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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  April 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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one sets a record for the price to get in. >> and is your smartphone keeping tabs on you? now, one of the most popular phones
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>> hello, san francisco. >> president obama watches his west coast campaign for re-election with three bay area appearances and a promise to finish the job. >> and earlier tonight the supporters paid a record $35,800 to sit down to dinner for the president. >> and in palo alto, he updates his status with a million of his facebook friends. >> the president spoke at the ma sonic center late this evening. >> lesley brinkly is there live for us tonight. >> reporter: the masonic completely sold out. 2500 seats and $10,000 for a chance to go to a vip
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reception and a photo op with the president, $2500 for a front row seat and $25 for the seats in the back. the president was introduce -- the first person on stage to cheer up and ramp up the crowd was former 49er jerry rice, nancy pelosi and former mayor gavin newsom were in the audience. the undisputed star tonight was the president. president obama was commander-in-chief of this pep rally. this wasn't about policy. it was all about politicking. a recruiting session for a re-election campaign pulling on sentimental tee and celebrity for lots of standing ovations. >> and so we've got to keep making investments in clean energy we have to strive for energy and independence in this country. let me tell you something. i will not reduce our deficit
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by sacrificing the things that made america great. if we want to reduce our deficit, yes we need to cut spending, but we need shared sacrifice. and that means ending the tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% in the country, and we can afford it. those who paid to hear the speech were overall quite impressed. >> i think his speech was phenomenal. very powerful, very driven, very believable. >> i was pleased he reminded us of the accomplishments that were done and now of the pressure to keep the progress going now that people want to roll back healthcare and roll back reform. >> again, it was very general. he didn't really speak of anything specific which he could have done, but we are still early in the stage of the campaign. >> he assures us he has gone to improve and that our lives will improve as a result.
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>> reporter: -- >> on his 22-hour swing in the bay area, it is believed the president could raise as much as $3 million. the ultimate goal for his m ka pain is $1 billion. reporting live in san francisco, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> thanks. the fortunate few were inside the masonic center, and protesters were ut on side on the streets hoping to get their messages heard, messages from both parties and from all sorts of special interests. lisa amin gulezian has more. lisa? >> security was very tight. several streets opened up a short time ago, abouthe protesters made sure they were front and center. >> the president arrived at the masonic center to the sound of protesters. >> president obama, free america's wild horses. >> the protesters from all sides of just about every issue used the president's
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visit to get attention for their cause. they have been following president obama all day at his visit and every stop he made they were there. at facebook headquarters in palo alto at the private fundraiser in pacific heights and now here with signs and messages in hand. >> healthcare and giving tax breaks to the rich where the middle class is being squeezed. >> we want the insurance companies out of our lives. >> this isn't a job and he can't make everyone happy all the time. but he is doing the best he can. >> obama supporters far outnumbered the critics. the line to get into the knob hill masonic center snaked down the block. and when they reached the main staircase they were met with this. >> we are all-american. >> their causes in many cases are just. >> he is attending tonight's
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fundraiser. he admits he has been critical of the president in the past. >> i had my reservations about the president's policies, but all in all i am a major supporter. >> there was also a very heavy police presence tonight, and they said they had no issues. live in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you, lisa. the president spent time today with two bay area tech billionaires. they had a fundraising dinner at his presidio heights home where guests paid as much as $35,800 a plate. that's a new record price for a ticket to dine with the president. president obama kicked off his visit at facebook headquarters at palo alto. he was joined on stage by facebook's notoriously casual ceo mark zuckerberg. >> my name is barack obama and i am the guy who got mark to wear a jacket and tie.
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>> the president and zuckerberg eventually took off their jackets. the town hall meeting was streamed live where the president has 19 million followers. questions came from employees and those who submitted them on the white house facebook page. it was very clear that the president was focusing on a specific facebook audience, younger voters. >> be involved, especially the young people here. it is your generation. if you don't give us a shove and if you don't give the system a push, it is not going to change. and you will be the ones who end up suffering the consequences. >> according to the white house, 30% of president obama's facebook friends are under 25. 29% are 45 or older. as for the schedule, the president will spend the night in san francisco tomorrow morning. he will attend a private fundraiser brrrr breakfast in san francisco -- break -- breakfast and then he will go to a town hall event in reno. to the south bay where sunnyvale fire investigators are looking for the cause of
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an apartment fire that took the lives of one of the residents. a woman died in the fire this afternoon. 40 firefighters were bringing the fire back under control. tonight investigators are sifting through the debris to determine what started it. >> we are called to the park we rely on the electric -- [inaudible]. >> one firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation. the identity of the victim has not yet been released. firefighters are battling a stubborn four-alarm blaze in watsonville. it broke out just after 3:00 this afternoon at the apple grower's ice and cold storage building. because of thick smoke and the possibility ammonia could leak neighbors are warned to stay in place. a watsonville italian chief
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says they could be on the scene for up to three days. martinelli's stores its popular cry der here. jurors in the chauncey bailey murder trial want to record the trial. they say he was joking and laughing about the brutal killing of the oakland journalist. abc7's cecilia vega. >> reporter: for the first time jurors saw for themselves a key piece of evidence in the chauncey bailey murder trial. a secretly recorded video showing yusef bay the fourth laughing and joking as he talks about the journalist's murder. >> pow, pow. >> reporter: the video was taken days after bailey was gunned down in downtown oakland. they tricked the former leader of your black muslim bakery, a half brother and associate,
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recording them as they sat in a holding cell. during the hour-long video they alternated between laughing and whispering. bay tells them the night before police raided his house he took the shotgun used to kill bailey out of his clot set and handed it to the bakery associates accused at carrying out the hit at his request. in a video he said he was not there when the fatal shots were fired. they reportedly told investigators he knew he was being recorded inside that holding cell, but he lied in order to confuse police. outside the court bay's lawyer says it is unclear whether bay knew police were listening to the conversation. >> it is equivocal, frankly. when you listen to the tape and the details of the tape there is some part of the tape that suggests he may have known and he was not paying much attention to the tape. >> they called the video
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inflammatory, and they say it shows bay the fourth gleeful about the murder. the d.a. hopes to convince the jury that the bakery leader ordered the editor assassinated to stop the publication of an article about the bakery's financial troubles. in oakland, cecilia vega, abc7 news. new rights for airline passengers. what you can do if your bags get lost or you are bumped from a flight. >> and people who believe they have a right to disappear from google's search engines. >> and a phone that tracks your every move. >> dan and carolyn, coming up next on "nightline" new developments in the hunts for holly bobo, the nursing student reportedly ab ukt dided from her home one -- abducted from her home one week ago from her home. and muammar qaddafi escalates attacks on libyan civilians and a valued colleague isisisiss
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to two western photo journalists were killed covering battles between libyan forces in the besieged city of misratta. he was the co director of an oscar documentary.
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the new york-based photographer was also killed. his photos have appeared in major magazines and newspapers. a bay area family of iranian dissent is mourning the death of a relative shot to death this month at iraq's camp. the 30-year-old was killed during a raid by iraqi soldiers on april 8th. the united nations says 34 camp residents were killed. the camp is located in iraq. it is a controversial base of operations for pro democracy iranians including armed groups. he lived with relatives in the east bay as a child and teenager and then rejoined her parents 12 years ago. an update on bryan stow now, the giants fan severely beaten at dodger stadium last month. his family posted a note saying doctors found a blood clot in hieing leg during a ct scan so he has been put on a blood thinner. he is now down from six to four anti-seizure medicines and they hope to lower his
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sedation over the next couple days. he is still in a medically enduced coma. san jose's park will re-open on thursday, tomorrow, now that authorities determine poison did not kill a dog after playing there on saturday. the park shut down as a precaution. the dog's symptoms mimics those of an animal that ate poison. but the necropsy showed no symptoms of poison in the dog's system. america has a new bill of rights tonight for airline passengers. if you are bumped from an oversold flight you are entitled to a cash, not credit, cash refund of up to four times what you paid for the ticket, up to $1300 if you were delayed for over two hours. of if the airlines don't get you on another flight in under two hours you get tunnel of what you paid -- double of what you paid for your ticket up to $6050 in cash. you -- doctor $650. you are nowen tighted to -- entitled to $200 per lost bag.
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and hidden taxes and fees must be displayed in every advertised price. >> something good coming from washington. >> passengers like to be treated with fairness. they like to be treated with respect. >> these new rules take affect in august. google is being ordered to do a vanishing act in spain. the spanish data protection agency ordered google to remove links to 90 people who don't want their old data popping up during routine searches. in spain it is called the right to be forgotten. some of the information is embarassing including lawsuits that were later dismissed. google is challenging the order and appealed five cases so far to spain's national court. they have found a hidden file that allows iphones to keep a record of where the phone has been and when it was there. they created a program that lets the iphone owners know what was stored with maps showing details. there is no evidence the information is transferred to
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apple. the company has not commented on any of this. apple's earnings soared in the second quarter powered by record iphone sales at double the net income and exceeded estimates. revenue of $25 billion, up 83% from a year ago. analysts expected $23 billion. we have one more note about the president's visit. he attended a $25,000 a plate fundraiser in a presidio heights neighborhood. will im of the black eyed peas tweeted this photo showing president obama with stevie won -- wonder. and let's check in with sandhya patel. it is wet out there. >> and sandhya is here with the full forecast. >> and on live doppler 7hd, you with i will see we have light rain falling in the north bay from ukiah to cloverdale and santa rosa. the rainfall totals have been varied from a few
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hundredths to .40 of an inch. as you look here san francisco is dripy heading down toward the south bay and toward gilroy. we are seeing some light showers. a short tile ago from the high definition emeryville camera, it pretty much captured what it is looking like in the bay area. dripy. it is going to be a damp morning commute especially during the 5:00 a.m. hour. the numbers right now in the 50s and the 60s. a few showers for the morning commute. a short break coming on friday. rain is in the forecast again on saturday. but it is expected to be pretty light. here is the satellite and radar. this is a system that is breaking up as it is approaching. it is a weak system, but it is certainly responsible for the current wet weather we are seeing. here is the computer animation. the light rain will continue pretty much right through the early morning hours. at 5:00 a.m. it will be damp and drizzly in spots. some light rain east bay and half moon bay and the south bay. you will see some light
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showers and then quickly behind that system we will see clearing for the latter part of the morning and into the early afternoon .'s. .05 to .15. up to a quarter inch. ben low man picked up a quarter of an inch. here is the bigger picture for the weekend. i know it is a big weekend for easter. moist flow continues into the weekend. it is one impulse after another coming through. right now the timing of it all , rain on saturday and it is looking okay for sunday. if we do see lingering showers from saturday's system it is in the wee hours of sunday. temperatures are upper 40s to mid50s and tomorrow afternoon the numbers will be down by a few degrees as we have a cooler air mass behind the front. 65 in san jose. 64 for santa clara. sunnyvale, on the peninsula, low to mid60s. 60 for millbrae and 63 for palo alto.
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you will still need a sweater or jacket. 60 degrees, daily city 57. you get into the north bay and you will see a partly sunny afternoon. 67 cal lis stow go and 66 in santa rosa. the east bay communities, 65 oakland, castro valley. inland areas will break into some afternoon sun. 65 fairfield and livermore and danville. for the monterey bay,60° in money monterey. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. a few early morning showers the rest of your thursday and friday is dry. saturday some rain, but for easter we are holding off on the rain. it looks like it will be okay. somebody is excited about it. a slight chance of showers on monday, and then we are going to milder conditions for tuesday. >> it makes those egg hunts a lot easier when it is dry. >> and we are keeping our fingers crossed. things change as they get closer. >> thanks, sandhya. we have an update on a blind sea lion we have been reporting on.
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>> he has been unable to return to the wild, but now return to the wild, but now getting some new digs...........
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we need to solve the problem. the state budget crisis threatens our economy... and our schools. loans to small businesses on hold. job creation at a standstill.
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30,000 teachers already laid off. can we really afford billions more in cuts? $13 billion more devastates our schools, our safety, and the california we know. it's time for lawmakers to finally get the problem solved now. our kids and economy can't afford to wait. found shot on the sausalito beach last year will be able to live out his life in a
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kushy place. >> he is considered unfit to live in the wild so the san francisco zoo has agreed to take him in. >> and he will have company too. another blind sea lion will live with him in a pool that is being refurbished just for them. >> nice new home. larry beil is here now. >> giants add cody ross, but they subtract brandon belt and now the panda, pablo sandoval now the panda, pablo sandoval injured.
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you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. of unexpected twists and turns for the giants. the rookie september down to the minors and now pablo sandoval is the newest casualty for the giants. before the game with the rockies he injured his right
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tricep muscle. bruce bochy didn't realize it was a serious injury. look at his expression. it is not believe -- believed he will miss a lot of time. buster poe seeing nos --posey nongs in rowan. it is tied at one and then wigginson getting wigy with it. 3-1 laser and they allowed six runs in four and two thirds. the giants take two out of three in the series. a's and red sox and batter up. cocoa crisp is facing his old team. high, deep and aloha. cocoa with a leadoff homer 1-0a's. david to jesus and bringing the leather. climbing the ladder and extra bases in the second and that is spectacular. geo gonzalez has been lights out.
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lowry with another bomb in the 6th and jd drew connecting in the seventh off blevins. the red sox win it 5-3 and they split their mini series in oaknd la. the nfl lockout continues, but the 49ers had guys in uniform, college players trying to make an impression. jim harbough is waiting for somebody to coach. no mini cams with the -- m kas with the lockout. if the lockout goes awhile there is a small window of free agency where these workouts could be helpful. >> hopefully some players and guys that are 49ers, guys that we can put a sticker on and say that's a 49er and be able to pull their name off on draft day. >> simple game, ginobili sits out game one, spurs lose. ginobili plays tonight, spurs win. he missed the opener with an elbow strain. watch the replay and he takes a forearm from mcdice. 15 seconds left and young with
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the deep three. they were down four with 10 seconds remaining. spurs even the series 903-87. -- 93-87. this is how dan and i warm up before each newscast. we call it the leaning tower. he had 16 in this game. fourth quarter and here is kobe. kobe briept had -- bryant and those were two of his 11 points. >> there we are again. >> there is the signature move. for some reason carolyn resisted despite the offer of beautiful gold assets. >> we look good. "nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. god -- good
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