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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 13, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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for sandhya patel and all of us here, we'll see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye. tonight, the attorney general in the hot seat. jeff sessions before congress and the american people. the combative moments. sessions pressed on meetings with the russians. grilled on that moment in the oval office when the president asked everyone to leave except for james comey, and he's asked? ea> also breaking tonight, the r . in a coma for more than a year. the urgent manhunt in this country. armed and dangerous, two escaped prisoners on the run. accused of killing two prison guards. the invisible danger. dozens of people sickened. the first warning sign -- a woman collapses. then others fall ill. emergency teams rushed to the scene. and the major break, the err two daughters from college, and another couple in their home. tonight, the takedown.
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good evening, and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy tuesday night. and we begin with atrney general jeff sessions, on capitol hill, under oath. he said he would defend his honor, calling any claims that he colluded with russia a, but he was also pressed about meetings with russians and that encounter in the oval office. enwh the attorney general and everyone else in the room was asked to leave by the presidenta s ptcoceexmey. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas leading us off. >> reporter: in front of the cameras, and the american pelensatn , totheye hornt seat. >> do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you god? >> i do. epsa>>ying he recused himself f the russia investigation from the very start because he was on the trump campaign. >> i recused myself from any investigation into the campaign for dino
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idcuespr mysenelbuf frt om defe honor against false and scurrilous allegations. reporte repeatedly pressed about any meetings wthh itssrue aia as a member of the trump campaign. in particular, a possible third meeting he never acknowledged. was to speak, and the russian mp ambassador was there. >> if any brief interaction occurred in passing wihe d tthi reception, i do not remember ito usion that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country, which i have servewion hthor for 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of ouremc tira process is an appalling and detestable lie. >> reporter: pressed further, s video of the ambassador at the event. >> in fact, i recently saw a video of him coming into the room. >> but you never remember having
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a conversation or a meeting with ambassador kislyak? >> i do not. orilep rd sser:tessions on ints between fired fbi director james comey and the president. that meeting in the oval office when the president asked everyone, includinang thkee ptay there alone. >> we were there. i was standing there. and without repeating any conversation that took place. >> reporter: sessions was then asked about what comey told congress and the country. that during the one-on-one meeting with the presideo ntsy on former national security adviser michael flynn. >> i believe it was the next da expressed concern about being left alone with the president. but that in and of itself is not problematic. >> reporter: later sessions signed on to the recommendation that james comey be fired. his reason? how comey handled the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, even though the president said
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on network tv russia was on his mind when he fired comey. >> so, do you concur with the presidenattht wae hins daon? >> senator feinstein, i'll let his words speak for themselves. >> you had no verbal conversation with him about the firing of mr. comey? >> i'm not able to discuss with you or confirm or deny the nature of private conversations >> reporter: sessions repeatedly protecting any conversations he had with the president. >> ielie themerican people have had it with stonewalling. >> i am not stonewalling, i'm following the historic policies of the department of justice. >> has the president invoked executive privilege, in the case of your testimony here today? >> he has not. >> reporter: one republican senator outraged at the line of questioning. any
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situations heard of a plot line so ridiculous that a sitting united states senator andert colluded at an open setting with hundreds of other people to pull off the greatest caper in the history. >> thank you for saying that, senator cotton. >> it's through thee l looking glass >> reporter: and then very bluntly, sessions is asked, did russia interfere with our presidential election? >> dve the russians interfered with the 2016 lio elu ectiyoons?be >> it appears so. >> reporter: sessions is then asked about whether he had meetings with a russian businessman or other russians -- >> i need you to be honest. >> i'm not able to rush this fast, it makes me nervous. >> pierre with us longstanding justice department policy he was talking about when he repeatedly said he couldn't thare convtisaerwis on and whether that policy was in writing. pierre, republican senator marco rubio asking very bluntly is the president recording conversations? take a listen. >> do you know if the president records conversations in the oval office or anywhere in the white house?
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>> i do not.ete asyou this, if fact any president was to record conversations in their official preserve those records?se, would >> i don't know, senator rubio. probably so. >> so, pierre, when will we learn if those tapes exist, will the ag provide that longstanding policy he cited that protects conversations with the president? even if the president hasn't invoked executive privilege. >> david, the white house said they'll soon give answer whetr the tas ext anons the attorney general said he'll give additional answers about that longstanding policy. david. whd anrre, our thanks to you. jeff sessions was testifying on capitol hill, president trump was on a road trip to talk about jobs in this country, but following him all the way to tonight, is the president now considering firing special prosecutor robert mueller who is now overseeing the russia investigation? here's abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega.
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>> reporter: in the white house today, president trump ignoring the question. >> thank you. >> should robert mueller be >>nk vmu >> reporter: that after his close friend chris ruddy, a conservative media mogul and abc president is indeed contemplating firing the man leading the investigation into possible ties between his campaign and russia. >> i think he's considering perhaps terminating the special l.seun i think he's weighing that option. >> reporter: but the white house is pushing back, saying ruddy nesdootpe s house speaker paul ryan jumping to robert mueller's defense. >> i think the best thing to do is to let robert mueller do his job. >> reportesitlre pfi trentde mu himself, but he could instruct his deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to do so. but today, on capitol hill, seintensd ai sth's >> i appointed him. i stand by that decision. i think it was the right thing to do unr toose efcienrcd umths integrity of that investigation.
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>> reporter: even if there's a direct order from the president. >> have you seen any evidence of good cause to fire special counsel mueller? >> no, i haven't. >> and cecilia, there's also breaking news on the effort to alpeep rnd congressional sources saying, the president told senate republicans that the bill passed by the house was quote, mean, this according to the ap late today. what have you learned he tom white house on this front? >> david, the president also said that the bill the senate is working on should be "more generous." tonight, david, from the white here are telling me they won't private conversations that they may or may not have happened. >> all right, cecilia, the senate version, the president is hoping i quote, mo next to the other major headline at this hour, the american student on his way home right now.
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captivity by the north koreans, otto warmbier sentenced to 15 years hard labor. for crimes againstorof nfense,t poster to take home as a souvenir. his parents have been begging for his return. and since then, learning just last week that, their son had been in a coma for more than a year. here's terry moran. >> reporter: this afternoon, the medevac plane bringing otto back to t down in alaska, en route home to cincinnati. his 17-month nightmare in norts lea asrekoe coming after secret talks in oslo between u.s. and north korean officials and the revelation last week that he's in a coma. alleganith this incident. captured on north korean security camera video. warmbier allegedly trying to steal a propaganda poster like this one at a hotel he was
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staying at. the 30-year-old college student was quickly arrested. his stunt considered a serious crime in that repressive country. when he was brought to court ave theea w theorst mistake of my life. but, please, you have to save me. >> reporter: but the north koreans showed no mercy. he was sentenced in 2016 after a trial that lasted an hour. 15 years of hard labor. >> please save my life. please think of my family. >> reporter: his parents, after a year of keeping a low profile, went on "fox & friends" last month. yo otto, we love you. areu'n az hang in there, tiger boy, you're coming home. >> reporter: today, secretary o warmbier's release. >> at the president's direction the department of state secured thhae release of otto warmbier from north korea, he's on his way home to be reunited
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with this family. >> reporter: all this bizarrely as dennis roan arriv in north korea. >> open the door, that's it. >> reporter: some speculated that rodman, in his release, but the state department flatly denied it. >> terry, the state department saying late today rodman's visit had, quote, nothing to do with this release. meanwhile, the plane is expected to land back home in ohio. >> he's expected to arrive in ohio late tonight. and be taken immediately to the university of cincinnati medical center. his family released a statement today, saying in part, we want the world to know how we and our son have been brutalized and terrorized by the pariah regime. wivid.rry moran
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th us. >> terry, thank you. we turn next here at home, the desperate manhunt going nationwide tonight. two inmates in georgia overpowering the guards. the inmates getting awn iay ol officials now warning they're armed and dangerous. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: georgia authorities tonight tell that the inmates who got away after murdering two prison guards are out running around with 40-caliber glocks and could kill again. >> they need to surrender before we find 'em. i saw two brutally murdered what ico secaw. i have their blood on my shoes. >> reporter: putnam coty r pothese two fugitives -- 43-year-old donnie rowe and 24-year-old ricky dubose, both say one of them is a member of the ghost faced gangsters, a white supremacist prison gang. >> there's a deputy on the i'ene.
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>> reporter: the bus ride, from where they escaped earlynds hias moving 33 inmates from one prison to another. police say the two men broke through a locked barrier in back, and attacked prison transfer sergeants, christopher monica and curtis billue. dasta families tonight. they were killed with one of their own guns. >> be advised, they carjacked a white male in a n eegra ndho >> reporter: police are looking for this green honda. late this afternoon, they believe theykee ro bd o chnt ia clothes. david. >> steve, thank you. and next to a chaotic and new york city, after reports of a carbon monoxide leak. injured, onepeople critically. and the first clue that came in, the woman who collapsed in front of evez e.on the scene tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a scare in one of new york's busiest neighborhoods. as carbon monoxide in a building just three blocks from the world trade center began seeping through the floors. those inside, overcome, escaping outside and laying down on the
5:44 pm c tirhe >> in the first floor of the basement people were passed out and people were out on the reet at at time. >> reporter: 32 sickened in all, as authorities rushed in to contain the emergency. this 65-year-old store manager with leukemia carried six people on his shoulders up two flights of stairs. >> i had to go back downstairs therwerewo lies ill downstairs and luckily i was able to bring them upstairs. >> reporter: it all began at 8:22 a.m. 911 callers initially believing this package, which had been opened near the leak, caused people to collapse.t the bomb s package.bu >> we found a defective boiler down in the basement with some kind of broken pipe that was producing the co. >> reporter: and david, those 32 people are recovering tonight, they're expected to be okay. officials say carbon monoxide levels here were so high, they r just two or three breaths. david. >> gio benitez with us. gio, thank you. and next tonight, the heat wave closing schools in the east.
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a tornado watch also in effect. more than 30 reported tornadoes in the past 24 hours. this one destroying a building in southeast wyoming. let's get to meteorologist rob marciano tracking it all for us. rob, good evening. >> reporter: hi, david, just sizzling here in the northeast. 99-degree record high in newark england through the ohio valley. that larger system that brought the storms yesterday, will prove for an active evening across the plains in nebraska and south dakota. that all moves to the east. bigger cities under the gun, chicago, st. louis, kansas city, they'll stay hot through the week. the cool do. vihed.rtnollaswit >> all right, we're waiting for rob marciano, our thanks to you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday -- the alleged murder spree. the major break. a mother and her two daughters found dead and another couple killed as well. >>in the texting suicide trial. the young woman who was in high school at the time, accused of urging her boyfriend in a text
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and if you have had tb, or are prone to infections. needles. fine for some. but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". next tonight, the takedown i the suspect wanted in the deaths of a mother and her two daughters home from college, now linked to the murder of another couple as well. here's abc's alex perez. ge reporter: tonig, or brinkman behind bars, suspected of killing five people after a puzzling murder mystery that has investigators hunting for police say 71-year-old rogell john and his wife roberta had v. when their son couldn't reach them, he came to the house to b on the floor, and neither one of them is responding. >> reporter: police say brinkman was house sitting for them and
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had also dated their daughter. >> he was the house sitter for . we started making a connection. >> brinkman was already a person of interest in the gruesome murders of suzanne taylor and e r er. all three women tucked in one bed. brinkman and suzanne taylor were longtime acquaintances. police connecting the dots, moving in on brinkman, who barricaded himself in a nearby home. after a nine-hour standoff, s.w.a.t. finally subduing him with a stun gun. taking him to a hospital. brinkman in that ambulance, in custody. the suspect was actually facebook mngingisathh atit w st. investigators now trying to pinpoint a possible motive here. david. >> alex, thank you. when we come back -- brtekixteaing suicide trial, th young couple. also, the major shake-up at uber tonight. we'll have news after the break. we'll have news after the break. uber tonight. we'll have news after the break.
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the comedian arriving today without his wife camille. jurors today asking the judge to read back several parts of his 2005 deposition. including what he said about the pills he gave his accuser andrea constand. the texting suicide trial in n ie acssmahuttses judge's hands. michelle carter in high school at the time, accused of texting her boyfriend conrad roy, encouraging his life.hie toak t the defense claims she urged him to get help, the judge will now decide the verdict. that wrong-way chase on the highway, police in centerville, ohio, receiving calls of a woman driving in reverse, on i-675 during rush hour.nta barricade. she then cuts across the grass median, the police tonight defending the decision to k pb safety she crashed a short time later. and the major shake-up at uber, ceo travis kalanick taki indefinite leave following an internal investigation. leaving sweeping changes witn
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♪ little boy blue and the man in the moon ♪ ♪ when you comin' home, dad? i'll be home in ten ♪ ♪ and we'll get together then. ♪ ♪ you know we'll have a good time then. ♪ finally tonight here, america strong. the mvp and his mom.toer -- we . >> the warriors are mvp -- nba champions! >> reporter: the warriors celebrating but kevin durant had his eye out for someone else -- his mother. >> look at me. we did it. >> reporter: right there with his mother. >> i'm proud of you. >> reporter: his night was about to get even sweeter.
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>> your finals mvp, kevin durant! >> we did it. i told you when i was 8 years old, we did it. >> reporter: his mother, a single mom, raising two sons, working several jobs to make ends meet and when he was named the 2014 mvp -- >> you made us believe, you kept us off the street, clothes on our back, food on the table, when you didn't eat you made sure we ate. you're the reamvp! >> powerful words. thanks for watching here on a tuesday night. i'm david muir, i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night. for watching here on a tuesday night. i'm david muir, i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
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