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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 21, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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b.a.r.t. claiming he shot him in the back before clearly seeing if he was armed. we've reached out to the family for reaction. a gun was found at the scene but not clear who it belonged to. we're expecting to hear from b.a.r.t. officials later this hour. we'll bring you their reaction on abc 7 news at 5:00. now to the other top story. that would be the emotional meeting at the white house. >> this is not just parkland anymore. this is america. this is every student in every city. >> how do we not stop this after columbine, after sandy hook. i'm sitting with a mother that lost her son. it's still happening. >> heartbreaking testimony today at the white house as president trump meets with students, teachers and families from parkland flashings fla, one week after the deadly shooting that took 17 lives. >> this is a long-term situation that we have to solve. we'll solve it together. you've gone through extraordinary pain and we don't
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want others to go through the kind much pain that you've gone through. >> and today's white house roundtable came as hundreds of students across the country walked off campuses in solidarity with students from marjorie stoneman douglas high school. tara paul mere i has the details. >> at the florida state capitol, survivors had harsh words for lawmakers. before they arrived, legislators rejected a vote on an assault rifle van. >> i can vote and i know who i'm not voting for. >> they were hopeful after the meetings, they seemed defiant. >> they won't push us into another room as they dance around our questions. we came here prepared. >> around the country, students staged walkouts in solidarity. here in washington, hundreds of students protested outside of the capitol and then marched to the white house. >> it's not going to be talk like in the past. it's been going on too long.
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too many instances. we're going to get it done. >> president trump holding a televised listening session with students and teachers who survived the massacres at parkland, columbine and newtown. >> i was shot at. in my mind as a kid, nothing that horrible should have to happen to you. >> 9/11 happened once and they fixed everything. how many schools, how many children have to get shot? it stops here with this administration and me. >> under public pressure shall the president made a surprise announcement yesterday that he's directed the department of justice to write a directive to ban bump stocks. those devices that turn a regular weapon into a machine gun. he signals his support for a senate bill to fix instant background checks. >> some democrats appointed that the bureau of tobacco and firearms doesn't have the power to ban bump stocks. they suggest the president propose legislation. tara palmieri. >> students walked out of
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classes here. alyssa harrington live in alameda with more on the story. alyssa? >> reporter: i'm at a high school where roughly 60 students walked out shortly after lunch. they tell me they want the survivors in florida to know they have their support. >> a group of students at at high school here walked out of class and metaphor a rally at the front of campus. they joined thousands of others throughout the country. part of the never again movement that began after last week's deadly school shooting in florida. >> our community, they can change the world. >> yes. >> our generation has a voice. >> sophomore honesty smith says now is the time to rise up against violence. >> all of us work together. if all of us put our voices out there, put our minds to it. our impact would be so much bigger than anything anyone else is doing at the moment. >>. >> reporter: students want stricter gun control laws and safer schools. >> it can happen anywhere, any time. just be aware. >> bullets are really cheap to get.
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it's like, you should up the bullet price if you're really concerned on guns. >> principal daniel hearst says in the past week, they've reviewed their own safety procedures. >> next week we're going to do a training and another -- we're going to practice a hard lockdown drill with the scenario of an active shooter on campus. >> reporter: one powerful moment is when students stopped and had a moment of silence to remember those 17 victims of the school shooting. the principal told me, while they support the students' right to protest, they face consequences for skipping class. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. alyssa, thank you. more walkouts are planned for march 14th at 10:00 a.m. from oakland to orinda and palo alto to mountain view. these are some of the schools taking part. the marches are planned to last 17 minutes in memory of the 17 people killed at stoneman douglas high school. a riverside county man is in
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custody for allegedly threatening to shoot people at a local college campus. deputies arrested 27-year-old jacob mcbaine after he allegedly posted threats on facebook. deputies say they found a loaded ar-15 assault weapoweapon, two d hand guns and a large amount of -- in his bedroom. reacting to the growing anger nancy pelosi was in the bay view district. she accused the republican a majority and the nra of stone walling on gun -- she said the demonstrations may, just may be a tipping point. >> who would have thought little children in newtown, that might have broken the heart of the nra and they might have broken their resolve to prevent legislation from coming to the floor. but it did not. but these children are just old enough, while they're children, they're just old enough to be able to speak out with great
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eloquence. >> pelosi said bills to beef up background checks could be moved through quickly if there was bipartisan support. ten san francisco firefighters went on the legal offensive today following harassment scandal that led to bipg changes at one fire station. those firefighters talked only with abc 7 news reporter vic lee. >> only on abc 7 news, a group of san francisco firefighters is suing the city and the fire department in response to being reassigned after a sexual harassment scandal in 2016. now the group claims a female rookie firefighter got preferential treatment while having an affair with a superior. that firefighter claimed she was being harassed by other firefighters. her claim resulted in the entire command staff of station 2 in chinatown being reassigned. they have always denied the accusations and are now suing, saying they were discriminated and retaliated against because of their gender.
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the group says the women had a relationship with a ba italian chief in charge of the station and he was giving her preferential treatment. the firefighters spoke exclusively to me saying the city investigation into her claim was not impartial. >> in this instance, the city threw us under the bus. they defamed us. the station. the department. >> i'll have a full report tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. thank you, vic lee. the search is on for an oakland man who went missing in yosemite national park. he was last seen at the entrance to the park on saturday. it wasn't until chow failed to show up for work yesterday that anybody knew he was missing. he was where freezing temperatures and snow were forecast. he's an experienced solo backpacker, but dog teams and a helicopter are now looking for him. the cold weather is sticking around, at least for now. >> we have a live look from the mt. tam camera.
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take a look. pretty blue out there. >> crystal clear. that's accompanied by cold. at least it is this week. let's check in with spencer. >> crystal clear skies over much of the bay area. it's pretty chilly. 53 degrees at half moon bay. 49 at clear lake. most places around the bay and inland are in the mid-50s. here's the pattern we've observed by way of satellite over the last 12 hours. you can see the clouds and the cold air rushing down from north to south being pushed by strong gusty wind. there's a wintry mix of precipitation in the areas of moisture there. here's what we can expect overnight. winds 15 to 30 miles per hour. windchill factors feeling like the temperatures in the 20s in some locations. be sure to secure loose items outdoors in these windy conditions. here's the forecast animation. early tomorrow morning, 7:00, 7:30, it will be pac. more of the moisture will swing southward along with the cold
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a air. we could see freezing precipitation in the higher elevations. a closer look in a few minutes. larry? >> today marks one year since the coyote creek flooding in san jose. to mark the first anniversary, the community is coming together to thank first responders who came to their rescue. reporter matt keller has more. >> reporter: at the elementary school in san jose, a time to say thank you. these people answered the call for help after coyote creek flooded nearby neighborhoods exactly one year ago today. >> it happened on a tuesday afternoon. we can still remember. we didn't know what was going on. >> chris was one of 100 students at the school directly impacted by the flooding. >> that day, it was very emotional for me. >> chris and his family were rescued by boat from their rock spring neighborhood. they stayed with family for about a month while their home was repaired. but it was community from shirakawa elementary and the
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school dlaistrict that made sur they had food, clothing and needs. >> we're going to step up and do what we can. >> this group stepped up. about $38,000 was raised to buy gift cards to give to the shirakawa families. food, clothing and other items were donated and handed out on campus in the weeks fog the flood. this is video from a story in early march of last year of david gomez and his daughters, esther and gabriella helping out at the community donation center. all three were recognized for giving back today. >> it felt good to help people that lost everything. >> it's a good life lesson for everybody, especially the children to put back into the community when the community calls for us. >> i'd like to say thank you so much for helping my family and all the other families that needed help too. >> 14,000 people in san jose were impacted by the flooding.
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flood losses are estimated to be at about $73 million. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. saying goodbye to a christian icon. >> loved him. it feels like the world is going to fall apart a little bit. >> what made billy graham so unique and so loved. plus, san francisco moves one step closer to removing a controversial statue. and the big buck's fine for mark cuban. what he did and said that will cost him half a million dollars. >> it will cost you time if you're trying to get on the bay bridge or off of it. the skyway in san francisco. as you can see, it's slow both ways but especially approaching the bridge heading east. i guess folks are back from
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the city of san francisco moved a step closer to removing a controversial statue in front of the main public library. >> it's called early days. part of a larger monument depicting the larger conquest of california. ly an melendez has the story. >> the pioneer monument is one of the most recognizable in the city. for years, one of the statues generated great controversy. it showed a missionary and a native american and a cowboy. according to critics, it's the conquest of california and the oppression of native americans. the native american is on the ground while a friar is pointing to heaven. to many, it's a symbol of genocide.
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>> it perpetuates racist attitudes and puts white supremacy on a pedestal. >> please remove this racist, very slanderous public art donated in the late 1800s. >> today during a hearing at the san francisco historic preservation commission, they pushed forward with a request to move it. >> former mayor lee, supervisor kim and fair farrell on record of supporting the removal of the sculpture from public view. >> the vote to take it down was unanimous. now it goes back to the art commission for a final approval, which has favored the removal of the statue. the granite base will remain and nothing else will be put in its place. the statue will be cleaned and put in long-term storage. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. as lyanne pointed out. the arts commission will have a final vote. it meets on the first monday of
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every month. meanwhile, san francisco mayor mark farrell was proud with the vote today. tributes are pouring in for billy graham. he died today at his home in north carolina. the 99-year-old was a key figure in reviving the vac evangelical movement. >> today we a roke to the passing of one of the greatest americans of the 20th century. the reverend billy graham. >> over the course of six decades, billy graham brought the word of god to millions. >> we just loved him. it feels like the world is going to fall apart a little bit. >> he shaped the course of history, preaching on every continent. >> god loves you. >> he had the ear of every president from harry truman in 1950 through president barack obama. he was there for the vietnam war, watergate and as george h.w. bush reminisced, the operation desert storm to
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kuwait. many call him -- he met with democrat and republican presidents alike, always with a message of unity. >> the greatest need in the world today is a transformation of human nature to make us love instead of hate. >> in a statement former u.s. president jimmy carter said, graham had an enormous influence on my own spiritual life. president trump tweeted, there was nobody like him. he will be missed by christians and all religions. a very special man. >> i'll say to the lord, why did you choose me? i came from a farm, i never dreamed that i'd be preaching to people in different countries. >> he placed top ten in the gallup poll of most admired men 61 times. yet he repeatedly said he wanted to be remembered as a faithful servant of god. maggie rulli, abc news 7. what bay area religious leaders are saying tonight. an update on the health of san francisco giants ledge erred
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orlando cepeda. he remains in the hospital and he is in critical condition. he suffered what the team called a cardiac incident on monday night. there may have also been a head injury involved. the giants are asking to keep orlando and his family in their thoughts and prayers. the slugger known as the baby bull played for the giants from 1958 when he was rookie of the year to 1966. the giants retired his number in 1999, the same year that he was voted into the baseball hall of fame. you can offer your prayers for orlando cepeda on our facebook page. go to 7 news to share this badge. more sports news, mark cuban in trouble for speaking his mind and being too honest frankly. the nba fined cuban $600,000 for saying his team should tank this season. basically, losing intentionally to improve your draft position. commissioner adam silver called the statements detrimental to
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the nba. cuban made the comments on sunday during a podcast with julius irving, dr. j. cuban is one of the co-hosts on shark tank. spacex will try again to launch a rocket in santa barbara county. they called off the pre dawn launch due to strong upper level winds. it's scheduled for 6:17 tomorrow morning. the timing of the loss is creating expectations of a repeat caused by a launch visible for miles and set off a storm of social media postings if you remember that. >> have to keep an eye out for that in the skies. which are clear and kind of cool and crisp, spencer. >> definitely cool and crisp an% will get cooler and crisper with a mix of wintery precipitation. a few clouds around the area.
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clouds may increase. looking from the sutro tower. 54 in san francisco and oakland. mountain view 56. 52 at half moon bay. there is a view of the golden gate from the east bay host camera. 55 at santa rosa. 51 at napa, mid to upper 50s at novato, fairfield, concord and livermore. mt. tam to the bay, a few clouds in the distance. niece are the forecast features. another chilly day with a chance of wintry precipitation. maybe cold showers and freezing rain or sleet, maybe a snowflake or two in the highest elevations. if there's enough moisture with the cold air moving through. it will be sunnier and milder friday through sunday. here's a look at the wind gust animation. overnight, we'll see gusts near the coast and the bay between 25 and 30 miles per hour and nearly 20 miles per hour in some inland locations. it will remain windy into the mid-morning hours tomorrow before winds taper off a little bit. bear that in mind. overnight lows, generally in the low to mid-30s inland.
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although in the farther reaches of the north bay, we may see lows dropping into the upper 20s. right around the bay. upper 30s to 40 degrees here in san francisco. now, here's the forecast animation starting at 10:30 tomorrow morning. at which point we'll see passing showers. widely scattered but wet spots tomorrow. as the cold air accompanies the passage of the moisture, it might -- we might just see mixed frozen precipitation or freezing precipitation in the higher elevations. by late tomorrow afternoon, early evening, we should see skies clearing up a bit. highs range at 50s to the coast. mid-50 ease s inland. a winter weather advisory tomorrow. snow level down to 2,000 feet. 3 to 6 inches of snow? the sierra. so let me back away and show you the accuweather seven-day forecast. once geb, tomorrow is going to
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be a day of unsettled weather. chilly. highs in the mid-50s at the most. and there will be just enough moisture in the air that we might see some frozen or freezing precipitation, especially in the higher elevations. then friday, saturday and sunday, sunnier and milder conditions. in fact by sunday, low 60s in the inland areas. monday brings us a next chance of rain. not a strong system. but we live for the hope of rain here, don't we? >> cling to it. >> it's all we have. >> yeah, right. thanks. plan to make the driver's license photos look better. but it will cost you. the unusual new photo trend going viral. not everyone is happy with where the photos are taken. from picture challenge to traffic challenge. this is 101 in san jose. the challenge is all southbound. that's backed up on the right-hand side of your screen. 880 on the
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you can offer prayers to orlando cepeda on our abc 7 news facebook page. this is the image of the badge that you can share. he remains in critical condition in a bay area hospital. go to 7 news to share the badge for orlando. uber is expanding its express pool service that it's been testing in san francisco. express pool links riders in the same area who are traveling to similar destinations and once linked, riders at blocks and dropped off at a site that might require a short walk to reach their final destinations. uber says express pool could cost up to 75% less than a regular uber ride. it's expanding the service into eight other cities, including los angeles and san diego. you know how a lot of people hate their driver's license pictures. >> yes. >> well, those bad pictures could be a thing of the past.
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>> could be. >> could be. >> you're going to have to pay now to look good. don't we all. every day. reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings has the details. >> don't you love your driver's license photo? of course you don't. it's a universal truth we all hate them. what if you were given the chance to choose your photos. it's been proposed by a lawmaker. he introduced a bill for drivers to choose the photo they wanted. you could take a few photos, every time you take another one, you're charged more. it's like taking a selfie and photo approve it. this is coming from senator josh newman. he says the new revenue would go towards driver's education. making money off of our own vanity. it's an ideas. >> if it works. wine, good for your teeth? why drinking up could help keep your teeth healthy. also, the latest social media fad is starting to get on the nerves of workers at craft stores. it's the hobby lobby challenge. people using the silk flower
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aisle at the craft store chain and others like it as a backdrop for a glamour shot. it's a challenge for store workers and shoppers having to deal with the photographers crowding the aisles and not putting the floral props back when they're done. >> put stuff back. it's a good rule. simple rule. >> that's right. so could wine be good for your teeth? spencer christian is desperate for the answer. why it might help keep your teeth healthy. >> after a prominent catholic girls high school is accused of mishandling a sexual misconduct charge. is it too little too late? >> the
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the stories making headlines at 4:30. students across the nation took part in a walkout today to support stricter gun laws and to pay tribute to the 17 people killed in the florida high school shooting. students from at least 20 high schools, you can see so many people across south florida took part. in texas, though, some school districts warned students they would be suspended if they left class. students in the bay area joined in the walkout. abc 7 news reporter alyssa harrington tweeted this picture from a high school in alameda where students took part in the protest saying they want to feel
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safe in school. a small group of students who survived the florida shooting met with president trump today for a listening session on gun violence. we're hearing today from the principal of a prestigious san jose catholic high school that's facing claims that it covered up years of abuse and harassment against students. the school says it's going to make some changes in light of the scandal. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen is live at presentation high school with the story. chris? >> reporter: kristen, good afternoon. students here at presentation are currently on mid winter break. but they've not been immune to much of the conversation surrounding their school. school officials are responding now to very pointed accusations. katherine has been in a personal battle with presentation high school since 1990. that's when she says she was sexually harassed by a teacher. she came public with her story last fall writing a piece for
4:32 pm
the "washington post" in she detailed her frustration with school administrators who swept it nrt rug. >> it doesn't require a special team to filed child abuse reporting laws. they're very simple. if a child comes to you, reporting abuse, you call the police. >> as part of a group called make pres safe, many victims have come forward to talk about misconduct by eight teachers or staff members. >> pedophiles will continue to be out there and if the appropriate barriers are not put up, they will get close to the kids and molest the kids. >> after months of denying wrongdoing, presentation officials announced the creation of an independent office for students to report misconduct, harassment or bullying to the proper authorities. they declined our request for an interview with you but said we cannot erase the feelings or change the perceptions of some
4:33 pm
but can learn from the opinions expressed and move forward with greater resolve. a spokesman says the school is the victim of hateful e-mails, voice males in recent months. >> misleading posts in social media that there have been allegations in the past of sexual misconducmisconduct. most of the allegations no one has heard of before. >> for now, lee hanes won't stop until the girls are safe in her eyes at presentation. >> until the board and mary miller acknowledge that they have violated mandatory reporting laws in the past, i'm not sure we can have a productive discussion. >> both sides fighting for what they believe is right. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. a supreme court ruling today dealt a blow to wall street, bhis will blowers in a case involving a san francisco company. the justices unanimously ruled that employees are not protected from retaliation if they blow the whistle on alleged kofrpt wrongdoing without reporting it
4:34 pm
to the securities and exchange commission. the dodd/frank reform act -- the case involved the man who used the protection toss challenge his firing at a san francisco real estate investment trust. people in alabama and maryland are mourning the shooting deaths of two police officers. both killed during domestic disputes. the first happened in mobile, alabama. officer justin billa was shot by a man who murdered his ex-wife hours earlier. the suspect is also dead. it's unclear if officers shot him during a standoff or if he took his own life. the other shooting killed an off-duty police officer in brandy wine, maryland. he was asked by a neighbor for help with a domestic dispute. the neighbor says her husband shot the officer whose name hasn't been released. the suspect was also killed after a police chase and shootout. a just released report from the national transportation safety board reveals the garbage truck entered a railroad
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crossing after the safety gates were down and smashed into a train full of republican legislators. they killed a man in the truck. several others were injured. the ntsb says witnesses provided the information about the safety gates. an organization that tracks far right extremists says neo-nazi groups are surging and ku klux klan plummet. clan groups fell from 130 in 2016 to 72 last year. the organization says younger white supremacists seem to be turned off by the klan's "old school traditions. the law center said the number of neo-nazi groups exploded from 99 in 2016 to 121 last year. in all the organization says there are 954 active hate groups in the u.s. that is 4% increase over 2016. >> serial stowaway who used to
4:36 pm
be in the bay area will be staying in jail. marilyn hartman pleaded not guilty on burglary, theft and trespassing charges after she flew ticketless. she was arrested days after that at o'hare international for violating a judge's order to stay away from the airport. today the judge ordered hartmann to remain in custody until a bond hearing next month. she's tried to board flights more than 20 times including at sfo and mineta san jose. >> and somehow keeps getting on. unbelievable. getting prepared for the next big quake. are you ready? what you need to know. >> the quest for the perfect pictures getting out of hand. at the popular tourist spots, so bad there's now a big change coming. i'm spencer christian. skies are mostly clear. the weather still
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yesterday we told you about a series of small earthquakes near danville andy ab low. started about four days ago. the most resent last night. 2.8 magnitude quake. it's nothing unusual but it can certainly be unnerving. the question is, are you ready in a big quake were to hit the bay area? do you have a kit that is ready? schuyler hall gren and zach miller started a company called earth bag. they have a look at what you
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need to be prepared. i asked you to open the bag. i didn't know you had this array of stuff. >> sure. there's a lot of stuff you want to have. top level, there's a couple things to think about. you want to make sure as you prepare, u.s. customized it and -- you customize it. how many people and how many pets are preparing for? b, how long are you preparing for? just 72 hours, the bare minimum, a week, multiple weeks? then third, you want to think about how kind of a level of comfort you want to have after a major emergency. >> so we look at it, a few main categories, whether you build the bag or buy one, one of the big things that everyone is thinking about is food and water. one of the things to think about when you prepare food and water is your shelf life. making sure it's not something that will expire in a few years, even bottles of water at the grocery store expire quickly. we recommend having actual
4:41 pm
sealed water pouches. you can get these in a lot of places. they last for five years. also make sure you have emergency food that will last for five years. you want to -- you don't want expired food. that's important on the food side. also something to filter water or water purification tablets. that's big on this side. one thing is a good first aid kit and hygiene products. basic plumbing may not work. you want to stay clean. you want to make sure you also have shelter and warmth. in the worst case, you have to spend a night outside, you want to make sure you have something to stay warm, keep you out of the elements. there's other really important, just emergency products in case there's debris or anything you have to be cleaning up. dust masks and gloves. >> i'm going to hold some of this. you have gloves and emergency tube tent. ponchos. you've thought of more things
4:42 pm
than i would have. if you only had -- is this in every bag? is every bag equipped this way? >> all the categories we walked through have all of these items in some form. they're important. add the food, the water shall the hygiene, the first aid, the shelter. there's important tools that come standard in every bag. that's the way they should be built. you don't want to miss something. >> before we go here, i know you give back to earthquake victims and other disaster victims as well. >> $5 from every order is donated. that was important to us. we know at some point we'll need the support of the rest of the country here in california. it's important for us to give back. now while we're able to. that's a key part of the earthquake bag when you get prepared. you're giving back to people who need help. >> if i want to buy a bag rather than assembling this on my own, i go to my website, which is? >> earthquake >> anywhere from 35 bucks to
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500. depending how many you're preparing for and what you're looking for. uk customikus -- you can custom and depending what your budget is. >> i am woefully unprepared. earthquake is for me. thanks. that is one great option. but if you want to stock your own earthquake survival kit or develop an emergency plan for you and your family, go to we have resources under prepare nor cal. we'll start with live doppler 7 showing partly cloudy skies right now. but it's not going to remain clear very long. during the overnight hours, we'll see clouds passing through. moisture maybe. it's going to be windy and chilly. lows in the 30s inland. upper 30s around the bay to near 40. in fact, we may even feel a windchill factor in the bay area tomorrow morning. looking at 129-hour planner. in the early morning, chilly. the air will feel like in the 20s in locations.
4:44 pm
later in the day, chance of passing shower with maybe some mixed precipitation, meaning even rain and snow mixed in, in the higher elevations. partly cloudy skies, breezy conditions going to the late afternoon and then finally tomorrow evening, it will start to clear out. highs range from 51 at half moon bay and here in san francisco, low to mid-50s around the bay. 50s in the inland locations. here's the seven-day forecast. it will get sunnier and milder on friday. milder still through the weekend. so friday, saturday and sunday we'll have a chance to get out there. maybe even in the shirt sleeves. showers may return on monday as our pattern will remain variable and unsettled. thank you so much, spencer. take a little bit of rain. it's an all too common sight. broken glass around cars with broken windows. now the city of san francisco says it has a new strategy to fight back. we'll tell you what they're planning. 7 on your side michael finney. you get an e-mail and you
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don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪ san francisco is looking to use a digital tip line and task force. abc 7 news was at the hall of justice to hear george gascon
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outline the project. the tip line will allow individuals to send evidence to the yiem units. they will seek funding for an auto burglary task force. gascon says they have an 80% conviction rate against break-in suspects. that's not the problem. it's a very small percentage of people who get arrested and i don't want to make -- these cases are hard. we certainly need to increase the percentage of arrests. >> 25 million people who come to san francisco on an annual basis. these organized crimes are being committed in areas where tourists are frequenting. so this is an epidemic that we want to get ahead of. >> the business community really wants to educate tourists, do not leave belongings in your cars. that is the number one key. it's estimated that criminal street gangs are behind 70 to 80% of all auto burglary incidents in the city. >> okay.
4:49 pm
how would you like 45 days of vacation a year. >> take it. >> that's what union workers at volkswagen plants in germany will soon get. the company and the union representing some 120,000 employees have just agreed to a deal that gives the workers a significant pay bump, added benefits and more time off. some workers will be entitled to 45 paid days off each year. that includes public holidays. the volkswagen group also owns audi and porsche. how are your skills on the assembly line? good? >> not good enough, i'm afraid. although i may need to employ them soon. time now for ask finney. michael finney is answering questions sent in by facebook, twitter and e-mail. anita from san jose asks, how do i find a new certified public accountant. my cpa retired. >> i would ask your former cpa if they have recommendations. if they don't, ask friends, business associates. you need to compare prices.
4:50 pm
i'll post two websites. all that of will be on it's like a doctor and any other professional. it's kind of tough. look for the right fit. don't just say i pick them and that's the end of it. >> susan from the east bay asks, how do i deal with an internet scam. it's asking me to send money to the western union. >> i'm glad you realize it's a scam and never have contact with them. file a complaint with the internet crime complaint center. i would appreciate if you do that. i'll post a link at if you don't tell everybody about it, they can't track them down. it takes a moment to go there and click it. >> okay. barb from concord asks, i'm on my third printer from the same company. the third replacement isn't working either. what should i do? i'm on a fixed income. >> if they've been giving you a replacement, you shouldn't be shelling out money.
4:51 pm
it should be each exchange. after three times they clearly have an issue. i want you to ask for a refund. if you feel you need my help, again, just contact me here at the station. if you have a question for me, you can record a 10 to 15-second video share it on social media. use the #ask finney and you can go to after three times, you need a new printer. >> printers can drive you insay. >> aren't they a mess. >> yeah. guys, you'll like this one if you want healthy teeth. crack open a bottle of red wine. the daily mail is reporting that a study released from spain shows that antioxidants in red wine prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to your teeth that can cause gum disease, plaque and cavities. research released says a couple of glasses of wine a day clears the mind and cleans it, too. the findings were published in the journal of agricultural and
4:52 pm
food kem tri. it's okay for doctors to use nasal spray flu vaccines again. it voted today to recommend the spray as an option next year. kids will be happy about that. especially two years ago. the advisory group pulled the recommendation for flu mist vaccine after research found it wasn't working against the flu bug. astrazeneca which makes flu mist says a new version appears to be working better. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, how about finding 50 swings just installed all over san francisco. swing bomb sf. just started showing up on social media. there are 50 swings hidden around the city in places like alamo square and the embarcadero. they're not saying where the swings are, but the social media pages giveaway plenty of clues here. we scroll up and if you notice what the location is, you can seek out those swings. the team says engineers made sure that the trees that were the swings were installed in are
4:53 pm
structurally sound. >> that's good. >> you would hope so. coming up at 6:00, reporter jonathan bloom will have more on the swings including more on the group of those hanging up the swings and why they're starting to disappear. that's the interesting part of the story right there. >> liability issues. we'll have to research more into that. droning on. up next, a picture perfect view great for drones but now new restrictions following numerous complaints. dan is here with a look at what's coming up at 5:00. new at 5:00, the north bay fires, what took authorities so long to warn people? a new report is placing some blame. a lot of people were shocked seeing a robot dog open a door. remember these pictures. wait until you see the robot resisting human and the problem with lobsters. sometimes the real thing is difficult to turn into a
4:54 pm
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coming up in primetime on abc 7. at 8:00, it's the goldbergs, followed by speechless, modern family and american housewife. a brand new edition of match game and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. the quest for the perfect picture getting a little bit out of hand at two of the north bays most popular tourist spots because these guys, drones. they're getting bigger and bigger. they're buzzing the golden gate bridge and sausalito's waterfront. it's becoming dangerous.
4:57 pm
amy hollyfield has the detailsment. >> reporter: flying a drone can be fun. each helpful. sausalito city leaders noticed a dark side that comes with the hobby. residents have complained that some drones are being used to follow them as they walk down the street or worse. >> one case where a drone was at the window of a house of a young woman changing clothes. one instance where one went in the doorway and down the hallway. video manned. >> police pointed out they didn't have a law on the books to protect citizens from this harassment. the city council took action and is close to enacting new regulations to restrict drone use. >> not flying above 400 feet. not flying within 25 feet of people. not following or filming people without their consent. obviously not going into people's houses. >> they are following the leefd a major landmark also dealing with drone issues.
4:58 pm
>> hobbyist drone operators lose control of the drones. they've crashed on to the roadway and sidewalks and the struts of the towers. it's dangerous. >> bridge district officials took matters into their own hands and declared the bridge a drone-free zone. they're calling for the federal government to step into this new frontier. >> it's kind of the wild west. we have a total ban on drones at the golden gate bridge. what we need is for congress t step up and improve the legislation around drones so that we can keep the bridge and areas around it safe. >> the city council is sausalito voted 5-0 in favor of this new law. next week they'll have another read-through. if it still stands, it could go into effect within the month. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. a reminder to get the latest news any time. download the upgraded abc 7 news app. it has en lanced live video features, more kus omization and push alerts to get more of the news you want delivered to your
4:59 pm
phone in real time. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. let me see your hands. >> a rare move by b.a.r.t. it is releasing video of a fatal police shooting. live with this breaking news. >> unprepared and overwhelmed. a damning report to the last october wildfires. >> decision on a controversial statue. a vote late today to get rid of a symbol of the downfall of native americans. >> new wall, new system. the change one year after thousands of people lost their homes to flooding in san jose. what happened? >> where? >> where? >> b.a.r.t. released this video of a fatal shooting. what starts with chaos and gunshots ends with one man dead. the man, 28-year-old salve salve
5:00 pm
tindle. >> this video is disturbing and graphic. it actually shows how the deadly shooting unfolded. it begins with gunfire and chaos. a b.a.r.t. officer nearby begins to run as he tries to find the scene of the shooting. >> he repeatedly screams for the men to put their hands up. they continue to struggle on the ground. then you hear the officer open fire. >> b.a.r.t. then highlights what appears to be a gun between the two suspects and inches where tindle was shot and killed. >> well, b.a.r.t. just wrapped up a news conference about this video literally minutes ago. >> news anchor eric thomas was there and joins us live now. eric? >> reporter: indeed. that video was leaked after it was shown by the oakland police department. the investigating igt agency to the family of the man shot and killed. the chief walked us through step by step using stills like this of what


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