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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 5, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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they were treated. we appreciate your time and we will tonight, breaking news. the deadly rampage inside an american workplace. a fired employee, an army vet, returning to work and shooting co-workers, authorities say, singling them out. we're on the scene. new images tonight. the terror attack in london. the restaurant manager getting people inside, closing the doors and then trying to hold the door as the men with machetes try to push it open. what we've now learned about the attackers. the pash cue just days prior. the young father with a baby born just last week. the president's tweets. taking aim at the london mayor, our correspondent asking the white house today, why is he picking a fight with london's mayor right after a terror attack? the trial begins. bill cosby and the tv daughter who walked him in today. and the medical emergency behind the wheel. the husband in the next car over and what he does.
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we have two developing stories. new images from inside the london terror attack and the attackers. but first, the horror playing out in this country. a fired worker, an army vet returning to the place he once worked, just after his former workers showed up for their shift. he slipped in the back door. abc's steve osunsami is on the scene, in orlando, leading us off tonight. >> reporter: sheriff deputies in orlando tonight are calling what happened inside this local business an execution. >> i don't want to make it too gruesome, but most of the victims were shot in the head. some were shot multiple times. >> reporter: they make awnings here for rvs and campers, and just as workers were starting their day, police say 45-year-old john neumann stormed through the back of the building with a semi-automatic pistol in his hand, knives in his pocket and revenge on his mind. he was fired here in april, and police say he was singling out
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his former managers and other victims, gunning them down one by one. >> caller heard multiple gunshots. shooter still on the scene. >> reporter: 46-year-old kevin lawson is just one of the five people who won't be going home tonight. eight others made it out alive, some families members are seen here. this woman was waiting to find her sister. >> she saw one on the floor is all she said, and she kept saying, "my boss is dead." >> reporter: neumann was a troubled man, a veteran who police say was arrested for beating someone at this very same business three years ago. charges were not filed. witnesses say he turned his gun on himself when he heard the sound of police sirens. >> and steve osunsami with us live tonight from orlando. steve, both the atf and the fbi responding to the shootings today. >> yes, david, they were here today. because earlier, there were concerns that this was terror related. right now, there's a large police presence outside this man's home. they're hoping they can find some explanation as to why he
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came here shooting. david? >> steve osunsami, thank you. we also have new images this evening from inside the terror attack in london. a clearer portrait of what happened there. people running for their lives. three attackers using that van to plow into pedestrians. and then jumping out of the van armed with knives. and this new surveillance video tonight, showing a restaurant manager holding the door there on the left, as the attackers are pushing from the outside, armed with their knives trying to get inside. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran from london tonight. >> reporter: tonight, newly released security camera video reveals the traumatic moments of terror up close. watch as this restaurant manager hustles people inside. they barricade the door. they close the front windows. one woman peering out, sees the attackers, turns and runs. the manager lets more people in. watch. you can see the attackers approach, trying to enter, a terrifying tug-of-war begins as the manager guards the doorway
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and forces the door shut, just as one of the machete-wielding attackers tries to get in. a second angle shows the manager holding the door as the attacker pushes. patrons eventually peeking outside to see if all is clear. and this -- [ gunshots ] >> i'm trying to keep myself safe. >> reporter: this photographer gabriele sciotto caught outside, as the police opened fire on attackers. other officers move in. people fleeing the scene. those moments coming during the 18 minutes of terror that seemed an eternity. at 9:58 p.m., the attack begins, that white van runs off the london bridge. starts ramming pedestrians. at the south end of the bridge, three men with long knives get out and start slashing and stabbing people. at 10:08 p.m., police are called to the scene. and by at 10:16, all three suspects are dead. their phony suicide vests failing to keep police at bay. 50 shots fired by 8 officers.
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today the people of london walked back to work on that very bridge amid a show of force by police across the center city and new barricades protecting the sidewalks on several bridges. and we're learning more about the victims. 30-year-old canadian chrissy archibald, who died in her fiance's arms after being struck by the white van. her family releasing a statement urging people to volunteer at a homeless shelter, as a tribute to her. london mourned them all today. at a vigil in potters field. mayor sadiq khan, the first muslim elected to the office, hurling defiance at the terrorists. >> as a proud and patriotic british muslim, i say this, you do not commit these disgusting acts in my name. >> reporter: many here expressing the wound this whole city has suffered. >> it's not just the victims. it's everyone else.
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it's the whole community. >> reporter: british prime minister theresa may saying this. >> we can't go on as we are, enough is enough. >> our chief foreign correspondent terry moran joining us tonight. and terry, prime minister may was pressed today asked if these three terror attacks in just the last three months were in fact related? >> reporter: and david, she said they are not linked by a common network but they are bound together by what she called a single, evil ideology of islam extremism. she added in a comment that adds draw praise and criticism. there's far too much tolerance for extremism in britain. david. >> terry moran live in london. terry, thank you. as you know, terry, we also have new video of the attackers before the attack, a broadcast that included one of the three attackers. he's seen in a tv documentary expressing his extremist views. so, how did british authorities take their eyes off of him? and tonight, we learned he had a newborn. his wife delivering in recent
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days. here's abc's brian ross. >> reporter: authorities tell abc news tonight that the attackers, seen in this video in the midst of their terror rampage, were led by a man known to police for years as a potential threat. >> we always ask ourselves should we have known and could this have been prevented. >> reporter: it was just last year that the ringleader butt was featured in a documentary aired on the british channel 4 about a group that openly campaigns for strict sharia law, here praying before the black flag of islam, and then getting into a confrontation with police. of the some 3,000 people authorities considered active threats, this group is among the most extreme. >> the members of this network which number probably around in the hundreds are on the more dangerous end of the spectrum. >> reporter: a second attacker was identified today as rachid redouane, of libyan or moroccan descent. both men come from this east
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london neighborhood, where police arrested at least 12 people. neighbors said butt, the father of a toddler and a newborn, of pakistani descent, held a backyard barbecue that some now say seemed like a farewell gathering. other neighbors told abc news they called police butt was making against nonmuslims. >> in the name of allah, we believe, i'm even ready, if i have to, even to kill my own mother if she comes against allah. >> reporter: authorities tonight say the three men had been waiting for several months to carry out their attack. and that their decision to act was triggered by this message posted by isis just hours earlier, urging followers to attack during the holy month of ramadan with vehicles, guns and knives. >> that's the question, were they responding to that message? isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. brian with us now, do investigators believe they were
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in fact inspired by isis? >> they don't know for sure. we do know the leader of the london group that attacker belonged to, is now in syria, playing a rom innocent role with isis. >> all right, brian ross and your team will stay on it. meanwhile, president trump sparking controversy with his twitter storm after the london attack, blasting london's mayor. tonight, our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl asking the white house, why pick a fight with london's mayor right after a terror attack there. >> reporter: the white house today is defending the president's tweets attacking the mayor of london. why is the president picking a fight with the mayor of london right after his city was hit by a terrorist attack? >> i don't see that the president is picking a fight with the mayor of london at all. >> reporter: but less than 24 hours after the attack, the president tweeted, "at least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and mayor of london says there is 'no reason to be alarmed!'" and just this morning, the president accused the mayor of offering a "pathetic excuse" for his words. in fact, the president took london mayor sadiq khan out of
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context. here's what he actually said. >> londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days, no reason to be alarmed. one of things the police and all of us need to do is to make sure we are as safe as we possibly can be. >> reporter: the mayor also warned the threat level remains severe. >> severe means an attack across the country is still highly likely, and so we have all got to be vigilant. >> the president directly misrepresented what the mayor of london said. >> i don't think that's actually true. i think that the media wants to spin it that way. >> reporter: you think the mayor was saying there's no reason to be alarmed by an attack on his city. you think that's what he's saying? >> look, i think the point is, there is a reason to be alarmed. >> reporter: and today, this from the mayor. >> i really don't have time to respond to trump -- to tweets from donald trump. we aren't going to let anybody, whether it's donald trump or anybody else to divide our communities. >> reporter: the president is also using the attack to reignite the debate over his travel ban, now tied up in the courts tweeting this morning --
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"the justice department should have stayed with the original travel ban, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to the supreme court." but he is criticizing his own justice department, and a so-called watered-down travel ban that he himself signed. >> jon live at the white house. tonight, and now a prominent conservative married to white house counsel kellyanne conway is also asking the president to stop tweeting about legal issues? >> george conway is a respected conservative lawyer. he is also a supporter of the president. he's practically pleading with the president to stop tweeting. saying his tweets quote, seriously undermine the president and the administration. david. >> married to white house counselor kellyanne conway. thank you, jon. congress back to work after a break with that major showdown looming. former fbi director james comey set to testify thursday with the meetings with president trump and the memos he kept. about the meetings before he was
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fired. will president trump try to stop him, invoking executive privilege? well, tonight, we now have answer on that from the white house and abc's mary bruce on the hill. >> reporter: tonight, that blockbuster testimony from the fired fbi director is moving forward. the white house now says definitely president trump won't try to block him. >> president trump will not assert executive privilege regarding james comey's scheduled testimony. >> reporter: sources close to comey say he's angry after being fired with no warning. on thursday, he'll get to tell his side of the story. front and center will be his private conversations with the president. he's preparing to answer questions about those memos he wrote detailing their encounters. what's your one key question for him? >> we've seen these reports that are been attributed to comey. and the questions are going to be about whether that's how it happened. no one has heard from him directly. >> reporter: lawmakers are eager to know, did president trump ask comey to pledge his loyalty? did the president pressure comey to drop his investigation into fired national security adviser michael flynn?
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and did comey tell the president he wasn't under investigation? as trump claims. hanging over the hearing, the biggest question of all. is there any evidence of collusion between the trump team and the russians? >> there's a lot of smoke. we have no smoking gun at this point, but there is a lot of smoke. >> so let's get to mary bruce. live on the hill again tonight. the committee has requested those memos as you reported there, mary, but a lot of questions about whether or not the public will ever see them. >> david, lawmakers remain hopeful but no clear answer yet on when we might see those memos. regardless, lawmakers are confident that comey will be discussing those private conversations with the president. david. >> mary, thank you. and to let everyone at home know, on thursday, abc news will carry director comey's testimony live with a special report beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on abc. after president trump's decision to pull out of that international climate agreement, our new poll tonight, finding it's an
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unpopular move. americans oppose the paris accord withdrawal by a margin of 2 to 1. 59% opposing the move. just 28% supporting it. most told pollsters feel it will hurt america's leadership in the world. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday -- bill cosby's sexual assault trial begins and the tv daughter who showed up with him. also, we have new developments in a deadly warehouse fire. dozens killed, 36 people trapped inside. police now announcing two arrests. we have new developments. the new headline for parents of newborns. the new recommendation when it comes to babies and when they should not be sleeping in your bed. and the medical emergency behind the wheel. the driver in the wrong lane, the husband in the next car over, and what he does. the incredible moment as we continue here. credible moment as we continue here. the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to?
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>> reporter: bill cosby entered a pennsylvania courtroom flanked by his former tv daughter in a show of support. the famed comedian faces was charged with felony aggravated incident assault, stemming from an incident at his home in 2004. where andrea constand a former temple university employee said he drugged and sexually assaulted her. prosecutors say this case is about, "trust, betrayal and the inability to consent." while cosby's been accused by more than 50 women of drugging and/or sexual misconduct, jurors are hearing from only one other accuser in this case. the former assistant to cosby's agent cried today as she painstakingly testified that he made her take a pill before sexually assaulted her. >> the judge determined that this other allegation was close enough to this one, such that it could show a pattern and practice, an m.o. by bill cosby. >> reporter: but cosby's attorney's pounced, pointing out multiple inconsistencies in her
5:48 pm
story, cosby tweeting this photo today, thanking keshia knight pulliam, who played rudy huxtable, for her support. >> i'm showing up in the manner that if it was reversed, i would want someone to show up for me. >> reporter: the defense argues that andrea constand has changed her story multiple times and she initially told detectives she never contacted cosby after the incident. but they say phone logs indicate she called him 53 times. david. >> linsey davis, thanks. when we come back tonight -- the big, new device from apple unveiled today. could it take on amazon's alexa? also the new headline about a deadly fire killing dozens. what police have now revealed. and that medical emergency we told you about behind the wheel. the driver in the wrong lane. the husband in the next car over and what the emergency was inside the car. back in a moment. the husband in the next car over and what the emergency was inside the car. back in a moment. connected business world. s heard througe at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions,
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to the "index" of other news this monday night. new developments in the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. 36 people at a dance party were killed in oakland last december. the warehouse had been converted
5:52 pm
into an unofficial concert venue and illegal residents for artists. police today arresting warehouse manager derek max harris. to that daring car rescue. a driver suffering a seizure. tompkins backing up his truck, jumping right through the passenger window to stop the car. the 32-year-old was suffering that seizure at the time. he was able to bring the car to a halt. police arriving within seconds. the new headline about babies and where they should sleep. researchers at penn state said the sooner infants are placed in their own rooms the better they sleep. at nine months they sleep uninterrupted for 40 minutes. 20 minutes longer overall. the study contradicts the american academy of pediatrics. check with your own doctor. tonight, it's siri versus alexa.
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apple today unveiling its new voice-activated device named homepod. it's powered by siri, able to play music and respond to questions. it's designed to be a direct rival to the popular amazon echo featuring alexa. when we come back tonight -- the emotional moment seen around the world by millions and what had ariana grande breaking down on that stage.
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♪ stronger than i've been before ♪ >> reporter: stronger than i've been before. ariana grande returning to manchester, 50,000 fans, and millions watching around the world. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: less than 24 hours before she took the stage, yet another terrorist attack, it did not stop her. she met some of the families, including olivia campbell's mother who after the attack tearfully begged for her missing daughter. >> she said that i should stop crying because olivia wouldn't have wanted me to cry. then she told me olivia would have wanted to hear the hits. >> reporter: one of the most poignant moments, the manchester high school choir joining ariana grande. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the concert now raising nearly $3.5 million in less than 24 hours and one final song. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow
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>> reporter: bringing the performer to tears, too, but she would finish. ♪ ♪ and why -- oh, why can't i >> promise kept to return. thank you for watching. i'll see you tomorrow. good night. >> promise kept to return. thank you for watching. i'll see you tomorrow. good night. zeefrnlts only abc 7 news was
5:59 pm
inside the courtroom was the founder of the ghost ship faced charges that he was responsible for the deaths of dozens of people. >> i would be lying if i didn't say i was disappointed in the verdict. >> life, not death for the man convicted of killing sierra lamar. her body still has not been found. east bay traffic is at a crawl and it's a hint of what could be this summer. only the abc 7 news eye team was just feet away from the founder of the ghost ship inside a northern california courtroom late today. good evening, i'm dan ashley. i'm ama daetz. the deadliest structure fire in more than a decade. >> we sent out a push alert this afternoon and broke it on live television as the d.a. announced that two people were charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for oakland's ghost
6:00 pm
ship fire. >> derrick al men a and his associate were taken into custody today. >> defendants al mena and harris knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape. they then filled that area with human beings and are now facing the consequences of their actions. >> iteam reporter dan noyes was tipped off to the arrest from neighbors who saw it happen in lake county. >> new at 6:00, we're joined from spheuperior court. >> dan andama. they had a hard time finding a place to settle. they came 140 miles from from the site of the ghost ship tragedy. 47-year-old derrick al min a fought returning to the county to face the manslaughter counts that could get him 39 years in


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