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tv   ABC9 News Midday  ABC  December 15, 2015 11:30am-12:00pm CST

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>> !7 made in georgia storm is going to just miss the area today and tomorrow. we are getting drizzle and fog though. temperatures are cool in the 30s. your full forecast is coming up - your news starts now. "announcer: "now live from kcau-tv in sioux city, iowa... this is abc9 news this midday.... " " jessica rae: good morning and
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us this midday. a former governor, very familiar with the campaign trail, spenenhis morning city stumping for hilary clinton former vermont met with supporters of democratic front runner hilary clinton at a small gathering at a private home in sioux city... clinton supporters say, she is the woman for the job. " she's had much broader experiencethan either of the other two and the best possible candidate electable i think." and be sure to tune in this sunday at 9 a-m... for this week in as our very own down one on one with former governor howard dean. jessica rae: a new poll this morning from abc news washinton post shows trump has hit a new high on his campaign. trump is retaining his lead, and even adding to it, netting 38
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nomination from republicans and gop-leaning independents who are registered to vote, that's up a slight 6 points from lastmonth ben carson, and jeb bush have seen a decrease in their supporters polled, while cruz and rubio have enjoyed a slight boost in the past few months, netting 15 per- cent and 12 per- cent of pollers respectively. jessica rae: but the spotlight is shifting tonight as the republicans get ready to battle it out in sin city. . here's a preview " sot trump rally and they're all coming after me. hours before the big trump telling rally he's ready. the gop frontrunner will be center stage again in las vegas, but this time standidi next to a new w val who is cutting his lead trump 41 (applause)... and everyone else somewhere.... (laughing) new polls in iowa now in a virtual tie with trump. still, the junior refusing to retaliate against sot cruz- american people are of candidates bickering like school children." others on the las vegas stage-dr. ben carson, a one-time who has plummeted
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jeb bush, businesswoman governor john kasich, kentucky senator rand paul, new jersey governor chris christie and florida senator marco rubio aim at president obama instead of his republican rivals. last sunday the the nation in an effort to calm us more comfortable. i he hadn't spoken at all (applause) trump predicts he too will be a a punching bag dururg the debate? trump sot:" we love you too." trump sot: "it's on cam tag: this is the last debate of the year for the republicans. the democrats are set to debate for on abc. in ny, kb, abc "
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health-care government if you want new year's day. but if you miss s , the chance to get obamacare for 20-16, the end of january. coverage would begin later in the year. care act requires carry health coverage or pay a people who choose not to get coverage will this year... penalty of almost dollars. jessica rae: an update to a you last night, police in storm lake found two children they believe were being hidden by family... ree year old ymani ( ya-mon-ee)e) banks and one ar old yamir (ya-meerer banks were suppose to be removed from their parents' home for evaluation of their well being. their father... 32 year old scott court for not turning them over to d-h-s witnesses told police the children were dropped off at by another family member yesterday, unaware of any court orders. the children were found by storm
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their custody. jessica rae: a nebraska senator has announced he will re-election in 20-16 hughes with the details. "midday, tuesday, 12- 15-15 nineteenth district senator jim scheer has made it official; he will run for re- election in 2016. speaking to supporters last night, scheer said it was has been an honor and a privilege to serve the 19th district for the past three years. if re-elected, scheer says he will work on property tax relief by reforming school funding, and on securing money to complete the expressway system, including highways 275 and 81. norfolk public administrators have board of education dozen new full-time positions. superintendent, dr. jami jo thompson told board members that with the district's cash reserves replenished, after during the district could add the 2016-17 school
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dedicated to the completion of the state's expressway sysyem is celebrating its first niversary this week. 4 lanes 4 nebraska is s coalition of industry, ag, and retail leaders across northeast nebraska who advocate that the state widen highway state widen highway 275 between east of nojfolk and north underway to get the old bryant elementary school site ready for a new school to be built. that was one of the things on the agenda at the sioux city school board meeting last night. the school board approved plans for the new school at a cost of 3-point-1 million dollars. the district bought eight properties for ththproject and demolition has already started on some of them. the school board also approved plans for a geo- thermal system worth more than half a million dollars. mike krysl, school board president says, "we're moving forward with a project that will replace an antequated school building that does not meet the needs of students in the 21st century so this is a happy day for the district." jessica rae: construction on the new bryant will start this summer. it's set to open in the fall of 20-19.
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homeowners spoke out against raising garbage rates at last night's city council meeting. bubu the council ststl approved the increase u- nanimously. starting january first... the cost for sioux city residents will go up 86 cents. the average household pays 15-dollars-50- cents for trash removal services. the new cost will be 16 dollars and 30 cents. council member rhonda capron commented on those critical of the change. rhonda capron, city council member says, "basically i think what their concerns were is that we didn't have information on what we did with the 2% increase and we did. we did our homework, we did our homework befofo it was in front of council in front of the people so we knew what wewe were doing." jessica rae: again that rate change starts next month. gill hauling says the increase will cover growing labor costs. jessica rae: nearly one-third of the nation's population is expected to travel during this holiday season... triple-a says some 100-million people will venture at least 50 miles from home between december 23rd and
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high for holiday travel. over the last seven years, more and more americans have celebrated the holidays away from home. jessica rae: a local non-profit is showing some appreciation to our troops this holiday season support siouxland soldiers is holding their 8th annual holiday for our heroes event tonight... from 5:30 to 7:30 at the red cross located on on war eagle drive. the event is free to attend for veterans and will feature a holiday dinner, plus santa and his elves will hand out toys to military children. jessica rae: ststl to come... last nht was the pre-release to a a highly anticipated movie more on the new star wars movie set to hit theatres this weekend. scott:
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scott: good morning siouxland. let's get a look outdoors on the port neal welding company skycam hd. we've got some drizzle and fog in the area which is producing lowered visibilities, so use extra caution in traveling this morning. temperatures are currently in the 30s through most of the area. the wind is pretty light from the east near 10 miles per hour. a winter storm is going to miss to the west and the
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picture is currently pretty quiet. a winter s srm is gatherininstrength in easasrn colorado. this system will lift to the northeast and produce widespread heavy snow. fortunately, we're going to miss out on most of this precipitation as winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories are painted from colorado to minnesota.a.ere's the stormcast hd where we're going to have that area of low pressure move northeast. locally, we expect some light rain followed by light snow. then it'll be windy and colder
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remainder of the week. the snow forecast model reveals light accumulations for most except along highway 81 into southeast south dakota where amounts may be around 1 inch. today's high is 38 with fog and drizzle this morning followed by cold we'll make it to ahighghf 33 after some early snow. here's a check of your 7 day forecast. jessica rae scott:
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now to the what could be the biggest movie
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now to the what could be the biggest movie opening of all time. last night was the premiere of star wars: the force awakens. it will be in more than 41-hundred theaters for the rest of us to see starting thursday night. and abcs nick watt s there for all the excitement the trailers were purposefully cryptic. information, like new hero rey's last name, very intentionally withheld. sot: daisy ridley 17:05:45 the reason we're keeping it a secret is so people can enjoy the thing. sot: oscar isaacs 18:25:32 n: do you die in this film? o: possibly. t: harrison ford 17:43:25 it's hard for me to talk. keeping my mouth shut is
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sot: lupita nyong'o 18:00:43 i have really enjoyed the secrecy. n: why? l: it's been fun. it's been a power trip. (laughs) lukeke our returning hero - absent from the posters. why? fan mos 19;43;31;14 i want to see some mark mill, we've been devoid of mark hamill, bring us mark hamill sot: mark hamill. 18:32:48 i'm afraid to talk about 7 because? i am so paranoid. there was not secrecy like this the first go around. there wasn't social media in '77. truth is, star wars fans don't want to know. nats behind the scenes this poster hung on set. video: " "ose lips bring g wn starships" poster. sot: jj abrams 17:58:29 one of the most gratifying things is when people say thank you for not ruining the story for them. rumors of a no-fly zone over the studio, fake scripts for auditions and? sot: jj abrams. 17:58:05 n: did mark hamill really have
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were capes. 17:15:29:01i've seen 35:05 even the press they seem to be knowing. sot: carrie fisher uh? n: filter? c: filter, boundaries, nothing. but i didn't didn't ask specific get side tracked upsound: 18:14:40 nick . she wipes jessica rae: afafr the break... a dedecious dinnertime recipe that you could serve in place of yoururraditional holiliy meal stay tuned for
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single year? well how about something different this year? howard has just the recipe for you "with christmas just a little over a week away now's the time to start thinking about what to serve. should it be a traditional ham or turkey, or should you switch things up? if thahasounds good to you, we've got a stuffed porkloin t tt's definitely liday worthy. we start with a 3 to 4 pound boneless pork loin. now with the fat side up, we cut a slit down the center about an inch and a half deep. and if you're wondering why the fat side goes up, it's because when it roasts it'll melt and flavor our meat. we set that aside for a sec and mix together some olive oil, salt, pepper, onion powder along with some minced fresh garlic, chopped fresh sage and thyme. now we rub the roast with this making sure we get in the opening that we just cut. once it's coated with all that flavor, we stuff it with a box of quick-cooking stuffing mix that we made according to the package instructions and roast it f f about 20 minutes per pound. you could even prep this in advance and cook it right before dinner. and when you bring this to the table and slice it, everyone gets to taste one of the most flavorful pork roasts uver, along with a hearty
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go online and get the recipe for our, "herb stuffed pork loin," so you can give your family a "christmas gift" that they'll really eat up. i'm howard in the mr. food test kitchen, where today we found a "festive way" for you to say . "ooh it's so good!!" " jessica rae: coming up a concerned citizen from the city of vermillion is coming up with a way deal with the stray y t problem therer
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when it gets cold outside ... we go inside and warm up ... stray animals...
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often don't have that luxery. and that's why a u-s-d student is setting up shelters for stray cats in vermillion. abc9 news reporter lukas voss tells us more. nats: interview start sot " it's very inexpensive ... everybody can make it.? yeah it probably took me seven minutes tops. vo: the construction? a simple cat shelter to provide warmth and safety for stray cats during the winter. u-s-d student allaina howard has made it her mission to help the so called "verm cats" of vermillion, south dakota. all through a simple sot: "i was looking on pintrest just cat related things and i saw this cat shelter picture and i thought it was interesting, so i clicked on it and it had a link for alley cat allies it's a failed cat advocacy group." alley cat allies provides information for people who want to help, including the instructions on how to built a shelter. there is a large amount of options and room for creatitity. what howard hopes though is s at her sheltering efforts lead to a larger
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vermillion's feral cat population and eventually a better solution. sot: "i hope that this leads to a trap neuter return program and i think it's a community problem and i think with a whole community effort. it's entirely possible and we can solve this whole problem. trap neuter programs are common through out the u.s. stray cats get ught ... neutered and the properly vavainated before releasing them back into their respective colony. experts agree ... that shelter is only part of the solution. " they may be the solution to giving these animals shelter but a good program is a trap- neuter-release program. they should all be fixed otherwise getting a cat colony started you are just going to be reproducing and that colony is going to turn into huge numbers of cats in a relatively short period of time." howard's shelter is right next to a domino's pizza and some seem to like that ... "there is always cats out here ... and there is even a regular ... they call him domino." and while i haven't identified domino yet ... he is sure to come back to his shelter. tag: and howard has been getting a lot of positive feedback from the community ... pointing her to certain hotspots and connecting her with likemindnd organizations.s. she hopes that people will join her in creating more shelters. reporting in studio ... lukas voss ... abc9 news.
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scott's up next with a final check of our forecast. stay with us.
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our christmas tree contest
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is message me on facebook or email me ( ) pictures of your best decorated tree- your pictures will air live on our newscast... the winner will receive 4 musketeers tickets and will be announced on nexy tuesday... december 22nd! now let's take a look at our latest submissions... jessica rae
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