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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 22, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, president trump doubles down on his idea to arm teachers in this country. what he's saying tonight, after that tearful listening session. parents who lost children and survivors. the president had first suggested there, allowing teachers to carry guns. a few hands of support in that room. tonight, he stands by it, suggesting bonuses for those teachers. also breaking news from florida. just moments ago, authorities now revealing there was an armed deputy who arrived at the building while the shooting was taking place. and authorities say he allegedly did nothing. as the pressure mounts tonight, parents, survivors, face to face with lawmakers. >> senator rubio, can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the nra? also tonight, we're following breaking developments
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coming in now involving the russia invest game. there are new indictments tonight from robert mueller. the nurses charged tonight, and right here, the surveillance. family members secretly recording them. the patient, a world war ii veteran. the alleged hospital attack. the driver crashing through the doors of the e.r. and the deadly storm. the police officer rescued, and the whiplash in the northeast. from record warmth to know. the track, right now. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin with two major headlines in the wake of that deadly school shooting in florida. what we just learned moments ago about an armed deputy who arrived at the building as the shooting was taking place. and tonight, the president standing by his suggestion that some teachers in the country be armed. suggesting highly trained ones who might get bonuses for having a weapon and being ready to respond. the reaction to this idea has
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been swift tonight, and we have it all covers, beginning with abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: today, president trump declared a way to stop what he called the horrible plague of school shootings -- getting teachers who are trained to firearms to bring their weapons to school. >> insteadof advertisin adverti school has no guns, we are gun-free, you let people knoll the opposite. you come into our schools, you are going to be dead, and it's going to be fast. >> reporter: it comes less than 24 hours after he heard from families affected by some of the deadliest school shootings, including andrew pollack. his 18-year-old daughter meadow was one of the 17 killed at stoneman douglas high school last week. >> how many schools, how many children have to get shot? it stops here with this administration and me. i'm not going to sleep until it is fixed. and i'm pissed. it's my daughter i'm not going
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to see again. she's not here. >> reporter: and then, a plea from sam zeif, who lost his best friend. >> i turned 18 the day after, woke up to the news that my best friend was gone. and i don't understand why i can still go in a store and buy a weapon of war. >> reporter: president trump surveyed the group on the idea of arming teachers. >> does anybody like that idea here, does anybody like it? right? yes? for meadow, your beautiful meadow. you talked about that. and do people feel strongly against it, anybody? anybody? strongly against it. all right, i mean, look, we can understand both sides. and certainly it's controversy. but we'll study that, along with many other ideas. >> reporter: this morning, the president seemed some what conflicted. first tweeting, "i never said give teachers guns." and then clarifying he meant
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"teachers with military or special training experience, only the best." by this afternoon, he was portraying the idea as the solution to ending mass shootings once and for all. >> i think a concealed permit for having teachers, and letting people know that there are in the building with a gun, you won't have, in my opinion, you won't have these shootings, because these people are cowards. >> reporter: he even suggested bonuses for teachers willing bring concealed weapons to school. >> they have to go to training, i would say every six months, or every year. they have to have a fairly, you know, really, a rigorous course in what they're doing. and they should be paid extra money. those teachers should be paid extra money. so, they get a bonus, and they'd love getting thabo news, too. it would be much less expensive than the guards. it wouldn't look bad. if you have guards, it looks like i have an armed camp, which would look terrible. >> reporter: the president says he's talking about 20% of all teachers. that's roughly 700,000 people. how is that practical, how is
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that wise, to have 700,000 more firearms in schools? >> when you have a horrific situation like you had last week, and other school shootings that we've seen, these horrible tragedies, what we think and don't think is practical can change. >> reporter: the nra has already come out firmly against another idea floated by the president, raising the legal age to buy rifles. >> they are allowed to buy them at 18. how does that make sense? how does that make sense? so, i say that it should all be at 21. the nra will back it and so will congress and so will the senate. >> reporter: the president calls the nra patriots, suggesting he'll convince them to support raising the age. but today, nra leader wayne lapierre accused gun control advocates of exploiting the tragedy. his focus, putting armed guards in every school. >> they all must come together to implement the very best strategy to harden their schools, including effective trained armed security that will
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absolutely protect every innocent child in this country. >> so, let's get to jon karl, live with us from the white house. and jon, the president sticking by his idea that some teachers be armed in this country. and today, the president talked about those who were in his job before him, who he said did not take action? >> reporter: of course, most recently, president obama tried very hard to get congress to pass gun control measures. he failed in that effort. but now, you see president obama, former president, out there encouraging these students who are marching and protesting for new gun laws, he said in a tweet today, "we've been waiting for you and we've got your backs." david? >> jon karl, thank you. and meantime, that breaking headline from florida tonight, the sheriff just moments ago emotional, as he described as an armed resource deputy at that school as the shooting was unfolding and what he allegedly did not do. abc's victor oquendo in parkland, florida, tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the school resource deputy stationed on
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campus when that shooting took place, under scrutiny. according to the sheriff, deputy scott peterson never went into the school as the massacre was under way, and the sheriff says he's seen the video. >> what i saw was a deputy arrive at the west side of building 12, take up a position and he never went in. any questions? >> what should he have done? >> went in. address the killer. killed the killer. >> reporter: the sheriff saying the deputy stood outside for four minutes without action, then describing his anguish. >> devastated. sick to my stomach. there are no words. i mean, these families lost their children. we lost coaches. >> reporter: authorities decided to suspend the deputy who tonight has resigned. overnight, a father who lost his
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14-year-old girl. >> your comments this week and those of our president have been pathetically weak. >> reporter: it's been eight days since fred guttenberg lost his daughter, jaime. >> my daughter, running down the hallway at marjory stoneman douglas was shot in the back with an assault weapon. the weapon of choice. >> yes, sir. >> okay. it is too easy to get. it is a weapon of war. the fact that you can't stand with everybody in this building and say that -- i'm sorry. >> sir, i do believe what you're saying is true. >> reporter: rubio did tell the audience he would support raising the age limit to buy an ar-15 and weapons like it, and wants to fix federal background checks. and then, the high school junior who stood before this senator
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and asked this -- >> senator rubio, can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the nra in the future? >> the answer to the question is that people buy into my agenda, and i do support the second amendment, and i also support the right of you, and everyone here to be able to go to school, and be safe. >> no more nra money? more nra money? >> i -- that is the wrong way -- first of all, the answer is, people buy into my agenda. >> reporter: tonight, all deputies in broward county schools will be armed with ar-15s. but the sheriff saying beyond that, more weapons are not the answer. >> i don't believe teachers should be armed. i believe teachers should teach. >> reporter: one teacher here today agreed, saying she would not want to be armed. >> in that moment, the teachers are shielding the students, literally throwing themselves on top of the kids, and trying to comfort them. they don't have time to react to oh, my gosh, let me go into this
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locked cabinet and get a gun. >> reporter: not every teacher agr agrees. this one in salt lake city. >> if i can carry a gun in school and protect anyone in my classroom, i will. >> a lot of opinions on this. vick to oquendo with us tonight. and victor, two major teachers unions issuing strong opinions on this? >> reporter: david, both unions responding, one saying that anyone who pushes arming teachers doesn't understand teachers and doesn't understand the classrooms. another one saying that anyone who is trying to bring in more guns in a classroom, that will do nothing to protect students or educators from more gun violence. david? >> victor, thank you. and one more development on this tonight. since the deadly shooting in parkland, florida, eight days ago, we have learned of several threats of possible school plots thwarted. another one tonight. two students in maryland arrested for allegedly making a mass threat against the high school. authorities revealing they've recovered semiautomatic rifles, handguns and other weapons.
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they are now charged with a threat of mass violence. and tonight, take a look at this map, showing some of the other tlechlts where authorities have become aware of a possible threat against schools, in just recent days. the group educators for school safety network says it normally records ten threats a day. this past week, it's been 50 a day. a major new development in the russia investigation. special counsel robert mueller filing new charges against two former campaign officials, paul manafort and rick gates. and the major question tonight, is rick gates considering entering a plea, cooperating with mueller? here's abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: former trump campaign chairman paul manafort, and his deputy, rick gates, tonight facing new charges as the special counsel turns up the heat in his investigation. a new 32-count superseding indictment just filed tonight, adding news charges of tax evasion and bank fraud to the previous charges of money laundering brought in october.
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manafort and gates accused of funneling $75 million into offshore accounts, then hiding $30 million of it from the treasury department. much of the money allegedly coming from ukrainian politici n politicians with close ties to the kremlin. prosecutors say that manafort and gates laundered millions and failed to pay taxes in order to live lavish lives, including spending more than half a million dollars at a clothing store in beverly hills, and more than $200,000 on four range rovers. and they claim that some of the fraud took place while the two were part of the trump campaign. the new charges come in a highly decisive moment in the investigation, as questions mount if gates will enter a plea deal and flip to cooperate with investigators. >> and pierre thomas with us tonight live from washington. and pierre, both manafort and gates have pleaded not guilty, but you have reported here that gates has been involved in talks about a possible plea deal and possible cooperation with mueller? >> reporter: david, until now, those talks have been inconclusive, but make no mistake, tonight, gates is under
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incredible pressure. even before these new charges, he was facing up to 20 years in prison, and, david, he has a very young family. >> pierre thomas, live in washington with us again tonight. we're going to turn next here to that slow-moving storm front. ice, snow, flooding rain, triggering weather alerts in 20 states from texas, all the way up to new york. a fire truck in oklahoma city skidding on icy roads, flipping onto its side there. and near pittsburgh, a police officer rescued from his patrol car after being trapped by rising flood water there. left's get to rob marciano, tracking it all for us. hey, rob. >> reporter: hey, david. even though temperatures here in the northeast have dropped 40 degrees since yesterday, the pattern elsewhere really hasn't changed. the jet stream in the same spot. we have flash flood warnings in little rock, snow. >> nebraska through wisconsin. the heavy rain tomorrow, though, across the ohio river in the morning. another round develops across northeast texas, in through tomorrow night across the mississippi. saturday, the kicker system will bring in severe thunderstorms right over the flood zone, another three to five inches on
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top of what they've already seen, rivers that can't take anymore towawater. david? >> thanks, rob. next here, the terrifying moments in the emergency room at a hospital in middletown, connecticut. a man crashing his car right through the door, then setting himself on fire. abc's gio benitez in connecticut tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a scary scene playing out at a connecticut hospital. >> attention car three, middlesex hospital, 28 crescent street, at the e.r. car into the building, reported fire. >> reporter: police say 27-year-old steven ellam crashed into the entrance of the middlesex hospital's emergency room. that's elem being treated shortly after the crash, when he set himself on fire. >> mr. elem drove into the sliding glass doors of the walk-in of middlesex hospital on crescent street. at that point, he set himself on fire. >> reporter: inside the car, gas cans. the incident triggering precautionary evacuations around the hospital and elem's home.
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you can see a huge police presence, the fbi and atf joining the local bomb squad, and bomb sniffing dogs. >> we don't know what mr. elem's motives were, we would not speculate. >> reporter: he was transported by helicopter to a burn center. his condition is unknown. and david, he didn't make it very far into the e.r., so, only one security guard was injured, treated for smoke inhalation. we're told elem has been known to police since he was 14 years old. david? >> gio, thank you. and overseas tonight, we continue to follow those images out of syria we reported on earlier this week. unrelenting air strikes continuing on a damascus suburb tonight. pro-assad forces with russian supporting targeting hospitals and apartment buildings. more than 400 killed now. it's estimated a quarter of them, children. one cameraman at the scene of a hospital attack rushing to the home next door where members of his own family were discovered buried in the rubble. they were all pulled out alive. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the deadly police shootout. the dramatic images coming in tonight. the suspect in a stolen vehicle hitting police cruisers.
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when you have a cold, stuff happens. [ dog groans ] [ coughs and sneezes ] nothing relieves more symptoms than alka seltzer plus maximum strength liquid gels. we turn next tonight to the nursing home workers facing charges in georgia. accused in the death of a world war ii veteran. his family installing a hidden camera in his room. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> help me! >> reporter: one of the nurses charged with keeping this man alive is now charged with his murder tonight. this is the moment, caught on camera at a senior care facility in 2014, when prosecutors say that the nursing staff first started ignoring the cries of 89-year-old james dempsey. the father, grandfather and world war ii veteran was dying and begged them for help six
3:49 pm
times. >> you're having anxiety, that's all. >> reporter: a second nurse and an aide are also charged with neglect. in a sworn deposition from 2015, that second nurse, wanda nuckles responds to the disturbing video. >> shouldn't you be doing chest compressions right now? >> yes. >> reporter: at one point, something got the three of them laughing. the indictment says they only started cpr to create the false impression that they were trying to save his life. dempsey's family, who planted the hidden camera, can't understand. >> you would have never thought that people would just let a person die. >> reporter: none of the three women have entered a plea at this point, and the company that runs the nursing home is not responding. the family sued the facility, and reached a settlement. david? >> all right, steve, thank you. when we come back tonight, late word coming in at this hour, the governor charged with blackmail tonight. and the best new vehicles of the year. the new list just in from consumer reports, after the break.
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the dead lly police shootout in seattle. body cam video showing the gun battle between an officer and a suspected burglar. the suspect later crashes a stolen car into a police cruiser and appears to reach for something in the backseat. >> he's reaching! he's reaching! >> suspect dying at the scene. police recovering a weapon. the governor of missouri has been indicted tonight. eric greete iic gritenned is ac trying to blackmail a woman he was having an affair with, photographing her naked. the governor tonight calls the allegations baseless. and consumer reports with the top vehicles of 2018 on reliability, owner satisfaction. toyota with the best compact, mini van and mid-sized suv. the chevy bolt, the best compact green car. when we come back tonight, america strong. what some are now calling the new miracle on ice. miracle on ice.
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it provides four-in-one symptom defense. it's your daily probiotic. finally tonight here, america strong. the victory 0 year 20 years in making. matt gutman from south korea. >> she is stopped! the united states wins gold! >> reporter: it was a gold medal that took 20 years to mint. in that nail biting sudden death penalty shootout, the u.s. women's hockey team taking down canada, a goliath which has won gold in every olympics since 1998. the u.s., euphoric. the canadians in tears. one player so distraught, she took off her silver medal. down 2-1 in the final minutes of
3:58 pm
regulation, the americans clawing back. monique la morrow sending the game into overtime. after a scoreless overtime, it was time for monique's twin sister, jocelyne, to be the hero. >> she dekes and scores. >> and the ensuing save sealed it. for the twins, sharing the ice made the victory even sweeter. >> and matt is live in pyeongchang tonight. surprised you even have a voice left, matt. you were there? >> reporter: it was electrifying being there, david. this was arguably one of the greatest rivalries in sports, and the u.s. team barely eking out that win. and overnight, the team toasting its victory as hockey players sometimes do, with a few beers. david? >> that's not just a hockey thing. all right, matt gutman from south korea. i'm david muir. we'll see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
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truly wild weather across the bay area this is a live look outside, from our mt. tam camera, and our east bay hills camera. blue sky for a change. >> we have got variety, take a look at this video, tweeted by vallejo firefighters. you could see heavy rain coming down in vallejo this afternoon. >> light too medium showers forced drivers to turn on their windshield wipers. it died down quickly. >> you see a lot of clouds from our east bay hills camera, looking over to san francisco. let's go to spencer christian. >> we have the variety pack of winter weather, brief downpours, heavy at times but brief.
4:00 pm
a strong gusty wind, chilly out there and hailstones. in burlingame, over in, over inr county, well. we'll continue to see scattered or isolated showers, gusty wind, snow levels down to 2,000 feet. and gusts at 38 miles an hour, at half moon bay 35 miles an hour, 35 at oakland. it's chilly out there and it feels even colder because of the strong wind, temperatures have dipped into the upper 40s in many bay area locations already. this has been the pattern, center of low pressure to over north/northeast. it's bringing that cold, blus r blustery mix. going into the overnight hours, some possible


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