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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 25, 2009 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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please check it out on premium members and i'm bill o'reilly, see you next time. we're looking out for you. >> julie: welcome to america news headquarters, i'm julie banderas along with gregg jarrett. fox news alert out of iraq. [ siren ] >> julie: twin bombings in baghdad killing at least 132 people and injuring more than 500. this is the most devastating attack on the iraqi capital so far this year. u.s. ambassador christopher hill and general wade is reacting to the attack. we strongly condemn the bombings that took place in the baghdad resulting in the death of scores of people and the wounding of
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hundreds of others. at this crucial time leading up to national elections, we call upon all iraqis to combat all forms of violence and attempts at intimidation. what happened and what was the target? do we know? we have lost her and we'll try to get that satellite back and we'll go back. >> gregg: following another important story, pakistan's taliban chief delivering a rather ominous warning for that country's military telling to stop the assault on militants or taliban will turn pakistan into another, quote, another iraq. troops capturing a hometown of the taliban's chief. pakistani military saying most of the homes have been turned into a bunkers and a training
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camp for homicide bombers. >> a secret plant in iran, four members of the atomic energy commission toured the site. they allowed them in after western powers raised concerns that iran is seeking to build a nuclear weapon. iran denies the claim saying iranian enrichment facility is being used for peaceful purposes. u.n. team is expected to be in iran for three days. here is what former a.m. was for had to say about what to expect. >> the iranians have time to get out anything they think would be problematic but it's possible national inspectors by looking at the physical attributes of this facility could tell something about what expected use would be, whether for the new generation of iranian centrifuges or more of the old kind. we'll have to see what is
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reported. >> julie: coming up we'll talk to iran's nuclear agenda. >> gregg: now to the war in afghanistan, opponent still undecided on whether to send additional american forces after a requests made by commanders on the ground three weeks ago. now conscious is splitting along party lines over the president's lack of a decision on that issue. caroline is live in washington with more on that. >> there was a clear split today between the two parties. democrats say the president should take it slowly while rptsz want the president to make a call on troop levels immediately. we've known about the requests for weeks. mcchrystal wants 40,000 more troops put into afghanistan in addition to 68,000 that are on the ground. next 12 months will prove whether the fight won or lost. here is the split in congress. >> the sooner we get the people over there, the sooner the decision is made, and are able
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to implement the strategy that will succeed. >> i think i would the be a mistake to have any significant number of additional combat forces. i would like to see the large increase in the afghan army be the major way in which this war is successful. >> reporter: next step in afghanistan is for runoff election two weeks from now between karzai and charger abdullah abdullah. monitors threw out a karzai's votes turning night a runoff. >> even if the decision is made today doesn't mean tomorrow we'll have troops on the ground. it will take time. >> reporter: abdullah said there is no doubt that those extra troops are needed. >> gregg: caroline, thanks.
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>> julie: a key democratic senator believes his party is near the votes they need for a health care bill. one that would include some version of the controversial government backed option. in a television interview, chuck schumer says the plan is gaining traction now and it is a middle ground proposal allowing states to opt out for parpgsz. -- participation. >> i think we're getting close the votes to move forward and my guess is that the public option playing field will be in the bill. >> julie: he insists that no one would be required to take the government option. if you like the private insurance, stick with it. >> gregg: among the many proposals being battered around that might make it is an insurance man date, a requirement making it law that you have health insurance. just like car owners have to have car insurance but how likely is this to be in the
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final language and how much could you be fine first-degree you don't get insurance? good idea, bad idea? is it legal? george mason economist arguing in the "new york times" it could end up hurting more people than it helps. let's bring in two members of congress from opposite sides of the i'll. marsha blackburn and democratic rod andrews the thank you both for being here. representative, it did appear to be a powerful argument laid out by the economics professor that requiring all americans to buy insurance will leave many people worse off, soaking up disposable income and lowering wages. penalizeize can the people that it's supposed to help. do you believe that? >> i do agree with that. you hit on one of the key words, people and penalize can, do you
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want to punish people and say you have to have this. therefore a mandate or do you want to inventive. instead of 13 million shall having a tough time getting that insurance, do you want to voucher them into a program if they are working poor? do want to expand health saving accounts which has been incredibly successful since we brought them into the marketplace in 2003. make that more available. there are ways to do that, from the positive you don't have to go bit from the negative. >> gregg: representative andrews let me quote, the burdens of mandatory purchase, the subsidy costs and associated and implicit tax rates will all increase eventually to the point of unsustainability. what do you think of that? >> i think it's wrong. i think that a lot of people on
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both sides of the fence think it's wrong. as bill fritz. former majority leader, a prominent republican who is in favor of the mandate because he understands that if its company by reasonable subsidy, 80% of the american people are qualified under the mandate. those that don't typically would save $20 a week to get their whole family insured. i think the senator is right. >> gregg: representative blackburn, small businesses make up about 40% of the private labor force, their premiums will jump on average about 15% in the coming year. without a government run insurance plan that is mandated to compete with private insurance, will insurers continue price coverage well beyond the reach of many
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americans? >> what you can look at, you have public run insurance in competition with private insurance. the price skyrockets, it increases much more than the national average. in tennessee, we were a test case, put in place 1994. $2 billion, within eight years it was $8.35 billion program. we have had many of our employers in the state before our current governor got it under control. their insurance would increase 100%. >> gregg: congressman andrews, what about that is in the template i suppose arguably is massachusetts and the costs have not been contained. they are going up? >> the template is not massachusetts. they did not control costs because the federal government has to control costs.
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massachusetts did not have a meaningful employer mandate because they couldn't go beyond state borders. one thing that gregg says is wrong, government mandated public option. no one would be required to choose the public option. think you should correct that, gregg. >> gregg: wait a minute. senate version, congressman, would make it a requirement, you would be penalized without it? >> no, you the public option is mandated. >> gregg: if i said that i apologize. it would be an insurance mandate. congressman you knew what i meant. >> i didn't know what you meant. >> the reason they don't want to talk about massachusetts being the example. they don't have an example of public option health care that is worked, whether it's tennessee, massachusetts, whether it's maine, the price
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skyrocketed. they say every plan they brought forward, whether it's the baucus bill, it all increases the cost. >> gregg: congressman andrews, as you know, you are a lawyer, congress has the authority to levy taxes, to regulate interstate commerce, where is article one section 8 is the federal government given the power to regulate people simply base they exist? that is what the senate version would do. >> i don't think there is legal difference and requirements of auto insurance. it's on the same grounds. if there is a legal challenge, i am sure it will be overcome. >> gregg: auto insurance framers gave to the states. nowhere in the federal government. >> i think constitutional scholars that article one section 8 is a federal police
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power. >> one of them has. >> gregg: two of them have. >> you know what, and. [ inaudible ] >> gregg: they say this is unconstitutional. driving a car is different. that is a voluntary activity. >> could we have a minute fair and balanced as an exception here. medicare was challenged on the same basis and withstood the constitutional challenge. i think this one will two. >> gregg: i'm not going to get away with that. i asked a tough question of your colleague. that is a cheap shot. i'm not going to put up with it here. thank you that. don't put up with it. good to see you guys. >> julie: this is a fox news alert. bernie madoff one of the
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associates has been found drowned in a pool in florida, according to police in palm beach, florida. the wife of jeffrey, he was discovered at the bottom of the pool this afternoon. not known whether it was accidental or any sort of negligence was involved but one of associates found dead in a swimming pool. bernie madoff was behind the biggest ponzi scheme. he is serving 150 years behind bars after a guilty plea. one of his associates found dead in florida. we'll have much more. meantime, we want to go back to the top story, twin bombings in baghdad, killing 132 people and injuring more than 500. it's the most devastating attack on the capital this year. tell us what happened and what
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was the target? >> two explosions, one minute apart, rocking downtown baghdad, even our bureau was some distance away. this is deadliest attack in two years. 132 people dead according to the iraqi military and more than 500 wounded. two car bombers drove themselves up to the justice ministry, two government buildings here and not far from a heavily guarded green zone. they thought the security was improving. >> julie: what is the reaction from the iraqi government? >> we heard from the iraqi prime minister nouri al-maliki who visited the site after the double bombing. he blames al-qaeda and sympathizers of this. two months ago there was a similar coordinated bombing
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targeting two other government buildings. those killed more than a hundred people. clearly they are targeting this government. >> julie: what are u.s. officials saying, have they commented? >> we have a statement from plbz chris hill and the tomorrow commander and they say they do appear to target government ministries. and malaki has condemned the bombing and called the explosions an attempt to derail the progress in iraq. he says he promised that the u.s. will stand with the iraqis. four months ago they left the iraq kiss the lead on the security and expectations and officials have always told us the iraqi security forces would be tested. >> julie: melanie wilkes, live
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on the phone. thank you very much. >> gregg: could the white house and u.s. chamber of commerce be ready to bury the hatchet. white house has freely vented it's criticism and now white house chief of staff rahm emanuel is accepting an invitation into the lion's den. chris wallace has the details from washington. >> white house has accepted an olive branch from the u.s. chamber of commerce. despite a feud that has escalated in recent weeks. next week they will host rahm emanuel at the board of directors meeting. they hope the invitation to one of the sharpest critics will help repair a split that has sploerd in public view. >> we are glad he accepted the invitation and have an opportunity to hear the views and hear back from the board members to an exchange that would be constructive exchange.
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>> chris: rahm emanuel was quoted cursing the chamber, worried about backing propose candidates. earlier this month, president obama said about blocking plans. >> they are very good at this. that is how business has been done in washington over foor very long time. the chamber alone have spent half a billion dollars on lobbying. >> chris: now they oppose the white house on the public option on parts of cap and trade and financial reform. white house hased in high profile ceos to distances themselves from the chamber. some have even quit the organization but the chamber says it will stand firm against administration efforts to neuter the organization. >> let's be clear, we haven't raised up the cain.
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we intend to represent the american business community and get the biggest outcome for the american worker and economy and do what we do zbloow neew the latest developments in ongoing development west side fox news, white house says a low level official at the treasury department made a mistake last week. in attempting to prevent fox from interviewing obama administration czar fine berg. when he was allowed to other news organizations. think acknowledged the mistake to major garrett who eventually conducted the interview. in washington, chris wallace, fox news. >> gregg: watch more of his interview coming up at 6:00 right here on the fox news channel. >> julie: a new jersey town still in shock over the murder of a priest. this man, now they accuse him of
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>> gregg: we are getting word that an associate of bernie madoff who had been accused of complicity in the multibillion dollar fraud has been found dead in the bottom of a pool. apparently a drowning. now police in palm beach reported from a home at ocean boulevard, south ocean boulevard where they found jeffrey picower, he was pronounced dead about 1:30 today. again, this is a man who many people believed had been enriched more than anybody to the tune of tens of millions of
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dollars. he had been accused and charged by the trustee irving pikard of complicity which he denied through his attorney. we'll continue to follow the developments. >> julie: inspectors with the u.n. atomic agency getting the first look inside the nuclear facility in iran. the site of much concern as the u.s. and western allies question iran's true intentions. so is the rowing 3 nation trying to build a nuclear weapon? or is there truth that it's being used for peaceful purposes. we'll have to wait for a while for the u.n. team's report. next guest is a national security writer, thank you so much for talking to us. i understand that you visited a uranium conversion facility back in 2007. you were denied access to the
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enrichment facility that is much bigger one than the u.n. inspectors are allowed. officials bragged to you how impossible it would be to bomb all those facilities? >> right. taking us back to 2006, president mz aamid a bizarre promise he would open all the -- mz aabut he would. so in 2007 i was working on book about nuclear tourism. i went on a tour of the nuclear site. as you mentioned the only place we were given to the uranium conversion facility. the thing that was on everybody's agenda but they never did open it to you. >> julie: what does it say to you about iran's willingness to peace talks. now, the inspectors have gone and visited the uranium enrichment site and supposed to
4:25 pm
report back after visiting the small scale site. considering this, what people may not know about these sites is they are protected by military reinforcements like missile silos and anti-aircraft batteries. that is why iranians are bragging to you they are bombproof. >> even the other one you could see military. this one is much better protected because it's inside a mountain. if israel bombs us, if u.s. bombs us, they were very clear about what their strategy. they wanted to spread out their nuclear facilities. they wanted to protect them. their point even if you bomb us, we will still continue with our program. >> julie: so we have to wait about three days or so for them to finish their inspections. they are going to go going back to finish their job. inspectors say they are going in and quoting, to use all technical tools available to them to assess whether there has
4:26 pm
been any recent activity at this plant. iranians deny this, they say they haven't enriched uranium yet. but what inspectors discover they are lying, then what? >> then the international community has discussed, the u.s. has tried to pressure for, you could have a tightening of economic sanctions. real question is not just what the inspectors find. they can look at the blueprints and compare it to what they see. interview scientists. there has to be an openness and willness from iran otherwise it looks what it is a tactical move. >> julie: what part of move the u.n. they have approached iran and part of the dial is to enrich uranium else where, such as russia. that is part of a deal that is on table now but was back in 2007 and it wasn't likely to pass. do you think the same thing is going to happen this time around? >> i think so. they're certainly have been experts who have been
4:27 pm
optimistic. you want to be optimistic. ideal situation a deal. when you look at the public statements that iranian officials have made in the past and making up today, and the official press, i don't think a deal is very likely. they are very committed to having their own fuel cycle and i don't think a deal serves in their best interests. >> julie: but they are showing this new so-called openness and revealed a secrete site. so they are trying to show that their ambitions are for peaceful purposes and they don't want to develop a nuclear weapon, an atomic bomb. they haven't convinced the rest of the world and there needs to be a deal the table for them to do that. if it's not enriching in russia, what is it going to be? >> that is what unclear. this attitude of openness. they were open in 2007 when they allowed myself and other journalists to visit one facility.
4:28 pm
it can't just be one facility, after something is discovered they announce and declare openness. it's providing unfettered access to the scientists involved in the program to all the sites and not just every year, oh, we have a new facility and we're telling you about it. it has to be a commitment. >> julie: sharon wineberger, thanks for talking to us. >> gregg: getting new developments on murder of a private. he was stabbed 32 times during an an argument. jose feliciano, think found bloogt clothing at his home h he was performing cpr and was suspicious of his attempts. his body was found in the church after he failed to appear in mass. >> julie: protest in the streets
4:29 pm
of kabul, are taliban tactics turning people against u.s. soldiers. you want to know about this. let's move the video on to credit card. before you whip out the plastic to pay at the register. we're going break down the ten biggest credit card mistakes that consumers are making, next. (announcer) this is nine generations of the world's most revered luxury sedan. this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars... this is the world record for longevity and endurance. and one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the planet.
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>> gregg: time for top of the news, twin bombings killing at least 132 people in baghdad. iraq's leaders said the attacks aimed to disrupt political process and events leading up to the crucial election. united nations inspectors entering a uranium enrichment facility in iran. it was the first look at the secret facility south of tehran. federal officials entering the site of a massive fuel depo in puerto rico. they want to know if someone intentionally caused it. >> julie: there has been uphill battle against taliban trying to bring democracy. now taliban tactics may be on the afghan people. the same u.s. soldiers fighting to protect them. colonel powell has the latest from kabul. >> tensions as several thousand
4:34 pm
afghans took to the streets, throwing rocks, waving signs saying death to america and down with israel. crown of university students protesting what they said was desecration of the copy of koran by u.s. troops. they say they burned a copy of the book during a raid last week in southern afghanistan. u.s. spokesman says it was a dal ban rumor. tensions are high across afghanistan as the security situation has deteriorated. after begins wince again go to the polls to choose a new president. >> julie: thank you very much. >> we've used our credit cards to buy something on a whim sometimes, then we cry when the bill comes in the mail. when it comes to those credit card transactions, how bad is bad? the website credit put its own scale to determine
4:35 pm
customer mistakes. it breaks it all down to help you find out if you are getting in too deep. and to go over the worst mistakes with our plastic. thank you so much for talking to us. let's weigh the worst, if you will. is it worst to take a cash advance or pay a bill or two late? >> cash advance doesn't work good because it does work if you are desperate for money. it's much better if folks do have, let's say a debit card or a bank card where they can draw against their own account rather than draw on a credit card line. in terms of being a little bit late on a payment, you know, it's probably -- i would rank it up there pretty much the same. it doesn't look good. imagine if you owned a saving bond from the u.s. government
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and they were a few days late sending you the interest payment. it would make you feel uneasy next time you are thinking about buying another one. >> julie: they pay the minimum on their credit card and then they pay interested. how sbad it to pay the minimum. that is not bad from a credit rating point of view but it's kind of silly when you think about it. if you buy stuff, buy a thousand dollar tv, if you have a bad credit card you are going to wind up paying twice as much money as you actually spend by paying the minimum balance. so i believe it's always better to pay it down. it doesn't adversely affect your credit card rating. >> julie: i want to hit them all. using your card? >> not a big deal, pay down the balance when the bill comes in. >> julie: missing a payment. what consequences does it have on credit?
4:37 pm
>> bad. credit score will be very adversely by missing a payment. it's not as bad as complete default. >> julie: every time i walk into a department store, they try to get me 10 percent to open up a credit card. i didn't go for it. it was tempting, what should we do there? >> you did the right thing. you are better not doing that, just using your existing card. >> julie: what if you are overwhelmed by debt, all your credit cards are max'd out. it's called debt settlement, any drawbacks? >> big black marks on your cd score. negotiating down the outstanding balances is basically, it's a government defaulted on your bonds. >> julie: how about moving your debt from a high interest card to a low interest card with a balance transfer, or playing the
4:38 pm
balance transfer game. it's very tempting offer? >> you don't want to look like you are playing a game, multiple times a year. you it's okay to do it once in a while. key thing is we have to very careful manage ouch credit outstanding. customers have been bringing it down in recent data. that is good thing. >> julie: how about using a card to pay for an expensive home appliance or repairing an exist home appliance? >> or an emergency medical thing pay the balance down when the bill comes in. make sure you pay at least the minimum, preferably pay as much as you can. >> julie: and having too many credit cards, that is what i think a lot of people do? >> i don't know why anybody would want to have half or more
4:39 pm
dozen credit cards. >> julie: can you state a number? >> two or three, it's better to have more than one, big rest restaurant,. >> julie: i like that set aside for your girlfriend or wife, guys. >> at least, two or three. >> julie: so great the way you think. great advice. >> gregg: a police officer ends up on the wrong side of the road planted right on top of a utility pole. how is the officer doing? we have a passion for indicing fright, don't we? and in need of a job? why the halloween season could be your ticket to big bucks coming up.
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>> gregg: associate of bernie madoff was found dead in palm beach at the bottom of a pool. he was lived in florida, 67 years old had been accused by the madoff trustee of being complicity in the ponzi scheme which he denied. kimberly mill is on the phone from palm beach, west palm beach. kimberly, what happened here? >> the police got a call about noon from the wife and
4:44 pm
housekeeper saying they had found him at the bottom of the pool at their mansion. the wife and housekeeper had pulled him out of the pool but was not breathing and had no pulse. paramedics were unable to revive him. they took him they he was pronounced dead at 1:30. >> gregg: authorities saying anything about whether this was accidental, suicidal, homicide al, any of those things? >> no, they say it's standard operating procedure to investigating it as drowning. it doesn't sound like foul play. according to the wife, she had seen him swimming about 15 minutes later, she saw him at the bottom of the pool. they haven't given any reason to
4:45 pm
believe there was any foul play or investigating anything other an drowning. >> gregg: as i mentioned earlier he was sued by the trustee because irving pikard claimed the biggest bishop of multibillion dollar scheme and he should have known what was going on. he netted $7 billion in bogus profits. do you know anything more about that? >> no, i'm not the expert on what is going on there. from what i understand they were not big associate lights on balm beach. i only know what you just said. >> gregg: he was kite a philanthropist in florida and massachusetts? >> right. foundation is a big name and has
4:46 pm
been gin out millions of dollars over the years. i guess in the beginning it was believed they were victims of their ponzi scheme. now after the lawsuit was filed, that might not be the case. >> gregg: according to lawyers. the accounts were riddled with blatant and obvious fraud, that is a quote. he should have recognized all of that since he was a sophisticated sbev. i can tell you through our own journalism at fox news and fox business network, we had uncovered some evidence that was arguably incriminating toward jeffrey picower and more facts may come up. he was found dead at the bottom of a pool in palm beach. >> julie: sometimes even the police need help. one deputy in washington state, his chrysler ends up on that
4:47 pm
utility pole. how did it get there. they say the officer was responding to a call with his sirens blaring, his lights flashing, when he was broadsided by another car. the impact apparently snapping power lines and ignite that go fire and leaving the deputy cruiser pointing skyward. a pretty dangerous situation. no one was injured in the crash. look at that tire is still spinning. ♪ >> gregg: this year the only thing scarier than halloween is the dismal economy. others a night full of fright and candy and costumes isn't stopping them from dropping some serious dough to have a little fun. even a plus for people looking for part-time work. correspondent has mo more on that.
4:48 pm
>> the international association anticipate they'll create 250,000 jobs in 2009 after 2500 haunts. >> employees temporary employees that will work from 30 to 40 hours a week. we will employ hundreds of thousands employees around the country. they'll do everything from security to ticket booths to actors. >> in new york, retail chain turned into a halloween scene each fall. 30 locations over 1,000 seasonal employees starting from 7.25 to $10 an hour. >> pop up stores, 27 pop-up stores which is more than we've ever done in the past. it brings in a lot of revenue for us. >> the numbers may not be too sweet. they forecast the average candy buyer will spend less this year,
4:49 pm
down from last year. halloween is not just for kids. adults and grouse of office workers are taking part. they ranked halloween in the top five second holidays with last year hitting $35.8 billion. they expect a record-breaking year up 4.2% to $6 billion. >> gregg: halloween wouldn't be completed without all those cute kids in costume. we're going to show you the coolest costumes for your little one and how to keep your kids safe while trick-or-treating. >> julie: i have a costume for you to put on. >> gregg: don't put on hats and costumes. >> julie: i'm going to get you on youtube if it's the last thing i do today. >> gregg: you've done that. >> julie: and parents want to protect their children from h1n1
4:50 pm
the we are going to get the vaccine. would you do this? deliberately expose your kids to the virus. remember chicken pox, you get it over with, h1n1 swine flu parties. >> gregg: very popular. >> julie: parents are doing this for real. >> gregg: we're going to explain with a doctor coming up. %%%%
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>> julie: you've heard a chicken pox parties. i never went to one but existed when kids exposed to their virus so they could build up immunity on them. >> gregg: i had a mumps party with my sister.
4:54 pm
doctor made her kiss me so i would get the mumps. >> julie: are you serious? >> gregg: my sister planted a big one on me. they did back in the 50s but word that parents are organizing h1n1 parties exposing their kids to the virus on purpose. >> julie: let's ask the doctor from mt. sinai hospital and fox news health contributor. i don't remember chicken pox killing anyone when i was a kid. h1n1 much different story, what parents in their right mind would purposely expose their child to the virus? >> it's a big mistake. we know exactly as you mention that h1n1 flu virus is completely different than chicken pox. this bhairs differently. we know its mild virus.
4:55 pm
majority of patients recover fairly well but there could be serious illness or death from this. over a thousand deaths. 46 states have reported it. to take a chance and put your healthy child through this it's a big mistake. other point julie is that different kids react differently to the virus. it's unpredictable. >> julie: i --. >> gregg: i think the side effects associated with the virus are not as severe as the potential danger of the shot, the vaccine. can you talk about that? >> that is a myth. we know the side effects the side effects are really mild. you may get redness on the injection site. the actual site of the virus, a spectrum from mild to severe illness. i think parents are taking a big chance. this is russian roulette game.
4:56 pm
they may get a lot more than what they are asking for. it's against the recommendations and physicians condemn that. >> julie: president obama declared a national emergency. he is trying to beat this, although the vaccines are not out there yet. talk about the potential pandemic this could become, if people hold these parties, you may be spreading to people in the party but going to expose others because once you get the virus and send your kids out to the public, all they have to do is cough, touch another child and they spread to it their families? >> that is a very critical point. this can go from human to human and it can really have a serious pandemic. what we need is not so much flu parties, we need flu vaccinations. there is 11 million out of them, there will be another 50 million hopefully 150 million by mid-december. it can spread rapidly if we don't start protecting our kids with handwashing and all this
4:57 pm
protective defenses. >> gregg: too late by december, it could be. thank you so much for doctor. two car bombs causing a staggering number of deaths and destruction in iraq's capital. 132 people have been killed. the country's ability to protect its own citizens being called into question. we'll get a live report from baghdad next. ugcl) yeacl
4:58 pm
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5:01 pm
>> gregg: a "fox news alert." i'm gregg jarrett, top of the news, an associate of -- close friend of bernie madoff has been found dead at the bottom of a swimming pool, in palm beach, florida. his wife, found him, called police, and, they pulled him, tried to revive him, he was apparently dead at the scene, not breathing. the former new york lawyer and accountant accused to it madoff trustee, irving picard of complicity thinly ponzi scheme and reaped more benefits financially than anybody according to picard and pulling out some $7 billion over the years. and of course the trustee was seeking claw back of the money, and former philanthropist and palm beach and extracted billions of dollars from the madoff scheme and may have been complicit in it, drowned in his pool today at the age of 67.
5:02 pm
>> julie: a "fox news alert" out of iraq. [explosions] [sirens]. >> julie: a pair of car bombs killing at least 132 people and wounding more than 500 others in baghdad. president obama saying the horrific attacks show quote the hateful and destructive agenda of the insurgents in iraq, the president calling iraqi leaders today to extend condolences, melanie will kes with the lates >> reporter: two explosions ripping through baghdad this morning, an attempt to disrupt the political process before upcoming election, the double bombing the worst attack in more than two years and we have video of the chaos and aftermath
5:03 pm
caught by a cell phone camera, and the death toll grew by the hour and the military now saying 132 people lost their lives and hundreds more wounded. the target, two government buildings, the justice ministry and the baghdad provincial council. not far from the heavily guarded green zone. an iraqi army spokesperson says two car bombers parked in nearby garages and blew themselves up and iraqi prime minister nouri al-maliki toured the site to see the destruction and blamed al qaeda and saddam sympathizers accusing them of blocking the political process before the election on january 16th or scheduled for january 16th. president obama phoned the prime minister, condemned the attacks in a statement, u.s. ambassador chris hill and general ray odierno, the top u.s. commander issued a separate statement saying at this crucial time leading up to the national election we call upon all iraqis to work together to combat all forms of violence, and attempts
5:04 pm
at intimidation. back in august, two coordinated explosion hit two other government buildings, the finance and foreign ministries, killing more than 100 people, now the second coordinated sophisticated attacks on the shiite-led government showing that insurgents are still capable of striking devastated attacks in the heart of baghdad. julie? >> julie: melani wilkes in baghdad. >> gregg: the warren afghanistan. president obama still undecided on whether to send additional u.s. forces after a request made by the u.s. commander on the ground, there, three weeks ago. although, the public has then for more weeks than that, congress, now, is splitting along party lines over the president's lack of a decision on that issue, caroline shivley live with more. where does congress stand on a troop increase? >> reporter: democrats cover a wide range, anything from wanting the president to take more time to flat-out saying they would try and block any increase and listen to senator
5:05 pm
russ feingold on face the nation. >> i've voted against various spending bills that support the policy. i didn't even think the addition of the troops earlier this year made sense, so there will be resistance to this if necessary. >> reporter: but on "face the nation" john mccain pointed out 8 troops in afghanistan died recently in part because they didn't have adequate support. and republican senator jon kyl spoke about a timetable on fox news sunday. >> if we can quickly get forces in there, then, perhaps we will not have lost critical time but as general mcchrystal said, time matters and i'm afraid with every passing day, we risk the future success of the mission. >> reporter: he pointed out unlick iraq, afghanistan doesn't have a system of roads and military and you have to set up the camps from stretch. >> gregg: did democrats and republicans agree on anything? now and again they do. >> reporter: oh, well, they did on one point, the sunday morning talk shows, gregg, all the
5:06 pm
lawmakers seemed to agree the u.s. should support whichever candidate wins the run off election and president karzai or the challenger, abdullah abdull abdullah. >> gregg: this is election run off on track? where does it stand. >> reporter: it appears to be and is set for a few weekends from now and needed to get it done fast before winter sets in and sureties off towns and the table is threatening violence like during the august election. u.s. and afghan troops will be on hand to fight against that, gregg. >> gregg: all right, thanks, caroline shivley in washington. >> julie: presidential candidate abdullah abdullah would like to see president obama send more u.s. troops to afghanistan. and discussed the issue with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." >> chris: one of the dangers the taliban will overrun the -- what they're dangers the taliban will overrun the country. >> the need for more troops is that in order to reverse the situation. if the situation is not reversed from the -- deteriorating farther, the security situation so the future of the country
5:07 pm
will be at threat and future of the engagement of the international community will be at risk. >> julie: watch more of his interview on "fox news sunday," coming up at 6:00 p.m. eastern, right here, on fox news channel. after our show here. >> gregg: yes. is it america's responsibility to ensure fair election in afghanistan? after 8 years of u.s. resources, gone to routing out the taliban is standing up for american values like free election, there an option? a must? is it important or not? let's ask doug schoen, a democratic pollster and fox news contributor and wrote about it in a column that everybody can read and i encourage you to do so. on fox doug, good to see you. you introduced your column with a rhetorical question and i'll paraphrase, if the u.s. doesn't stand for committing itself to free election, what then are we fighting for in afghanistan? now, let me answer it as a
5:08 pm
contrarian, is -- if you will allow me, we are there to get rid of the taliban and al qaeda and folks in afghanistan can worry about their own election and have whatever kind of government they want, as long as it's not the taliban. isn't that the answer. >> i don't think so. gregg. i think that there needs to be a stable infrastructure in afghanistan, otherwise, the taliban, al qaeda, or some other entity that is en nip call to our -- en nip call to our interests will emerge, we have been less good at standing up and asserting our core values and i think we have to do it. >> gregg: having has never had an effective central government that i think we'd regard as stable. perhaps that is done because it is inherently ungovernable. the population is largely uneducated. they are culturally devoted to regional tribalism. they don't desire to progress into the 20th century much less the 21st century. i mean, why is it that you think
5:09 pm
we need to nation-build there? >> well, i think we need to nation-build first to take your points one by one, there was a stable democratic government before 1978. the afternoon people have expressed a strong support for democratic institutions. the taliban has minority support. and, i believe, frankly our values are universal. i think it is -- madeleine albright, the democratic secretary of state said we are the indispensable nation and if we advocate core values that are positive, rather than just fighting i think we'll do much better and i think the afternoon people will benefit. >> gregg: let me go after another one of your arguments. >> sure. >> gregg: unless the government has a semblance of legitimacy we'll appear to be supporting an illegitimate government. look, america hayes long and distinguished history of dealing with and quite effectively, ineffective, illegitimate, inept, corrupt, fraudulent government, don't we. >> we have sadly done that but i
5:10 pm
think we're better than that and as a nation we do better when we make it clear to people like hamid karzai we are not going to stand aside and we'll do what peter galbraith said we should, stand up for free elections and i open after the electoral process ends, whoever wins, will bring abdullah abdullah and hamid karzai together in support of democracy and free markets and core american values. >> gregg: some officials hoped for a power-sharing arrangement between karzai and dr. abdullah. but, i mean, we wouldn't have stood for power-sharing here in america between bush and gore, in 2000. would we? i mean, isn't that a little bit hypocritical. >> i don't think so. george bush has elected as the compassionate conservative and governed the first part of his administration as a centrist and bill clinton brought republicans and democrats together and that
5:11 pm
is one of our highest values domestically and internationally, i think it is important. >> gregg: all right, doug schoen, always interesting, provocative to reader columns, you can read this one on, democratic pollsters and columnist, thanks, good to see you. >> thank you. >> julie: iran opening up one secret nuclear plant to u.n. inspectors today according to reports, a four member team with the international atomic energy agency toured the controversial site, officials allowing the group in, after the u.s. and western powers raised concerns that iran is seeking to build a nuclear weapon and iran of course denying the claim saying the uranium enrichment facility is only being used for peaceful purposes, the u.n. team is expected to be in iran for three days and the results expected later this week, here's what former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolten had to say about what we can expect from the inspections. >> the iranians have obviously had time to get out anything they think would be problematic
5:12 pm
but it is possible the inspectors just by looking at the physical attributes of the facility could tell something about what is -- its expected use would be whether for the new generation of iranian centrifuges, for example or just more of the old kind. we'll have to wait and see what their report is. >> julie: i'll have more from the ambassador live on on the fox report, coming up on this show we'll get israel's take on the inspections and what is at stake, stay tuned to that, gregg. >> gregg: the community of chatham, new jersey reeling from the murder of a beloved priest. police say a jan store janitor stabbed the reverend inside the rectory, rob malcolm from our new york afell yet has the latest. >> reporter: he worked in the rectory and like many couldn't believe the news. are you surprised he'd be accused of something like this. >> yes. >> reporter: why. >> well, didn't seem to be that type of guy. his kids went to school here.
5:13 pm
don't expect. >> reporter: no one expected that this man, a 64-year-old, jose feliciano, the janitor 17 years would be arrested and charged with murder for allegedly stabbing 61-year-old father edward heinz. >> the individual hat gotten into an argument with the pastor at 5:00 p.m., the night before. and it was during that altercation that the pastor was assaulted. >> reporter: police say the pastor was stabbed 32 times and his body found in the kitchen of the rectory, attached to the church friday morning and police say the suspect, feliciano at one point performed cpr. >> the police officers at the scene, noticed that he attempted to try fledgingly, i will say, cpr, a couple of compressions and said, oh, there is nothing we can do. which, made them feel suspicious. >> police closed in on him after tracing the pastor's missing cell phone to eastern pennsylvania. >> we went to the location where the cell phone was recovered, and as well as a number of items
5:14 pm
of bloody to us and rags that were recovered, in the nearby house of the suspect, that we had developed early on in the investigation. >> a special mass was held this morning where ken johnson has been a parishioner 34 years and closure will not come easy. >> i'm discouraged, that he'd take somebody's life that does so much good in the community. >> gregg: rob malcolm from the wnyw. >> julie: a killer of a 7-year-old florida girl, detectives working their way through a mountain of leads and the sheriffs department received more than 1,000 tips related to the death of some memory thompson and there she is, now actively vetting each workable clue, and the girl vanished near jacksonville on monday while walking home from school. and investigators found her body, two days later in a georgia landfill. >> gregg: the east coast is drying off after a big soaker
5:15 pm
yesterday. the states and central plains are bracing for hail and wind storms. while the cold front expected to bring some snow to the rockies. meteorologist domenica davis live in the fox weather center with more. >> the picture changed on the northeast, because the front unused off and is being -- moved off and the temperatures are still mild and in the 60s from the mid-atlantic up through the northeast and a nice treat for october. but, here's where all the nasty weather is, a new system, that really formed this morning, in wyoming and it is bringing some snow up to three inches of snow through parts of the rockies and the end we have some thunderstorms as you mentioned, hail that is moving through the middle part of the country and that is where the worst weather is. this sunday, but, all in all it is quiet across the country, for our sunday and nice way to really end the week end. the cold air locked out in the rockies and mild air is
5:16 pm
streaming from the south, 75 dallas, 70 memphis and get up to the north and we're only looking at 60 degrees. for the current temperature in new york, and a little bit cooler in maine and 46 degrees, caribou, maine and tomorrow, much of the same and temperatures on the mild side, really from the ohio valley all the way up through the northeast, the next several days. so, certainly enjoy it. and even out to the west looking at a warm-up by monday. gregg. >> gregg: domenica davis, thanks. >> julie: iranian officials allowing u.n. inspectors into a heavily guarded nuke site today, the facility kept the secret until recently. anyway and coming up, we'll find out if iran may be hiding what is really going on behind those doors and get israel's reaction from the inspection and a much awaited iranian decision on a u.n. agreement.
5:17 pm
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5:19 pm
>> julie: the headlines here on fox news, new at the times threats from the pakistani taliban, the leader promise mig more terrorist attacks across the country and pakistan's military doesn't call off its offensive and pakistan's army claiming progress in its assault on taliban strong hold, along the afghan border. british police may reinvest gait
5:20 pm
the lockerbie bombing. families of those who died in the 1988 bombings, pan am flight 103 have been told the case is still open, and investigators are now looking for anyone else who may have been involved. 270 people killed, in that crash. a friend of convicted ponzi schemer bernie madoff has been found dead. police discovering jeffrey picower's body at the bottom of his palm beach home's pool, the former new york lawyer and accountant accused of extracting billions of dollars from the ponzi scheme, his death under investigation, he was 67. >> gregg: one country paying close attention to the u.n. nuke inspection in iran is no doubt israel, mahmoud ahmadinejad of course once famously promised to wipe the country off the map and said it more thanes once. and so, now that a team is investigating one of the most guarded nuclear sites in the islamic stashting israel like
5:21 pm
this u.s. and other allies will have to wait for the results. this as iran plans to respond to a united nations plan to have the uranium shipped to russia, that happens, the uranium would be enriched at a low level to ensure use for energy purposes. not to build a nuclear weapon. so what is at stake for israel and the rest of the world? former israeli ambassador to the united nations, dan gillerman joins us live from tel aviv, thank you so much for being with us, mr. ambassador as always, do you think that this will be a legitimate and productive inspection of the qum facility or a deliberate shell game by the iranians where they shift and hide the incriminating evidence of a weaponization program? >> good to be here, thank you, gregg, you described it better than i could. i am pretty sure -- maybe i'm
5:22 pm
wrong but i'm pretty sure the inspectors will not find anything. the iranians are not stupid. they invite the inspectors to one single facility, a facility which they reported only after they realized that the world had discovered its existence which they denied. and, i don't believe they invited those inspectors to find anything. i think they had ample time to hide, to shift, to destroy and let us not forget the iranians have numerous sites, spread out all over the country, and, i'm pretty sure that if the inspectors don't find anything, within the next two or three days, there will be a lot more questions which need to be asked and i hope those inspectors won't come back and say, we looked, we didn't find anything, and the iranians are clean. come on. i mean, if anybody believes the iranians, i have a great bridge
5:23 pm
to sell them. >> gregg: mr. ambassador, if the iranians control access to not just location, but blueprints, and scientists and all kind of testing, will the iaea's conclusions about tehran's nuclear program be meaningless to the people in -- and government of israel? >> i must say so far the report of the iaea have been anything but helpful. mohammed el-baradei was the secretary-general of the iaea -- the secretary-general of the iaea has been in a way keeping a blind eye and cooperating and maybe even being complicit with the iranians in their deceit of the world in trying to fool the rest of the world. and, therefore, i must say that i don't have very men hopes for the iaea coming up with a -- the truth because i'm not sure how
5:24 pm
they tried and i know the iranians are masters of deception and have been deceiving and fooling the world and playing the clock for years. they actually are playing a similar game, maybe even in a better and more masterly way than north korea but as i said before, there is a huge difference between north korea and iran, because north korea obtained nuclear weapons out of desperation and iran is seeking them out of aspiration, and to threaten civilization as we know it and i believe the international community should be very very, vigilant and not be content with the three day visit to one site, in which the chances of them finding anything are remote. >> gregg: last question, what do you think of this proposal? to have iran send essentially 3/4 of its uranium to russia, and then onto france, where it would be enriched and then, sent back to tehran in a form that could not be used for building a nuclear weapon?
5:25 pm
could that also in your judgment be a deception if iran is weaponizing uranium in other secret location, that nobody knows about, except for tehran? >> i think you are right. i mean, this proposal has been on the table for some time. i'm sure the russians meanwhile. i'm very sure the french mean well. but i think they all have to realize that they are dealing with a very devious regime and a very dangerous extreme fundamentalist regime and they are intent on achieving their pains and on getting a nuclear weapon. and, even if there is a deal, and even if some of the uranium is sent either to russia or to france and enriched at the low level, i wouldn't trust the iranians and i would still be very vigilant and insist on inspectors including u.s. inspectors, being there all the time, having totally free access
5:26 pm
to every facility, and inspecting every place which is suspicious. i am very, very afraid of the iranians really achieving the uranium and if that happens we'll be living in a much more horrible, ugly and terrorized world than we have ever known before and, therefore, any deal should be foolproof and make sure the iranians have no way of continuing to deceive the world because, at the end of the day, you don't just have to listen to us. listen to them. listen to mahmoud ahmadinejad. listen and very carefully, hear what he says. >> gregg: sure. >> he says they will wipe israel off the face of the map and calls israel the little satan and the u.s. the big staatan an every effort must be made to uncover the truth and avoid the deception by iran which would be
5:27 pm
horrendous. >> gregg: dan gillerman, it is late in tel aviv and we deeply appreciate your appearing with us today. thank you so much. >> thank you very much, good to be with you. >> julie: so, how is secretary of state hillary clinton dealing with rogue nations like iran, has she become sheepish if her role at the state department, one columnist thinks so, we'll look at whether or not the former first lady needs to turn up the heat, coming up. >> we believe that... boss: so word's gettin' out that geico can help people save in even more ways - on motorcycle insurance, rv, camper, boat insurance. nice work, everyone. exec: well, it's easy for him. he's a cute little lizard. gecko: ah, gecko, actually - exec: with all due respect, if i was tiny and green and had a british accent i'd have more folks paying attention to me too... i mean - (faux english accent) "save money! pip pip cheerio!"
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>> julie: bottom of the hour, top of the news, twin bombings killing at least 147 people, in baghdad. iraq's leader saying the attacks were aimed to disrupt political progress in the months leading up to january's crucial election. >> gregg: u.n. inspectors entering a uranium enrichment facility in iran, the first independent look inside the once secret facility, hidden just south of tehran. >> julie: folks in suburban jacksonville florida holding a fund-raiser for the family of somer thompson, the 7-year-old girl whose body was found dumped into a landfill, police say more than 1,000 tips from the girl's death poured in. >> gregg: a "fox news alert," a friend of convicted ponzi schemer bernie madoff is found dead, jeffrey picower's body was found at the bottom of the palm
5:32 pm
beach home swimming pool and steve harrigan is following it from the miami bureau, explain who he is. >> reporter: greg, a 67-year-old former new york attorney and financier and a close friend of bernie madmadoff's 35 years, a well-known philanthropist and gave millions of dollars to mitt, harvard and the public libraries and is accused by the trustee of clients trying to get their money back from the madoff scandal as the man on the outside who got the most money out of the byrernie madoff investment scheme and may have made up to $5 billion off the scheme and the one hand the philanthropist and on the other hand, a man accused of making money off the investment scandal. >> gregg: do police, steve, think there is anything suspicious about his death? >> reporter: he was found at the bottom of his pool by his wife and his housekeeper at about noon, a giant palm beach mansion and they called 911 immediately,
5:33 pm
and paramedics tried to get a pulse and were not able to after 20 minutes and it is standard operating procedure with the police to investigate any drowning, so, palm beach. police and detectives are at the scene now trying to see if there was any foul play or possible suicide. but now are not giving any hints to what happened there at the pool. >> gregg: i notice fire department spokesperson is saying they didn't see any visual -- visible injuries, no trauma to the body but, of course, that might be deceptive, depending upon how long he was in the water. what is it going to do to the madoff investigation, if we can kind of speculate a little bit there? >> sure, it might make it more complicated, for those people trying to get they're money back from the madoff investment scandal. he was a key player who took out over the decades up to $7 billion. out of that investment scheme and he was making returns of more than 950%, a year. so, many alleged that he knew what was going on and he was involved and he was making money
5:34 pm
both for himself and possibly for madoff as well and he's under lawsuit as is his wife and his foundation, so that will go on but certainly a key player who may have known what was going on inside the madoff scandal is now absent from the scene. >> gregg: i note the lawyers for the government say, and this is a quote, picower's accounts were riddled with blatant and obvious fraud. it may have been only a matter of time before he was looking at criminal charges beyond just the accusations of the trustee in the civil lawsuit. steve harrigan as all way, thanks, live from florida. julie. >> tlaurng. >> julie: when afghan president hamid karzai agreed to a run off election senator john kerry got credit for brokering the deal and when that happened where was secretary of state clahillary clinton, does he need to step up and can she do that without stepping on the president's toes, michael goodwin, fox news
5:35 pm
contributor, glad have you on, sheepish is the word we are ushgz not a word commonly used to describe mrs. clinton. when she was running for president. does her less aggressive approach, do you think have anything to do with her boss. >> look, i think there is no question about that. what i tried to raise today was that issue but also a secondary one and the first is, about these policies which you mentioned, are somewhat strange. going from iran to russia to really north korea. so there is no question there are a lot of problems with the policies and haven't borne a lot of success yet but the second thing i tried to examine here is mrs. clinton's own role as secretary of state and what i find is the record, over these 8 months now, that she has been in this job is rather dismal. she has said some kind of goofy things, made mistakes, and had failures and it's not clear what role she really plays in these big issues, from afghan to iran
5:36 pm
to russia and seems to be sidelined in the key things and the kerry, example of kerry going there to secure hamid karzai's approval was a big indication and that you would think is the job of the secretary of state. >> julie: president obama is secretary clinton's boss obviously. he's sets foreign policy. so i mean, the question is, can clinton realistically be more vocal and hard lined and still be respectfully differential to president obama when it comes to rogue nation like iran and north korea and afghanistan. >> look, she has been in the past and that is the difficulty of figuring out what role she has now. because, the policies as we see them don't comport at all with the campaign she ran last year and was not a lefty dove as i say in the clups columns, she talked about eobliterating iran fit used nuclear weapons first
5:37 pm
and now she can't even say the word "sanction" because that is not our policy because we're willing to let china and russia make the decision and we'll follow laying and the same with now. there is no "there" there with her comments or statements and in asia last summer she said, speaking of iran, when they get a nuclear weapon. now, that is to my knowledge, not our policy. but she said that. now she went to africa at a time when there were enormously difficult things going on around the world. i mean, it is -- africa is not where the action is. for the secretary of state. >> julie: talk about her trips abroad and went to asia, russia, and russia is a country obviously that if we were to get into proper talk with russia we could potentially impose strict sanctions on iran and russia denied, and said no to that idea and was anything at all accomplished on her trip? >> no. not at all. in fact, what was remarkable is that she went there with the kind of promise from medvedev,
5:38 pm
that russia would inevitably agree to sanction on iran. and that was what medvedev said with president obama and by the time secretary of state got to russia, the answer from the foreign secretary was absolutely not. where not interested in that -- we're not interested in that and putin, who is really the power in russia wouldn't even see her and that is a classic example, where we gave russia the whole thing with the missiles in central and eastern europe and took them off the table and she gets nothing for that and meanwhile, joe biden is in russia. -- sorry. central and eastern europe trying to pacify the allies who are upset and where is this secretary of state? we don't see her talking -- she's going to make her first trip to afghanistan at some point and i should say, too, julie, if you read the press, there is a lot of rumors she's going to quit and run for governor of new york and for her old senate seat and those are rumors but there is no question what they reflect is a lot of unhappiness in her camp about
5:39 pm
her stature within the administration and the policies that she is forced to agree to. and my argument is, look, if you are a secretary of state, at some point you do have some leeway, and, i think bob gates is showing that in defense. he is in europe, talking about the need to make a decision. on afternoon and in europe talking about how nato members are supporting the surge for troops mcchrystal won't and why isn't hillary clinton expressing any opinion of hers and why aren't we hearing the tough talk we heard from her during the campaign. >> julie: we'll have to wait and see you. michael goodwin, we always appreciate having you on and your insights. interesting column as always, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> gregg: violent clashes erupting at one of jerusalem's holiest sites, we'll show you a little bit more here, look at that. we'll show you what happened when palestinians threw rocks at israeli police and why the conflict is diminishing hopes for a possible peace deal. ugcl)
5:40 pm
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>> julie: cases of h1n1 on the rise and the american public is growing more and more concerned about the impact of the virus. with good reason. now, the fda says some companies have begun to take advantage of those fears. by duping customers with fake products that claim to help prevent the spread of h1n1. laura ingle is live in our new york city newsroom to explain. >> reporter: the u.s. food and
5:44 pm
drug administration and the federal trade commission are all over the scams going on. and laying done the law on companies trying to pull the wool over consumers' eyes. things like air sterilizers, a photon machine, supplement bills to boost the immune system and listen to this one, protective shampoos and face masks and they are out there and are being sold, even fake tamiflu are being sold and the fda and fcc issued a joint letter to sbz pushing fraudulent supplements and if they don't stop they'll face legal action, real tamiflu is on the left and fake on the right and the real pill is yellow and white capsule, which is the real deal and these and other products making bogus claims to treat h1n1 are flooding the internet, as scam artist prey on the public's fears while the vaccine is delayed, and real tamiflu is rationed and products the fda warned about contain "swine flu
5:45 pm
gone" and the ad says to spray it with ionic silver on your hands and on the surface, where the germs may exist, and kill the virus. and the manufacturer has pulled the product at the request ofda and with vaccine production in full force and initial shipments more sluggish than originally expected, demand for a cure as we know is on the rise and with any product in demand, experts warn consumers to use common sense when purchasing products in a store or on-line. >> anything else any product that is claiming to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure the h1n1 or swine flu, unless an fda-approved vaccine or tamiflu or relenza is a fraudulent product and they are making a fraudulent claim, as straightforward as that. >> have you seen anything shady out there? the fda asks anyone to report fraudulent claims to them, on their web site.
5:46 pm and are urging consumers to of course read the small print and if you have any questions about a product, you might purchase this, ask your doctor. make sure that you have something good. back to you. >> julie: all right, laura ingle, thank you very much. greg. >> gregg: israeli forces going head-to-head with palestinian youth today, the scene a chaotic mix of gunfire and rock throwing and stun grenades and in the end, police arresting at least 12 people, the stand off raising deep doubts about a possible middle east peace deal. we have the report from old city jerusalem. >> reporter: you can really feel the tension in jerusalem's old city and we arrived to find palestinian youth hurling stones at israeli police. the youth threw stones, their faces masked with a headscarf and some threw concrete and others bottles and israeli police responded by using stun grenades. we also saw them firing sponge
5:47 pm
bullets and some of the palestinian injured were pulled out on stretchers. and no serious injuries. there have been talks with the process going nowhere and could jerusalem be on the verge of a third intifada, before all of this kicked off police were on high alert after local muzz lick clerics told followers to go to the temple mount to defend it from, quote, jewish conquests and jewish ex-streepists rallied jews to take to the temple mount the third most sacred site for muslims and police can monitor the city through surveillance cameras like these and israeli police tell us they intend ton pulling the footage from the cameras and making arrest, later tonight. gregg. >> gregg: rena ninan reporting from old city jerusalem. >> julie: tricks, treats an costumes, parents across the u.s. gearing up for a great halloween and coming up we'll look at the fright fully fun costumes out there, for kids, and we'll tell you how to keep your goblins safe while on the
5:48 pm
town and i have a safe costume for gregg, he'll don it after the break whether you like it or not. >> gregg: oh, no! h m. e? t k. g di? . a kif e frrt juuswns tteviger nddohet. thto. in t. u t iay nos.dr ouowit a.
5:49 pm
u t iay nos.dr cue? om de ws s.
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
sgfrj sgfrjts. >> gregg: halloween is less than a week away, can you fight, excited? a lot of parents are probably still looking for costumes ideas for their kids and others are looking for tips on how to keep their little ones safe on halloween. >> julie: i love that costume. >> gregg: i'm playing me. >> julie: and the red cross's web site is everything a 10% discount on safety items from glow sticks to first aid kits and you'll find it there and joining us now is matt berman the founder and president of the child safety organization, instant, thanks so much for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> julie: all right, hall we'll
5:52 pm
safety, a scary time of year not just for costumes but parents, parent think the worst could happen. >> absolutely. >> julie: most important tip and you have tons of props here. >> gregg: give us the tips of things we need to look out for. >> absolutely. children in costumes are harder to recognize. so, it is important if they are in dark costumes put reflective tape on them and better yet to dress them in brightly colored costumes and certainly, keep them within your eyesight. >> julie: and want reflective coating as well. >> gregg: make sure you are in a neighborhood you are familiar with, right. >> julie: we have kids dressed in costumes on the set. perfect timing! we have alexa and julia and alexa is one of my niece and this little guy and you are too cute, takari? what are you dressed as, basketball player, what do you think of their costumes. >> they are reasonably safe, the two girls have great costumes on
5:53 pm
and have sequins and rather than spray-on glitter and the glue that adheres the glitter is not safe. highly flammable. and the sequins are better and both fit well and there is nothing their faces and eyes and have great visibility and those are good costumes and takari's costume is not a great costume. >> julie: maybe it's not safe. >> it's not safe because it's not the right size, too big and we had to pin it you say and he's also carrying a knife and while it's a toy knife, with the blade going in it is something which could poke someone in the eye and is sold to children 14 and above and looks too real and better toy is a knife or gun, orange and no one will mistake it for a real gun. >> gregg: or no weapons at all. >> certainly an option that people should -- >> barbie sandals have to be safe. >> these belong to my youngest daughter, she's worn them before and i was part of the problem.
5:54 pm
these are not safe. your children should wear tennis shoes, flat shoes, anything plastic, easy to trip in is a no-no. >> julie: i dressed as a witch once, keep your comments to yourself! and which costumes are very very, common? really, really does suit me, i think. >> witches are hot! vampires are hot, both for boys and girls and the black hat and the black costume, super but use the reflective tape and you can get this at any bike shop, sporting goods store. very inexpensive, $3, $4, flashlights are a great idea. >> gregg: gotta have one. >> two flashlights in orange, batteries, $3. >> gregg: you can full down steps or trip down a driveway or something like that. whoa! >> there is the gun. >> gregg: there goes the gun. >> a dollar apiece and kids love them. >> julie: i like that!
5:55 pm
glow sticks and carry it with you and the kids go out and trick-or-treat at dusk. is that the right time to be duke it or should they be getting out earlier? bows because now as you know, the since going down and it is getting dark at 6:00. >> as the parents of an 8 and 4-year-old, i like to get out early. and visibility is better and kids can get hit by cars and i don't want to scare you but you have to be conscious of cars, and try and keep kids on the sidewalks. >> gregg: never go type home unaccompanied and shouldn't go type home at all, i don't think. >> never -- shouldn't letter children go anywhere without you being there or if they are with a trusted adult. if the child feels uncomfortable, should yell, and should scream and if someone tries to take them somewhere they don't want to go, should fight, kick, scratch, you guys are tough. you are not going anywhere you don't want to go, right. >> julie: i want music and want to turn it into a costume contest and we have a flapper, we have a disco dancer, obviously you can tell which one is which julie in the purple is
5:56 pm
the flapper and the basketball player, and then we've got gregg's costume which i brought today. >> gregg: man! >> julie: go ahead and... please. >> gregg: a really good look. >> julie: there are a lot of these, rubber -- you are a really scary looking guy. i'm not sure. are these safe, rubber masks? this is actually better and improved look for you, by the way. >> the tighter it fits the better and adequate eye holes to see, adequate breathing holes and better yet, the masks if you can do it... is makeup. >> julie: tight shot, please. >> gregg: thanks for being with us. >> julie: thanks. >> thanks for having me
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