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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 14, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." >> another round of wet weather on the way in oroville, and crews are up against the clock working to shore up the emergency spill way. we're expecting an update within the hour on the progress. nearly 200,000 people remain evacuated. thanks for joining us. >> i'm natasha zouves. so far crews managed to lower the lake level by 15 feet, which sounds promising but "abc 7 news" reporter jonathan bloom explains there's a long way to go. joining us live in oroville. jonathan. >> reporter: well, the sun is shining but the clock is ticking with more rain on the way
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tomorrow night. if you look to my right, you will see what is a spectacular sight, a relay of helicopters, one of them picking up bags of rocks and dirt, the other picking up blocks of concrete and carrying them to where they are needed. all happening while they're keeping an eye on the damaged main spill way, using every possible tool including night vision goggles. look at this video released by the california highway patrol as they flew over the spillways checking for trouble. hard to imagine that's only two-thirds tv natural rate for fear of causing more damage. now they'r taking turns picking up concrete blocks, other grabbing bags of rock and dirt to place them on a hillside too dangerous for trucks. here is a better vantage point. chp shows what it looks like from the sky. they are working quickly because it is a race against time. they have lowered the lake level from 15 feet from the highest point. their goal is to lower it by
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50 feet, all while repairs continue in the cost of hundreds of millions. will there be federal help? we've heard this from the white house. >> the president is keeping a close eye on the dam situation in oroville, california. we will pursue the overhaul of the nation's crumbling sfraukt. we will be working alongside feem ah to kbroept government entities to make sure we are doing all we can to attend to this matter. >> for now the work on that emergency spill way continues with no word on when the evacuations could lift or when that work could be complete. we could hear more on both of those things in a briefing scheduled one hour from now in the town of oroville, about ten minutes from where we're standing. now live from the oroville dam, jonathan bloom, "abc 7 news." >> thank you. could have an update on when evacuation orders could be lifted. the governor does not expect to
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visit the dam himself. he trusts officials handling it% he welcomes any scrutiny about what may have led to the crisis. >> we got a lot of eyes on the problem, there will be a lot of things getting scrutiny. in that sense it will be helpful to stimulate more infrastructure analysis and investment. >> remarks come as the feds call for an independent review of what went wrong. it will be headed by the same agency that rejected a plan to reinforce the emergency spillway 12 years ago. >> nearly 200,000 people remain in limbo after being chased from their homes on sunday. many ee vhave left the other, os staying in shelters, anywhere out of the way of potential disaster. >> my daughter wanted me to get a place to stay for maybe three or four days until they work it out. >> i wouldn't say everything is going to be fine because we know a storm is coming, we don't know how big it is. >> well, "abc 7 news" was in downtown oroville last night which for the most part looks
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like a ghost town. only a few businesses remain open. local police are among the few cars on the road checking to make sure looters don't move in while thousands of residents are away. >> crews are working around the clock at the california office of emergency in sacramento. you see dozens in the building. the office of emergency services coordinates the agencies working on the dam spill way as well as services for people evacuated. >> the non-stop work is more important than ever with three storms heading for butte county in the next few days. more rain is expected on top of a flash looked warning still in effect for the oroville area. meteorologist drew tuma tracking it for us. >> kristin, mother nature at least is giving us dry weather today, but only about 36 more hours before storms make the return in the oroville area. still, a flash flood area in effect for the fear that spill way will give way and send rushing water through the area. that will remain intact until the situation is solved. future weather showing you, we're tracking three storms.
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the first one arrives early thursday morning, will bring a bounce of heavy rain. another one comes in friday evening as well, and then a third one arrives to round out the weekend on sunday. so potential rainfall, look at this, they could get in excess of 3 inches of rain with this next system. it certainly will hamper the efforts here. we will talk more locally about how the storms affect us in the full forecast ahead. >> we are expecting an update at noon. that's when officials plan a news conference. we will stream live on the "abc 7 news" app and "abc 7 news".com. >> new at 11, did you notice a strange bright light in the sky this morning. >> jessica look into it. >> pictures like this one from viewers ryan roscoe and eddie sill silva were on social media, folks wondering about the lights
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above the bay area. they were missiles launched off the california coast. let me show you video. these are trident 2 missiles launched by the u.s. navy from an ohio class submarine in the pacific test the range off the coast of california. the first one was launched around 3:30 this morning, the second was around 6:20 local time. i got hold of a spokesman for the navy who confirmed the missile test and reassured me it was safe. >> these missile tests, we conducted them from the sea. the missile flew over the sea and landed in the sea, and at no time did they fly over land? >> apart from the videos we have, i should note we got calls from abc viewers in palo alto and san jose saying they could see it and people as far south as los angeles sighted the missiles. the navy tells me the light was probably visible during stage one of each launch, and these types of missiles are used for general defense and have a range of about 4,000 miles. it is unclear how far off the
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coast the test submarine is located, but the navy refused to disclose the information. they told me instead the test had been planned for years and reassured me, again, that they were very safe. jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> good to know. new this morning, the chp is investigating a crash that killed a pedestrian in hayward. sky 7 over the scene in the cherry land area just west of downtown hayward area. a woman was driving west on hampton road before 7:00 a.m. when she hit the pedestrian, the victim, also a many would, died at the scene. the driver is cooperating with investigators. a deadly crash happened in pleasanton. around 1:00 a.m. a car hit a pedestrian on the freeway, interstate 580, near the hacienda drive exit. the driver involved was the one who called police and is cooperating. >> a fremont bart station is not open yet. no trains, no passengers, but it has plenty of staff. we are talking full-time
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staffing with several employees including two janitors who show up every morning to clean an empty station. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live for us at the station. >> reporter: natasha, you wouldn't say it is a busy bart station. we have seen a handful of workers out here. i'm told they're doing testing on the tracks, trying to get it open for trains and passengers after months of delays. but beyond the testing, why is this station fully staffed? five station agents who can make up to $74,000 and a train dispatch supervisor who makes close to $90,000 according to th chronicle, are stationed here in warm springs. two janitors assigned here meet in the morning and drive a bart care to different locations in the system to clean up there. how did it happen? bart says the union contract only allows employees to bid on station postings twice a year. bart thought they would be opening last year and staffed up. the only problem, technical problems with operations in the track delayed the opening and the workers have to show up. bart says the full-time
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employees at an empty station are still doing important work. >> it is a large area to cover. we are a closed system which means that we can't -- you can't come upon the bart tracks, and we try to keep people out. so that station agent is in the booth watching the cameras and making sure people are not vandalizing the station, aren't trying to cut a hole in the fence and get into the wayside area where the electrified third rail is. they're performing a vital function. >> reporter: bart says large construction projects like this often have unforeseen delays which they're experiencing. the goal is to have the warm springs station up by mid-march or late march. reporting live in warm springs, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> the shake up in washington continues. who is now stepping down, leaving president trump with a crucial choice to make to defend his family. >> then a warning for dog owners in san francisco. the potentially deadly problem popping up in dog parks and why the recent rain could be to blame. and love is in the air. how local couples are mak
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♪ new this morning, authorities in malaysia are searching for two women who allegedly assassinated the estranged half-brother of north korean leader kim jong-un. this is video of kim jong-nam from 2007. reports say the women attacked the 45-year-old with poisoned needled at kuala lumpur national airport. he died on the way to the hospital.
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the women rode off in a taxi. kim jong-nam was considered the heir to power in north korea but is believed he fell out of favor after trying to take his son to tokyo disneyland with a fake visa. >> new at 11:00, more shakeup in washington on the heels of president trump's security adviser resigning. we are getting word the director of the secret service is retiring for a second time. director joseph clancy came out of retirement more than two years ago to take over the agency on an interim base its in 2014. president obama appointed him director the following year. president trump will be picking clancy's replacement. democrats are calling for an investigation of president trump and former national security adviser michael flynn. he stepped down last night after reports that he may have broken the law by discussing u.s. sanctions against russia with moscow before trump's inauguration. california congressman adam schiff on the house intelligence committee says he wants to know whether flynn was aking on the president's behalf. in a news conference that
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wrapped up just within the hour, white house press secretary sean spicer said the white house investigation determined flynn did not break the law, simply saying he broke the president's trust. the recent rain in the bay area could be causing a potentially deadly bacteria to spread among dogs. it is called lepto sporosis. it can live in puddles for days and if your dog drinks from the puddle it could catch the disease. at least one dog in san francisco died. the owner of 13-year-old gurty wants to get the word out. >> if i can save one pup from going through this horrible fate and one owner from going through the heartbreak i did, i have done my job. >> the animal hospital says there are usually one or two cases in the city each year, but there have been five in the last month. they recommend the vaccine but say it doesn't cover all strains of the disease. >> good to know. next on abc 7 news wedding bells
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ringing at san francisco city hall. we will take you along as dozens of couples celebrate valentine's day in style. >> i like the owe fishant's outfit. no weather related delays here, but the changes are coming. meteorologist drew tuma
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. now your accuweather forecast withdrew tuma. >> in accuweather we are in the middle of an absolutely gorgeous weather pattern that will quickly change through the next 48 hours. enjoy the bright skies take. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you we are rain free. we have a fair amount of cloud cover overhead at this hour.
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the wider picture will show a big shield of cloud cover off the coast right now on live doppler 7 along with satellite. this is our next storm system but will not arrive for most areas until thursday morning. we are about 48 hours away from seeing most spots turn wet. a live look from tan cam. it is beautiful out there. some high clouds streaming in from time to time. really hard to ask for better weather in the month of february. take a look at temperatures right now, already spots into the 60s like concord, hayward. san mateo 601. at 60 san jose. you will see mild areas overhead. those numbers continue to climb over the next couple of hours. the valentine's day forecast, soak it in. a lot of sunshine on the way. by 4:00 a couple of spots inland will get close to touching the 70 degree mark. if you are out and about this evening with dinner plans on this valentine's day, leave the rain gear at home. grab the light jacket. it is clear and cool, by 8:00 you see temperatures falling into the 50s.
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overnight tonight, clear early, clouds arriving after midnight. mostly cloudy early on your wednesday morning. most spots holding in the upper 40s to lower 50s. wednesday, future weather showing a fair i a mount of cloud cover. most spots remain dry that you can see by early thursday, here comes the storm system. this will be a light system on thursday but we are tracking though, is the timing is not the best. the heaviest rain will fall right in the middle of the thursday morning commute. it will be breezy at times, and flooding is still a concern since we are already saturated from this wet winter. future weather, thursday rng mo, there you. the pops of yellow you see on your screen, that is the heavier rain moving through. it is a quick moving system. by 9:00 we see the tail end of it. into the afternoon we will track scattered showers. the accuweather seven day forecast going to show you, enjoy the mild stretch we have today with sunshine. wednesday a lot of clouds, perhaps a sprinkle late after sunset in north bay. everyone thursday morning,
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that's when we turn wet again and showers on and off in the forecast through monday. >> the kids sports field will be wet. >> we gave them a nice weekend, now back to the rain. >> all right. thank you. >> sure. >> you know, it is valentine's day. >> yeah. >> that means love is in the air, especially at san francisco city hall. >> it is quite a sight. that's where city officials busy with waves of wedding ceremonies right now. abc 7 reporter amy weather field live with what is going on. >> reporter: natasha and kristen, look at this dress. i'm dying. isn't it beautiful. we have been surrounded all morning by gorgeous couples, lots of love. they've already married more than 40 couples this morning. i daresay we found people maybe more excited than the couple it, and that's the people putting on the weddings themselves. >> they say go big or go home. john plescott took it to a new level with a brand-new custom-fitted red suit for valentine's day. >> it is nice and bright and red. it's passion, it is love.
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so i thought i would give them a little something-something special for valentine's day. >> reporter: the computer programmer is volunteering as a marriage commissioner today, or a love judge as he likes to call it. he will have to run upstairs at san francisco city hall to take a couple of meetings for his real job. otherwise, he will be here, trying to make today extra special for brides and grooms. >> it is nice to be around people when they're so happy. >> reporter: some of the couples are here today more for practical reasons than because of sen mentality. >> it is a special day. takes day that is easy to remember for an anniversary. just kidding. >> also, when on line for february, the only available time is the 14th. that's all. maybe that's why. >> reporter: san francisco's enthusiasm was contagious. the clerk set up a photo booth for cup can wills, gave them roses and decorated the license counter, making sure couples felt like this wasn't just an ordinary day. >> i love that my -- who married us, the officiant -- >> yeah, i loved his red suit.
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it is awesome. >> and the building is beautiful. >> really, really happy. >> reporter: it has been very busy here this morning, and will be all day. they have 85 ceremonies booked, but if this is, you know, giving you any ideas, they do have room left today for walk-ins. so there is still time if you're feeling romantic. costs $189, and you too could be married on valentine's day. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. >> in santa clara county they had the same idea. you don't need an appointment there either. the county is offering express ceremonies at the government center in san jose. couples can walk in, or any weekday, buy a license and have a ceremony performed at the service window. you can also save time by filling out a marriage application online. >> all right. you still have to buy a surprise for your sweetie, you may want to make sure to hit the bank first. the national retail federation
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says americans will spend $18.2 billion this valentine's day. that breaks down to about $85 for your gift. 2 billion is expected to go to flowers with another 1.7 billion spent on candy. >> triple venti latte, non-fat, no foam. >> wow, you have your order down. how picky is your starbuck's order? whatever it is, it probably will not be as crazy as the one. we're going to show
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. coming up on "abc 7 news" at 4:00, it's been almost a year since an injured horse was rescued in fremont. the colt caught attention of the bay area. how is he doing? we will check in on young valentine at 4:00. just in time for valentine's day, a new report on online dating do's and don't's. tonight on "abc 7 news" at 5:00. if you think you are testing your starbuck's barista when you order non-fat, that's nothing. >> take a look at the super complicated order. it has 27 very specific modifications to the ordinary vanilla bean frapuccino. the order includes stevia, monk fruit, foam, one-third of a shot of almond milk.
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this is so much. >> a splash of coconut milk. this is the kicker. served at exactly 34 degrees. >> celsius i assume. >> someone posted the photo on red it. thousands commented on the customer who made this specific, acting order. >> maybe it is farenheit. have a good day.
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>> i have a feeling i may be giving away some serious money today, because we've got some of the smartest kids in america backstage right now, and they did not come here to lose. stay right there, because it's whiz kids week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, it's whiz kids week on "who wants to be a millionaire." my favorite. today's whiz kid was named indiana's top young scientist twice, has rubbed elbows with president obama twice, and has a provisional patent on her award-winning invention. she's not even old enough to drive. from munster, indiana, please welcome 14-year-old annie ostojic. [cheers and applause] annie, how you doing? >> good, how are you? >> good. ♪ i have this bizarre fein


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