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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  August 23, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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clouds outes plains, fairly dry and mild. some kids have been back for a while. it should be nice. upper 60s. 68 for those heading to school. for your hour-by-hour forecast, 85. recess is warm for us today. and there's a chance of evening thunderstorms again today. we'll time those out in a moment, but first let's check with joel. >> a light commute across the denver-metro area at i-25 and 20th down into town. it's a little dry.
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slow you down. this is from our cbs4 tech cam as you go either direction or both directions from the bridges out to downtown or from downtown through the bridges. we're across the denver-metro area. the one icon you see in the middle of the street, it's highland. it's the road at walsworth blocked off as they continue to do road improvement work. that should clear up in a bit. >> thanks. presidential campaign back in colorado today. den shall kaine is in lakewood. >> clinton joked about her
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talking. >> okay. make sure i'm alive. >> oh my god. there's nothing there. >> there's nothing there. >> laughing off claims by some of her opponents that she's not well. >> i don't know why they're saying this. i think it's apart of the wacky strategy to say all these crazy things and maybe we can get people to believe you. on t sense. >> she -- a federal judge monday gave the state department 1 month to make a plan to release 15,000 documents received from the fbi as apart of their investigation into that server. clinton's campaign says we support the documents being released. trump calling for a
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foreign donations to the clinton's foundation charitable donations. >> it requires an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately. >> the call comes after trump postpones a major immigration speech he had scheduled for thursday. his campaign says it's fine tuning its immigration policy and the language of that speech witho that speech will happen. i'm andrew reporting. the very latest to lead the broncos. what a colorado man was
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welcome back, everyone. at least two colorado women are suing their former doctor. they claim he treated them for multiple sclerosis for years when they didn't have the disease. their attorney says there could be dozens in similar situations. the lawsuit was mercedes. the doctor sold his practice in vail and moved to florida. the women had other doctors look at their cases. that's when they say they learned they don't have ms. doctor weiss entered into a settlement with the state medical board where he agreed to not renew his license in colorado. >> this is a really sad example,
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provider putting profits over -- over patients and -- >> investigators rick salinger reached out to his office but our calls haven't been returned. learning more about a man killed by lightning over the weekend. this is chad caught in a violent storm in the west of fort collins. lauren dispirito talked with his family as they find comfort d >> it was definitely a place that you can live without. that was our second home and i believe that was his heaven. >> she takes comfort knowing her father's last hours was spent in his favorite place, northern colorado. he loved to fish and ride atv's.
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helping a family friend build a house. >> she was on the phone with her dad when he was struck by lightning. >> the phone line cut out, and i kept trying to call him back. there was no answer. >> a few hours later, he died at the hospital. >> the hardest part was the doctor telling me that say goodbye to your dad. >> born on the 4th of july, chad loved to the american flag a chad's favorite people and memories. the one memory that will stay in jennifer's heart of the last hug they shared. >> think didn't think that -- i didn't think it was going to be the last time i talked to my dad so that's the memory i'm holding onto my dad. >> that's lauren dispirito. our heart goes out to the girl and
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trevor completed a fundraiser for children. the family asked for donations to be made there in his name. new information in a hail storm that tore through colorado springs. it shows the destructive force of that storm back on the 28th of july. insurance experts say it caused more than 350 million damage. that camacho trat catastrophe disaster in -- a mild start and we may get heavier rainfall. we'll talk about that in a second. 64 in denver. 73 in boulder. 52 in greeley. 59 in burlington. 51 in is a lie dell -- 34 degrees for us in breckenridge this morning. it's chilly in some spots.
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satellite and radar and front eastern plains, we're on the dry side. there's a little rain fizzling out for now, but it's more possible later today and the rain could get heavy. we have flash flood watches through mesa county towards durango. we're going to add heavy rainfall on that. flooding is a concern. be extra careful. looking at our future cast, sunny skies in denver through the day. a few more clouds into the afternoon hours. we have about in our south western corner and some gets wide spread into the early afternoon and into our central mountains and into the foothills. there's a chance that some do head into the denver area. for the most part it stays off to the east in the evening hours and there could be pockets of heavy rainfall mixed through our central mountains to the south and here in denver, we'll have more cloud cover with a chance of rain. we may get rain early tomorrow morning. there may be rain to start on wednesday and
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last through the early afternoon with showers. there's a cold front that's going to come through tomorrow and that's going to knockdown our cooling chances. 93 in burlington. eastern plains hot today. 6 6 in fresco. 68 in eagle. cool in the high country. 78 in grand junction. for your -- we have a chance for evening thunderstorms. for your forecast tomorrow, 74 degrees on wednesday. 76 on sd joel. good morning, and take a look. this is our cdot camera, we got at c-470 and morrison road as we look at the paving operations underway. most have been moved up out of the way. they like to store that equipment under the bridge at bowls so watch out for that. the volume is growing both directions as you travel through the bridges into downtown, but the cones we had earlier in the northbound direction of i-25
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have completely reopened underneath arapahoe road or underneath i-25 -- i-225, the 6th avenue looking good. this is the icon you see north of 6th avenue at highland. they're doing road work. some restrictions many place, al. >> thanks, joel. police still looking to find the vandals who spray painted rocks on look outraging a lot of people. a hiker took this video of teenagers spray painting the rocks over the weekend. deputy was going to focus on the car. if they're caught, they could face misdemeanor charges for defacing property. a colorado man live to tell his story of survival on his highest peak. a rock fell on
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colorado in chaffy county. justin morrison was mining for gems saturday when a 6-ton bolder fell on him. rescue crews saved him. they were -- he was able to recount his ordeal from his hospital bed from colorado springs. >> i was hiking [indiscernible] ever. that's the one thing i hike to say. >> morrisonpp reality show "prospect tors." there's a snake mystery in maine. no one has seen a snake, but it's what was found this weekend that have some people worried. here's a look at snake skin. people want to know if it's from a snake or if someone planted it there. when police measured that snake skin, it's 12 feet 1 inch. people are now worried.
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it was only like two -- >> do you think someone planted that snake skin? >> i don't think so because i come out here everyday and [indiscernible]. i've never seen it. >> police have not sent part of the snake skin for testing. they're going to do that and they hope it gets an example species. they're warning people to watch their pets and children
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welcome back, everyone. this is month markings the 81st anniversary of social security. so here's what you need to know
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cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger here to help us. you say americans are leaving social security money on the table. explain that, jill. >>reporter: they're claiming thy . you're allowed to collect as early as age 62. but full retirement age is some where between 65 and 67 depending when you were and if you claim those benefits early before your full retirement age, this can shrink the amount of money you'll receive over your lifetime by 25%. not only can that hurt you, it may effect a nonworking spouse who is planning to claim based on you. the system punishes you for retiring early.
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delayed retirement credit. so after your full retirement age, you don't take it. this can total up to 8% a year in additional benefits. we all max out our social security benefits at age 70. >> i feel like we see more people working later on in life. so does social security penalize older people who may do this? >> well, you're right. more and more americans working later into life. mostly because they want money, but because they so if you claim benefits early, again, before that full retirement age, and you're still working, you're subject to something called the earnings test. that means if you reach for retirement after this year, you can make $15,720 or less. no penalty. but if you make more than that, social security is going to withhold a dollar of your social security benefits for every $2 that you
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retirement age. now, once you do get to that full age, you can collect your whole retirement benefit even if you're working full time, part-time, it doesn't matter. it's important to note that any benefits that were withhold while working, they're not lost. once you get that to magic retirement age, your benefits increases permanently to account for the months for which the benefits were withheld. this sounds confusing. i know that'shy while i was on vacation. more on social security -- >> does your husband get mad when you do that on vacation? >> no, no. it's all about wanting to make my reentry much more pleasant. look at what a good mood i'm in. >> you're always work, jill. thank you so much. >> all right. got to learn from jill. time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the fours. hey, lauren.
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delays, but there's a potential for severe weather in the midwest. ohio into minnesota and parts of south dakota and nebraska. northeast is getting a break from the humidity they've had. that goes down into the is the east as well. no major delays across the country. warm in the desert southwest, 100 in phoenix. 74 in los angeles and mild in the pacific in the west with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. if you're heading out to dia, wait time is less than 12 mines joel. excellent drive to dia. pena boulevard, all green. the a-line running on time. >> 78 degrees in denver. a family mourning the lof of a father after a crash reported as street racing. the state patrol may be rethinking their theory on what happened. president obama visited
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long to get there. i'm brian web from new york and the details are coming up. what is rule number one of the quarterback. don't turn the ball over. the broncos qb's was not consistent saturday night. all three of them had a turnover. mark sanchez had two. kubiak announcing that siemian t against the los angeles rams. no word who will be the number two quarterback. if you're worried about picking a starter for week one, don't be. gary said he knew it would take this long all along. >> i those this was going to take some time, and i think to a credit to them and how well they battled and pushed each other. it's down to the needy greedy here. we don't have to, but i'm going to make a decision next week and we're going to go to work. but they've all put them in position to get the opportunity to go out there and compete.
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to see what happens saturday and what happens in the season
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great to have you with us. this is the news on cbs news. a look downtown. it is the 23rd of august. i'm alan gionet. good to have you here. >> thanks for joining us. i'm britt moreno. we're expecting some thunderstorms later today. let's get over to lauren and figure out the timeline for this. good morning. >> good morning. some of those storms especially in our south western corner into the western slope could cause flooding because we had heavier rainfall


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