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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 28, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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remember, the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. sean: a situation is developing on capitol hill tonight, senate majority leader harry reid is vowing to push a government option through the senate no matter what it takes. centrists on both sides of the aisle, like lieberman and republicans like olympia snowe are standing firm against a government option which is causing problems for senator reid and the rest of his far left contingent. these holdouts may force the senator to fall back on a procedure known as reconciliation. that would allow the government option to pass the senate with a slim 51-vote majority but when the democrats took over, weren't they the ones led by the president himself who vowed to negotiate with and persuade their opponents rather than jam legislation through by the slimmest of margins? and don't you think when it comes to the most significant
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legislation facing this country in the past half century, although that might be appropriate? it turns out president obama thinks so, at least he thought so. listen to what he told "the concord monitor" in 2007. >> got to break out what i call the 50 plus one pattern of presidential politics. we are not going to pass the universal health care with a 51 plus package. sean: joining me is the author of "culture of corruption." we're joined by michelle malkin. welcome to the program. >> hi, sean. sean: first of all, harry reid is not having a good day, a good week. here's what he's now calling this, the government option co-op with an opt-out. we had senator mccain on last night. he can't explain it. can you explain it to this audience? >> no. there's nothing to explain. we still have the c.b.o. waiting to receive whatever harry-care is supposed to be. and as democrat senators have
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pointed out, there is nothing to analyze yet, so this is really the ultimate in vapor legislation which is a great term the heritage foundation has used to describe this entire process, and we've had this threat of reconciliation for the last seven or eight months now, and the phrase that jim mannly, harry reid's spokesmen used several months ago was that they would pass this thing, quote, unquote, by any legislative means necessary, unquote. and sean, it's so important to keep shining light as you are on the way that they are subverting the deliberative process to get this down our throats. sean: now, there is this war -- we've got joel lieberman promising to filibuster with the republicans which i think is a significant development here if they go forward with the government option but you have other, more moderate democrats, blanche lincoln, evan bayh, ken conrad, mary
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landrieu, all these democrats saying they don't want any part of this. then the other part of the democratic party saying no government option, we're not supporting this. how do they resolve this internally? >> well, they're going to do what harry reid has been threatening to do which is to use this reconciliation process, cut off debate, and remember that with this process, it severely limits the number of hours that they'll be able to debate this on the floor to 20 hour, severely limits the amount of amendments they can place on this and they will try and do this by sheer force. and you know what harry reid is going to do too, of course, despite the fact you have all these democrats dropping like flies, he's going to demonize republicans and blame conservatives for his own failures here. he did it when the doctor fix failed last week, that $250 billion evasion plan to cut that out of the c.b.o. analysis and buy out the doctors.
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didn't work. he blamed the a.m.a. and blamed the republicans and what he'll do this time, too. sean: for those who don't understand what doc fix is about, they were trying to hide the real cost of this, at least $250 billion of this by putting it in another form of legislation which is a deceptive tactic. i want to show you and our audience, michelle, what politico reported on today. they have barack obama's campaign arm and they have 20 finalists, this health care video contest and they got the american flag splattered with graffiti and i want to show this and get your reaction to it.
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sean: your thoughts? >> well, i've been following this health care reform contest and i'm not surprised. this video was produced by someone who bills himself as the king of graffiti in los angeles. and this is where they turn for their propaganda. it's all about emotion. it's all about tarring and feathering the opponents of the government health care takeover as somehow unpatriotic and the defacing of the flag, of course, is well within the mainstream of far left propaganda tactics. it's also interesting -- sean: go ahead. >> i was just going to say it's also interesting to take a look at the other finalists and i urge people to do it and i link to it on my website because when they're not defacing the flag they're exploiting children and putting obama care propaganda and culture of entitlement lines into the mouths of children. there's another video i think is equally appalling that has
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all of these kids talking about how they deserve government health care, and if you don't give it to them then not only do you wish death upon children but puppies and everything that's american as well. sean: that's pretty shocking, pretty amazing. it's going to be interesting now this has been revealed in what happens to the days to come. i want to go back because you pointed out how the democrats with the doc fix tried to manipulate the numbers. remember, they voted twice in the house and the senate and don't want to put this bill online for 72 hours and let the american people dissect this. there's another interesting battle, remember, john kerry said he voted for the $87 billion before i voted against it and that became an issue in 2004. is it possible democrats can be a little sneaky and they can vote for culture, in other words, allowing the legislation to move forward and then voting against the legislation so tagged without having voted for it. sense the cloture vote
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ostencibly a vote for the bill? >> yes. and i don't think that some of these democrats who have issues and problems with harry-care, obama-care, whatever you call it, are going to fall for doing the kerry approach to this. and evan bayh actually has been quoted in the papers today saying he sees no substantive difference between the cloture vote and the policy vote. so i think this is doomed. i think harry reid is in a lot of trouble, so is president obama and that's why you're seeing such desperate measures as this organizing for america video drive. they have nothing left but fumes, vapor, emotion and anecdotes to try to sell the plan on. sean: he said he looks at the votes as one of the same. next question, changing the topics a bit, we've been discussing at length congressman grayson and as of yesterday morning he wasn't going to apologize for using the term k street whore for
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describing a woman and then there was political pressure within the democratic ranks and he apologized. what would be the reaction if he was a republican? >> you know, we'd be strung up by our toes. imagine if you had said something about this by a lobbyist on capitol hill or any other democratic public figure. that is the massive grand canyon sized double standard that conservatives always have to deal with in public policy. so grayson has at least given the semblance of some sort of apology or backing off. my question is where is the apology or backing up from this white house? because president obama praised allen grayson as a paragon of congressional virtue at a fundraiser in florida this week. that's his standard of civility? sean: great point. i got to tell you, michelle, this is so important because for all the town halls and everything that happened this summer, these are the critical weeks if you don't want health care, it's going to be this week, it's going to be next week, so we appreciate you as
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always being with us. congratulations on the book. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, sean. sean: lots more to come tonight. here's a sneak peek of what's coming on "hannity." >> here comes the president. about three hours and 45 minutes. sean: a four-hour visit to new orleans, golf trips and political fundraisers, what if bush were still in office? the urlt double standard tonight exposed. >> welcome to the white house. sean: shocking evidence president obama is selling access to the white house. >> ladies and gentlemen, i hope you had a wonderful evening. >> you and i have a rendezvous with destiny. sean: will november 23 mark the rebirth of a revolution? all of that plus juan williams and coach lou holtz. much more "hannity" straight ahead.
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sean: it's been six months since arlen specter switched parties and a video was released to mark the occasion. >> ♪ i'm a man without conviction ♪ i'm a man who doesn't know ♪ sean: and congratulations benedict arlen and good luck in the upcoming election. looks like you'll need it.
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sean: tonight in "your america." the special treatment barack obama received during the presidential campaign has no doubt continued in his first year of office and shines the spotlight on this ultimate double standard. the website answered a very important question, what if george w. bush had done some of the very same things barack obama has done as president? like, for example, the fact that barack obama has spent less than four hours on the ground in new orleans since he took office? what if george bush did that? and how about the 22 fundraisers president obama has already headlined? did you know that by contrast, in his entire first year in office, george bush appeared in only six political fundraisers. then there's the subject of golf, michael moore and his pals slammed george bush for his links time as president but did you know, barack obama has already tied george bush for the total number of rounds of golf he played during his entire presidency. the gathering double standard
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that exists -- glaring double standard that exists here is nothing short of incredible. we are joined by doug and michelle. double standard? >> i think there is. the reason we have a double standard is because the obama administration has been very successful in courting the press. the press is their political base. they focus on optics and they know if they lose the press, they lose their presidency s so sean, it's no surprise there is a double standard because the obama administration understood they didn't keep the press on their side they couldn't govern. sean: i look at the press as almost an extension of the white house, you know, communications machine. >> well, it is much more of an extension of the obama administration than fox news is of the republican party. the irony of their attack on this network made me fall off my chair laughing. the mainstream press i think is suffering from the lowest point of public confidence in history
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in part because the public does not see them as an effective watchdog over the white house. sean: you're an honest democrat. all the coverage he gets, a point was made over the weekend that stuck with me, nobody has the right to -- nobody in the obama white house has the right to complain about their coverage. >> of course they don't, sean. sean: they're whining like a bunch of big crybabies. >> but it's a game. it's all part of the game. they believe that you reward your friends, you punish your enemies. it's a divide and conquer strategy to mobilize the base. that's what they're doing. that's their strategy and it's not working so badly from their point of view. >> i don't think it's working that well. their approval numbers have dropped i think close to 30 points since the inaugural address. and i think they will continue to erode. i think that something that contribute tots -- contributes to all this is the press is always hostage to a narrative.
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the narrative may take longer to seep into the public consciousness. it is seeping and really simple, hypocrisy, ugly chicago politics and radical liberalism. sean: and broken promises. i agree. i think she's on to something. i think that the narrative is changing and it's taking time. i think the american people, unlike me, i made my decision a long time ago. but i think the american people have been very fair in giving him an opportunity. but i think what nicole is pointing out here is dead on. that is the picture that's emerging. >> i think it's a little bit different and what you were talking about before, sean. if the white house cannot get a broad-based health care with close to 60 votes, if they go public option, 51 votes on reconciliation, then what nicole is talking about i think will come to happen. sean: what democrats are going to oppose it? we seem to see a few moderate democrats emerging. what democrats are going to say
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no? >> i think you have obviously lieberman has spoken out. >> god bless him. >> and nelson made it clear he's skeptical. blanche lincoln is skeptical. mary landrieu is potentially skeptical. evan bayh is undecided. there's four or five votes there. you have obviously olympia snowe. but to my way of thinking, sean, if they can't keep their consensus together of 60 votes, then the view of a white house that hasn't gotten anything done and is mean-spirited and petty i think will come to the floor. they need health care. sean: does that mean this doesn't pass? is this a bill that can really be beaten? because barack obama has put all his political capital into this. >> well, i think republicans would have to worry if obama addressed the nation and demanded he got a bill without a public option because the public has spoken on this. they do not support government-run health care. but i don't see any hints that obama is going to make a move that politically courageous.
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i think republicans would be -- >> i agree. sean: i agree, too. >> if president obama said, i want a bipartisan bill, i want to do torte reform along with incremental health care, it would resurrect his presidency. he'd jump 15 points, and you would have chairman baucus putting together a broad coalition. sean: let me go over this one last issue. i asked michelle malkin about this in the last segment. it really bothered me if any republican referred to any woman in the public specter as a k street whore, the president praised him in spite of all these controversial comments of grayson, what was the -- what would the reaction be, that's all the country would be talking about today. >> that's right. i think this goes back to where we started. this goes back to the echo chamber in washington that plays a really big role in shaping public opinion. people don't have time to sit and watch it in real time. i think it's not just the obama
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white house, it's not just that the president stands for that. it's that the entire media -- he's held up by one of the other cable networks as a hero and that's disgusting. >> you know, sean, that's right. we don't need to reward people with praise when they engage in political -- sean: obama praised him. >> he shouldn't have done it. we need to have a president who governs the way he said he wanted to govern, bipartisan consensus, conciliation, lowering our tone. our problems are too serious to do anything but. >> and pay a political price for it. he's not going to get away with it it. sean: i think the american people are waking up slowly, not as fast as sean hannity. i want to say i was right. but his actions are reinforcing that i was right. one by one. you agree with that? >> sean, sadly i have to agree now. he ran and offered the promise of reconciliation. we're not seeing it. sean: worse than carter. my other prediction. good to see you.
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now, remember when the president vowed to clean up washington? now mark that down as another broken promise. you won't believe the perks that he is selling some heavy hitting d.n.c. donors all those details and then the question, is the lincoln bedroom going to be up for sale again? straight ahead.
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sean: san antonio in "hannity's america" the white house is no longer a place where the president conducts his business but is a playground of some top d.n.c. donors and the president is rewarding those who contribute over $4,000 with access to the mansion. one top donor received a birthday visit to the oval office and another got to use the white house's bowling alley with his family. and a president's top new york bundler robert wolf was rewarded with a golf day with the president during his vacation in martha's vineyard. remember the president vowed to change the way washington works? i wonder if the lincoln bedroom will be on sell next. and the $787 billion stimulus signed by the president in february seems to be causing a bit of disagreement among his own advisors, now, the president himself has said
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repeatedly we will continue to feel the effects of the stimulus for the years to come but his top economic advisor cristina romer suggested otherwise last week when she said this. >> most analysts predicted the fiscal stimulus will have its greatest impact on growth in the second and third quarters of 2009 and by mid 2010 fiscal stimulus will likely be contributing little to further growth. sean: apparently tax chief geithner didn't get the message because he said the stimulus was designed to have its effects over two years. and said, quote, half that effect is still ahead of us. which is it? if you can't get your own story straight about this disaster, how do you expect the american people to understand this? as we told you last night, the congressional measure barring acorn from receiving federal funds, it's going to expire this saturday. now, believe it or not, unless a new continuing resolution is passed, the controversial group that was exposed in these undercover videos will once
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again be eligible to receive your hard-earned tax dollars. and as the clock ticks on, this very serious issue, republican senator chuck grassley has revealed that a serious funding loophole for acorn still exists. get this, acorn is still able to receive donations through a charity drive known as the combined federal campaign or the c.f.c. now, the c.f.c. is a government wide effort that encourages federal employees to donate portions of their earnings to charities. according to senator grassley, the obama administration has refused to remove acorn from the catalog of eligible charities. not only has barack obama supported acorn in the past, he continues to do so now as president. pretty unbelievable. and since garnering national attention during hurricane katrina, new orleans mayor ray nagin has been known for making controversial comments, after all, who could forget the speech he gave on m.l.k. day in
9:27 pm
2006. >> we as black people, it's time, it's time for us to come together. it's time for us to rebuild a new orleans, the one that should be a chocolate new orleans. sean: all right. a brand-new coloring book is skewering the mayor for that statement and more. according to the associated press, the 24-page book was created by karen ocker to call attention to the mayor's controversial tenure. though her office did not respond if they had seen the book had in the past stated the mayor's legacy will be viewed in a positive light when the history books are finally written. mayor, i think the only chance of that happening is that those books are written in crayon. and that is the news tonight from "hannity's america." and coming up, the words of ronald reagan still ring true today, especially when it comes to the new york 23rd special election. the battle between the republican party and conservatives. ann coulter will be here and
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full, thick-looking results the leading salon brand can't beat. full & thick from pantene. hehealthy makes it happen. sean: hey, special election taking place in upstate new york which turned into what seems like a battle for the heart and soul of the republican party, the race for the new york 23rd congressional district. it's taking place between the official candidate dede scozzafava and doug hoffman. though dede calls herself a republican you wouldn't know it from looking at her record, she's pro-choice and supports car check legislation, gay marriage and favored the stimulus bill. governor palin and minnesota governor tim pawlenty have come out for the conservative hoffman standing up for cutting taxes and decreasing the deficit. so could this be the start of a conservative revolution, the same kind of revolution that
9:33 pm
ronald reagan sparked 40 years ago when he delivered this famous speech? >> you and i are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right. well, i'd like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. there's only an up or down. man's old age dream, the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order or down to the ant heap of the toe tall terrace him and with regard to their humanitarian motives those who trade our freedom for security has gone down the course. in this time they used terms like the great society or as we were told a few days ago by the president we must accept a greater government activity in the affairs of the people. the full power of centralized government, this was the very thing the founding fathers sought to minimize. they knew that governments don't control things, a government can't control the economy without controlling people.
9:34 pm
and they know when a government sets out to do that it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose. sean: and joining me now with more on this is the author of the number one "new york times" bestseller "guilty" ann coulter is here. good to see you. >> thank you. good to see you. sean: we were playing this as one of our reagan's favorite speeches, time for choosing. >> yes. they don't make them like that anymore. sean: they don't. i have never seen conservatives more angry at the establishment republican party as they are at this race. >> right. right. and i mean, i think you know my position on the rockefeller republicans based on my position on our last presidential candidate. so you know, obviously i'm against this. what's interesting is you have so many important members of the republican party, as you mentioned in your introduction, coming out in this little congressional race saying come on, knock it off, republicans. this is a long-standing 40-year fight in the republican party with rockefeller republicans
9:35 pm
smearing at the conservatives saying, you'll never win, you're costing us an election and the rockefeller republicans always lose, going back to thomas dewy up through bob dole and john mccain. then when they lose they turn around and say it was because of the conservatives. just like liberals with the stimulus bill. they spend $1 trillion and it does nothing. we didn't spend enough. we're not liberal enough. no, you're too liberal as the polls show over and over again. americans like conservatives overwhelmingly and have for 40 years according to the gallup polls and don't care for republicans all the time. sean: the gallup poll came out this week, 40% of americans identify themselves as conservative. 37% moderate and 20% liberal. this is a right-leaning country. >> and has been. they've been taking this poll 40 years and it's always about 20% for liberal also and about 40% calling themselves conservative and that's conservative on everything, the financial issues, the economic issues, and in a big way the social issues including in this district. sean: i'm a conservative, i'm not a republican. i am a vague an -- a reagan
9:36 pm
conservative. reagan challenged the institution of the republican party when he took on gerald ford. >> right. sean: he gave a speech in 1975 and repeated it in 1977. people were saying we need a third party. >> right. sean: he said is it a third party we need or a revitalized republican party? i think the reason this race has taken on such significant is that because this is the moment where the republican party, if they get their act together can become once again the party that represents conservative principles. >> and we've become more and more that way. the party used to be more of a mixed bag 20 years ago, you used to have all these conservative democrats especially in the south, you used to have a lot more liberal republicans, now it's pretty much the republicans are the parties of conservatives and olympia snowe and the democrats are the party of crazy liberals and joe lieberman. one thing i want to say about the 23rd district because on the stations where they don't know anything about politics yet go on tv and talk about
9:37 pm
politics. you can see the media is looking at this 23rd district race with dede and hoffman and they want a big win for the democrats so they keep describing this district as if it's a republican district. obama won the 23rd district by five points. the reason he took mchugh and made him republican of the party is because they opened the seat and expected the republicans to take the seat which indicates to me they are not confident about virginia and new jersey. sean: i agree. >> the media is fixated on district 23 because they're hoping they'll have one victory they can focus on. sean: imagine six days from now we'll be live on this program, imagine if i could say doug hoffman won the 23rd district, i think that would send a big message to the republican party and if bob mcdonald wins in virginia and it's a very close gubernatorial race, chris christy is up by three points. we could say mcdonald and
9:38 pm
christie won that would be an earthquake for the democrats. >> that's the end of health care. i would say from the beginning i've been pessimistic about new jersey for the sole and exclusive reason that it's new jersey. sean: right. same republican. >> and the odds of a republican winning is unbelievable. a incumbent party in new jersey is not polling at 50% now -- sean: he's not polling at 40%. >> it's pretty shocking. sean: he's in the 30's. >> and they're taking votes away from the republicans not the democrat. sean: you support christie in the race? >> i support all republicans, except one in the 23rd district. by the way, the other thing i don't think you mentioned -- sean: i endorse doug hoffman on my radio show and had him on and endorse him. >> like i say -- sean: if he wins this race i think you can also say governor palin probably put him over the top. >> right. and fred thompson. the establishment republicans are coming out against this woman whom, by the way, you listed many of her appalling credentials, you did not mention she's endorsed by
9:39 pm
george soros' party, the working family's party. sean: the acorn connection. >> that's the republican. sean: what are your predictions for tuesday night, next week? who do you think will win where? >> i hate making predictions. sean: no, you love making predictions. >> not on air. definitely the republican in virginia, which is why it is a totally sleaze bag way the obama administration is moving away from the democrat. new jersey, i'm amazed this is as close as it is with new jersey, i assumed corzine would win with $300 million. sean: some people think he and the other candidate are in cahoots. is that possible? >> the third party candidate wants to cut property taxes, isn't he a green party guy? sean: pretty amazing. coulter, it's always fun to have you in studio. >> good to be here. sean: let not your heart be troubled.
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lou holtz in our great, great, great american panel straight ahead. [ female announcer ] new swiffer wet jet cleans so deep, you'll love it. your old mop will just have to get over it... [ engine rattles ] [ man ] love stinks! ♪ love stinks! ♪ yeah! yeah! [ female announcer ] new swiffer wet jet is redesigned.
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sean: tonight on our great, great, great american panel, he worked at "the washington post" searching as a editorial writer and op-ed columnist, fox news contributor juan williams is here, the former chiefs
9:44 pm
spokesperson for the coalition provisional authority in iraq, author of the brand-new book "start up nation" dan senor is here and the most successful college coach in the history of college football -- >> you're exaggerating already. >> all-around american icon. sean: exactly. i can't say it any better. juan, i have bad news for you, 40% of the country is conservative and only 20% is liberal. >> that's not bad news. it's not that they're republican. remember that, sean. they're conservative. sean: i'm not a republican. i am a conservative. >> all right. then you should be cheered because you're a conservative. but let me say they're conservative in their values and becoming more conservative because they're concerned about cultural rot in this country and people are concerned about keeping families together. numbers are up for people who oppose abortion. sean: you and i are friends. you are conservative in your values. when you and i talk privately, we rarely talk politics, we talk about our families, our
9:45 pm
kids. you are as conservative as i am . that's why i don't understand on fox news sunday where you get some of these views. >> do you have to deal with brit hume or do i have to deal with brit hume? which one? sean: i don't know about dealing with brit hume but he is one of the brightest. >> i'm glad to hear you say that because i loved him and thought man, i must be coming liberal but i'm glad to hear that. sean: it's interesting because this is breaking out in this race in the new york 23rd. the republican, that's a liberal republican. i don't want -- i want conservative victory, reagan principles. i've been like this my whole career in public life. >> it's amazing, many of the mainstream media are setting up that race as though the republicans are engaging in some sort of cannibalization of the party because they're not supporting the republican nominee. but what does it say about the party if this republican nominee supports car check, supported the stimulus package, is noncommital now on obama's health care plan?
9:46 pm
why is that actually in the party's interest? sean: a democrat over a democrat. coach? >> i think it's stupid what the media is saying there's a problem in the republican party. you don't have a problem. you might have a disagreement. a problem is it you have an objective you want to spend all the money and i have a objective, fiscal responsibility. we have different objectives. but if we have the same objective and disagreement how to get there, that's not a problem but happens to be a disagreement. if this case in the 23rd district, that's a problem. >> it looks to be on the outside, gentlemen, it looks to me like you're saying you would rather lose to the democrat than have a republican win. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> why would you do that? sean: when ronald reagan took on gerald ford, i support reagan, because reagan's values represent hannity's values, i'm tired of republican and democrat. liberal republicans in my view are destroying the republican party. >> look, i think in many cases that argument is legitimate. but at some point you've got to
9:47 pm
say on every single issue? i understand in certain parts of the country moderates need to get elected and nominated. but on every single issue? >> you're talking new york. you have a history here in the republican party of rockefeller republicans, jacob javits republicans. >> a traditionally conservative district. it's been conservative for a while, john hughes' district. >> here's the question in the context of this day and age, is it the case that in order to be a republican you have to be totally orthodoxed? you can't be moderate on some issues? >> i'm saying on every single issue he's left of center. >> where is the big 10? >> every issue. >> i'm serious, if you were to tell me cease conservative on some issues and we shouldn't be theological because she isn't conservative on everything. that's fine. that's where i am. but she's liberal on every single issue. point to me one issue she's conservative on. >> conservative on?
9:48 pm
i don't know her that well, i don't know the race that well. i will say this, she's open to persuasion, don't you believe? wouldn't it be better -- i don't know why i'm advising you. sean: hey, look -- >> it goes down to trust. she says i'm going to do this and i'm going to change and do this -- i don't believe that. why weren't you that way before? say what you believe and practice what you believe. >> has anyone checked with john boehner about the fact you're going to take away a seat from the republicans in the house? >> so what? so what? >> how about what's in the best interest of the country? if you happen to believe something is in the best interest of the country, in the best interest of your family -- sean: a conservative candidate could have supported doug hoffman. i want to ask you a question, we're going to have an election in six days. if the gubernatorial races go republican in virginia and republican in new jersey and this guy, the conservative happens to win in the 23rd district, what message does that send those supporting health care in washington?
9:49 pm
>> that sends a message that they elected two republican governors. i was at a fundraiser for governor bob mcdonald on monday. great guy. i think he's going to win. i don't believe he's going to win in new jersey because of the independent has 13% of the vote. but to me, i don't care about sending a message. how about people just vote according to the hearts and their beliefs. i get tired of all this pettiness and bickering. tell me what you believe. i happen to live in grayson's district, and -- sean: you're now in grayson's district? the president calmed him an outstanding member of congress. >> well, maybe he has a different standard than i have. sean: he called a woman a whore. >> hey, don't go there. can i talk to you over here? sean: he called a woman a whore and the president calls him outstanding. >> no, no, the president just backed off. sean: when did the president back off? >> what? sean: when? >> when he called him
9:50 pm
outstanding. i think the president has not dealt with this issue at all. sean: that's what i mean. we have more to get to. what a fun panel. >> any time we're with coach it's a big moment. >> hey, i just -- >> he lives in grayson's district. sean: by the way, you should run for that seat. >> that's a great idea. >> what did i do to you? >> lou holtz for congress. sean: if you run i'm going to donate the maximum amount to your campaign. >> thinking of running but not in grayson's district. sean: no, you need to run in grayson's district. >> you can run anywhere. >> if you're in that state you would run any district. sean: it's breaking news. juan williams is going to campaign for both of us. >> it will work for him. sean: we'll take a break. more on our great american panel straight ahead. .
9:51 pm
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sean: and we continue now with our great american panel. we do have some breaking news. it appears that obama is going to go with mcchrystal light. he said if he gets 40, we risk failure. >> apparently what was reported
9:55 pm
is that obama will go for 20,000, or mcchrystal light, with the option to look at it again down the road. if you support mcchrystal, you should support it. sean: i think he may resign. >> wow. >> never going to happen. sean: you know why? because they threw him down the stairs, juan. >> you do not challenge the commander in chief. you report to the commander in chief. it seems you are going outside of the system. >> he was making the case for the strategy that obama had announced in late march. >> and now, things have changed, and let me just say this. mcchrystal light is really beyond what the american people want.
9:56 pm
the american people are not pro- war. sean: the new poll results came out today that shows that they are for the surge. you have got to play to win. >> this is like my wife. we go on a picnic. if you are going to do it, do it right. we are over there. we have troops. i have been to afghanistan. we have brave men and women, and it is our obligation to give them of -- every opportunity to win and be successful. >> in the locker room, if i was one of your players, i would say, "coach, what are we doing here? " we have been in afghanistan for eight years. what are we doing? >> here is the whole point. if you are a leader, you have a
9:57 pm
vision. you have a vision of where you want the and point to be. here is the plan, and you go -- where you want the end point to be. sean: can i add one point to this? he picked this general, and he is not listening to him. >> and he fired general and said he wanted to put in mcchrystal, he a general committed to winning. sean: he called a war of necessity. >> in my definition, what we have to do is de-al qaeda. does that mean we have to do nation-building in afghanistan? sean: the h1n1 swine flu is a big deal. we do not have enough vaccine for the president and first lady. we have a shortage. we may get it in december. let's show how democrats politicized the issue of
9:58 pm
vaccines. here is john kerry and hillary clinton back in 2004. >> this president has turned his back on the wellness of america. >> the administration, as with so much else, has been asleep at the switch. this does not fall into one of their high priorities. you know, they are more interested in tax cuts for the rich than flu shots for everybody that needs them. >> how about being for the country? how about stop being the republican, democrat? doing the right thing? i just get so tired of it being political. if my guy did it, it is ok. just be an american. sean: they had eight months to get iraq together? they do not have enough flu shots proved nationalized health care? >> -- they do not have enough slingshots?
9:59 pm
-- fallujah shots? -- flu shots? >> that is hypocrisy on the part of those two democrats. >> governing is tough. running a federal government is hard. the last administration made mistakes and got criticized, and that is what is happening. sean: the global warming alarmists. you had a pretty good . >> a vegetarian was an old indian word that meant "bad hunter." i had a cold a couple of years ago. do not walk if you can run it -- do not run if you can walk. heavy breathing on my part.


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