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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 28, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PST

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my first game. don't hit me. nice catch. simeon. and here it comes. there it goats. first home of the spring. and, zach neil. go on to win the first game of the spring. the new slugger. matt joyce. wish it was regular season. wish we started regular season that way. felt like i was working off-season. trying to come of in. and, ready, prepared as possible. and, i feel great right now. >> awesome. abc 7 sports brought to you by riverrock casino. started talking warriors road trip. five straight games on the east coast. they come back. fly back across the country. for one whole game. and then, go out on another road trip to minnesota. and san antonio. so, eight of nine on the road. steve kerr says in all the years in the league. almost 30 years, the worst most insane trip he has ever seen. >> how does that happen?
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forged out of bravery, sacrifice, and duty. from all corners of the country, a family for life. ♪ but whether they served in lands far away or communities close to home, some of these men and women may face difficult times or even crisis. but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. thankfully, friends, family, and communities are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever. ♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.
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...get the presidential (avo)treatment...y... ...with a special trade-in offer... ...february sixteenth through the twenty-eighth... and let enterprise car sales... flip your thinking about buying your next vehicle. that's our report. appreciate your time. >> for larry, sandy, all of us, thank you for joining us, on jimmy kimmel live. >> have a good night. it's an all new show today "right this minute." witnesses watch as an angry driver decides to back out.
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>> and then match the gap. >> why trying to stop him is a very bad idea. >> oh my! it's a military homecoming that starts with mom and then goes to -- >> mission surprise your sister at her school. >> the sweet moments behind the double surprise. a couple breaksdown the pros and cons of having kids. >> i don't want to be up every night. ♪ i don't want to pump away my life ♪ >> why many say they are preaching to the choir of parenthood. >> this is a good tool to show at high schools. plus, get the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. test your skills with mac dradle. see the videos and decide if they are real or fake. there's a long list of things in this world we would like to probably eliminate. including road rage. it gets us nowhere.
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watch this audi q7 pull into a parking spot, quickly back out and mash the gap. >> oh! he hit somebody! >> took that guy right out at the knees. listen to the woman behind the camera just freaking out. >> oh, my god! he hit my friend! are you okay? >> clearly, a lot was going on before this video started rolling. >> and we don't have that on video. apparently, this was some sort of road rage incident. the guy in the audi and these two guys had words at some point. and the guy in the audi followed these guys for miles before it ended up here. >> in what could now be attempted murder. >> right, it's a pretty cut-and-dry video. the 69 video of the audi was apprehended. the guy that was hit by the car, you see him on the ground, luckily he was taken to the hospital with no broken bones. suffered only minor injuries. i know it looks worse than that. the craziest part about this is
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this was in canada. canadians, what is going on? you guys are not known for this kind of stuff. and now over to melbourne, australia where, bicycles are a great way to commute, especially in traffic like this. and the guy who uploaded this video has sped up the video to show us nothing was happening. he got involved with nobody, there was no incidents, no close calls, no nothing. he's just taking his commute. >> oh! he's going to wrong way. >> what was that? >> some random dude stepped out, sees this guy riding up and decides to try to jean claude him. >> this is amazing. >> there is no real reason other than the guy just doesn't like cyclists. >> apparently he's doing great stuff. >> look at the guy driving the
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car with zero emission. >> oh, my goodness. >> for a cyclist, you can never get it ride. bob was taking his morning run in georgia and came upon this poor sight. >> goal! >> the goal for the deer was to get out and it didn't make it. so bob decided to stop and help out. it is so tangled in there. >> it's very cool about them. you notice he's moving very slowly. the nonthreatening photo so he doesn't freak out. >> just slowly cutting it free. that's when it starts moving. just wait. wait! >> i'm going to help you here. you're pretty. >> you're pretty. >> so sweet. but also sweet is one good guy. that's one good guy on the youtube channel. he works at a machine shop as an engineer. but normally, there are bigger birds. this is a juvenile hummingbird. >> i found him on the machine on the ground. >> he's nursing him back to
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health. >> he's probably dehydrated. >> i love hummingbrds. they are so cool. >> she's feeling better. i gave her sugar water, made her a nest. >> he got some fluff and made a nest for it. >> and now he's ready to go free. bye, little fella. >> can't keep it there forever, right? you have to release it. >> go ahead. >> it didn't immediately try to fly away. you were so good and kind to me, i'm just going to sit here. >> do you have any more sugar water? >> come on. there you go. surprisingly, on the therapy channel, they are boxing something. he's going to go through the unboxing of the in-motion sev v8. he checks out the massive charmer. >> oh, my goodness, these are where your feet go. >> once he's got it charged up, he wants to try it out. >> that's the whole idea of this channel. lou just gets stuff sent to him
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and he gets to test out all types of brand new technology. >> i should give you some stats. it's around $1,000. it's available for sale to online. it has a 25-mile range. >> that's not bad for a commute. >> and it is good for balancing? because that would help. >> put a helmet on, lou. >> we are off to a little bit of conclusion. the easiest way is to use the handle. >> this is how you do it right now. >> gets ready, gets on and here we are, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future. >> there you go! okay, okay. we'll give it another go. okay, hold on. welcome to the future! >> oh, wow! if you are trying to find the future, it's hard, but we'll get there. okay, okay, welcome to the future!
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>> obviously that is not the way i expect you to be. >> we are looking at the future of transportation right there. >> i should have picked that up in boston do. they know what they are doing? i guess not. that's the point. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need monday's buzz word, be 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or cana canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in just minutes. >> standby for the "rtm" mini ipad giveaway. ♪ goo goo ga ga >> this is all about the positive noise makings. ♪ do we want one no ♪ >> this is how you look at 3:00 a.m. when you haven't had sleep
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and you are like, why? ♪ i don't want to be up every night ♪ i don't want to pump away my life ♪ ♪ i don't want to have them in my car ♪ ♪ i don't want a a water at the bar ♪ >> this is a good tool to show in high school. this is what happens when you have a baby. you don't get to have fun anymore. >> right, this is the first half of the sorpg. what is the second half? let's hear it after they had their kid and are just overflowing with joy. ♪ little fingers ♪ baby showers ♪ compared to all our friends our kid would be the finest one ♪ >> there are some positives. at tend of the day, i hear from everyone who has a kid, it's all worth it. >> it is. because all the stuff you think you needed and all the stuff you think you wanted doesn't matter anymore. >> this video put together by chad knight. if you want to watch the whole
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thing, head over to and click on tv show. or you can check it out on the mobile app. ♪ baby he's out snowboarding. >> having a good old time. >> but see what he encounters on his ride down. >> oh! >> where did that come from? and she's got a plan to prank her man. >> i have this stuff called swine bath. >> she's going to nickelodeon him. >> see his sweet ride when he returns home.
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closed captioning provided by -- to help stop dry skin before it starts. gold bond! these buddies are out snowboarding. ignore the official run, have a little bit of peace, go exploring. you never know what you're going to see. the thing is, you never know what you're going to see. >> a yedi. >> no. no! oh! >> where did that come from? >> what are the odds? >> out of nowhere, it's a round thing, but it's in the way and kapow! straight into it. >> no, it's grumpy.
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he's teaching it a lesson. now this next video is also a snowboarding video from utah. it is just fluke positive that they have had a teensy bit of snow in utah. once andrew starts his run, you can almost not see him. >> wow. that is perfect. imagine. >> it looks like he's snowboarding if a cloud. it's almost like he's flying. sometimes he's completely white out. other times he takes a jump and it looks pretty awesome. >> it really is beautiful. never a dull moment. if you're part of a couple that's known as -- >> well, for now. they are in love for now. >> the couple, nicki baker and john doll. in this case, john is out on a run. this is a great opportunity for her to plan her next prank, which is this. >> he has this stuff called splim bath. he's going to come home smelling like b.o. and i'm going to make him smell
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better. >> that's genius. she's sitting there petting the cat. >> and what she's going to do in her evil genius way is stand up here above this storage shed. he's going to come in through this gate. he's going to be covered in it. >> i'm with you, gayle. it looks like, i would have spotted that from about 20 feet away, you know? >> not if you don't expect it, though. and if you just came back from a run, maybe you're looking down as you're walking home. >> man, if i was part of a couple that pranked each other, i would have my head on a swivel 24 hours a day. >> he didn't. >> ah! >> he didn't know what happened. >> he's like -- >> i think what scared him off is her screaming first. >> some banshee on the roof behind you. >> this is a prankster duo. if you are quick on your feet like john is, he says, it's time to clean up, honey. i'm going to grab the hose. >> oh, man, he got a wet t-shirt
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contest. >> run around the back and get the ladder as well. then there's nothing she can do about it. you can do it all day. >> oh. it sounds like this one wasn't so bad. even though she's covered in slime and she's on the roof of the storage shed, they are still pranksters in love. good job, guys. coyote peterson has a new thing to try. >> it's also called the puke fruit. >> one, two, three. >> oh! plus, don't miss the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. ccasion. so the the broom said, "sorry i'm late. i over-swept." [ laughter ] yes, even the awkward among us deserve some laughter. and while it's okay to nibble in public, a lady only dines in private.
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if you can't shut down at you're not alone. get non-habit forming unisom to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. this video starts soft as we are weaving through the aisles at target. mission, surprise your momma. because this service member has just come home and is about to surprise her mom who is just shopping for curtains at target. >> oh, my gosh! you're not what i was looking for, but surprise, i'll take it. yeah. >> this lady got more than she was bargaining for at target when her daughter just pops up in the middle of this store. and it's really cute because mom was not expecting her. she knew she was coming home, but not for a few more days. before you know it, she's standing right there. they embrace, they cheer, they
2:00 am
crash up. they walk out of the store because now they have to go on mission surprise her sister at the school. there's a stage, there's a microphone, so they start calling for her sister, chelsea. and once chelsea hears her name, she walks along the side of the cafeteria toward this stage completely shocked that, again, her sister is home early. chelsea gets to go home for the day. >> oh, yeah. that's how you get her out. jennifer, what is it? >> noni. >> noni? >> for the first time, coyote is not going to get stung but something, he's going to eat something on his show. >> brave wilderness. >> he's going to try the nuni fruit, also known as puke fruit. >> it still fits with the whole brave wilderness thing. something bad happens every time somebody bites something. >> i don't want to eat this fruit. i don't want to eat this fruit.
2:01 am
like, you have no idea how bad it smells. now, here we are, a few minutes away from me eating a puke fruit, to or whatever it's called. >> does it stink? >> yes. >> can you smell that? >> you're just squishing it up under your fingers. what is the matter with you? >> i was checking for worms. >> worms? oh. >> let's see how coyote mangles. because he not only wants to bite the fruit, he wants to consume it, swallow it down. we'll see if he does. >> okay. i'm about to enter the puke zone with the puke fruit. >> well, just hold your breath. >> good. swallow. oh! >> you guys, he failed on his first attempt. and his second.
2:02 am
>> i'm shocked he tried a second time. if it wasn't good the first time, it's not going to be better the second time. >> does it taste the way it smells? >> i think so. because if it tasted good, i don't think he would do this. >> oh, my god. >> the woman sitting next to him is going to show him how you really eat it. >> do you want to see a real woman eat it? >> dude, the brain in the body is an awesome thing. it just will not let me eat something. >> i told you this was going to happen. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, be 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or cana canada. >> go to and
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click on win an ipad. >> the buzz word for today is network. >> go to and click on win ipad and enter the buzz word network, n-e-t-w-o-r-k. >> later this week we'll give away an amazon echo. stick around, everybody, and tune in. it's time to play real or fake. >> this week's videos, we got a series of unfortunate events. >> starting with the removal of a chimney. >> oh! >> and he's getting a big scare. but it's not from the fireworks. >> that's real. >> no. it's fake. >> watch
2:04 am
2:05 am
it's monday. and that means it's time for the man, the mac dreidel. >> what's up, guys? this week's videos, we have a serious of unfortunate events to realize if they are real or fake. roll the clips. >> nice. number one. >> oh! >> oh!
2:06 am
>> somebody isn't true. >> the guy holding the cam peras laughing at the idiots. >> good time. they just lost the grip of it. there's no way they intended to do that. everything about this is real. >> all right, i'm going with real, too. >> yeah, me too. >> i think this is fake because they had to know the roof was delicate. why are they taking a chimney off a house still good anyway. so i'm thinking this is fake. they didn't know how well it was going to work. i>>'m100% gayle. >> i'm going 100% fake. it looks like the house was gutted already when they cut it off right before you get to see that pamplt art. and yeah, you can see the camera is already rolling. they didn't have a real plan to get that thing off of there safely. so i'm going with the top majority and am going to sway the vote, we are going that this is fake.
2:07 am
>> video number two. >> oh, man, that's just wrong. >> look at the airline employee's face. he's like, what the heck? >> the way it looks in the video, they move away every now and again like they don't want to be quite. which strikes me because it is not set up. >> i say real. >> real. >> real. >> real. >> yeah, real. >> all right, mac. >> i want to say fake because, like, the part where she gathers her stuff and she's just standing still and moving backwards. but i think the cameraman adds authenticity not to get caught in a weird angle. i'm going with you guys, this is real, they caught this actually happening. video number three. >> oh! >> the knicks special. >> nick, did you make this video? >> it's real. >> no. that's insane. >>


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