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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  April 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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warning. from mayor ed lee, about what you need to do right now to get ready for the next one coming up in a live report. i'm amy hollyfield, live in san bruno, where people will be watching carefully to find out whether pg&e violated any laws. that story is straight ahead. >> levels at the japan nuclear site keeps workers from getting the problem under control. >> there is a live look from emeryville this morning. the low clouds. the drizzle. some of the fog that is developing. we take a look at the flight arrival delays and live doppler7 h.d. to show you where the best radar returns are right now. >> good morning. i'm sue hall in for frances dinglasan this morning. we have heavy fog advisory on all the bridges. no major hot spots for the commute but we'll check the bridges in a few minutes. eric? >> thank you. 6:00 a.m. on monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. topping the news, 105th
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anniversary of the earthquake and fire that devastated the city of san francisco. memorials and remembrance were held this morning. abc7's terry mcsweeney was live at lotta's fountain where is now going to bring us more details. >> reporter: here at lotta's fountain this is where people gathered following the 1906 earthquake putting up notices saying, "have you seen my relatives? if you are still around, meet me somewhere." a meeting place following the earthquake. the earthquake remembered this morning as was last month's earthquake in japan, the 1906 earthquake was remembered with the sound of a siren. [ sirens ] that siren is to note the serious side of the '06 quake. 3,000 people died. most of san francisco destroyed by the fire. water mains were broken by the earthquake. firefighters did not have a water supply. now, that serious note followed by a song.
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"san francisco open your golden gate" to celebrate the spirit of san francisco that led to the rebuilding of the city. fire chief hayes white, police chief was here, emergency services director was here. all here to show the readiness for the next big quake. but mayor ed lee said in the first 72 hours after the next quake, folks it will be up to you. the first responders as brilliant and as great as they will be in san francisco can't get to everybody at the same time in the first few hours. we are on it for ourselves, we are on it for the neighborhoods. i think the firstfá real heros will be people in our neighborhood. people like ourselves being ready. >> reporter: some suggestions from mayor ed lee as we look at the destruction from the 1906 earthquake and fire. he says is where you need to go. website in a number of languages how to be ready. alertsf, how to be alerted
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on your cell phone as to what is going on. talk to your family and neighbors, make it a small community effort. last week, the red cross pg&e and san francisco teamed up to get together, ready neighborhood. to get to those who may not ñ what to do. and the like. the first 72 hours considered critical. also mayor ed lee says start the conversation right now with your family. where you are going to meet. if you are separated. is there a meeting place? it's a high-tech way of doing a lotta's fountain. they put the notes up here back in 1906.ó[ now we have technology, use it to know where to go. and what to do. celebration continues right now at 20th and delores. with a fire hydrant that survived the 1906 earthquake and is credited with saving the mission district. then down to lefty o'doulle's for drinks and celebrate san francisco rebound. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you very much.
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6:03. almost 6:04. nuclear safety officials say radiation levels inside two reactor buildings at the japan crippled nuclear power plant are so high it would not be safe for workers to enter. robot sent to reactors to take radiation measurement. workers have not gone in the building since the first day since cooling system was damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. japanese safety official says radiation must go down before the workers are allowed inside. he says right now it's a harsh environment. pg&e facing another big debtedline this morning that involves the company record keeping and whether it contributed to the explosion and fire in san bruno that killed last people. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in san bruno with more. amy? >> reporter: many people here in san bruno have little faith that pg&e will provide the documents. the big question is did pg&e
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violate any laws? conventional wisdom is that pg&e will be found guilty and fined at least $400 million. the california public utilities commission will look into whether the lost documents contributed to the disaster. if it violated any laws. at issue is pg&e didn't realize the pipe it had in san bruno. records on the computer showed it was a seamless pipe, when in fact it had been welded together. this is important because seamless pipe can handle more pressure than welded ones. they want to see what other pipes they have and pg&e has not provided the documents so far. according to the "san jose mercury news" they indicated they object to the tone of the probe. the attorneys telling the newspaper the probe seems to be starting with the presumption of guilt. lawyers for the families of
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those killed or hurt in the september blast will likely watch the investigation carefully. live in san bruno, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. 6:06 now. this morning, investigators said a 15-year-old boy committed suicide at a redwood city apartment complex by inhaling a toxic mixture in a bathroom of one unit. residents were evacuated from the building late last night. because of the noxious fumes. three police officers and several residents had to strip down and get hosed off after being exposed to the chemical. police said they are all okay. the residents have been allowed to return home. the police have not released identity of the boy. santa cruz police released a sketch of a suspect they say tried to kidnap a 16-year-old girl in santa cruz last week. the girl told police the suspect was sitting in a car when she walked by and yelled at her to get in the vehicle.
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when she ignored him another man got out of the car and told her to get in. the girl ran away. they describe it as a rust-colored 1980s sedan with a dent in the passenger side door. this morning, san jose police looking for the killer who broke in a home and shot and killed a 25-year-old man. it happened sunday in a home of 1,500 block of south capital avenue. police say a 23-year-old woman called police and report reported that an intruder broke in her house and shot the male friend. the victim's name has not been released. if it was san jose's 14th homicide of the year. faculty members have students who are planning to hold informational picket line at the hayward campus later in the morning. they want to send a message to csu chancellor charles reed who is scheduled to visit the site today. the demonstration is part of protests of fee hikes that took part -- took place, rather on the csu campuses last week. students and faculty are calling on reed to make
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delivery of quality education to students the highest priority. including ensuring that the students have adequate number of classes and teachers. californians are being called upon to financially support the state community colleges and their students. rap star hammer led a rally near the oakland coliseum yesterday. organizers of hands across california want to establish endowment to provide scholarships so students can attend the state community colleges. >> it's important because again, of course, we have challenging economic times and it's important for students to have the opportunity to have additional funding to go to college to pursue their careers. >> several hands across california events took place around the state. potential fee increases could reach -- could make community college unaffordable for many students. 6:08 is the time now. time for a look at the weather forecast. we are supposed to have rain out there. mike? >> here it is on the live
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doppler7 h.d. it's very light. let me get out of the way so you can see the full picture from castro valley, san leandro, up crow canyon to san ramon. dublin to livermore and the best radar returns around diablo, pittsburgh, antioch, oakley and brentwood. cherry and peach trees getting much-needed wet weather. as far as the last hour or so, you can see this moving southeast. this is round one, making monday morning a nuisance. with low clouds and drizzle and patchy fog and temperatures. at yesterday's level if not cooler. we have more rain on the way for later on. show you that in a second. a look at the temperatures. if you are leaving now, in the low to mid-50s in most of the neighborhood. antioch, mountain view around 57 degrees. by afternoon, cooler than yesterday. upper 50s to low 60s and a wave or two of light
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showers. less than a tenth of an inch of rain. if you have evening activities that puts you on grass or dirt, the rain would be so light i wouldn't worry about it. 59 in monterey. low 60s for everybody else. you will get your showers later this afternoon or evening hours. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- active weather this week. we have a break tomorrow and more wet weather wednesday and thursday morning. dry and warmer for friday, saturday and sunday. good morning, sue. >> well, hello there. we'll take you now, we have an accident reported what was a stall on southbound 680 in the dublin area, approaching dublin, now reported as an accident. there is a traffic alert, sig alert in effect. right lane is blocked with the accident there, southbound 680. taking you out of brentwood city streets, at central. an accident, both directions are getting by, but they are using the traffic control to alternately get folks by there. slow westbound 4 on pittsburg and concord. mass transit on time. bay bridge no, backup at all. we have heavy fog advisory on the span.
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eric? >> sue, thank you very much. the time is just about 6:1 6:11. still ahead, san jose struck to regulate the medical marijuana clubs has the mayor and some councilmembers now thinking about making them all disappear. major dating website is promising changes in the way it helps you find your perfect date. after a woman was assaulted by a man with a violent past. don't forget the deadline to file your taxes is tonight at midnight. lots of people take advantage of the extra three days this year. abc7 and the california job journal want to connect you with top employers. go to for the hire event in
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welcome back. 6:16. the san jose city council could take action to ban medical marijuana clubs altogether. they tentatively approved zoning laws at a meeting tuesday but councilmembers couldn't agree on a proposal to cut the number of clubs from the current 110 to just ten. councilwoman nancy pile is suggesting that the city ought to just ban the clubs altogether. according to our media partner "the san jose mercury news," mayor chuck reed agrees with piles' idea. if you waited until the last minute to do your taxes your time is just about up. returns must be postmarked by midnight tonight to avoid
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late penalties. it was a busy weekend at this san francisco h&r block as people tried to take advantage of the three extra days to file this year. even if you waited to complete the return you can file them electronically and avoid lines at the post office. >> people like that everything is taken care of. they can track it or we can track it or get an e-mail from the i.r.s. that says we received your return. >> this year's tax deadline pushed from the traditional april 15 date because of the emancipation day holiday on friday in washington, d.c. so you got six hours. roughly. to do your taxes. get them filed. all right. mike has a look at the weather. >> thank you for not pointing out i'm late again this year. 6:16. this morning. i have can't believe it. looking at the low clouds. patchy fog that sue and i have been talking about all
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morning. some drizzle falling from that right now. it will be a moist day. as far as feeling humid outside. we'll have waves of live showers from time to time. look at the live doppler7 h.d. east bay valley, we have the best radar returns now. put it in motion. you can see the wave falling apart as it moves across the bay area. not bad this morning. it could be worse. the waves of showers could be heavier and they should get out by the evening commute. i'll show you that in a second. if you are leaving the house, antioch and everybody else in the low to mid-50s. monterey bay, 52 at mont mont. 54 at santa cruz. triangle at 54, gilroy, salinas and antioch. everybody is cooler today. that will affect you. light showers may miss you
6:18 am
because they are scattered. dry and warmer for the weekend. most temperatures are five to eight degrees cooler than average. 59 at millbrae. head to coast, mid-to-upper 60s. downtown, south san francisco. 50 degrees. inland, upper 50s to low 60s. cool shot on east bay shore to 52 at fremont. around the monterey bay, we have monterey and carmel to the upper 60s. low 60s for the rest of the bay. we may hit 53 droi and dallas/ft. worth heading inland. tonight, low to mid-40s in the north bay valley. we have lingering clouds and patchy fog possible in north bay valleys. stationary front, they can move a little bit. that is what this is doing.
6:19 am
it will fall apart from the bay area today. in the lunch hour, they will be more numerous. by 5:00, 6:00 hour, gone. if you have evening plans they should be dry. we have high clouds tuesday night. better chance of widespread clouds wednesday and thursday morning. today's rain less than a tenth of an inch. it will mean a break in warmer weather. cooler weather. temperatures are back to average. >> some kids have spring break. we have an accident reported in the major problem in san ramon. this is southbound 680.
6:20 am
it's blocking the right lane. we have an accident in brentwood. blocking the surface street. central avenue. the accident is blocking the right lane. the traffic is getting down alternately there. the traffic control in the area. slowing there. golden gate bridge. heavy fog advisory on the span. traffic, no problem coming to san francisco. you will find you need windshield wipers over the waldo grade and across the span as well. look at the maze. this is headed to the bay bridge in san francisco this way. no major delays there. the metering lights are off at the toll plaza. you see slick roads there. no problems coming to san francisco except for the heavy fog advisory and slick roads., you will get all the latest updates. just click on bay area traffic for update. >> thank you very much. 6:20 now. coming up, for the second time in two months a
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welcome back. 6:24. good monday morning. says it will begin screening the clients by using the national sex offender registry. the dating service says it resisted the move for years because the data base can be unreliable. but the online dating site now feels enough
6:25 am
improvements have been made to screen the current and new members. it comes after a woman filed a lawsuit against the company last week claiming that a man she met on the site sexual assaulted her. spokesperson for emphasizes the screening should not give users a false sense of security. in libya, at least 17 people are reported dead as forces loyal to muammar gaddafi continue to push to retake mizrata. libyan rebels say the government troop pounded them with mortar rounds and rocket-propelled grenades. nato air campaign failed to stop shelling. many are moving north to securely held territory. in eastern libya, government forces show the eastern side of the front line rebel town that is the scene of fierce fighting in recent weeks. a 1-year-old girl is hospitalized after surviving a 200-foot fall from the golden gate bridge
6:26 am
yesterday. the "san francisco chronicle" says she was conscious and responsive when rescuers reached her after 20 minutes in the cold water. last month, a 17-year-old boy survived an intentional leap from the bridge. he told rescuers it was a stunt not a suicide attempt. 6:26 now. still ahead at 6:30, the spring storm that spawned more than 200 tornadoes in six states. the death toll is expected to rise and clean-up could take weeks. the giants fan attacked at a dodger game survives a setback -- attacked at dodger stadium. next at 6:30, his chances hopes up about his chances for recovery. did pg&e violate any laws with its pipeline record keeping? the state regulators and residents of san bruno would like to know.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good monday morning. 6:30 a.m. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. in the news, crews are working to restore power and clean up the debris left by a weekend of violent weather that swept through the midwest and the south. more than 200 tornadoes were reported in six states. the storm devastated swath of the country from oklahoma to alabama and arkansas,
6:31 am
north carolina, and virginia. killing 45 people. the death toll is expected to rise as the clean-up crews find more victims in the debris. in north carolina, the governor declared a state of emergency for what are the worst storms to hit that state in a couple of decades. >> pge had potentially expensive deadline today. they will face questioning from the state regulators about whether pg&e record keeping contributed to last fall san bruno explosion and fire. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in san bruno with more. >> did the record keeping violate laws? they are working hard to keep pg&e accountable. residents of the san bruno neighborhood will be watching closely. hoping to get answers. pg&e hasn't provided the critical documents that the agencies have been asking for. it is wildly believed they will found guilty and fined
6:32 am
$400 million. the state wants to know if the record keeping or lack of violated laws and contributed to the blast in september. pg&e already indicated it will push back arguing it wasn't required to keep records when it installed the older pipes. attorneys told the "san jose mercury news" it seems to be starting with the presumption of guilt. the investigation will likely be closely watched by victims in san bruno. and their attorneys. amy hollyfield. >> thank you. 6:32. new york joined the select club of state where the gasoline prices now top $4 a gallon. san francisco was one of the first to join the club. others are alaska, connecticut, hawaii, and illinois, according to triple-a. michigan where the price of gas hovered around $3.95 or
6:33 am
so, could be next with indiana, nevada, washington and wisconsin close behind. gas prices have gone up for 26 straight days, indications are there won't be any price reversal soon. setback today in the condition of the giants fan two was severely beaten at dodger stadium last month. bryan stow's family maintained constant vigil at his side. they were hopeful he would be able to come out of a medically induce coma but when doctors tried to wean him off sedatives, he suffered seizures. he has been placed back in coma state and is in critical condition. his tamly remains hopeful -- his family remains hopeful. >> we have faith in how strong bryan is. he is stubborn and has a lot of will power. we say you can do this. >> the two suspects who beat stow remain at large. there has been an outpouring of support for stow, a paramedic and the father of
6:34 am
two. nuclear safety officials say radiation levels inside two reactor buildings at the japan crippled power plant are so high it would not be safe for workers to enter. the robot went in the reactor today to take the radiation measurement. workers have not gone in the building since the cooling system were damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. japanese nuclear safety official says the radiation must go down before workers are allowed inside with a bit of understatement he says right now, it's a harsh environment. . united airlines flight 449 from los angeles from sfo only stayed in the air for five minutes. it turned around made emergency landing immediately after the 7:00 p.m. take-off. the pilot declared emergency saying he couldn't get the plane out of autopilot. the plane was essentially flying on its own.
6:35 am
they were able to get control and return it safely to lax. passengers made it to sfo on another flight arriving before 11:00 last night. federal aviation administrator randy babbitt and air traffic controllers union chief paul rinaldi will be in atlanta this morning to address the problem of sleeping employees. babbitt and ray lahood announced scheduling changes to confront the number of controllers falling asleep on the job. it includes longer shift for controllers overnight instead of just one. besides atlanta, babbitt andrially will visit airports in dallas/ft. worth, kansas city, chicago, new york and washington, d.c. no california stops are currently scheduled. if they were coming here, they face rain an wind if they lan at s.f. obz. a gray day, as you can see. what do you see? >> i see shower activity.
6:36 am
a good call. drizzle and fog. we have flight arrival delays in s.f.o. but they are only about 34 minutes. i doubt they get worse as this is it as far as the rain goes this morning. around livermore and altermont. the fog is patchy at best. not hitting reporting station except for half moon bay where visibility is down to half a mile. look at the temperatures. it's mild with low to mid-50s. antioch in the upper 50s. this afternoon, with the cloud and waves of light showers. much below average by seven and nine degrees. cooler than yesterday. san francisco is one degree cooler at 58. everybody else is significantly cooler. we have upper 50s to low 60s.
6:37 am
monterey is 59. low to mid-60s for the rest of the bay. inland has a chance of light showers today. the accuweather seven-day forecast between systems. as we are active. wednesday and thursday, another system, cooler weather and rain possible. warm sunshine and dry weather friday, saturday, sunday. sue? >> mike, as you mention we have a heavy fog advisory. patchy out there. when you come up on it, it's thick and limited vizability. highway one, skyline boulevard. we will get to bridges in a moment. we have a traffic alert in effect. this is san ramon area. 680 at al costa. right lane is blocked. low traffic in the area. the crews are trying to get it out of there. we have ramp southbound, 580 to ramp to 680. the dublin interchange. accident blocking the ramp. generally slow on 580 from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. brentwood with an accident.
6:38 am
blocking the lanes there. the traffic control is there. helping you get by that alternately. bart is now running with a ten-minute delay. this is between castro valley and dublin/pleasanton. the dublin-pleasanton direction, excuse me, they are saying it could be system wide, too. so we will check on that. bart running with delays. golden gate bridge, fog on the span as we mentioned. heavy traffic. metering lights on at the toll plaza. >> be careful. 6:38. trading is underway on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. first up, a live look at the big board. the dow is off 173 points. the new demand for apology after a southern california republican party official sends out an offensive e-mail about president obama. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco where the 105th anniversary of the great 1906 earthquake is being remembered. as is last month's earthquake in japan.
6:39 am
all eyes on the next big earthquake locally. i will tell you what you can do to get ready in a live report.
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it's monday morning to you. a live look at live doppler7 h.d. on the entire state. radar returns are becoming
6:43 am
less numerous. there is still rain around the bay area. up to tahoe and to a lesser extent shasta mountains where the snow will be around 6,500 feet. in tahoe, it will be 8,000 feet. so most of the overpasses will be wet during the afternoon hours. mild temperatures, upper 60s. chico, sacramento, los angeles, san diego. 74 in fresno. 85 with sunshine in palm springs. here is eric. >> mike, thank you very much. 6:43 now. the pressure is on for a southern california republican party official to step down. after she sent an e-mail depicting the president as an ape. picture showing president obama's face superimposed over the head of a baby chimp is circulating the web with the caption "now you know why no birth certificate." it was sent out by marilyn davenport. calls for her to resign are coming from the naacp as well as members of her own party. >> i was shocked and
6:44 am
offended and immediately replied to her and said it was dripping with racism, sent in poor taste and she should never send an e-mail like that to me again. >> it's shaming the force of america. it's form of racism. blatant racism. >> davenport said she had no plans to resign and said she was sorry if the e-mail offended anyone. switching gears. 6:44. no one knows for sure how many slave laborers are brought in the u.s. each year, but the bay area has been among the first to crackdown on the crime. and now it's where people from all over the world come to learn how to combat slavery in their own countries. >> for me, it ended up being really fascinating. >> these people are furiously scribbling down notes while expert in the field of sleighry and lay -- slavery and labor exploitation explain what his job is all about. >> we find victims and then we have to help them through the survival process. >> san jose police lieutenant john bannick runs
6:45 am
human trafficking task force with us aers from his department, f.b.i., ice, u.s. attorney office and other agencies. >> in the san jose area we identified over 150 trafficking victims in the past few years. we know we are just barely scraping the surface. >> that's why the police can't do it alone. lieutenant bannic is talking to enrollees in what is an abolitionist academy in san francisco. it's where volunteers from the bay area and all around the world gather to find out what human trafficking looks like and what they can do about it. the academy is sponsored by the anti-slavery group not for sale. >> initially the campaign was all about helping people become aware of the problem. team of trafficking, and within a couple of years we realize awareness is great but it's important to get people engaged in what they can do. >> i feel this issue has been long neglected in modern society. it needs to be addressed.
6:46 am
>> i think what is important about the academy, you know, it kind of connects the modern abolitionists, the normal person to the wider movement. you know, that is what we kind of need to end slavery as a global movement. >> in the bay area, we are most familiar with trafficking in the sex trade. young women brought to america and forced to work as prostitutes until police or time catches up with them. but there are other types of trafficking. >> only about 20% of our victims have come from the commercial sex trade. the victims are coming from domestic servitude. other type of service, debt bondage. that occurs routinely throughout the entire country. >> these students will go back to their communities and try to practice what they have been preached or together with public and private organizations to get people free. so how do you spot someone who may be trafficked? well, they can't come and go as they please. they work long hours for little pay. and they may appear fearful or anxious or paranoid.
6:47 am
>> to me this is different from just another cause. these are actual people and lives that are violated and people that are being enslaved in ways that i don't think we quite get in this time and in this century. >> so those students will take back what they learned from their communities to teach others about slavery. if you'd like to find out more, go to the website or we will have a link on our website to their campaign at well, u.s. debt is getting slapped with a downgrade. bloomberg reporter jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with the morning's moneyscope and the dow is starting a bit down as well, jane. >> oh, my goodness, yes, it is. a surprise here this morning. this is not the kind of thing we're used to hearing about in our country. standard & poor's, credit rating agency assessing the
6:48 am
financial soundness of government and companies downgrading the outlook on the u.s. government long-term credit to negative from stable this morning. they say the lawmakers have not properly addressed the financial situation. we have gold higher this morning. the stocks are falling for new record high today. the assistant secretary miller fighting back, saying the fiscal leaders will address the challenges and the s&p outlook under estimates the u.s. leadership. you can see how the stocks are doing there. down a percept and a-and-a-half this morning. bloomberg index is down today. move over, lawmakers are pushing to use apple products. it can't be good for research in motion. they say the government agencies like the f.a. abz are testing the iphone and ipad technology to see if they are as secure as blackberry. blackberry maker research in
6:49 am
motion has been the government main smart phone provider since 2001. royal wedding fans don't get sucked in by the promise of videos. norton is warning to be careful of websites and messages promising secret pictures that could end up leading you to a website to infect your computer with a virus. norton says 62% of americans say they are likely to follow the british royal wedding as often as every day. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> thank you. . 6:49. salmon season is almost upon us. just two weeks away. they are expected to return to open waters but commercial fishermen have another view. they are pessimistic about the prospect for a good salmon hall. first, sport fishermen, which already opened come back empty handed. problem of spiralling fuel prices. it costs $1200 to fill fishing boat with diesel.
6:50 am
a lot of captains are not willing to go out and sit and idle to wait to find out where the catch is and rush to it. >> tough. >> yeah. check in on weather forecast. >> we have scatter showers for us, but seeing images from friday and saturday. this is a storm prediction center. that is what spc means. this is the report from friday and saturday. the triangles are the report of tornadoes. if you look at the lower left-hand side of the screen, you can see there were 113. mainly spread across mississippi, alabama. then you jump to saturday. that is what everybody is talking about. incredible outbreak, 120 tornadoes. more than 90 in north carolina. actually counted all the triangles to figure that out. it was amazing. so to give you an idea of what we were dealing with over the weekend, incredible. you have seen damage and now we see why it was
6:51 am
devastating in north carolina. they don't have basements. really caused problems. talk about what is going on at home. emeryville, low clouds causing 34-minute flight arrival delays at s.f.o. creating fog that is patchy at best. the radar concerns continue to slink from the last three hours ago to what you see now. only couple of reporting stations and no one else outside mountains have seen measurable precipitation at reporting station. low to mid-50s in most areas. antioch, mountain view and san jose, upper 50s. low to up 50s in monterey bay. cooler today for all of us. light showers are possible. more showers wednesday and thursday morning and dry and warmer for the weekend.
6:52 am
one degree cooler in san francisco. fremont, two. oakland, three. san jose and santa rosa, seven. and concord is 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. all of us in the east bay valleys will be in the low to mid-60s. upper 50s to low 60s along the east bay shore. low to mid-60s around the south bay today. heading up the peninsula, you will drop from low 60s to 59 in millbrae. at the coast, mid-to-upper 50s. downtown, south san francisco. upper 50s. upper 50s to low 60s through the north bay valley. mid-to-upper 50s at your beaches. we have upper 50s to low 60s around monterey bay. heading inland, low to myth mid-60s. it won't be as cloudy as this morning tomorrow so it should be three to five degrees cooler. here is that stationary front that can move a little bit and still be called a stationary front. that is kicking off the showers. with a northwesterly wind, that is what will drive toward us. here we are through the lunch hour. see a better chance of them
6:53 am
developing it. by 7:00, they are pretty much over. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. tomorrow afternoon, plenty of sunshine. high clouds will take over in the afternoon with the next storm bringing us drizzle wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon, you can see the showers develop in the north bay. heavier showers for the rest of us in the evening and overnight hours through thursday. friday, saturday and sunday. temperatures warm. back to average. expect to us be cooler than that. until then. want to show you a beautiful picture of the sycamore valley field five. sycamore valley park. sunset over danville. this is taken by dom. appreciate him taking such a beautiful picture and letting us share it with you. great photographer, by the way. if you have weather, video or weather photos you would like to share, we would love to see them. upload them to sue has a look at traffic. >> i shouldn't have watched my car yesterday.
6:54 am
it's inevitable it would rain today. sig-alert lifted in the san ramon area but we have slow traffic remaining because of an accident approaching el costa. blocking the right lane. the sig-alert lifted. we have slow traffic coming off the altamont pass. nearby, westbound 580 ramp, southbound 680. accident there, traffic is squeezing by. you will find alternately slow traffic through livermore and the dublin interchange. no major stalls or accidents there. bart is still running with a ten-minute delay. this is between castro valley and dublin/pleasanton intersection. or in the dublin-pleasanton direction. we have report of serious accident on peninsula, southbound 101 at peninsula avenue blocking lanes there. heavy fog on the bridges and traffic is back now in the maze. toll plaza. it looks like the metering lights are on there. is the website to go for all of your information. just click on bay area traffic. eric? >> sue, thank you very much. 6:54 now.
6:55 am
recapping the top stories. san francisco is marking today's 105th anniversary of the great 1906 earthquake by showing support for the victims of the japan earthquake and tsunami. terry mcsweeney live at san francisco. terry? >> reporter: it is a double commemoration out here this morning at lotta's fountain here at kearney and market street in san francisco. for the people who died in the japan quake. also for the 3,000 people who died here in san francisco. in 1906 earthquake. that was a 7.8. lotta's fountain is where the survivors came to post information for friends and relatives that they had lost track of. today's ceremony began with the sound of a siren. [ sirens ] on hand for this celebration, one of three of those 1906 earthquake survivors, bill del monte. three months old when the quake hit. also san francisco's fire chief, police chief, mayor ed lee out here. remembering the tragedy. and the quake last month in
6:56 am
japan. the message about the future. prepare now. for the next earthquake. go to there you will find what to do when the earthquake hits. and what to do after it. what to do right now as well, how to build an emergency kit. have a plan for family members. what to do with pets, et cetera. also this morning, they are saying that san francisco open your -- they sang "san francisco open your golden gate." not a somber affair at all, it was celebration to celebrate rebuilding of san francisco. for the other top story of the morning go to amy hollyfield in san bruno. good morning. >> yeah, we're in san bruno, terry, where residents are going to be wanting to see if pg&e is going to meet a critical deadline today. state regulators want pg&e to say whether its lack of safety records contributed to the pipeline explosion that killed eight people last september. the public utilities commission is ready to fine pg&e millions of dollars at if the utility can't provide safety records. utility has already missed one deadline so it's not
6:57 am
looking like residents and regulators will get the information they want. pg&e lawyers appear to be ready to push back saying that the probe looks like it seems to be starting with the presumption of guilt. pg&e ready to fight this. live in san bruno, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. final check of weather and traffic. >> look at the live doppler7 h.d. you can see how quiet it has become. more scattered showers are possible this afternoon. much cooler, upper 50s to low 60s. flight arrival delays at s.f.o. >> bart has ten-minute delays. we have an accident on peninsula, northbound 101 at peninsula avenue. showing things there. bay bridge back to maze there. heavy fog advisory this morning. >> we do. drive carefully. sue, thank you. you, too, mike. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. back at 7:24 with local update. midday news at 11:00. have a fabulous day. stay dry and drive safely. bye-bye. captioned by
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