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Jason and the Argonauts

Jason & the Argonauts

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Jason & the Argonauts

The ancient Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts was created more than 2000 years ago. A man sent on a mission by the Gods united all the heroes of his time and took off to fulfil his destiny. The myth was a symbol for brotherhood and for cherishing a goal to one's heart.

With this in mind four friends decided to recreate this myth in the summer of 2004. The second coming of Jason and The Argonauts (J&A) was initiated for a shared purpose: stunning the crowd with a live performance, continuing the myth of the brotherhood.

In 2005 we started with an equipment ensemble, which are used to this day: two laptops, synced to a machine drum and with FX for live vocals.

Jason and the Argonauts now have performed at a wide variety of locations in the Netherlands, world famous for its dance scene. Recently, Belgium has been added with two excellent gigs. The year 2005 is a year upon which we can look back with great pride, performing at gigs such as Beach party of the year Monocult (a combined effort of Phonocult, (The Hague), and Mono (Amsterdam) the Rotzooii-stage at the Rockit-festival, and the most memorable of all: our residency at Magnetronik in Utrecht.

Not only have we perform at such large gigs, Jason and The Argonauts have also conquered Amsterdam, one of the most famous dance-cities in the world, through doing our live-act at Static in Club 11 and Voltt during New Year's at Studio80. Finally, we host our own night at DJ-cafe TWSTd called IkWstd. At this event we invite talented guest DJs and acts that have drawn our attention and whom should be shown in front of a willing audience.

The stages and events where we perform are mostly focused on the minimal-techno scene, the scene with which we can identify ourselves most purely and which is typical for our sound. The only way to experience the optimal image of the sound we deliver is to experience it for yourself: our live-act is maximally enjoyed live. In this way people can sculpt their feeling on our music, that is, if you are a labeller.

One thing is for sure and there is no way around it: our act is guaranteed to boost your energy level, maximally stimulating both the auditory and visual senses.

Band's Official Website
On June 02, 2006, we received permission for shows to be hosted at the Archive:

Subject: [Etree] Jason & the Argonauts


We are a Minimal Techno live band from the Netherlands and would love to open a page to store our live recordings. Jason & the Argonauts are a 4 man strong live band who uses 2 laptops with Ableton, a Elektron drummachine and a vocalist with effects. We perform all around Holland and Belgium and this summer we go to Northern Ireland to do a gig. Over the past two years we've collected a whole bunch of recording and record every performance we do.

When you make a page for us @ can we directly upload our recording from that page or do we have to use the ftp?

Kind Regards,

Jason Soesman

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