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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  April 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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frantic search for two children and surprising suspect.
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after a frightening ordeal two fairfield children are back home with their father. they have been missing since last night and the main suspect was their mother. tomas ramon has the latest from the solano county sheriff's department. >> this is the kind of story that authorities hope turn out just this way. the boy ten years old and sister have been found safe and unarmed. last night, cassandra stewart took two of her children shopping and then disappeared. >> the children jumping up and down who are now a complete family. they are celebrating their reunion after two were taken by their mother to get milk at a
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local store and were not heard for more than 30 hours. >> she stayed in the area. she was in the car with the kids ate fast food and somehow learned we were looking for her. went to travis air force base. >> we were at the home with the grandmother. >> they are okay. >> looks like everyone is okay. >> it appears that way. >> we arrived at the sheriff's department just before deputies led cassandra stewart was led in the building with handcuffed. >> we're trying to determine what kind of crimes have been exited and take appropriate action. >> the sheriff's department had put out a statewide missing person's alert for stewart and two children. they initially thought she would
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do the children harm. >> the sheriff's have called in detective services have been involved with the family before. the sheriff's department wants to find out exactly why this happened and what the family dynamic is so they can prevent this from happening again. >> terry: coastguard has been seochg all evening for a man that disappeared in the waters off of san francisco waters off of ocean beach. rescuers from the national park service and coastguard rushed to the scene where they were trying to escape their capsized sailboat by going into a rubber dingy. >> it overturned and what we thought had two people when it got to shore had nobody in it. >> they pulled one man from the water and he said the friend was wearing a life jacket. the rescued man name has not
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been released and is being treated. >> two teenagers died in monterey bay. they say the teens were on a scuba expedition with 17 other divers. when the divers noticed the teens had been missing, police say they were found not long after the search begin and were taken to a local hospital where they were pronounced dead. in oakland the hunt continues for the popular restaurant owner in fruitvale district. they marched to honor jesus cam moves and they called for the end to the kind of violence that took his life. his friends that called him chew why were shot while he was opening his restaurant on friday morning. >> he is one of those people, got to do the job.
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>> he was a business leader for merchants in the crime ridden fruitvale district. he encouraged business owners to make a network cameras as a way to deter criminals. they plan to look at footage from those cameras in the search for the killer. >> in santa clara, trying to learn about the debt of two people found inside a home. someone called the sheriff around 5:15 to check on the residents that lived on west acres drive. inside deputies found the bodies of a man and a woman who appear to be in their early 50s. tonight the medical examiner has not released their names or the cause of their death. emergency workers near south lake tahoe plan to keep looking for propane leaks after an explosion destroyed a cabin. these pictures show what happened after a blast that sent debris flying hundreds of feet in the air.
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propane leaks have been springing up on several locations of eastern placer county since last month's record snowfall because the weight of the snow has broken pipes and valves and tanks. >> a concord man is recovering in the hospital after confront ago group of vandals. the 50-year-old-year-old man heard them smialg mailboxes so he hopped in the car and chased after them. one of them jumped on the hood of vehicle. he hit the brakes and he broke his ankle when he got out to help, other two suspects attacked him and fled the scene. >> dozens of protestors are calling on the u.s. government to stop iraqi forces from acting a camp of iranian exiles. >> today's protest in san francisco union square follows a raid by iraqi forces on a camp.
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it's located outside of baghdad and it houses about 3400 iranians who claim to be political refugees who want to overthrow the iranian regime but iraq considers them to be terrorists. one report says 12 people died, 33 perished in the attack. the u.s. and united nations and great britain have condemned that raid. now that lawmakers have averted a government shutdown, the work begins on a deal to finance the rest of the year. president obama spoke at lincoln memorial crediting congress for coming up with an agreement to cut $38.5 billion from the budget. it leaves out federal funding for planned parenthood. now, the 2012 budget battle is shaping up. lawmakers have to decide by the end of the summer whether to let the government borrow more money to pay for this government's $14 trillion debt. boehner tackled that issue at a fund-raiser in connecticut.
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>> how can you raise the debt limit without dealing with the problem that is causing us to have to increase the debt limit. there is no plan to deal with it. i can tell i this, there had will not be an increase in the debts limit without something really big attached to it. >> boehner described last night's agreement as the first step of many needed to get america's spending under control. >> coming up a new video shows the moment the devastating tsunami hit the fukushima power plant. also california watch investigates why the state has thousands of schools that still aren't earthquake safe. >> i'm leigh glaser. most locations reporting clear skies but we do have low clouds starting to move in. chilly tonight but partly warmer tomorrow. seveveveveveveveveveveveveveveve
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the fighting rage is on forcing refugees to flee. a boat load arrived in benghazi today. nato says gadhafi's troops have fired on civilians. they have targeted ammunition stockpiles in hopes of crippling the siege on the port city. take a look at this released by japanese power company tepco. the exact moment it hit the plant on march 11. four weeks later, they are
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battling to cool down the plant's three reactors. back-up power systems were knocked out by the earthquake and tsunami. >> california public schools may be in danger thanks to lax oversight by building inspectors. they poured over records maintained by the division of state architect. dan noyes reports. there are thousands of school construction projects throughout california and a network of more than 1500 trained inspectors to make sure the buildings are made by plans but many aren't doing their job. inspectors help keep contractors zblons you making sure that project management is performing the job and doing the job per the approved plans. >> he says many inspectors are
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encouraged by contractors to overlook changes to save money. >> contractors will try to use substitute product or lesser product. many times they do that. >> inspectors are supposed to be the watchdogs of school projects tested and licensed by the state but is the state always doing its job. take the case of richard veil. an inspector reviews his work on the los angeles project that used seismic anchors. metal rods that tie roofs and floors to walls and keep the building together in an earthquake. >> it was richard veil's job to ensure the anchors were installed properly. >> but in over two dozen projects they found the makeshift anchors. when they tested them, they failed. >> only the deputy inspector richard veil who was allowing these anchors to be put in. >> the district attorney's office charged him with filing false reports.
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in 1997 veil pleaded no contest to conspiracy to obstruct justice. >> but that wasn't the end of veil. they allowed him to obtain a state inspection license as recently as last year he oversaw major school construction projects. he couldn't explain it. >> i'm not sure -- i'm simply not sure of the details of this particular case. >> reporter: in fact he doesn't know about the background of many inspectors because they don't do criminal background checks. >> our program our process and supporting regulations don't address that. i'm not saying it's not a good idea to look at that. >> california watch found nearly 300 school inspectors had documented problems over the last decade. in failing to identify construction defects.
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california watch asked myth if the department could do more. >> i think it could be i am prod. do i think it's an alarmist problem at this time, no, i don't. >> sally lieber seize it differently? >> i don't think it's just a room for improvement. all the incentives are there to cut corners. >> because inspectors are hired by the district they may face pressure to look the other way on projects to stay employed. >> this gives the contractors and work districts all the flexibility of the fox guarding the hen house. read more about the california watch investigation on our website at go to california >> tickets for distracted driving seem to be soaring. according to media partner mercury news, officers issued
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more tickets in two days than they usually write across the state. more than 250 police agencies around the state are taking part in the most intensive crackdown since the hands-free cell phone law went into effect. 979 tickets were written on monday and tuesday in the bay area, including santa cruz. last year they issued tickets, 800 every two days statewide. crackdown runs through april. meteorologist leigh glaser is here. we're finally seeing spring weather. >> low clouds and fog moving in, typical for this time of year. we are looking at partly cloudy conditions. some parts of the bay area right now, we're going to warm up a few more degrees tomorrow. this is nice shot from high definition sutro camera and looking down towards san francisco. you see the bay bridge mountain
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become ground. we were in the 40s. cloud that will come in tonight will have to insulate us a little more so. last night temperatures were near the freezing mark. the clouds will have to blanket us a little more. napa is 46. 48 in san francisco, 50 in oakland as well as antioch. 51 in fremont, mountain view and san jose reporting 49 degrees. we'll go with partly cloudy conditions. it will be cool but not as cold as last night. we'll warm things up a few degrees for sunday and bring a slight chance of maybe a few drops of sprinkles mainly in the north bay as we head into monday morning. we'll be down in the upper 60s for napa. san francisco, oakland, fremont, even san jose some of the low cloudiness that will venture in. temperatures will remain in the 40s. antioch will get down to 45 degrees. we had lower pressure that has
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been bringing us that cooler air mass that has pushed on to the east. high pressure is starting to build in. it's going to keep the storms to the north one more day. it will also help us warm up a few more degrees and also some cloud. highs tomorrow, 65 for san jose. westerly winds will still be with us. cool day for half moon bay, 69 degrees. pacifica, 58. san francisco, 61. sunset district, 58 degrees, cool at ocean beach. santa rosa, 67. 66 for sonoma. berkeley tomorrow afternoon, 62 degrees. 63 for oakland, 64 for fremont. interior east bay temperatures will be on the mild side. dublin 64. santa cruz tomorrow, 63 degrees,
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monterey with 61 expected high. looks like we may see a chance of some showers, maybe a few sprinkles mainly in the north bay as we head into north bay otherwise the workweek looks pretty good. wednesday, thursday and friday temperatures will start to warm back up. temperatures return into the 70s i like it. >> let's talk to rick quan in for shu. >> another wild finish. another giant game, as they got a world championship ring we'll show you if they played like world champs tonight. [ asst mgr ] what are you doing?
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>> you're right. >> giants home opener features the raising of the world championship banner but tonight, before the game, tim lincecum and teammates received the world championship rings. cardinals pitcher tried to put a damper on the celebration, catches burrel for a strikeout. he had help from the defense. kobe with a shot to the center. tejada back and takes the catch. san francisco took a 1-0 lead in the fifth. he drops a base hit in front of lance berkman. and st. louis would tie it and take the lead in the seventh. it was 2-1 cardinals. giants had two on for tejada sends it deep to left center. he gets a glove, a walk off
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double, san francisco wins 3-2, magic is alive and well. >> a's at minnesota, gonzalez was on pitching six innings, he allowed no runs while striking out four. oakland finally broke through on the sixth, ellis grounds it and suzuki scores. a's win 1-0 and now 3-5. >> sharks close out their regular season by hosting phoenix. another sellout crowd. san jose broke in with the second, slap shot second goal in two nights. late in the period, pavelski gives it to thorton, 3-1 would be the final. sharks clinch second place in the western conference. >> and andrew lutz gets more
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you can see >> terry: just 21 years old but the pressure hasn't gotten to mcilroy. after shooting 66 he neiger tried to keep the momentum. he is seven strokes back. putting for par, it drops in. masters champ, cabrera is in the hunt after a 67. he is just four back playing in his first masters, 23-year-old jason day made a run at the lead.
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he settled for even par but still tied for second. mcilroy finished strong with birdies. rory left the crowd roaring with this putt. he is 12 under for the tournament. his four-shot lead is biggest since tiger in 1997. even with jim harbaugh gone, many are expecting stanford to be a top ten football season. they held a scrimmage at kezar stadium. andrew lutz picked up where he left off, completing 16 of 22 passes. cardinal led them to 42-3. >> and 12 round unanimous over
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ceda. it was for the lightweight titles. he is now 29-1-1. >> thanks a lot. >> finally we want to tell you about the thousands of people that turned out today for the annual northern california cherry blossom festival in san francisco's japantown. this is the 44th year people enjoyed the festivities with food, live bands and cultural performances. it's said to the second largest cherry blossom outside of washington, d.c. if you missed it today, you can always check it out tomorrow, the last day it will be happening and great weather. that is it for "abc 7 news." i'm alan wang, with lee and rick in for shu.
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