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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 19, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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about to soak the [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
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that breaking news is in sausalito, one person died after their car crashed and burst into flames. looking live at the road right now. a tow truck is there. traffic is crawling along southbond 101. on the other side, you can see police are on the scene of this tragedy. and tow truck arrived, and that is what you are seeing now. taking that vehicle away. here is the closer look from earlier this evening, at the car after it ended up on an embankment. highway patrol officers blocked three of four lanes. they investigate what happened. and you are seeing the backup, the drivers face as they head towards golden gate bridge. chp expects delays to continue for at least another hour. you can download the abc 7 news app enable push alerts for breaking updates. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm matt keller. eric thomas is off tonight.
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to our other top story tonight the storm about to hit the bay area. looking at live doppler 7. see the green, that set to drench the bay area while you sleep. when you wake up tomorrow, you may want to stay put. looking live from our camera, it is dry now. high winds, flooding. downpours could cause problems, well into tuesday. we have live team coverage tonight. let's begin with meteorologist, drew tuma tracking the storm. drew. >> matt, about to get soaked once again. live doppler 7 showing you the next storm about off to move on shore. want to go in tighter, live doppler 7, north bay. look at this. we are seeing four lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes. just an indication that this storm is strengthening. what i want to do, want to team out when you could expect the first drops where you live with the storm system. right around 11. 4678 -- 11:44. 12:45 in concord. 1:00 a.m. you can see san jose, expect the
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first drop before 1:00 in the morning. livermore. after 1:05. rain moves in. this will be a strong storm moves over us on monday. a three on the storm impact scale. moderate to heavy rain. the flood concern is very high. not only that, the winds are going to crank. monday night. so the storm concerns we have the next 24 hours. certainly urban and creek flooding. also trees coming down. not out of the question for mud and rock slides. power outages, and something we are watching. we'll take a closer look at the storm. hour by hour, future weather. show you how much rain you can expect where you live and full accuweather. >> matt. live look from san francisco, international airport. flight reports there were 222 delays and 61 cancellation tuesday. faa blames gusty wind and reduced visibility. san jose had 25 delays, oakland, 27 delays. tomorrow, could be worse. let's pick up our team coverage.
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and live where the rain could make a landslide, even worse tomorrow. >> matt, throughout the evening, watching crews drive in a lot of their heavy equipment to the bottom of the ridge. but in order to get a lot of their really heavy supplies, up to where the slide is happening, they have been using air support. pg & e crews use aid helicopter to fly lights to near transmission tower. tonight the lights were turned on. a few workers at the base of the threatened tower. residents say the helicopters have been at work for most of the day. >> it kind of sounded look they were getting close to the house. then they would go away. seem a little distant. i noticed consistent through out the morning. >> april and her family live at the top of the next ridge. their neighbors shared their picture with us of the slide and the tower it is threatening. pg & e spokesperson says
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residents will see lots of activity. this will be a significant project. >> a lot of equipment in the area. so they will be seeing, trucks, tractors, cranes. >> the slide spotted a few weeks ago. engineering teams president offing together a time to shore up the hill and protect the tower if needed. but they're now up against another storm. expected to come into the area with rain. and winds. >> we really can't estimate, a time, that a plan is -- basically, to complete the project. as quickly as possible. >> since the slide was first spotted, mud has moved about 3 feet in the area. the good news is, this its nowhere near any homes. so there is no safety concern for residents. and according to pg & e, lines are part of redundant system. on the slim chance the tower is compromised, power could be rerouted and service should not be interrupted. >> now, we know that these crews are going to be working through the evening.
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it is not yet clear exactly when they're going to drive these heavy cranes and cherry pickers up to the ridge. we can imagine that they want to try to get as much done before that rain and wind arrives. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> thank you, sergio. abc 7 in san francisco's outer richmond district. pg & e crews worked to receive power. power pole snapped. 37th avenue. outside the library. across town san francisco's mission district. flood barriers went up at 17th and fulsom streets. this area flooded in the past during heavy rains. like the storm headed toward the bay area. the storm expected to hit south bay first. abc 7 news reporter, lillian kim picks up team coverage from san jose. lillian. >> matt, the mayor himself issued a warning to the people who live along coyote creek. flowing high right now. tomorrow it may overrun its
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banks. residents aren't used to seeing water level this high. result of on going releases from anderson dam. with the approaching storm, neighborhood could be at risk. san jose mayor, sam lacardo posted a warning areas where the creek channel narrows, rock spring and golden wheel park may see flooding. residents reminded of the city's free sandbag locations. >> there are people around here too. might be -- don't happen, but, if it does, just move and see what happens. all we can do. >> crews are doing what they can in advance of high wind and heavy rain expected. in east palo alto workers are repairing potholes using sandbags to make the roads. >> they can't handle the amount of walter goiter going through. we put these out. amount of traffic and heavy trucks. try to keep it packed down. and solid. >> but in the valley it will take a lot more than sandbags to fix this section of roadway. the creek bank along the road
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near alpine road is eroding. there is a 10-foot drop. with the storm coming. residents are fearing the worst. >> i did two scenarios that i was afraid would happen. one, somebody put a vehicle in the creek upside down and drown. or two, a load of bicycles would get knocked off fall into the creek. something is going to trigger the road from breaking away. the more ground we lose underneath it, sooner it will happen. >> so, some serious concerns as we brace for yet another storm. as for coyote creek here in san jose, hikeeping a close eye. live in san jose. lillian kim. abc 7 news. >> waltter out of anderson reservoir into coyote creek, morgan hill. the first time the lack reached capacity releasing water into coyote creek released pressure with rain expected to fill the reservoir. the storm brought down century old cypress tree yesterday.
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residents took photos. wilson street saturday morning. tree totaled a box truck in the driveway. resident says, had the truck not been parked there the tree would have landed on the house. everyone escaped injury including a woman sleeping. three feet away from where the tree landed. >> you are looking at the end of an adventure turned dangerous for three kayakers. the marin county fire department posted on facebook. strong winds and currents made it impossible for kayakers to return to the cove following an overnight camping trip. >> state officials flew over flooded areas in the valley to look for areas where levees may break during upcoming storms. governor's office of emergency service provided the video. tomorrow the menlo park, fire district. urban search-and-rescue team in sacramento to assist in rescuing any one stranded. >> north sacramento, today's heavy rains last thing they need. town of maxwell along interstate 5 underwater.
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roads, homes, flooded. school classrooms soaked. governor's office of emergency services tweeted the picture today showing major flooding around i-80. west of sacramento. if you plan on heading towards lake tahoe or away, you have family there, you may be roared to use chains because of snow falling in the sierra. right now, chains are required on interstate 80, from king veil to donner lake. and between twin bridges and myers. highway 89, chains, picket junction and 50. >> news viewer shared the photo of san francisco tonight before the stormy weather moved in. share your pictures or video with us using hashtag, abc 7 now. may use it online or on our air. >> drew will be back with the full forecast in a few minutes. tonight an explanation from the white house after a baffling comment from the president last night. you look at what is happening -- last night -- >> allegations not having to do
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with donald trump. this is allegations of sexual assault at san francisco based uber. tonight the company ceo pledging an immediate investigation. >> also, a successful liftoff for space x. but the landing to night that has everyone talking. >> and a sting ray in lake merit. we'll
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such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. ♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. >> president trump attempted to explain a baffling comment he made yesterday, that something bad happened in sweden. >> what is happening last night in sweden. sweden. who would believe this? sweden. the president made the comment during a sharp attack on refugee policies in europe. pointing out countries targeted
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by terrorists. in fact, nothing happened in sweden. swede tuesday ridiculed mr. trump for the comment. tweeting an explanation. mr. trump cite aid report he saw the night before. my statement as to what is happening in sweden in reference to a story broadcast on fox news concerning immigrants and sweden. >> uber, ceo, ordered an urgent investigation today after a former employee, described in detail how she was sexually harassed by her manager. susan fowler left her job as engineer, with uber, and in a blog posted, fowler said her manager repeatedly asked her to have sex. fowler says when he went to hr to complain, the company sided with the manager threatened to fire her for complaining. fowler says she spoke with women at the company who also experienced similar problems. tonight uber, ceo, ordered and investigation saying --
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off. to the space station. >> a proud moment for space x. rocket blasted off from kennedy space center this morning. successful launch after yesterday's planned mission was scrubbed in the last second. the rocket is carrying a cargo ship that will bring supplies and gears to international space station by wednesday. the excitement did not end there. watch as the the 15-story rocket booster, sticks the landing after it depatched from the falcon nine. creatures found in salt water keep showing up in lake merit. abc 7 news visited lake merit, found a sting ray dead in the water. sightings of sting ray, river otters, east bay express, reports, naturalists say wildlife is flocking to the lake. voters passing measure dd in 2002. helping improve water flow between lake merit and oakland estuary. >> site we have been waiting to see in napa county.
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abc 7 news viewer sent the video. the lake's bell-shaped spillway. thanks to wet weather. water spilled into the hole friday after being dry for ten years. the lake became officially full friday. last october, it was just half full. >> now your accuweather forecast withdrew tooma. >> a messy men day. accuweather tonight. tracking the return of rain. it is going to be heavy rain. the next 12 to 24 hours. take a few stops. first north bay. want to show you still, we are seeing lightning strikes owe off the coast over the north bay. not out of the question to hear rumble of thunder. it is really just an indication, our storm right now is strengthening and becoming stronger. off the coast, take a look at this. you can see a lot of yellow, orange, red on your screen. these are the heavy downpours. that are developing at this hour. want to track this cell you see
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right here that will be a heavy downpour. moving into the north and to the west. time it out. shortly after 12:30 a.m. daly city. 12:32, san francisco. 1:00 in the morning. richmond. don't be surprised if you get woken by heavy rain moving through your city. that's not all. wider view. satellite. see the stream of moisture. this cloud cover. that is all rain. sight set on our region. a strong storm. waves of moderate to heavy rain t very high, that flood concern. along with the rain. we will also get a wind component. really strengthening monday night. wind gusts, could be damaging. future weather. look at this. 1:00 in the morning. the map is lit up on yellows, oranges. the heavy rain.
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tracking t tomorrow morning. 4:30 a.m. on and off heavy showers. this storm system is going to sit over us on monday. lunchtime, tracking the downpours as well. and as we go into the eechg hours, 5:00, still going to see moderate to heavy rain moving through the region. probably not close until midnight that the heavy rain moves out. and it tapers to lighter scattered showers. so, future tracker potential rainfall. made one tweak to this map compared to what you saw at 6:00 earlier this evening. lowered the totals a bit in the north bay. you can see a widespread, inch and a half to three inches of rain, falling in 24 hours. santa cruz mountains. 3 to 5 inches of rain. less in san jose. still, 1 to 2 inches of rain in 24 hours. will cause some problems. so a flood watch in effect for the entire region. heavy rain moving through. there will be areas of flooding. something we will be tracking. rapid rises. streams, rivers. also rock and mudslides are
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possible. along with that, winds right now. you do notice, breezy out there. lot of spots are gusting over 30 miles an hour. future tracker wind gust will show you. don't be surprised tomorrow morning. heavy ran moves through. if the wind relax just a bit. but watch what happens. we go into the evening. wow. they turn right back up. by 11:00. likely wind gusting over 40 miles an hour. for that fact, a high wind warning. monday afternoon. areas shaded in orange. wind gusts, 45 to 60 miles per hour. that's the reason trees branches could come down. power outages could happen. along with rain, tracking snow. 65 inches, 52 inches in kirkwood. that's some snow. accuweather seven-day forecast. a three on the monday. strengthening. tuesday, wednesday.
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a break thursday. and then, friday night into saturday the rain returns. great idea. get that abc 7 news app. track all this rain with live doppler 7 on your phone. >> use more breaks. >> we could use more. >> thank you, drew. >> taking our larry beal to school, dance
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>> dance like nobody is watching. i don't really care. i'm not nervous. and, feel the music. and then, for some reason i have the fan base in my little section. >> yeah, abc 7 sports director, larry beal sat down with warriors dance mom, robin shriver, who is in new orleans for the all-star game. took time to show him her moves. very good. go down. can you get back up. awe call on now. come on now. >> steve kerr.
11:25 pm
>> 1,000 times belter. don't tell him. >> i sense a rivalry between steve and larry. >> i see it. >> maybe we call off the playoffs. just have a danceoff between larry and steve kerr. >> i don't think larry will be on dance fever any time soon. good for him for trying. 66th all star classic. just that. beth teams combined. 374 points. new orleans, anthony davis sets a record with 52. right after the game got a teammate in the trade. details of that, the
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pelicans. set a scoring record. earned him the mvp. >> early on. from the golden state warriors. early on. we got what we wanted. westbrook, durant. give and go. didn't hesitate. gives it right back to russ. and check out the bench. maybe the happiest of all. russ had 41. lebron james. 13th straight all-star game. hitting just outside half court. 23. two teams. set records for most points in a quarter. 97-92. third quarter. on coming freight train. dives to the floor. and the redhead band. got on the floor. anthony davis in the third. dribbling magic. find for the slam. a triple-double. 21-10-10. green for the slam. home town boy steals the pass. then he dunks that home.
11:30 pm
he had a night to remember. then got posterized. and from behind. in the third. even impressed. deandre jordan. curry had his moments. finding him for the dunk. steph can dunk. he had 21. off the back board. davis. watch this. davis finished with an all star record. breaking wilt chamberlain's. 42. easy mvp choice. wins it. an all-star game record for total points. to the chagrin of steve kerr. >> as a coach in the all-star game. ever seen the movie weekend at bernie's. yeah. they're just. they might as well bring, couple dead bodies on the sidelines. not doing anything up there. just, prop us up. >> four warriors all stars on the court at the same time. how special was that? >> amazing. my first experience having the teammates with me. coaching staff as well.
11:31 pm
so, doing some special things. out in the bay. and to have that representation. on the court. get everybody out there. same time as us. >> what was the high light of the whole weekend for you. >> playing the game. was great. you know, the basketball coming together. so many great players coming together. celebrate the game and players. definitely. tell the fans enjoyed it. special night. and, you know, another one in the books. so happy for ad. awe whault i wanted to do. stress that. more than enough to the guys in the locker room before the game. i want to get the mvp for the crowd. for the city. and end up doing it. and did a great job. finding me. giving me the basketball. they wanted me to score 50. >> wanted me to score 50. >> after the game. multiple sources, reporting the kings traded cousins to new orleans. and, a number one and two pick in the upcoming draft. didn't want to pay the $220 million max. he and anthony davis may be now the best front court in the nba.
11:32 pm
the abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. put an end to the feud later in the newscast. more on the trade, worth the wait. stick around. matt. >> thank you. more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. trouble in paradise. why did the man breach airport security in honolulu. what led to his death. plus, reliving the past. world war ii hero takes to the skies with an important message [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
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♪ ♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. good evening. i'm matt keller. in tonight's headlines. one person died tonight after
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their car crashed and burst into flames. happened on southbound, 101, spencer drive exit. crash caused a long backup that lasted well into the evening. community throughout the bay area bracing for a powerful storm expected to sweep across northern california tomorrow. in santa clara county. ongoing releases from the anderson dam in preparation for bad weather. >> uber, ceo, promising an investigation after a former employee wrote troubling blog, detailing sexism and power struggles at san francisco headquarters. the ceo says such behavior is not tolerated at his company. >> tonight the white house is clarifying something president trump said that caused international confusion. abc news reporter, richard cantu has the story. >> in within of his now familiar free wheeling speeches, president trump included these remarks. >> you look at what is happening in germany. you look at what is happening
11:37 pm
last night in sweden. sweden. who would believe this? sweden took in large numbers. having problems, never thought possible. look at what is happening in brussels. what's happening all over the world. take a look at nice. take a look at paris. >> that set of a transatlantic tizzy. many thought the president seemed to be including sweden with brussels, nice, paris, targets of terrorist attacks. but swedish authorities reported there was no terrorism there friday. the swedish government asked the state department for clarification. a former swedish prime minister tweeting, sweden, terror attack, what has he been smoking? questions abound. sunday the white house explaining the president was talking abut ri aing aabout ris recent incidents in general not a specific ings denlt. adding the president was referencing a news report he had
11:38 pm
seen before. president trump heads to washington facing crowded slate of problems. he promised a new version of his travel ban. first one halted by the courts. yet to name a new national security adviser. in florida, sunday, the president met with at least four possible replacements, after michael flynn was forced to resign. that selection is expected soon. richard cantu, abc news, new york. and tonight, journalists are pushing back on president trump's tweet calling the media the enemy of the people. fox news anchor chris wallace laid into the white house chief of staff this morning. >> want a lot further than that. he said the fake media, not certain stories, the fake media are an enemy to the country. we don't have a state-run media in this country. that's what they have in -- you don't get to tell us what to do any more than barack obama did. >> and to close out the abc this week, abc news white house correspondent, jonathan carl shared his thoughts on mr. trump's tweet.
11:39 pm
>> we are not about to stop doing our jobs because yet another president is unhappy with what he reads or hears or sees on tv news. there is a reason the founders put freedom of the press in the very first amendment to the constitution. as long as american democracy remains healthy there will be roare reporters willing to pursue the truth even if that means incurring the wrath of the most powerful person in the world. >> president trump has not walked back on any tweets. james mattis disagreed with the president's thoughts. he said he had no, use with the press. investigators in hawaii want to find out why a man died after he breached an airport security checkpoint and fought with police. dashed through the exit lane at a checkpoint at honolulu international airport. cell phone video captured the chaos. hawaiian tv reporter witnessed what happened next. >> all of a sudden this man, very large man, ran through the
11:40 pm
terminal and started ramming himself through the doors, looking like he was trying. to get out to the run way where the planes are. police and airport workers eventually stopped him once he reached the airfield. he died after being taken to a hospital. >> a world war ii veteran helped defend the country from the seat of his fighter plane, some 70 years ago took to the skies this weekend. it was an opportunity to relive maneuvers and remind the nation about the perils of warfare. john donvan has the story. >> reporter: not exactly is this history repeating itself. but it echos something this 96-year-old in this particular air craft once about 70 years ago, a world war ii flier, flying against the japanese around the island. it was dangerous duty. >> we started off with 1500 guys for flight school. graduated, 971. we lost about 251. >> he was delighted when offered the chance to climb once more, with a little help.
11:41 pm
>> first step the hardest. >> into world war ii vintage p 51 mustang. in the back seat with volunteer pilot, brian norris in the front. they rocked maneuvers up there at 8,000 feet. i got to do a loop. big vertical circle in the sky. bob got through it all. easily. back on earth he wanted it known, none of it was easy. back when he was a kid at war. important that young people remember, that there was a war. it wasn't all parades and beautiful flying in the skies. >> this time it did look pretty beautiful. when history made a big circle back in the life of one man who was there. john donvan, abc news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. showed you some moves earlier. next, larry beal full lesson with the warriors famous dancing
11:42 pm
star. and live doppler 7 active tracking. thunderstorms moving through the north bay. clap of thunder asanta rosa. the wire picture. a lot of ran about to move onshore. latest in the accuweather forecast ahead. >> watch the oscars live on abc 7. next sunday. jimmy kimmel hosting for the first time. coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. invite y
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we track a strong storm. first on the coast. couple storms. live doppler tracking action. into the north bay. take a look at this. we have ten lightning striengz. folks around santa rosa, a clap of thunder. don't be surprised. woken up by that. downpour about to move in. 11:49 p.m. expect a bout of heavy rain. take a look the peninsula. heavy rain.
11:46 pm
back towards monte rey. heavy wet night. rainfall across the region. the reason, wide view. look at that. look. we have a lot of ran to get through with this storm system. storm impact scale. see this is a 3. a strong storm on monday. already have the, moderate to heavy rain moving in. very high flood concern. damaging wind potentially. an issue. accuweather forecast. heavy rain moving on shore. winds crank tomorrow night. scattered showers, tuesday, wednesday. a storm friday night into saturday. >> hopefully everyone is ready. thank you. >> warriors play tonight at all star in new orleansch a famous warriors' fan may have had the best moves there. abc 7 sports director, larry beal spent time with her and got a personal lesson. you kind of have it. >> robin has gone from anonymous fan to worldwide phenomenon, thanks to this.
11:47 pm
robin started dancing during games at oracle arena a year and a half ago. her routine went viral. now you are international. explain how -- >> very hot in turkey. >> very hot in turkey. >> oh, yeah. >> thought australia. >> that too. robin is retired school teacher turned artist. sudden fame stunned her family. in the old days on the 11:00 news, locally. that would have been it. you have talked about her. that would have been it. all a sudden on the camera, dance-cam, dances. internet fame. >> dance like nobody is watching. i've really don't care. i am not nervous. and, feel the music. and then, for some reason i have this fan base in my little section. started growing. >> robin ran into warriors coach, steve kerr here in new orleans. he requested a private lesson, learning what robin calls the splash brothers dance.
11:48 pm
>> how would you evaluate his dancing? >> very good learner. slow learner, but a learner. >> slow learner. >> how is his speed. >> good. very good. >> let's go down. can you get back up? >> come on now. come on now. >> how am i compared to steve ke kerr? >> 1,000 times better. don't tell him. >> in new orleans at nba all-star game. larry beil, abc 7 news. >> you met her before. delightful person. typical warriors fan. been there forever. getting some attention. great for her to get 15 minutes. larry doesn't get out much. >> not on the dance floor. >> not on the dance floor. nba all-star game is over. for everyone in the big easy. the talk all week was the kd westbrook feud. going to put an end to it. played
11:49 pm
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i don't know about you. i got tired of hearing about former, kevin durant and michael westbrook's feud during all star weekend. i know they were as they dodged the subject for three days found ways to not talk about it. they did team up on the 81 second they played together. durant feeding westbrook for the throwdown. the bench went crazy like the feud was over. afterward the nonsense continued. and -- you tell everyone you can tell everyone started talking about it too. >> the lob to russ was pretty nice. genuine celebration on the, on the bench. how did that feel for you? >> felt like a normal lob. normal pass. normal finish. >> nothing do it. >> do a lob. that's basketball. that's it. >> no high fives, nothing. >> did you see it?
11:53 pm
beauty of the game. you let the game break the ice. that play, i thought broke the ice. our guys were all making fun of them. they were both laughing. it was a nice moment. seemed like genuine celebration. kd threw to him. >> everybody tired of the [ bleep ]. >> not live, so. >> everybody, tired of all the stuff going around. everybody making, you know story out of the nothing. so i think it was, i think it was great to see. >> case closed. after the game ended. the kings, traded cousins, and to the pelicans for first, second round pick. and evans, and galloway and buddy heels. cousins free agent at season's end. kings, done with on the court antics didn't want to pay him the $220 million contract.
11:54 pm
from mobile, alabama. could opt out. he and anthony davis, and now make up the best front court in the nba. stay tuned. all right, senior night at stanford. hosted bears on big game sunday. the bears had it tied late. and, second quarter. 12 points. lead the bears. and close to the 4th. then the alana smith show. coming off career night. thursday. 27 points. 17 points. eight rebounds. tenth ranked cardinal. won 11 of 12. improved to 24-4. 14-2. cal lost four straight. with tonight's 72-54 stanford victory. san jose sharks. joe thornton's original team. two assists away from 1,000 in his career. but did not pull the feet off against his club. patrick marlow, heck of a season. age 37. continued to night. and shot deflected off boston. the defenseman. right there.
11:55 pm
for his 21st of the year. tied at 1. stayed that way until overtime. lose the face-off. hopefully out of position. and, all alone. scores the game womener. martin jones. 2-1. the final. the rain plagued genesis open, finished with 36 holes. at riviera. dustin johnson ran away. great approach, dj, final hole. finished birdie, birdie, birdie, 64. starts off the final round. birdie, birdie. one and two. five straight birdies in the 19 under. never seriously challenged tachlt-in par. 18. minus 17. five stroke victory. first win of the year. moves to number one in the world. and replacing jason day. and gets $1 million for the weekend's work. >> on to spring training in arizona. looking for a fifth man in the starting rotation. buster posey hopes it will be matt kane. final year of a $100 million contract. and last two years have been frustrating, surgeries, seasons
11:56 pm
cut short. buster look many fans, hope cain is able to bounce back. no matter who it is, buster is ready to work with all pitchers on the staff. >> they're all different. too. it is nice. give your opponent some different looks. all the guys are thinkers on the mound. making adjustments during the game. making adjustments, start to start. a lot of fun. he is within of my good buddies. we stay in touch throughout the winter. but he's -- i expect him to have a good year. i think, i think we all just hope he goes out. enjoys it. and -- doesn't put too much pressure on himself. i think, he does that. everything will be great. >> spring training games get under way next weekend. of course heading down there early in the week. this abc 7 sports report, brought to you by river rock casino. i love kings owner. but to trade a player of cousins stature right after the all-star game, that's just so sacramento kings. work out the deal announce it tomorrow. sure, social media got it out
11:57 pm
there. but in new orleans could be dangerous. back in action thursday night. hosting the clippers. and probably the renal he played two minutes. fewest since 1971, he didn't want to get injured. maybe knew it was going to happen tonight. >> what a powerhouse of, of front line there. >> could be. >> push for the second half. guarantee you. grab the spot. >> maybe see them in the playoffs. shauk. th thank you. i'm matt keller. thank you for joining us. see you tomorrow morning
11:58 pm
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