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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 3, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc7 news.
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>> they're in outrage today after users of the gay dating app grinder found out their hiv statuses were shared with other tech companies. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm alma daetz. >> i'm eric thomas. dan ashley has the night off. greiner by the fears making a change to protocol. >> abc7 news kate larson joins us in the newsroom to explain more. kate? >> after hours of uproar, grinder announced they stopped sharing their users' hiv status with third-party vendors. they are still defending the practice saying the concerns are a misunderstanding of what information they are sharing and with whom. when setting up a dating profile, grinder users can choose to share their hiv status. >> it can post negative, negative on prep, positive, positive undetectable. >> reporter: that information along with other data like gps location, phone i.d. and e-mail was being shared with two companies that grindr hired to test the app's performance. >> that does bring up questions
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on whether it's worthwhile to use that feature. >> reporter: grindr says the information was encrypted and was never shared with advertisers. >> i actually find this very disturbing and even possibly sinister. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor jeff sheehey worries the more their hiv status will end up in the wrong hands through a data breach or otherwise. >> hiv positive, i do value their contributions towards dee stigmatizing hiv. this collection of information is a step too far. >> i think privacy needs to come first. >> reporter: cecilia chung is a san francisco health commissioner and hiv and transgender advocate. she is concerned about the consequence of people posting their hiv status. >> i think everyone should keep their health status to themselves unless it is necessary for them to disclose such as when it is in an intimate relationship or you are seeking medical doctors' advice.
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>> reporter: now, grindr released three different statements throughout the day and maintains they are a champion for the lgbtq community. all of those statements are posted on our website in the newsroom i'm kate larson. i will send it back to you. >> kate, thank you. the sacramento county sheriff released dashcam video showing a moment the antipolice pro testinger was hit by a squad car. protesters surrounded two sheriffs cars. deputies warned them to move away before driving off. one protester was hit as it peels away from the crowd. >> back away from my vehicle. >> there is at least from my view of the information, there is a high likelihood he did not even know that he collided with that protester. >> the grandmother who was knocked down is out of the hospital and has hired an attorney. chp is investigating. sheriff jones called the incident unfortunate to happen this weekend during a protest of the stephon clark shooting, one of many protests.
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the sheriff says one specific group may be to blame. >> because of our intelligence, because of the same folks that we see at protests completely out of the area, and because of our history with some of these folks, that there are paid protesters. >> clark was unarmed when officers fatally shot him in his grandmother's backyard two weeks ago. >> it has been three months now since a bart police officer killed a man by shooting him in the back. family members say they're growing frustrated with the investigation. tonight they and their supporters led demonstrations in oakland that disrupted the evening commute. abc7 news reporter lilian kim has details. >> reporter: protesters led chants on the platform of the 12th street bart station in oakland causing enough of a disruption that train operators chose not to make stops while the demonstration was underway. protesters took to the streets as well halting traffic and causing alternate routes in the middle of rush hour. but the demonstrations began
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inside at the alameda county district attorney's office. family members and supporters demanded answers surrounding the death of shailene tin dahl who was shot three times in the back by a bart officer january 3rd. >> we are here to do whatever we need to do for our nephew who can't speak for himself right now to get justice. >> reporter: he was involved in a fight with another man near the west oakland bart station when the officer approached them and opened fire. the family wants that officer charged with murder. but after meeting with the d.a., they left more frustrated than anything else. >> what is your perspective on the countless killings by law enforcement? she said she cannot comment. >> reporter: this case as well as similar ones are fueling legislation in sacramento that would require more public disclosure of investigations into police shootings and use of force. for these protesters, the passage of that bill can't come soon enough. in oakland, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> we now know a fire that tore through a building in san francisco's north beach neighborhood started inside a
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restaurant's kitchen. the city's fire marshal tells kqed only one floors had spr ink letters. it wasn't where the fire started. it wasn't required because of the building's age. it gutted several apartments and five businesses. >> the abc7 news i-team has learned the national transportation safety board has expanded its investigation into the tesla crash that killed an apple engineer ten days ago. ntsb investigators are focused on what happened after the crash. the exploding batteries and the difficulty of the clean-up. the board also said they are, quote, unhappy with tesla over the company releasing information friday that claimed driver walter wong had received audible and visual warnings, but did not take the wheel himself six seconds before impact. today wong's brother sent this message to those who donate today help with funeral expenses. quote, me and my family are heartbroken, but we take solace in knowing he has so many wonderful friends who care and grieve for him. thank you all again from the bottom of my heart.
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dan noyes and the i-team have been working the story for over a week. you can find all of our exclusive stories on our website. we have dedicated a special page of to this topic. >> new at 11:00, just minutes ago the palo alto city council voted to create design guidelines for ikler neighborhoods. neighborhoods have been at odds over people making changes to the original homes. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has the story. >> reporter: she added a second story to his home back in the early '90s. >> it is are' a matter of what do we want to see in the house. we were not in a position to vote. this was our best possible solution for that. >> reporter: he believes people who spend a small fortune buying property in palo alto should be able to create the home of their dreams. for some, an original single story ikler is the home of their dreams and they don't want two story houses next door. >> then we lose our privacy because people look in and we lose our sense of space looking outward. >> reporter: the city council
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considered ikler design guidelines monday night. guidelines that would aim to keep renovations and new homes compatible with the original neighborhood. nearly 2 dozen people voiced their opinions at the meeting. >> when you look at what's happened and happened in my ikler neighborhood, you want some sort of control. >> i'm very much against these guidelines. >> the mayor supports the guidelines. >> they attempt to show a design that would not interfere with your second story looking into your neighbor ams house. these have been used extensively in sunnyvale and i think pretty successfully. >> reporter: the catch, the guidelines are voluntary. some say that makes them useless. in palo alto, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> threats from north korea and russia have some people worried about a nuclear attack. >> it actually gives off over half of its energy in the first hour. >> surviving nuclear fall out, what you need to know. plus. >> everybody feels good when the
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operation is successful. >> details of the hard fought rescue operation that saved a horse stuck upside down in a drainage ditch. >> and it's been a wet month. how did it affect the sierra snow pack? >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. starting the week off with dry and mild conditions, but we're tracking our next storm which is set to soak the entire region. the timing ahead and an accuweather forecast. >> first what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live after abc7 news at 11:00. jimmy. >> we are back from vacation with a vengeance. your name is wait. >> wait, w-a-i-t, wait. >> that's right, but wrong. [ laughter ]
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♪ for duck and cover, films like this were shown across the country. that was then, this is now. nuclear weapons that could reach the u.s. are being tested from russia to north korea. the bombs have only been used twice. in 1945, nuclear blasts and the radiation that followed killed as many as 230,000 people in japanese. today's weapons are up to 300,000 times more powerful than those dropped in hiroshima and nagasaki. >> it's one thing if north korea has one or two 'nique leer weapons worth of material. now we believe they have 25 to 30. >> reporter: if you need a look at people on edge take a look at hawaii in january. a false alert that a missile was on its way to the island sent thousands of people running into the streets looking for cover. >> you can protect yourself. >> reporter: even the feds are worried. the centers for disease control released this video at a present
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al presentation earlier this year. the titline, prepare for the unthinkable. you would probably have 15 to 20 minutes to respond. >> you will have time to take action to keep you and your family safe >> reporter: brook is a radiation safety specialist at livermore international lab and he believes people will survive a nuclear blast. >> the biggest thing get inside, stay tuned. >> reporter: get inside, away from windows and doors, a basement if you have it. taking shelter may protect you from the initial blast. also the radiation that follows. you're going to want to grab your disaster kit. the items in here are the same things that are recommended in an earthquake. just about everything you need to survive for about 72 hours. it should include a battery or crank powered radio, any medications you need, enough food and water, a first aid kit, extra batteries and a flashlight. if a bomb the size of the one that hit hiroshima dropped on downtown san francisco, it might look something like this.
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experts say most buildings within a half mile would be destroyed. significant damage would spread another half mile radius. and then expect minor damage up to three miles from impact. meanwhile, radioactive fallout would spread over the bay area. >> the key to surviving radiation, stay inside until you're told it's safe to leave your shelter. >> the recommended guidance from sheltering from fallout is 12 to 24 hours. fallout decays. it gives off half its energy in the first hour, 80% in the first day. >> reporter: sound advice we hope we will never need. natasha, abc7 news. >> a horse got stuck in a dangerous situation in the south bay. it does not look good. the animal got trapped in a drainage ditch near milpitas yesterday. firefighters think the horse tried to shimmy out and wedged itself deeper. the horse was actually upside down. a fire captain said it was a tricky operation. >> there was some erosion and other factors that certainly
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made it an unstable environment around that ditch. and made it difficult to get it out. >> the horse was trapped for about four hours and after the ordeal was still able to walk without assistance back to its stall. >> march's heavy rain added to the snow pack in the sierra, but it's nowhere near what it usually is. today the department of water resources reported the pack is at 52% of average. this year provides nearly two-thirds of the state's water supply. >> they may be in for another few inches of snow up there. >> that's right. meteorologist drew tuma is in for sandhya patel. hi, drew. >> hi, guys. our next storm system is going to be rather warm. so, snow levels by the end of the week will be pretty high, but still they could add a couple of inches over the weekend. for us we're talking about a soaking rain, especially on friday. tonight, though, live doppler 7 giving you the active sweep across the region. for the time being we're coming up dry. we'll take you outside, a live look from sutro tower showing you the calm pleasant conditions tonight. a light breeze mainly clear
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skies. a good recipe for quickly cooling temperatures. right now 48 in san rafael. 47 in napa, 52 that current number in san francisco. we're down to 55 in san jose. after a mild afternoon earlier in the 70s, 51 in oakland and 59 right now the current number in antioch. most spots will drop into the 40s overnight tonight. a little bit of coastal fog early on, but it will not be widespread. your 12-hour planner on your tuesday, another bright and beautiful and another dry day on the way. so, tuesday start out with those high clouds early on, but through the afternoon there's tons of sunshine tomorrow. and that sun really effective once again, warming us up into the 60s and into the 70s, which is great news if you're headed to at&t park for the giants opener tomorrow, first pitch at 1:35 p.m. a temperature of 61 degrees. sons of sunshine, light breeze. by the 9th rising to 65 degrees.
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65 in san francisco, 75 and sunny in san jose. 67 in oakland, about 75 in concord, into the north bay a lot of 70s as well. 70 to the high in napa and 75 the high in clover daille. we take a look at the rain chances, we're dry the next two days. rain enters the picture thursday night. but the storm system will really ramp up here come friday. so, on the storm impact scale we'll take you into the heart of the storm on friday. it's a 2 moderate storm moving through with rain widespread. looks like the heaviest of the rain will fall in the evening hours on friday along with the rain we're tracking some strong wind gusts as well. 25 to 45 miles per hour. and with that wind we could have some power outages and that heavy rain at times could cause some isolated flooding. let's time this out. future weather watch the time stamp corner of your screen. dayl they look dry. at we are tracki rain. mainly confined to the north bay. it's really friday, the storm
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starts to get going with widespread like showers in the morning on friday. and then the storm system really gets its act together. and by friday evening, 7:00 at night, you notice those deep greens on your screen, even the pops of yellow, that's the moderate to heavy rain working through the region. and that heavy rain could even hours of saturday. so, the end of the workweek will certainly be very soggy. accuweather seven-day forecast shows tomorrow dry mild conditions. dry through wednesday. thursday the rain arrives late and it's really in the north bay. it's friday, friday night to saturday morning we have that widespread rain and wind. it's out of here by saturday night. it's dry on sunday and monday. we return to sunnier skies. it's a quick moving storm but could dump a lot of rain in a short amount of time. >> thanks, drew. >> sure. >> ron howard working on his new "star wars" movie in the bay area. that's why something he saw at the oakland airport put a big smile on his face. that story is next. >> and tomorrow on "good morning
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director ron howard traveling through oakland airport today saw something that brought a smile to his face. he tweeted, wow, look what happened to me on the airport tube as i was waiting to grab a flight back to l.a. coincidence? glimpse of a "star wars" picture on the tv above. howard spent the last few weeks at sky walker ranch in marin putting the final touches on the movie he's co-directing solo a "star wars" story. >> interesting. >> interesting. just like sports today, just like villanova. give it away? >> see right there? you had your chance. >> i'm sorry. >> march madness is over. villanova won. eric said we'll have the highlights. why the stomper streaking
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abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> march madness came to a close tonight with a championship game between villanova and michigan and it was never in doubt for the wild cats as the alamo dome became donte's inferno. the wild cat donte d d d d d
1:35 am
23-21. slashing through the lane for the dunk, villanova closed out the half on a 23-7 run. second half more of the same. wild cats up 12. donte's inferno heating up. out of his mind. villanova up big. next play, again, divincenzo ncaa tournament, outscores 31-7. nova champion with a 79-62 victory. after losing three-4 to the angels, a winning streak with the angels in town. in front of only 7400 fans, his birthday, he came rocking his birthday suit. i think we called it streaking. bar toll owe has had 44 birthdays. matt chatman disrespecting his elder. solo shot gave the a's a 1-0 lead. same score bottom of the 4th
1:36 am
check out colon. marcus simeon singles up the middle. drew robinson comes up thro and jonathan la croix is out at the play. it appears robinson was blocking the play. no challenge, no call, no run. bottom 7, two on, the stand fo stanford man. that will be your final good start to this series. all right, giants set for their home opener tomorrow at 1:35 with plenty of pregame set for the fans and players as they celebrate their 60th year here in san francisco. they come home 2-2 after splitting a four-game set with the dodgers and ty block will be on the hill. today giants president ceo was in the studio with eric thomas. gave us a little history lesson regarding their first 2-0 win over the dodgers. >> had two 1-0 games with the same player hitting home runs. that's never happened before to start a season ever. so we're coming back 2-2.
1:37 am
the old baseball proverb is play 500 on the road. >> right. >> with two out of three at home. we got the first part so far, four games pretty small sample size. but it's an even year and we're feeling pretty good about the team with our additions to the team. >> masters week kicked off today with practice rounds at augusta. tiger woods back for the first time since 2015. he brings in fans, ratings on tv and at 42 he's mellowed and fans are pulling for him more than ever. even players are glad to have him back. >> as a friend, you want him healthy. and as a competitor you want him healthy. so, yes, there's nothing but great things when he's healthy. he's been the biggest mover in the game and it's going to be tough for anyone to come close to that. >> this is abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. try align, the #1 doctor recommended probiotic. with a unique strain that re-aligns your system.
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the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. entresto, for heart failure. all right. thanks for watching. i'm alma daetz. >> i'm eric thomas. right now jimmy kimmel, actor jeffrey dean morgan. good night. tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute."
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an ice clog creates chaos on a river, so engineers had a brilliant idea. why the solution had its own little problem. >> oh! mr. beast is handing out hundred dollar bills. >> over and over and over. >> the story behind $150 15,000 wor $15,000 worth of smiles. justin bieber hair. >> why this baby's birth made more than its mama happy. something of a surprise gender reveal. >> which leads us to believe -- >> what? >> why this egg crack game defied all the odds. >> it's going to get you every time, boy. ice is quite a common issue. if you live up in the siberian city of semi, in kazhakstan. right here the irtish river is frozen, about four feet of ice. that freezing has caused the river to flood about 75 homes in
1:42 am
the area. so municipal thinkers had a brilliant idea. >> oh. that shattered more than just the ice. >> they set out charges to blow up this clog of ice, so the river could flow freely and not cause any more flooding destruction. >> this is such a dude solution. >> the engineers said they did everything by the rules. >> of course they did. >> but it also caused a lot of damage to buildings and high-rises nearby. you heard the glass shatter. you hear screams. somehow, there were no serious injuries. you could see all these windows that were blown out. these people have been assured their windows will be repaired, but that wasn't the only thing that was affected by this blast.


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