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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  April 8, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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san francisco giants! [ applause ] >> they ran into a field of hail of fireworks and cheers. they had music superstars. pat monihan sang the national anthem and pride for the owner. >> fans showed up earlier to soak up the new season. they lined up and here. >> this neighborhood has really grown up in eleven years. today is unprecedented. you've got the world champions
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opening at home. >> there was plenty of gear. >> they love the world series champions. >> it's been an experience. >> you never had so many choices so little time. >> people are going crazy out here. >> how do you stop the big show biz opening? is this. brian wilson takes the world championship flag from will had i mays and for all the world to see. >> it was a bit of emotion when that happened. this is going to be a season filled with emotion and drama
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because we're in the tenth inning and they are tied 4-4. live at at&t park, don sanchez, "abc 7 news." >> thank you. >> coveted world series trophy spent the celebration on display behind home plate for all the fans to enjoy. >> we welcome a giant's fan and season ticket holder since all the way back to the first year in san francisco, 1958, please say hello to james sanna. >> and they were bond weigh their fans. brian wilson presented for the final out that clinched the world series championship and that ball will be displayed at the giants ballpark. >> they also played tribute to bryan stow. there was a moment of reflection
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as there was a photo flashed on the jumbotron. money has been raised while he is still in medically induced coma. the mayor of los angeles and police chief announced new security measures at dodgers stayed yuam y. >> you mean if you are coming to dodgers stadium to cause trouble i advise you to stay home because you will be arrested. >> the off duty officers will be in uniform and have not only the authority of arrest but the authority passed down through the dodgers to attend the game. >> they will dedicate a game to stow. >> the first day of deliberations in the barry bonds case ended without a verdict. heather ishimaru joins us from the san francisco federal building. >> the jury worked roughly from
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8:30 to 3:30 with a lunch break and they asked the judge to revise revisit two items from the trial. they will have the testimony from kathy hoskins, she bonds' former personal shopper and she says she saw him being injected by then trainer greg anderson and bonds said it was something for the road, undetectedable. the jury listened again to the secret ballpark recording steve hoskins made of greg anderson talking about injecting bonds. other end of the box to talk to their friends. it seems like its cohesive jury. they et along well. that is kind of jury that renders a verdict.
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i don't think we're going to have a mistrial or hung jury, i think we'll get a definitive decision from these 12 people. >> greg anderson has served more than a year combined for various refusal to testimony against bonds. he was released from the latest incarceration. a respected owner of a restaurant was shot to death as he arrived at work. he was known in the neighborhood as chewy. he was a community leader having served as president of fruitvale merchants association. they believe two men waiting for campos to open his door of his restaurant. they say campos was shot to death around 5:30. he died later at the hospital. shooting came as a shock to many friends and business associates. >> he worked 16 hours a day, 7
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days a week trying to help the community the syringe sink dances put on here and he ends up here? it's not right. >> the killers drove off in a buick regal and maybe a pontiac with tinted windows. offering a $30,000 road. >> the medical center in oakland became a pile of dust and debris in a matter of 12 seconds. 11 story hospital was demolished. they used 8900 pounds of dynamite and 3500 holes were drilled in the hospital. they had nearly 600 beds serving two wars. it closed in 1996. >> it was shaking.
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it was like watching you love go away permanently. there it meant so many things to so many people. >> the plan is to eventually have homes and commercial space and parks. some. tonight in washington negotiations continue to keep the government up and running but still no deal and time is running out. the countdown clock seos we are less than fours hours away from a shutdown. mark matthews is monitoring the latest developments for us. >> both sides said they didn't want it to happen but now we are four hours away from deadline. it's been a very long day on capitol hill. >> after meetings at the white house and half dozen news conferences by lunchtime there is still no deal. >> speaker boehner can't sell that to his republicans in the next few hours, it will be crystal clear to the american people that democrats are reasonable and republicans are
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responsible for shutting down the government. >> the republicans say the disagreement is over money. >> when we say we are serious about cutting spending we're damn serious about it. >> they say they had a deal on money. the republicans backed off and brought up spending for planned parenthood. >> it's an opportunity for the right wing of the house to really sock it to women. i really believe this is true. >> democrats say republicans are insist at thisening to cut planned parenthood over abortion. the disagreement is between mainline republicans and more hard line tea party republicans with house speaker boehner acting as the referee. >> we're fighting for the women of this country and for their families. >> what boehner and reid decide over the next coming hours will determine if the government will be open for business on monday.
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>> with the clock ticking down to midnight, federal offices is set to go dark for the first shutdown in 15 years, thousands, hundreds of thousands of federal workers will be wondering if they will be back on monday. here is a big surprise. california is celebrating an unexpected windfall. a surprise boocht in income taxes netted $1.2 billion over estimates. mostly because california paid out $953 million in refunds. so far the state is $12 billion over projected for the fiscal year. they attribute the rise to employment and income and hours and higher revenue is expected to continue this month and they could help reduce california's $15.5 billion deficit. >> play ball is the word from university of california at
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berkeley today. they have saved the baseball team there. the effort was truly a team effort. former players, parents, alumni all came together to raise $9 million to save california's baseball program. >> thanks to the passion and commitment of our community they provided the financial resources for us. >> last fall school officials cut four sports program including men's baseball. the university was struggling on bring their own finances in line. they were facing a short fall in part because of state funding cuts. the baseball is currently ranked 13th in the nation. >> a government building where several state lawmakers have special permission to carry concealed weapons. also google, another venture
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that could help you get away from it all. >> i'm spencer christian after thunderstorms, a tornado and frost, might we expected a calm day? find out in the forecast coming up. >> and online banking move to your smart phones. michael finney shares
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a freak crash left a highway patrol officer the hospital. the officers was assisting a driver that had spun out. another car then smashed into
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the pickup that in turn struck the officer's leg. driver of the second car a man from san jose was later arrested on a felony charge of driving under the influence. the officer under went surgery for his injuries. >> four assembly members can carry concealed weapons. four legislators got the okay today. the state senate has a strict no guns policy. congresswoman gabrielle giffords plans to attend her husband's space shuttle launch. mark kelly will be the commander. doctors have to give final approval for her appearance at kennedy space center. she was shot in the head earlier this year during a community meeting in tucson.
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>> wells fargo is cutting 1900 jobs from its mortgage unit. the bank says many of the employees were short term hires because of a silly cal nature of the mortgage business. it was $73 billion compared with $101 billion in the heard quarter. job losses is less than 1% of the bank's work force. >> doing online banking on your computer because you can get your cell phones to do it. michael finney sizes up the benefits and risks including the security precautions you need to take. >> like a growing number of people, katie does almost all her banking on her smart phone. >> i don't need to find a computer to know what is going on in my bank account. >> they say banking on cell phone is like having a atm on
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your pocket. >> it can be done with simplest of phone. you get messages to get your account balances and you get tax messages when your balance is low. >> if you have a smart phone or tablet computer you can transfer money and pay bills, too. >> there are also banking applications designed specifically for your bank and model of phone. chase will let you take your picture of your check with your camera phone and deposit it. >> you have to make sure that are your banking is secure. >> never do it on a public wi-fi network and when you or bank's website lock on the browser so you know you or secure state siet. >> it's a good way to install security off the wear. >> i know exactly what is in my account, when things are cleared. when money is coming out. i feel very on top of my
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finances. >> consumer reports says there is another plus to banking on your cell phone. they typically don't charge fees for their service. for more information on secure banking go to our website at >> justice department cleared google's efforts to enter the travel industry. google is spending $700 million to buy the airline ita software. it powers the system that used by most major airlines. but the win it is j is department they agreed to license it to other companies through 2016. >> we had on calmer day weather wise. still active out there. >> we had little pockets of rain and still pockets of rain. a few drops actually fell in the ballpark at at&t park.
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here is a live view of at&t park of south beach camera where the giants are locked in a tight struggle with the cardinals but they are in 11th inning and they are tied 4-4. here is live view from high definition, we've got showers scattered across the bay area. much of the area is dry and it's raining in some spots, like over the santa cruz mountains and parts of the south bay. right now, down near san jose pretty wide area of rainfall it was heavier about half an hour or so but around sunnyvale, milpitas along highway 237. >> wet weather and in the north bay we had more widely scattered down to windsor and santa rosa
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and over towards vallejo. current temperature readings, mid-50s for the most part across the bay area right now. so pleasantly cool. patchy frost again tonight. mainly sunny and mild and chance of rain in the north bay on monday. how about the hail that fell in san jose during the wee hours of the morning. you probably seen the pictures from yesterday of the hail in fairfield. this is hail in san jose. looks like snow on the ground. this was submitted through ureport powered by youtube. here is another picture of the hail. looks like the sierra. from emeryville you see big billowing clouds from the north, these past over at&t park and brought rain for the ballgame. those clouds are departing now. upper-level low which has brought us all this cold and unstable weather the last couple of days is departing. time line starting at 7:00, the
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center of low pressure will move southward and pulls away tomorrow, we'll be least left with milder weekend. for tonight's lows, up at napa, 33 degrees just above freezing. 35 at santa rosa. pretty chilly in the inland valleys. low 40s right around the bay. then tomorrow, we'll see a mainly sunny day, few clouds around. it will be milder. high temperatures tomorrow mainly in the mid-60s in the inland areas. low to mid-60s around the bay and 58 on the coast at half moon bay. down near monterey bay, mainly sunny skies and pretty mild with high temperatures in the low to mid-60s except for monterey itself which will be a high of 59. seven-day forecast, lovely weather coming our way. the only is a slight chance of rain in the north bay. mild weather all the way through the forecast period by next
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friday we'll be looking at high temperatures in the mid-70s in the inland areas. 70 around the bay. >> 70? >> we haven't seen that. >> did you say 70? >> 70. >> spring like 70s, there you go. >> unbelievable. >> okay. we have in much more ahead, including the highly detailed ultrasound of a baby walrus that is rarely seen. also.... >> and tonight at 6:00 from the i-team, why so many public schools are not [ female announcer ] it's the jcpenney absolute lowest prices of the spring! shop our unbeatable night and day doorbusters, like women's st. john's bay tees for spring, an unbelievably low $4.99, and guy's bold screen tees, the absolute lowest -- only $3.99! even exclusive liz claiborne spring handbags are 50% off! plus, with jcp rewards,
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contra costa county district attorney has dismissed 15 cases of the former commander of the drug tack force.
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n while while is the former task force commander and accused with chris butler to steal and sell drug evidence. five of those dismissed cases are drug related, ten are prostitution cases, five or sheriff's d.w.i. and drug cases. >> the reason these cases are being dismissed is because of the involvement of norm wielsh. >> also seven charges were filed against pinati. he was accused of selling illegal steroids. we have a traffic alert to tell you about. caltrans is about to launch a new bypass project near the bay bridge toll plaza. late night crews will align the eastbound traffic lanes. this is video of that project.
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westbound lanes will be realigned next year. the project is expected to be finished by mid 2013. >> we're getting a unique look at baby walrus before its even born take a look. this is the latest ultrasound technology and it shows the walrus still in the mother's womb. color version will really show off the baby's features. the mother is set to give birth this month. in the last 80 years only 11 walruskafs have been born in an zoo. >> it may be a small world. but this is mainland china. ñwñwt "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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coming up new at 6:00, the impact of a possible government shutdown and why it could mortgage one woman's future the and the hospital implosion why some people had to be there to see it. >> after 6:30. big step for silicon valley entrepreneurs of the future. >> before we get to that mainland china is going to be wan one of newest sites for happiest places on earth. disney opened the largest theme park. construction is expected to take five years. this will the fourth theme park outside the u.s. disney is abc7 parent company. they are excited. >> and 4-4, 11th inning. >> that is going to do it for us.


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