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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 17, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PST

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now at 11:00, rain is on the
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way. this is a live picture from the abc7 roof camera, get out umbrella and rain jacket. wet weather is sticking around for several days. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley, be careful in the morning. soaking commute. sandhya? >> it's updated to two on the storm impact scale. going to change rapidly, the storm is intensifying and as it does, going to slam the bay area with strong winds. moderate strength, two on the scale. moderate to heavy rain in the morning. watch out for gusty winds. may take down trees and heaviry rain lead to flooding. very bad commute to work tomorrow. bumpy ferry ride and pouring along with windy conditions if you're walking to b.a.r.t. or
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work. you'll need extra time for the commute. i'll be back with the hour by hour forecast as to when the first part of the storm is hitting. developing news tonight. more than 200 people tested for tuberculosis as someone tested positive at bay area high school. county health officials notified students and staff at armijo high school telling them there is active case. live with what parents need to know. >> reporter: the individual with tu tuberculosis may have been at school for a few days or up to a week. not telling us if it's staff member or student, only associated with the high school. and several hundred are going to have to be tested because of possible exposure. >> students and staff should attend school and go to work as
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usual. >> reporter: solano public health officials trying to calm fears as parents learn of this case in fairfield. >> hoping they're taking care of this and making sure we're all informed. >> reporter: this letter out to parents today after the person tested positive last week. not fast enough for mother of student who recently had an organ transplant. >> i should have been contacted with something like this. >> reporter: for otherwise healthy individuals. >> this strain is not resistant to the medications we use to treat tb. >> reporter: say more than 200 people may have been exposed. >> not something you get in passing through hallways but matter of spending prolonged periods of time in enclosed space with the individual. >> reporter: receive letters and be tested for tb within a week. some parents aren't waiting.
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sonya plans to call her doctor tomorrow. >> playing sports and i don't know who she's come in contact with. >> reporter: infected person recovering at home. meeting next tuesday for concerned parents. abc7 news. there's confusion in the wake of the ghost ship fire in oakland, killed 36 people in december. city issued a new directive to the police department ordering it to crack down on illegal partying and living spaces but hours later that order was retracted. new details. >> reporter: the police department report lasted all of four hours before the city administrator stepped in and retracted the policy. at 2:00 the police chief ordered all officers to report by e-mail illegal parties and living
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spaces. had to include specifics and be completed the same day. follows the ghost ship fire where 36 people died. recent reports indicated that police knew people lived and partied there illegally. code violation never documented. police union is upset. >> not engaged in building code regulations. terrible tragedy shouldn't be at feet of local officers. >> and said the previous directive distributed prematurely and retracted. confusion is frustrating this family, she died in the fire. >> it's too bad it always takes a tragedy for simple common sense changes. all have reporting policies in place. abc7 news. to wash now. tonight president trump's replacement pick for national
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security advisor turned the job down. sources tell cnn retired vice admiral bob harward reluctant to take the job because didn't feel he could form his own team and told a friend white house seemed too chaotic. but president trump insisted there is no chaos, calling administration a fine-tuned machine. reporters asked repeatedly about russia. he acknowledged the leaks are real and no one he knows of contacted russian officials and asked if he would meet with congressional black caucus to talk about improving urban areas. >> going to include the cbc in your conversations with inner city agenda as wells as -- >> who? >> the congressional black caucus and hispanic caucus. >> do you want to set up the meeting? are they friends of yours? set up meeting. >> i know some of them.
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>> set up meeting. i would love to meet with them, i think it's great. >> tweeted saying we are the cbc, we sent you letter on january 19th but you never wrote us back. sad. tonight the white house is working to set up that meeting. new executive order on travel. >> south bay muslim community is saying the order is contributing to islamophobia. working to combat that problem. >> reporter: hosted
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reinstate the ban and won't issue any more orders before it sees the executive order. abc7 news. a protest and strike. workers and businesses acrossed bay area participated in day without immigrations. hayes valley, the staff at cala made the tough decision to cancel reservations and close. many schools report a sharp decrease in attendance.
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we have breaking news right now out of the east bay where a police chase is happening right now. started in vallejo, went through berkeley. whole time the driver weaving dangerously through twrask at speeds over 100 miles per hour. started after suspect didn't pull over after traffic stop. just took into custody on 580 in pleasanten, just happened in the last eight minutes. >> we'll stay on top of that. this video disturbing, mother and child knocked off the road in china by reversing jeep that went out of control. had to scramble to get out of the way before it hit them again on the ground. look at this. little boy suffered serious injuries, mother with fractured
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pelvis but really scary. new details on a road rage shooting. gunman opened fire on wardell while his wife and children in the car. gun fire from another vehicle. take a look at image of a van that police are looking for. spotted near the shooting scene. has a custom roof and black rims. police in pacifica want to find a man who put on mask and robbed safeway. went into the safe room at store and wore a mask and glasses that made him look older. stole cash and ran off towards 101. young ballerinas together under one roof for the olympics of ballet.
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>> dancing dreams on the line. >> very serious for anyone who aspires to professional dance. see the intensity on her face? >> are you nervous? >> sort of. >> how about her mother out front. >> started in september working on this. sf. >> for cancers, almost equivalent of nfl draft but more graceful. youth american grand prix, best ballet students get two minutes on stage to prove they belong in new york city competing against others in the world. >> these kids come from all across the country from nevada as far as utah. there's a lot at stake. >> the paris ballet, germany,
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new york. >> founded this competition which awards scholarships to 30 ballet companies which train and turn out stars of our future. around 7:00 p.m. she took the stage for contemporary number. watching a ten year dream on the line. looked good to us. judges won't announce until sunday. meantime. you might have to go to school away from home. >> yeah. >> sorry mom. if she wins could be lonely days ahead. san mateo, abc7 news. >> very good. >> great talent. talk about the weather. intense storm coming in and intensifying. >> sandhya has what's coming our way. >> stormy morning ride. concerns for tomorrow. minor flooding possibility and trees down, power outages high. moderate risk of debris.
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creeks rising, rivers fine. this storm upgraded to moderate strength storm. flash flood watch for parts of the county, heavy rain and runoff. high wind warning issued for san bonnito county area and the south bay. now the wind advisory expanded to include the san francisco peninsula, most of the east bay, out to the delta. gusts up to 50 miles an hour will knock down trees and power lines. be careful out there. upper 40s to mid-50s, won't look like this tomorrow morning. this is beautiful view. messy for morning commute. storm impact scale, moderate strength for friday. moderate to heavy rain in the morning.
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strong gusty winds. potential for trees to come down, especially with saturated ground. this is coming from the southwest. 5:00 a.m., heavy to moderate pockets. 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. could be the strongest storm of the season. tells you how strong it is. pops of heavier rain drenching still at 10:00 a.m. around noontime it switches to showers and eases up. getaway for the three-day weekend could be dicey heading to the mountains or southern california. totals. storm from the south. san jose, .7 of an inch are more than santa rosa. over two inches in ben loem and.
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and winds continue to remain strong and gusty at 8:00. 45 miles an hour not out of the question around 10:00. gifl driving until the winds ease up. winter weather advisory for the sierra. six to 12 inches of snow expected. m mudslides possible. if you're going up for the holiday weekend, here's the forecast. friday in tahoe is snowy and gusty. saturday scattered showers, snow and rain. mix mixed precipitation on sunday. tracking the storm tomorrow afternoon. mid-i mid-ist 50s to the low 60s. next storm is tomorrow. moderate strength.
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two on the impact scale. saturday morning a few showers and sunday light rain gives way to heavier rain going into sunday night and monday, presidents day. second storm. third is due in tuesday, weaker and lingers until wednesday morning before we dry out on thursday. always can download the abc7 news app and track live doppler 7 anytime you need to plan your day. >> getting it again. >> we are. dance mom is back, getting
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the best basketball players in new orleans this weekend and so are the best fans. invited the warrior's dance camp mom to come to the all-star game. shot this video with steph curry this afternoon. nba tweeted this gem for all to see. looks like gave curry a lesson in how to boogie. she has the moves. that's fun they brought her along. >> awesome. >> someone else is headed that way. >> dance-off. >> i expect to run into robin
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while i'm there. could do that live on television. i'll put it down. warriors all-stars in new orleans but who plays
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good evening. among the intriguing questions heading in the nba all-star game, who is fifth man on the court when steve kerr plays all four warriors at the same time. lot of people love to see russell westbrook. him and kevin durant not on speaking terms. have yelled at each other recently. i think almost cruel to force him on the court with all the warriors. could steve kerr play henry k s kissinger and broker peace? draymond told radio he's ready to bring them together. >> looking forward to being the ice breaker. we're all stars. steve kerr is coaching all-star
1:36 am
game and everyone here earned opportunity to be all-star. don't take tension or anything from regular season into the all-star locker room. >> i'll be there, asked to bring back a po 'boy and ben 80s. going to squeeze in some reporting too. college hoops. trying to beat con up over the high ranked team. williams-goss, a game high 30. 96-61 win. women's basketball, alanna
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smith, career high 27 for the cardinal. tied at break. third quarter three, she had 13 points. brittany mcphee, big collision and goes. final minutes in this game. carly samuelson with lay-up for the lead. 10th ranked stanford pulls it out. great prank on chris brian of the cubs. audio guy volunteers to throw batting practice, turns out to be hall of famer greg maddox. >> not too bad actually. good curve ball. what is this? pretty good. no. >> that's a strike. >> might be better than the other guy. >> chris you sign that to greg maddox? >> see, i told you! >> that was well


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