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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 17, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> unfortunately that's all the time we have left this eveningev as always, thank you for being with us. thank you for making the show y possible. please dvr so you never miss an episode news any time , any place, anywhere fox news .com, . hannity .com. and inco the meantime, let your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham ingraham angle right and i stand with laura. >>ra i have. a question to sit down. i am thrilled me for a loop. there was actually a: congressman involved of that controversy but i will nots name names. okay i'm going to keep a cone of silence okay they're not supposed to use a certainse bathroom but anyone but here'sue my question. you're always saying setst your dvr as do i . what do you have on your dvr? what do you record on your dvr? could you tell us sportingea events and napster's i don'twa have time to watch during look at okay. all rig.
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boring your show is on because sometimes i want to watch from the beginning but i don't want to watch it till eleven thirty . >> got it. okay so as long as we're on your dvr i'm totally cooltoyo with you have i can prove it to you. okay well could i take a picture. my kids are coming to check on that but thank you shot so okay a great show is all right. >> i'm laura ingraham.ha this is ingraham angle from f washington tonight . thanks foror being with us. skips to 2020 four. >> that is the focus of tonight's angle now frantically trying to shake off lame duck status. joe biden's busy rallyings support in thebu senate. a headline in the hill tells the story democratic senators say biden not too old for a second term senators are s trying to sound enthusiastic about the soon to be octa t generic . now one of biden's closest allies on the hill, chris coons said i look forward to working hard for joe biden and 2024 come on .
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and bob casey predictedto he's going to be the nominee b and he's going to be strong. but they know what we know.e calon there is no joe mentumhe out there. and as the whiff of political rigor mortis hovers over biden, attention is already turning h to the field f potential. 2020 four contenders now first up, kamala harris.'r now ife you're doing the pros and cons, the onlyy real pro i can think of is that she knows her way around the west wing like where all tocl the bathrooms are and stuff other o than that , she's been a total bomb. > they made her the de facto border chief. how forr that ?? and what does she have to show for this ? biden took office more than three million people have been encountered or apprehended entering the united states illegally fromte over a hundred and fifty countries. now the vice president, ofe course, avoids the border subject altogether, refusing to address the huge uptick l in illegal border crossers and the number just over the last six months.
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now the numbers, by the way, are not slowing down and the a first five months oflo this year alone, more than a million people have been encountered or apprehended entering the country illegally. they total more than the individual populations of videlaware, south dakota, north dakota, alaska, the district of, columbia, vermont and wyoming. >> well, at this point, how is this called anything but an ongoing invasion of the united states? ri historicc numbers here .be two hundred and thirty nine thousand four hundred and sixteen illegal crossingsig that is now the highest number in dhs history. there are one hundred thousand six hundred and ninety nine title forty two explosivery representing only about 42% of the total. and there were a staggeringg fourteen thousand six hundred and ninety nine unaccompanied children up 21% over april. kamala harris said about a year
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ago that extreme progress was being made at the orshe's honestly i don't know why she's in that position. asn't bee she hasn't been here in southn texas to see what their policies are creating the mess that they're they're creating in our country and that their policies are hurting real people. >> laura: our president real people. now our president and vice president and the incompetent radical i put in at dhs, they're all responsible for this , not in a sane world. this subversion of our sovereignty would be an b impeachable offense. but in kamala land it'sla groung for a promotionro and in 2020 four and we haven't even touched on her extensive gaffes. >> weto have to have the ability to address the root causes ofse why people leave. root causes are based on the problems and the challenges that peopleha are facing, diplomatic tests or political quips in her allies in the white house and elsewhere are watching it
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and just kind of wondering what is going on .ee we've been to the border. you haven'tou been to the border and i haven't been to europee. and i sb54 told that some ofe what she said on the trip, her answers to questions ain't even obvious questions. those answers have white housean insiders perplexed. i am here standing here on the northern flank, on the eastern flank talking about what we have in terms of the eastern flank and our nato allies. vice v president kamala harris on a visit to poland came under some criticism. okay, a friend in need of a threat and now perhaps in an attempt to expand her impressive resume ofal failure, kamala harris is a taking on yet another role,p one that will do nothing to help the average american but will burnish her left wing bona fides. i give you kamala harris.
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information and surveillance are we continue to see how some acts of mass violence have followed expressions of online hate and this task forcel then will tackle a threat that has been far too real for r far too many peopleo for far too long. it will lead to more evidence, informed policiesde>> and interventions. >> my god, is my anyone more annoying thann delivery there now the white house had time for this big rollout today of this new taskta force on its online harassment abuse, which you made me kind of quick to dismiss as just a warmed over dhs disinformation board member that got it got disbanded. but that's not what's really going on here. kamala comes with big guns, including the national security gucouncil, the white house, a gender policy council. the surgeon general and even the doj is promising to get involved. us the department of justice is eager to take placece to take is
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role, take part in the critical work of this task force. an we will publish an annual report on this information and all the information that we gather to further informe our enforcement efforts. >> now this will include efforts to policee language to effectively insulate anpolitical figures and journalists from disinformation, abuse and harassment. so by the doj refuses to investigate actual abuse and harassment of pro-life pregnancy centers all across the country assme, which is clear domestic terrorism. but they're pledging money and manpower to criminalize the expression of speech of their political opponents. and i have to ask this tonight . you heard merrick garland there. what actually constitutes abuse and harassment? who makes that call now tosi these peopleng refusing to use i don't know, someone prefer a gender pronoun that would constitute a hate crimeco againl but actual acts of violencest
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against their political opponents are downplayed or the just ignoredownp altogether >> today's epidemic of hate, which is fueling violent acts against many communities. this is also american history and we must teach it as it really happened. we can fight ignorance, dispel misinformation and work toward a future. where all people can live without fear, live without fear. >> what kind of utopia you're living in again? ha who gets to determine what is and what is not misinformation that is not the government's role. f the first amendmentir is an absolute you can't scream fire in a crowded theater but it sure as heck protects political speech absolute hate only cuts one wayay in carmel a town so without fail if
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the choice is between protecting our freedom and catering to anti-american fanatics and our own party ,ma kamelot will always choose the latter. t but lucky for us , the best way to ensure the failure of any task force is support her to tell from her embarrassing on camera performances to her glaring lack of intellect. kamala would be a very, very risky bet for the dems perspired. no wonder so many in here party are already looking for an offering to get another gadfly booted. gege and center stage after both would be first whent? they end up canceling each other out. you've got to wonder and if soy ,wait. ea if they cancel each other outen iwould that mean what i think t would mean? >> my name is joe biden. i'm joe biden's husband. biyeah, and america's undoing. and that's the angle. all right., joining me now is is a prize
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winning independent journalist glenn greenwald, whose work you can find always on substance glenn. now i wasno watching this announcement unfold todayf. . i just could not help but notice that kamala harris and her online policy task force it just sounds like the old dhs information board.oa but now it's run out ofou the white house. what are you what are your thoughts tonight ? it's really bizarre. you b know, on the one hand you is kind of market the triviality that it is. she was t supposed to be integrated into foreign policy. r you get her foreign policy bona fides. she was going to solve the root cause problems in centrall america and stem the tide ofstof immigration and now suddenly's she's basically like a glorified content moderator for twitter lif to protect the washington post reporters who are going on television weeping abouto pro mean tweets they're getting. but on the other hand , it'sd actually more menacing thani added. t i do o think it is part of this very sustainedhe and systemic attempt on the part of the u.s. government and the p democratic party to createe a
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regimes of censorship and information controlmo over the internet, the place that we now usest most of all to get our information and our flow of information and to censor it for their own interests in the name of calling whatever information they dislike, hate speech or disinformation and the factit that the entire u.s. security state assembled there makesjo clear that it is something more than just kind of a joke or a gesture that was a sign that had the president there, merrick garlandre and all these other agency heads, including by the way, inc a surgeon generl reo popped up at today's press conference as well watch it can no longer be acceptable for a technology company to put out a product and walk away from fthe responsibility for how itu impacts users and communities can no longer be okay for social media platforms too be fertile grounds for hatredd. accountability matters. glenn, where is the accountability for those individuals who push these lockdowns of kids that went
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on in some cases for almost two? years, shut them out of schools, drove suicide, drug abuse, despondency, despair that was called disinformation a couple of years ago. now it's called truth. so who gets to decide all that ? this is the critical>>he part we i mean listening to that is actually incredibly menacing, er incredibly insidious to haveal the attorney general essentially saying directing, private companies twitter, facebook, google d, telling them you are not allowed to air this kind of information that we regard as hateful or we regard his name. nm the government's role to be arbitrating our political debate by instructing private companies what they can and . n't doiv and this has always been the most misunderstood and most overlooked componentdeve, this i tech censorship, whichs is, you know, democrats always say if you complain about biasip censorship, oh , well, these are private companies. hehethey can do what they want. i never knew democrats thought about private enterprise that way. sevthe government has no role to
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restrict them. but the reality ishe the wholeme time the democrats been threatening big tech and exactly the way you just heard, if you don't censor c in accordance with what we want, we are going to impose regulatory and legal reprisalshe on you. this is coming from e the government and not really emanating from big tech.>> laur: >> yeah. whether it was a surgeon general or the attorney general or the head of dhs or some , you know, dippy woman in charge of the disinformation board, it's still sendingfo a chilling message and a message of intimidation to critics of various government policies. you cannot get away from that . and glenn, there was a pretty s sparsely covered house hearing that it took place a couple of days ago and a professor that the biden house is giving a over like a half a million dollars to he exchanged in this interesting conversationda with congressman dan bishop. >> watchch stochastic terrorism. you describe it as quote a forme of incited terrorism whereby a communicator has accessat to
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a platform and big audience. do you also say that with respect to the twenty nineteen el paso wal-mart mass shooting of people of hispanic descent that president trump was a stochastic terrorist of that event runs direct among others? yes. okay, it all relates to data and collecting data as to whether one connects to the other and the research i'm trying to conduct now so glenn, now the professoriate is in on a game as well. >> yeah, what they're doing is a promulgating theories that have been long used by sensors to over theensorship internet. so let'sba imagine that you probably recall three years ago somebody went to a softball field where republican congressmen congregate to play softball and shot as many as they could, almost killing steve scalise. itit turned out he was a very fanatical fan of the rachel maddow show. he bernie sanders, you could use that same theory we just heard you say, oh , well, they're insightful terrorists. they lead people to do's violene to the person who just got
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arrested outside brett house attempting to murder him becauseeus h he didn't like they he was going to vote on row and gun control and you can sayd icwho radicalized him. these aren't terrorists. these are the worst and most dangerous theories that have long been debunked and discredited to say anyan dinformation i want censored. it's's not really speech.n, it's terrorism, it's disinformation. it's hate speech.n it's all the same thing which is an attempt to prevent us from having the right of free speech. >> the constitution guarantees glan great to s.o.sstat now. well,il the january six meetings all the oxygen out of the acelao corridor. there's at least one pressing issue that is largely being ignored the fact that manyl january six defendants are still languishing in dc jails, some of it out ever having been officially charged. if you al can believe it. congressman amarjit taylor greene sought to draw attention t this injustice yesterday. >> we have people americanth citizens that are their rights are being abused, their dueei b process rights are beingre abused, their human rights are being abused and their families
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are being abused. and it's happeningus right here in washington, d.c. we are the only two members of congress that have actually been in that and seeng jail the conditions that these people are being held in pretrial before they have been convicted of any crime. georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene joins me now. congresswomanessmay, good to seu tonight . what can you tell us about the current state of affairs ors in the d.c. jail system with these january six defendants at y 6this moment? well, laura , unfortunately i can't tell you much because the mayor, muriel bowser is refusing to allow me and other republicans to go in and tell the jail. i've sent her a letter. i'ver, called her .n i've been to her office and we are g still getting no response whatsoever. and there are many republican that now want to go in and see the conditions of the d.c. jail.
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so unfortunately nothing has changed. these people are being still heldldhe the same horrible,st disgusting conditions. they're being heldinin under dey warden kathleen landrigan who who on her own twitter account clearly hates cl president hates trump , even hates white men.te and this is a serious condition. these people whenn i saw them and this was months ago, we they they weren't shavon they weren't allowed to say they weren't allowed to get a re ethaircut. they weren't receiving medical treatment. they weren't even receiving proper nutritionng p and they weren't allowed to see h their attorneys. they had to choose betweenet going outside or calling their family. and this is real human rights abuse, flora. a process that is being completely violated. their due process rights were violated and shouldn'tur be happening in our country. it shouldn't be happening to anyoneha. i don'tou care what your political background is. i don't care for whom you voted or what your belief system is. you have the same rights as everyone else at leasts
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that's what i thought americaal was all about. nowl speaking of january six , congresswoman, i want to play an exchange that happened between jake tapper of cnn and congressman adam schiff. justice department officials have been asking the committee n ato turn over about a thousan, witness transcripts, but the committee b your committee has so far refused.s why has the committee not cooperated with the justice department? i've never seen the justice department say give us all your files and we're working with them to make sure they get what they need consistent with our own investigative needs. >> that was weird, congressman.o what do you make of that ? that is weird. well, here's what i make of it. i think they're lying. s they're making up an entire story and none of it's true they're lying about president trump . all of his staff are lying about republican members of congress like barry loudermilk who they've recently attacked and he's now receiving desperate you know, who theyon
12:19 am
don't interview and they aren't having trainednd scriptshe and they're not showingy' their interviews. they're not showing rayette where is riots and why didn't i see him in the d.c. jail when he's one of the people that was clearly part of the effort to send people to the capitol. and then another thing i want to know is why don't we find w out about why the national guard wasn't brought in to guard the capitolt ? that was o my third day on the job, laura . i could i couldn't evenn findid a bathrooms in the capitol building because i didn't know my way around and i wasay shocked whenen that happened. i don't know why nancy pelosiii didn't bring in the national guard when so many people had requested it. but as for adam schiff, well, he's always creating a story that's notng real . we've already been through it with the russian hoax and the american people are so sick and tired of it because it's the american people that pay all of our salaries. f they pay for the department of justice. they pay for the courts.on they pay for everyone in congress. they pay for the capitol building. it's a slap in their faces and it's such an insult to
12:20 am
think that if you dare go address your grievances with your representative or actually go and use your first , you may endhts up thrown in the d.c. jailht and maybe you never see t the light of day likeha the people that are still there rotting away. i mean, all of this is so it's so insulting and the hypocrisy is screaming and it's deafeningi and i just think it needs to end. >> w it's awful. well, voters are going to have a chance to have their say w ilin november. o we'll hear we'll hear what they of this .ll congressman, great to see you.. thank you so much. >> but up next , get ready for our future new feature excuse me reading with kyp. plus one of the biggest proxyco vote scandals out of congress. we havee ever seen. >> coming up later. hey, everyone on mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, part time musician but longtime customer of relaxium sleep. and i'm here with my good friend and country music legend
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perform roughly that 180 for a fourth factor. we're unveiling a new featuree tonight on the angleto. so gather the children around the television because it'sel time for reading with cupie. how confident are you two, three times yesterday we'll have them on the switch. so wil here's here's what i will say is that we understand what every what american
12:26 am
families are going through . as you know, this has been a priority bringing down inflation and why domestic oil companies to drill more here in the us . and let me just let me just give you a little bit of a rundown of why we are here . oil refineries have still notll bought refinery capacityy back to the pre pandemic levels at the same time , putin'sta invasion of ukraine putnv pressure on global supply and gas prices have gone upy by nearly two dollars since before the invasion. given that rising interest rates for mortgages, can youll think the white house b should be concerned about housing affordability? so we know that housing affordability is a central is a central challenge for families. the president understandsll that and this is why he's put forward the housing supply g suaction plan. well, according to this white
12:27 am
house, joe biden hasbi not just saved the usa. kotomi, he has it coming. the reality of the atlanta fed now says the second quarter gdp growth will be wait for it zero. the philly fed index slipped into contraction territory in june for the first time since covid lockdown's and speaking at first because we all love firstwn the dow was down sharply on recession fears, closing below thirty thousand f for the first time since january . 2020 one our next guest predicted this months ago on this show. here now is kevin hassett, former chair of the council on economic advisers under trump and hoover institution fellow. kevin , what did youru see that others in biden's orbit missed will be obvious, right? i mean, the fact is that when you and i talked about it, you know, you already knew what i would say. it was true that we're
12:28 am
basically in an inflationary spiral because of the spending binge that biden gave us and they're also attacking companies and us capital like the letter to the oil companies is just a tiny little bit tip of the iceberg of what theirea regulators and tax hike threatss have been doing to supply. so they are attacking supply and they're feeding demand and that gives us inflation. and so it was obvious that was going to happen and it'shappen. it's obvious if you're giving us obviously you were just giving us a reading episode with ajp butt she probably is the person who understands the economy best in this white house und rit now. i mean, if you look at it,e they're completely clueless. biden came out and said it's bizarre the theory that their spending had anyir effect on inflation. but the san francisco fed where janet yellen useded toay be president has putin outf a study saying that almost all of the inflation is attributabletion to biden's plas and so they're in denial. they're destroying the economy . and you know,ts basicallyd democrats in congress need to step up and send an adult out of the white house and explain it to them because while. they're in denial, marketsil arr panicking.
12:29 am
and in ane interview to get to your point in associated press, biden got really defensive about the inflation issue. he said a recession is notvi inevitable and then bristled at claims by republican lawmakers that last year covid-19 aid was fully to blame forre the inflation reaching this 40ac or high. he called that argument kevin bizarre. , but here was his own treasury secretary janet yellen last uryeekweek as she noted that spg produced excellent rewards for americans and at most it contributed modestly to inflation. >> now, kevin , it seems now like they're allll coming after janet yellen. >> her days are numbered. >> right. right. you know, there's a very chilling bloomberg story where there were like they said, double digit white houseik sources that were saying things like, you know, janete yellen isn't allowed in the meetingssce and she hasn't been in the meetings since the beginning. and then the yelleny camp is
12:30 am
putting out defensive statements as well. and it really does look like the bloombergitit actually said you know, it looks like they're getting ready to scapegoat janet yellen. but the persono should be scapegoated is the sort of grumpy old man who's throwing hissyet fits about the bad economy and pointing his finger at everybody else. now even his own people and then saying crazy things like higher government spending lead to. higher inflation. that's like the first thing you learn when you study economics. in high school. and so i'm really, mreally concerned. you know, you might recall that when president trump basically fauci gave the shutdown, he really didn't want to do it. but weow hado the shutdown. we had the worst quarter since the great depression. but we were out there whenn i was the white house, you know, speaking frankly aboutut the terrible economic news and then telling people what our plan was to fix itth here . what they're doing is they've economic news and they're denying it and that's why markets are panicking. you know, i don't know what the bottom four markets could be given how feckless this white house doesn't look like we're anywhere near the bottom given given this leadership in the white house. kevin , you were on this so
12:31 am
early. we really appreciate it. thank you . and relatedly, businesses across the country are complaining that they can't hire workers. you've heard this complaint and sometimes the workersom they have hired, they just don't want toe come into the office. but in the end, you have to. think about it this way you can kind of see their pointt when the federal government, including many in congress, y routinely just work from home if they're working at allworo nw weem warn them that allowing al ofwo this would be abused from telework to proxy voting. this has to end at the federal level. you guys can just stay at home and , you know, vote in your pajamas and boy, were we right. white house correspondentht kevin burke has a report tonight about the most egregious proxy use for voting on the hill. i think kevin , that we've ever seen telling the boys this is really something. evening, laura . the new york post, as you know, is famous for its headlinee writing and this w was certainly
12:32 am
a memorable one . as my moma used to say, it was a doozy. it says, oh , liar, as in what a liar. ks okay, here's the back story. the post reports that a new york congressman by the name of bonder jones used a congressional covid rule toru assign another lawmaker to vote for him on more than a dozen bills in the house. all while he partied on the french riviera at hbo to raise lavish wedding. and now there's actually two parts of this frankly. on the one hand , yes, proxy voting is a thing. as you just pointed out, democrats and republicans do it. i mean, come on , florida! congresswoman frederica wilson has been in the sunshine state for what , forever? for quite some time. she still conducting the people's business because nancy pelosi says shes can do it that way now. but the other part of this is this question was congressmanai jones lying when he said it wasr fear of the rona that kept him from showing up to work on capitol hill or did he just want to sayay or war and head over to france fo the tony wedding for isa ray? now the critics say obviously that's what he wanteddth to do,
12:33 am
but jones says not so fast. besides, other people use proxy voters. so there must be one reason and one reason only that people are singling him out. it's because you are racist. in fact, jones is now raising money off of coverage of his proxy voting calling o quote another racist attack against bonder. " for what it's worth to date, no republican that i've seen has been equally criticized for proxy voting. some have been, but never have i seen a republican who has been criticized by racism, at least in this particular case. if that happens, i promise i'll: let you know. kevin , this is a lot more believable. lithis unbelievable. thank you for reportinghi on this. we reallys. appreciate it. great to see you. all right. we have two updates to bring you on two of the most heinous crimes. first, when we expect the toxicology report on the uvalde shooter and what is the latest in the case of dakota early now the young man gunned down on the streets of
12:34 am
chicago. out timesabout many on the show plus call ithe the sort of setback. >> we're going to explain all of this in a moment. is the life of a cities with skid row, several rants and on tour. get a better understanding of how exactly he lives and how we became nobody on the subject of these whataboutism yet you can see for america. straight out to my friends. i love you dearly, fujiko across the country, what are you guilty of where he sees himself? man can you see myself on glass
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policy for only twenty one dollars a month go to some like kosdaq now and get the insurance your family needs at a price you can afford. >> selectwoman we shop, you save. we want to bring you updateswo on two stories we've covered esextensively here on the angled first t we documented the tremendous impact drug has on mental illness and crime, including the mass shooters and that's why we think it's so important we get the toxicology report on the uvalde shooter. what's chris oliveira ofrt the texas department of publicme safety told us we haven't received any updates regarding the autopsy and the toxicology report now for high profile case. we can't speed this up. what ? okay, well, we do have new information, however, on another horrific crime for
12:40 am
well, that's the depraved videom from the shooting of decota t early in chicago in may. well, tonight his mother, joy dobbs told the angle he is doing amazing. he was moved to rehab last week. his appetites improved. his jaw is a still wired shut. but he can smoothies and liquido foods still in really goodd. spirits and ready to come home. remember he was shot three times close range for a cell phone password and askedg for the shooter in that case his name is taishan brownlie. he's charged with five other robberies in lakeview and lincoln park areas in the lead up as to that shooting. in fact, rowley was on a crimeve spree at the time and police believe that he was involved in a robbery crew that's responsible for twenty to thirty robberies in the weeks leading up to the dakota early shooting. we're going to bring yououg. updates to two stories as we get them in the weeks ahead. and speaking of heinous gun crimes, this was the scene outside of l.a. when two
12:41 am
officers responded too a call about a possible stabbing at an el monte hotel. the officers identifiedic corporal michael paradies and officer joseph santanaha later died and what the l.a. a mayor described as an ambush. now the suspect is justinus flores, a gang member with numerous felonies on his record , including a weapons charge that should have kept him in prison for years. instead yea, thanks to a deal with l.a. d.a. george gascon office, the 35 year old receives no jail time and wasn placed on probation. so as the bodies. keep piling up needlessly in districts run by soros pick diaz, is it not worth asking what would save more lives today? control orr recalling every day that george soros funded?
12:42 am
joining me now is project 21 co-founder horace cooper. horace, seeingpe that video of the dictator early shooting in chicago in may, close rangera just walking down the street and two police officers. responding both dead syriacs tonight we're seeing an epidemic of crime. let's takein chicago. it has been a problem for a very, very long time .es but guess what ? when justice molay makes fake claims about being attacked probably a tenth of the police department is assigned to track down those amazing ghost magga guys that alleged he had attacked him. why can't that kind h ofca attention be given to the real citizens that are mindingnd their own business that should be free to come and go? we have misplaced priorities by too many in the leadershiprs
12:43 am
in these law enforcement areashi . i'm not talking about the rank and file. i'm talking about mayors. i'm talking a about police chies and i'm also talking about these woke days. >> gascón in l.a. if there's anyone who deserved to be recalled kicked to the curb ,it's given this track record . i mean, wee have two police officers dead because a criminal was basically just set free a gang banger, totally separate the very people who put their lives on the line to protect us are losing theirs . meanwhile, the rest of us are losing our lives too. this is a lose lose with these woke prosecutors. he can't be recalled fastal enough. i'm hoping here the second time is the charm cell service has spent about forty million dollars by one estimateut on so-called social justice reform causes, including these the races. our friend joe scarborough over at msnbc though with some
12:44 am
talking points about criticism of soros. >> what's the best way to pushck back on this conspiracy theory that is based on a jewish international banker? i mean, it is so anti-semitic and of course maybe lot. george soros and they're trying to make the country likeyi browner and black or what's the best way for peopleto to puh back on that lie? ar carthon think scarbro lives in a community that's probably plagued by the type of crime that we're seeing in certain areas of chicago and in l.a. and obviously in san francisco before they recall chason boudin. th but this is now a anti-semitic and racial issue. >> so this is a serious topic, but it's ludicrous. 's it a is absolutely ludicrous to say that this guy who isra a crazy idea soroszy has a crazy idea that america wastes all of its resources punishing people
12:45 am
who happen to be of a certain race. >> it's a fact that men overwhelmingly commit these types of crimes. is that fair tos of conclude asa consequence that the system is against men? i will justagai tell you this . don't rob people, don't people, don't break into people's houses. and guess what ? lawnt enforcement in america won't be after you. >>er it's great to see you tonight . and joe biden once claimed that sanctions on russia would not just wipe out russia's economy but it would stop its invasion of ukraine. ar sod, time for a report card. how is it working out? anan environmental report card will be issued in moments. spokesperson if you were a family member has received the devastating diagnosis of mesothelioma or lung cancer possibly caused by exposure to asbestos, you need legal representation experience in fighting for the compensation you deserve. that law firm is shrader and associates shrader
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and try three for thirty days plus get a free father's day gift with your first. do you remember when the biden white house repeatedly assured us that there was one tool, t one tool that could hobble the russian war machine? i'm authorizing additional strong sanctions and new limitations on what can be exported to russia. i this iss going to impose severe cost on the russian economy both immediately and overtheti time . the president believes that sanctions are intended to determe ctio the sanctions designedde in the first instance to try to deter russia for taking furtherg aggression just in one year,
12:51 am
our sanctions are likely to wipe out the last fifteen yearsy of russia's economic gains. al you might recall i had a slightly different take on it ,but most of europe is stillfr buying oil from russia and in china is there to pick up the slack. are oil sanctionsns. they're not nothing but they'rec basically symbolic. they're sanctioning russia..thet with their incompetence orom their their purposeful radicalism. a combination of the twowoad, ly they're really punishing americans. as we know, sanctions rarely pra work. >> so five months later, where w does this thing standhe? s well, number one , russian oil revenues have soared. russia took in about $20 billion in oil exports in may. that's as much as they wereuch taking in prewar number the russian ruble r hitk three week highs against the euro and the us dollar. number three , its military a effort hasn't been stalled at all. in fact, russia now controls almost the entire donbas regioni
12:52 am
and finallyre, according to bloomberg, biden officials are now expressing concernls that te penalties are instead exacerbating inflation, e food insecurity and punishing ordinary russians with more thaning putin or his allies. here now is lameroo, the president of the american institute for economic research. dr. ruga was was this inevitable from day one ? i mean, sanctions rarely work to change the behavior of target dates. you know, sure, you can punish the people of the state, right? they can y suffer, but you're nt going to actually cause state leaders to give up what they consider to be so important tort their vital national interests. in thesi case of russia, that's the situation in ukraine. so often what you get is a kind of feel good response. right? this is feel good activity when other types of interventions arerv deemed to be too costly t like direct military intervention. so you know, again, it was foreordained in many, many, many ways and oftentimes
12:53 am
whenak they are successful, they just take a lot of time and it isn't necessarily on something so vital like ukraine. the mattere factra of is the revenue from russia, fossil fuel exports have exceeded what the country is spending on the war in ukraine. according to a report in the new york times. so they're making a huge amount of money., and china, as i said back in march, once we knew they were going to be buying oil from russia, that was kind of game over . i mean, this is all kind of ridiculous like kabuki theater in a way. >> yeah. again, this is just yet another case of the kind of unintended consequences we seeth from misguided actions. i mean, you know, we heard about these yats, right.or that we had seized and then we have to pay for their upkeep. that's the kind of small example. but we see this in terms of oil prices, food prices and then you see the united states say, look, wee need to provide subsidies for global food
12:54 am
assistance. and again, it's like, you know, a case in which these were very predictable scholars. i've been studying this foran decades and finding that sanctions are oftentimesct not very helpful. so again, very predictable and you know, really that's kind of typical of what we'vem seen from this administration are are policies that soundul like they're going to be helpful to the american taxpayer or people abroadr , but they actually shoot ourselves in the foot. yeah, i thought that whole seizingt.>> a yacht thing was - again, it was- it was kind of choreographed theater. it looked kind of. you're going to k take a take the big yacht and that's going to show them. but it did it did nothing. and now t we're having to pay, as you said, for the upkeep of the oligarch's yacht. william, great tot see you agan as always. we got to we got to roll. up next , we get you ready fore summer. >> how do we do that ? we'll stay there. we'll find outswere what's on the horizonze. the answers may be on the road. we know we recognize
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