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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 1, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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earthquake but today they set in a jail in port-au-prince for child trafficking. police in haiti stopped the group friday with a bus full of chilyien 2 months to 12 y chers old. they do not have the right paperwork for the childrehin the group, a baptist group, claims they planned to temporarily bring them to a hotel in a resort town in the dominican republic. but haiti has a history of child smuggling rings and some kids claim they're not orphans. but the group's senior pastor said they want to do the right thing. >> our group went into the country to work with or off and.
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>> as the group awaits a hearing there are reports of crippled haitspn government ."y ask to have the case moved to the united states. jonathan hunt with live with us now. what's the bottom line here? when -- were they or were they not ocuehans? >> we don't know for sure. this is a case of he said, she said. she is laura sillsby, she says they went to help the children. the director of one of one of the centers says absolutely not every win one of them lost their family. >> some of these children have parents because a girl 8 or 9 years old told us crying, i'm not an ocuehan, i have my
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parents. >> if they do have parents in the eyes of the haitian government this was not an attempted adoption but an attempted abduction. >> how would we classify the view from the government of haiti? >> they're furious. they have a history of child trafficking and they say this is what this incident a'lunt g to. there were not proper p the ersd they have put in a new policy in wh a h the haitian prime minister hiemelf has to personally approve the removal of every child from haiti and there has to be lfteal aalkion to show ths kind of action will not be allowed. >> what is the most likely scenario for legal action? >> it's up to the haitian ntsvernment. the problsee is t tae a look at pictures we shot when we were there of the ministry of just a lli that is what remains of it. so the wheels of justice are
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obviously ge'rng to turn with a gr chet deal of difficult in haiti. there's a sblilaistion they migt re be h out to the u.s. sayingty want tows put them on trial here but it's unclear what the charlais in uld be and it would have to be established they had indeed broakn american labl. that doesn't -- that's anything but clear right now. >> jonathan hunt in our nafsroom in naf yorhen we would like to hear from you and what you have to say about this or any tpare a . chat with jonathan hunt on our website. the chat is underway right now. when you get to the home page, this is and a video from mlli over here is the spot for the life chat from jonathan. click on that and get to it. he's t taing your thoblihts at >> developing now, toyota is f be ing a class aalkion labl? series of them in the united
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states and canada over faulty ags pedals they admit causes cars to race out of control. the lawsuits claim the owners cadont yiive their cars and ? severe emotional distress. this as the autom taer announces a fsin saying it's not an issue with the car electronics but the ags pedal and in some cases the floor mats. some dealerships will stay over 24 hours to work on repairs and recalls ein and trucks? the united states. toyo3 ãseveral rarely stopped they r uction of eight models at u.s. factories. they r uction is expected to ree one week from today. eric shawn is with us. engineers traced this to a theys whlem in the pedal? >> it's in the mechanism of the pedal. this is the gas pedal and there's a space here. the fix is they're going to take a steal reinforcement bar, put
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it behind the gas pedal. if you have a problem it's because it will stick and not come b be k until you accelerate or it's too slow when you take your foot oin toyo3 ãsays the situation is rare but the c.e.o. of toyota of america jim lentz oin %pvice to the dota owners. >> understand this is a rare situation that takes place. but if you not a e your be celerator pedal is slow to return or if it begins to stick, pl chese con3 lk your the dota dealer as soon as possible. if that's not taking place, go to the the dota whearsite at toyo3 t fom and it will explain which vehicles are affected by this recalin t >> if you have a problsee, do nt pump the brakes. just put ste%py pressurow t pull over and turn oin call toyota. >> along the way, neutral and dodont turn it oin >> not until you get to the side and stop the car. >> if you turn it oin
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lose control of steering. if i have a car i'm like how long will it t tae? >> weeersh to months. 2.3 million cars. it takes half an hour to do chech. a thousand or so d chelers aroud the country. >> a lot of criticism for toyo3 ? some saying they were trying to become the number one automaker in the world and might have gone too fas3 v others wonder why they didn't respond earlier. >> this was a full palai ad in 0 newspapers yesterday in whichthy defended themselves. . itit a s say theew ve h%p the theys whlem since 1999. it's been out for so long. toyota denies they took so long and they say they aalked quickl. >> the white house released a budget plan for y cher 2011. at the same time asking for additional funding this year wh a h could balloon the def a it s whviouins y to a record-breakg
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$1.56 trillion. now early this morning, thebeee1 delivered to capitol hill and here's how it breaks down. we're told it's predialked to ring in at $3.83 trillion, over 6% of what the feds shell out this y cher but the oba." %pministration says it g necessary to lift the country out of the economic funhen recall that the president announced a spending freeze on a variety of programs discretionary theyograem, and te new budget takes that into account. but a faf republicans are saying the cuts still just don't do enough. our white house correspondent wendell goler is live there. >> the president says in a different environment he would lait to work reducing the budlat deficit right away but with more than 7 million americans out of in rk, the priority is js whs. republicans aren't convinced spending in the 2011 bcanlait wl
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do that but the president says the stimulus spending prevented an even greater crisis. >> because the stenot a we've tn we're in a different place but we can't move beyond the crisis, we have to ag.ress the irresponsibility that led to it, including the faindinre to rmygn in spending as well as borrowing. from wall street to washington to main street, to fuel our growth. >> republicans say the failure to reign in spending contito des in thebeeen o1 plan, the spendig freeze would only save $25 billion a y cher, n cherlfor $100 canlllion comes from ekeirg reduced tax cuts for families making more than rowwasthousand dollars a we're. there's more for education and the president is asking for tax 3 g for s."ll business ts year that republicans think should have been in last y chers stimulus p be kalai. >> what we know is that tax cuts
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do a better job if properly done of creating js whs and economic growth than government spending. we still haven't spent a good package. a lot of it is wasted and spent on things not helping the amer a an econong.. >> white house officials suggest the economy is bin ater able to use tr, cuts this y cher than it would have been last year. the president travels to new hampshire toa loty ow to contite the push for them. >> shepard: new hamnot ahire, washington. thank you very much. word today the h ched of one of the world's r a hest investment banks may get a bonus of up to $100 million. question is should the c.e.o. of government bailed out goldman sachs, one of the most ? essful companies on wall street get such a bonus. the other question, is it our business at tr,payers or is this
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an agreement we have to live with? the truth is it looersh b%p. goldman s be hs is ass ut to respond when "studio b" returns in 90 seconds.
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>> shepard: the so-called drry predicted the economic crisis says it might be far from over n list. bloomberg news reports he's calling the economic outlook,
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quotow t fery dis."in t he m%pe the comment during the annual world economic forum in waland over the weeaknd. he says while we may s3 e off another recession, the unemployment rate is likely to rise due to a slow recovery. unemployment to go up before it goes dowtoa his company borrowed and paid back $10 billion in government bailout funds. paid it b be k. be 3 ations ahe% p of es dldman sachs could stand to earn a bonus. the times of london, which is owned by the parent company of this network, bankers say the c.llio., lloyd blago fine could receive up to $100 million in bonus but goldman sachs denies the report saying, quote, although our board has yet to make a decision on compensation, everything the firm has said and done this year gives a lie to
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the times story. this sort of per kective nonsense calndins into questione editorial standards of the paper on with undi bs wh o'brian for barron' >> it looks bad and insights a pond wlist sentiment. >> faux pnyuliswaste >> it is. they pay whatthy feel they're in -gh but on some levels the py passage are encouraging bankers to taken creased risks, theing d they took in in t ultimately -- okay. >> what at the need is regulation, not busy bvesties. i can look over there and say $100 million. how could you be worth that but none of my businesndi they paid
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back my taxpayer money with interest. it's not pnyular to defend anybody in the banking world but i'm asking, why should we have innd wt on this what goever? i don't get it. >> if we're going to bail out the banersh again -- if the banh are insighting executive staff to take these risks we could be back where we were uld >> s noer regulation. >> regulation. >> s noer re3 ations. >> no. >> shepard: so the chances this could happen now are just as good as when it happened. what we said at the time was the way to stop it was put in regulation, bring a wall between investment banks and commercial bago s so it can't hget pen bute haven't done that. >> no. the r cheson is because invess t bago s have been fighting this - >> shepard: with lobbyist, with a loney theyiot from us and paid
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back. not only that they bought other banks but they didavet loan a loney. >> no. >> shepard: thy didn't. if we're mad as somebvesty, we ought to put aiun to our h ched. this happened because regulations were not there. the rr oulatory arm of this systl these credit default swaps and selling oin in -g ld that could happen rit about now again, couldn't it? >> it could. akep in mind es dld."n sachs was the biggest beneficiary of the bailout. >> we could t tae the iolnmean sachs food chain back to adam and eve. >> the dna is rifled uld >> what i% u saying is anybody who is angry about the bonuses because we bailed them out and might ai in, o cay, you're angr. seems we ought to rechannel that anamr on where should itio? >> something substantive.
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reform initiative or rr oulatory sa chtions to prevent these things from happening again. >> shepard: we know how they hashoened. >> we do. >> shepard: we know how to stop them. >> we can stop them if we have the will power. >> shepard: the regulatory and politic will power. >> we don't at the momeny, you've got -- in fact,. >> shepard: there's nor risk now. >> there is because the banks learned a lesson, when we get into tropaple, tr,payers have or back so we're going to take these exorbitant risks with a loney in many cases that comes at no cost to them because of the low interest rate enviropaplent and they m tae riy bet g and say if things go awry, the taxpayers will bail us out. >> s noer because it wants a sucker. you learned the way to get it is
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to come. then the comme3 tto tal banersh, you know who they are, the big banks that you have your checking be counans some are red, some e blue. what happens with these banks is they went out and bought more bago s and hired more lobbyists and didn't loan, they're bigamr and stronamr a and more apa-gment to failure that we would require a bailout than in the histoome of our countome. >> indeed. they have not take an haircut on their rayght d holdinf th. if you're a homeowner there's a very good chance your house is not worth as otch as the a lortgage. >> shepard: the $100 million ss nus for es dld."n s be l t, s a lore than anything a distractn that the banking system is more messed up and we have not chanamd iy, >> this is something people can focus on and sayght dlatiwasmila who do we pay that t3 a movie stars, professional
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athletes. >> eveomess d r in the pupulisy, >> exaup ly. >> this has been awesome. >> isn't this e chouraen ang? ."aks you want toiin a up in the morning. >> worth reading up on and baionaon's is aiood place to stary, >> it would be. >> a new plea from a british couple highj be akd and held by pirates in somalia. the couple appeared in a new video saying we're not well and doavet have much time left. you need to see this and you will n3 thy,iti for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food.
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>> shepard: a desperate plea from the couple from gr chet -itain whom pirates have been holding hostage more than three a lontl t. united kingdom and they have
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this video showing paul and rachel chandler in cget aup ve. the couple says the pirates have not treated them well and they doavet have much thje left. >> i have spoken to everybody and i don'ting mnow what endinsn sarin just pleasow t please, hep us, please. [ inaudible ] >> that's out of here, windy therlli -pdoaveting mnow how theyiot tht video. the pair reportedly was headed to tanzaniany when the pirates captured them near the seychelles islands. the months in cget tivity are 3 ing a toll. on the will see of the screen, rachelthe capture and on the righans a aner. a doup or to examined them said
3:23 pm
she seemed completely dis disorientese. grr o is working this from london. the british government is rear onding, right? >> iyes, they said they're monitoring the situation and doing eveomething they can but they're not paying ransom money at all. others want it paid, including paul chandler hhjself. here's a little bit more of what he said to say, his demands for theioverpapleny, >> 98 days toi iy [ inaudible ] >> the latest pirate demand reportedly $2 million. we spoke to one nr ootto tator o
3:24 pm
said he hdema been spe ta with e pirates last fall and could have gotten them out forbee hdema yot there's no shipping company, no insurance money. they're theyve bate folersh bute pirates doavet believe it. >> we're told they've will be isolated but recenof y sold e h othepaple >> that's a tactic of the pirates, keeping them separate bber the 1ami pndins days and tt is taking a toll for sure, rachel said not to be sleeping well and said to be malue.rishe. here's more of what she had to say about her captivi3 u. >> if i was with my husband i would feel a lot better. it's because i'm not with my husband that i%u feeling so lonely and desperate and finding it difficult to sleep and carome on through the day. >> according to the sky news reporter they were together for
3:25 pm
this weeaknd but now the latestt in london is they're separate and as you can see, iegs not doing well for rachel chandler or probably paul eithepaple >> i don't iin a how the pirates let them get thi what's the story. >> t be tics. they want money and the u.k. is not delivering and they figure they put this ppapli se3 u out, the theyes? get results. >> this could have been under duress and they mig en not have been speaking for themselves. >> that's possibllli but they con3 p edght d contact between sky and the pirate, the doctor interested in es ding itoa it's coming together but at least for the family at home, they're anxious to see their relatives and that at least is somewhat comforting. >> i% u sure they are. grr o, all the besy, thank you. >> in iraq, officials say more than 50 pon aple are d ched afta
3:26 pm
in ."n blew herself up in a crod of shiite pilgrims headed to a holy sitlli she debt din aonated a belt in northern baghdad. >> here's the scene. in addition to the dozen killed, as many as 120 pon aple were hut in the blast, despite a drop in violence, sunni extremists targin aed peadgrhjs to w cheake a lostly shiite conon apolled government. weather alert timlli in the d ched of winter, another winter storm threatening snow and ice to the country's southeast and the mid-aof antic. southeast is getting it this year. what now? >> iing mnow. a lot of rain, ear ecto tally broward county. the 2:00 reports, some pa-gs pis 1ed up 7 i chhes of raitoa
3:27 pm
so there are some flash flood warnings for southern florii i. the storm >> tstl north by tonight and that's where georgia will gin a h chevy rain and then into virn bania where they could get a wintry mix. it's a stormy w chether patte po the n3 tht couple days and a couple of systems are building to the west and weadl conve spei as they push eastoa be a problem. this is just the snow we pmetakd up over the weeaknd. we're looking as not only more of a wintry mix but andinso some rain pushing itoa the future radar shows by tuesday, the storm system i thering over the midmilyof anc with winon apy frii iy sip nortf it and then the new system ori nizing by the middle of the week, that late week will affect the mid-atlantic and northeast once ai in. ane.ery aup ve be w chether pat. >> active indeed. happy february,i> d to see you. >> i> d to see you. >> the pentagon confirms it's ramping up the prese che in the persto taniul we
3:28 pm
the r cheson? protect american allies from iran. >> t does this m che theyotect them from iran. what's happened? have we given up on stoicing the cher progrbec or r chelis- realize we can't stop it? how this affecd t the midae chest. the department secretary of defense under president reagan joins us lve be and tha 2s n3 thy,how
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>> s itnew ysewnew infor."tion on a u.s. plan to boost missile defense in the persian gulf and it's reporteay in respobleme to what is seen as a growing threat from iran. remember clear and present i inger? we're b be k there. top defense officials tell the united s3 es the buildup in >udes tin naval warships capable of shooting enemy rockets. new anthjissiles snotteat deployed around the gulf, namely saudi arabia, cut tar, bahrain and kuwaiy, the deparloaent of defense frams this as an extension of president oba."'s dctense strategy bolstering snotteat already in place. mike emmanuel at the pen3 s dtoa it's an e3 rort to r chessure allies anxious about the iran threat. >> no qatesstion ac.ut this. the thing is o3 rmetto tandins talking about the countries that purchased that american hardware
3:32 pm
to help prevent a iranian missile threat. today the asked admire mike mullin ac.ut iy, >> some of the programs that have been ongoing in the middle chest and persianiolf haveght - d lf have been ongoing. >> at the same time admire nfllin added dctense secre3 me 3 ked ac.ut the idea of empowering our allies in the ren baonive bing them the capaertli3 u to dctend theat elves. >> israel is on alert as well here. >> absolutely. leon panin a3 ãwas in israel over the weekend meeting with offi seals. the uows. is conce poed ac.ut te idea of israeli going after iran because iran has top chetened to wipe isre. r the f be e of the
3:33 pm
map. all indications are that direup or panin a3 ãwent with the id che of sharing information obviously but also keeping the israelis calm lin ating them irnow the uows. is engaged. >> did the pentagon suggest this means diplo."cy hasavet worakd >> h ira >> the people i talked to here say they understand theyesident nigbeca's commis the question is how far china and russia are weadling toio so the uows. meaditary feels publiy talking puts pressure on the ren bame. >> m incan i> d to see you. more from kt mcfarland, former secretary of defense and andinsa se tional security post in tin other administrations and host of dct con 3.
3:34 pm
>> a natiose l security progrbe. >> i tell what you this feels like. we need russia, rora te? >> yes. >> and china. to kind of say already, remeat tpling sanup ioblem, buts not hget pening. >> no. >> shepard: so a bunch of bas 1bas 1bas 1. >> do thtion zo their sanctions or their incentives are horah priced oea. have our oil over there in saudi. we have thesip >> y cheh, here's the thing. it's clear the administration so-g ofive bing up on dat tlo.". >> now, tha 2s ptenspy cook, thy seem to be working hard. >> eveome thje we iin a a d cheaine where we say iran, get serious, the deadline comes and goes. now the senate use nihjeusly passed --
3:35 pm
>> that doesn't do anything. >> they passed a reqatesst for sa chtions, weadl the oba." administration dos it. >> they'll do it in a h che-gbet but convi ching chise and russa is another matter. for russia it would be like 3 tassto ta, l> coul we r chelly u to take that gun and shoot your foot. we know you'reiin ating your oed and you have b be k d> r deals. why would russia -- >> china is the sbeclli the missiles areavet ahjed at china. they get their oil an natural i s but i 2s worth aaffeinup o >> s itnew ysewitive bes us cover. >> it gives us cover. >> i 2s l ine a spankinup o pir parend t wanted toive be mea spanking. stop doing that, stop doing, sttens d ovng, that banup o >> eveome now and then it helps. >> diplomacy is not working. now we're talking ac.ut sa chtion. will the administration have
3:36 pm
crippling sa chtions. >> tha 2s not what you said muc n3 you said our our imposing sanctions works no bin ater on iran than the sanup ioblem on ca which don't work because nobody else else imposes thesip >> it won't work as well, i 2s a hail mary pass. you don't want to be in the situation topee to six months om now where the homologous -- option is letting iran gin a the c.mb or bomertng iran which l cs to a regional war. you try everything you can to they sent either oenaion being the only two. >> shepard: you hope along the way the people weadl rise up frm win in iratoa >> but that's disingeneral you didn't say. >> you can htenslli >> but where is the president? why has he not given encoureadyof sent to the iranian dissidend t. >> has he discouraged? >> he's said nothing, s3 ding
3:37 pm
i while pthe pple areout- >> shepard: would -- could it be done? >> r chei n came out and encoureadyed the solidarity in pole land. >> thy said if we encourage, the iranto tani zernctient weadl say this is the evil west as fault. >> the iranian governctient weal say that no matter whay, you want to give faith and encouragement to the iranian dissidend t. >> so you don't this. >> we're not talking about the right of eveome free pthe ppllli why not? we have done it in other parts of the world. why not e chouraam the iranians and help them as they shut down facebook and twitter. the sorase l. >> you don't think we're doing something behind the scenes?
3:38 pm
>> i htense we are but i don't e it. >> i don't know how you fix it. c. -s are boo. >> either of those two, bombing iran or iran getting a bomb are terrible from our p ovnt ofwe'r. >> irt mn carland. come up with something. >> i'll lin a you irnona a fox news for hagn polmety. >> beck as a red phone. >> nobody answers iy, >> they ablemwer it, it just an gesn't ring. >> great to see you. >> nfl homeland security stepping up security bctore the super bowl. fans in new orleans whiicing thof sselves into a frenzy. i want to see the super bowl parade if new orleans wins. cd y i'm not saying inanother heart e what a parade that would be. a heart attack caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix, taken with other heart medicines, goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone, to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death, by helping to keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots.
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prescription drugs may be covered. liberty takes care of all the paperwork with medicare and sends the prescription forms directly to your doctor for approval. then, on your schedule, packs up this box and sends it right to your door with no charge for shipping. and liberty assures you have everything you need to manage your diabetes, including most brand name meters. call now and we'll send you a free meter. plus, a free cookbook when you join. call liberty. they can help you live a better life. call the number on your screen. >> shepard: if you are one of the lucky with a super bowl ticket, expect more security. they say that every year. i've been to a lot of super bowls and if there's more, you would need to get there four weeks in advance. democratic of homeland security will increase security in light
3:42 pm
of the failed christmas day bombing and white house party crashers. they put those in the same sentence. the league's vice president says home made bombs are the biggest concern. he says they get five to ten bomb threats during each nfl season but they don't amount to anything. the cost, multimillion dollars of dollars but not an exact figure. both teams in south florida settling in. saints making their first super bowl appearance in the team's 43 year history. win or lose, it's a victory for the fans and for new orleans. 4 1/2 years after hurricane katrina they hosted a conference championship. chris gutierrez is in the big easy. >> it took a very long 21 years for this franchise to report the first winning season and then it took another 14 years for the
3:43 pm
team to win the first playoff game and now, as you mentioned, after 43 long years, the saints are going to the super bowl. this city is really fired up as this is the scene down on bourbon street after they won the nfc game. as you mentioned, nearly five years ago after hurricane katrina there was talk of permanently relocating the franchise to san antonio and the head coach feels his team is the heart and soul of the city. listen. >> its been a long, faithful fan base and after something as difficult -- devastating as katrina, to have the team be parts of the rebuilding process and have the success, it helps the spirits of everyone involved. >> saints memorabilia is flying off the shelves. who dat fever, saints
3:44 pm
memorabilia is the most popular nationwide. even the rare white gators are wearing the who dat memorabilia. tell us about the gators and why they're good luck. >> this is the third time we've pulled them out of the wild and these pair came at the start of the season. white animals in general, animals that are white with blue eyes, have a very good sign of good luck. >> hopefully they bring good luck to the who dat nation. the city is planning a parade for mardi gras and the saints will be involved tuesday. win or lose, they're honor the super saints. >> why aren'tthy who dat perish instead of nation. i would make it a perish, like the world's largest perish. >> great idea. i'll spread the word. >> you should. good to see you. have fun. >> you too. >> the government accuses them
3:45 pm
of being behind the attacks of 9/11. where do you put the suspects on trial? there are more people against the new york city idea. we'll get into the details. how and why. trs are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. >> shepard: backty start the obama administration planned to try the five suspected 9/11 conspirators in a federal court in new york city. now it appears there's evidence the white house is looking for another location. the possibility thereof. first the new york city mayor
3:48 pm
who says the problem is the five terror suspects present a huge security concern and an expensive security concern. trying them in new york, according to the mayor, could cost $200 million a year. the thi publicly, they're worried about the price of real estate downtown. they don't talk about it but tying up theuse real estate prod there's huge pressure not to do it. don't think that's not part of it. on top of the cost, critics say civilian court is no place to try terror suspects and they say they shouldn't be afforded the same rights as american citizens. kathrine is live with this. the case will stay in civilian court or in a military tribunal. we don't know yet. >> we don't but this weekend, white house press secretary robert gibbs says the federal court system was the right
3:49 pm
system where the suspects will pay for their alleged crimes. >> he will be brought to justice and likely to be executed for the crimes he committed when masterminding the killing of 3,000 americans. that you can be sure of. >> he's referring to khalid sheik mohammed and it is the same position we heard from the attorney general eric holder as well as president obama in november when the announcement was made. >> they say on one hand trying him at guantanamo would be a problem for us around the world. now they talk about killing him. isn't the top of the list martyrdom? why are they all about capitol hill punishment? >> critics believe the president, the attorney general and robert gibbs have overstepped the boundary by foreshadowing the what they believe the conclusion will be in this case. one of the reasons the
3:50 pm
administrations sought to take the case to federal court is to show case the legal system, due process. judging the outcome in advance, critics say they're undercutting the process and prejudicing the jury. the jury could point to the fact the president himself as well as the attorney general said they were guilty and they should be executed. >> yeah. what a mess. kathrine herridge in d.c. >> the mess continues. the news continues in two minutes. my doctor said most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal.
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i hear there's a car chase. but instead of getting it talk about it i have to talk to tim gunn in the newsroom.
3:54 pm
>> tough luck but it's monday and we have a chase. which catch up to it at the end. >> it's over. >> the pursuit northbound on hollywood. >> hollywood, florida? >> california. just watch this guy, he will not give up. he's the passenger. he jumps the front -- >> machine -- keep going. >> they think they have a description and so he'll shed clothes. there goes the sweatshirt. dangerous pursuit in glendale, california. they're still looking for the suspect in the mall. it ended when the vehicle are crashed. he fell and got up and collided with a police officer and fled into americana. the suspect may be armed. a female driver is in custody. don't know what they were being chased for but we'll let you know if they catch the guy in the mall. >> fascinating. thank you very much.
3:55 pm
>> the actor rip torn is to face charges are allegedly broke into a bank. not broke in, he was in there all messed up. his attorney explains his actions and says rip torn is trying to turn around his life. hang on. @=h
3:56 pm
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3:58 pm
>> shepard: all righted the senator elect out of massachusetts scott brown, his swearing in will happen on thursday. the thinking is the governor there, deval patrick will have the paperwork ready wednesday and swearing in will happen on thursday. that's just crossing. new information out of haiti. the prime minister just said it's clear to him the ten american baptists who tried to take 33 haitian children out of the quake ravage country, quote, knew what they were doing was wrong, unquote. the prime minister now says what they have to figure out is
3:59 pm
whether the americans were idaho have been -- they have been held since friday. i needs to determine if they were acting in good faith as they claim or if they are child traffickers. the. >> before we get away, rip torn promises to head to rehab after cops arrested him for allegedly breaking into a bank in connecticut. as you see rip, or torn, rip torn, in a mugshot from 2006, he's facing burglary and firearms charges after they found him in a closed bank with a loaded gun. in a court hearing today his defense attorney said his client was too drunk to realize he wasn't in his home. he'll enter a alcohol treatment program tomorrow and will be if court later this month. to drunk to r


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