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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us. 200,000 evacuees living near the dam are returning home after they lifted evacuation orders this afternoon. water officials say they drained enough of the lake behind the damaso the emergency spillway would not be needed. >> that spillway has been fortified against future erosion. still, officials are being vigilant. >> absolutely constant assessment and reassessment to make sure that we're aware and prepared for any potential changes. >> the region north of sacramento remains under an evacuation warning in the event the situation changes. let's go to abc 7 news reporter laura anthony live in oroville for us tonight. laura, you were there with one of families when they got the word. welcome news i know. >> reporter: we were with them in chico at the evacuation center when they started to get the word through the local chp letting folks know that the
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evacuation order would probably be lifted after about 1:30 this afternoon. then they got the word, of course, here back in oroville as we're standing here. things are slowly returning back to normal. people are, of course, grateful but they are also aware that another emergency could force them to evacuate once again. >> good to be back. >> janelle wilson and her family were among the first to arrive back in oroville after the mandatory evacuation order was lifted. >> i can sleep in my own bed. i don't have no sleep in a motel room. everybody just scrunched in one room, it was not fun. >> it's been a roller coaster. >> still, they're going to be working on that dam. >> i'm just hoping we don't have to leave again. i just want to be home. >> the extended family of seven and their dogs have stayed in a hotel for two nights and were trying to find a longer term solution at the evacuation center in chico when they
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learned the order was about to be lifted. so they packed up and headed out driving south from the evacuation center and trying to get on the road ahead of the crowd. as they arrived home, the many cats that live in their mobile home park were there to greet them and enjoy a long awaited meal. >> milo stop. >> reporter: back at the silver dollar fairgrounds, more than 1600 people were trying to make the best of a difficult situation. many locals were there, too, doing their best to make the evacuees feel comfortable and welcome. >> including mary klegg who stoped by to hand out valentines to the children. >> they need to know they're loved. this is a special day. even though it's not where we want to be or what we would have chosen, it's what we have to deal with. >> we're back live in downtown oroville. we're seeing traffic pick up by
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the minute really here again. it will take time for folks to get out of the evacuation centers and back into town. this is definitely a community that has come together during this crisis and again, as they move forward, they are well aware that at some point if an emergency happens again, they may have to pick up and leave again. very happy to be back here in the short term. in oroville, laura anthony, abc 7 news. laura, thank you. white house press secretary sean spicer, president trump has been keeping a close eye on the spillway. >> we have to pursue an infrastructure package. p in order to prevent the next disaster, we'll pursue the president's vision for an overhaul of the crumbling infrastructure in the nation. >> the federal regulatory
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commission ordered california to immediately design repairs to the damaged spillways. >> congressman p spoke on the floor on the oroville dam. he used props to show the damage and the risk of catastrophic failure. he asked congress to choose wisely between hot button projects and infrastructure spending. >> choices about building a $30 billion wall rather than repairing the bridges. we know that dams are in jeopardy. we should never delay these infrastructure investments. >> yesterday garamendi visited there before heading back to washington. a new dam in the east bay with a different kind of spillway that will reduce the need for a major evacuation in the event of a catastrophic failure. the dam at the reservoir straddles the counties. david louie is live there
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tonight. >> reporter: there's no question that it's a beautiful site but it sits next to the cal ver he is fault. they're building a new dam here and why they've completed a new spillway using modern techniques to avert disaster. you can see from sky 7 that the spillway of the dam looks much different. it's made of concrete, not earthen rock. there's a new dam for the reservoir replacing the original built 92 years ago. the san francisco public utilities commission owns the facility and says downstream residents shouldn't be too concerned by releases. >> our spillway is operated about once every seven years and there has not been downstream flooding as a result of those releases, nor would we expect downstream flooding in almost any release that's foreseeable. >> the reservoir is part of the
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hetch hetchy system that catches water delivering it to 2.6 million residents. thousands of residents would be in the path of a catastrophic breach. it would flow into a creek to collect additional runoff along the way. it passes through fremont and drains into san francisco bay. if the water level exceeds capacity, there is one priority. >> the goal at that point is to save the dam and not have the dam over topped and the spillway is essentially there to protect the dam at that point. >> a bottom drain is at work releasing rainfall from recent storms. the reservoir is below 40% of capacity during construction. cal var he is stores a percentage of the water supply. the integrity is critical. it would be finished in two years. david louie, abc 7 news. we streamed today's news conference with the latest on the oroville dam. you can get updates through the abc 7 news app.
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if you enable push alerts, you can get the -- looking for three young men beat a victim with a skateboard. it happened at a known trouble spot at golden gate park. carolyn tyler has the story. >> it happened near the eastern entrance to golden gate park. at haight and stand i don't know streets. an 18-year-old kid hit over the head with his own skateboard in a vicious attack by three men. >> when the medics were on scene, the victim was unconscious, unable to speak and bleeding from his head. >> it's the latest incident in this area. last june a homeless couple was charged with torturing a man whose body was found in the lake. there have been several stabbings and shootings over the last couple of years in this area. billy martins just moved to the neighborhood and he knows to be careful. >> you don't know who is next,
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who is walking out. >> since saturday afternoon's attack, police interviewed witnesses and say they have more officers patrolling this trouble spot. >> we have patrol task force. the officers can be doing passing calls or officers on bike that you might not see. >> it's well-policed. that's not the problem. >> carol sloan owns skates on haight across the street from the park. >> that particular entrance to the park is a place where people hang out who sell drugs and are violent. it doesn't surprise me that something happed there. >> investigators believe there may be more witnesses and are asking them to call police. in san francisco, caroline tyler, abc 7 news. san leandro police identified the victim of a fatal road rage shooting. 45-year-old war dell tal fehr owe of san leandro was shot twice and killed on sunday night.
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he was found inside his suv in the kaiser permanente medical center parking lot. his girlfriend and two children were also inside the car. they were not hurt. investigators say the girlfriend drove to the hospital after the shooting on marina boulevard a half mile away. work is under way on highway 17 to clear a mudslide in the santa cruz mountains for the past week. work will only take place during the day. for now, that consists of hauling away the mud. later, crews will begin stabilizing the hill itself. no estimate on when it will fully reopen. to complete things -- rain returns to the santa cruz mountains on wednesday night. so there could be more problems. the chp is cautioning drivers not to risk driving on a popular highway, 17 get around in los gatos. this video was posted. take a look. a worker uses a shovel to show how deep the road has collapsed. it's a problem.
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the roadway is blocked off and some drivers have gone through anyway. the road is is still closed indefinitely as you see there on the map. a san francisco massage parlor is sued. the city says the business is really a brothel and needs to be shut down. abc 7 news reporter vic lee knocks on the door. taxing the rich. how san francisco plans do it to pay for your transit. the go-to messaging app for the white house. it's getting a lot of funding from silicon valley. in time for valentine's day.
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the san francisco city attorney filed a lawsuit. he says there's a lot more going on than meets the eye. the suit claims queens health center on kearney street in the financial district has been
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operating as a brothel. vic lee is live with the story tonight. vic? >> reporter: well, the owner of the queens health center did not want to go on camera. but she did tell us in chinese that her place is simply a massage parlor and that there's no hanky pankey going on. by the way, this is the first time that the city has tried to close an alleged brothel by using what's called the red light abatement law. the queens health center is a massage parlor on kearney near pine. when people go to a massage parlor, what do they expect? >> i think they expect to have a massage and probably that's about it. >> according to the city attorney, that's not what happens here at the queens health center. >> they have been going around the law for years. they're well aware it's illegal. >> the city attorney filed this
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lawsuit claiming that the massage parlor is really a brothel. the suit says for at least six years the city cited queens health center with multiple fines for violating health codes and other laws. there have been numerous police undercover operations here. >> police investigators found individuals engaging in sex. they interviewed multiple patrons of this particular business who indicated that they were there to pay for sex. >> investigators also say they found an elaborate warning system in the parlor in case of raids. >> if inspectors were coming or police were coming, lights would be turned on. there was stops behind the doors to keep doors from opening. >> it's surprising. >> while some patrons of neighboring restaurants were shocked, others weren't. >> i'm not going to expose my friends. i have heard a few stories. risky business going on there. >> on top of fines, the city hopes to close the business for at least a year.
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vic lee, abc 7 news. how would you feel about paying a local income tax on top of your federal and state taxes? some san francisco supervisors wanted to help pay for transportation projects. early this evening, they're expected to vote on a measure to would have them consider -- it would allow local jurisdictions to introduce local income taxes. supervisors said it would be used for projects to be used tore congestion. -- >> the feds cut taxes for the richest of the rich. we're going to recapture those at the state and local level. >> next speaker please. >> supervisor said a half percent income tax for san francisco workers earning more than a million dollars a year would raise $80 million. only looking for high income. >> this is a day romance not
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breakups. broken up on valentine's day. >> cigna is ending the merger agreement with anthem after the deal was rejected by a federal judge. they said it was anti-competitive. now cigna is suing anthem seeking a reverse $8.5 billion termination fee and additional damages in an amount "exceeding" $13 billion. from breakup to makeup. this valentine's day may have you looking for love online. 7 on your side michael finney partnered with consumer reports to see if dating sites in fact work. >> melissa had been using online dating apps for five years. at first she was hopeful. after a number of disappointing dates, she became frustrated. >> when you get your hopes built up sometimes to meet the right person and then that chemistry is not there. it can be discouraging. >> melissa is not alone.
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in consumer reports, respondents gave online dating sites the lowest they've seen for any rated service -- >> online dating is different than shopping for other things like a sweater. once i find a sweater you like you get it. with dating, the sweater has to like you back. >> dissatisfied online daters, a 44% of those who tried online dating have had or are in a serious long-term relationship -- >> i was about to give up on online dating when i heard from brian. i have that site to thank for my relationship today. it can work out. >> consumer reports says you can maximize by choosing the right site from the beginning. >> if you're interested in somebody who likes the same kind of movies you do or follows the same faith you do.
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you can find a website that helps you find just that. >> even the best digital match can't guarantee chemistry. that's why it's important to go on a date to meet someone in person early in the process. just like melissa and brian, sometimes it pays off to keep yourself open to love. >> i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. a word of caution from arborists tonight. check out your trees. this massive oak fell last month in lafayette crushing a home. now a tree expert determined it came down because most of its roots simply rotted away. that homeowner had no idea. but there may have been signs that the oak would fail. >> there's a lot of things that -- there's deformation. -- stunted growth. mushrooms growing up out of the base of the tree. that tells us there could be root fungi.
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>> you can also tap the roots and listen for hollow sound. if you have large older trees near your home. have them checked every couple of years. >> now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> happy valentine's day everyone. enjoy the weather. hope it warmed up your hearts. take a look at the temperatures. 70 degrees in san jose. napa cloverdale. plenty of mid and upper 60s. about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than where you normally are this time of year. live doppler 7 had cloud cover overhead. it's not going to get here just yet. from the east bay hills camera, lots of sunshine filtered by the clouds. 63 in oakland. still really mild in gilroy. near 70 degrees. mid-60s in san jose. half moon bay, cooling down in the 50s. the emeryville camera. 66 in santa rosa. 65 in concord.
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one other live picture. a system that is coming in. not as warm as it was today. we're looking at wet and unsettled weather into next week. get ready for a wet pattern. cloud cover coming over. mid-40s to the low 50s. not very cold tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will not be quite as high as they were today. we'll see numbers in the low to upper 60s with occasional high clouds. thickening as the morning goes on. mostly cloudy wednesday. it's a light system. brief downpours in the morning on thursday with gusty winds. 30 to 40 miles per hour. particularly along the coast. minor flooding possibility. typical low-lying flooding. that's the big concerning. at noontime, might see a few sprinkles. that's when we start to see the
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first signs of rain. 2:00 a.m. thursday, the rain is starting to come down in the north bay. it intensifies and really spreads southward as we head into 5:00 a.m. the commute is dicey on thursday. 7:00 a.m., widespread rain. the yellows and oranges, downpours moderate to heavy rain. in the east bay, the peninsula and by the time you get out to eat lunch, scattered showers for your thursday afternoon. really continuing into the wee hours, early evening hours. well over 1.5 inches in santa rosa. expect that with the first storm. it turns to snow in the mountains. winter storm watch for thursday afternoon. half a foot to 5500 feet. make sure you have the chains if you're traveling up. hazardous driving conditions are expected. download the abc 7 news app. that will come in handy, especially when you see so many 1s on the storm impact scale. clouds up tomorrow.
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still mild. temperatures hovering near 70 degrees. 1 on the storm impact scale. wet and windy. second storm quickly on friday. lingering shower saturday morning. the weekend is not lost. saturday afternoon through sunday afternoon it's dry. sunday night into monday, another storm coming through with more showers on tuesday. dan and christien. nasa detects a star's heartbeat in time for valentine's day. that's next. then at 6:00 -- happens to have the same physical chemical and optical properties as a natural diamond. new at 6:00, the natural beauty of a diamond. it's man made and right here in the bay
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the chief executive at gap incorporated will be among those meeting with president trump
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tomorrow. ceo art peck and others are expected to make the case against a proposal to tax all imports. they claim it will raise prices and hurt their business. the ceos of auto zone, best buy, target, walgreens, j.c. penney, joanne stores and tractor supply company will be there for the meeting. "washington post" is reporting that the trump administration staffers are communicating by using an encrypted messaging app that erases messages after they've been received. they're using the app called confide to avoid being -- as president trump moves to crackdown on leaks. this is video from the startup. the post report follows similar reporting last week by a news and information website. now to a story that will have you over the moon this valentine's day. nasa today announced it's detected a star's heartbeat. you can see it right here on the right side of the star in this
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nasa photo. scientists say the star appears to vibrate every 87 minutes. they believe it's caused by the gravitational force of a planet that -- at the closest approach during orbit causing a heartbeat effect. scientists are having a little fun with it as you can see. >> that's really cool. a lot of viewers are sending in special valentine's day pictures. this one a heart shaped hole in the rock and trina sent in this one -- take a look at this one. symbol for love from trina. all right. this is the heart shaped hole in the rock. very unusual. thank you, ryan. doug from big sur calls this one blowing kisses. share your kisses with us using #abc 7 now. >> which is better, fish or hearts? >> for these penguins at the california academy
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i'm ama daetz. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 -- >> windshields shattered, sunroofs cracked. tonight, drivers come to abc 7 to find out what's damaging their cars on a section of bay area freeway. also -- >> the majesty of the lion king. one woman paid big money for legitimate tickets and found she couldn't possibly use them. 7 on your side explains what happened. and it's valentine's day. we'll check in on this lucky colt rescued from a ravine a year ago today. all that plus much more in a half an hour on abc 7 news at 600. you don't believe ou big. >> penguin love is in the air at golden gate park. >> abc 7 news at the california academy of sciences aspen begins
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got special valentines. aren't just for show. >> the penguins actually use them to make their nests. look at the fellas grab the hearts and rush them to their caves. >> it's too cute. >> the academy does more than encourage mating. it's part of the species survival plan to grow the penguin population, which is endanger endangered. people are showing their affection for this video. >> that's deputy williams in north carolina in a heated dance battle with a young man named jason. >> not bad. the best version of the running man to the song. the so far it's been viewed more than 75,000 times in less than 24 hours. >> the dance-off. >> they're both winners. can't be easy to dance with all that gear.
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>> world news tonight with david muir is coming up. all of us appreciate your time. see you ag tonight, breaking news. the white house bombshell. new reporting after president trump's national security adviser is forced out. the white house now says president trump demanded his resignation. general mike flynn, and the phone calls with the russian ambassador. also, tonight we learn the u.s. justice department signaled concern about general flynn 17 days ago. what concerned them. the fbi interview with flynn. our team standing by. the tornadoes touching down outside houston. severe storms. damaging winds. on high alert tonight at america's tallest dam. a rain storm set to hit as they helicopter in massive boulders and bags of rocks. and the close call. actor harrison ford piloting his own plane, coming dangerously close to a 737. mistaking the taxiway for the


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