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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 5, 2015 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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>> gus: 3rd down and 1 at the 15 for the spartans. 3 minutes to go. a trip to the college football playoffs on the line. can iowa defense hold? scott. they grab him from behind but picks up the 1st down. jewel. mark dantonio 2 big 10 titles. 3 division titles. we have seen this movie before. >> joel: michigan state inside the 15 yardline. they have been unable to break the code of iowa. iowa held them out of the offense. only 3 field goals for michigan state. these body blows. they continue to hand the ball off. >> gus: 16th play of the drive. they have had it for 7 minutes. 1st and 10 at the 13. scott. they give it to him.
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>> >> gus: >> gus: 13-9 iowa. iowa trying to hold against michigan state. the spartans with the football at the iowa step. -- 10. the iowa defense.
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spartans out of the end zone. can they do it again. scott the true freshman down to the 5. >> joel: and kirk ferentz notices how tired hiss defense is. this offensive line for michigan state has got it rolling right now. he is trying to retain some time on the clock so that in the event of a score. c.j. beathard and his offense have a chance with the football in their hands. >> gus: the running game for michigan state has had almost no success early in the game. but it's the body blows. >> joel: time after time after time. you force the defense to answer the bell.
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blows are taking huge -- paying huge dividends for michigan state. i would run it again on 3rd and 2 and force iowa to stop me. i won't throw the football unless i am forced to on a 4th down opportunity. >> gus: michigan state 4 for 4 on 3rd downs this drive. the freshman running back scott. 233 out of hoy. they give it to him looking. they knock him backwards. wow!ohio. they give it to him looking. they knock him backwards.
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there is an injured spartan. >> joel: that's conklin and he throws him to the side. right there in the hole to make the pli. the play of the drive so far from iowa. they force one snap of the football for all of the fumbles. >> gus: 4th down and 2 at the 5 yardline for michigan state. keeler the right tackle. number 79. michigan state still has 3 timeouts. even if the event they fail, they could fet the ball back. but they would still need that touchdown. >> joel: they ran the ball so effectively on this series.
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will put the ball in the hands of a senior quarterback or his true freshman running running who has been the work horse on this series. >> [crowd noise] >> gus: scott. 4th down and 2 at the 5. connor cook out of the shotgun. keeps it. did he get it? he had to cross the 3
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they will measure it. cook lowers his shoulder. >> joel: and the ball was in the left arm. >> gus: he got it. >> [cheers and applause] >> gus: 1st down. michigan state. ferentz said come on, guys. the 5th year senior. >> joel: two ways you could think about this. if you are ferentz allowed the touchdown to try to get c.j. beathard back on the field or put it in the hands of the 6th best punt defense
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have a goal kick. >> referee: 1st down ruling under review. >> joel: they are going to take a look at that spot. nothing jumps off the replay to me that said that was a poor spot. i mentioned that the ball was in his left arm. it's very important to note. as he is spinning. that that's the down field arm. mike in los angeles, what do you think? >> mike: i agree, joel. we have looked at every angle 3 or 4 times. down. not until his butt gets down is he down. i think it's right at the 3. maybe they were slightly generous in my opinion. down. i don't see anything they
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>> referee: the ruling on the field stand. 1st down. >> gus: it was a super bowl in this building that new england allowed new york to score to get tom brady back on the field. iowa could employ that philosophy. knowing kirk ferentz at 12 and 0. he will try to make a stand. 1st and goal at the 3 yardline for michigan state. a minute and 48 to go. lj scott the defense. they give it to him. and he is tackled. gets down to about the 2. maybe the 1.5. clock still running. >> joel: that won't be a factor in this set of downs with 3 timeouts.
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iowa sitting this with no timeouts. and trying to score with the least amount of time on the clock possible per opportunity. >> gus: 2nd down and goal. lj doesn't get in. brings up 3rd down and goal. >> joel: king in on the tackle. king having the game of his life. the clock continuing to run. and now mark dantonio will take the timeout. to talk it over.
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3rd down and goal at the 1. >> joel: this has to be another hand-off or 4th down for the conversion. the important part is this 3rd down play. mark dantonio needs to wait. the spartans have had it for 9 minutes. >> gus: it comes down to.
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michigan state. can iowa defense hold. scott. running right. he got in. touchdown spartans. the true freshman. >> [cheers and applause] >> gus: another second
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euphoria. agony. they are taking another look. the reach. was his knee down? >> joel: this will be the definitive look. no, it wasn't. >> gus: nope. >> referee: after further review the ruling of touchdown is confirmed. >> gus: lj scott. from hubbard, ohio.
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11th touchdown. none bigger. geiger with the extra point. it's good. 27 seconds left. spartans up our ancestors did. [car engine starting] no saber tooth tigers stalking from the brush. no dire wolfs circling the camp. there are no more monsters to fear. [car tires screeching]
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>> gus: lj scott scoring the biggest touchdown of his young life. michigan state the lead in the big 10 championship. his second effort and strength and determination. 6 feet and 233 pounds. getting the job done. >> [very loud crowd noise] >> gus: king. gets to the 20 and downed. iowa no timeouts left. >> joel: they need for a chance at a tying field goal to get to the 36 or 35 yardline. everything has to be thrown for a 1st down or outside the numbers to stop the clock.
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>> gus: >> gus: 1st and 10. at the 27 for c.j. beathard. beathard. looking deep. goes down. lost it. the clock still running. cooper with the tackle. beathard down with 5 seconds remaining.
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go with the lateral. >> referee: a charged timeout michigan state. adjust the game clock to 5 seconds. >> joel: mark dantonio wants to talk it over with his defense. in order to communicate exactly what the situation is. this guy is a stone turner. it doesn't matter how many rocks he has to turn over. he will find the details. after the nebraska game he called around to his singling of friends in the nfl and college to talk about end of the game philosophy. he learned quite a bit. would not share what his philosophy would be. that's what he is going over with his team. >> gus: this could be the final play of the game. 5 seconds remaining.
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throws it over the middle. fumbled. loose. the michigan state spartans are the big 10 champions. hello college football playoffs. >> [cheers and applause]
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>> [cheers and applause] >> gus: downstairs where molly mcgrath is sanding by with a very special freshman lj scott. >> molly: thanks. this was they hard fought physical game. you powered into the end zone. what was going through your mind on that play? >> player: we live for moments like this. this is what we worked all year for. we worked hard to get to this pot. trying to make a play. .. >> molly: >> molly: connor cook was roughed up. >> player: we are all playing through injuries. i just tried to come through to
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i give credit to my line for giving the push. >> molly: coach dantonio said your motto is move forward. >> player: just stay humble. now we have to execute at the next level. >> molly: congratulations. >> gus: thank you very much. we will be back with complete post game coverage in a moment. here's the dr. pepper play of the game. we take a look. the winning touchdown. lj scott. that's our dr. pepper one of a kind play of the game. the michigan state spartans hand iowa their first loss of the
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>> gus: welcome back to indianapolis where michigan state just won their second big 10 title in 3 years. they did in dramatic fashion. they will be talking about this drive for a long time in east lansing. that long stretch from the true freshman lj scott. stretch and score. michigan state gets the extra point. they win it 16-13. welcome back inside lucas oil stadium. we will hear from the winning coach in just moments. first let's get it to the podium and the trophy presentation. here's joel klatt. >> joel: thanks. a big congratulations to the
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michigan state spartans. >> the commissioner of the conference mr. jim delaney. >> before we give it up to the spartans. let's hear it for the great effort and respect we have for the university of iowa and its football team. >> [cheers and applause] so. our champion 2015 eastern champion now big 10 champion.
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>> what i think we will find out tomorrow our representative and the college football playoffs. >> [cheers and applause]. let me present the championship trophy to mark dantonio and his group. >> [cheers and applause]. >> coach. congratulations. you started this season with a slogan.
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you have a chance to go higher than the big 10 championship now. >> reach higher. thank you very much for coming down. all of the spartans in the house. >> [cheers and applause]. >> all the way up to the roof. we started out the day and wanted to go farther than he went last year. 12 and 1. we are marching. great job by our offense and our coaches. driving the length of the field. outstanding job by our defense. let's get onith the party. >> [cheers and applause]. >> coach. everyone in football talks about championship drives. you just embarked on a 22 play drive.


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