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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 21, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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become the republicans important 41st vote in the u.s. senate arrived in our nation's capital today that is our headline this thursday night, mr. brown goes to washington. senator elect scott brown had a full schedule on capitol hill today. meeting first with arizona senator john mccain in his office. >> i'm honored that senator mccain as you now know is one of the first people to actually look me in the eye in this office and say it's a long shot but i'm with you if, if you feel you can win it. i wanted to thank him for that support. >> sean: later emit with -- he met with mitch mcconnell, senator john kerry and harry reid found enough time on his busy leave his smokey backroom behind those closed doors that we've grown accustomed to, to greet the senator elect. >> you're going to end the
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senate at a time when the country is in deep trouble, as you know that was a lot what your campaign was about. i look forward to working with you. >> sean: you can feel the love in that room. it seems without a super majority prince harry has to accept the fact his health care bill is dead. brown's overwhelming victory impacts more than the debate over health care in america. his victory mashes the beginning of the great repudiation of the obama agenda in particular on the president's approach to fighting terror. joining me with reaction, a man who knows how to shake changes up in washington former speaker of the house newt gingrich. good to see you, thanks for being with you us. >> good to be with us. >> sean: i made a promise to a woman on my radio show today. i know you know about this. she say, i have to ask you, are you running for president in the next election cycle? she is from missouri.
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>> as i'm sure you've told her, because we've had this before. we will decide in february of next year. if there is a national movement for real change and a real effort across the country not just at the white house, but congress, state legislature, county commissioner, what we are trying to do with american solutions reach out to all 513 elected offices we will consider it seriously if we run we would love to have her help. >> sean: i predicted that almost with pinpoint accuracy. our friend says this is the harshest repudiation of a president since 1974. your assessment of tuesday night? >> it was a stunning victory. first of all, i think an awful lot of credit goes scott brown. he had the courage to run for years in the minority in the massachusetts legislation -- legislature when it must have been frustrating.
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he had the courage to run for teddy kennedy's seat. he had the courage to run a positive campaign and to stay positive. all of that came together tuesday in way that was almost magical. i was pheurbl at its best. the american people rising up and saying to the power structure, we want real change we're not gone that take it any more here's our first signal, 31 percentage point swing from the obama 26 point win last year to scott's 5 point win this year. this is a seat last held by republican won in 1946. you're looking at 44 years of one party occupation of that seat. it is a great victory. i agree with what you said a while ago i suspect it is the begin. you could argue that new jersey and virginia were part of it in november of the repudiation of the obama, pelosi, reid machine and the
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things they've been trying to do. >> reporter: the -- >> sean: the first inclination of the president and his aides to lash out and go back to the same strategy book that him elected in blame george w. bush. i'm not sure if they still remain tone deaf. do you see any inclination in this president to modify agenda? to listen to the american people? to move to the center? to move to the right? or is he too much of an ideologue? >> i don't think we will know until the next few weeks and the state of the union and other things. nothing so far has been encouraging. partly because they are so entrenched in their own arrogance and sense of power and hubris they are not getting the message this is not just about scott brown in massachusetts. it is also about steve chabot in cincinnati up 17 points.
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former congressman up 17 points in michigan. it is about the fact in arkansas the democrat snyder was down 17 points behind griffin and has now dropped out of the race. everywhere you look around the country you see democrats in increasing trouble. with the unemployment numbers this morning, the american people are gonna want to know why is the president refusing to slow down, focus on the economy, work with the republicans and try to get something positive done for america as opposed to having an ideological left wing agenda? >> sean: great question. nancy pelosi says for the time being health care is dead in the house. on the other hand you have durbin floating the idea and other democrats floating the idea they will bypass the normal process and move towards reconciliation to force this bill through. >> let me predict they cannot pass a reconciliation bill
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through the house of representatives. the american people will be so enraged by some kind of a cheap political act by somebody like durbin who is the democratic whip. i think the reaction of the country will be so angry that bill would never get through the house. >> sean: i would 10 to agree. we have to wait to see what happened. if they try that i think that will be evidence they are completely tone deaf. you mentioned the unemployment numbers. we have congress looking to raise the debt ceiling buy another 1.9 trillion dollars at this point. "wall street journal" had an interesting piece. they are going to have so-called bipartisan commission and examine the debt and deficits and move towards fiscal responsibility. on the other hand they feel it is a trap for republicans to buy into a tax increase. do youy republicans will get sucked into that? >> they might. i refuse to support the idea of a commission. i think it will lead to a tax increase proposal.
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the problem we have is not we are taxed too much. the problem we have is government is spending too much. i would glad to support a commission that looked only at spending. i would actively oppose any commission which has involved in it, a tax increase. you know how washington works. they -- when i hear a liberal tell me, away with the deficit i know raise taxes. i never hear they want to cut ing. >> sean: last question. we saw what happened in virginia, new jersey now massachusetts. let's jump into the crystal ball look into november. can the republicans take back the house? do they have a shot at how many seats in the senate? >> right now i think they have as many as plus seven in the senate, three short of organizing since the democrats have the vice president. but clear they have a path to get to plus seven in the house the odds are even money that john boehner is the next
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speaker of the house. what the republicans have to do is recruit candidates everywhere. remember they just won a state in which there was a 31 point swing. if you take that standard and apply eight cross the country there are probably 150 democratic seats at risk in november of this year. >> sean: mr. speaker, thanks for being with us. much more on this hour of hannity. here is a sneak peek. arlen tries to smack down michelle bachman. >> they asked for change -- >> i understand you were not consulted as to what venue the christmas bomber -- >> explosive admission should have all americans questioning this president. john edwards makes a not so
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. >> sean: the jury selection in the trial of the accused terrorist began last week and it may give us a taste of what's in store when the co-conspirators go on trial. he demanded that all jews be excluded from the jury. if they have a zionist or israeli background they are all mad at me looks like we have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. god forbid, straight ahead. ♪ people say i'm forgetful. maybe that's why we go to so many memorable places. love the road you're on.
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the subaru outback. motor trend's 2010 sport/utility of the year. yesterday ail this pressure got the best of pennsylvania democrat arlen specter. listen to this exchange that he had during a joint radio appearance on wpht with
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congresswoman michelle bachman. >> wait a minute i'll stop and you can talk. i'll treat you like a lady, so act like one. >> i am a lady. >> what did you vote for? >> i voted for prosperity. i didn't vote for the government takeover of private industry. >> she say i voted for prosperity. prosperity wasn't a bill. >> why didn't we make it a bill. >> don't interrupt me, i didn't interrupt you. act like a lady. >> i am a lid it. >> i think you are too that's why i'm treating you like one but don't interrupt me >> sean: we reached out for a comment but yet to receive a response. joining me now is congresswoman michelle bachman the second most hated republican woman in america. you corrected me the second most loved after governor palin, you get both
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categories. welcome back. >> thank you always a pressure -- a pleasure. >> sean: what the heck happened there? >> i was stunned. this was the first time i had ever met senator specter. i sat down, we began a discussion and immediately it was as though he had turned on me. he was trying to talk about all the wonderful bills that senator obama passed the stimulus which is a trillion spending bill the expansion of more government take over of health care for children. and then next thing i knew, the person interviewing us asked what i thought about president obama's year i disagreed i told him i think we should focus on prosperity and job creation. senator spector turned and questioned whether i was a lady and told me to sit down and be quiet. i was stunned at the arrogance. >> sean: don't interrupt me and act like a lady this is making a lot of news.
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has he called apologized said he was sorry tried to contact you? >> not at all. we didn't hear anything. i just left washington. now i'm in minnesota back in my district and we haven't heard anything from senator spector's office. what was stunning again, wait emblemmatic what the message the voters sent tuesday evening repudiated the arrogance out of the democrat party. what i heard yesterday on the radio with senator specter was more of that are -- arrogance. they haven't sobered up to the reality the peep are in charge not this very liberal majority. >> sean: let me ask you about that it is amazing, maybe he's looking at the polls, i don't know if you saw the latest rasmussen poll he's down nine points in the latest polling so he's not looking too good in another blue state like pennsylvania. evan bayh said something i
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quoted it the last couple of nights i think it captures how the democratic party is so far left. he said if you lose massachusetts and that's not a wake-up call, there's no hope of waking up. do you see any indication the democrats actually understand what happened tuesday? you are there in washington. >> it is interesting. when i took the plane into d.c. tuesday there was no sense whatsoever on the house floor that the democrats had any indication that anything was about to happen. wednesday, they looked startled. today on thursday, they're beginning to realize there's some hemorrhaging. but i den see yet they are -- pivoting. some want to, but for the most part i think they are fairly clueless about coming to this recognition that the american people want economic stability and job creation.
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>> sean: the first indication, i think we're seeing came out of nancy pelosi today. she said she didn't think in the house they had votes for the senate bill. doesn't have a filibuster proof senate. if they don't approve the senate bill in the house they have to go back to the drawing board. she say the members in our caucus have been very clear they didn't like it when it had the nebraska provision. she said if every meeting we've had there would be nothing that would give me thought the bill could pass now the way it is. she said we are in no rush. dramatic change in opinion even from monday night. >> true. but republicans aren't standing still we are going to have a press conference next wednesday in washington did -- washington, d.c.. we're memorializing on paper, repudiating all of these backdoor deals that democrats
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have been standing for and laying new ground rules going forward. we're not for political favoritism. we're not foreclosed door meetings. certainly not for adding to the crushing debt load. your viewers can watch wednesday. you will see the new going forward agenda of the republican party. we want a good positive dialogue so we can maintain the vital dr. -patient relationship that everyone wants. >> sean: nancy pelosi targeted you as the number one person as a republican she would like to see defeated. you have been attacked viciously on the blogs. viciously by liberal commentators in the country. are you concerned about your seat considering they are going to pour so much money into your district? >> i am. acorn was a vocal boots on the ground presence here in minnesota in the last election cycle. we have a strong presence from all of the players on the left. we don't have any senators up
9:19 pm
for election. we have a lot of our members of congress don't have opponents yet. all resources will be focused on defeating me. >> sean: we'll watch your race closely. appreciate you being with us. >> you're welcome to come to minnesota. >> sean: all right, thank you. first he lied about having an an tear. now john edwards add hits that he lied about having a child with his mistress. those details and our great american panel, straight ahead. ugcl) yeacl 's h fba icos y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli
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>> sean: tonight in the wake of the massachusetts election democrats are scrambling to explain how and why scott brown won. barack obama may be blaming george w. bush. former dnc chair howard dean has another explanation. he thinks voters were angry at president obama not for the reasons you may think.
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>> yesterday, the problem was, the people wanted more. they wanted to send washington a message. they want real change. >> how about voting for -- >> they want real change. >> sean: very convincing. i hope the president listens to dr. dean that would serve republicans well in 2010. >> announcer: now it's time for great moments in liberal foreign policy. ♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight's great moment brought to you by the anointed one who appears to be acknowledging that even he cannot bring peace to the mideast overnight in an interview with "time" magazine the president said i think we over estimated our ability to persuade them to do so when their politics ran contrary. if we had anticipated some of the political problems on both sides we might not have raised
9:24 pm
expectations as high. the president didn't expect political problems when tackling the situation in the mideast? looks like amateur hour at the white house continues. speaking of president mat anointed one. you may remember after the tragic shooting at fort hood he ordered the pentagon to investigate the events leading up to that attack. the military has issued its report. you may be surprised to hear it doesn't mention the shooter major nadal hasan by name nor does it make any reference to islamic extremism. yesterday several congressmen demanded answers from the officials who issued the report on how political correctness contributed to the attack. >> why didn't we at least ask the question in this report, whether that political correctness kept any of the military personnel from applying their policies the way they would have done? >> sean: great question. i think the american people will be shock odd to learn
9:25 pm
this report ignores major hasan's ties to islamic extremism. senate committee on homeland security yesterday held hearings on the attempted christmas day bombing. unbelievable information came out. you may remember the suspect is a nigerian citizen with no clear right to a civilian trial here in the u.s.. nonetheless, the department of justice made an on the spot decision to grant abdul -- umar farouk abdulmutallab to interrogate him the administration didn't consult too many people before making that decision. dennis blair, secretary of homeland secretary janet poll tan know testified at yesterday's hearing and nate a -- made a shocking add pheurbgt. >> i understand in response to senator collins were you not consulted as to what venue the christmas bomber would be
9:26 pm
tried in is that correct? >> that's correct. >> how about you mr. leiter? >> secretary napolitano? >> no. >> sean: how careless and unbelievable. >> a situation in cuba exposes michael moore's health care lies. >> john edwards finally fesses up. but, are there more skeletons in his closet? we investigate, next. bull market or bear, traders are always hungry for ideas. trading's all about strategy. and strategy... is all about information.
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heat mapping shows me where the money's moving. twenty-five hundred stocks... one quick glance. that's where the action is. look at this, pattern matcher. pattern matcher spots technical patterns automatically. it's like pattern radar. td ameritrade. built by traders, for traders. this is what i need. announcer: trade commission free for 30 days, plus get 100 dollars cash, when you open an account. >> sean: if you have seen
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michael moore you know he's a huge supporter of cuba's health care system. he may have trouble explaining how 26 patients died last week at the country's largest hospital for the mentally ill. the cause of death was likely hypothermia. this is the country michael moore wants the u.s. to model its health care system after? michael, wake up. that's a scary thought. we'll continue.
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>> sean: john edwards has at long last admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock with his former photographer. but it could be the latest chapter in a deeper scandal. his admission less than two weeks in advance of a publication of a tell all book by edwards' former aide andrew young who previously claimed that he was the father of hunter's trial. how did this candidate fall so far so fast? let's take a look. it started in 2006 when edwards meets rielle hunter at a new york city bar. he hires her to document behind the scenes footage of his run for president. december 28th, 2006. >> i'm here in new orleans to announce i'm a candidate for the presidency of the united states. >> sean: early 2007 amidst whispers of an affair hunter's videos are taken off the
9:31 pm
website. son after edwards' wife of 30 years announced her cancer has returned. >> her cancer is back we are optimistic about in, because having been through this -- been through some struggles together in the past. >> sean: october 10th, 2007 national enquirer publishes a story saying he an affair with a former staffer. does not name hunter by name. >> i've responded to these tabloid allegations by saying i don't respond to these lies. >> sean: before the 2008 primaries edwards friend and aide andrew young claims paternity of hunter's child. january 30th, 2008 edwards ends his campaign. >> it is time for me to step aside so that history can blaze its path. >> sean: february 27th, 2008, hunter's daughter francis quinn hunter is born. the father's name is left off the birth certificate. august 8th, 2008.
9:32 pm
>> i made a very serious mistake. a mistake that i am responsible for. >> sean: he denies fathering the child. >> it is not possible that this child could be mine, because of the timing of events. so i know it is not possible. happy to take a paternity test. >> sean: august 6th, twain hunter tests in raleigh, before a gang investigating edwards finances about the $100,000 paid to her by edwards' political action committee. joining me with reaction are fox news political analyst kirsten powers and kimberly guilfoyle. the arrogance is staggering. >> astounding. he was running for preof the united states. what if he had received the nomination? he knew all of this was gonna come out. by the way we didn't just get the memo the enquirer broke this story, to their credit they had it first.
9:33 pm
make fun of 'em if you will, honest if he had it first and they were right. >> sean: you're the democrat you are going to defend this? >> no i have never defended him. >> sean: you liked him for a while. >> i never liked him. i would defy you finding a tape of me liking him. i might have defended him one time. one time. he always struck me as being phony and kind of you know, a mimbo. a male bimbo. he never seemed to be -- [ inaudible ] he seemed to be getting by on his boyish good looks. >> sean: there were people in his campaign that knew and approached him and said what are you doing. people left the campaign because they knew what was going on. apparently elizabeth knew while he was making this run for president and supported him. >> the story has always been
9:34 pm
she was the one pushing him along. she wanted to be first lady. i think the story if you get outside of the tawdry part of it, it is about the media and what a poor job they do in terms of finding out information. the fact they can make all kinds of aspersions of people they don't like like saying john mccain had an affair unable to follow up on basic -- they had the information about edwards people knew elizabeth edward was a nightmare. >> i don't think she threw him on top of rielle. i don't know what was doing with her. >> she is culpable for the pushing them to run for president knowing full well they they have thing that could come out. >> it is not her fault there's some choice involved. he's not a robot, he made the decision to be involved with her and then to pretend she was some kind of filmmaker straight to video no one even knows. >> sean: he denied his own
9:35 pm
child. >> it is really disgusting. i don't give him any credit for coming forward and saying what we already knew. he got so many involved in this duplicity. he cared not one bit for the american people to drag us down with him should he had received the nomination. now he's looking at an indictment, 20 years behind bars five counts of fraud for writing checks. >> sean: do you that i happens? >> i think is factoring in addition to the book perhaps behind the scenes he's trying to work a deal. it is possible he will lose his license to practice law. >> sean: the admission comes not because he wants to come clean because in anticipation of this book. it is self-serving like everything else he does here. we go back to the question that came up during the clinton years. should the american people care? does it matter what people do in their private life? i think it matters. >> let's see a liar, cheat, fill land earlier, what else?
9:36 pm
-- >> sean: a lot of democrats defended bill clinton and monica lewinsky, i was alone, but i -- all that stuff and democrats defended all this stuff. >> yeah it comes down to the question of what do you want? you want somebody who is qualified who can do the job? a lot of people thought he was a good president. >> sean: should we care if people are dishonest, disloyal, lying? >> yes. >> i think we should care. i don't know the person should be impeached for it. >> sean: you in office and got by with it, it is fine? >> i think you should care and it should come up in the next election if the person is up for reelection or it affects his legacy, as it did. i don't think you overrule the will of the people over something like that people knew who bill clinton bass
9:37 pm
before he came into office. >> sean: this was in one of the tabloids, tiger woods in rehab. sex rehab. i don't buy the sex rehab stuff. if we take modern day pop psychology to its ultimate conclusion we have decided if you are a drug addict, alcoholic, have a problem with gambling, if you cheat on your wife a million times, your -- >> i million times? >> sean: i'm exaggerating. you never know you're not responsible for your behavior. you have a predisposition. the way were you raised. >> it is really sad. how about personal responsibility, act like a grown-up, get your act together. i don't feel sorry for tiger. he brought this on himself. >> sean: this is about selfishness, narcissism, ego. nothing to do with i'm a sex
9:38 pm
addict. >> i don't believe in the sex stuff, i will say an alcoholic is different. i wouldn't put mit the same category. sex addiction seems like a cop-out like this is what you do to restore your image. >> sean: i'll concede your point on alcohol. and drug addiction. do human pacifics have control over their behave -- human beings have control over their behavior? if -- >> he likes women and wanted to have as many as possible. >> sean: apparently he did. time to check in with greta van susteren, special edition of on the record tonight. >> greta: guess who was in town today? senator elect scott brown. three his soon to be new colleagues on the record, mcconnell, alexander and casey. governor huckabee is here. and griff jenkins has again to massachusetts to see who is senator elect scott brown?
9:39 pm
>> sean: he's the guy with the chevy truck with 200,000 miles on it. >> greta: i saw the inside of that truck and the health department is gonna condemn it if they see it. it had food wrappers. i was a mess. >> sean: i've got two kids nothing can beat what my escalade hybrid looks like sometimes. >> greta: we'll send the health department to your car then. >> sean: we'll see you in 20 minutes. when we come back the great, great, great american panel. ♪ ♪ ugcl)
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel he was part of the obama campaign media team, steve murphy is here. former director of public affairs for the cia jennifer
9:43 pm
millervise is wac with us. he's a cbs sports college football analyst former nfl player spencer tillman is back. before we get started. i'm a jets -- i love peyton manning one of my favorite players. >> don't say it rookie quarterback. >> sean: i don't like to go against peyton it would only take the jets and giants to get me there. i'm crazy you don't bet against peyton manning but i'm giving an edge to the jets and going with brett favre, am i right? >> you are in new york so you are doing the right thing. go with manning. don't go against him, trust me. if i tell you there's cheese on the moon, bring crackers, okay. >> sean: you are probably right. my heart says i to go with the jets. mark sanchez has had a great year. >> the great repudiation steve, any spin? no reflection on obama?
9:44 pm
give me whatever democratic talking points. >> you just had a baby, didn't you? >> i did. three-month-old baby. >> sean: give me the obama connection. how much is this related to him over-reaching in his radical agenda? >> i think it is about spending. i wouldn't call spending a radical agenda. here's my analysis, the republicans got thrown out because in weren't paying attention to the middle class. the middle class is telling us now we're not paying to them either. if you don't pay attention to the backbone of this country, you're gonna run at your own peril. we need to start listening and paying attention to middle class microeconomics. >> sean: look, you're reluctantly admitting what is wrong with the democrats.
9:45 pm
you can't promise america no lobbyists and give them lobbyists. you can't promise america c-span and not give them c-span you can't promise unemployment won't go above 8%. you can ram health care down america's throat and do it behind closed doors and bribe senators and unions. >> americans thought they were buying one thing and something different. he violated every one of his key pillars of his campaign. he's kept republicans out of health care. transparency, he's kept the public out of health care not to men the republicans. this will be a different kind of politics, et cetera, louisiana purchase, cornhusker kickbacks, unions getting special deals and he can go five minutes without blaming bush and looking back. >> i think steve has hit it on the head. take a look at massachusetts that is a great macro come of what is happening roughly 1.6
9:46 pm
million register democrats bluest of all states, 90,000 registered conservatives and 2.1 million independents that's the constituency they miss. i predict he will move more toward a centrist position. >> sean: that's what clinton did to clinton's credit. will we see moderation from obama? show me where in his past he's had an inclination to listen and moderate. >> it is too short of a history to make that assessment. >> sean: the speech he gave about jeremiah wright i didn't believe it. i think if the democrats don't wake up it is going for a disaster for them and good for the country come november. i think a sign of this arrogance now -- >> sean, we're awake now. >> sean: some of you are. dick durbin is talking about [ talking over each other ] >> better wake up. >> sean: part of this
9:47 pm
arrogance puts the negotiations on c-span, bribe senators, all the things we've been talking about. listen to this exchange. we just had michelle bachman on with arlen specter. >> wait a minute i'll stop and you can talk. >> okay. >> i'll treat you like a lady so act like one. >> i am a lady. >> what vote for? >> i voted for prosperity. i didn't vote for the government take-over of private industry. >> she said i voted for prosperity. prosperity wasn't a bill. >> why don't we make it a bill? >> don't interrupt me, i didn't interrupt you, act like a lady. >> i think i am a lady. >> i think you are too that's why i'm treating you like that just don't enter -- interrupt me. >> sean: i don't like the way republican women are treated, conservative women are treated in public discourse. governor palin, things said about her, her looks, her
9:48 pm
clothes, her children. same thing with the case of michelle bachman. where the democrats who say they are for women's rights? apologize or resign. >> you can tell me all day how you respect women, minors or whatever the class what you do is what defines you as a politician, individual, human what he did and we said this before out of the an bun dan of the heart the mouth speaks. contemplate your thoughts as a politician you are calculating all the time. specter has been doing this a long time what came out of his mouth i think was what was in his heart. >> sean: conservative women are treated differently, why? >> i would argue that conservative men are treated differently as well. can you imagine if this was a republican man who said this to a democratic women? people would be outraged. people would go nuts! they would be picketing outside of his office. i bet we are not going to hear
9:49 pm
hear much. >> sean: want to take away your listening pleasure. as a democrat, you hear that the rudeness the meanness the anger, you know look at how they treated governor palin. you can disagree, attack her family? this happened with regularity. >> i don't think michelle bachman should be much more contract to her elderlies. -- considerate to her elders. >> sean: you spent all day thinking of that line? >> that was the old district attorney coming out he expected politeness, orderly fashion and when stkhepbt he went off. a great greek philosopher says the crisis doesn't make the man it only exposes what is already there. >> there is truth to what are saying. they are about conservatives being treated a little bit
9:50 pm
differently. >> sean: if i did that to a liberal woman, what would the reaction be? >> you say everything does is harming america's national security, when it's in the interest of the terrorists. [ talking over each other ] >> he's tougher than george bush was. >> he is not. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: we gotta take a break. air america is bankrupt. i'm heartbroken. details coming up next, straight ahead.
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. air america bankrupt, shutting down their divorce due to financial woes and -- down
9:54 pm
their doors due to financial woes. and they've ceased to exist. why do liberal programs all fail? >> it was an i will conceiveed concept from the beginning. if you are looking at the folks we just talked about a minute ago. 2.1 million independents those are the people who listen to you and people like you. >> sean: why wouldn't they listen to the liberals? >> that message is not a popular message. i don't think it is a popular message eye a conservative, born and reared in tulsa, oklahoma the buckle of the bible belt. i don't wanna hear some of the liberal extreme messages out there i'm a fiscal conservative a little some would say right of center on social issues, african-american male i have a historical context that make melina way a little bit but i'm a conservative and proud of it. >> sean: you ever going to run for office? >> never. >> sean: why? >> because i can do more good coming on your show and
9:55 pm
talking. you star paying politicians more you can hold them -- you start paying politicians more you can hold them more accountable. >> sean: i think they are paid enough. latest gallup poll the country identifies themselves 40% conservative, only 19% liberal if you ask me the rest of the media liberals. there was no niche to build there. >> i don't think waits a niche. unfortunate for president obama. what you see now if you look at what senator brown ran on, he ran encore gop issues, lower taxes, not health care plan. >> sean: core conservative issues. >> he's not going to start raising taxes, he's not going to support not interrogating terrorists we have here in the u.s. scary stuff. >> sean: going back to the brown race, i'm the 41st vet
9:56 pm
on care, strong national defense no miranda rights for enemy combat tans. strong conservative in liberal massachusetts. >> wrong take away. independent voters hate ideology. they are getting too much of from it us right now. they got too much of it from you before. >> sean: they hate obama's agenda. they don't hate his agenda. they don't want him spending all this money. >> sean: he would have swooped into new jersey, virginia and massachusetts and saved the day. >> brown ran again key policy issues he ran against obama's policy issues. it wasn't about obama's personality. i was about raising taxes, running up the deficit. >> that's the campaign we need to have this fall. our policies versus your policies. conservatives have to start listening have real change in congress, make sure the voters know we are not wasting --
9:57 pm
>> sean: why did he ram everything down their throat? >> through the stimulus process republicans made it very clear they have no desire to work with him. >> new type of politics. >> sean: pelosi says for the time being obama care is dead. do you think it is dead as a rut of this election? >> dead in its current form it has to move towards a centrist position. he can take a page out of bill clinton's success, i think rahm emanuel was part of that staff. stephanopoulos wanted to be more of the populist. would do well to look at the history and success clinton had. >> sean: simple stuff for people who can't afford health care, tax cuts for them, tax credit for them. medical savings accounts. portability, tort reform. none of these things were brought up in the course of the discussions. >> you are for the subsidies for people who don't have
9:58 pm
insurance? >> sean: for the people who need help and insurance i don't have a problem with them getting that help and tax credits. j if they reframe this that is theness that needs to come across. we are not the right wing people who don't want folks to be covered. it is not the message. [ talking over each other ] >> if i were the democrats i would have a vote next week on the insurance reforms alone. then we'll see where the republicans are. >> i hope you run on tort reform as well. that has not been in in piece of legislation. -- been in this piece of legislation. >> the only thing in question is the cost of the funeral. >> sean: next question. i've been a big jay leno fan. i didn't like they moved him, i had to dvr the show. you have this big fall-out. just a mess at nbc. leno is moving back. conan is getting a big payday
9:59 pm
will probably show up somewhere else. >> what was it 33 million? good money if you can get it. sean who do you prefer at 11:30? >> i'm a creature of habit. i like leno, i grew up with him. i just like the guy. >> sean: i do too. >> i have a three-month-old at home i can watch, i have a soft spot for conan. i think wherever he goes he will have new viewer. >> leno. i'm a big leno fan. >> sean: we found agreement at the end of the program. it took the whole show. you want to go back and talk about football. predictions quick. i say jets and minnesota quick? >> indianapolis. >> sean: you're probably right. >> and new orleans. >> i'm still mourning the cowboys. saints and indianapolis. >> sean: you can get against manning one of my favorite players. see you back here tomorrow night. greta is next.


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