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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 23, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PST

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i finally found the right snack."♪ "each with one hundred fifty calories or less, try our chocolaty brownies, tangy lemon bars, and creamy cheesecakes. fiber one, the house is completely flooded. 7 inches inside of the house. >> this is what $300,000 damage looks like. homes they don't recognize. and 4800 still under mandatory evacuations. i'm natasha zouves. kristen is off today. want to show you an updated look the at evacuation map. people can return home between coyote creek and 101 north of east santa clara. people in the red zone are still under mandatory evacuation
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orders and that is the area that runs along coyote creek south of santa clara. and it is in effect for rock springs and the old oakland oak area. and matt kel sler is there with the residents coming back and decontaminating their homes and he joined us from san jose. >> reporter: this looks like a normal street but it will never be the same. check this out. this is all of the stuff moved from this home because it is contaminated from the flood. and as we walk over here, there is a hose putting water into the drainage system here, all of this water is coming from a flooded basement inside this home. it will take a long time for this neighborhood to recover. coyote creek dropped below flood stage this morning but that doesn't mean there aren't flooded neighborhoods. >> if you want to look down in the hole, could you see it is all flooded. >> reporter: nordale continues to sit under water as san jose public works tries to get a
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pumping station back up and running. residents on south 20th street near east williams street were evacuated duringthe flood. the worst part -- >> we were able to see the water coming and we couldn't stop it. you feel so powerless. >> peter shared these photos from tuesday night. his partner and a friend tried to save what they could. >> it was so fast. we managed to evacuate the dogs and medications and passports. everything else stayed. >> reporter: what was left behind ended up soaking in 7 inches of in a mix of water, sewage and chemicals. >> yeah, that is the water level. >> reporter: in the basement, the water has nowhere to go creating a costly toxic soup. >> clothing and extra supplies, food pantry was down there. also furnace and air-conditioning system, it is all under the house so it is all gone. >> reporter: the insurance company has told peter it could
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take up to $300,000 to do all of the repairs. >> they'll have to remove the flooring and remove the walls, drywall and everything. and the house is not inhabitable. they advised not to say here because of the contamination. >> reporter: peter does have insurance but does not believe that many of his neighbors have insurance as well. that flood insurance that will take to rebuild. one woman asked me, where is the help from the city. i was walking a few blocks away and there was a command post from pg&e and city inspectors and they will fan out and help residents today. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. the old oakland road area still has extensive flooding and could you see it from sky 7. this shows the south bay mobile home park where 200 units are under evacuation orders. pg&e crews were there yesterday and assessing the situation and keeping an eye on a retaining
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wall preventing a lot of water from flooding the park. and work will continue in the rock springs neighborhood to determine which residents could safely come home. abc 7 news was there last night as the water still filled the street and mud and debris lined homes and cars. the director of the emergency operation center says crews are going house by house. >> there are areas where the floodwaters will not naturally recede and we're going to have to do pumping operations. >> officials say their top priority is safety before making the call to lift the evacuation order and allow people back in. meanwhile, shelters are shutting down and the red cross is trying to find new places for flood victims to stay. schools will close when students come back next week and the same at evergreen high school. they are been taking questions and yesterday there was a surprise visit from the san jose
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earthquakes. >> any type of distraction helps. we've been juggling the soccer ball and sharing some stories so it is good so far. >> it is pretty awesome. i even got to play with them a little. >> what did you think about that? >> amazing! >> a bright spot for that young man. and local teams are donating money to help flood victims and they've pledged $10,000 plus free victims and the 49ers are donating $20,000. many have been asking how you could high pressure the flood victims. there is one way on your phone. first today lucky supermarkets are collecting cash donations at 69 stores in northern california so donate when you check out and the city has set up the san jose flood victims relief fund and support nonprofit organizations providing immediate and long-term recovery, we posted a link at perhaps the easiest way, just grab your phone, this takes ten seconds, text the words "red cross" to 90999 and you will
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make a $10 donation showing up in your phone bill and volunteer through the red cross as well. stay with us for continuing coverage. for latest information and updates, download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts. new this morning, in the north bay, this muddy mess is now a memory. and this is a big relief for the drivers on highway 37. that is back open after being closed for weeks because of the flooding. want to give you a side by side view with more perspective here. the video we show you on the left -- so we did previously see a lot of flooding from sky 7. now all dried out this morning. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in novato with more on how this is helping drivers out. amy? >> reporter: hi, natasha, well caltrans didn't find out until late yesterday afternoon that they could open today so a lot of people didn't know. they are used to having to leave the house early to get around the detour so they found themselves arriving to work
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early this morning. it was an ideal commute for those who travel from vallejo to marin county. no rain and highway 37 was open, which came as a surprise to many. >> i'm four minutes early to my job, yeah. and that is kind of cool for me. >> reporter: floods have caused the partial and full shut down of highway 37 several times since january. caltrans hired a contractor to repair the situation a week ago and diverted traffic around the closure. for tony bennett's kids, that meant a much longer round trip. they drive from fairfield to santa rosa. >> about 20 minutes to half an hour. we have to go all the way around. from 116, and go up and come back down zbl. >> reporter: the shutdown had an intering development on this business. they saw an uptick in business
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because they needed a break from sitting in traffic. >> the people come in here and say there is so much traffic and using the bathroom. >> reporter: the troubled new stretch now has new pavement and a new drainage system with larg larger hype -- pipes in the hopes of preventing this from happening again. >> they should have fixed it a long time ago. >> reporter: caltrans spokesperson called this the 100-year flood they could have not seen this coming or have prevented it. now they still need to do some work. they need to do striping. did you know there is only two striping companies in the whole bay area so they are tough to book but when they do get out here, you'll see a lane shut down here and there but they promise not during the commute. live in novato, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> only two. who know. thank you, amy. if you are wondering how it is affecting our drought.
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we have new numbers. let's get over to mike nicco for where things stand. >> putting a smile on your face when you look behind me and see the positive results of all of the rain. the entire bay area, no captain obvious here, not in a drought. we are soaking wet. but the good thing is we don't have to worry about the drought. let's look at the rest of the state. santa barbara under a severe drought, not any more and same thing with the coast of mexico and look at the areas not shaded. that means 62% of california is now drought--free. and that is the highest level in 3 1/2 years. we still have one issue around lake port, lake county and still have flooding here. 9 foot flood stage and hanging around 10 1/2 feed possibly through sunday. still one area to deal with the flooding. natasha. >> thank you, mike. now to protests erupting after the white house rolls back transgender rights. the order reverses the president
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obama's directive to public schools that would allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. here is stephanie ramos. [ chanting ] >> reporter: overnight protesters upset with president trump's stance on transgender rights took their complaint straight to the white house. [ chanting ] >> reporter: in a late-night announcement, the white house reversed guidelines issued under president obama, public schools no longer required to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. >> the federal government was issuing in gross overreach when this directed this directive. >> they said people should use the bathroom they feel is appropriate, indicating support for caitlyn jenner but said it is up to individual states. >> he is a firm believer in state rights and this is not best dealt with at the federal level. >> reporter: and democrats calling this just plain wrong and civil rights are not
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confusing. [ singing ] >> reporter: jackie evanko who sang at the inauguration and whose sister is transgender, tweeting, you gave me the honor to sing at your inauguration, please give me the chance to meet with you. >> and some schools are supportive of the transgender status. >> when i heard about it, i was disappointed and realized we needed to take action. >> there won't be immediate impact on schools because the obama guidance was blocked by a federal judge. it could now be up to the supreme court to decide this issue. >> white house spokesperson sean spicer denied media reports that the education secretary betsy devos and jeff sessions disagreed on this decision saying both are on board. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. so the question, what does this mean for california? a state school board association
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said it should not impact students here. and that's because state law has written protections for transgender students and california was the first state in the nation to guarantee those rights in 2013 when governor brown signed a bill into law allowing public schools to use the bathroom that corresponds to gender identity. next violence in the streets of southern california. the showdown between a cop and a teen that is sparking protests. and also an in spiring message of survival. how one young cancer survival could upstage biggest stars on oscar night. and snow piling up on the way to tahoe. could you see on the caltrans camera.
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welcome back. new this morning, police evacuated a waste and recycling business after a hand grenade was found on a conveyer belt. here is the grenade right outside on aladdin avenue. we circled it for you. after police took the 6:30 call they contacted the sheriff's bomb squad. the grenade was determined to be from world war ii and thankfully not active. developing news out of southern california. 24 people arrested during a major protest against an off-duty police officer. huge crowds took to the streets of anaheim overnight and blocked streets and vandalized homes. and they are upset over cell
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phone video showing the officer struggling with teenagers during a confrontation outside of his house when he told them to get off his lawn. the officer said he heard one of the teens say i'm going to shoot you and that is when he grabbed the 13-year-old. >> [ inaudible ]. >> the officer fired a shot. it never hit the 13-year-old. the boy claims he said i'm going to sue you, not i'm going to shoot you. the officer is on paid leave while an investigation is underway. next on abc 7 news at 11:00, this sunday hollywood's biggest night and america is introduced to a star off the red carpet, too. her message to every family watching at home. and a live look at our exploratorium camera at pier 13. mike
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welcome back. we have some amazing picture to show you of the snow in the sierras. this is from truckee courtesy of the highway patrol. you could see the road closed sign obviously buried. this gives you the scope of how high the snow is there. the city received 11 inches of fresh powder overnight. someone digging his car out. not so fun. officials at squaw valley resort said they have so much snow they plan to stay open until july 4th. >> wow! >> how is our snow pack doing, mike? >> it is ridiculously large. i mean 190%. >> we'll take it. >> let's take a look. i have the numbers for you. they just came out this morning.
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191% of normal. the snow ending april 1st, at 158%. some areas 47 to 50 feet of snow. here is a look at the forecast for the next four days. we have a few inches possible today, out of some showers. much cooler than average tomorrow. we should be at 45 and we'll be at 30. it is not like they need to make snow if it is that cold. a couple of inches. but saturday and sunday, it is powder, not the cement, because the temperatures is in the 20s and 30s. so getting up there ought to be good. you have some nice skiing. the white around here is the scattered snow showers that we're seeing right now. back here at home, all of that stuff along the coast has faded away. a few clouds but a lot of sunshine. look at this. you could see from emeryville, looking back at coast where a few of the clouds are, you definitely want to have something to protect your eyes from the sun. you'll be squinting out there. on sun watch today and tomorrow. coldest temperatures develop tonight, more frost inland for
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tomorrow morning and showers with low snow levels at home this weekend. if you are stepping out, a lot of upper 40s to low 50s out there. so jacket weather. and then we top out at 54 to 56 and the coast at 53 at half moon bay and breezy and crispness in the air. from mt. tamalpais, sunshine is chilled and 7 to 8 degrees cooler than average and dropping into the 30s and 40s by 8:00 so dress appropriately. barely 40 in san francisco. oakland and half moon bay, warmest temperatures and everybody else in the 30s with frost in the north bay and inland east bay and places like antioch could get frost tonight. the storm impact scale, saturday to sunday, a one on the storm impact scale. so it is light. up to half an inch. that is an exception. and this is coming down from alaska and most of saturday is dry but in the afternoon hours and evening and overnight, that is when we have the best chance
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of scattered showers but the best chance is going to be in the sierra. however, if one or two of the showers start to come over toward us, the snow level could be down to about 3000 feet and some of this rain, which is going to be very light, around a tenth of an inch could turn into hail, snow or gropple which is soft hail, almost as soft as snow. my accuweather seven-day forecast, below average tomorrow even with a lot of sunshine. coolest on saturday with the chance of rain, low to mid-50s. in the mid to upper 50s on sunday. monday back to 60 and finally tuesday and wednesday sunshine and temperatures where we should be in the low to mid-60s. let's send it back to natasha for more news. >> finally. thank you, mike. a teenager girl using her experience with cancer teaching us a lesson on survival. she is using a big platform on sunday during the oscars. she was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer at only 16 years old. doctors say she is one of the youngest to get the news. her story now going primetime
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with a commercial alerting others to get checked out. the commercial will debut dur the oscars and this resilient teen has words of advice and warning for women of all ages. >> you feel like something is off, don't wait. i feel like i waited and it would have been better if i wouldn't have waited. >> payton is now cancer-free and in remission and doctors say she should be able to continue the rest of her teenage years without illness. watch the oscars on abc 7 live coverage at 2:00 p.m. and jimmy kimmel hosting at 5:30 p.m. and speaking of the stars. a 200 pound bundle of cuteness is posting for the
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new bigs after arriving to her new home in china. the panda was pretty reticent at first. she is emerging from her crate and timid and placing her paw on the concrete floor and smelling around and eventually settles in. her favorite is fresh bamboo chutes. she was transferred from the national zoo in washington as part of a breeding program there. and that is scary. we wish her the best. >> we break bamboo every morning. >> from all of us here at abc 7 news, thank you for joining
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>> i have no idea how much money i'll be giving away today. could be $50,000. it could be a million. but i can promise you that whatever happens, it won't be boring. so stay right there. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] our returning contestant often gets in trouble for talking too much. he's hoping today he'll just talk his way through our questions to $1 million. from colorado springs, colorado, please welcome back k.b. lindsey! [cheers and applause] good to see you. >> how you doing, chris? good seeing you. >> welcome back. [cheers and applause] >> [laughs] feel the love. >> they love the k.b. >> they do


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