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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 19, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, terror attack in london. targeting muslims, a van running over worshipers near a mosque injuring at least ten people. police and emergency responders swarming the scene. the hero who held him down until authorities arrived. a suspect arrested. we are live on the scene with the latest. also this morning, shot down in syria. the u.s. launching its first air-to-air strike in nrly two decades and the major question here at home, is president trump under investigation? the white house sending mixed messages, his lawyer going on tv saying he isn't and then this -- >> and now he's being investigated by the department of justice. >> the new fallout this morning.
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hidden danger in the water. >> female, electrocuted, unconscious, breathing. >> two young people killed over the weekend, an 11-year-old and 19-year-old dying in separate incidents after jumping in lakes, shocked by elecectric currents. the new warning this summer. and severe storm outbreak. 60 million americans in the threat zone this morning after torrential downpours, powerful winds and damaging hail stretch from texas to vermont. this truck flipping over. these homes destroyed. now the threat moving east and the new tropical systems brewing that could impact the gulf coast. and we do say good morning, america. george taking a little vacation time this week. great to have david here with us on a very busy, busy monday morning and 60 million americans are on alert for that severe weather, michael. >> yep, and millions more, robin, are cleaning up this morning.
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take a look at this damage in nebraska after two tornadoes moved through that area. >> just incredible, we're thinking about all those families. also much more ahead. the breaking news, unbelievable to see this headline break overnight. another terror attack in london. this is the fourth now in three months. the assailant using a van to target muslims leaving a mosque. at least one person dying, ten irn injured this morning. london's mayor calling it a deliberate attack. terry moran is on the scene. terry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. we are in the north london community of finsbury park and behind me here you see this grimly familiar scene, the police cordon behind them investigators at the scene of this latest terror attack. that white van, rented van right around the corner slammed into a crowd but this time the victims were people emerging from their nighttime prayers, the hatred directed at ordinary british muslims. overnight, terror strikes london again, at least ten injured and one dead on the scene possibly
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unrelated to the attack. a crowd of worshipers leaving evening prayers targeted in a malicious attack. at 12:15 a.m. authorities already calling it a major incident. a white van on seven sisters road in north london suddenly accelerating veering off the road ramming into the pedestrians leaving behind a trail of broken and bloodied victims and bystanders wrestled the suspect pinning him down until officers arrived. >> he asked why did you do that, why, you know, innocent people. he goes, i want to kill muslims. >> reporter: within minutes police and emergency crews were swarming the scene shutting down the scene. people tended to the injuring administering chest compressions at the scene. it started as a night of worship. mosque members are seen here just moments before their night of prayer turned deadly. horrified nearby residents described a scene of carnage. this latest incident comes as
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the city of london is still on edge. officials now call this a terror attack. and it is the fourth terrorist attack in great britain this year. just two weeks ago a white van driving on a london bridge plowed into pedestrians, the attackers then going on a deadly stabbing spree. this morning, prime minister theresa may saying this is a terrible incident. all my thoughts are with those who have been injured. after that van came to a stop right back there, the driver, the alleged attacker was grabbed and pinned to the ground and some in the shocked and angry crowd were calling for blood until a local imam said, do not touch him, hand it over to police and that probably saved this alleged attacker's life. also overseas, the situation growing more tense in syria this morning after a u.s. fighter jet shot down a syrian warplane on sunday.
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that's the first time the u.s. has shot down a syrian jet since the conflict began and the first u.s. air-to-air shootdown in nearly two decades. martha raddatz has more details for us and joins us from washington, good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is something u.s. fighter pilots train for all the time, an air-to-air shootdown but the last time they actually executed this move was in kosovo so this is a dramatic turn in syria. the american f-18 fighter jet launched from a nearby carrier locked on to the syrian jet after it dropped bombs on u.s.-backed rebel forces fighting isis. firing that air-to-air missile and shooting the syrian warplane out of the sky. the shootdown coming after the u.s. warned the syrians through the russians to halt their assault on the forces. >> the u.s. called the russians on a hotline and said stop attacking, minutes later a syrian jet rolled in and it continued to attack the sdf
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forces on the ground. >> reporter: the u.s. military said the shootdown was justified as part of the collective self-defense of coalition partner forces fighting isis but further complicating u.s. relations with russia which is backing the assad regime. >> the best case here is that the syrians and the russians say, okay, we've pushed the u.s. as far as they can go and they've drawn a line and we're not going to cross this again. on the other hand, if mr. putin decides to escalate this, it now becomes a potentially very dangerous confrontation between the u.s. and russian military forces. >> reporter: and this morning, the russian foreign ministry is now responding, calling this an act of aggression by the united states and a direct breach of international law. david, this is something to watch carefully in the coming days. >> and you'll be watching it, martha raddatz, our thanks to you this morning. now to the search for answers after a deadly coalition at sea between a u.s. navy destroyer and a cargo ship that
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killed seven navy sailors, we're learning new details about the victims and the crash, abc's matt gutman has the latest for us. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, david. the navy is calling this one of the worst at sea disasters in decades and abc news has learned there's already four commissions investigating it. a hellish collision and then effort trying to save the "uss fitzgerald" from going down. overnight the navy releasing the names of the seven sailors found dead in the mangled midsection. they range in age from 19 to 37, their hometowns spanning the country, from connecticut to california. but this morning, authorities are trying to figure out why multiple maritime trackers show the acx crystal cargo ship completing a giant u-turn just minutes before colliding with the naval vessel. now, a new twist, the acx's charter company denied it pulled the u-turn and claiming the
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incident happened 50 minutes earlier than the navy. the navy saying the discrepancy is one of the things four investigative bodies will examine but the fundamental question remains, how an island-size container ship managed to t-bone one of the navy's most sophisticated ships? the navy says at 2:20 saturday morning, the 30,000-ton container ship nearly gutted the "uss fitzgerald." the ship's bulbous bow slamming right into the berthing quarters where over 100 sailors sleep slicing open a ten-foot section. >> the water flow was tremendous and so there wasn't a lot of time in those spaces that were open to the sea. >> reporter: many trapped inside as the water rose. the captain's quarters also hit. he and two others medevacked. the mother of one of the surviving sailors telling abc news her son and many others fought for hours to save one of the navy's most sophisticated missile ships from sinking. >> they had to fight the ship to keep it above the surface, so it
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was traumatic. >> reporter: the investigation will hinge on two major questions, how such a ship with some of the best radar in the world and multiple officers tasked with watching it failed to notice a stadium-size cargo ship approaching and why this happened. military officials telling me everything is on the table including the possibility this may have been intentional or even a terrorist attack, david. >> more to come on that. still such a mystery but so many young sailors lost in that accident. >> heartbreaking. >> all right, we'll keep our eye on that. now to the severe weather moving across the country. tornadoes, flash flooding and more. it's been damaging homes from texas to vermont and we'll go to ginger tracking it all. good morning. >> michael, ef-1 and ef-2 tornado in bellevue, nebraska. this was the damage. those were just 2 of more than 500 severe storm reports over the weekend. you can see them there now with all eyes on the east coast for later today. a weekend of severe storms. from flash flooding in kansas
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city to cars floating in omaha and submerged near erie, pennsylvania. baseball-size hail cracking windshields in northeastern missouri, and this morning folks in bellevue, nebraska, still cleaning up after two tornadoes raged across that town. south of omaha. this drone footage showing a street leveled. roofs lifted from their structure, wooden beams scattered across yards. we've already had a considerable amount of moisture so you add these strong storms, 1 to 3 inches and flash flood watches that stretch from parts of virginia up to maine. those are in place mostly for the storms later this afternoon and through the evening hours so drive time, you could see damaging wind anywhere from albany there back to places and even north carolina, but certainly into virginia. robin, if this is not enough we have tropical storms and track those in a couple of moments. >> all right, ginger, thank you. we're also following a lot of major political headlines this morning.
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a lot of eyes are on a special election in georgia tomorrow. the most expensive house race ever. and the senate is getting ready for a major push on health care. majority leader mitch mcconnell says he wants to pass a bill before the july 4th recess. also this week, the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, is heading to the middle east to try and force a peace deal between the israelis and palestinians. this, as president trump faces new questions over whether he's being investigated for possible obstruction of justice. our senior white house correspondent is here with us, cecilia vega has the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good to see you here this morning. you remember that tweet, of course, that caused such an uproar. the president for the first time seemed to confirm that he personally is under investigation. well, now, his team is doing some damage control saying he is not under investigation. a weekend away at camp david, president trump is now back at the white house and once again under fire. after he sent this tweet saying he is being investigated, now his legal team is making the rounds with this contradiction. >> the president has not been and is not under investigation.
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let me be clear the president is not under investigation. >> reporter: but the attempts to correct the record leading to more confusion. >> and now he's being investigated by the department of justice, so he's being investigated for taking the action that the attorney general deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency who recommended the termination. >> you've now said that he is being investigated after saying that -- >> no. >> you just said -- >> no, he's not being investigated so i do not appreciate you putting words in my mouth when i've been crystal clear that the president is not and has not been under investigation. i don't think i could be any clearer than that. >> well, you don't know that he's not under investigation, again, sir -- >> i cannot read -- you're right, chris, i can't read the mind of the special prosecutor. >> so we're in agreement. >> so we're in agreement. >> reporter: now even some republicans jumping in to defend the man leading the investigation, special counsel robert mueller, senator marco rubio telling the president let mueller do his job.
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>> the best thing that could happen for the president and the country is a full and credible investigation. >> reporter: and on this one, democrats in agreement. >> we ought to let him do his job. he is just getting started. >> reporter: and there is another big deadline looming this week. the house intelligence committee gave the administration until friday to hand over any evidence of white house recordings if, in fact, they do exist. a lawyer for the president trump says he plans to make this announcement this week about the tapes but the same lawyer said the same thing last week. >> when it comes to the investigation once again, it seems like the white house is sending out these mixed messages. >> completely mixed messages. and in the end the lawyer ended up conceding that he had not heard factually or directly whether the president is actually under investigation. but once again, just like with this issue with the tapes and of the investigation this is an example of president trump getting ahead, contradicting his team on twitter, really going off script from the white house messaging, and he's causing a lot would say problems for himself with this. >> and that's why we're left
7:14 am
with this. >> depending on which sunday show you were watching you got a different answer. cecilia, thanks. we're going to turn to more on that high stakes special election in georgia, the most expensive house race ever being so closely watched by both sides of the aisle and mary bruce tracking the race from capitol hill. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, david. well, this is a defining test for both parties and this morning it is still too close to call. this is a solidly republican district that trump barely won by just one point and now democrats are hoping if they can win it will serve as a referendum on the president betting on 30-year-old newcomer jon ossoff and betting pretty big. he has pulled in more than $23 million, the most expensive house race ever, going up against karen handel vying for those republican voters who may be uneasy with the president. if she wins this will be a demoralizing blow to democrats who are going to have to rethink their entire strategy heading into the midterms. >> tough fight but now both campaigns are speaking out
7:15 am
against an ad that's particularly offensive and we wanted to show people at home what it was all about. >> now the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting republicans. when will it stop? it won't if jon ossoff wins on tuesday. >> trying to connect or link the democrat, jon ossoff, to the shootings last week in washington, mary. >> reporter: yeah, and, david, both candidates this morning are blasting this ad. jon ossoff is saying it is disgraceful and he's calling on his opponent to denounce the ad and asked it be pulled down. now, karen handel stopped short of that but calling is disgraceful and disgusting. >> the democrat ossoff hasn't mentioned president trump in his campaigning. how concerned is the white house about how close this race is with the republican? >> reporter: yeah, david, no question they are going to be paying very close attention to this. this race will be an indication of how the president and his agenda is resonating with voters, especially moderate republicans.
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we'll be keeping a close eye as voters head to the polls tomorrow. >> mary bruce, thanks. to amy with a really unfortunate story. we had a similar case in the u.s., a muslim teen leaving a mosque. >> now an arrest has been made in the murder of a 17-year-old girl who was leaving a virginia mosque. nabra hassanen walking with friends when police say she got into some sort of dispute with a man in a vehicle. police say 22-year-old darwin torres attacked her with a baseball bat. her body was later found in a pond. overseas dramatic images from portugal where thousands of firefighters are trying to contain historic forest fires blamed for at least 62 deaths. many were burned in their cars while trying to escape down a road that's now being called death highway. and authorities in london have raised the death toll following that massive fire in a high-rise apartment building, 79 people are now confirmed dead as the recovery operation continues there. british officials say the
7:17 am
exterior siding may have been illegal. and there is some encouraging news about congressman steve scalise. his condition was upgraded from critical to serious over the weekend following last week's park shooting. doctors say he is more responsive and his twitter account included a father's day message saying steve's greatest joy is being a father. and finally, how young is too young to own a smartphone? a proposed ballot measure in colorado would ban the sale of smartphones for use by anyone under the age of 13. violators would face a $500 fine, supporters need to collect about 300,000 signatures to get the ban on the ballot. the guy who is proposing this is the founder of paus, parents against underage smartphones. what do you think? >> that might be a tough sell. >> i like that.
7:18 am
>> i want him to come over and try to take my kids' phones away. and now the big surprise at the u.s. open golf tournament this weekend, the winner, brooks koepka, well, he shot a record tying 16 under. that is what you call hot. it was his first major ever, first major win ever, and he's taking the trophy and he's going to give it to his dad bob for father's day. he said i didn't get him a card so i really hope this works. i'm sure dad will be happy. >> that's the seventh consecutive major won by a first-timer. >> i love that. makes it so much more exciting. >> great for the game of golf. >> it is. let's go back to ginger watching those two systems developing in the tropics. we're in hurricane season officially so it makes sense we see two areas of thunderstorms. this one here east of the yucatan peninsula has a good shot of becoming a tropical storm even later today. how much it interacts with that land mass of the yucatan tells us where it's going to go. southwest to houston is a longer-term model. a lot of it would be flooding and the other to new orleans to mobile.
7:19 am
i'll tell you more about this in a bit.
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coming up, what's next for bill cosby after that mistrial and his wife's statement. his attorney joins us live right here on "gma." and the summer dangers, two young people killed over the weekend after jumping into lakes' electrical currents. the warning for everyone coming up after the break. net 2 we all drive... some just for the fun of it. ♪ we rbut we are not victims.ack. we are survivors. we are survivors. we are survivors. and now we take brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack.
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[ melody stops ] got carried away. good morning from abc 7 mornings. we are tracking that fire that is making landscaping materials near i-680. the flames have been fueled by strong winds there, the firefighters will be out there through the morning and afternoon. how is that affecting traffic on 680. >> it's very slow past the scene. the surface streets of good year and lake herman may be closed until wednesday, until they let that back off. you can see the backup all the way to highway 80. 680 is the one being affected. it's not so much smoke, it's just that there's a lot to look
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good morning, i have good news for the coast in the san francisco bay, you're not in the heat advisory, and that's going to hang around until 9:00, for those of us that are 9:00 thursday even. even hotter, more dangerous weather in solano county. 50s at the coast, 70s at the bay. here's the reason it's not going to be quite as hot as it was yesterday. a little bit of that marine layer starting to come our way. if you're commuting, pretty good, on the water and on the roads it's going to be hot. a little bit of a break, especially to our inland neighborhoods tomorrow and wednesday. natasha. going inside the cosby mistrial. up next, his lawyer is speaking live to gma. we'll have an abc news update in about 30 minutes.
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join us for abc 7
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well thank you. free at at, even if you're not a customer. ♪ crazy right now welcome back to "gma." that is beyonce's hit "crazy in love" with her husband jay z and this morning, they've got a lot to be crazy in love with. there are reports that queen bey has given birth. >> amazing. just having done that. >> i know, right. >> well, in fact, we found out because her dad, the new granddad sent a congratulations message to blue ivy now a big sister and we have all those details coming up. i think he said something like they're here. >> gives it away. london police investigating a terror attack near a mosque overnight. after a man drove into a crowd of muslims gathered for ramadan injuring at least ten people. that suspect is now in custody. the prime minister saying this morning evil of this kind will
7:31 am
never succeed. and president trump is facing new questions about whether he's being investigated after the white house sent mixed messages, the president saying in a tweet that he was, then his administration going on tv saying he was not. and this morning, the president's senior adviser and son-in-law jared kushner is leading a tech summit in washington. the leaders of apple, amazon and more are expected to attend. a lot to get to this half hour. first new questions about bill cosby's future, the judge declaring a mistrial in his sexual assault case. prosecutors are now calling for a retrial. we're going to hear from bill cosby's attorney live right here on "good morning america" in a moment, but first linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: cosby's lawyer says he's concerned about his client's health and the toll this trial took on the soon-to-be 80-year-old, that is of little concern to the prosecutor who is already focused on the next trial. right after the mistrial
7:32 am
announcement he confidently told reporters the last time he retried a case after a mistrial was 1992 and he got a conviction. [ chanting ] >> reporter: this morning, bill cosby is a free man. raising his fist in victory after a judge declared a mistrial in his sexual assault trial. saturday after a jury of 12 remained deadlocked after more than 50 hours of deliberations. >> 52 hours of having 12 perfect strangers deliberate on your fate. has to be a strain the likes of which i can't even imagine. >> reporter: cosby's wife camille released a statement saying i am grateful to any of the jurors who tenaciously fought to review the evidence, which is the rightful way to make a sound decision. adding some harsh words for the district attorney, calling him heinously and exploitively ambitious and the judge overtly and arrogantly collaborating with the district attorney. after the decision, the district attorney immediately announced plans to retry the 79-year-old comedian. >> we're going to retry the case, i said it in court. there was no pause or hesitation about that and we're moving
7:33 am
forward. >> reporter: moving forward means the prosecution will likely revisit their initial petition to have 13 of the more than 50 cosby accusers testify in the retrial. >> a big part of the case is trying to establish a pattern on the part of bill cosby. we'll see if those witnesses testify. they may significantly impact the outcome in a second trial. >> reporter: as for jury selection, the media attention surrounding cosby's case is likely to be complicated. for his first trial cosby's lawyers requested the jury selection be moved 300 miles across the state of pennsylvania hoping to find unbiased jurors. while the judge has said he would like the retrial to begin within 120 days, the prosecutor has said that legally they have 365 days to retry cosby but he hopes to do it as soon as possible. david. >> i know you've been on the case since the start. we appreciate your reporting. brian mcmonagle, the criminal attorney for bill cosby, joins us live in a morning exclusive.
7:34 am
brian, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to start with camille's words over the weekend, bill cosby's wife. you heard linsey report she took on the d.a. calling him heinously and exploitively ambitious and calling the judge overtly collaborating with the d.a. are you at all concerned that those words from camille cosby could affect a retrial since you're dealing with the same judge? >> the judge who presided over our case did a remarkable job. balancing the needs of mr. cosby and the prosecution and more importantly the hardworking jurors that came 300 miles to hear our case. as we sometimes see, the people that are most affected by these cases, the families, don't have a great appreciation for our roles and what we do. i know that we were personally vilified during the trial and i think when you're looking at mrs. cosby, you're looking at a wife who believes that the system is unfairly treating her husband and victimizing her husband. i've seen this before. i've seen it again and i don't believe it'll have any effect on our trial.
7:35 am
>> brian, you heard the d.a. say we'll retry the case. there was no hesitation there. are you at all concerned that they'll try again with their original hope to have 13 of the accusers testify before the jury? >> you know, i think the judge took a great deal of time critically analyzed the law and came to an inescapable conclusion here that the law doesn't permit it. it doesn't permit unproven, old accusations to be used in a trial. the problem here is that's the very reason that we're here. the parties walked away from this case 14 years ago. and resolved the matter. we're only here because of those unproven accusations and i believe and i know in my heart that the judge will not reverse his decision and will give us a fair trial as he just did. >> brian, you said mr. cosby began this trial presumed innocent and he leaves that way adding there were no winners here. i'm curious, there were many accusers who came forward over the last year or two and many americans know bill cosby from "the cosby show," considered
7:36 am
america's dad at the time. what would you say to americans who looked and heard these stories and some who believe that he could be guilty here? how do they reconcile the two cosbys that they have come to know? >> what i would say to them is simply this, trust the system. right now, there's one accusation in a court of law and we've just had a trial. none of these accusations have ever been vetted. none have ever been put to the test or cross-examined and the one time that it has happened, fair-minded people couldn't come to a conclusion so i would say to them presume innocence and trust the system. >> and brian, what would you say to all those women who came forward? >> what i would say to all of mr. cosby's fans, and some of the folks on the other side of this, we have a wonderful criminal justice system in this country, trust it, believe in it, and i'm confident that if this case is retried he'll be acquitted. >> you said the judge, you heard that he asked the retrial within 120 days. are you ready and will you
7:37 am
defend bill cosby again in court if there is a retrial? >> if mr. cosby asks, then i will answer the call. but we are all just trying to get a little rest, recover, it was an agonizing process, jury deliberations were 52 hours so we're all trying to mend and heal and then we'll make some important decisions in the days to come. >> 52 hours, as you mentioned, those jurors certainly put in the time to deliberate the case. brian mcmonagle, defense attorney for bill cosby, brian, we do appreciate your time here this morning. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> all right, david. we'll move on. coming up in two minutes, that new warning about lake dangers after two young swimmers were killed by electrical currents in the water. you can ne and carmax will hold it for you up to seven days, for free. you come in when it's convenient i know this because i'm from seven days in the future. now don't be frightened, seven days in the future is a glorious place. after all you had two good hair days in a row... perfect.
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7:40 am
lake in georgia this morning with more details. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's a very hard thing to do, but experts say, if you see someone being electrocuted in the water the first thing you should do is cut off the power. you could save your life and a person you're trying to help. a devastated new jersey family is planning a funeral this morning for their 11-year-old daughter who was electrocuted over the weekend while swimming in their backyard. >> female, electrocuted. unconscious, breathing. >> reporter: 11-year-old kayla matos and two of her friends were playing on an inflatable raft in a backyard lagoon saturday night and swimming near this metal boat lift when they touched it. electricity from the lift went soaring through the children and into the water. the 11-year-old died at the hospital. her friends were shocked but not seriously hurt.
7:41 am
>> i'll go cpr now. >> get a backboard and stretcher out to the back. >> reporter: the day before a similar heartbreaking tragedy. this time in ohio, a 19-year-old was electrocuted after he jumped into the water to save his dad and dog who were both being shocked by an undetected electrical current. >> once that happened the wife that was still on the boat pulled out the shore plug that was connected to the boat and electric current that was in the water stopped. >> reporter: it's called electric shock drowning, usually caused by a short in the wiring of a charging line or a power source at a dock, marina and boat. we met this couple last year. their 15-year-old daughter carmen died the same way in alabama. her father and brother jumped in and almost died too. they hadn't yet turned off the power. >> when i grabbed the ladder i couldn't let go and i knew immediately what was happening. >> it's the worst feeling in the world not being able to move. >> reporter: and pools can be just as dangerous in this surveillance video from florida in 2014. a problem with wiring at the pool pump electrifies this metal railing and this girl touches it
7:42 am
and instantly goes limp. the man helping her is also shocked. they all survived. several states are calling for a number of changes including requiring circuit breakers near docks and requiring for electrical outlets that cut off when there's a short. robin. >> that would be great. you mentioned pools. are there anything that pool owners can do to be safer? >> reporter: absolutely. regular maintenance is important. also, make sure your pool's equipment and electrical wiring are inspected at least once a year. robin. >> all right, steve, thanks so much. michael. thank you, robin. coming up on our big board we're breaking down amazon's blockbuster move to acquire whole foods. how will it affect the way you grocery shop. we will talk about that when we come back in two minutes. have c? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts
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we are back now with our big board and we're breaking down
7:45 am
amazon's huge move to acquire the grocery chain whole foods and how its blockbuster 13.7 -- say it with me, robin. >> billion. >> -- billion with a "b" dollar deal will affect the way you shop and rebecca jarvis is here with us with all the details. you're back with all the details. you were here earlier. >> good to see both of you, michael and robin. this puts amazon on track to be one of the top five grocers in the country in the next five years. the company that completely changed retail is now taking aim at revolutionizing how we shop for food. it's the tech titan that just keeps on growing. amazon already a leader in online shopping furthering its aim at the way we get our food. last week putting in a $13.7 billion bid to acquire whole foods markets, looking to boost its stake in an industry it struggled with in the past. >> amazon has tried, they have amazon fresh. but they haven't really made a big push. they've been seen as being behind online in the grocery space.
7:46 am
>> reporter: amazon now taking direct aim at companies like walmart, one of america's biggest grocery sellers and other delivery grocery services like freshdirect and peapod and some industry experts say amazon's ceo has something other companies do not, an ability to cut costs. >> jeff bezos historically has done whatever it takes to really transform a business at the expense of profitability or quarter-to-quarter results. >> reporter: bezos' company which has already revolutionized the way we buy books, clothing and electronics online -- >> alexa, is it going to rain tonight? >> alexa, what's on my calender? >> alexa, turn the lights off. >> okay. >> reporter: and even by voice with their hot echo line. >> alexa, take a photo. >> reporter: now with its technology reaching for our refrigerators, many are wondering will the amazon giant soon dominate every aspect of our shopping. the deal also prompting some very funny reactions on social including this tweet referencing
7:47 am
amazon's ceo bezos. alexa, buy me something from whole foods. alexa, buying whole foods. bezos, oops. and then there was this one. all i can hope for is free prime delivery on my groceries from whole foods. but all kidding aside, this is a huge game-changer for groceries and seen amazon change the world. now they're aiming at groceries. >> someone also said i also spent $13 billion at whole foods. thank you rebecca. stay in tune. donny deutsch, we know it's a big story. amazon, when they sold books way back. >> i interviewed bezos in 2007 when he was just selling books and i remember during the commercial break he said, donny, i'm just getting started. the irony is he's just getting started now. i'll introduce ontail, retailing and online combined and basically what he's realizing and this is just the first category is you can combine the two.
7:48 am
you're going to see in this whole foods situation where people may be online buy their canned goods but there's issues when you want -- the touch factor when you want to buy meat and fish and things like that so the stuff is waiting for you when you come in but then you just get your perishables so all kinds of combinations and see this with pharmaceuticals to come. this is just the beginning. four out of ten dollars online goes to amazon. think about that. just about half of everything -- everything in this country is amazon. stunning. >> and, rebecca, they've always been on the cutting edge of technology. but a lot of people wondering and you kind of alluded to it earlier, how will it change the way you shop for groceries? >> and as donny points out this is a ceo, jeff bezos who is obsessed, obsessed and he continuously hammers this point home with all of his employees, obsessed with what the consumer wants and knowing what the consumer wants before they even know. so convenience. the biggest change you might see are in their stores. amazon go, for example, one of their stores is cashierless. you don't necessarily need to wait in a checkout line anymore.
7:49 am
they're completely reimaging that in-store experience. also you have alexa. now alexa, you can place your orders through alexa, get your groceries that way, and because they know what you want before you know it, you don't even necessarily have to place orders in the future. they'll deliver them to you in a matter of minutes. >> that's scary. >> every aspect. >> you know what's interesting, some people are saying a little worried. jeff bezos has a quote that says you will be irresponsible as a human being if you don't have shop through amazon. that's kind of a stunning set of words. they are -- the difference between this company and every other company before them they're not in the car business but the buying of stuff business and so you go, where does that go? and one day they buy nfl rights and it just doesn't stop. because you name whatever we do buy, think, consume, they can go in that business. >> how big is too big and at what point could people have concerns it could become a monopoly?
7:50 am
>> right now, it appears to be a good thing for consumers because they've driven down prices and made things more convenient. the other big question is workers, already this year retailer workers have been losing jobs by the thousands an forward for the whole economy. >> i have a stock tip for everybody out there. >> what's that? >> buy amazon. >> love it when you're both here. love that i'm going to be a guest on your podcast. >> looking forward it that. thank you, robin. >> this might come up. >> i think it should and maybe everybody has something. we'll talk about it there too. >> oh, we're helping each other out. coming up, a parenting alert. what your kids can do on the playground that may help boost their health and their grades. dr. ashton is here with that. and the real mvp, momma durant is here live in our last half hour. come on back. my 30-year marria. 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital,
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back here on "gma," first real big wildfire of the season hurting the horses here just west of reno, nevada. all that heat settled in and really already saw daily records broken in california over the r. we use the word torrid. look at it, 123, needles. yuma, 116 and number approach all-time records. our producer's flight was canceled to palm springs because of heat. that's right. that's right. all that coming up. shakes riding shotgun... whoa yeah. now, the world is your diner. that's right. all that coming up. with new denny's online ordering, get whatever you want, whenever you want, now wherever you want. order at
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good morning, do you like the heat? let's get over to mike nicco with the weather. >> if you don't, talk to him, right? >> exactly. >> hi, natasha, around the san francisco bayshore line and the coast, a little cooler today. a lot fewer records than we had yesterday. the rest of us, the heat advisory continues until 9:00 thursday, caution if you're going to be exercising, out and about, and staying cool. it's going to be hot, and that burning sunshine. uv index very high today. sue? >> we're going to the east shore freeway, ashby avenue. we had an earlier motorcycle down in the left lane. the backup remains. we have heavy and slow traffic all the way into the macarthur maze. we go to the south bay, we had an accident northbound 101, with a car resting up above on the
7:57 am
center divide. >> thank you so much, sue. can exercise improve your kids grades? dr. jen ashton has the results of some new research coming up next on gma. we'll have another update in ab
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, terrorist attack in london. muslims leaving a mosque, the target. a van ramming into worshippers. at least ten people injured. police racing to the scene. we are live with the latest. also this morning, a parenting alert. losing fat, boozing brain power on the playground. what's the connection between getting your kids to play and better grades. dr. ashton breaking it down. ♪ message of resilience. the school principal facing a devastating diagnosis head on using his illness as a lesson about life. how he's teaching all his students about moving forward and how hope can keep you going. ♪ 24 karat the real mvp. we're one-on-one with the woman kevin durant calls the secret to his success and his greatest
8:01 am
coach. she's his mom. wanda durant and she's here live. ♪ baby and hilary duff's creating sparks in times square and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. [ applause ] wow! monday morning crowd. looking good and it's lara's birthday. happy birthday, lara. >> by the way -- >> thank you. >> that couldn't wait. >> thanks, robin. thanks, guys. you matched your tie. >> you are finally legal. 21 years old. >> what is this drinking you speak of? >> i'll tell you what we can't wait to hear from kevin durant's mother wanda. such an inspirational woman, so inspiring to him and that's going to be awesome. >> it's what he said about her a
8:02 am
couple of years that really got me. once you hear the story you'll understand why he calls her the real mvp and sacrificed so much. >> she put her aspirations on hold and said she couldn't quit because if she was quitting on herself she'd be quitting on her kids. i have a story i want to share with all of you. an educator who is not letting his medical setback stop him in the most beautiful way. really looking forward to sharing it with you. >> i know you are. first we turn to amy with the morning rundown. good morning. we begin with that chaotic scene in london this morning. a van plowing through a crowd near a mosque. the driver arrested after people in the crowd held him down. authorities believe he did act alone and london's mayor calling this a horrific terrorist attack and is deploying more police across the city. terry moran is at the scene with the very latest. good morning, terry. >> reporter: this is where it happened in the north london community of finsbury park behind me around the corner is a local mosque and it was just
8:03 am
after midnight when a crowd of people were emerging from a late night prayer, a tradition in this holy month of ram doadan aa white van slammed into pedestrians. at least ten people hurt. eight still hospitalized. one man dead at the scene and police say it's unclear whether he was already in distress or whether this attack killed him. this is the fourth attack in great britain in the past several weeks and months. this time directed at muslims. ordinary british muslims emerging from their house of worship. amy. >> all right, terry, thank you. this morning, the russian government says it is alarmed that a u.s. fighter jet shot down a syrian warplane. the russians are calling it act of aggression. the pentagon says the syrian jet bombed american-backed rebels fighting isis. the coalition says it is not looking to fight the syrian regime or russia but will defend its forces. in response, russian officials said they will treat coalition planes in that area as targets. there are major
8:04 am
disagreements following the collision o and cargo ship off japan. seven american sailors were killed on saturday when the cargo ship slammed into the sleeping quarters of the "uss fitzgerald." the cargo ship's operator is denying evidence that indicates the ship had just made a u-turn. there is even a dispute about the exact time of the crash. president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner is heading to the middle east this week hoping to play the groundwork for a peace deal. kushner plans to meet separately with israel's prime minister and the palestinian president. and president trump's lawyer is insisting the president is not under investigation for possible obstruction of justice saying he has not been notified of any such investigation as the russia probe moves forward, the white house has until friday to inform congress about any tapes of the president's conversations with james comey. and finally when you stop to buy your morning coffee, are you in such a rush you forget to be
8:05 am
polite? apparently there are a lot of people who do that. coffee ordering has been so rude take a look at this sign. it's going viral. the owner was selling a small cup of cough foy for 1.75 but only if customers ordered it by saying hello and please. if they forget to say hello, they are charged $3 and if all they say is small coffee, they were charged 5 bucks. i don't know about you guys but i really like that a latte. >> we'll charge you for that. >> $10. >> that was good. as always. >> i love how she cracks herself up. every time. thank you. let's start the week off right. "pop news." >> "pop news," absolutely. good morning. we'll begin with reports this morning that beyonce and jay z have, in fact, given birth to their twins. it was actually beyonce who gave birth to the twins, no offense, jay z. there has been no official confirmation. we want to point out, but to
8:06 am
beyonce's dad may be the one who let the cat out of the bag or the twins out of the bag. sunday morning he tweeted they're here. happy birthday to the twin, love granddad. beyonce and jay z notoriously private about their personal lives. their reps have yet to comment but if it is true we know you are crazy in love with those babies. we wish you all the best. we have these waiting for you for when you are ready to share it with us. >> a little onesie. i have it upside down but you get the idea. so maybe congratulations to you guys. i hope everyone is okay. also, very important news. it is national lobster month. perfect time to let louis go free. louis the lobster, something of a celebrity in my homeland of long island. he's 22 pounds and experts think he might be over 130 years old. >> wow. >> louis has been living in a tank at pete's clam bar. i have met him for over two
8:07 am
decades. >> louis or pete -- ? that's another store. louis is at pete's clam bar. he is there and tempting them to try the lobster. he is more like a mascot or a pet but when a diner offered a thousand dollars to dine on the ole guy the owner said, you know what, best not to tempt fate any longer, let him live out his days in the wild. in a ceremony with the town supervisor to promote wildfire protection he was dropped back in the same waters where he was hatched or born back in 1885. and, amy, top this. it's a truly unshellfish act. >> she's downstairs but i can hear her coming. >> he's on the board. she's on the board. it's your birthday. we'll let it slide. finally in "pop news" the next time someone asks how you manage it all, kids, the work, i want you to think about this balancing act. a waiter in cancun who is my hero, famous for going -- he
8:08 am
foregoes the tray and carries drinks to appreciative diners with drinks on his head. the real trick isn't getting them on but getting them off his head and on the table and there it is in process. we call it mission margarita. almost complete and we want to say, everybody, happy margarita monday to you. that is "pop news." >> special delivery. >> special delivery. >> and then there's always someone who goes, i wanted mine with salt. >> go back. >> do that again. >> lara, thank you. new parenting alert. could time on the playground be key to improving your kids' grades. lara has an inspirational story about an educator using his health setback to teach and inspire his students. can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases.
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♪ for those who find a way. always unstoppable. i love how we say polite
8:13 am
applause. back now with the important new study on kids' health first reported in "the new york times" magazine about how getting your kids to exercise may help boost their grades. >> that's right. daily exercise has been shown to reduce an important kind of fat and could help your brain power so let's bring in dr. jennifer ashton who says this is the real deal. >> really interesting study. they looked at school-age children ages 8 to 10 about 400 of them divided them into two groups. half of them got five days a week about two hours a day of physical activity. moderate physical activity. you know, the kind you would get playing on a playground. the other half did their routine normal stuff. they did not change their diet. about half of the children in this study were overweight or obese and the findings were significant. the group that exercised not only lost weight which we expect, they lost that dangerous belly fat or visceral fat and those kids performed better on cognitive testing. again you expect the number on the scale to go down.
8:14 am
you don't expect the number on the test to go up and this study really points to that relationship between that dangerous visceral fat and the way our brains function. >> wow. do we know the mechanism that connects losing weight to -- >> we don't yet. that's the million dollar question but there are a couple of theories. number one that visceral fat, we heard exercise, even a little bit 20 minutes a day talking about for kids or teenagers increases powerhouse, mitochondria from our biology class and decreases body fat and fat is active and reduces inflammation also so all of these theories are being looked at. >> what suggestions do you have to parents to get their kids moving? >> oh, boy, everyone has to find what works for them. i think the first thing any parent or educator will say we have to lead by example. it's no longer sufficient to tell our kids you have to do this but we'll do something else. i think family contests based on activity is something that could be fun. you know, you could set a chart
8:15 am
and put on the refrigerator and give rewards to someone who wins. sports league, fitness classes, they're all over the place and i think it would be fun to do your own experiment in your own house and say we'll do this for a couple of hours a day, let's see, not only who loses weight and looks better but who does better in school. >> yeah. >> i think this is -- we'll hear a lot more about this type of research and the brain fat connection is just as important as what we look like. >> uh-huh. >> i love that, though. >> really important. >> coming up a remarkable story. how this educator is using his health setback to teach and inspire his students, lara will bring this story to us next. hi,. people ask why i switched to sprint. well, their network reliability is within 1% of the big guys. and they have the best price for unlimited among national carriers and... wait! are you watching this on the awesome iphone 7? you gotta get iphone 7 from sprint! and they'll give you a second one on them! what are you doing? go switch to sprint!
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back here on "gma" time for your "gma" moment. a little bit of positivity on a monday. how about we see jordan who is living life in just bubbles galore. ah. i'm telling you my son, the second you start blowing bubbles, life is good. i agree, jordan out in western illinois. send your "gma" moment to my facebook page, hopefully we
8:20 am
all right. we were talking about this before. i want to introduce you to a vibrant young teacher. less than a year ago he received some shocking news but he is determined to find a silver lining in a horrible diagnosis and it has everything to do with the kids. this is andrew niblock's morning routine. >> good morning. good morning, everyone.
8:21 am
>> the head of the country day. school. he is the one they know they can go to for anything. >> wow. >> i love mr. niblock because he's really nice, caring. >> he's always very happy. >> but what that looks like for the kids and andrew is changing and far more rapidly than he was ready for. just 11 months ago the 42-year-old husband and father of two was diagnosed with als, the exceptionally rare and incurable progressive disorder attacks certain cells in the brain and spinal cord making morning hellos and hugs harder to give. that doesn't mean he's going anywhere. >> i get to greet skipping, laughing children every day. >> what does that do for you? >> it energizes me, gives me
8:22 am
that sense of purpose. >> reporter: and rather than trying to conceal the changes to his speech and mobility. >> dear christina. >> reporter: -- andrew decided to use his illness as a lesson about life. >> i want children to understand curveballs. no matter what is thrown your way, something later because knowing me -- >> that would be great. >> andrew is also using his diagnosis to teach kids about this mysterious disease. >> als is not contagious. you can't catch it like a cold. >> reporter: creating age appropriate videos alongside the school's head master adam rodi. >> you want to arm with children, you can do something and make a difference and andrew
8:23 am
helped us do that. >> reporter: even taken a page from the als ice bukt challenge phenomenon. to inspire the kids and spread awareness. >> did you guys all learn about this disease in school this year. >> yes. >> yeah. it was probably helpful to understand what mr. niblock is going through, right? >> uh-huh. >> an avid runner and cyclist andrew is determined to keep moving forward. using his can do attitude to show up every single day at school with a smile. >> i have the best job in the world. there might be somebody out there who gets more hugs than i do during their workday but i'd like to meet them. >> what do you hope kids take away from your journey. >> hope is resilient. hope can drive you forward and i hope the kids see that.that.tha.
8:24 am
>> one, two, three. [ applause ] >> wow. >> hope is resilient. >> and kate told you. >> kate came home from school telling moo he about this video she had seen in school and obviously her understanding a little about als was impressive but her compassion talking about what she could do to help mr. niblock, i just thought there is a life lesson there and i really wanted to share that. he's so strong and so brave and just there 100% every day. >> roadblocks, that's going to be the example for all these kids. >> life throws you a curve for them to be able to -- he knew all the kids' names. >> every one of them. >> i was at the greenwich film festival and i know he got a big award. >> he did. it was fantastic named the greenwich film festival's game changer for this work in
8:25 am
teaching compassion. a lesson all of us can really learn from and raised over $100,000 for research and now the school has dedicated their fund-raiser, annual fund-raiser to andrew and it's all hands on deck. the kids are involved. the teachers, parents to again raise money for research and, jen, dr. jen is with us. i know that is critical. >> it's critical for any illness and any disease but particularly for lou gehrig's disease, als. there has been some good news and i think research feeds into this just last month the fda granted accelerated approval for the first als drug in 20 years. thought to be effective in about 30% of patients and slowing the progression of their symptoms. but as you guys can see in that video and you've mentioned this, it's like, robin, your mom said make your mess your message and that's what we're seeing here. he's teaching a legacy about living. >> about living and about hope. thank you. thank you, jen, for that positive information too about this disease. >> i know it has to be a lot as a parent.
8:26 am
>> yeah, you know what, it's -- we're lucky, so lucky to know him. >> and now we do too. we'll be right back. friday, emmy winners, grammy winners, little big town are rolling through your summer and heating up central park. >> hey, we're little big town. >> we'll see you in the park. >> announcer: only on -- >> "good morning america." >> presented by king's hawaiian. how would you like us to come to you and throw a summer block party for your friends and neighbors and wait for it, performing live, dierks bentley. >> the biggest block party of the summer. >> go to party to find out how to enter. >> let's get this party started. >> announcer: presented by king's hawaiian.
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we're still tracking a fire burning near venetia. this started just after 4:00 this morning at a landscaping company. it's been affecting traffic on 680. firefighters are going to be out there all day. no homes are threatened and no injuries so far. that's the good news, what about any potential bad news regarding this. >> the traffic through that area is very, very slow. mostly in the southbound direction. all slow, take a look at this, at the 17/880 interchange. that accident at 280/880 has been cleared. we had a car literally hanging
8:28 am
on the center divide. still slow at the pen
8:29 am
i thought we'd start off with a couple good thoughts this morning, the fact that you can see the bayshore and the coast not under a heat advisory. fewer if any record highs today. still, excessively hot in all those other areas in orange until 9:00 thursday night. the heat will make a resurgence thursday and cool through the
8:30 am
weekend. reggie? >> we're looking forward to that weekend then. another update robin, stop laughing at me. i can't beat the announcer. welcome back to "gma," everybody. we've got a great audience. >> we do. [ applause ] >> all the way from australia again like two days in a row from australia back there and we have a great audience. you got to bring out a great guest. >> absolutely. >> it's necessary. >> we deliver in we do. we'll bring out the very talented singer and actress. we all got to know her as lizzie maguire and all grown up starring in "younger" on tvland. please welcome hilary duff. [ applause ] >> hi. >> great to see you. >> hi. >> welcome. >> you're looking great,
8:31 am
hillary. >> hi. mwah. >> come on back. >> you know, we've got to start by apologizing to you. >> why? >> we have to -- >> we just started. >> i'm looking at the stuff you post on instagram and monday mornings are not for you according to what i'm looking at. >> there you go right there. >> nope. nope. nope. so how is your monday going so far? >> you know what, you guys, i've had enough coffee and i'm good. i'm good. i'm here, excited to be here with you guys. i didn't drink out of my nope cup this morning. >> i want to ask -- fourth season of "younger." congratulations. [ applause ] hasn't even started yet already picked up for a fifth season. congratulations. >> so lucky. >> really fun -- i love the premise about a 40-year-old woman who pretends to be 26 to
8:32 am
land a job, so many people binge this. just lover it. what do you think it is about this show that's so addictive? >> i think there's so many -- such -- like all women can relate. women of all ages and everybody can relate to wanting to reinvent themselves or feeling stuck or someone is not accepting you. this lie -- and telling a white lie. this is a little white lie that goes on too far and everybody can relate to that. like and just to get what you want and then it gets really tangly. so -- >> it's delicious. >> it is. >> delicious. it's the same creator of "sex and the city." >> which darren star is amazing. our whole writing team is amazing but he knows how to write for women and i think our show is really the perfect mix of tugging at your heart strings and a little too edgy where you're like, dad, don't watch that episode. >> you put us right to the edge then you bring us back. >> it's really a tale about friendship. there is love interests like weaving in and out but it's a tale of friendship between women. >> would you all like to see a
8:33 am
little clip of "younger"? here it is. >> this is the living room. we split the cable bill. that's the kitchen. there's always combos so help yourselves. and the bedroom. >> oh. >> my bedroom? >> no, it's a shared bed. we could make a pillow wall if you want. >> that expression. >> i feel your pain. >> i know. >> there wasn't enough to witness we lingered a little extra long for you. >> yeah. >> you have a birthday coming up. >> i do. >> you do. you're like -- >> nope, nope, nope, nope. you should be proud of your birthday. you've earned it. >> i'm super proud. i'm excited. >> and your son, when i read this about you, he's 5, right? >> yes.
8:34 am
>> he just realized you're hilary duff. >> yes. >> what was that like? >> oh, you know what, he came home from school. i picked him up from school and when he got home, he is like, i know -- i know your name and i was like, i know. and he's like, no, no, your name is hilary duff and i'm like, caught. like i didn't know how to respond. i'm like, yeah, that is my name but he said it with a little fwlints in his eye like somebody told him something that i isn't and i'm like, no, i'm not ready for this yet. he's seen me on the cover of a magazine in a grocery store. i think he thinks the next day it's the next mommy's turn. >> lizzie maguire, you recently tweeted about the show. do you miss it? >> no. i don't. i don't but i loved it and honestly it prepared me for so much and, you know, i think just like everyone else that it like hit him when they needed it to
8:35 am
at that time of their life. it did the same thing for me like i totally related to her -- i felt like i was her completely and i love that she -- >> totally worked. >> she was so relatable but i'm kind of glad to move on. >> you did have a bit emoji. >> how good. i posted the other day saw like a meme on the internet. i'm like, i didn't even realize but i had the first bit emoji. i wish i could make mine look like that. those platfors. >> and you know what, i know your name. >> our birthday is coming up. any big plan. >> yes, so it's the big 3-0. i can't believe i'm 30. [ applause ] i know. you know what, everyone tells me it's amazing so i'm excited and i want to take a girls trip to europe like all my friends. >> that sounds so good. >> everything. >> you enjoy it. >> thank you. you only turn 30 once. get it in. >> and then it's 40. >> ah. >> season four of "younger"
8:36 am
premieres june 28th on tvland. make sure you check it out. coming up, kevin durant's mom wanda. there she is, beautiful woman. she's here live.
8:37 am
[ light music playing ] you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for.
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but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. we are back now with mark wahlberg who has taken on the big screen in the new "transformers: the last knight" movie and i recently sat down with him to talk about the film,
8:39 am
fatherhood and football. thank you for coming and doing this for me. >> my pleasure. >> "transformers," big fan, been watching them forever but this "transformers" now, this is not the "transformers" that we've seen in the past. >> no, no. >> no, i mean even when people see the spots and see optimus has gone rogue -- >> forgive me. >> -- people are going crazy. >> for you it's physical because i saw the scene room roll. what was that about? >> you know, that's my worst part of making "transformers" is most of the time you're in a harness and you're stretched to these cables and somebody is yanking you somewhere or flipping you around. that's the thing i hate the most and we worn harnesses quite a bit. >> one thing i love about you your posts with your four kids and you just posted something to congratulate mikey on his
8:40 am
football season. you got to be proud if my wife now who was really nervous about him playing football is now like i can't wait to sit at the nfl draft and watch them get picked. let's have a backup plan. no, no way. we're going to the nfl draft if maybe in the draft he gets drafted by the giants. how you feel about that? >> you know what, i'd be okay with that. i'd be okay with that and put a giants hat on? we got it on camera. i'm going to talk to the giants. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> what is the greatest or the best gift you've gotten for father's day? >> just the cards, the cards that they wrote for me and that my wife wrote for me before i left to come here and then i was like the next day, you know what, i'm taking the kids to school before i go even i'm going to be late to travel to spend more time with them and them just telling them they love me and saying i'm the best dad ever. i know they mean it and that's like having a 13-year-old daughter.
8:41 am
it's tough. it's hard going through it, but, you know, at the end of the day when she says she loves you, that means the most. >> happy belated father's day to mark wahlberg and all the great fathers and his movie "transformers: the last knight," it opens wednesday and now we'll go outside to ginger. >> oh, on a steamy morning here. i want to say hello to brady. he's from charlotte, north carolina, and you're leaving this evening? >> yes. >> leaving this evening before the storms. look at the severe storms forecast, brady. i think you may just make it out since you're leaving late afternoon. damaging wind is the main thre >> this weather brought to you by osteo bi-flex.
8:42 am
robin, the crowd out here is on fire. >> oh. how happy am i. the real mvp, wanda durant, the mother of superstar kevin durant. you know, she put so much of her life on hold as a young single mother who raise her two sons and now she's going to share her story and we're going to speak to her in just a moment. you looking good. >> i try. thank you. >> the warriors are nba champions. >> reporter: a mother's dream for her son coming true in this moment. >> you're finals mvp. kevin durant. >> we did it. i told you when i was 8 years old, we did it. >> reporter: kevin durant, celebrating his first nba title with the golden state warriors. >> it's good. >> reporter: his mother always there by his side. it's a sight familiar to fans. magnified in 2014 by kevin's
8:43 am
emotional mvp acceptance speech. >> we weren't supposed to be here. you made us believe. you kept us off the street. when you didn't eat, you made sure we ate. you went to sleep hungry. you the real mvp. >> reporter: today wanda shares her message of encouragement with others to believe in yourself and never give up. [ applause ] i love how you're smacking him. >> well, i was kind of lost in the moment there. >> tugging on his goatee. >> i didn't even realize i did it -- i was like, wow. >> what was that moment like for you? >> it was -- i felt fulfilled as a mom. when he gave the speech and he talked about me in the speech a few years ago, i felt like he got it. he understood why i was the type of mother that i was but -- >> demanding, right? >> yes, i was. sometimes a little psychotic but at that moment i felt like he --
8:44 am
i was fulfilled as a parent because it was like all the hard work really paid off. >> how did you help him, wanda, both on and off the court? >> on the court i would -- i was very demanding. in practice and workouts, the coach would say, kevin, do 25 push-ups and i would come in with my flippant attitude and say, do 250 and -- he would look at me like how dare you but he had so much respect for me that he wouldn't dare talk back and so i just told him how to go beyond what was required and always dig deeper. >> we heard in his acceptance speech in 2014 when he was the league mvp and such an emotional moment and saying, like there were times that you didn't eat so they could eat. the sacrifices that you made as a single mother to your two boy, tony and kevin. and there are other parents that have gone through or are going through difficult times. how did you get through it and what's your advice to them to help them get through those
8:45 am
difficult times. >> well, i was determined early on as a young mother that i was going to be present with my children. i was going to be engaged and it didn't matter what i had to sacrifice for their success. i knew i wanted different for them. i had learned from my mom the sacrifice for her family and so that's what i did but i wanted them to live their dream. i wanted them to set a goal for themselves and not just live life as a survivor but as a thriver. >> i love that, yes, as a thriver. as you put it, you know, if you -- there had to have been times that you wanted to quit but if you quit that would be quitting on your kids. >> there were several times that i wanted to quit but the look in their eyes kept me going and i just couldn't be a quitter. no matter how hard it was, i couldn't be a quitter for them then i learned later on i couldn't quit for myself. >> right. >> that i was important too. >> and i know you want to share what you have learned and what you have caught your children to help others that are in a
8:46 am
similar situation. we reached out to people on twitter and on social media and asked them questions and angela who is a dear viewer of our program she said, i'd love to hear momma durant's advice to parents/families on three ways she built motivation and hard work into their son's life? >> primarily it started with me. i accepted a responsibility of a parent. i knew that it was important and vital for that foundation to be successful men. and then i decided that my life was secondary. their lives was the most important so i was engaged, i was involved. i was present. i was what you would call a hovering mother. i was always there. so i knew who their friends' parents were. i wanted them to be around people, children whose parents had like values as mine. the men i had in their lives was very important to me and then i required them to set goals. academically and future goals. >> i'm glad you said
8:47 am
academically as well. t. johnson, how can parents notice and nurture potential in their young people. i know kevin early said i want to be a pro basketball and you sent him away and said, son, think about it. he came right back. >> he came right back, yeah. being engaged with your children helps you to identify characteristics for certain professions or certain hobbies or interests. and it just happened to be basketball for us and so i think just being engaged, you'll be able to identify the artistic characteristics in your child, the academic prowess in the athletic ability and able to identify if you're there and present so that's what i would suggest. >> now it's wanda time. >> yes. >> i love that. you've done the work. >> yes. >> very deserving of that ena love like your son you want to share with others, wanda durant, momma durant, it's wonderful to be in your presence. wish you all the best. there's more to her story.
8:48 am
stay tuned. that's what -- wanda time. coming up breakout stars, lipa here
8:49 am
8:50 am
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good monday morning to you, i'm reggie aqui. let's check out our weather. 25ez going to be hot once again. >> it is, reggie. especially these areas in orange. noticen the san francisco bay and the coast, good news, fewer if any record highs. the excessively hot stuff will be up in solano county. 83 in brentwood. our hottest day moving forward, thursday. >> we have a lot of slow traffic out there, if you're headed to the bay bridge, metering lights turned on at 5:20 this morning. car pool lanes breezing in. this is 101. the slow cars headed in the northbound direction at 880. time now for "live with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan." our reporting always continues on our news >> announcer: it's "live with kelly & ryan"! today, nba superstar dwyane wade. and from the series "broad city" and the new film "rough night," ilana glazer. plus, your questions and comments on another edition of the inbox. all next on "live." [upbeat music] ♪ and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> kelly: oh, what, what? [cheers and applause] hi, hi. hi, gorgeous. thank you. thank you. hi, there. hi. [cheers and applause] hi.


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