclusive. the two men arrested at a philadelphia starbucks now reaching a settlement.
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why they only asked for a dollar each from the city. and the program they hope will make a change. the interview only on "gma" this morning. ♪ i've got -- and making it rain. hundreds of thousands of dollars flying on to this highway when an armored truck burst open. >> look at all this money. >> now what police are promising if you took that cash. and we do say good morning, america. this is like an episode of "what would you do?" if you came across this scene right here, hundreds of thousands of dollars on the highway, what would you do? >> i know what a lot of people did, possibly, but as they say if it's too good to be true it usually is without a doubt. >> more on that coming up. some big breaking news overnight, president trump is furiously tweeting about that
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bombshell from his lawyer rudy giuliani. >> he is one of the president's attorneys in the russia investigation. and trump did repay, this is what giuliani is saying, did repay his personal attorney michael cohen for the $130,000 used to pay off stormy daniels. our chief national affairs correspondent, tom llamas, has the latest developments. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning to you. it was a stunning interview last night and now new evidence that president trump did not tell the full truth about the money paid in a hush agreement to porn star stormy daniels. overnight, the president's attorney, rudy giuliani revealing in a live tv interview the president repaid his personal attorney michael cohen for facilitating that $130,000 payment to stormy daniels to silence her about an alleged sexual encounter she had with mr. trump back in 2006. an apparent contradiction to the president's past claims. >> i'm giving you a fact now you don't know, it's not campaign money. no campaign finance violation.
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so -- >> they funneled it through a law firm. >> funneled through a law firm and the president repaid it. >> reporter: just last month, president trump told reporters aboard air force one he didn't know about the payment made by his personal attorney michael cohen. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> no, no. >> then why did -- >> reporter: in a previous statement to abc news, cohen said he facilitated the payment using a home equity line of credit that neither the trump organization nor the trump campaign were ever involved. but according to giuliani, who was also part of the campaign, the payoff was well known. >> everybody was nervous about this from the very beginning. i wasn't. i knew how much money donald trump put into that campaign. i said $130,000? going to do a couple of checks for $130,000. when i heard cohen's retainer of 35,000, when he was doing no
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work for the president, i said that's how he's repaying -- how he's repaying it, with a little profit and a little margin for paying taxes from michael. >> well, guess what. that's fraud, that's illegal. >> reporter: stormy daniels' attorney seizing on the bombshell interview. >> i don't care where you line up, you should be disgusted by what has happened in connection with the lies that you have been told over the last three months about this payment. >> reporter: the justice department and the federal election commission already looking into how the payment was handled. but giuliani adamant no major crimes were committed. and as we mentioned at the top of the broadcast, the president just tweeted about this moments ago. want to put up those tweets now. he explains how he paid michael cohen, that it nothing to do with the campaign, and he also makes a major announcement and says he will enforce that nondiclosure agreement with stormy daniels and he also says he is going to seek damages because he believes she has broken that confidentiality agreement. >> you got three tweets from the
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president saying he knew nothing about this. in the meantimher major contrad from rudy giuliani last night, contradicting the president's rationale on the firing of james comey. >> there was so much news in that interview. there was another major headline doing with james comey. in that, rudy giuliani says one of the reasons why the president fired james comey was because comey would not say that president trump wasn't a target of the russia investigation. that's also another major contradiction from president trump. his previous statements were that he tweeted just last month, comey was not fired because of the russia investigation. >> a lot to get to. thank you, tom. let's bring in jon karl for more on this as well. jon, rudy giuliani is the president's attorney. might had to have been some strategy there but a lot of the rest of the white house blindsided. >> reporter: absolutely blindsided. as a matter of fact, one of the white house spokesperson. was on television afterwards and air force based about it and said simply i'm not an attorney, i just work at the white house. the white house has kept an
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arm's length arrangement from this not trusting the president's denials on this and, therefore, not repeating them. but, george, we do have some additional details about this arrangement with michael cohen and stormy daniels and the reimbursement. according to a source familiar, the payments from the president to michael cohen began shortly after the president took office last week. cohen had left the trump organization and gone into private practice. the payments we're told were primarily to reimburse for the stormy daniels payment but not only for that there were other legal matters that cohen was reimbursed for. unclear what those were. >> they started after he became president. yesterday, the president bringing in a new white house attorney to deal with the mueller investigation. >> reporter: that's right. emmet flood and ty cobb is out. i spoke to ty cobb right before his news about his announced departure. ty cobb was the person on the president's legal team that was preaching cooperation and even saying nice things about
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rosenstein to me yesterday. that is now over. it is essentially war now between the president's legal team and the special counsel. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. robin. you bring up the investigation. this morning, we are getting a rare look inside the russia investigation. a witness who has just been interviewed by special counsel robert mueller's team, sitting down with our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas and he joins us this morning. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's right, something truly rare. insight from a witness just interrogated by the special counsel's office. he said he was taken aback by the intensity of investigators and the fact that they're still focusing on russian collusion and he says they are nowhere near done. former trump political adviser michael caputo says he won't soon forget the grilling he says he took from two fbi agents and a prosecutor with the special counsel's team. >> three hours plus, they weren't pulling any punches. at some points in time it got
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kind of frightening. >> reporter: caputo said the agents new so much about his life it scared him. >> they know more about what i did in 2016 than i do. they're talking about the timing of some things that happened at the campaign. i think they're completely focused on collusion with russia. >> reporter: according to caputo, there was a lot of focus on the hack of the dnc about a russian operative named gusafer. his stark assessment on whether mueller is anywhere near done investigating possible collusion. >> i'm hoping this ends soon. but it sounds to me like they have more digging to do. >> reporter: did they give you any sense that they have anything? >> i believe that they -- they think they're on to something. what that is, i don't know, but they're not messing around. >> reporter: caputo says the investigators peppered him with questions about his friend, the president's personal attorney, michael cohen, paul manafort indicted on money laundering charges and roger stone.
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the one thing he says surprised him from the interview -- >> it was remarkable to me that the president wasn't brought up. nobody with the last name trump came up at all. >> reporter: caputo said he knew mueller's investigators would come from him because he's lived and worked in russia but he says he saw no collusion. he said all these investigations are destroying his family and he's really angry at congress. he said he told senate investigators in a hearing this week, quote, damn you to hell. george. >> okay, pierre, thanks very much. a lot to talk about with dan abrams and chris christie. federal prosecutor before serving as governor of new jersey and, chris, let me begin with you. rudy giuliani asked about the dossier. he responds talking about stormy daniels but this is strategy. >> of course, there is. there is an old saying hang a lantern on your problems. he knows there's been different stories told about this payment and how it was made -- >> not just different stories. the president said he knew
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nothing about it. >> those are different stories. rudy has to clean it up. that's what lawyers are hired to do. he puts it out rather than having some reporter give breaking news that the president reimbursed it, so it's a typical -- it's a typical thing to do and it wasn't surprising at all. >> but it also shows you that they know mueller knows this. they know in particular after the raid of michael cohen that mueller knows exactly what happened with that payment. they also know that mueller knows why donald trump fired james comey. they talked to a lot of people who were there at the time and i think at this point they're saying let's get this out there so when it comes out later, just as chris says, where it's not going to be a surprise or news, let's just put as much out there as possible. >> meantime, the president and rudy giuliani both saying there's no campaign finance violations, not necessarily. >> yeah, but, george, i've always thought that was a weak case no matter which iteration of the story you were going on. bob mueller is look at much bigger things. when you look at the questions he put out it backs up what we
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said, you can't let this guy be interviewed. you cannot let the president be interviewed. you look at the list of questions, and without follow-ups, that's 10, 12 hours of questioning there. you don't want to expose your client to that. >> the challenge of campaign finance violations is can you prove it was done for the purpose of influencing the campaign as opposed to protecting him from melania. right? finding out -- >> that's the big question. >> by the way, he's still denying he even had an affair so sort of shocking we're seeing in the tweets he's still denying the affair. yet, he's admitting he repaid michael cohen now for the amount through rudy giuliani. >> right. >> so to some degree the entire story makes even less sense. >> and the problem is that the motivation for it, whatever it was, is all subjective. you're not going to see a memo, an e-mail from donald trump saying, i'm worried this will hurt my campaign so pay her the money. okay, it's a subjective thing, and it's just as easy for people
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to believe that he didn't want his wife to know if there was some affair. >> but one thing that's not subjective is donald trump did not report it on his financial disclosure, another vulnerability as well. >> if it's determined to be a loan. you don't know that's what it would be. >> what we're also seeing and jon karl brought it up, you got emmet flood in there, you've got rudy giuliani in there. going to your point, this is clear now that donald trump does not want to talk to robert mueller. >> and i think it goes beyond that. i think he wants to go after robert mueller, right? he wants a legal team who are going to be his spokespeople, not just who aren't going to necessarily cooperate but who are willing to attack and undermine robert mueller. because up to now that has not been the position of his attorneys. >> george, listen, i've been saying for months that he had a below grade legal team and that everything that was going on including waiving of certain privilege, not only on the president's behalf but on behalf
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of people who worked in the white house was an awful strategic decision. and now what he's got in giuliani and in emmet flood are two very experienced warriors, flood having been through it with the clinton situation and rudy giuliani having been through enough wars himself to know how to fight them. >> a lot more to come. thank you both very much. michael. we're going to turn to that military plane crash in savannah, georgia, that killed nine people on board. a surveillance camera capturing the moment a puerto rican national guard plane went down on a busy highway. president trump tweeting his condolences saying, please join me in thoughts and prayers for the victim, their families and the great men and women of the national guard. the military is investigating the accident. also making headlines, another scare on a southwest jet. this time a window cracking midflight forcing the piles to make an unplanned landing. this incident comes just two weeks after that engine explosion that killed a mother
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of two. abc's david kerley is at reagan airport with the details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, michael. that incident two weeks ago on the mind of all those passengers on board that southwest aircraft. especially when they heard a loud noise yesterday. this crack in a jet window -- >> there was a loud pop. >> reporter: -- sent shivers through the southwest 737. >> all the seats around the window just kind of -- they ran away, and it was cracked through. >> reporter: it was less than an hour into the flight from chicago to newark when this window cracked. >> you're on the plane and you saw the pictures of what that window looked like. >> reporter: the pilots deciding to divert to cleveland to have that window checked but many on board immediately flashing back to that incident just two weeks ago when a window on another southwest jet broke partially sucking out a passenger who was pulled back in to the jet but did not survive. while this jet is 20 years old, this window had been replaced in the past and was inspected just last month. the jet did not depressurize, that's because the windows are layered.
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two structural panes and the one you touch inside. this crack appeared to be on the outside layer. >> so the passenger sitting next to that window really wasn't in danger but i'm sure the loud bang and the thought of, oh, my, gosh, is that window going to let go was a scary situation. let go was a scary situation. >> reporter: it has been flying for 50 years, this we're told is only the 27th time that a window layer has cracked in flight. this is rare, passengers were not at risk but the closest to that other incident, which is still unsolved, reminds us all that nobody likes a mystery when it comes to flying, michael. >> yeah, you're right about that. thank you so much, david. robin. now to those severe storms tearing across the heart of the country. this morning, nearly 40 million are in the storm zone on alert for tornadoes, huge hail and damaging winds. our gio benitez is in raytown, missouri, with more. >> reporter: hey, robin, good
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morning. this is a very old red oak, 200 years old. i want you to see what it's done to this house. just take a look. it came crashing down, into this house, a family of five was inside, they're okay. thank goodness. but some scary moments for the middle of the country. >> it's on the ground. it's on the ground right now, tornado on the ground. >> reporter: millions in the heartland bracing for more powerful tornadoes. blaring sirens ringing out, warning residents of possible twisters in the area. on the ground in kansas, pounding rain, low visibility on the roads and overturned semis. >> there she goes. >> whoo! >> reporter: destruction from the storm stretching up north too. thunderstorms in indiana sending this tree crashing into the family's kitchen. and in illinois -- >> the roof, it came off the building. >> reporter: roofs offering no protection. watch this roof, it's ripped completely off and sent tumbling down onto the street below.
7:17 am
and back here in missouri, we just learned there's a new severe thunderstorm watch for southern oklahoma and northern texas. if you're there, just be very, very careful. no doubt a rough day ahead for you. michael. >> all right, thank you, gio. be careful, indeed. now to rob and that severe weather is stretching from texas to massachusetts today. >> yeah, really widening out. day four of our severe weather outbreak and this is one of six tornadoes that dropped in frederick, oklahoma. big winds across a wide stretch. 106-mile-an-hour winds here and in pratt county, nebraska, 92-mile-an-hour winds and six states reported winds over 70 miles an hour. we had damage in places like chicago, places like missouri, and there's where you see the storms this morning. we got a new thunderstorm watch out for the texas/oklahoma border. a number of storms have been posted there and flash flood watches earlier today from the storms rolling through chicago. a lot of heavy rain with this
7:18 am
and heat, tropical moisture, heavy downpours feeling like summer and here we go again, kansas city, you're in it, cleveland back through parts of upstate new york and new england with all the heat building here could see some strong thunderstorms too. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. pretty thick cloud deck this morning will give way to sunshine, just a little slower than yesterday. mild this afternoon. becoming gray and cool again tonight and temperature swings will be pretty prevalent throughout the accuweather seven-day forecast. upper 50s to mid-60s along the
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coast and san francisco, mid-to-upper 60s around the bay, low to mid-70s inland. tonight a lot like this morning, cloudy, mid-40s to low 50s. my accuw want to show you something special. the steamboat geyser, the largest in the world most active now beginning to erupt. hasn't done that in a long time. old faithful gets all the glory. >> thanks for that. coming up, we have that abc news exclusive. the two men arrested at a starbucks in philadelphia sparking nationwide protests, have now reached a settlement with starbucks and also reached a settlement with the city in which they only asked for a dollar each. what they hope to bring about in change. you'll see it here on "gma. chilly new details about the golden state killer. to most, he's phil mickelson, pro golfer. " and chilling new details about the golden state killer. got really bad, it scared me. and what could that pain mean?
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find what makes you different, because that sets you apart from everyone else. good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." vallejo police have sent two envelopes that held letters written by the zodiac killer to a dna lab, hoping for a genetic profile. they would hope to track him down using the same kind of family tree tracing used in the golden state killer case. zodiac is known to have killed five people in the bay area in the late 1960s, and he was never caught. we'll have much more on this story on our midday news, but for now, let's check our traffic with alexis smith. yeah, good morning, jessica. we are still dealing with some residual delays here from our earlier sig alert on southbound 680, right around sinole boulevard. so, up to 27 miles an hour on southbound 680. that's actually looking better than most of the alternates. isabel avenue through the livermore stretch, just 12 miles
7:24 am
an hour, then our surface streets looking pretty heavy, too. foothill road and hopyard as well. so, maybe southbound 680 is your best bet right now. bay bridge toll plaza thinning out a bit but typical delays approaching the metering lights. >> tha
7:25 am
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hey, good morning! thanks for sticking around to check out what's coming our way. first, upper 40s around danville, also up cloverdale, ukih. rest of us in the low to mid-50s. commuting today, everything's pretty quiet other than it being breezy up in the hills this morning. cool to pleasant temperatures. my accuweather seven-day forecast, we've got some spikes in the warmth tomorrow and again monday. jessica? >> mike, thank you. and we will have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and our news app and
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join us for "abc7 mornings" weekdays from 4:30 to 7:00. a live look here at
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and silences aches and pains. fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer with advil pm. ♪ baby baby if i kiss you like this ♪ welcome back to "gma." you know that voice, it's celine dion. i forgot about this song but, you know what, it's all coming back to you. you tossed it up -- the dramatic music video is one of her signature, well, this morning we've got the exclusive premiere of her brand-new music video and wait till you see who is joining her. you wouldn't guess this in a million years. >> the collaboration, yeah. >> yeah. >> coming up. >> that is coming up. but first, a lot of headlines. the president weighing in on that bombshell from rudy giuliani, one of the president's lawyers, and announced that trump did repay his personal attorney for $130,000 and the president said weeks ago he knew nothing about that.
7:31 am
and the president also suggesting there could be developments with north korea and tweeting that the past administration has long been asking for three hostages to be released from a north korean labor camp, stay tuned. breaking news just out. former ne news on charlie rose. sexual misconduct allegations against him were more widespread than previously thought and "the washington post" reported an additional 27 women say he sexually assaulted them and it was flagged to managers as early as 1987. rose responded saying your story is inaccurate. >> we're just learning this new information. we'll continue with new developments in a case that sparked outrage across the country. the two men arrested at a philadelphia starbucks have now reached a settlement with the company. they've also reached a settlement with the city of philadelphia. but first, their story. >> what did they get called for?
7:32 am
because there are two black guys sitting here meeting? what did they do? what did they do? >> reporter: this is the video that's gone viral. >> they didn't do anything. i saw the entire thing. >> reporter: now counting over 11 million views when two black men, rashon nelson and donte robinson were arrested inside a philadelphia starbucks store on april 12th. the incident sparking outrage and protests nationwide over racial profiling. [ chanting ] >> reporter: starbucks acting swiftly issuing an apology and ceo kevin johnson telling us on "gma" that the company plans to focus on increased training to avoid a situation like this in the future. >> i'd say there's training, more training that we're going to do with our store managerd, not only around the guidelines but training around unconscious bias. >> reporter: starbucks announced they would shut down their stores may 29th for an unconscious bias training day and said there was an agreement made with donte and rashon
7:33 am
including a confidential financial settlement among other and they reached a settlement with the city of philadelphia. they only asked for $1 so symbolic $1 each and the city promising though to invest in a program for young entrepreneurs with $200,000 in funding. earlier this morning, i spoke with donte robinson and rashon nelson along with their attorney stewart cohen. gentleman, thank you very much. it's good to see all of you once again. when you were last here, you both said you wanted to make a difference. are you pleased with how things are working out so far, donte? >> yes, we are. we're here to focus, you know, the foundation and the program to help young entrepreneurs, particularly high school students in the public school district in philadelphia. >> now w the starbucks settlement, i know the financial aspects of it cannot be disclosed.
7:34 am
anything else about your agreement with starbucks that you can share with us? >> well, the most important thing is the foundation, the fact that we have a seat at the table, you know, to work on, you know, reforms that be included in racial bias, you know, leaning forward and hopefully other companies take what's starbucks put an end to and they'll follow. >> because we know that later this month starbucks is going to close some of their stores for this training. will you be a part of that? what do you want to see happen with that? >> we want to come in and have our voices heard with general holder and, you know, hopefully other corporations will follow suit that starbucks is doing and also to answer your question another thing that we can speak on with starbucks is they gave us the opportunity to take courses to complete our bachelor degrees, so we appreciate the opportunity also. >> will you take them up on that opportunity? >> right now i can't say i will
7:35 am
right now but definitely when i feel as though it's needed i will. >> you appreciate the opportunity. >> definitely appreciate the opportunity. >> you were referring to former attorney general eric holder who is going to be a part of these meetings. so, what did we learn from this right now, mr. cohen? >> well, what i've learned from these young men is the importance of action. not words. they said they were going to take a very bad situation and turn it into something good and they did. and they did it through dialogue and cooperation, the ceo of starbucks is going to personally mentor these two young men going forward. after they met, he was so impressed and they were so impressed with one another that they're going to have a continuing relationship, so not only do they have a seat at the table, and not only do we have this settlement, but we have the beginning of a relationship.
7:36 am
wouldn't that be something good to see come out of bad things and messes. >> it's a teachable moment and you're making your mess a big message here. but we have seen since your video went viral there have been other posting across the country with similar kind of situations. what -- what can we do here? >> well, that's where this program and foundation came about. we feel as though it starts with us, our communities, our, you know, quote/unquote underserved communities and just teaching them. it's not just about entrepreneurship and proper etiquette but proper literacy and knowing about taxes and how to use money as a tool so it's much deeper than just starting a business. we give you these tools. we're working on this curriculum to provide these tools to these young students. >> and this $200,000 is only going to last a year. how will we fund this afterwards and make this program grow?
7:37 am
>> you know, the goal is to bring people together so that we can continue it on for generation after generation. not just something we want to do, you know, for a year with the grant that we are blessed with. this is something we want to bring together and get commitments so people can come together and raise money and continue this program, not just in philadelphia but in other cities worldwide. >> what do you want people to remember most about your story? >> looking at how we took a negative and turned it into a positive, that's really all we want. you know what i mean, not to focus on the negative, you know, but just to focus on a positive outcome. people out there with other solutions so we can keep moving forward like we truly want to. >> yeah. >> robin, i think they have an ask for you too. >> okay. >> if you would like to be a part of it in any way, form or fashion. >> i'd be honored. i would be honored. it is a necessary discussion. we know that you have limited the number of interviews that you have done and we -- i personally appreciate you coming here to "good morning america," our audience appreciates it very
7:38 am
much. and it would be my honor to as you said let's not make just a moment but a movement to bring about real change and i know that's important to all of you. >> yes. >> definitely. >> you are men of few words but a lot of action and i appreciate that. very much. nice to see the smiles. >> mr. cohen, thank you very much. thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you, robin. >> they are really excited about this program and still working out the details of what exactly it's going to be but the fact that the ceo kevin johnson was so taken by them and they by him that the ceo of starbucks, that man right there is going to mentor these young men. >> and taking the initiative. you're going to be part of it too. very smart of them. >> it is. we've had the discussion and we've gotten great feedback from the public, and saying they were just appalled that you could be arrested as they were and as donte said let's not talk about the negative. let's talk about the positive so we'll see what happens there.
7:39 am
>> yeah, negative -- >> what was i going to say, no? >> they knew what they were doing. very, very good. >> they're smart. kids are smart. >> lots is going to come from that. chilling new details about the golden state killer from the former police chief who fired him. come with us to a new world deeper than the ocean as unfathomable as the universe a world that doesn't exist outside you, but within you where breakthrough science is replacing chemotherapy with immunotherapy where we can now attack the causes of disease not just the symptoms. where medicines once produced for all, are now designed to fit you. today, 140,000 biopharmaceutical researchers go boldly to discover treatments and cures unimaginable ten years ago
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we are back with disturbing new details about the golden state killer from the police chief who fired him.
7:43 am
abc's whit johnson has the story. >> reporter: this morning, accused serial killer joseph deangelo expected back in court. this as californians now recall just how chillingly close they came to the man prosecutors say is responsible for at least a dozen murders and more than 50 rapes beginning in the mid '70s. his defense attorney attempting to block investigators from collecting more dna, fingerprints and photographs from specific parts of his body. deangelo's former boss wondering if he could have helped catch him 30 years ago. >> guilt, some embarrassment, you know, i just wish we -- it could have been stopped a long time ago. >> reporter: retired auburn police chief nick willick fired him for stealing dog repellent and a hammer, saying deangelo later filed a lawsuit against
7:44 am
the department. >> he walked around the house looking in the windows but couldn't find my bedroom. a short time after he had been fired, i woke up one morning, my 4-year-old daughter was laying alongside the bed. she said, dad, last night, there was someone looking in my bedroom window with a flashlight. >> did you think that could have been joseph deangelo outside your home? >> no, i did not. >> reporter: what he didn't know at the time, that the man he fired would be arrested decades later for brutal crimes he's accused of committing while on the force. the former chief willic said that deangelo once gave them the stories. home explaining he and his wife slept in separate bedrooms. willick now wondering whether
7:45 am
that arrangement let him sneak out of his own house at night. >> we'll have much more on "20/20" in friday 10:00, 9:00 central. coming up, what would you do if you saw this, hundreds of thousands of dollars flying across the highway. ♪ ♪ at walgreens... helping millions of children here at home... and around the world... starts with one person... you. this red nose day... stop by walgreens and help end child poverty... one nose at a time. because every. one. counts. walgreens, trusted since 1901. (brian) i've had a hcopd...tack, a heart transplant... lung cancer... and part of my lung removed. my tip is: if smoking doesn't get you one way, it'll get you another. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. with roomba from irobot, your family can expect clean floors everyday.
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7:48 am
side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. ♪ back now with that highway surprise. an armored truck accidentally making it rain in indiana. hundreds of thousands of dollars spilling out the back. abc's diane macedo is here with
7:49 am
the story, making it rain. >> oh, yeah, and legally finder's keepers does not apply but ask yourself, what would you do? >> look at all this money. they all 20s. >> reporter: it seems like a dream come true. thousands of dollars in cash littering an indiana highway with drivers jumping out of their cars to help collect it. >> this man came and got a bag of money, y'all. >> reporter: the money came from an armored brinks truck that burst opened wednesday sending a reported $600,000 flying everywhere. >> all this money is on the highway. >> reporter: police eventually stopped traffic to help gather the bills and two "gma" producers just happened to be in the area capturing that moment on instagram. >> so literally money falls from trees. >> where did this come from? >> reporter: authorities then posted on twitter reminding everyone that taking the money is a crime. >> look at all this money. you should have seen people was getting off school buses. >> nobody was actually running from the police when the police arrived and everybody on scene
7:50 am
cooperated and they gave the money back when asked to. >> reporter: but this morning, an investigation is investigation is under under way as police try to recover the cash still missing. >> we're asking folks to reach out to us and call us and those who call us we're granting full amnesty, full immunity if they call us and say i picked up some of this money and would like to give it back. >> no word on what caused the truck to open but police have started getting calls saying they want to turn the money in. faith in humanity. >> any of those people getting off the school bus. >> that one was -- >> are you fessing up right now? >> thank you. >> he's waving money at us. >> it's raining in here. we got "deals & steals" coming up, rolling into atlanta with red hot savings on makeup, speakers and more. free money, free money. ♪ i need some hot love free money, free money. ♪ i need some hot love - [narrator] the typical vacuum head, it can struggle with large debris and stuck on dust. at shark we asked, what if the vacuum head could do more? so we removed the front wall
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welcome back, a sight people thought they'd never see. central park, people out there enjoying the sunshine yesterday. 90 degrees. records fell in baltimore and d.c. and atlantic city and syracuse and tied in hartford. this morning, temperatures are where they should be highs. we get into the near 90s again today and strong jet stream. might see strong thunderstorms develop across new york and northern new england. maybe 90 again tomorrow. maybe 90 again tomorrow.
7:55 am
good morning, america. sponsored by ihop. pancake, pancakes, pancakes. ihop. pancake, pancakes, pancakes.
7:56 am
hi. good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." mike nicco is here with a look at our weather. hi, mike! >> hey, jessica. hi, everybody. the cloud cover causing arrival delays at sfo. sunshine, but all your activities should be pretty good with comfortable temperatures, but you'll need the sunscreen at times. so, mid-to-upper 60s around the bay, low to mid-70s inland, upper 50s along the coast. my accuweather seven-day forecast. it spikes, the temperatures inland friday and again monday. for the most part, above average all seven days. alexis? good news is we have no major incidents, but we have slow spots, including westbound 580, the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge and some pretty heavy drive times still out there, too. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, one hour, three minutes. 43 minutes westbound 4 antioch to concord. and southbound 101, san rafael
7:57 am
to san francisco, stop-and-go at 22 minutes. >> ouch! okay, alexis, thank you. we'll have another news update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and news app and join us only one candidate for governor when students were stuck in failing schools, led the fight to turn them around. as mayor of l.a., antonio villaraigosa invested in classrooms and security. graduation rates soared. antonio for governor.
7:58 am
7:59 am
led california's fight ofor clean, renewable energy.or he cleaned up pollution at the port of l.a. and created more good-paying jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the latest on rudy giuliani bombshell claim on live tv. >> the president reimbursed that over a period of several months. >> he said he repaid him for that $130,000 used for the hush agreement with porn star, stormy daniels. new this morning. the eye-opening new video about vaping, produced by a 17-year-old. why teens say that so-called juuling is a growing problem with their peers. >> i want to stop, but the habit of juuling is so intense. >> the trending flavors teens say are drawing them in as 3 million american teens and counting are using e-cigarettes. ♪ one day before may the 4th, what's happening here? >> chewy is a complete diva. >> there is a whole team of
8:01 am
people who are just there to groom this huge beast. >> the new side of chewbacca only on "gma." ♪ this morning, you're hearing world exclusive new music from the one and only celine dion. the blockbuster new ballad and the unbelievable guest star she teamed up with. look who is saying -- >> hello, "good morning america." i'm celine dion. how cool is that? >> yes. >> felt that way, didn't it, good morning on this happy friday eve, we're live here in times square and we're also in atlanta this morning. >> where tory johnson is rolling into hotlanta on a segway. >> go, tory. go, tory! >> that's "deals & steals" literally on wheels. she's got some hot bargains on makeup and bluetooth speakers. >> a little more rapidly yesterday. we got a lot to get to.
8:02 am
but first, that stunning headline overnight, rudy giuliani now knew that president trump did repay michael cohen for the expenses for the $130,000 used to pay off stormy daniels. the president said he had known nothing about that payment and our tom llamas is back with the story. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning again. let's get right to that moment. the president's lawyer rudy giuliani revealing in a live tv interview president trump repaid his personal attorney michael cohen for that $130,000 payment to porn star stormy daniels. this is a clear contradiction to what the president told reporters just a month ago claiming he didn't know about the payment. >> yeah, i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know. it's not campaign money, no campaign finance violation. >> so they funneled it through a law firm. >> they funneled it through a law firm. >> they funneled through a law firm and the president repaid it. >> oh, i didn't know -- he did. >> yep. >> no campaign finance law. >> zero. >> reporter: and this morning,
8:03 am
abc news learned the president's reimbursement payments to cohen began shortly after the president took office and cohen left the trump position for private practice. that time line and giuliani's statement appear to contradict what president trump told reporters aboard air force one last month that he did not know about the payment to daniels and the president now tweeting about all of this saying no campaign money was used. he will enforce the confidentiality agreement he entered into with daniels including seeking damages because she spoke out about the alleged affair, and in those tweets, he's also we believe for the first time himself not through a spokesperson denying the alleged affair calling it a false and extortionist allegation. stormy daniels stands by her story. >> now to that explosion in connecticut overnight that injured police officers during a standoff. a man barricaded in his home when the barn nearby suddenly exploded. eva pilgrim is on the scene there in north haven, connecticut. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you can see they still have this neighborhood blocked off and overnight, explosions sending at least six police officers to the hospital.
8:04 am
take a look at this video. you see the flames coming from a barn behind a house. this happened just as s.w.a.t. team officers were moving in after an hour's long standoff. the blast shaking houses for miles around. the man who lives here allegedly barricaded himself inside his home with his wife for days as part of a domestic dispute. now, police say the wife was able to escape before the blast but the man has not officially been located. an unidentified body was found in the structure. robin? >> hopefully they will find him and we wish the police officers a full recovery, all that were injured. thank you. michael. now to that growing e. coli outbreak. the first death has been reported from that tainted romaine lettuce. the victim in california. and this morning, the outbreak is spreading. health officials are calling it the worst e. coli outbreak in more than a decade and the cdc now saying 121 people in 25 states have gotten sick from the lettuce believed to have been grown in arizona.
8:05 am
the agency telling people not to eat or buy romaine lettuce unless you're sure it's not from the yuma, arizona, region and if you don't know where it's grown, it is best to avoid it altogether. better safe than sorry for sure. >> absolutely. coming up, we have that parenting alert about teens and e-cigarettes. millions use them. now one student is taking a stand. and bombshell claim from some washington redskin cheerleaders, what they were asked to do on a trip to costa rica. and lara, what's going on upstairs? >> carol burnett is going on. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> so excited to have her on "good morning america." aren't we? [ applause ] fabulous. an incredible audience and a great crowd in atlanta, tory has savings so hot you will not want to miss them. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 allergens.
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8:10 am
okay, maybe two. celebrate friendship and beyond at pixar fest. staring april 13th at disneyland resort. what you doing over there? >> talking to the people. >> what you doing over there? who are you talking to? >> i was talking to my friends here, they're from north dakota. >> i can tell by the jewelry. >> from north dakota. i was commenting on how nice her necklace was. we welcome you back. got this terrific audience. [ applause ] how about a little "pop news"? a lot to get to so right there. good morning, everybody. we want to begin with the one and only celine dion. she has a brand-new song and an exclusive very special message just for us. take it away, girl.
8:11 am
>> hello, "good morning america." i'm celine dion and i am so excited to share my new single and music video with you. it's very, very special to me. i hope you enjoy. ♪ what's left to say ♪ these prayers aren't working anymore ♪ ♪ every word shot down in flames ♪ >> listen, guys. this is classic celine. it's her new single called "ashes." in the video, you will notice -- there he is. a very unlikely cameo. yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. "deadpool," everybody. it's true from the woman who assured us our hearts will go on for "titanic" and browse us the oscar winning rendition. now lending her pipes to "deadpool 2." want to fast forward to see when it really gets going.
8:12 am
♪ i've been shaking i've been bending backwards ♪ ♪ till i'm broke ♪ watching all these dreams go >> look at him. [ applause ] >> you might be asking, how did this happen? well, they told us "deadpool" himself wrote celine a letter asking if she would like to be a part of his masterpiece. after she heard 30 seconds of the song she would sold. obviously this is all tongue in cheek just like "deadpool 2." and we can't wait to hear this song and see this hilarious action-packed film when it hits theaters may 18th. i dare say celine has done it again. >> and so has ryan reynolds. >> i was wondering if that deadpool were going to come together. together.
8:13 am
>> so unexpected and beautiful. speaking of beautiful, another amazing songstress, rihanna gracing the new cover of "vogue," the nine-time grammy winner just turned 30 which shocked me, because she has lived a lot of life and done so much but just turned 30 and says well she's finally figured out the work/play balance. no longer does she feel guilty about taking personal time especially because she's seeing someone special. now she didn't share who that is but we definitely do not think it's drake. she does talk about her former friend -- well, because she talked about this moment. >> oh, okay. >> explaining that here's one hint if you want to stay close to ri-ri. don't put her on the spot when presenting her with an award. read the article. you will understand. it is interesting. it's a great time, though, for rihanna starring in "oceans eight" about a heist at the met ball. great cast and fitting because in real life rihanna is hosting
8:14 am
this year's met gala alongside donatella versace and amal clooney. and last, but certainly not least, i know you're wondering, and yes, rihanna has not forgotten her music. her upcoming ninth record, she's going reggae. i love it. hey, sting and shaggy can do. riri's got it. you can read about it in "vogue" on stands may 22nd and i'm going monday to the met gala so we will have all the fashion and the fun. >> what are you wearing? >> i haven't gotten there yet. come to my dressing room after the show, please. but we'll have big coverage on it. both on monday and on tuesday. >> nice. >> have a good time. that will be fun. >> you -- >> no, i've gone in the past. it's a great time. i love it. i'm not going this year. and finally, you guys, beautiful surprise for david
8:15 am
beckham. he was enjoying a casual birthday meal with his wife and daughter when in walks his 18-year-old son brooklyn, the eldest beckham boy. he is enrolled in college in new york, and his dad is shocked to see him at lunch in london. you can tell dad missed his boy a lot. >> ah. >> no better gift for a parent, guys, than a great big giant bear hug from your child. this one goes on for what seemed like forever. [ applause ] all captured on video by mom victoria beckham. we want to say happy 43rd birthday to you. check me out. >> thank you, lara. we're going to move on now to our "gma" cover story that parenting alert about vaping. one teen is taking a stand raising a red flag worried it's becoming a big problem in his community. deb roberts is here and got that
8:16 am
story for you. good morning. >> reporter: robin, good morning. this is powerful stuff. a high school senior sounding the alarm this morning saying he is deeply concerned about the health and future of his classmates. some of whom confessed to him on camera they were secretly and hopelessly addicted to e-cigarettes. >> all of my kids in my grade started using it. >> reporter: this eye-opening video shining a light on the teen use of e-cigarettes and what's called juuling, derived from the popular name, juul. >> it's part of my life and i know it's bad but i can't stop. >> reporter: 17-year-old jack waxman produced it to raise awareness about a big problem with many teens in his community. >> you couldn't be caught dead with a cigarette right now if you were a teenager. but with juuling, it's cool to juul. >> reporter: the juul heats up liquid nicotine that users inhale and has capsules or pods that come in a variety of flavors, like cool mint and fruit medley, containing as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. they're seemingly attractive to
8:17 am
teen users. >> they're drawing them in, the flavors and nicotine is forcing them to stay. >> reporter: a recent study says an estimated 3 million u.s. adolescents currently use e-cigarettes including those who never smoked. >> some of my friends tried cigarettes and they're so used to juuling they think it's okay to use cigarettes. >> i want to stop but the habit of juuling is just so intense. >> my parents didn't know until i got caught and i just kept using it. >> reporter: the students' school telling abc news it's aware of the unfortunate trend. adding what started as small turned out to be a growing problem. as for juul, it says it was made exclusively for adults looking to quit smoking and is investing $30 million to independent research and youth and parent education telling abc news, we cannot be more emphatic on this point. no young person or non-nicotine user should ever try juul. >> the more people who know
8:18 am
about this problem the more people can take action and from there we can really make change. >> and he's not just counting on his film to make change. just this week jack took his concerns to the new york state legislature asking leaders to help end what he's calling an epidemic among teens. his friends in that video fully supporting him saying that this has been a problem they cannot kick. >> yes, but the fact that they are being so active about making sure that there can be some change, and the young film makers, aren't they here in the audience with us? >> yes, that's right. they're here. there's jack over there and his friend sam. >> brilliant, guys. >> brilliant. >> really is. you can make a difference. make a change. the fact they got their friends to admit on film. >> exactly. now he'll try to see if they can quit and he'll help them with it. >> let us know. >> we will. >> thank you, gentlemen. george. we hope they keep it up. now to those blockbuster allegations from some washington redskin cheerleaders who said they were forced to pose topless
8:19 am
on a tripe to costa rica and some were sent out as personal escorts. wow, linsey. >> reporter: quite a story. good morning to you, george. at the time various videos from the trip were posted on youtube by several cheerleaders. some describing a happy and fun atmosphere. but shortly after that, several of the women decided not to return to the squad the next season because they say what happened in costa rica made them feel worthless and unprotected. while their goal is to cross the line into the end zone on any given sunday -- >> caught for the touchdown! >> reporter: this morning, officials for the washington redskins are now being accused of crossing a very different line back in 2013 when the organization took the redskins' cheerleaders on a trip to costa rica for a calendar photo shoot. some of the same women known for cheering the team now chastising the franchise for what they say amounted to the redskins, quote, pimping us out, according to an investigative report by "the new york times." >> they first grew a little concerned on their trip when they arrived and a redskins official collected their
8:20 am
passports, kind of taking away their official form of identification. >> reporter: but five cheerleaders who talked to "the times" on the condition of anonymity told the paper, even though the calendar would not show nudity some of the women were required to be topless or wearing nothing but body paint in front of guests invited by the redskins. they say the men in attendance who were described as sponsors not only had up-close access to the photo shoots, but later, "the time" reports 9 of the 36 shoots were reportedly told by the squad's director some of the male sponsors had picked the women to be personal escorts at a nightclub that night and attendance was mandatory. >> when they went on this trip they expect it to be a photo shoot. they didn't realize that they would be lured to entertain some male sponsors of the team. i think the phrase they use some is some of the men were getting handsy. >> reporter: this is just the latest allegation from nfl cheerleaders in recent months. two former nfl cheerleaders on other teams have filed discrimination complaints that
8:21 am
included allegations of a hostile work environment and used as sex objects to excite male fans. but the redskins are pushing back on these latest claims. the team released this statement saying, each redskin cheerleader is contractually protected to ensure a safe and constructive environment. the work our cheerleaders do in our community, visiting our troops abroad and supporting our team on the field is something the redskins organization and our fans take great pride in. now, the team's cheerleading director denies the claims telling "the times" i'm the momma bear and look out for everybody, not just the cheerleaders, it's such a supportive environment but these allegations, more evidence of the me too movement emerging across all industries. >> everywhere. okay, linsey, thanks very much. let's go to rob. >> good morning, george. we're going to shift gears a little bit. let's head back to the farm, shall we? i love this. these old dwarf goat kids. check them out. all right. yes, they're dressed in pajamas. these are custom-made pajamas taht people have gotten together and donated to the farm because
8:22 am
it's chilly in the morning. these little kids need some fleece pajamas so 48 of them have been born in the last two weeks. i don't know how they got the pajamas on. they're jumping around like crazy here. they're cute. that's what's going on in maine. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. pretty thick cloud deck this morning will give way to sunshine, just a little slower than yesterday. mild this afternoon. becoming gray and cool again tonight and temperature swings will be pretty prevalent throughout the accuweather seven-day forecast. upper 50s to mid-60s along the coast and san francisco, mid-to-upper 60s around the bay, low to mid-70s inland. tonight a lot like this morning, cloudy, mid-40s to low 50s. my accuw time now for "deals & steals on wheels." tory is in atlanta this morning. hotlanta, the heart of georgia at the famous centennial olympic park with families and friends
8:23 am
who teamed up to make the small business dreams come true and tory, tell us what brought you to hotlanta. >> well, michael, i think that there is a uniquely southern charm here that is evident in every one of the business owners you'll meet. they're all from this area and all have a real genuine desire to bring more goodness, more joy, more good things to all the people they serve and you'll see that right now starting with our very first business owner, sara biggers, georgia tech grad, professional makeup artist. started this amazing line. vegan, cruelty-free line. it's all inclusive, a variety of shades. her model this morning is mom jennifer and took a picture for you to see when jennifer arrived without a stitch of makeup. no makeup on jennifer. and then you will be able to see this is her finished look and you see she looks gorgeous. stunning. look at mom. good job on mom. >> thank you. >> so, sara, tell me what is the
8:24 am
one thing, so there's people overwhelmed with makeup advice. if there's one tip that people could learn, what is it? >> i would say to start with less and build up in layers for more coverage. i have perfected the pigmentation and coverage on this and you need less than you think. oftentimes cruelty free means sheer and not coverage but that's not true. >> wait till you see this deal. depending on the piece you choose $8 to $28, but mom, show us that discount. 50%. $4 to $14. you guys recognize this is one of your favorites, my audio pet, and these are teeny little creatures but adorable but they pack a big punch in sound and, michael, i know you like your morning music. >> you got me pegged. you know i love my morning music, tory. i understand this was developed by two husband and wife teams, they've been friends for 20
8:25 am
years so how did this happen? how did this get started? >> well, we decided we were going to do a company together and we wanted to do something that would bring a little more laughter and fun and joy into people's day and we were thinking, what would be the best way to do that and we think, you know, music is awfully powerful so wanted to do something with music and thinking about music, we thought if we could do a speaker that was fun and portable and that people could just take anywhere and have a portable party with, that would be ideal. how do we really make that different? what we were thinking, my pet shadow walked into the room and thought that's the perfect idea and my audio pet was born so you can take a pet and music with you wherever you go. >> shadow gets the credit. brand-new celebration. a variety even more than what you see on line. you're going to like this deal and i have got some students from greenville middle school to come and help us with the deal. normally, any of the speakers range from $30 to $50, but turn those critters. 50% off.
8:26 am
$15 to $25, and michael, i see you jamming in your dressing room next week with some critters from my audio pet. >> absolutely. you know i will be jamming in my dressing room. i won't be the only one jamming because everybody in our studio will go home with it too. tory's not done. she has more deals coming up from atlanta. and guess who is here in times square. we have tv legend carol burnett, the one and only. "deals & steals on wheels" is sponsored by vistaprint. we live for small business.
8:27 am
and good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." it's 8:27. santa cruz officials have issued water restrictions for residents, just in case another drought is on its way. this makes six times in ten years the city has issued a stage one water shortage. although the city's main reservoir is full, santa cruz's largest water source, the san lorenzo river, is experiencing lower than normal levels and is expected to dwindle in the coming months. let's see what your traffic looks like this morning. >> good morning, reggie. i'm trying to figure out why the bay bridge toll plaza is so empty. does not seem right this morning. we have metering lights on still, but it won't take you long to get through them and the rest of the way into san francisco looking pretty good. a little stop-and-go past treasure island. on the eastbound side, lower
8:28 am
deck of the bridge before pressure island, we have a disabled vehicle blocking lane number four, and that is slowing you down back into san francisco. reggie? >> alexis, i don't understand when people have and don't have work in this city.
8:29 am
good morning. stubborn clouds mean stagnant temperatures, low to mid-50s still in most neighborhoods, but there's no real fog out there, just a lot of cloud cover, which will turn into sunshine this afternoon. temperatures warmest friday and again monday.
8:30 am
reggie? >> glad to hear the sun is coming later on. we'll see you again in 30 minutes with another update with news, traf i. welcome back to "gma," everybody. and we have a great audience in our studio this morning. yes, we do. [ applause ] i have a question. i have a question for our audience. i have a question for everybody who is in here. a show of hands, how many of you have taken these home with you in a suitcase after you visited a hotel? >> sure. >> after staying at a hotel? pretty much everybody. even the kids, we take that all the time. we've all done it. nobody is shy bit. but you may not be able to do it much longer. an article from "the wall street journal" popped up in our newsfeeds and hotels are starting to get rid of these tiny bottles. oh, you freeloaders, stop it but
8:31 am
they're doing it to save money. it's not a lot of money it's going to save but also about plastic. but some travelers aren't happy with it. do you guys -- how do you feel about it? are you upset about it or understand it's better for the environment because there's 5 billion bottles a year that have to be produced for hotel rooms. >> that ends the conversation as far as i'm concerned. i'm surprised -- i always assumed the companies gave them it for free for promotion? that's a lot of freeness, george. [ laughter ] i'm just saying. >> that is a lot. a lot of hotels. [ applause ] >> i mean, what about you? are you a little upset? are you understand -- >> i didn't realize the number. when you said that and think about all the plastic, so they'll put it in the dispensers and not only is it more economical but a little more
8:32 am
sanitary, as well inth a little more sanitary in the dispensers. how many have you been in there even with no hair you get the shampoo or conditioner and you're like, there's not enough. now you have the big dispenser, you can just keep on going, you know. but i think it's good, great for the environment. i just wanted you guys to know don't freak out when you're not able to take these home anymore. a public service announcement. >> a psa. in a hotel room you're probably like to get comfortable when you're in a hotel room but would you do that at the movie theater? would you do that because a theater in new zealand is banning people from wearing pajamas and bathrobes to the movies. >> who wears pajamas and bathrobes to the movies. >> one of our producer says he wears a onesie but puts something over it because he said saturday morning with the kids and -- >> you know what i love, though, he told me the same thing and i love him when he goes saturday
8:33 am
morning, you're -- he wore a onesie. the kids. don't put it on the kids. it's you. >> come on out here. >> come on out here. [ applause ] all right. [ applause ] >> come on. come here. >> explain yourself. >> i'm ashamed. >> so you wear -- >> wake up on a saturday morning and parents, agree with me, wake up and sometimes you're wearing your onesie, you put on a jacket. nobody knows. >> i'll be honest with you, i'm surprised you're wearing a onesie on a saturday morning. i'm never floating around the house with -- >> the reclining seats. >> you get to sleep there while your kids are enjoying the movies. parents, back me up. [ applause ] thank you. >> give me that. [ laughter ] >> points for bravery. >> bravery, i'll give him ha. >> do you think there should be
8:34 am
a dress code -- >> you shouldn't wear pajamas to the movie theater. >> that's pretty simple. >> i'm with george. very simple. wear regular clothes, yeah. >> we're excited about what's about to happen. from movies to a tv legend, we're excited to bring out our next guest. she really needs no introduction. we say that sometimes but she really does not. entertainment legend. has a new show on netflix called "a little help with carol burnett." so please welcome carol burnett. ♪ >> hello. >> oh, robin. i love you. >> michael. >> mwah. how are you? >> good. >> oh. [ applause ] >> hello. >> one of those moments that you are just so thankful. [ applause ] >> to have the job you have.
8:35 am
>> okay. >> if i had only known you were talking about pajamas i would have worn a nightgown. [ laughter ] >> well, happy belated birthday. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> congratulations. >> 85. [ applause ] >> i'll have what you're having is what i'm going to have -- >> pardon me? i'll have what you're having. "a little help with carol burnett." who are you giving help to. >> i'm the host and my sidekick is russell peter, a wonderful comedian and we have a panel of five kids ranging in age from 5 to about 9 and they -- then we present three grown-up dilemmas individually during the show and these kids -- the grown-up comes on, gives them the dilemma and they give the grown-up advice.
8:36 am
>> there you go. got some volunteers down here. >> the thing is, you know, that age rank, they don't censure themselves. they haven't become jaded by the time they get to be 11, you know, so -- and what they think comes right out of their mouths. you know, so out of the mouth of babes and real kid, not actors. >> do you all want to see a little bit of it? >> let's do it. >> let's do it. >> so we get on stage and say what is on my mind and but when i do that at home, sometimes it doesn't go over so well. you know. so i'm having problems telling the truth and but not hurting my family's feelings. so what do you think i should do. >> maybe you should think before you act. [ laughter ] like -- [ applause ] >> solved that problem.
8:37 am
>> that's great advice. >> yeah. >> we got a chance to visit the set when you were shooting and the celebrity guests come in on the slide. >> not every one did but kid, they slide down from -- as we introduce them. there is a slide and they come down and but some of the adults did it too, you know. i think wanda took a dive. >> oh, yeah. >> here we go. >> there she goes. >> she stuck the landing. [ applause ] >> i mean and she lost her mike and everything. you know, but they should have been able to rehearse that because it's kind of a dangerous thing, you know. the kids they're fine with it but a grown-up, you know, it's kind of scary. >> dangerous thing to take questions from the audience live and love that about -- many things about your program. >> yes. >> back in the day. the way you would take questions. why don't we take some questions from some young audience members. are you up for that.
8:38 am
>> sure, sure. >> okay, carol. >> millie, what question do you have. >> do you still pull on your ear at the end of the show. >> yeah -- oh, you want to know why? >> yes, i know why. >> okay. what's your name? >> you want to let your grandma know you're okay. >> ah. [ applause ] >> it was from my grandmother who raised me and so when i got my first job on television she said well, say hello to me, i said, nanny, they won't let me say hello nanny so worked this out and at first it meant hello, th nan nanny, i love you, i'm fine, as i got a little successful, it meant, hello, thanly, i'm fine. your check is on the way. [ applause ] >> do have you a question. >> hi. >> hi, sweetie. >> my favorite movie is "annie"
8:39 am
and i loved you as miss hanni... gan. >> what is the best advice you received from a kid? >> stay woke. [ applause ] >> you can come back all day, every day. >> i'm so glad we had this time together. >> just to have a sdmraf orrrrr i song and before you know it's time to say so long. wonderful memories watching with my family. >> i still have the signed box cd you gave me. "a little help with carol burnett" premieres tomorrow on netflix. make sure you check it out. more deals from hotlanta with tory johnson.
8:40 am
8:41 am
by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
8:42 am
♪ looking for some hot stuff back now with more "deals & steals on wheels" from the heart of atlanta, georgia, with our own tory johnson and tory, we're looking at these boards. one says, every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite. i am talking about yours and mine, of course. i love these, tory. tell us about them. >> they're fabulous.
8:43 am
so i love that you've got some there. these are all from glory house. huge assortment. even more online. all are designed about bringing that inspiration and hope into any home started by four friends. what's the most thing you're proud that you have done. >> we have a factory in atlanta that employs women who otherwise might be unemployable or transitioning out of difficult situations and take old things such as this pillow and take an old man's shirt and makes it into a pillow and our company brings hope and truth into people's lives on an everyday basis if we will bring a lot of joy into people's lives. all the pieces range from 17 to $87.50 but, lady, show us this deal. >> we're knocking it down by 50% to 60%. everything from glory haus. >> we have been treathe t
8:44 am
stbe o tnhe planet for atmeso t turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and it ul'tdn b eeaersi. di sp,ha akend fry wthheer you'reba ki,ngir a frying, frying. these are pretty fabulous. chl,ae we didtn'ea lveou y out this. >> no, you did not. everybody is tearing this up in our auendice. e, this is amazing. >> oh, my gosh. >> what's the crseet, joe? gi ivet up. >> it's good. >> well, to be hesont thwi you, michael, it'10s 0% -- you ohtug to know more than anybody else, it's the country root, baby. y'roueig rht aboutha tt, you're right about that. >> so, so delicious. itea rlly is. >> and, tory -- >> and. >> go eaahd. mi' soy.rr w>>e got a big deal on this. a good deal on this one so we're introducing gluten-free and tritadiol naorinigalla css ic recipe, six bags of either one
8:45 am
pedendg inonou yr oichceo s normally 40 to47 $, joe, show us that deal. alril ght. so 20 to $23 for six bags. good job. od >> wonderful. it's been absolutely wonderful o see allho tsere gatoc lal trreepnes uransod you have wa syselteecd e thsurhpeersoo whiso the superhero for today. >> yeah, all righ st,o umdr llro, please. [ drum roll ] we areon horgin this come on over, you guys. this family, this filamyas h spent 19,000 hungry and helomess people in aantlta and vistaprint, our sponsor knows better than anybody ttha sllma bi ltsike yrsou are the heart and soul of their community. mmituniecos ul'tdn estxi without you so they're giving $10,000.10 $,0.00
8:46 am
[ applause ] th'satoi gng to lphe you do a whole lot more. >ha ttil wlel hp us do loa t. tremendous. >> thank you. a>>ndan c you tell why tshi is so important to you, joe? o whit s'somp iorntta for you t shuc a vital part of the mmituny there? >> well, you know, giving is a g bipart ofur o business and our lives. we wouldn't be here if it wasn't rfo ginivgnd a so thankful to safe house so for ginivg us an oprtpounyit t hoave a platform to give to. and i would encourage anybody start viging. u' wreat ychou lrife change. >> yes. >> great advi.ce congratulations. >> we got to say that eveonrye re in times square, joe, they arenj eoygin these fri gedre en tomatoes but you'll be able to enjoy them atll aec bause everodyby isoi gngom he with a bag of joe's fish fry. an wt to thank joeut o there. really delicious. >> and all of these cpaomnies
8:47 am
for these azimang and we want you to know our viewers can gethe t details on rou website. "deals & steals" has one more st, opshnavie,ll here we come. >> oh, nasilhvle. i'm loving that. let'set g orve t orob. m>>us iccity i, leov it. reat job down think in the atl ere the grassol plearn e on the high side. time for your pollenep ror t oubrghtot y bouy claritin. shot out of central park. the abcrapeplre tes look beautiful. here's where your trees are obprlem. d.y. up through kansas city. g thhawordodars e llpoineain the grass isam rpi ungp pealcilycr aos tshe south as the sun gets a little higher and waerrm up noh.rt the gssraes will be pollinating as well up here. oo gd rnmoing. i'mbc a7 nsew meteorologist mike nicco. slower nssuhine, but mpteeruratesnd e up in just about the same areas as yesterday. 50s at the ascot, 60say b and s70 inland. here's my accuwe
8:48 am
>> get excited.e tawar rsfa" ns. torrmoows i may the fourth be with you. several members of our studion o ethir fst erve rideable legoly yen nbeumr falcon wearing their chbaewcca skmas. they're launching roar for anchgeoc siamel di achlealnge. are youea rdyor f isth. we'll do a roar like a cwbheacca erodyby,ne o, o,tw three. a>>llri ght, i love it. nice. rfo eryveoa rrik le that you put own social media with the #roarforchangero fm now mtoay 25th "starwars: force will
8:49 am
chgean" llwi datone .$1 may the fourth be with you, gm "a's" pollen report sponsored by nonowdrsy 24-hour because antonio villaraigosa a,miiollngot it done.tea hltarhe he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weonaps, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor. we're back now with
8:50 am
8:51 am
ckmaene zidas,vi she is stainrrg th charlize theron in "tuy"ll that hits home for moms. take a look. y,he ksis gdoo night. she'll be different in the morning. that's sweet. >> no, she will. she'llro gw a little overnight. >> so will we. >> hey, baby. y sago nodight. [ applause ] oh, maenckzi te,hank you for ingin me. i appreciate it. >> thank you for havgin . me
8:52 am
y>>ou and charlize have t.credible chemistry onhe t se thank you. >> you're like the modern day ryma polnslppins intu "ll"y. >> it's very boring because she's very cool and funnd a her d sojannd a diablo worked together before so there was th wisho glere eatnergy of friends getting back together and it was a lovyel exripeen. ce >> you play aig nht nanny and have you ever been a baby-sitter inou yr life. >> iveha. >>nd a you're a good baby-sitter. >> i am not. [ laughter ] i n'dotno kw y whi d dithat. i like the way you follow me on at. but, you know, i'll gif you a little test autbo byba-stiitng. a ltlite nnnay ivtria here. i'm going to give you a uecl. >> i'm very competitive. >> she's famous for using a pnfooulf o gasur. myar poll pins. >> his catchphrase is heav mercy. >> unc >> uncle ssjee. >> she looks great with cake on her face --
8:53 am
y>>oue 'rso good. >> her last is uornfgeabttle an -d- >> fran drescher. >> and the last one, hero bught a baby to vegas -- he brought a baby to vegas in his par otf eth wopalfck. >> ah. eyth told me i woun'ldtet g one. >> baby bjorn onhe t front going through vegas. >> ooh. what'sis h name. sack galianfiak. is >> "hangover." >> she knows what she's taking about. you need one, call her up. the movies i "tully." itit hs theaters tomorrow. make sure you check out mackene.zi
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>>th> anyok u r fowahitcng. on tshi fdariy eve. e more alarm occlk. have a great day, everybody. gd
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." es, i know itoo lks preytt oo omyut there, but mike, that's going to change, right? >> it is gngoi to st a ltliteit b slower today, reggie. hi, everybody. ldsou catreing arraliv ladeys, me averaging 50 minutes at sfo. he ttr song sshunine will be t durgin the aerftnoon hours if you're going to be outside. so, we'veot g uerpp 50s anglo the coast, mid-60s elseerwhe, lo two mid-70s inland. temperatures will spikega ain idfray and mond.ay alisex? >> okay, i don't think the cldyou wtheaer is at least talking anybody into staying away from work today. we've got bicasal alynmp ety tollla pza rehe. ill trying to figure out exactly what the cause for that is, but hey, wree' not g.inlain no delays southbound 101 from santa rosa to westbodun 580as ctro valley to the maze 29 minutes. yoaru eea hvyn i san jose, be in
9:00 am
101, 280 to 680 a half ho. ur >> alexis, c >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, the staofr the comdye "roseanne," the one and only roseanne barr. and, the live anniversary celebration ctionnu wesitanh aconti-pkeacdev riew of the last year. plus, from "dancing with the star" s,toa nyhainrdgnd a sasha farber. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here arkee llriy pand a ry saneaescrt! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> ryan: good morngni, guys. how are you?


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