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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 21, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PST

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. that breaking news from the
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central valley. relentless rain, a raging river and a levee breach. hundreds of homes are under a mandatory evacuation order. >> it's all happening in san joaquin county, an area where many people commute to the bay area. >> evacuations are underway in an area south of highway 120 along the san joaquin river after the levee breach. the green area on the map shows the affected area. these photos are from the office of emergency services. >> abc 7 news reporter is in mantica tonight with the breaking details. >> we're outside the command post this is still an active situation, as this levee is expected to be tested even further because there are large amounts of water headed this way from the don pedro reservoir. this fix on the levee is just temporary, consider it a band aid, people are still evacuating tonight after someone noticed a
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sinkhole on the san joaquin river levee. around 4:30 this evening, firefighters and farmers used nearby rocks and sand to reinforce the weak spot in the levee. by 9:15 the breach had been halted. crews will be working through the night to shore it further. there are mandatory evacuations for some 300 to # 500 people. this is low lying farm area, some deputies went door to door, including the islander mobil home park in the potential flood zone. >> the sheriff's department came out and said, evacuate. we had to evacuate in a hurry. >> there's hurried movement on the roadways around here. an evacuation center on fifth street. at this point only county resident thes are being evacuated. everyone along the levee should be on heightened alert. the evacuation zone could expand. as i mentioned, the concern is
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more water is headed this way due to a release at the don pedro reservoir earlier today. the heaviest water is expected between noon and 2:00 tomorrow. it's when this temporary patch will be tested. live in mantika. from the central valley to the bay area, this storm is affecting everyone tonight. abc news was on van patten drive in danville this evening. where this jeep had to navigate a flooded street. neighbors aren't taking any chances when property has sandbag as long the fence tonight. >> check out these huge waves. nbc news was in pacifica tonight as wave after wave crashed into the coastline. it's always a spectacular site. let's get to sandy ya patel now. >> it has been pouring today, no doubt about it, and the levee
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failure, quickly want to tell you, there's a flash flood warning until 7:00 in the morning. i want to show you where the heaviest rain is falling on the peninsula. you'll notice around pacifica. mudslide was just reported, also on the peninsula, we're seeing lighter showers. now around middle field road and redwood city, they were heavier. we have a flash flood warning for tomorrow morning. also, some flood warnings for coyote creek in santa clara county. the upper coyote creek until further notice. we've already seen flooding in these creeks, in the north bay, we are tracking pockets, moderate to heavy rain. sonoma county under a flood warning until tomorrow morning. still seeing downpours across oakland, macarthur boulevard. and one flash flood warning for alameda county.
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this is a moderate strength storm for the next few hours, strong damaging winds. brief downpours and the flooding continues. i'll have the hour by hour look at your morning commute. we're not done with the rain, that's just a hint. a crash tonight on a wet roadkilled a driver and injured a chp officer. the officer was responding to a car stuck in the mud, waiting for a tow truck, another driver lost controlling of the control vehicle. that driver died, the officer was not seriously hurt, the investigation shut down all but one lane of 280. today's storm slammed into the south bay, and all that rain led to flooding, you're talking about everything from freeways to a mobil home park. katie marzulo continues our team coverage live from los gatt oes. >> i want to show you los gatt oes creek, which has completely overtaken what would be los gatt oes creek trail. this water is deep and moving fast, it's not the only hazard
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on this street. >> told my son, i don't want you in your room, can you please come out. >> josh has been watching this tree for weeks. he decides his son's room was too much at risk. >> as soon as i opened up his window to look outside, the tree came crashing toward us. >> they're okay, but not out of harm's way. in campbell, a massive tree came crashing down. check out the diameter of the roots. scott anderson lives across the street. >> i'm sure this isn't the only place this is happening. >> coyote creek flooded the mobil home park. >> right now, we have not had to start any evacuations, we're attempting to pump that water out of the park. she did not have to evacuate but
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she's preparing for the worst. >> we heard the creek could overflow this way. that's why we thought we would get a few things together. >> drivers faced flooding on highway 280. it slowed traffic to a control on what should have been a light holiday commute. several surface roads were sub 34er7b merged as well. >> it has not forced any evacuations or caused any damage. katie marzulo abc 7 news. traffic came to a stop on highway 17 today. a tree blocked both lanes. people didn't wait around. one man with a chainsaw cut pieces.
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storm driven waves washed four people into the water today in bodega bay. this is video from the press democrat. a sheriff's helicopter reached a fourth victim. a woman found unconscious and rushed to the hospital for treatment. the peninsula had its share of problems and right now, high winds are pounding the coast. >> lilian kim has more from pacifica. >> reporter: pacifica pier has been closed all day due to high surf. people who live in the area came to take a look. >> we all came down together to see the waves, it's exciting to see how big the waves can get. and see them crashing against the rocks. >> it's pretty crazy. >> further inland the storm created trouble on the freeways
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no apparent injuries, but the collision caused quite a backup. further down the peninsula it was backed up debris that called out crews. this heavy equipment has been operating all day removing the debris one pile at a time. >> we put some racks to keep from getting stuck under the bridge. every time it rains we have to be out here cleaning the racks. >> in the north bay now, dozens of people who live in lake port have been told to evacuate their homes. red cross has set up a shelter on parkway. can you track the storm with the abc 7 news app. we have live doppler 7 on the app and you can enable push alerts on your phone or tablet. a police officer killed in the line of duty.
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the impromptu memorial that brought out hundreds of people, and the other crime the suspected gunman is tied to. uber responds to the internet outrage after a viral post accuses the company of being soft on sexual harassment. a television miniseries is debuting in that theater, eight hours worth, the crowd loves it. how will the rest of america deal with it? here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc news at 11:00. >> he's wearing spanx. >> no, i'm not. >> oh, yeah?
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one week from tonight abc debuts a four point miniseries event called when we rise. it chronicles the lgbt rights movement. >> wayne? >> and they're just coming out of the theater now. after watching the four episodes back to back, then dinner, then
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two more. they loved what they sawed. this audience coming out saying, authentic, raw, and validating. >> a cold night outside the castro theater with nothing but warmth inside. >> i want young people to know they're not powerless. >> if you know keith jones, the title of a book he wrote that debuts next week on abc as a four-part miniseries that may rattle cages of people who have never come to grips with lgbt movements. >> i think middle america is definitely ready for this. >> a packed house watched the eight hour miniseries. >> i think this is one of the first times a major public network is pushing our stories out there the way it ought to be pushed out there. >> lance black -- cleve jones
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plays a central figure. >> my hair might be gray and my face might be warn, but i have more energy in this ravaged body than any of you in your skinny little limbs combined. >> if you grow up thinking you're going to have things a certain way, and suddenly that's taken from you i think that can produce a kind of anger that can be constructive. >> it does make compelling television. justin lance black compares it to roots in terms of social impact. and for some viewers, a promise of liberation. >> it's kbrav, it's bold, and it's life saving, there's a lot of young people out there who may feel very alone tonight who two weeks from now, won't. >> no one here did tonight. >> and the abc miniseries premiere of "when we rise" begins one week from tonight on monday february 27th at 9:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. a man who killed a police
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officer in southern california is suspected of killing his own cousin hours before. keith boyer was responding to a crash in wittier. boyer died, another officer was wounded. hundreds of people gathered for an impromptu vigil. uber has hired former u.s. attorney general eric holder to investigate a sexual harassment claim against a company manager. susan fowler went public with a claim. her manager repeatedly asked her to have seth. when she reported it, the company fired her. fowler left the company two months ago. >> it's time now for another check on all that rain. it's finally easing up a little bit. >> tracking it for us. >> dan and amma, we'll have to wait another 24 hours or so, and then you'll get that much needed break. we're seeing the drenching rain.
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daily city, as we take you into street level radar. you're seeing pockets of downpours, this is continuing to develop in the north bay as well as we head into lucas valley, this will continue through the next few hours, keep that in mind, scattered showers, light in nature in the south bay from campbell to cambria park. numerous reports today of debris flows, flooding, i'm getting reports of mudslides around the area, that slet continues, for the next few hours, what was a level three storm is a model two storm now. the flooding continues. how much rain did you receive? look at these totals? most of you in the one to two inch category. ben lomb an picking up a half a foot of rain, so some healthy rainfall and some of these cities that you're looking at here, all of these cities exceeded their annual rainfall. they've gotten a full season of rain. santa rosa, 51.6 inches,
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impressive. we are seeing chain controls right now. when you take a look at the snow, if you're off for ski week and heading up to the tahoe area, you're going to enjoy fresh powder, a good idea to take your chains and hold off until the storm passes. temperatures are on the mild side. that wind is shaking our camera here. you can see how gusty it is. and that will be the case tonight. scattered showers through tomorrow, a break is coming the middle of the week. hour by hour forecast at midnight, you're looking at light to moderate showers. 3:00 a.m. as well. it starts to taper. a flood watch remains until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. we have a high wind warning until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. gusts could be up to 60 miles an hour. that's where the warning is, and a wind advisory for the lower elevations where gusts could reach 50 miles an hour. don't be surprised if you hear trees or tree branches collapsing. at midnight you're looking at
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wind gusts about 35 miles an hour. stronger at the higher elevations. by the time your commute begins, the wind will ease up, showers will continu as you will notice. on our storm impact scale, one for tomorrow morning, showers isolated chance in the afternoon, and the winds relax. here's the hour by hour forecast, when you get going, allow yourself that extra time. you're looking at light to moderate showers, 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m. as well. you will see pockets of downpours around 10:00 a.m. letting up by noontime when you're grabbing lunch, perhaps lighter showers, and isolated at best around 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. this shower activity will be far less intense than what we've seen today. about 2/10 to a half inch of rain. tomorrow morning, upper 40s to mid-50s, you will need your rain gear tomorrow afternoon, you'll need the rain gear and the shades, it's going to be a
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shower here and there. a good idea to download the abc 7 news app. can you track live doppler 7 any time you want, as you check out the accuweather 7-day forecast, we have a one for tomorrow, scattered showers, a break finally arrives, wednesday through friday, now computer models are going dry. next storm is a cold one, it arrives this weekend on saturday. sunday is a one as well. it's oscar sunday. a sunny day would be perfect to view the oscars here on abc 7. that's also a one. we will get that much needed breather wednesday through friday. >> thanks, sandia. we all know alex trebek is a game show
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we saw a side of alex trebek that has never been seen before. >> they mad, they famous. >> who is kanye west? >> yes, and i hope i don't get an e-mail from him. >> you don't want to hear from him, trebek didn't drop the mike, but he did rap all the answers in the let's rap kids
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category, just may be a mix tape in his future. you can watch jeopardy every day at 1:30 and 7:00. we need a wrapper. >> what's the world coming to. he's wrapping, larry beals is -- lawyers get back to work thursday. they host the clippers, steph curry breaks
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warriors enjoying the final few days off, before getting back to work. they'll host the clippers thursday, dubs well represented and all seem to have a good time, except maybe kd. now, the warriors need to have a laser focus for the remaining 26 games. >> we're chasing 73. we're chasing wins, but it's not about getting to this record or what not, as compared to last year, this year's about really assessing after each game, how
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we played and if we're getting better, so we can be at our best come playoff time. a lot of work to do. but looking forward to the journey. >> the sacramento kings have confirmed they traded their best and most temperamental player, marcus cousins to new orleans in a five-player two draft pick deal. they were traded to the pelicans along with a first and second round draft pick this summer. cousins will be a free agent at season's end. the kings, i don't think they wanted to pay a $200 million max contract. cousins will be paired with anthony davis in new orleans who was the mvp in yesterday's all-star classic, and the best front court in the nba. kings gm vlade divac said it was time to move on. >> i love demarcus, he did great things here.
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secondhand, have to do my job, and i felt like this is the best time to move forward. >> the kings create roster room, to create the trade with the pelicans. in the first year of a 12-year deal. he was averaging 7 1/2 points and 5 1/2 rebounds this year. he walks away with his entire $12 million contract. larry beals just arrived home from new orleans. maybe he'll show us some of those dance moves he learned in new orleans. >> i'm sure he will. >> abc 7 news continues now online, twitter, facebook and all your mobil


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