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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 8, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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great divorce guys. yeah... search 100s of travel sites at once. kayak. search one and done. ♪ ♪ >> fox news alert, new details now about that armed man who was arrested during the home of u.s. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. it happened just weeks after protesters depended on several conservative justices homes following the roe vs. wade week. this is "outnumbered," i am harris faulkner, here kayleigh mcenany and emily compagno, also joining us kathy is here and barry at the
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very first time on the couch, author, entrepreneur, u.s. seed champion tim kennedy is here. take moment to welcome you. let's get to it. sources are telling fox news the suspect of the man is in his 20s from california and was armed with both a knife and gun and threats against justice kavanaugh, was taken in earlier today in maryland. he never made it to his home, and moments ago, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell went after the dangerous rhetoric that he says led to this. >> this is where we are, this is exactly, exactly the kind of events that many feared, the terrible breach of the norms could feel. this is exactly the kind of event that many worry the
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unhinged reckless apocalyptic rhetoric from prominent figures towards the court going back many months. could make more likely. >> harris: tim, i want to come to you first. i will get another the federal that protect the justices, what is your first take? >> tim: we are a nation of laws in a place that is supposed to, and establish a more perfect union under justice. justice being the first word that is used to describe people, and that is clearly missing right now. i own a company called cheap number responds, and it is to preserve and protect like. but for this to be one of our supreme court members is an abysmal failure.
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>> harris: you heard mitch mcconnell, talking about seeing this coming, this is why he says that, there are laws protecting supreme court justices, we have talked, since 1503, and 1507, start with those three, influencing or injuring a juror, any judge, any juror. it is plain as day. you cannot intimidate them come you cannot threaten them. you cannot and them coming you cannot endeavor to influence them. this man making death threats. >> kayleigh: it is appalling, you read the language. to my knowledge there was not a correspondent that read that to jen psaki, they should have, because here is what the secretary jen psaki former was saying just a few months ago. >> i know that there is an outrage right now i guess about
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protests in the dates, outside of judges homes -- >> kayleigh: so the white house condemn this violence, it's good that they did, but why was this being encouraged? they were arriving at the supreme court justices home, you just read 1507 where they were encouraging the lawbreaking from the podium and headlines like this, the federalist white house press secretary encouraging angry mob in the supreme court justices home, "the washington post" with a mandatory weapon detained near the home and two people familiar with the investigation that "the washington post" has had with the leak draft opinion. this coming, harris, 24 hours after pro-abortion terrorists firebombed a pregnancy center, this has been happening at pro-life pregnancy centers. i do not want this to get worse. so let's all stay calm, there is no place for violence, and the white house podium, there is a gavel today. echoing the president's words.
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>> harris: not only that, you have to go back and deal with the record there would jen psaki. we encouraged this to go to the private residences of u.s. supreme court justices when they are protected by federal laws for a petition, for any -- that record needs to be corrected and needs to come from the man who said, getting followed into the bathroom by some angry men who did not like policy or a blah, blah, blah, that is politics. wright, emily? >> emily: what we have learned today is that that threat, that hypothetical threat of violence just became real. when federal judge was shot dead on her doorstep, when she held back the law that made it illegal for people to publish judges addresses, when schaefer was shot dead on her doorstep, that was people obtaining private law addresses from the dnc. so i have to ask, does in the
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white house, or should the white house bear some responsibility, because on may 10th, that sounded nothing like an unequivocal condemnation of violence and protesting at the supreme court justices home, that sounded like a no problem, guys, yes, campout. that's what i heard from jen psaki on may 10th, and now it seems a little too little, too late coming out of them. and of course we thank god no one was hurt. we thank god it was just a threat of violence. but that arrest in the arms on knife and whatever -- the guy that was armed. the blur girl erie equipment, those are real, so this to me is a travesty, a disaster averted, but something bad happening that something worst in it, but i am waiting for a blanket of condemnation, because when the opinion comes out it remains to be seen how the white house will react. spilling kathy, before i come to you, we will put some pieces of a deal where you talk about the encouragement from the white house lecturing, there is
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been some other encouragement too. let's take a look. >> conversation about stability feels like it misses the mark. the justice has security, so for all of the protests have seem overwhelmingly nonviolent. >> i think women feel at this point that everything has been pulled back. everything they have ever fought for. >> it also shows what it feels like to lose your freedom from choice. he cannot leave the house easily, so maybe that is a good lesson to them. >> kathy: yeah, that hit right under me. it is not just one comment from the white house that can backtrack, this has been happening for months and has been since 2020 when we saw those peaceful protests in the streets that everyone was saying i was that peaceful, and have legislatures that were saying, go out there, intimidate them, interrupt their dinners. it has been giving this blanket permission to say, do whatever it takes. so how now are we all supposed to say, oh, no, you should
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behave now. the people that have the intent to do these things and are are getting permission to do it for a long time from the left and not only a blanket condemnation, but it needs to happen every day daily to make inroads on the advent of this -- >> harris: as you point out, really, we all are pointing to this, when you allow access, allow permission, you invite encouragement from the white house, what do you get, tim? >> tim: the white house is not just to blame, there is a systemic divisiveness that happens in the united states. social media, people are living in an echo chamber where the algorithms are intentionally inciting violence. and we have been experiencing for the past three years civil unrest that we have not seen since the civil rights movement where cities are burning to the ground in an unprecedented rise in crime, why is this happening, i don't think that we can leave their social media companies and mainstream media out of it where there are culture norms to where
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they are saying go out there in protest. i love the constitution, i love -- i fought for, i bled for it, i lost friends for it, and that first amendment without it we cannot be the united states, but there is a clear line where you start doing violence and it is a peaceful protest until it is not. i have had that horrible feeling at 3:00 in the morning where you have a guy come with duct tape, flashlight, and a taser where my kids are, so i can be empathetic to the supreme court justice and there is nothing more unnerving about what am i going to do? are my kids going to be safe? thank god for the law enforcement that they could capture him and arrest him, but this is unforgivable and it needs to not just be a shift from the white house saying we have to condemn this type of speech, we have to make sure that things stay peaceful and additionally, the algorithms and the way that we are communicating on social media cannot be in this echo chamber where your horrible ideas are just echoed back and back and back to yourself till ultimately you are out there doing
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violence. >> harris: so true, i think that they had to read the federal codes from the lectern and the president should be standing there, not just we don't allow this, these are the laws against it and if you break those laws, we are coming for you. >> kayleigh: it's not enough to condemn now, you have to address the last statements. it's been on tim, we are glad that you are here. >> tim: i am glad i am here too. >> harris: be on one of the most liberal cities in america put it on process and a recall vote next. use your va benefit now to turn the equity in your home into cash in your hand. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. you could take out an average of $60,000. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank or credit union. more cash to pay credit card debt or cash to have on hand, so it's there when you need it. since newday's been granted automatic authority by the va,
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>> kayleigh: one of the most liberal cities in the entire country, san francisco sent a strong message to their far left and they're soft on crime policies, and those engendering
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it. voting overwhelmingly to boost the results of that historical recall election coming after more than two years. of soaring crime in the city. with it the exploding homeless population that turned shopping districts into drug dens and national drug stores have been pursed to close because of shoplifting attacks. apparently saying they have had enough. and their stance has national implications for the president and the entire democrat party. leave it to boo dean, it is all because the republican billionaires, let's take a listen to that beautiful moment where he has to acknowledge. >> people are angry, they are frustrated. and i want to be very clear about what happened tonight, the right wing billionaires outspent test 3-1. they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately
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upset. and they created an electoral dynamic where we were literally shadowboxing. >> cassidy, big moment for the republican party. it is the billionaires, but it is 86% registered democrats in san francisco losing at a 20-point margin and a .03% chance of getting recalled, what you say? >> don't let your tax get in the way of their sins. they want to say it is those billionaires, no, it is the voters and keep going, boaters, he did it yesterday in san francisco, the liberal list of liberal cities, the left is there for these other cities watching come of their beloved cities deteriorate, but also, harris, you and i have the connection to kansas city, and there is a feeling of crime what was once just a bad part of town, it may be in our back yard now. and you have the opportunity to
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do better appeared to make those you elect to do better. so everybody elected should be on notice to say, our experiment was soft on crime is not working in either in need of course correct or know that they will make me find a new job. >> kayleigh: emily, you have been sounding the alarm on booting since i have been in the show. you have rick caruso forcing the runoff, and a police officer, and gas cohen himself, in los angeles, let's get your reaction, here are the jail house calls trying to go out the door. >> i told you last time that he tried to do something on people, reelect somebody else, as you sign gascon and bring back that little [bleep], the life without parole and the death penalty. he can get manslaughter.
9:18 am
[bleep], that's only six, nine, 12. >> don't worry about it. i'm going to plead guilty, they will put you on probation, and it will be dropped and gone. i won't have to register anything. >> for an offender you don't have to have to register? >> i don't have to do any of that. >> what does that do to you then? >> nothing. >> emily: i was a professional cheerleader and usually i can find anything a cheer for, but it's quite clear the only people cheering for these das are those criminals. and when you mention the bad part of town, that's exactly who these lip service performative d.a.'s are to champion. with their progressive policy supposed to amplify and lift up those who have sort of been deserted and left to living this perpetual life of violence and crime that people turn a blind eye to you. that's who supposed to be lifted up and corrected and instead it makes that situation worse and the violent spread, and i never pronounce his name right, but it's with all due respect, for
9:19 am
him to blame not only the right-wingers, he also blamed police officers and remember a year ago under his watch when a female asian police officer in san francisco who was left alone on the street because of the cut to the funding of the budget of ff pd was attacked by a homeless man. it took five by standards to get that guy off, and who did they blame at the time? he blamed cops, i blame cops so that i cannot prosecute, prosecute what, bro? for me it's one more example as "the san francisco chronicle" read today, we were voting for progressives, we were not voting for billionaires, we were not voting for the cops, we were voting for a city that works. so good riddance. >> kayleigh: harris, he reduced jail population by 25%, and the washington editorial pointing out, more people died in san francisco last year from phenol overdose then covid, but they do not prosecute a single
9:20 am
person in 2021 for dealing the a lethal opioid. speak on his narrative was to lift up the criminal, and basically ignore the victim. and he called them dirty cops, by the way. he had a lot of things to say. he fed into that toxic river of rhetoric against law enforcement that we now need in droves. much more that we did before the liberal d.a.s did their dirty work. by the way, are we really going to talk about rich folk, let's talk about george soros in. you and i were just talking, so tim, 75 handpicked people via soros and his money funded group, $40 billion? >> tim: 40 million. >> harris: 40 million to put people in places like this, alvin braggs here in new york city. how can you look at the other side and blame republicans when the money to put them there came from the other side?
9:21 am
>> tim: the statistics speak for themselves, you look at the metropolitan city and the entire nation coming look at san francisco 32% of homicide from that city alone, everyone in the home cities to include my home city, defunded, the police completely gutted and special missions units gone, counter drug -- counter narcotics, counter and cartel all gone. one police officer by yourself is terrific but is the reality law enforcement is facing in the byproduct of our policies. if you just look at the statistics and you say, have these policies worked? have defunded the police work? they d.a.s we put in place, or the is the right answers? an objectively regardless on the side, you will say this is insanity. property crimes, all-time high, people are scared. where crimes were, and it said that they are always in the poor areas, and that's where law enforcement goes to work to try to protect those people but now we don't have enough law enforcement so crime is there and also reaching to the more affluent areas of town.
9:22 am
we have to reinstitute justice. >> kayleigh: the message is clear, wake up george gas known, wake up washington, d.c., there was a kidnapping right there in the streets in the middle of georgetown, that's where we are today. coming up, matthew mcconaughey's appeal for gun responsibility at the white house and why he believes this time is different.
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>> emily: attorney general merrick garland has announced that the justice department will review the law enforcement response to the uvalde school shooting. a team of nine people including an fbi official and former police chief. merrick garland says he will make those findings public. in the meantime, after matthew mcconaughey was at the white house yesterday where he is getting a lot of attention for his impassioned plea for a bipartisan action on gun reform. he also paid tribute to the children killed in the massacre
9:27 am
including 9-year-old rodriguez. watch. >> mite wore green high-top cumbers with a heart on the right toe because it represented her love of nature. camilla has the issues, can you show these shoes, please. a heart on the right toe. these are the same green converts on her feet that turned out to be the only clear evidence that could identify her at the shooting. >> emily: just heartbreaking, kathy. >> emily: i think that everybody watches these segments yesterday and you are overcome, because it is personal for all of us. i'm a new mom and i think about my little girl, and i just want to go to a good school where she can learn the abcs, and i
9:28 am
worked on capitol hill for over ten years, staunch conservative republicans understand my colleagues moms, and where they are going, what are we going to do, we have to do something, and it is not political. you talked earlier about division and man, did you hit that nail on the head. the devil that wants to divide us cannot win here yet again. because it has to be about what we have in common. we have so much in common being human beings and neighborly and parents, and just being people who want to bet for each other and to the next generation and i think that's where a lot of people are right now. you hear a lot from people on the polar opposites of this issue, but those of us who aren't on social media every day are really what matthew mcconaughey said really resonated and i hope that the lawmakers are feeling that as well that this is a time where they can do something and be supportive. >> emily: let's dive into what matthew mcconaughey had to say. before we get to that, to your
9:29 am
point, tim, and you are making this point earlier that before we are republicans or democrats or progressives or conservatives, we are dads and moms and sisters and daughters, we are all of those things, which is why to matthew mcconaughey's point that we are about to see, most of us reside in the middle and support reasonable choices. let's watch. >> i think that we're being told that we are more divided than we are. i think that the veil over the masses eyes, i think that we have the numbers, and we have to pull that veil, quit drinking the kool-aid, because we hear from both sides, extreme right and left and they have the microphone, and i believe that we have the numbers, the masses have the numbers, we need to take the microphone back, kick them off democracy, this is not about a vote. >> emily: they have the microphone, but we have the numbers. >> tim: this is about issues really fast where you start handpicking things that are easy to divide us when instead we should focus on the real issue
9:30 am
and that's how do we protect children? and i love that he is passionate about this in his heart was so exposed on his sleeve. i can't leave hollywood outs and not recognize a degree of hypocrisy where like the next netflix movie where they do come to him, hey, will you play this action star that kills all these people? and he will absolutely do it and so will all of them as well the video games and social media looking for opportunities to divide us. you have to go upstream. you have to go to the root cause of what is happening in this violence, yes, we can try and make our schools hard targets, yes we can start addressing training for law enforcement, yes, we can even look at laws about making sure that people are mentally unhealthy can get access to a firearm, but the root cause is really the person doing this, right? the tool, and we start talking about mental health and you look at these active shooters, the ones that are going in and hurting little children, it is a really clear problem and that is that young men are broken. there's a problem, i know a
9:31 am
five-step plan about how we can fix this and i have the four ds about how to make a school of hard target, but we have to start healing our young men and making them young men again. otherwise this will continue to happen. >> emily: the five-step plan is toward young men? >> tim: it's called aptitude strong. if i lost a wrestling tournament, this is in my book "stars and such drives." and the whole gymnasium looks at him as the winner and i'm sitting there is a loser, that lesson, that learned the lesson then brought me to win and fight for world titles, those lessons are gone now. both hands get raised, everybody gets a participation trophy. and those as a young man as you're starting to learn your limits and testosterone starts hitting you, what am i going to do, fortunately in the military was able to guide and start shaving off some of those hard corners and special forges, ranger school, they kept chipping away, but our young men
9:32 am
are left alone right now and they are broken. and the society is emasculating them and they are just getting angry and isolated and depressed, suicide, unprecedented high, we have to fix this. it's beyond taking what you're saying to the next level and kind of mirroring what to matthew mcconaughey -- the one point that he said that i don't think politically anybody is going to step on, may be other than conservatives, and that is american values. the american dream, the american dream comes with the right to live it, and as you say, you're trying to pick a school, kathy, for your little one based on the academics, abcs, but part of that is the s, security. so can we come to a place now where the haters, those that would hurt us, may be those that are hurting so badly they don't know how to keep -- can we come to a place where we can sit down and really talk and get to the things that matter?
9:33 am
and maybe it will be less about what they do on capitol hill, maybe we don't need a lot of lawmakers at the table, not to kick anybody out, but can they come as human beings and without all of their trophies and have one seat on our backs for voting for them, can we get there? and is that to -- is that to pollyannaish to get to you. and i don't think so, and i am prayerful about it and america deserves it. >> tim: our children deserve it. i just had, i own a private school, and weird reviewing every single one of our security policies and talking to parents should we be putting ballistic body armor in our backpacks? hearing these words come out of their mouths was like a knife and know my heart, as a man who has dedicated his life to trying to preserve and protect people, i want to solve this problem, and i don't wanted to be responsive or reactive, and to
9:34 am
be proactive, we do need to go upstream and really start grabbing this problem by the horns and addressing it, and people are scared to talk about it, can we talk about mental health with young men? >> harris: of course you can. >> kayleigh: and quickly, lexi rubio who lost her life, the mother said, one of you watching, god forbid, i don't want this to be the case, i don't want another school shooting, we owe it to these parents to get in a room together, republicans, democrats and have a conversation, protector schools, retired police officers, have them surround the school, i don't want another child, mother to testify before congress liked what i saw this morning, let's harden our schools. >> harris: don't leave us out, invite the parents, don't get the doj and the other people to leave us out. >> emily: i mean, a mother saying that, prayerful. coming up as a master caravan
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you could be left to pay for this... yourself. call a local agent or 1-888-allstate for a quote today. >> harris: that a stripper, this is not, but it is reality, the largest ever a really illegal immigrant caravan headed our way towards our southern border from mexico, and kamala harris putting her hand on finally and revealing her plan to tackle the "root causes" of mass migration. announced yesterday $1.9 billion to private sector funding directed towards three central american countries. it is aimed at boosting american jobs and hoping to reduce migration from the country.
9:40 am
kathy. >> kathy: i've not seen the full plan and i don't think we all have seen much, but i am suspect when they say let's look at more taxpayer dollars in another country, what is the oversight? many are fleeing the country because of the corruption, so that money could go to corruption and not get to that "root cause." i have lots of concerns from is this responsible use of our dollars to like who is over seeming this and seeing if it's going to make a difference and curb anything, and why does kamala harris get to go unchecked? >> harris: former president trump had an interesting relationship with some of those countries particularly mexico, i want to hear some of that, because we aren't to living through that, what are we missing? >> kayleigh: tariffs, you don't want tariffs, mexico stepped up by sending 15,000 troops at the northern border, our southern border with the
9:41 am
illegal flow of immigration coming want to fix the problem, look at the trump playbook, instead throwing money at the problem come to your point, el salvador, guatemala, honduras, corruption, all of these countries, and who should know this? vice president biden who oversaw a billionaire in corruption and did not solve the problem. >> harris: how is it that the president is hosting this event? some countries don't want to go because the dictators were invited. >> tim: i have actually worked this before when i was in the military. and it is an important conference, but -- >> harris: don't do countries have to be there? >> tim: they do. >> harris: we know he is not going to take any questions. >> tim: the immigration problem, look at us, none of us are generationally part of being america. we are not native american, we are all immigrants and there is
9:42 am
an immigration -- >> harris: actually, mine is not native american, and haitian, -- >> tim: we have a broken immigration system, living in texas and seeing what is happening at the border, i have friends with ranches on the border and these animals are being murdered and they find immigrants dying on their property all the time. it is a human crisis. it is a humanitarian crisis down there. and the tens of thousands that are coming across this caravan, that is like last week. that seems like a big number, but that happens every single week. the border patrol is working all the time, they are tired and broken and looking at public safety, those guys are superheroes down there. the texas national guard, they are down there trying to help with this crisis, but it is so little and nowhere near enough. >> harris: all right, so it struck me, emily, that the vice president has decided to take action and is going to get
9:43 am
us to do her work. >> emily: and to be clear, this is a private sector and an investment, but she was past with determining the root causes of this almost two years ago, and now she is eliciting help from the private sector to do so. when all of us can answer the question, it's pretty clear, it is pushed back factors pull factors. a end the cartels that are murdering millions of people and are garnering billions of dollars in human smuggling and illicit drugs. we talk about our tax dollars, it would be way cheaper for this country to just enforce the laws, how about that? because letting them over the border is what creates the human cost of life, which is lifeblood and creates the billions of dollars in wasted costs repairing good fences and ranches and loss of income, and border patrol putting their lives on the line and getting injured and killed in the process. so if there was one diplomatic meeting between president and kamala harris with the borders are, if there was one type of
9:44 am
mutual app at that instead of a conference that everybody goes to anyway because they have no respect, that would go further than asking at&t to chip in for the root causes. >> kayleigh: on climate change. >> harris: we will move on, the democratic senator who was bragging about how high gas prices don't matter to her, because she cruises in her electric car right past all the prices. they got her a chip for her car. yes, i have a car with a chip! ♪ ♪
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>> brand-new details on the man arrested outside brett kavanaugh's home this morning, live from the justice department, and neil gorsuch will join us live. plus don brosseau on gas prices soaring to new highs as the white house to flex blame for not doing enough to bring prices down. amid the highest inflation the country as seen in over four decades. amber and her reaction to voters in san francisco giving their far left yea the boot, come join
9:49 am
john roberts and me as "america reports" at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ >> kayleigh: a democrat senator drawing fierce criticism with the sky high gas prices. just shattered another record today at nearly $5 a gallon. but it's almost double that in california, nearly $10 a gallon come wow. debbie stabenow just looked at those soaring prices don't matter to her, and this could be why. >> on the issue of gas prices to have enough chips in this country to finally get my electric vehicle, i drove it
9:50 am
from michigan to hear this last weekend, and owned by every single gas station and it did not matter how high it was. >> kayleigh: quite joyful at that, i filled up yesterday, $118, here is you played it on your show and we play it now. might not be smiling when the voters have their way. >> harris: i want you to look at the dates on that too, the war in ukraine, a little bit more than 100 days, the presidency of joe biden well over 365. so you do the math, when in most of that gasp price margin go up? from the beginning of his presidency. i cut myself from tweeting yesterday, but what i really wanted to say is when your privilege chokes off the oxygen into your heart muzzle. this is the stuff you say. tim said i could say it, so i did. i feel better now. >> kayleigh: msnbc has a clip, let's play it.
9:51 am
speak of the fact that we see gas prices impact people's pocketbook, would that change how you are considering voting for the next election whether it is congressional, here or presidential? >> definitely. i just know that one administration had cheaper gas, and this administration has more expensive gas. >> tim: i own some small businesses, and was just in ukraine trying to deliver aid, and the struggle of finding gas, we would have to put it on the back of the truck to get into things and bring out, i feel like we will face that here, $10 in california, the price of doing business now try not to pass on expenses to customers, but everything has gone up. it's hard to get any product in production problems, and then that -- were approachable behavior where she is looking down at these peasants and being like i'm driving my electric car, i'm so sorry for you people. i drive a ford truck, one of the
9:52 am
cheapest gas states and it is heartbreaking to try to run a business and deal with the gas prices. >> kayleigh: and he can fix it immediately, let's drill! the reason of these soaring gas prices don't matter, is because we don't matter to her, she does not care about us, she doesn't care about americans going through tough times that are filling up for $118 by making choices, well, i need to fill up my tank because i need to get to my job, because that's what will put some food on the table, but not as much as it used to, she does not care about those people and i feel like it's really ironic as well considering that congress that she is part of released the power grid and how fashionable it is. i mean, someone is going to have a attorney deal moment, but i don't wish it upon her, because unlike her eye have compassion for my fellow american. >> kayleigh: referencing could be rolling back blackouts, how are you going to charge her electric vehicle?
9:53 am
>> kathy: this is the part of the grand transition, this is what they want is all of us to go to ev, but we will have rolling blackouts the summer, coming soon to a neighborhood near you. and in michigan they have been having this issue for a while now as a governor has been getting a lot of pushback because she wants to do these electric lanes and everybody is like we can't even figure out day-to-day electricity, so it is funny that she is not even in touch with the people in her own state let alone the big picture of the ramifications. >> kayleigh: your baby's crying no formula, your life won't turn on potentially, welcome to president biden's america. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ ♪
9:54 am
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9:58 am
>> last but certainly not least, this may come as a total nonsurprise to you, but tim, apparently knows how to make an entrance. watch. [siren] >> wow! >> oh, my gosh, oo7 and then some, and you said they didn't let you do what you wanted to do, what's more incredible than that? >> to halo, free-fall, skydive in, and they said no, rappel the helicopter, hang from the skids, no, new york city, man, texas is
9:59 am
different, we roll differently down there. >> we roll differently, too, and we want to support you in the amazing back "scars and stripes," an honor to have you here. >> allies, the last chapter of the book is me in afghanistan. when afghanistan started falling and you know, you saw the videos of people hanging on to the landing gear and falling to their deaths, that was us on the ground. there is a team of four men in afghanistan helping get 12,000 people out in a matter of ten days. some of the best and brightest, i had the humble opportunity to work with these guys. some of those people are in ukraine, we beat putin in, so save our allies has been ahead of our problems, i wish the problems were not happening but they were. this booking came at a really important time where everything in our lives is curated. editorialized, we take the best picture with the best filter and we don't know about who a person is, it's all -- this has every
10:00 am
fault, failure, struggle, it's me standing there naked on the pacific coast about to swim into the fog in one of the darkest moments of my life and that was not even the bottom. >> you represent the best of the best and i can't wait to read this. "scars and stripes," great father's day guest. >> tim, honor to have you here and to hear your story. can't wait to read this. now here is "america reports." >> sandra: fox news alert, police in maryland and marshals arrest a man walking armed and with a knife. he was in the neighborhood of brett kavanaugh's house, attempting to assassinate brett kavanaugh. sandra smith in new york. >> john: shocking development, not exactly surprising, though. i'm john roberts in washington and this is "america reports." details are still coming in. it appears violence against su


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