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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 19, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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flattering. >> bret: live from boston, i'm bret baier with a special election edition of "special report." election day in massachusetts. deciding who will fill a senate seat democrats have held for more than six decades. and have considered almost a birthright. >> with all dew respect, it's not the kennedy's seat or the democrats' seat. it's the people's seat. >> i think you deserve a senator willing to roll up her sleeves and go to washington, and get to work. >> democrat martha coakley is fighting to secure the party 60th vote for healthcare reform. >> if you were fired up in the last election, i need you more fired up in this election. > >> bret: with president obama's election in the balance. election coverage from boston. we have reports from our team and expert analysis from steve heys, a.b. stoddard,
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charles krauthammer and brit hume. "special report" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to boston. i'm bret baier. special elections even for senate seats normally don't get that much attention. even locally. and very little national notice. but this is filled with story lines that go beyond the massachusetts border. we have team coverage. jim angle is in washington with how it affects the healthcare reform. molly line live at coakley headquarters at boston. we begin with the chief political spore on the dent karl cameron from headquarters also in boston. good evening. >> well, the polls close at 8:00 eastern time. you said it, with the exception of presidential election, there is probably no singular election in the last 50 years with as much potential importance as this one. there are no exit polls taken today, so tonight we wait for
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the votes to be tallied and the candidates to make their speeches. there is one other factor to play here. new england weather. it's been a rough day. >> sleet and rain and snow blanketed massachusetts all day. hoping for an upset win for ages to put the late senate seat in the hands that could end the majority. scott brown downplayed the polls that showed him on the cusp of the victory. >> i have never been a poll person. i'm up in some, down in some and we'll see what happens. >> having led by 30 points two months ago, martha coakley voted medford and denied charges from the fellow democrats she took the race for granted and let her gop rival come from behind. >> we were all over in september. we had a busy primary and campaign season. i know a lot of people who
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saw me and will vote for me today. >> even the cookly voters like charlie walsh said she didn't hustle. >> i think martha took time off and disappointed voters on that score. >> the bay state far less remains loyal. >> i voted for martha coakley. she is my kind of gal. it live in massachusetts. who else am i going to vote for? i'm a die-hard liberal. >> it got ugly and too ugly at the end. turned me off. coakley turned me off. >> her husband explained they did not start out as brown supporters. >> we were going to vote for coakley until the kennedies came in. they're not running our life here. >> the state officials say the turn-out has been steady all day long. it could be high. earlier they predicted 40% of registered voters. a short time ago the coakley campaign held a news conference to suggest there are potential problems with the ballots. out of perhaps as many as 2 million cast they found five. five that appeared to have
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scott brown's name put on them at the polls before the voters cast them. five out of potentially 2 million. the men on the stage and the band is doug flutie, the football star that threw the hail mary football pass. that's what scott brown is hoping for with an upset victory and many democrats say miss coakley is hoping for just to hang on. send it over to my colleague molly line with the coakley campaign. >> thank you, karl. massachusetts is often referred to as the bluest among blue states so the intensity behind the ultra competitive senate race surprised a lot of voters from the negative ads to news conference and robo calls they receive at home. >> actually maybe 20 callous a a day we've gotten. called by brown and barack obama and phone messages and things. it's apasing. >> bay state voter reliable
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send members to capitol hill. every member of the delegation is a democrat. every statewide office holder is a democrat, including attorney general martha coakley. on becon hail, 16 members of the 200-person house and five members of the that it are republicans. scott brown counted among them. that's not to say the gop hasn't tasted victory here. prior to the election of democratic governor duval patrick, republican governors occupied the office for 16 years straight. most recently, mitt romney who today called the race for brown. >> he will win it significantly. i think there is a strong attitude here. we want to sen washington a signal -- send washington a signal. no more monarchy reign from on high. >> still they haven't won an election here since 1972 but a misconception that the democrats haven't faced a gop challenge on the front. in 1994, romney forced ted kennedy to campaign aggressively for a seat he held securely for decade. kennedy ultimately won with 58% of the vote. and in 1996, massachusetts
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senator john kerry fought an epic battle for his seat against governor weld. >> there were competitive races. teddy was in one against mitt romney. the races start close and open up for the democrats. what is fascinating about this race is it's right down to the wire. that doesn't usually happen. kerry against weld, hard-fought race and then toward the end kerry opens up a lead. that's not what we have seen in this race. >> registered democrats outnumber republicans 3 to 1. the states unenrolled or independent voters trump all with with 50% of the vote. the democrats strategist acknowledge the intensity seems to be behind scott brown in the field. scott brown expected to bring in 90% of republic can votes according to the polls and siphon off the democrat vote as well, 20%. recent sufficient fox university poll shows brown is also leading in some bellwether communities that
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predicted the 2006 outcome of the senate race well. bret? >> bret: molly line live at coakley headquarters. thank you. there was an indication today that the house democrats are prepared for the worst. from today's election. as the majority leader signaled a willingness to accept a previously unacceptable option. >> the republicans vince figured out to stop the healthcare reform if scott brown wins but it's been called an unhill battle for democrats as he anticipated the impact on healthcare. >> if we lose the vote from the senator from massachusetts we're down to 59. unless we persuade a republican to cross over we're short. >> president obama called olympia snowe of maine in recent days to discuss healthcare. but there is no indication he won her support. durbin is holding out some
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hope that they will agree to it as-is and make the changes later. >> i don't know if the odds are good or bad. i don't know if it is the only pass to healthcare reform i hope we pursue it. it's tough because the house members don't like the senate bill. >> the house democrat want the higher subsidiaries than the senate has and the 411 democrats want tougher restrictions on the taxpayers dollars going for abortion among other things. though some choke at voting for the senate bill, but it may come to that saying it's better than nothing. later today, neither he nor nancy pelosi were ready to take the leap. >> as is always the case, they passed a bill and we passed a bill. >> regardless of what happens in massachusetts, we have to resolve the two bills and communicate with our members about the direction they want to us go with certain particular issues.
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>> tonight, speaker pelosi and the leadership will meet with the house democratic caucus to discuss where they go next, what issues remain and two is willing to give up what. make no mistake, if the republicans win in massachusetts the option for advancing democratic haelgs haelgs -- healthcare reform will take a different path, one more complicated and more controversial. bret? >> bret: all right, jim. thanks. the race in massachusetts as we have been talking about has ramifications beyond the senate and beyond healthcare reform. senior political analyst brit hume has thoughts on that. >> mike allen of the politico newspapers, one of the best reporters in town quotes aen unnamed official in massachusetts race as follows -- "this is not a moment that causes the president or anyone else who works for him to express any doubt. it more reinforces the conviction to fight hard." it's hard to believe any seasoned political advisor
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would think this or think it for very long. in a real sense the massachusetts results are in. the mere closeness of a race is stunning for democrats if they manage to hold on to the seat. one is reminded of lyndon johnson facing a challenge from mccarthy in the new hampshire democratic primary 46 years ago. johnson won but the race was close enough he saw the writing on the wall and dropped out of the race for re-election. 20 years later, walter mondale was beaten by gary heart in new hampshire and quickly recast his campaign and won. bill clin chin got a similar message in the 1994 mid-terms and changed course. he was re-elected. the politicians recognized what they were doing was not working and would lead to defeat so they changed course. the question is mr whether obama will do the same. so far the answer seems to be no. bret? >> bret: so, brit, if martha
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coakley squeaks this out tonight, do you think healthcare reform can pass? >> better shape than if it's in the senate for the 60 votes. would lack if brown won. but you have to believe that the democrat members of the the house, seeing the earthqua squeaker may have second thoughts about voting for it. it could be in trouble any way it turns out. >> okay, brit. thanks. >> you bet. >> we will tell you more about who the candidates are in the election. that's later. straight ahead, following the the food in haiti. ugcl)
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>> bret: the u.s. military broadened the outreach to haiti. they established a beachhead west of the capital and the military says it will use another airfield in haiti and one in the dominican republic to bring in more help. the u.n. security council voted to send in an additional 2,000 troops and 1,500 more police. steve harrigan has an update from port-au-prince with update on the relief effort. good evening. >> at one point haiti had active nine-whole golf course. now 5,000 haitian families are living on the fair weighs and the place -- fairways and they've set an effective feeding program. here is what it looks like. >> the toughest part here, who goes in to get the food. pushing. haitians are deciding. the u.s. army is here to keep
6:16 pm
order, but the haitian volunteers who decide who comes and who goes. treeing to give way to women and small children, as you can see behind me. they're not getting the mres or the meals ready to eat. they're single day units. this is 2,000 camrcamrys. 'the with tomato and sauce. yellow rice. pasta and rice, better than an mre. what you would get in afghanistan or iraq for soldiers. this should keep you going for a full day. each family member gets one of these. now a couple of points during that day, we saw the crowd get simply unruly. when it happened, the u.s. military called a mass time-out. while the soldiers salt on the ground, they expected the raid workers to do the same. that lasted for a minute or two until the crowd calmed down.
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success for the u.s. military. back to you. >> bret: steve harrigan live in port-au-prince tonight. thank you. well, amid the sadness in haiti, this was good news today about some young lives spared and given the second chance. molly henneberg explains. >> they arrived in pittsburgh after the port-au-prince orphanage was destroyed. they had been living outside with scant food and water since the earthquake hit. two pittsburgh area citizeners who worked at the orphanage were determined to get them out. to be asked to read without a single one of them was not an -- leave without one of them was not an option. >> she got the word out about the plight of the children. yesterday, pennsylvania governor ed rendell, and jason altmire and medical personnel flew to haiti to get them. the governor said it was a struck to get the requisite approval from haiti and the u.s. to leave with the children.
6:18 pm
>> we could have got 85, vast majority out but the sisters said everybody goes or nobody goes. >> reporter: they made calls to the white house and national security council. the state department says all of the children who got medical check-up today had the legal documents they needed to enter the u.s. >> we worked out through the day, so that we could, we could put as many children on the flight last night as possible. >> the state department has an ops room set up to work on the adoption visas for the haitian orphans; specifically adoptions where the children have been matched up with a family in the u.s. before earthquake hit. haiti's ambassador to the u.s. say it's important to make sure that kids leaving haiti are orphorphans. >> we cannot just pick up any kid aboard the street of haiti and put them on a plane and send to america where they will be adopted. we can't do that. >> ed rendell said the
6:19 pm
majority of the children are cleared for adoption. but the other e seven a other s available for adoption and there is interest in adopting the kid. >> bret: we will see what the key areas in massachusetts tell us about the election and how it's going. we'll continue our look at year one of the obama presidency. tonight, foreign policy. íp
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>> bret: checking world headlines now, nato says two u.s. troops were killed by a
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roadside bomb in southern afghanistan. in kabul, afghan forces tightened security a day after taliban militants launched a brazen daytime assault in the city center that left 12 people dead. in neighbors pakistan, intelligence officials say suspected u.s. drone attack in the volatile tribal region killed at least five militants. it happened in a village dominated by a taliban faction that many suspect is linked to last month's assault on cia base, an attack that killed seven agency employees. the u.s. is calling iran's response to a fuel swap proposal inadequate. iran rejected the requirement it relinquish most of the material needed to make a nuclear weapon. the draft plan calls for most of the country stockpiled enriched uranium to be returned in the form of fuel rods. ♪ ♪ >> bret: the first year of the obama presidency comes to a close today. senior white house
6:24 pm
correspondent major garrett continues his look at a three-part look at year one. tonight's focus is the obama foreign policy. >> reporter: haiti is front and center and president obama won praise for u.s. response, including having former presidents raises relief funds for the long haul. but his biggest foreign policy move came at the end of his first year, sending 30,000 troops to afghanistan to confront tenacious taliban insurgency and he hopes undermining the terrorist brain trust if neighboring pakistan. >> i'm convinced that the security is at stake in pakistan. this is the epicenter of violent extremism practiced by al-qaeda. >> since then, they have grown bold attacking the capital city with terryfying vferocit ferocity. >> afghanistan will be a long tough slog.
6:25 pm
>> when mr. obama accepted the nobel peace prize he surprised some defending the afghan war as crucial to winning the peace. republicans back the decision but not what came with it. >> his simultaneous announcement of the early commencement of withdrawal for american forces sent a bag signal. >> signals. many obama tried to send new ones. with the speech to the muslim world in cairo. big summits the president acknowledged what he has called the u.s. missteps in foreign policy, economics and the environment. driving his critics crazy. >> it's not just the policy but the overall weakness and dekine defending american interest. >> the white house calls it practical modesty. >> he has shown sensitivity to the problems of the nation. >> the middle east peace process has fallen apart. and to restart the relations with russia brought not much
6:26 pm
else. he's frustrated the white house push to explore sanction against the nuclear program. he ignored the effort at engagement. >> we are seeing beginning of a series of potential challenges from china that is more important than what happens on iran negotiations. are we going to have china as responsible partner or is chi cheating and undermining? >> mr. obama gave himself "b" plus. most analysts give him incomplete. mr. obama had plenty on his plate already. at the white house, major garrett, fox news. >> bret: stocks were up today. the dow finished ahead 115 3/4. the s&p 500 was up 14 and a fifth. nasdaq gained 32 1/2. we have expanded panel session from massachusetts and washington. coming up. but first, do you really know
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scott brown and martha coakley? some background when we return. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new lexus gx.
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. despite rough weather in many places, a heavier than normal turnout is reported all across massachusetts as voters here decide who will replace the late ted kennedy in the senate. the polls will be open until
6:31 pm
8:00 eastern time. a win by democrat martha coakley would secure the party 60 vote super majority in the senate and a victory by republican scott brown could derail the democrats healthcare legislation as it is currently written. now, more about the candidates. >> they may be running against each other but martha coakley and scott brown have some things in common. both were raised in massachusetts, attended colleges there. she williams, he tufts where he played basketball and both graduated from boston law schools. >> you can runs against bush cheney but i'm scott brown. i drive a truck. >> i did grow up in western massachusetts in north adams. my dad served in world war ii. >> they stressed their local roots but brown first garnered attention for a nonpolitical issue. he posed semi nude for cosmo in
6:32 pm
college and voted cosmo's sexiest man. >> thank you, urn. >> she was the prosecutor in the so-called nanny trial of louise woodward the 19-year-old british au pair convicted in the shaking death of anite month old baby. coakley was head of the middle sex district office unit and it thrust here into the media spot light and helped her be elected as district attorney the next year. we became the state's attorney general in 2006. >> the characteristics that we grew up with, pitching in, being part of the community, knowing we were responsible for what we did are the values that i have taken with me through my public life and in my personal life. >> her husband thomas is a retired cambridge police superintendent. they have no children. brown first ran for local office in his town in 1992. went to the state house of representatives and moved to the senate in 2004. he is also a member of the army national guard but has never
6:33 pm
been sent to a combat zone. >> as a lieutenant colonel and 30 year member in the army national guard i am one of the team that tries to help and defend our country. >> his wife gail huff is a boston television reporter. they have two college aged girls. one was a semi finalist on fox's "american idol." both now symbolize the issues of their parties but soon america will learn a lot more about the one who wins. i'm eric shawn, fox news. >> there are no exit polls for the special election here today but let's now look at some of the key areas in mass and what they will tell us about the rest of the state. joining us is michael barone, seenial political analyst for the washington examiner. how about some cities we should watch? >> i will be looking at the returns as they come in from the 250 approximately cities and towns. one of the areas to look at is
6:34 pm
for blue collar towns, old mill towns, places like fitchburg in central, massachusetts north of wore oorcester as they pronounce it locally and natick. they have gone democratic in the past and voted with the state average for barack obama over john mccain. recently a fox 2 25 25 suffolk university poll showed brown leading. see if the numbers look like that for scott brown or more of a traditional democratic carry in fitchburg, a town that usually goes for the democratic candidates. >> bret: what about the closer in boston suburbs? >> two different kinds of suburbs closer in to boston. places that are not downscale,
6:35 pm
like the suburb of peabody on the north shore. that area voted with the statewide average for barack obama. it also voted 71% for hillary clinton over obama in the primary. and that fox 25 suffolk university poll showed brown carrying that by 57% to 41% margin. in contrast, we will also be looking at upscale places like wellesley, the home of wellesley college from which hillary clinton graduated some years ago. the upscale suburbs often have a lot of poe fessers and academic people and professionals and they have gone democratic in recent years despite a historical republican heritage. see if martha coakley is carrying that kind of democratic vote, liberal on the cultural issues in this campaign. >> bret: okay. and quickly, michael, anecdoteally we are hearing stories of a high turnout all across the state.
6:36 pm
what do you think that means? >> i think the level in interest in this is obviously high. all the indicators that we had from public opinion surveys say that the enthusiasm level is much higher among those supporting scott brown the republican so i would take a high turnout level plus a variety of anecdotal evidence that has been coming in as indicateing that scott brown is doing well. but we won't really know until we see the numbers. >> bret: okay. we'll be watching every city as they come in with the raw votes since there is no exit poll here. michael, thank you. talk to you later. >> good to be here. >> bret: something special on the panel tonight. we will talk with two local political strategists here in massachusetts about what they saw and heard today on the ground. that is coming up in three minutes. ugcl)
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yeacl 's h fba icos y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli >> i don't know if we are going
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to be -- i'm up in some and down in some and we will see what happens. i hope to see you all tonight. >> i have been in boston, new bedford, worcester. the spirits are high. i can tell anecdoteally from folks that we will bring this home tonight and it will be a coakley victory. >> bret: democrat harassment coakley and republican scott brown. our first panel comes from massachusetts, joining us from up the road in newton, marry ann marsh and charlie manning. thank you both for being here tonight tonight. i want to get a sense of your atmospherics as you made your way around and talked to folks about what you see and hear on the ground today. let's tart with you. >> i can tell you the fact is when it race started this morning the polls opened up it was a dead heat. a great surge in the morning and quieter during the day and
6:41 pm
this state votes from 4:00 to 8:00 as well. i feel good about martha coakley. i know if you were watching national coverage you would have thought this race was over last week but it has been a slugfest. after we were showing 50% turnout after 40% was predicted. a huge turnout for massachusetts and great news for everybody. >> bret: charlie, what are you seeing and hearing? >> where scot has to do well is where the two people are turning out in the two rings of suburbs along route 128 and 145 the turnout is overwhelming and that is all scott brown country. not so well in the cities is what we are hearing and that is where martha coakley would do better. i had the great fun of doing three hours of talk radio with people calling in all over the state and, of course, it is the just the stories you hear but people on the scott brown side are excited, they had great stories to tell and it reminds me so much of when bill weld
6:42 pm
got elected governor here and mitt romney, the enthusiasm was there for both candidates and i think it is there for scott brown. >> bret: there is a democratic machine here in massachusetts obviously, a big one, and with the push by president obama, former president clinton and others, was it activated effectively in time? the white house today david axelrod saying we did what we thought was necessary when we were called in. >> the fact is bill cli clinton kicked this off. he is enormously popular in massachusetts. president obama came in on sunday, the base democrats love him and i would put the operation that martha coakley put out today against any operation in the country any time of the day. the one fact you really have to remember here is 52% of the voters in massachusetts are unenrolled, independent everywhere else. 11% republican and 37% democrats. scott brown that's to get at least a minimum of 40% of the votes to win. martha coakley only has to get
6:43 pm
17% plus of those votes. that is the battle ground. people got the democrats out and republicans i'm sure torned out because they are mad. it is really unenrolled voters. while scott brown has been more popular with them, i think martha coakley's get out the vote operation is second to none. hard fought battles in massachusetts and elsewhere. >> bret: what about that and what about the fact that scott brown campaigned on being the 41st vote against healthcare legislation? >> gretchen: ma. >> martha coakley made a decision to go really negative in about the last nine days of the campaign. and it really turned off independents. i have seen polls at the end here where her negative rating is over 50% among all voters and in the 60s among independents. if it comes down to independents that is a great boost for scott.
6:44 pm
scott will be the person who will cast the 41st vote and stop obama care. that set off the national race and raised a lot of money and it was a key to his success and the only way he was able to match the democratic machine with all the grass roots money that came in from all over the country. >> bret: very quickly. if martha coakley is able to squeak this out is there still a message sent around the country from massachusetts? >> i think it will be the wrong lesson. nationally what people will take is they will say it was a referendum on healthcare. perception is reality. it is not right but it will and people will be more leery if you are a blanche lincoln and other districts that mccain won and you are a democrat and i think that makes a tougher fight for democrats in january and in the white house. >> bret: thank you so much for being here tonight. it will be interesting
6:45 pm
definitely and thanks for welcoming us here to boston. >> thanks for being here, bret redwood city we will go back down to washington and talk about the big picador -- we will go back down to washington will go back down to washington and talk about the big picture of this election. v8 garden broccoli. from campbell's. velvety, delicious. campbell's v8 soups. also, try new garden vegetable blend.
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with 60 votes, we had just enough to pass this bill on christmas eve and now if we lose the vote with the new senator from massachusetts we are down to 59 and unless we can persuade a republican to cross over then we are short. >> i don't believe that there is an entirely new agenda
6:49 pm
behind some dar based on the result of tonight. >> whatever happens in massachusetts we will have quality affordable healthcare for all americans and it will be soon. >> bret: all democrats talking about healthcare reform legislation after the results here in the special election in massachusetts. so what happens? big picture, no matter which way is goes, let's bring in the panel from washington. hollywood square style steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. charlesard and charles caught krauthammer. what about it hinging on what happens here? >> if scott brown becomes the 41st republican senator he will block healthcare in the senate which means if the democratic party wants to pass a reform bill they must pass the senate bill, making sure that all of the house members that they need, 218 sign on. there are much grumbling and much reservation from liberals through conservatives in the democratic caucus on the house
6:50 pm
side saying they don't want to do this with you i but it is ty to pass the senate bill in the house unchangend and send it to the senate's desk without having to go back to the senate with senator scott brown. it is a huge battle but that is the only way out of it at this point. >> bret: speaker pelosi is pushing forward no matter what happens and no matter what the message is out of massachusetts. >> sounds like she is on a suicide mission here, the only way this will pass if the democrats lose the seat in massachusetts is in the house adopts the senate bill exactly as is, no changes. people have spoken about a tricky process called reconciliation. that is not going to work in the senate and the idea of delaying the swearing in of brown if he wins for a week or two is so illegitimate that it would cause an insurrection in
6:51 pm
the country. if that is the only way and it happens, will the left, will the liberals in the house swallow all of their objections and there are lot, and accept the bill as is? i think the answer is, yes. then it leaves only the ones who are objecting on the grounds of abortion who essentially the moderates on the right of the party and there it is problematic. the numbers are difficult. i think if pelosi insisted it might be possible but i would say the odds in the end are if the democrats lose massachusetts healthcare is dead. >> bret: steve, you know, we don't have any early indications, there are no exit polls in the race, polls close at 8:00 p.m. and martha coakley could pull out a squeaker here judging by the polls going in depending on turnout obviously. if she does that but still there is a message out of massachusetts. are there still wobbly democrats after that? >> i think if she wins, i think healthcare moves forward. it might be a little trickier
6:52 pm
and i think there will be more deals that have to be cut certainly before it becomes a reality. i think if she wins healthcare likely passes. i agree with charles, though, if she in fact loses it as totally different world politically and i don't think that you will be -- if you are nancy pelosi you are going to be able to cut deals with people in the context of a republican winning in massachusetts would be such sort of an earth change politically. what moderate democrat is going to say at that point i would love to have a post office named after me so i will vote for this when i will probably lose reelection if i do. >> bret: ab, did you see a turning point at all in this race? >> you know, i think the turning point happened in december. unfortunately, no one was awake to this. i really know that democrats are blaming martha coakley as a weak candidate but the democratic party is to blame, the national apparatus is to
6:53 pm
blame for letting it slip through their fingers. a state with almost 50% unaffiliated voters, the very voters leaving the obama administration in droves, he won because he won independents and he has been losing them since the spring and early summer. they lost gubernatorial races in new jersey. there is no more writing on the wall that you need to look at a state like, massachusetts, and say even here national trends could affect the state. the democrats all looked away and let this slip through their fingers in december. it was when independents began to get excited about scott browns if candidacy and turn away from coakley and democrats in massachusetts and begin a grassroots effort to get him elected and that happened well over a month ago. >> bret: we will get final thoughts from the panel on the implications in this race after a quick break. host: could switching to geico really save you
6:54 pm
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>> bret: we're back with the panel for some final thoughts on this race here in massachusetts. let's begin with charles. >> ironically the democrats have discovered an issue here that works. it is not healthcare. when obama came up here he didn't say a word about it. nothing about energy. he knows that the big agenda is a loser politically but what he did raise was the bank tax. it is almost as if the white house invented it. it launched it over the weekend as a coakley tax because it gave an argument. the republicans and this republican opposes all tax hikes so he had to be against the bank tax and that is a way for democrats to tap into into the popolous that up until now republicans and conservatives had a monopoly on.
6:58 pm
watch for the bank tax to be highnd emphasized in the state of union and emphasized all the way to election day in november. >> steve. >> it has been 364 days since the president was sworn in and we have seen his favorability rating go from 70 to less than 50. throughout the entire time period the white house has insistd that base eckly his opponents are a small band of radicals, tea party folks who are motivated only by anger. turns out they were wrong, whatever happens in the race tonight and it is a broader coalition and we are seeing the roots of in massachusetts which should send them a message but by all accounts the white house doesn't seem to be receiving it. >> bret: ab? >> i think even if harassment that coakley pulls it out tonight. i don't think there is 60 votes in the senate for healthcare. waiverring senators on the democratic side don't want to take that vote again. >> bret: very quickly, charles, prediction?
6:59 pm
>> oh, god. i will go with my heart. scott brown. >> bret: steve hayes? >> i think brown wins and by a decent margin, maybe 6 points. >> bret: ab. >> i think scott brown wins by less than six. >> bret: okay. scott brown all the way around the horn for the panel. we will keep you to it. thank you panel for joining us from washington. we are live from boston and we will be live all night. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for special report, fair balanced and unafraid. stay tuned for continuing coverage of the massachusetts special election. it promises to be quite an interesting night here in boston. the polls close at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. that is when we will start looking at the returns from all the cities. we have our complete team looking at the vote tallies including michael barone who knows more about this city than many people have foregotten and this sta


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