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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  July 30, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> the headlines are everywhere tea party, dead on arrive. tea party has infighting. they eat their own in internal feud. is it true? is it true? tonight i have invited representatives from several groups to sort it out because i believe our republic is at stake. this isn't about politics for me. i could careless about the republican party, about the democrat party. i care about the country that is going to either be here or not be here for my children. i think you feel the same way.
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if they are arguing with each other, you know what? the republic is lost. because these are the people that have stood up and said "i'll lead because nobody else will. i'll lead." well, leader needs to recognize the time in which we are living. and not waste opportunities. in the fight to save the republic we must come together. i have them here on the set, but, first the movement action plan that i told you about this week. we covered heavy stuff but this, and i am stuck in the 1960's heavy stuff, man, this was actually something that came from the 1973's designed by a progress designed for the people that were standing up and saying, no nuclears in america. and he noticed that when the
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activists tried to stop the government from work through on their goal of 1 thousand nuclear plants they made progress but they were all, they thought they failed because the government was still going on and nobody was listening to them although public opinion had turned and some members of press were starting to go on their side most of the press and the administration was against them and they were discouraged so he went back to the hotel and he put this together looked at the commonness of all of the protest movements and he provided a map to physical. now, again, this was created for the left. i'm showing you this because they know this. but you most likely are someone that has worked your whole life, you have not been out, like, in sandals and tie space dye shirt, they have studied this stuff. what can we learn from them? well, he knew that creating social change required a groupest and he laid out eight stages when this plan. stage number five is where i
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believe we are: perception of failure. a sense of powerlessness, an identity crisis. you think you have last. this is also an extraordinarily dangerous per. this is the period where the weather underground went violent. this is the stage where the sks created the weather underground that went violent and sds created the people that gave us akon. they took a peaceful route and the others took a violent route. this is the stage. this is the stage when huge success is occurring but people begin to doubt whether they have had any success at all. they feel, and i know this is happening in the country, i've been to washington they times and i've called everybody i know in washington and we have had group meetings and everything. and they feel they're making no progress because the administration is ignoring them. this is the stage i believe where the tea party is at right
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now. it happens in every political new movement whether it's left or right, a feeling of frustration and people dismantle it and fight with each other, and violence can come out from members here. well, our founders understood this. back in the 17's $17300's, george. witfield tried to bring the colonies together "join or die," well he preached his father's sermon, the colonies didn't lake each other before the rough lawtion. they were very much independent and separate entities. they did not want to join. they all had different agendas. for 40 years, he traveled across this country to deliver a certificate machine to get those colonies to set aside their differences and unite on what
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they shared in common. the beginning of the melting pot. a thursday for freedom is what they -- a thurts for freedom. the text was recorded by john adams and it went something like this: he goes to heaven and says father, abraham, are there presbyterians in heaven and the answer "no presbyterians." father, abraham, any episcopals in heavy were? no, no episcopals. any quakers? by patchists? methodists in heaven? no, none. father abraham, who is in heaven? the answer, he said, christians. with that sermon, he help the colonies see themselves a single people with sun divine destiny coming together. we have differences. historians say if wit field had
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not done what he did the colonies would never have been able to be united and been able to fight great britain as one. samuel adams later put the message into practice, and congress, sent 17, 1774, a explosion was offered to open the first continental congress with prayer. well, these people disagreed with each other on theology issues like crazy, and it was important to each of them. that simple request met stiff different frentses. the devout christians said no, i can't pray, who are we going to have lead us, he is a quake are and -- quaker, and i am episcopal. here it is. first day of congress. they could not gin together in a simple act of worship with one another. samuel adams, a man of profound break broke through the
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projections, rose and he said "i'm no bigot. i can hear a prayer from a gentleman of virtue who was at the same time a friend to his country." then he invited a man who was as far away from sam adams religion as possible, an episcopal, and he said, you lead us. you lead the prayer. they ended up praying together but having a bible study that some say lasted two hours. coming together. standing together. putting aside what dieds and focusing instead on what united. with this caveat, in this box, comes violence. comes rebels. comes danger. comes racism. comes whatever. comes bill ayers and the weather underground. you must stand together but there are things that you reject.
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but as a united front. let me introduce the guests. the cofounder of the national tea party federation, and the cofounder of tea party patriots, also one of the 100 most influential people in the world according to time magazine. and also she is a national coordinator, and the president of freedom works, and the national chair of the 9/12 project and a representative of tea party express later in the program. you guys were invited because you four here and the one on the television are the five big of the groups in america and does everyone agree with the concept we are at a crucial point? >> absolutely. >> are the headlines true? there is infighting that everyone is coming apart? >> i think the opposite is happening. with the selection psyche chemical we are seeing
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extraordinary animation of activism. people are getting out, working together. our state of ten has 60 tea party leaders who have endorse a single candidate through a caucus and we are promoting that candidate and working together to elect that candidate. people are focused on getting the job done and across our region in mississippi and arkansas we have worked with other tea party leaders and this group, of course, provides and listened a sensibility. >> i want to get into a little later some of the negatives because this are negatives and there are cries of racism from the other side, and even weapon the tea party saying, wait, wait, racism is happening here and you reject it. you, in particular. >> patriots do not put up with racism. >> that's great. nor should we. there is a great danger. so i want to first, before we go to the things that you can unite on, to stand against, what are the things us can unite on to
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stand for? what are the, for instance, is it fair to say education, getting people to the polls, what? what are the goals? >> you need to set back further. the thing that brought those people together in february and april and september of last year and again in march and april of this year, were three core values: fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited imawment, and free markets. we agree, everyone agrees on that. at the local level, then, we in our organization, tea participate trots encourage local groups to do what works best for them. they might expand further but we automatic agree on the three principles. >> there is also something else i know because i start the 9/112
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project and there is a sense, i think, from people, that it's not about politics and the last keeps trying to make this about republics and everything else. you are endorsing? >> our tea party in tennessee endorsed the lt. governor on the conservative side. freedom work, you guys were instrumental in getting mike lee and a republican ejected. >> we are involved in republican primaries replacing what i consider establishment goal along troublesome politicians with a new generation. >> would you say that it is, what is the attitude toward parties? >> well, we have a lot of groups locally and we have discussed this, that are getting in bed
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with some parties but as a whole we consider ourselves a nonpartisan organization. with that said, we have groups across the country doing many great things working for republican candidates to get them endorsing which is another thing we have discussed that as a whole local, on a national front, we are not saying we are endortsing candidates but local groups are. the tea party payment tros are -- patriots are bottom up grass roots organization and they decided 97 percent not to endorse candidates nationally. >> what is the personal for you? that is, is everyone here bottom up? you will have a local chapter that might do something you are like, that's insane. >> we don't take any stand without running it by the local coordinator. we meet once a week every week
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and sometimes more. >> how does freedom works work? >> we have volunteers across the country and some are tea party patriots some are with you, some are 9.12ers and the way to think about how organizations like mine and frankly all of these objections, we have to be of service to the activists. we have to figure out what they want and help them do that otherwise we're not adding value. and all of these relationships and this decentralized movement, you are talking hundreds of thousands of leaders. we come together on the treasure principle. are we adding value and helping each other get more done than by ourselves? that is a volunteer relationship. you have to respect that. you have to, and one of the rules for the tea party movement, i think, is so important, you stick to your values, even when it con veteran cent, you do your work, whatever
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you think your best at, whatever value you can add and you do not take credit for other people's works and that is why it is powerful. this is a big, massive, decentralized, beautiful chaos. that is not a problem, that's power. >> it is the free market? >> absolutely. when people, when you start taking credit for somebody else or you start trying to micromanage and not just reaching out to the other and saying, you buys are good at that and we will support you, you support you, and you are doing the same thing we're doing but we can all be together, and, whatever, once you lose that, then you don't have the free market anymore. >> exactly. and one thing we were discussing was some of these are like great problems to have. as far as growing pains. we are building, 9.12 and you had my on at the march anniversary show, the one year
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anniversary. one year. one year. a year and a half later, we have issues but it's growing pains. >> i was thinking this morning that the 9.12 project, i started the 9.12 project and i don't have anything to do with it and that project, you picked 9.twsm -- 9.12 to do the big rally in washington, dc, the moment i get blamed for and i didn't have anything to do with it. you guys were the ones that organized it but everyone came. >> right. >> a volunteer that suggested to us, we said we wanted to do sent and he said let's do 9.12 and i volunteered to help out and organize, because i like to
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organize, and i am an organizer. we worked out where i was a coordinator for the entire event although i was from a different organization and the 9.12 project was a sponsor of the event. >> we can talk about that as a model of how to tap into the power without stepping on people's toes and respecting their right to do what they are comfortable with. we organized the event and freedom works was set apart and built a massive coalition of groups and there are 1,000 groups i can't name that made it work that day. and we thought we would get 100,000 people and we were optimistic about that and we thought it was an arrogant assumption to get that many and we got over a million and we didn't have the facilities, we didn't have the portable toilets or the sound for people to hear and, yet, it was beautiful. beautiful crowd of people. >> they created their occupy tea parties when the crowd.
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>> when we come back i have to take a quick break, when we come back, i want to ask you this because i heard from spoatd weapon i was on the road here a couple of weeks, a staff member, happened to talk to a 9.12 party member saying glenn has to get involved and lead and my staff member said, well, glenn is not taking a leadership role that is not what he is doing and they said we don't know what we are doing. when we come back, i want to know, do any of you know what you are doing because this is kind of, we all come from, we are just citizens, we are ear, i don't think anyone in america but the left are real activists. back in a second.
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>> back with cofounder of the national tea party federation and tea party patriots and president of freedom works. and the national chair of the 9.12 project. okay, i went to break and i toll
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-- told the story of someone came to a staff member a couple weeks ago on the road and they said glenn has to get involved in 9.12 we are not leaders and don't know what we are doing and i was stressed out and i said to my staff member, call them and say do they think i know what i'm doing? we're all kind of, what were you before? where did your expertise come from? >> i'm an economist by training. so i shut know anything about grass roots organization. >> about anything. >> right. and your training? >> i'm a computer programmer. i've been active if republican party in the past. not anymore. i used to be. >> i've been running a company for 10 years but i started out as a teamster in cleveland, ohio so i understand the union. >> i've done 25 years in in the for-profits but professionally i coordinate volunteers and
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programming and for a well respected that shall remain nameless. >> exactly. >> okay. so what are the challenges? to you relate at all that people are sensing that cap and trade really doesn't need to be passed? you have the financial regulation, health care regulation, they would say that tea party is meaningless, a president who said i will listen to all points of view has never, has he met with any of you? >> not recently. >> this table probably represents 50 million people, maybe? >> probably more than that. >> yes. >> at least like mined people, never, have you ever gotten a call from anyone in the white house? >> no. >> no. >> no.
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>> do you hear people saying, what's the point? >> i am looking at your map matrix and i think i'm getting some of that worried that health care passed, they didn't listen to us or the public but i would argue the opposite, that the tea party movement has had a tremendous impact far beyond any of us had a right to hope for and it's not just the organizations, it's not just that you can get a million people on the mall but we're driving public opinion and if you look at the values that were laid out the american people agree with us and they understand this government is headed in the wrong direction so i think we're past the point of feeling helpless. the folks i talk to feel energized. >> in november of last year that's weapon people felt helpless and hopeless and matt and i and my cofounder, we had lots of conversations about that and we have made sure that we have provided positive
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productive action for peoples to take. i would say that it's in the a question of hopeless. we're tired. we have been doing this and i have a full time job, and many of us do, and 9.12ers a volunteer organization we do this on our freedom so i wouldn't say hopeless. i would say we do get tired but there is gasoline on that fire that keeps us going. >> i think, i believe that as i look to the focus, the association i am associated with there is an extreme energy. that is what is happening. in a year and a half we went from emotional elements of tea party rally to making a difference, recruiting candidates and i got a woman running against the district nine incumbents district. >> but you also are running against the republicans. >> thank you's right. >> i found it amazing.
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>> what lott said, last thing we need is the tea party people in here, we don't need another jim demint, if they come in we have to co-opt them immediately. the republican party is against you guys. >> they don't get it. >> there are three steps: beat the republicans, beat the democrats, but more important than november 2nd is november 3rd and whether this community can stay cohesive. you talk about the founders, they said you have to do that. >> may i ask a question, i think the most important thing and the most, probably, the most amazing thing i have seen in my lifetime in america, i have never seen more americans talk about the constitution, talk about the founding fathers, there is, if you look at the best selling backs on, the books that have sold more than
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anything else, it's phenomenal the wake up that is happening. we are reawakening the american people to, you are in the going to go back to the old system. >> right. we are off the couples and not going to sit down. >> you said it, look what we have done in a year and a half. americans across the board voted for change. in 2008. and they got change but they really didn't, they got the same thing that was happening on speed. the same stuff was happening before president obama was elected. and so now they are saying we want change but our change needs to be restoring our founding principles. >> i will take a break and come back on a couple of things. stay tuned.
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there is going to be a racist or two. the question is: do you purge yourself of them as much as you can? and the moment of danger that this map talks about, that fifth step, where we are, is there a danger you perceive? and what do you do? that is next.
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>> and a roadblock in the of the to stop the leak in the gulf. debris is found at the bottom of the oil well and must be cleared before pumping mud. president obama made his way to
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the motor city today appearing at chrysler and general motors plants and told workers the administration's bailout of the auto industry has saved more than a million jobs. and the proud father of a bride-to-be made a big flash in a small town in new york on the eve of his daughter's wedding, former president bill clinton will walk chill see down the aisle tomorrow. glenn beck returns in a moment but first a preview of "special record." >> coming up, republicans say they want answers after a controversial immigration memo surfaces. and two new york congress man face off in a battle over 9/11. join me for a special report. and now back to glenn beck reporting from new york. they have no idea what the boston tea party was about.
5:34 pm
they don't know the history. this is about hating a black man in the white house. this is racism straight up. and nothing but a bunch of tea bagging red necks. >> a lot of the things said, they create a climate in which people who are vulnerable to violence because they are disor yeped are more likely to act. >> we are here now to understand the frustration of the tea baggers and the people that are angry because many times when you are angry you're rash until abilities are compromised. >> the last time i tried something like this was when i voted against the civil right bill and at that time we had a lot of ku klux klan folks and folks in white sheets causing trouble and running around. >> i would like to tell conyers times when you are if congress
5:35 pm
for 400 years your rationale thinking goes off tracks. talking about tea parties tonight, the 9.12 movement and more. mark, and matt, and yvonne are here from their groups. i want to go to that, start there. racism. racism. >> we don't put up with it. we don't want it in the naacp or our movement and if someone comes to our event we will tell them to leave. we have stood up against tea party express because they had a racist spokesman who they stood by and they have a history of standing by people who make racists comment. we will not stand with racists. >> we will get their side of the story in a second. i agree with you, any racism must be rejected. it will destroy us. >> we formed the national tea party federation as a result of
5:36 pm
the "n" word that were supposedly shouted and it came from a push back on the narrative. on the founding of the federation which is not speaking for the tea party, not a representative entity other than a group of like mined people who actually reject violence, bigotry, racism, and specifically formed it in that context. it's very clear, it is messy when you work with federations and groups with 2,500 groups in the patriots there will be people who are the nut jobs but we work hard and in the federation we work to denounce that and to renounce those people. >> and we're standing together as americans. this is what was was inspired by you. on 9/12 we stood shoulder to shoulder and we stand together as americans. >> matt? >> this is a color blind
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movement. we just people based on their values and their character. >> are you hijacking the martin luther king movement? i might. >> we are not hijacking but living it. >> thank you. someone said about my the other day the anniversary of martin luther king and glenn beck is hijacking that movement. who does he think he is, the replacement for martin luther king? first of all, no. second of all, yes. everyone is. you are all supposed to do it. just a note to america and any of the left, if you would like to preach about the content of character, you can take it, too, you should. we all should. the next thing is, that they are painting people into terrorists, painting people into dangers, and we had a sniper in oakland,
5:38 pm
california, trying to kill police. at the same time we have another guy who is against the tides foundation and he goes down and he is going to try to kill people at tides foundation and i am tied to that foundation in this story because we've searched all of the television records and glenn beck is the only host that spoke about the tides foundation in the last year. that's terrifying. but i'm tied to that. but nobody is talking about the sniper from the left trying to shoot the police officer. >> of course. where to you stand on violence? >> you have to call these guys out and what we did on april 15 and we were dealing with the problem, our events are open to the public, we invite everyone that wants to share the values and be nonviolent and we have the left threat being to crash the party, and all we could think to do was to say from the
5:39 pm
stage again and again and again we won't tolerate racists, we won't tolerate haters and if you have a sign we find offensive i ask the community around you to politely ask you to leave. if you won't leave i'm skagg them to take a picture of you and we will post it on the web site website and you can explain to your mother why you were holding that sign and we didn't have any problems. and that is what is beautiful about the community, again, the left is trying to smear these good people because that's all they had left. they are not violent. they are not any of the thing they are saying. >> we're not violent. the violence comes from, we were in the office on 9/11 at freedom works getting ready for the 9/12 manner and we had to evacuate because of a bomb threat which the mainstream media did not cover. in st. louis, kenneth has been attacked by unions. in florida, tea party people have been attacked by the
5:40 pm
opposition and the same thing in north carolina. it bofers -- it's not happening on our side. >> we get the hate mail. the phone calls. i was amused, i have to say, they could not get the violence to stick or the racism to stick and now they call us "republicans." all maybe that will stick. >> back in a second.
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5:45 pm
>> thank you for having me. i am up here in alaska working on a senate campaign for joe miller but, no, i think that we all need to come together and work together in this movement. this is room for all of us and there is plenty of work to be done so focus on the three core values and principles of the tea party movement. and ultimately i think that what we need to focus on is getting true conservatives to elect office much the time has come to put down the protest signs and pick up the campaign sign and get involved because that's how we will affect change. >> amy, i have to ask because of controversy surrounding the tea party express. mark williams is the guy who said allah is a monkey god, and all muslims are animals, and he said we need to repeal the 13th and 14th amendment and things about the president of united states, all in excusable. >> right. >> he is for longer with your organization. >> no, he is not. he is no longer with our
5:46 pm
organization, and he resigned as chairman, well over a month ago, and is no longer with the organization at all. >> okay. do you reject those statements and those ideas? >> absolutely. not only myself but the tea party express rejects those statements and those ideas. mark williams while i don't agree with him, i would never have said them and i wish he did not say them, he did that on his own behalf, and it is not representative of the tea party movement and i agree with much else. that will not be tolerated. >> did you know mark? >> yes. >> you didn't, i mean, some people can hide things like crazy but you didn't see that coming at all from him? mark is, mark is a radio talk show host. he is sensational. the shock job. he says things in ways that or i would not.
5:47 pm
>> i'm a recovering shock job. i got into radio when i was 13 years old. and believe me, howard stern has -- well, he outdid me. in my whilest dreams i would never have said allah is a morningcy god or all muslims are animals or we should repeal the 13th or 14th amendment. shock job does not cover that. >> that is his personality. i cannot make an excuse for him. he is no longer with our tea party express. and i'm not going to comment for mark williams. i don't agree with what he say. tea party tonight agree with it. and that's not what we want to have as a statement. >> i hate to hammer you because i understand he is gone, but if you have somebody who was leading it, saying things like that, and in the current atmosphere, not way in the past but in the current atmosphere,
5:48 pm
how do you make sure that your members know we have, we will rat you out, even if you are a shock jock, we to not agree with those. >> that is exactly where mark williams resigned right after the monkey god comment. or the post on his blog. and i was on "the view" back if may and i said then and i'll say it again we will not tolerate racism. there is no place for it in the movement. not only myself, but the people in the movement will not tolerate it. and i have had conversations with him about it. but i can't speak for him but i know we at tea party express do not, we are not racists, we are not going to tolerate that, we have several african-americans, lloyd particular cuss, william owe uns, and her man cane is
5:49 pm
part of the express and participating and we have a black conservative event in washington, dc, next week, that cane confirmed. so, our members know that is not what tea party express is about. these people have been part of all three of our successful tours and we are ready to launch a fourth tour and our members are aware of that. >> amendmenty, thank you very much.
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>> and i had a half hour documentary that is a little hair raising, for insider extreme members if you would like to posted posted on www. for a look. now, i guess, i ask you, jenny, because tea party express, tea party patriots, there is the confusion between the two. and those are the statements we just heard from amy about a former president of the tea
5:54 pm
party express are horrifying. >> they are. we have known this, tea party patriots have none about this since september of last year putting out a statement distancing ourselves from that entire organization because they would not distance themselves from him. and just last week, amy said she would not throw a fellow conservative under the bus talking about mark williams. if that happened in our organization with one of our national coordinators, they would be out and it would be on public record, that we would not tolerate that. we're in the going to do that. >> does your organization condemn that organization? >> we do. they knew, they knew, they knew last year that he was making comments that were unacceptable about the president. and they stood by him. >> does anyone hereby into the he's a radio talk show host thing? >> not at all. >> absolutely not. >> not at all. >> that conversation with amy,
5:55 pm
i'm sorry, amy, that does not ring true to me. >> when you are a spokesman for an organization or the chairman of the organization, that's so public like tea party express or tea party patriots, any of these, we no longer have our own blog and our own voice, everything we say is under a microscope and will be associated with our organization. >> if someone said that would you allow them to resign or fire them? >> i would fire them. this is how you have to protect the community and you have to protect the good actors by being very tough on the bad actors. >> let me leave you with this store on this topic, something i learned, there was a vow of nonviolence and you don't break the lines, ever, and a friend of hers was knocked to the ground and being beaten and she tried to help and slow spent the whole night in jail because her father said i saw you break the line.
5:56 pm
zero tolerance. no matter what the reason. zero tolerance. back if a second.
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>> i want to leave you with this: this was on ronald reagan's deck, there is no limit what can be done if a


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