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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 1, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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that lisa is a booth and tyrus on the big saturday and big sunday shows. looking forward to being with you on that 5:30 eastern. we'll have a good time my friend. >> we will. looking forward to it myself. see you then. >> todd: see you in a few days or a few hours. >> ashley: and "fox & friends" starts right now. thanks for joining us. have a good weekend. >> todd: bye-bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: is that real? it looks like a painting that i would pay a lot of money for until i see some movement, if you are in charlotte, north carolina blink the lights.
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>> ainsley: that light blinked. >> brian: hornets have been remarkably mediocre. >> steve: now he lives in jupiter, florida and he has a restaurant down there. he is a very busy businessman. >> ainsley: saving more of his money if he lives in florida. >> steve: absolutely he can welcome to -- now, keep in mind if somebody says something today that seems too good to be true, remember that today is april 1st. april fools day. [sighs] >> brian: "sports illustrated" finch coming back throws the ball 120 miles per hour. the methods have never seen anybody like them. >> ainsley: i thought they put on the cover tom brady was retiring again. >> steve: that was on the cover. i wonder if got april fools day wrong. remember yesterday morning we told you that bloomberg economists figured because of
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inflation your family, average american family is going to have to spend more than $5,000 a year to make up for inflation. yesterday the president said you know what? if you start using renewables, electric cars, solar panels, you can stai save $5,000 a year which sounds too good to be true. in fact it was. the white house had to walk it back. mr. president, that is actually $500 a year not $500 a month which is what he said. >> brian: if everyone in the administration. >> steve: april fools. >> brian: move the prompter up e more faux pass and less walking back. he seems to need binoculars to see it. >> steve: it's a jumbotron. >> ainsley: he blamed the prices going up at the pump and all of your food costs and all of that is because of the pandemic and bought of putin. and he is saying you need to buy an electric car. it's costing $56,000 on average, according to the kelley blue book, that's very expensive for
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a car. most people can't afford that. >> brian: here is the president yesterday. >> the problem we are facing with gas prices has two roots. first, the pandemic. when covid struck, demand for oil plummeted, so production slowed down worldwide. because of the strength and the speed of our recovery, demand for oil shot back up much faster than the supply. that's why the cost of gas began to rise last year. the second root is vladimir putin. the start of this year gas was about $3.30 a gal. today it's about averages 4.20. 4.22 it's higher in many states. more than a dollar more in less than three months. the reason for that is because of putin's war. >> brian: right. we're not buying that by the way, he is also vilifying the oil and gas companies. look, guys, there is nothing stopping you from producing more oil and gas. there is nothing standing in
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your way. my hope is when the ceos show up next week they don't sit there and take it like the tobacco companies took it in the 1980s. on those 8,000 leases that you say we are not drilling on here's the reason. on your push to encourage financial institutions not to invest in oil and gas and fossil fuel companies, that is standing in our way. we told you we could get over a million, get back to where we were over a million barrels a day. this is not gouging. we do have to pay our bills. but he wants to blame people. just come out and say it my push to green our economy is costing all of you money but it's the thing that i have ran on and that's what i want to do. in fact, there is a growing interest in electric cars. 173% increase in searches for electric cars. at which time it's going to be more expensive. >> ainsley: inflation up higher than it has been in the last 40 years. that means that's more money that you are paying. >> steve: look at that. >> ainsley: personal exumtion
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expenditure climbed 6.4% over the last year. energy prices are up 25.7% from this past february compared to the february before. inflation has worsened even before this russian invasion. is he going to blame it on putin. but inflation and gas prices have been going up since he took office. >> steve: well, it doesn't take brain surgeon for you folks to figure out what's going on. yesterday he announced that he is going to tap into the strategic petroleum reserve and he is going to draw down 1 million barrels a day for 180 days taking us right up to the midterms. >> ainsley: because there is an election. >> brian: there will have nothing left. >> ainsley: that's what donald trump said. >> steve: the strategic petroleum reserve will be at lowest level since 1984. here's the thing. all that oil has got to be replaced. and so that's going to drive up the supply. so what is he doing? still trying to make a deal with venezuela, changing the sanctions with venezuela and iran.
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they are trying to do it that way. nancy pelosi yesterday on capitol hill. >> brian: meanwhile canada keeps saying what about me? i will do it. >> steve: everybody would. but here's the thing. nancy pelosi knows that weekend do it right here. we could have an oil derrick in front of the building. the thing with the democrats if we are going to have to use fossil fuels, somebody is going to have to do it another country otherwise it will destroy our good work. here is the speaker yesterday on the hill. >> we have always said use it or lose it. 9,000 permits exist for them to drill on, um, on land -- on shore. and one of the things that i would say is that we want to fight inflation, the price of oil is an indicator of the price of gatt gas at the pump is an indicator. putin has exacerbated it. but, we cannot allow the fossil fuel industry to use this as an
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excuse to reverse everything we're doing to save the planet. >> steve: one of the other things, you mentioned the leases and we have heard this a million times over the last couple of months, big petroleum has 9,000 leases on land that they could be punching holes in the ground and they are hoarding the leases so yesterday the president suggested that if they don't go ahead and drill on the land they have to give it back. but the law currently requires companies to produce gas or auto return the leases to the government after 10 years. but there are a bunch of different reasons why they might not be doing it. it might be environmental. they might be waiting for a bank to approve the project. could be waiting they are waiting for somebody to build a pipeline, or something else. there is a million reasons why they are not doing it the biggest one, unfortunately is joe biden's administration has got their foot on the neck of the petroleum industry. they could solve the problem in no time. but they know that joe biden
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wants to run them out of business and make elon musk even richer because we're all going to drive teslas. >> brian: a lease is not a permit. they hold the key to drilling with permits. they hold the key by discouraging investment in these industries. and now they want to vilify these industries. it's not vladimir putin and we're not stupid. >> ainsley: you are absolutely right. we have seen inflation go up way before vladimir putin answered keeps blaming it on something else. when this happened in russia. they used it as a narrative so that they could say this is the reason. donald trump said when you dip into our reserves, our oil reserves, because it's supposed to only be large used for large scale emergency or conflict. what are we going to do when that runs out? >> the emergency is the midterms. we are going to use that here's the thing. the world spot market sucks up 100 million barrels of oil a day. is he talking about releasing 1 million barrels.
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1% when the stock market and the spot market heard about it. they yawned. it's like this really isn't going to do much. but it's all part of he has got to look like it's all hands on deck like we're doing something. but victor davis hanson put it in perspective and said look, the problem is not just this thing. it's the whole agenda. >> whether you are an african-american tire changer in bakersfield or a white lathe worker in dayton or a house maker in fresno you are not making it in this inflationary high fuel economy. you can't afford $7 for diesel fuel. we don't really care what michelle says about oppression from her third mansion in hawaii or what lebron says from his billion-dollar contract. in normal times people dispassionately, soberly and judiciously and look at agenda and say contrary to human nature. in fact, it's madness and we want no part of it.
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>> ainsley: everything in the grocery store going up to. chicken up 70%, pork and beef up 20%. steve: absolutely. you point earlier inflation at 6.4%. the highest since 19 will. that's going to put more pressure on the federal reserve to raise your interest rates and here's the practical problem. if you are thinking about buying a house, the -- yesterday the mortgage for a 30 year fixed was 4.67%. it's close to 5%. that factors in so much extra stuff because of inflation. and are you blaming vladimir putin? or your house payment now being close 5% if you taking out a 30 year fixed? i don't think so. >> brian: the "wall street journal" abc poll from last week 6% of the country blamed vladimir putin. 34% blamed president biden. second spot was covid-19. i would imagine that's supply chain issues. american people aren't looking for watching the press conference and saying now i get
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it they know we are actually pumping 1 million plus barrels less under president biden and now he is tapping into our emergency services in order to make up for that deficit. it makes no sense. >> ainsley: and wiener energy independent when he took office. >> steve: ultimately it just all is costing us a whole bunch more to do everything. stuart varney is going to be joining us in the 8:00 hour here on "fox & friends" to put it all into perspective. >> brian: up next on this show and there is a lot. russian troops reportedly switching positions to escalate attacks on the ukraine. they are leaving the capital some say. we are live on the ground. >> ainsley: plus, brand new video showing a new perspective on the slap heard around the world. what did reveals about jada pinkett smith's reaction. ♪
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with xfinity, it's a way better way to watch. >> ainsley: this is a fox news alert. british intelligence showing russian troops are in position to ramp up attacks on the suburbs of kyiv in the coming days. >> brian: this comes as russia is giving chernobyl power plant back to ukraine after seizing it last month. thought to themselves what am i doing it. they wanted to save the troops from radiation sickness. some say they have it already. griff jenkins on the ground with the very latest and plenty to cover, griff. >> griff: has been phi driveway to you as the ukraine people head into the weekend they are bracing for renewed attacks. russia is show nothing signs of pulling back they are pounding kyiv with air assaults. pentagon officials telling fox news yesterday that russian jets
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have flown some 300 sorties and the secretary general had this assessment of the battle. watch. >> russia has repeatedly lied about its intentions. so we can only judge russia on its actions. not on its words. russia maintains pressure on kyiv and other cities. so we can expect additional offensive actions bringing even more suffering. >> griff: fierce battling is raging in irpin. that's area ukraine liberated days ago. most intense fighting continues in the besieged city mariupol cut off from the rest of the world. no food, water or electricity. this as the pentagon confirms russian forces have indeed as you mentioned, brian, fled the chernobyl nuclear plant. the pentagon not confirming if it's due to reported radiation
3:18 am
poisoning or not. meanwhile the state department is warning americans of threats in both russia and ukraine. >> we updated that travel advisory to include containing reports of u.s. citizens being singled out and russian military in ukraine again when evacuating ukraine through russian occupied territory or alternatively to russia or belarus. >> peace talks set to resume virtually today but expectations of any significant progress are very low. brian, ainsley, and steve? >> steve: griff, quick question for you. russia is accusing ukraine of using helicopter gun ships to go in 20 miles into russia to blow up an oil depot but this also comes a week or two after the west warned that russia could be planning a false flag attack to justify amping things up. do we have any evidence that ukraine actually flew into
3:19 am
russia? >> that's right, steve. no confirmation from ukrainian officials or any of our sources to that. it's right now nothing but russian state media reporting that a regional russian governor in the city of bell grad says that two ukrainian gun ship helicopters came in and attacked a field depot there. as you point out, that's exactly the kind of provocation that the exports have been warning russia would be looking for to increase attacks. it comes after, as you guys mentioned in the intro, u.k. officials the intelligence officials in u.k. believe that the attacks are going continue to tense phi in coming days. so, nothing to suggest that the images you see all over social media, this attack are confirmed and we will bring it to you if we get that. >> brian: all right. thanks. real quick, griff, on the humanitarian corridor that was open and they stopped 40 buses and took all the humanitarian aid -- mariupol. what's the truth on that? and 690 that left had to hop
3:20 am
into civilian cars? what a mess? who guaranteed their safety? and what happened to all those people in the buses? >> griff: well, brian, you are exactly right. it is a mess. overnight, we got a report from ukrainian officials that some 45 red cross buses heading into mariupol to try and get those stranded desperate civilians out were being blocked. then, just an hour ago, my team got confirmation from the icrc that they had -- the buses had, indeed left. heading into mariupol. that's about a four to five hour drive. but they are headed there in route now because there were agreements on, quote: both sides. as you point out rightly none of these buses, these humanitarian corridors have been successful so far. so we're watching that development very, very closely. it would be a very positive development and significant if those 45 buses do get out. that's 500, 600, 700 people that
3:21 am
need to get out. mariupol is a city of roughly 430,000 and some 100,000 are believed to be remaining and need to get out as the russians continue to turn that city to absolute rubble. >> ainsley: goes against what putin promised. he said we will stop the shelling to let all these people out of mariupol now he is not letting the buses out. thank you so much, griff. what's troublesome is that americans in ukraine are being told to depart immediately. they were told that in the very beginning. the embassy moved to poland as you know. that nba player, wnba play britney griner is still being held in a russian still being detained in russia. and she was arrested at the moscow airport. a group of officials from the embassy did talk to her and said that she appears to be in good condition. but then there was also -- you interviewed the dad two weeks ago that ukrainian teacher he is an american. he was married to a ukrainian or is married to a ukrainian was over there teaching. wanted to get back to america. he was trying to flee. and they arrested him. they singled him out of the group because he says he was the
3:22 am
only one with an american passport. thankfully they did finally let him go after detaining him. >> brian: a lot more positive stuff coming out of the institute for the study of war. a lot more optimistic. they say they are pushing back around -- they are pushing the russian forces out of the suburbs. they are about to retake cost mel right in the area. retake that airport. and they are pushing them off a major highway called e-40. and they are also -- the russians are going okay. we are just going to head south and head east. this whole thing is shifting away from the capital because they can't take the capital. >> ainsley: russia thought it would be lightning speed ann and it hasn't been. it was supposed to to be with days and now it's a month. ashley joins us here in studio m, good friday morning to you. a 5-year-old girl is killed after a high speed car chase in florida. ends in a car crashing into a pond. jackson police say the chase started after the driver was
3:23 am
approached at a traffic light and then fled. female driver is now in custody on kidnapping charges. the 5-year-old, ufergly was pronounced dead after being pulled out of the pond. now a fox weather alert. a storm that caused massive devastation across the south this week is shifting towards the eastern seaboard. severe weather is expected across northern florida to new york hudson valley. the storm system battered the south wednesday and thursday with tornadoes killing two people in florida and leaving thousands without power. the happiest place on earth looking at not so happenly every ever after. appealing after the company came out against antioxidants' parental rights bill. take a listen. >> a state should be governed by the best interest of the people. you should not have one organization that is able to dictate policy in all these different realms. >> meanwhile disney is expanding
3:24 am
its media operations into at least 10 countries that allow homosexuality including palestine and saudi arabia. governor desantis will join us later this morning with his take. and those are his headlines guys, back to you. >> steve: so, the will smith chris rock saga continues and there is kind of a he said, he said thing going on. according to if you go to tmz right now, they say that will smith, as it turns out, was never asked to leave the oscars. he was told by the producer of the show, a fellow by the name of will packer that he could stay. about 5 minutes before he got the best actor award, the producer walked up and said we do not want you to leave. that is different than what this man is now telling good morning america. he says they had the cops ready to take him in and they talked to chris rock and chris rock said don't do it. watch. here is this oscar producer. >> we will go get him. we are prepared. we are prepared to get him right
3:25 am
now. can you press charges. we can arrest him. you have -- they were laying out the options and as they were talking, criticize was be very dismissive of those options. he was like no, i'm fine. he is like no, no, no. >> >> ainsley: apparently last night when chris rock was performing in boston, it was his second night performing there, there was someone in the audience that was yelling f will smith he said no, no, no, no, no. he didn't want him arrested behind back stage at the oscars. no, i'm not pressing any charges. yesterday this was a new video was circulating on social media. showing the images of-from a different angle. you can see jada pinkett smith looks like she is laughing. he leans toward while her husband is sitting down after he slapped chris rock which is interesting. because we wanted to see her angle. let's listen. >> here is an angle most people have not seen. look at jada's reaction.
3:26 am
[bleep] [laughter] keep my wife's name out your [bleep] mouth. >> it was a gi jane joke. >> keep my wife's name out of your [bleep] mouth. >> i'm going to, okay? >> brian: that's interesting. you can't really tell for sure if she was laughing. looked like she was laughing and a lot of people think she should have reached over and tried to calm him down. jim norton a comedian on with gutted if he would. i have no idea why gutfeld would like somebody on his show that might be funnier than him. jim nor torn weed in on why he is not worried about the stage being stormed with him and why he thinks everything is going down the way it did. >> the only person who has ever slapped me at a club is a club owner after he saw ticket counts. eye not worried about anybody rushing onto the stage. it's not going to happen. it hasn't opened a pandora's box. it was disgusting. and the reason they stood up and clapped because these dopes see
3:27 am
everything like it's a movie. like they saw drama and goes up and cries and they saw redemption and then they give him a round of applause and act of forgiveness. for him the whole thing was like a movie. a bunch of narcissists who didn't want their party spoiled. >> steve: so confusing because yesterday we told you that the news out of hollywood was that will smith was asked to leave and then now tmz says he was never asked to leave. now the producer says that apparently it was up to chris rock and the cops were ready it haul will smith in. >> brian: he is not group set. can you believe ains avians well he won. >> brian: very least oversad that doughed the movie and producers and williams family story that he bought years ago. brought to light. did a great job obviously. deserved that award. and now it's all about him. you have no idea who won best script. they have a best scripted category or best lighting. >> steve: no longer televised. >> ainsley: doesn't everyone get
3:28 am
a medal? >> brian: who had the best voice? will smith doesn't look upset at all. >> ainsley: the whole thing is really bizarre when you watch it from different angles we don't know what happened before the oscars. when she sat down after slapping him she doesn't even look at her husband. she is staying forward or looking at the stage. it's bizarre like normally a wife would say honey, calm down it's okay. or at least grab his arm or turn to him. it's very bizarre. it's almost like i don't know did they get in an argument before they got there? >> brian: almost like they are an open marriage. [laughter] >> ainsley: oh, god. it's just all bizarre. >> steve: every day. anyway that guy, the producer is talking today. i'm sure we will have more news before the end of this telecast. >> ainsley: 28 minutes after the top of the hour. the white house insisting nothing unethical about hunter biden's business dealings in china. the g.o.p. wants to see proof. the records they are requesting coming up. >> brian: some day the democrats will, too. >> steve: bruce willis
3:29 am
announcing a career ending diagnosis of efascia. hills co-stars say the warning signs were there much earlier. dr. siegel going to tell us about symptoms coming up next. ♪
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3:33 am
pennsylvania officer is killed and two others were hurt while on the line of duty. mayor confirmed they were attacked while responding to a domestic incident. the status and identity of the gunman is still unknown. the white house stands by president biden's comments last year when he said nothing unethical was done about hunter biden's overseas business dealings. take a listen. >> we absolutely stand by the president's comments. and i would point you to the reporting on this, which referenced statements that we made at the time but, as you know, i don't speak for hunter biden so there is not more i can say on. that was. >> ashley: indicate bedingfield was also asked if the president would use his pardon power for son hunter. she said that was quote not in hypotheticals she was going to entertain. republicans on the house oversight committee all records of communication between hunter and the white house during the obama administration while joe biden was v.p. illinois state police are celebrating 100 years of service today this year by showing off
3:34 am
those throwback squad cars. since the department was created, the force has grown to more than 1800 officers. the illinois stated police flag will be flown on top the capital to commemorate today. those are your headlines; >> steve: thank you very much, ashley. co-stars and filmmakers beloved action star bruce willis showed signs of cognitive issues like memory loss long before his diagnosis and revelation of the diagnosis of afascia this week which is a degenerative brain condition lines like american siege. >> i wouldn't go there, sheriff. >> the sheriff is here. >> i thought you were in the big house. >> got out two hours ago. >> you want to negotiate. >> let's go see your daddy. >> my daddy don't like
3:35 am
surprises. >> i understand. >> steve: here what we need to know about that fox medical contributor dr. marc siegel. mark, i don't think a lot of people had heard of aphasia until this week. >> no, the national aphasia association says 85% of people never heard of it and over 2 million people suffer from it. so, let me start with what aphasia is. i brought a model of the brain here. this front part of the brain over here on the left is brokers area that's expressive aphasia. that's damage. what is expressive aphasia? it means you can't form words properly. you can't speak properly. you can't recall properly or can't write properly. >> steve: things that are said to have happened to him over the last couple of years? >> correct. the other part the rear part over here in the temporal lobe warnikeens area. i do understand what's being said to me or i do understand what i'm reading? now, there is some sense that he may have had that, too. because, steve, what we are hearing is over the last few years he also a had memory loss,
3:36 am
he has had disorientation. what am i doing on the set. as we showed in the soundbite. lines having to be read to him. that's a progressive situation that seems less acute. if you suddenly develop aphasia, you worry about a stroke or a blow to the head. but if it's over time like this, you worry about nerve degeneration, something that's been happening to the brain like unfortunately dementia or blows to the head. >> steve: well, you know, he is one of the biggest action stars of all time. he has been in a lot of action movies, maybe there have been some bumps to his head that we don't know about or is this -- so is this trauma related or is it genetic? >> they are not revealing that but i'm suspicious of the first that it could be trauma related. when he did die hard he said he reported i have lost two thirds of the hearing in my left ear. he had repeated blows to the head. we championed him for doing his own stunts. and we our voyeurs.
3:37 am
he did a lot of his own stunts. frequent blows to the heads like boxer as or what football players have can cause a condition traumatic encephalopathy, i don't know if he has that. i'm concerned that everyone out there knows that a lot of blows to the head is really bad and can lead to something like this. or as you say, it can be neurodegenerative and alzheimer's or another form of dementia possible. >> steve: this week when we all heard the symptoms of it difficulty speaking or understanding or reading or writing. a lot of people say some days i have a problem understanding or i don't quite get what somebody is saying or i have trouble speaking. is that age-related or for the average person who says i could have some of that going on right now? >> everybody as we get old investor cognitive glitches like that lack of sleep or lack of exercise. things that are bothering you, anxiety. but this is much more of a
3:38 am
constellation of symptoms. the good news here if there is speech therapy helps. retraining the brain to go around those words. to use another way to communicate. nonverbal communication. all of that is in the cards here and i'm hoping that it helps them. >> steve: if have symptoms happen more than once see your doctor. >> see your doctor or neurologist it's easy to diagnose. you have to see your doctor for this. >> steve: best to him because it sounds like it's not a good thing. >> we really care about this in terms of him as a person not as an actor. we wish him the best. >> steve: thank you, doctor. >> thank you, steve. >> steve: the biden administration pledging 2.5 million bucks in aid to ukraine but is it actually going to get to the people who need it? our next guest says it's nowhere be found. >> i am getting calls from ukrainian commanders and special ops guys who haven't seeched any aid on the frontline. why am i sitting in front of
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ >> it's wild to hear the noise news about all this supposed humanitarian aid allotted by the u.s. government. what severing reality from our perspective most of it has not made it it the front lines to the people who need it most. why am i getting calls from ukrainian commanders and special op. guys who haven't received any aid. why am i sitting in front of elite commandos ukrainian army wearing tennis shoes into battle. switchblade drones that supposedly the biden administration announced a few weeks ago they are not even in country yet. i'm dealing directly with the people who would be using them and it's been cickets. they don't have them. everybody in ukraine for a month. how do i have more drones in country that we have handed off personally to ukrainian special forces that and the entire u.s. government alone? >> brian: jennifer griffin it of same quest question to admiral
3:44 am
kirby getting in it is not. bell dough very much biden administration pledges another $500 million of our money to the war torn country. here to react former u.s. army pilot successful businessman turned michigan congressional candidate john james. john, welcome. what's your reaction to that. >> it's disappointment and embarrassment. brian, this is why relevant leadership experience matters this president doesn't have the occasion to develop the skill set to understand what it's like on the front lines, right now he is being told lies by whoever is running this country that ukraine is getting what they need and they're not. president biden just went to go visit the poland ukrainian border. he hasn't even seen our own. and he is telling us words of what we are going to do in making promises. we are not following the promises all the world sees is weakness. they cy see how biden handled the afghanistan withdrawal and weakness and experience. >> brian: this is a chance to
3:45 am
redemption a chance to say aberration look how good i did here. 25th of february 350 supposed to be exchanged. bulgaria said to us i will give you my f 300s give us patriots like you gave poland. so far two weeks, nothing. then on march 16th. $800 million, where is the aid? where is the weaponry? then the switchblade drones we talked about. and then on the 24th of march, this week. we pledged another $1 billion. where's the money? where is the aid? they asked for tanks. they understand no-fly zone. why not the f 300s? >> well, obviously. you have need to have people in these positions with relevant leadership experience to know how to do things. the supply chain is broken or the president is making more broken empty promises to our allies and it's continuing to degrade the way the world perceives us. this president was put into office by folks around the country who believe that he would bring america back. but it wasn't -- this president
3:46 am
is putting america last and embarrassing us in front of the entire world. >> brian: yesterday the president went out of his way to go out and slur his way through an announcement that vladimir putin and supply chain issues are the reason why inflation is high and gas prices are exorbitant. >> this guy doesn't get it democrat policies are the reason that we have outsourced our manufacturing independence around the world. democrat policies are the reason why we have exported our oil independence around the world. gas prices in our district are over $4 right now. party that have broken america and need to change that. >> brian: okay with a million barrels out of our reserved into the oil market? >> i will tell you what i'm okay with. i'm okay with drilling for our own oil right here in america. i'm okay with opening pipelines like line 5 and keystone to make sure that we can have our own oil here and export others. right now you have our european allies dependent on russian
3:47 am
energy make money on it. >> line 5 could get shut counsel by your governor. >> our governor is hell bent on shutting down economical and need to find all of the above energy strategy opposite. >> brian: bad relations with canada, again, shut down the keystone. shut down line 5. john james best of luck to bees republican nominee unhe owes posed in the general in november. >> go to learn more go to www john james. >> brian: great to see new person. check in with adam klotz because john james wants to know the weather. >> adam: a little bit fogger on fox square. big storm system moved on through and the temperatures that are behind it still 53 degrees in new york city. if i take you a little farther out west behind that cold front that brought all that rain to the east coast? look at those, 32 degrees colder in pittsburgh than it was 24 hours ago. 31 degrees colder in detroit.
3:48 am
quite a bit colder chilly in the mid west and plains. warmer on the east coast. those are the headlines, brian, tossing it back into you. >> now the nation is better informed. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. crime suspect across the country. in new york city, the numbers are staggering. coming up straight ahead. lawrence jones walks the street with retired officer on the state of policing. and border agents are bracing for massive influx of migrants as title 42 possibly comes to an end. some democrats are fearing this. tomi lahren is fearing this and she is fired up to talk about it don't move. ♪ so you only pay for whatchya... line? need.
3:49 am
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3:52 am
>> ainsley: border agents bracing for extreme surge end a critical trump era border policy this summer on may 23rd. even senate democrats are sounding the alarm over ending title 42 one border agent worried about what will happen saying, quote: it may take a few days for the word to get out when immigrants who make it to their final destination call home to say they made it once people start getting released they will call home and let them
3:53 am
know, hey, i got through. that's when you will see the crowds. our next guest is no stranger to the border. fox nation host tomi lahren has gone down there a lot. she joins us now. good morning to you, tomi. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> ainsley: thanks for coming on. 1.7 million people have had to go back to their countries because of title 42. and they are saying that 55% of the migrants encountered in february were returned due to title 42. what will the border look like if joe biden ends title 42? >> well, listen, title 42 is really the only covid restriction that the left is cheerleading for us to get rid of. but it's going to be a massive run on our border. right now what you have on our border is free for most. meaning a lot are getting through as we know from the footage and wonderful bill melugin who reports it for us daily. when we have the end of title 42. you will see a free for all extravaganza. they there will be a run on our border like we have never seen before. the word will get out like
3:54 am
border patrol agents have said. they are expecting to encounter about 10 to 15,000 per day that they will be lining up ready to enter the united states of america. the only deterrent we currently have the only obstacle that the biden administration has left in place is title 42. once that's gone, it's going to be an overwhelming situation for our border agents and those border communities and soon our interior. it's something that we simply cannot absorb and i can't sound the alarm about this loud enough. >> ainsley: it was put in place on the onsets of covid-19. and one of the mayors in the texas region, lower texas region, south texas don mclaughlin he said there is no plan. i'm going to take a playbook right out of black lives matter except i'm going to change it to say border lives matter. we're going to block that highway 90. he is trying to come up with solutions because the government is not helping. he said they have no plan. what are we going it do next? last year we were calling it a crisis. this year it will be a disaster. this is the calm before the storm. what is your reaction? >> he is exactly right. this is going to be catch and
3:55 am
release on steroids. and these communities simply cannot handle that our border patrol agents are essentially glorified babysitters as it is. when you have thousands and thousands of people rushing in, there is no way that these agents can handle that and i don't believe the biden administration wants them. to say i believe that the biden administration really is setting up the country to be an open borders nation. a free for all. and i believe it's because they want these people to be their future investigators. but it's not safe for americans. it's not safe for migrants. we're going to see humanitarian conditions worsen and you are going to see our border patrol agents in a situation that they do not want to be in and unfortunately the biden administration i feel will just demonize our agents which is completely misplaced anger and completely wrong. it's up to these mayors and more importantly up to the governors of these border states to make sure that they are doing all that they can to stop this. because they really are our only line of defense. this administration is not dedicated to border security and enforcement. that is clear. >> ainsley: border patrol agrees with you. they a abandoned and frustrated
3:56 am
and devastated this is going to cause chaos. tomi, great to see this morning. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> ainsley: you are welcome. geneva convention florida governor ron desantis threatening to strip disney of self-governing. backlash in the world of disney. ♪ ♪ before treating your chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more, you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start, with about 10 minutes of treatment
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4:00 am
ew. >> u.s. gas prices are higher than ever. >> president biden has a solution. >> i know how much it hurts. >> blame everyone but himself. >> reason for that is because of putin's war. >> inflation jumped the largest since jab of 1982. >> joe biden is blaming everyone but himself and his party that have broken america. we need to change that. >> russia appears to be breaking its promises. >> not scaling back its attacks. [explosions] >> time is not on their side. we don't think it's on our side either. >> we will go get him. [sirens] >> the producer of the oscars says the lapd was ready arrest will smith. >> as they were talking chris said no, i'm fine. >> governor desantis is considering eliminating this special status that disney received. >> there is a lot of these special privileges that are not
4:01 am
justifiable. ♪ little girl ♪ what's your name ♪ ♪ >> steve: live from orlando, the so-called happiest place on earth, it's "fox & friends" hour two on this april 1st, 2022, you know, you could see that highway over screen left a moment ago. when you drive through orlando, i think that's the highway where they have got the car vanna tower of cars. as you drive by, in your car, you can see car vanna. anyway, nirvana, is disney for a lot of kids it is we are going to talk about the crazy stuff going on with them and the state and the governor coming up this morning. student not allowed to talk
4:02 am
about sexual orientation or gender identity. making a lot of parents happy in the state of florida. they don't want teachers teaching their kids this legislative it tores are saying it's up to the parents. >> if you want to have that conversation talk to your parents about that because they feel it's not appropriate for that age to be talking about these subjects. >> brian: if disney wanted to do things that people of orlando want and the people of florida want, and look to the polls, they wouldn't have acted the way they are, making a stand against this legislation. and now more and more exposure and scrutiny on disney. i can't tell you how many people said changing plans for the surgeon. not going to disney land or world. >> steve: there has been some backlash. and in a big way at the state legislature the happiest place on earth not looking so happy after alleluia. >> ainsley: florida's governor ron desantis calling to end disney's special provision in florida. they can act as their own government. >> brian: right. did i not know they could be their own government.
4:03 am
ashley joins from orlando. >> that's another story for another day. good morning, guys. absolutely. look. you know, disney is weighing in. many people in florida say butt out. you should stick to entertaining. now, republican lawmakers in florida are looking to repeal a 55-year-old law as you say that essentially allows disney to act as its own government. it's the 1967 ready creek improvement act if you are keeping score at home. one lawmaker spencer roach tweeted out in part he said this, look: if disney wants to elm brace woke ideology, it seems fitting that they should be regulated by orange county which they would be if this law was repealed. orange county by the way being one of the fewer blue counties in florida. meanwhile governor desantis saying very clearly that disney should not be throwing its weight around on these kind of issues. take a listen to the governor.
4:04 am
>> should be governed by the best interest of the people. you should not have one organization that is able to dictate policy in all these different realms. >> well, the governor also calling disney dishonesty and hypocritical. why? take a look at the list of countries that disney is hoping to expand to, quite a list and it includes nigeria, egypt, libya, morocco, amman and so on. even saudi arabia. all those countries what do they have in common ban homosexuality. that's where the hypocritical part comes. in we have spoken to a number of people as can you imagine a hot topic on the streets in florida. many of them saying what the governor is saying. disney should stick to entertaining. take a listen. >> i think they shouldn't get involved in it i think they should entertain us and do what they do best. >> as a parent i want to be able to tell my child what i think about it.
4:05 am
not a school teacher. >> we are talking about kindergartners through 3rd graders. kindergartners through 3rd graders need to learn the things we are talking about, reading, wrighting and arithmetic. not about sex. >> let us not forget, guys, disney has changed standard greeting from ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls to dreamers of all ages. that too is generating a lot of eye rolls here in florida. back to you. >> brian: outside the disney government, we can't use that word dreamers for everything. for example planes, when your flight is ready, dreamers, line up, if you are first class dreamers, main cabin dreamers, we can't substitute that outside of disney world or land. >> steve: now, ashley, a lot of people are looking at this, what the republicans and the governor suggested where they pull the plug on this 1967 ready creek improvement act. a number of years ago "60 minutes" did something to show
4:06 am
exactly how much power disney has over this organization. it's 19 different landowners. disney is responsible for their own fire, police, water, sewage treatment, they can zone anything they want to. i read one of the orlando newspapers today said, you know, if they wanted to build a nuclear power plant they could, i don't know if that's true or not, but here's the thing. this is like the nuclear option where if they pull the plug on that, disney wouldn't be able to do whatever they want to, which they have within able to do since 1967. >> right. but disney will then start throwing its economic weight around. the most recent study shows that the disney company generates about $75 billion in economic impact in florida every year. so they are going to -- you know, do you remember not so long ago they were threatening to move out of california because california wouldn't let
4:07 am
them reopen disney land. now they are in a fight here in florida. definitely seems like a theme but i think disney will say go ahead, tempt us. the question is where would they go? >> ainsley: the governor doesn't care if disney says this. i don't support special privileges in law just because a company is so powerful. there are people inside disney, some of them have gone on camera. there is the man who is running for congress in florida. and he has said is he getting so many people on social media supporting him. he says there's a small percentage that is for this. disney world or wants to promote this lgbtq community and push that at disney. he says they are speaking the loudest. he said the other side the conservatives need to speak loudly, too. this is anonymous disney insider. that's incredible a that a company, particularly a company whose brand is family friendly content would oppose the perfectly reasonable view that sexual top if i cans are not appropriate for 6-year-olds in a
4:08 am
public school setting. the bill puts the onus back on parents rather than public schools. that perspective can be debated but it is not wrong. a priority and a very large number of florida voters agree with it. but disney isn't interested in allowing a debate or conversation to occur. it simply wants to satisfy the stop making trouble and bad headlines for the company. >> brian: so, once again, for people out there, it is not called the don't say gay bill. that is for penal that don't like it that want to misportray it. >> ainsley: doesn't mention gay in the bill. >> steve: no. >> brian: not mentioned in the bill. had this conversation with two or three people. nobody is anti-gay. all they are saying is don't talk to toddlers about sexual orientation or how about this sex in general? parents can handle that once again, no one is learning from what happened in virginia. once again, a governor is not putting his stamp on this. he is empowering parents.
4:09 am
like the governor said, let the parents decide sending your kids to school. let the parents decide on wearing masks. let the parents decide on what your kids should learn in a public school institution. a lot of you can't afford to pay for private school. so you need governors going to bat for what is happening with your curriculum. is he going to be joining us live along with special guest governor ron desantis shortly. when people read this bill. they are going to be embarrassed that they imposed it. >> steve: here's the thing for disney as a corporation to come out so veryally after it passed. >> brian: mash walkout. >> steve: pulled the plug. essentially, you have the biggest employer in florida vs. the governor and the republican party of florida. something is going to have to give. because with this ready creek improvement act hanging in the balance. if they pull the plug on. that was disney wouldn't be able to do what kids any can do. suddenly there is so much pressure front office of disney to figure a way out of this.
4:10 am
it is a mess. >> brian: did you learn anything from the georgia voting law which was not radical at all. you took president irrationally and inaccurately portrayed that as. and next thing you know he lost the all-star games stacey abrams pulled editorial. embarrassment. no one talks about it. >> ainsley: why wouldn't disney say we're not going to be political? that would be a perfectly reasonable response. >> brian: wouldn't good if you have ever enough for employees. >> ainsley: we are amusement park. >> brian: don't want to talk about the movies changing for children. >> ainsley: now changing those. >> steve: let's see. >> brian: i think they are basically done. just calling it in right now. president biden announcing the release of 1 million barrels of oil per day from america's strategic reserves. >> steve: reserves supposed to use for a real emergency. the administration desperately hoping the move will push down gas prices which as you know sky high.
4:11 am
>> ainsley: six months until the election. alexandra huff joins us with more. >> gas prices and also food prices. key way that the government measures inflation is by consumer spending. we know americans are spending a great deal more this year than they were last. there is something called the personal consumption expenditures price index. that rose 6.4% last month compared with last year. the fastest inflation rate in over 40 years. the president maintains our economic strategy has worked, quote: and it's still working. but when it comes to gas prices. blaming outside forces. >> >> the problem we are facing with gas prices first, the pandemic, when covid struck, demand for oil plummeted. the second root is vladimir putin. now putin's price like -- price hike is hitting americans at the pump. >> he had some branding there putinens price hike is what they
4:12 am
are calling it as a way to reduce these prices as you mentioned. president biden announced yesterday a largely unprecedented release of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve but said yesterday it will be quote, hard to tell when or however gas price also drop because of that critics are skeptical how well this can be stretched. president biden called it a war time bridge to increase domestic oil production. senator lindsey graham weighed in on. that was. >> make democrats vote on energy independence, grow our economy. reduce our areliance on foreign oil. that's what we need to do is go on offense if we get the house and the senate with an agenda that makes sense. >> and the march jobs report will be released later this morning. steve, ainsley, brian. >> steve: that's right. just about an hour and 15 minutes from now. alexandra, are thank you very much. over the last weekend when the president was traveling through europe, his aids had to go out and correct a bunch of stuff. because he said a bunch of stuff that was wrong. you know, we north going to use
4:13 am
chemical agents on not sending troops to ukraine. >> ainsley: not asking for a change in the administration. >> yeah. they had to fix all of that so yesterday, the president goes out, and in a teleprompterred speech, the correction people had to come out afterwards. because he was trying to make the pitch we're going to release all this extra oil but you could do something to save your family a lot of money if you just use the sun. watch the president make the latest mistake yesterday at the white house. >> if your home is powered by safer, cheaper, cleaner electricity like solar or heat pumps, you could say about $500 a month on average. don't take my word for it. the ceos of 11 of the america's most largest utility companies came to see me at the white house several weeks ago. they told me if we pass my plans before the congress now, typical families will see savings show up in utility bills immediately.
4:14 am
>> steve: is that founded pretty good. >> ainsley: not 500 a month it's 500 a year. the white house put the transcript online and they corrected it. it says now, you can see here, if your home is powered by safer, cheaper, cleaner electricity like solar or heat pumps, can you safe about 500 a month. >> brian: big difference. >> ainsley: they cross it out and say year on average. >> brian: nobel laureates calling him with stats and information. is it a turnstile? people just keep walking in hi nobel laureates what do you have about my policy. steve: maybe somebody put the wrong word in the teleprompter. that has never happened on this show. nonetheless, you got to blame somebody. you are not going to blame the boss. >> ainsley: $500 a month would be a lot. i would run and get. >> steve: if it were 500 a year though. >> brian: that's where i prefer you write the number out in the teleprompter rather than 500,000. i would like to see the number
4:15 am
in the teleprompter if ted. >> steve: you like it written out? >> brian: i like the 500,000. >> steve: can you shine the camera -- we actually write out the numbers as numbers, brian. so you are asking for something we don't do. >> brian: don't write 1230. right. >> steve: that i can that shot again. as you can see right now. we are supposed to be done talking at 12 minutes and 30 seconds after the hour. if you pan down. we are currently two minutes and 40 seconds over the time. >> wow! >> we should probably do the news. >> brian: do one less pillow commercial. >> steve: that pays our salary. >> ainsley: $500 richer at the end of the point. going to buy an electric car that costs more than the average car. >> steve: ashley, we are sorry we got to you 3 minutes late. >> ashley: it's okay. it's all right. start with our headlines with a fox news alert.
4:16 am
a 12-year-old boy is killed while sitting in a parked minivan in brooklyn. the boy was with two relatives eating in the car when the gunfire erupted. a 20-year-old woman in the car was also shot. she is in the hospital with serious diswrirs but expected to live. police say two cars that were possibly involved fled the scene after the shooting but no arrests have been made. also in new york city officials clear 239 mommyless counts all part of mayor eric adams task force aimed at cleaning up the city streets. adams is defending the results saying it's just the, quote, first inning of a nine inning game. however the mayor did not reveal how much the effort is costing taxpayers. country music star eric church is canceling sold out concert in stan antonio to watch the naa final four. church making the announcement in an statement obtained by people. he calls his decision the most
4:17 am
selfish thing he has done. but says he just wants to be part of a crowd of a game of this significance. >> brian: he should not be doing that. >> ashley: so many people were so mad. i wasn't an eric church fan before but now i'm really not. think about it when people travel and pay all that money for hotels and food. they take time off work? >> ainsley: he actually admitted it i want to watch basketball. >> ashley: it was a whole mess. >> steve: the 500 bucks he could save a year by putting solar panels on the top of his tour bus to buy a tivo. >> brian: delay the concert until like midnight when the game is over or 9:00. but eric church is really good at music. >> ainsley: play behind him on the stage turn around and watch them play. >> brian: duke against north carolina has never been done before. >> ainsley: at least he is being honest. >> brian: yeah. pulled a hamstring again my ankle i have to get this thing taken care of.
4:18 am
>> steve: is that important when you sing? >> brian: people who know the music industry like i do need good ham strings all about the hamstrings. >> ainsley: maybe it's an april fool's joke. >> steve: that explains a lot. maybe joe biden was doing april fools with that 500 bucks. >> ainsley: right. >> steve: but it was in march. >> brian: meanwhile 18 minutes now after the hour. russia showing no signs of slowing assault on certain. president biden insists putin is becoming increasingly isolated. general jack keane will separate fact from fiction. steve the white house still claiming hunter biden did nothing wrong and never profited off china now even the liberal media saying, you know what? we would like to change our stories. that's coming up straight ahead on "fox & friends." my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪♪
4:19 am
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4:23 am
>> brian: british intelligence showing russian troops are in position to ramp up attacks on kyiv in coming days. counter news on that as well. this comes as russia is reportedly giving the chernobyl power plant back to the ukrainians. evidently there are some leaks there. they want to save sickness. some say they have had already. griff jenkins live on the ground in ukraine. hey, griff. >> hey, brian, that's right. ukraine is bracing for renewed attacks as russia is continuing to pound the capital area near kyiv with air assaults. the pentagon official -- pentagon official telling fox news that some 300 russian sorties have flown in the last 24 hours. getting crossing the wires the kremlin is accusing ukrainian helicopter gun ships of flying into russia and attacking a fuel
4:24 am
depot that is unconfirmed by ukrainian officials nevertheless kremlin holding a preference dmitry petov the spokesman was asked do they view this as escalation. according to the a.p. he said certainly quote this is not something that can be perceived as creating comfortable conditions for the continuation of the talks. of courses, we have had experts warning of false flag operations like this could be occurring out of russia. meanwhile, look at these images, the fierce battle raging on in the kyiv suburb of irpin where a ukrainian counter offensive has liberated that just days ago in the most intense fight continuing into the besieged sea port city of mariupol. they are cut off from the rest of the world. no food, no electricity, no power. and it comes as the pentagon is now confirming as you mentioned brian, russian forces have indeed fled the chernobyl nuclear plant but cannot confirm if it's reported radiation poisoning and the state
4:25 am
department is warning now americans that they are facing threats in both russia and the ukraine. watch. >> we updated that travel advisory to include reports of u.s. citizens being singled out and detained by the russian military in ukraine. again, when evacuating ukraine through russia occupied territory or alternatively to russia or belarus. >> now, those peace talks have indeed resumed. they are virtual. expectations of any significant progress were already low. now it will be interesting to sees a we continue to follow this report of ukrainian helicopter gun ships striking inside russia. brian? >> brian: all right. thanks so much, griff. stand by. because now we have retired four star general jack keane. is he our strategic analyst. chairman of the institute of the study of war. general, first off, can you respond to the fact that if this is, in fact, true that the ukrainians have hit inside russia proper? is that a good move? >> well, if it's true, it's a
4:26 am
feel good thing. there is nothing decisive about it i don't think it's any major escalation. kind of a punch in the nose. that's all it really is what's going on here the counter offensive that zelenskyy and his military are attempting to get underway with some degree of success, i may say. so strategically, the war has changed from obviously russia failing to accomplish it objectives to a stalemate and zelenskyy is taking advantage of that stalemate and trying to move into a counter offensive phase. >> brian: i think this is pretty much illustrates what you are talking about, i think. if you look at the blue area, it's where the ukrainians are on the modify to counter offend and, of course, we look in to see a lot of red and that's where the ukrainians are located but not moving forward and irpin where a big battle is going on here. and the ukrainians were bringing some reporters through this morning. quickly, not totally secure. but they feel like they got it
4:27 am
back. >> yeah. they made significant gains in the kyiv area, as you are points out there. and also in the sumy area they have taken territory back that's a little bit further to the northeast. and down south, where the fight is going on in the donbas region, they have also taken some territory back in the city of kherson. the russians are attacking in the donbas region but they are not making any progress in the last 24 hours. the ukrainians have been able to hold them back. so strategically, what zelenskyy and the military are trying to do, certainly they know the russians have been hurt. they know they have got real issues with supply lines, he is. and by the way they know full well the russians haven't given up on kyiv and griff just indicated that with the rocket and missile attacks. the only withdrawal that's taken place there are in the kyiv area are units that are badly damaged
4:28 am
got to be reconstituted. >> brian: they are going back to belarus, right? they called up 100,000 people. april 1st ask when they call up their people for two year service. that's not a big deal. general, what we keep hearing about is the horrible humanitarian situation and the fighting right here trying to set up humanitarian corridors to get the 100,000 people out. and they start bombing the corridors and taking the aid that was come in. what's the theory behind that, to terrorize? >> it's the russian way of war. the russian way of war is to kill as many civilians as they possibly can to force a capitulation of the regime. that has been from day one and until this war is over. they will continue that as a main feature of their military doctrine and their way of war. it's just indicative of who these people really are and i think when mariupol falls, look possibly for the russians to
4:29 am
offer a cease-fire. why? because it's significantly to their advantage. they are back on heir heels. they have to refit and they want to stop the counter offensive that zelenskyy is doing. so there is two reasons for doing that zelenskyy will have a tough choice if they offer that cease-fire. militarily it's too his disadvantage. he will balance that against the death of innocent civilians. so, and i hope that the biden administration does not put any pressure on zelenskyy to take a cease-fire that is to his disadvantage. let him make that decision himself. >> brian: call your local lawrnlsz the hundreds of millions of dollars we are getting to get them equipment and aid is not getting into that country. the bulgarians have the f-300 systems. they want the patriots as an exchange. we have not backfilled them on anything. that is the worst. if ukrainians lose it's one thing. but if the u.s. doesn't supply what we promised, that is unacceptable. and general, we will continue to
4:30 am
follow your writings on this and your broadcast. appreciate it. >> great talking to you, brian. >> brian: all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, this story coming your way. new york city gripped out of control crime. up next, lawrence jones speaks with a retired nypd officer on the stated of policing in new york city. >> just a lack of will on the part of the leadership of the city. they don't want the police to i need a lawn. quick. everything else just seems... slow. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard. ♪simply irresistible♪ ♪ ♪ ♪simply irresistible♪ applebee's irresist-a-bowls are back. now starting at $8.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> brian: crime is up across the country. here in new york city the numbers are staggering. >> ainsley: this january, crime reports were up 40% compared to the same time last year. in february, nearly 60%. and based on early reports, march is on the same trend. >> steve: "fox & friends" ernesto prize reporter lawrence jones spent the day with a retired new york city cop who blames the rise in crime on today's anti-cop sentiment. he joins us live just outside the streets that you walked with the officer. >> lawrence: i went to two burrows and we talked about the state of the city, the crime, how it started and where we are at right now. he is calling it quits but he has some words for the city. take a look. >> at the 44th precinct and this
4:35 am
is where i will start. >> this is where it all started back in 1991. >> this is a pretty violent place back then. i think my first year here precinct covers 1 pulp 6 square miles and i think we had 89 homicides, robberies were commonplace. gunshots were commonplace, we drive on patrol at night and routinely hear gunshots. it was all night long. >> lawrence: how did you all clean it up? what was it about that moment from a leadership perspective and policing perspective that changed your community? >> the public just got sick of the crime. the media was outraged, the cops were outraged. mayor david dinkins actually pushed through what was called a safe streets safe city program. which brought money to hire almost 6,000 cops in like four years. >> lawrence: how many cops were in your precinct back then compared to now?
4:36 am
>> staff something definitely not close what it used to be. >> lawrence: overall crime, just in this precinct alone, is up 92%? >> yes. >> lawrence: what happened? >> just a lack of will on the part of the leadership of the city. they don't want the police to do the job anymore. >> lawrence: talk about the anti-police sentiment that's going on. now you have cops actually being shot at. targeted. you westernsed this when you were on the force as well? >> yes. unfortunately i did. during a through year period 1994 to 1997, just walking in this area, i had the misfortune to respond to three different police officers being shot and killed in the line of duty. the police officer named kevin gillespiey. third officer sean mcdonald was a friend of mine. >> lawrence: is there any similarities from how cops were starting to being treated during that high crime area in time to
4:37 am
how it is right now? >> actually, honestly, i think as far as the way the public treats the police officers it's worse now. and if you think that the social media and the media -- the anti-police rhetoric over and over again calling us murderers and racists and everything else. if you don't think that doesn't lead to violence, you are in denial. look at this neighborhood. rent in this neighborhood, you are probably paying $7,000 for one bedroom apartment. >> lawrence: crime -- pulls a gun out on his girlfriend. police do their job. try to get a search warrant and d.a. are denies it. same guy. takes that same gun and kills someone. >> it seems that the district attorneys want to do everything in their power to not enforce the law. >> i know you are tired of these laws. especially the ones from the new d.a. we are not safe anymore. >> i can't do this interview in
4:38 am
harlem and not talk about the two officers that were killed for what some in the press say was a routine domestic violence situation. but there is no routine domestic violence situation. >> no. domestic violence probably the most dangerous calls we go on. it's just so volatile and unpredictable. this is patrol and i ran a street narcotics enforcement unit which we called snu. and plain clothes anticrime unit. >> >> lawrence: now anticrime unit is back. >> yes. it's back. >> lawrence: what changed? >> what changed is the violence to the city. you know, it's going back to where people are afraid to walk down the streets. gunfire is common again. >> this is our seventh police officer shot this year. >> child shot in our city. >> a man stepped forward with a gun and starts firing. >> how bad is it going to get? >> unless we have complete shift of attitude by the district attorney's office and more importantly by the people of new york, it's not going to change. it's going to take the will of
4:39 am
the people of new york. it's going to take the city council to back the police admission's ideas. it's going to take the people of the city to back the cops. >> lawrence: we reached out of to the d.a.'s office to be in this package. they did not. but they did provide us with a statement. this is what they said the district attorney has been clear from day one that keeping our community safe and it 'violent crime risen not just in all five boroughs but around the country is his number one priority. we will continue to work crossly with our law enforcement partners and use every tool at our disposal to deliver true public safety and every neighborhood. he has not been able to explain why he allowed this criminal to be back on the street when the police requested a warrant to go get this guy they responded after the guy had murdered someone. >> brian: no cash bail system is really under scrutiny. most people in new york state want it done. want judges to have some power. and do you believe that the cops will be the first in line to
4:40 am
back that up so even when you are waiting for trial the dangerous people are put behind bars? >> that's exactly right. there is no communication with the victim. you know, this is where the mayor has to get involved. until he takes a firm stance against this, and stops playing nice with the d.a., i don't think we are going to get any -- he needs to use the bully pulpit that he has. only the cops right now and the commissioner that has really been outspoken against a lot of these policies. >> ainsley: the d.a. says this is happening all around the country not just new york while is he soft on crime. >> he is right it is happening all around the country with progressive d.a.s running the show. >> steve: the governor has got lead the way. watch lawrence's show cross-country. it's tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern time. all right. we will see you. >> lawrence: thanks, family. appreciate it. >> ainsley: thank you, lawrence. 40 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up surprising details about the oscar slap seen around the world. what chris rock did when l.a. officers were ready to arrest will smith for battery.
4:41 am
>> brian: white house insists there is nothing unethical about hunter's business dealings in china. now the changing their tune. pete hegseth and rachel campos-duffy together again ♪ ♪ if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response that fights cancer in two different ways. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more time together. more family time. more time to remember. opdivo and yervoy can cause your immune system to harm healthy parts of your body during and after treatment. these problems can be severe and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you have a cough; chest pain; shortness of breath; irregular heartbeat; diarrhea; constipation;
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4:46 am
october 2020 claim that his son did not profit off of china. >> brian: good, i'm glad that story is behind us. responding to a "the washington post" report that hunter biden made millions from a communist party linked energy company. >> steve: why are they reporting this now. let's bring in the weekend crew "fox & friends weekend" co-host rachel campos-duffy and pete hegseth. good morning to both of you. >> ainsley: good morning. >> rachel: good morning. >> brian: case closed pete. >> steve: we can't expect kate bedingfield to say you are right you are on to us. he took all that money we're dirty it's corrupt. we're going to quit tomorrow. >> pete: yeah i don't think hunter biden did anything wrong, guys. i think you should go to rachel. no, this is april fool's not even a good joke. >> steve: good one. >> pete: i'm very concerned about democracy dying in darkness so i only cite "the washington post" because they are the ones that are safeguarding our democracy and making sure it's not dark. according to their reporting,
4:47 am
the beginning of the article where they finally talked about it the deal was years in the making, the culmination of foreign contacts, hosting dinners the flights to and from china. on august 2nd, to 17, signatures were quickly affixed one from hunter biden and the other from a chinese executive over 14 month the chinese conglomerate 4.8 million to entities controlled by hunter biden yet they want to go to the podium and say we don't change our statement and we will refer you to the reporting. not to mention what went on in ukraine while he was vice president. they got a mess on their hands. they can't deny it forever. and there are probably charges coming as they speak. >> brian: there is dam. because in the story they always had this line but there is no links to the president of the united states. >> rachel: i love that you brought that up. that's what i wanted to talk about, brian. you know, one of the greatest coups that bill clinton accomplished during his big sex
4:48 am
scandal is he had friends in the media to agreed to call it the monica lewenski scandal. not the bill clinton scandal. in this case it's called the hunter biden laptop and the laptop from hell and hunter biden scandal. really it's is a joe biden scandal. if this was hunter biden trading on his dad's name that is one thing. is he in the emails talking about giving 10% to the big guy. would you know now know from the emails as well that hunter biden was paying for joe biden's bills. that joe biden and his wife jill biden had keys to the office that hunter biden shared with the shady chinese guy. look, just look at the news. and look at ukraine, russia, china, all the big players in the news right now, hunter biden and joe biden and the whole biden little conglomerate there had dealings with them. this is dangerous. is he compromised. he cannot look out just for american workers and american
4:49 am
people. he has to look out for his own interest. and whether he and his son are going to get wrapped up in this. this is very dangerous stuff and a very dangerous time. >> ainsley: you brought up a good point. if it does turn out that he was paying for influence that's quid pro quo that's exactly what happened with bill clinton and why he was impeached we should say bill clinton scandal and not just monica lewenski scandal. >> ainsley: go ahead, pete. >> pete: you don't have to do any research to know that this company is working with the chinese military and fundamental in the bell and road initiative. working with the enemy. >> ainsley: so, rachel, you did the last signing for shannon bream's new book the mothers and daughters of the bible speak. tell us about this book and that experience with shannon this week. >> rachel: first of all, if you get a chance to hang out with shannon it's always worth your time. she is such a sweetheart. i loved that she asked me to be part of this live signing. my daughters are also going to be with me on part of her special.
4:50 am
but just remember, pete and brian and steve, mothers and daughters of the bible is not just for women. >> steve: that's right. >> rachel: there are stories about mothers and sons and lots of stuff for everybody to learn from the bible. >> ainsley: learn all the bible stories that are very important. >> rachel: that's right. >> steve: pete, what do you have cooking this weekend? >> pete: i will speak on behalf of will and rachel thrilled to be up at 5:00 a.m. this weekend covering even more news for a 5 hour tour. there you see it on your screen. senator johnny earns, rick will be at bass pro shops is missouri. we will see you this he could would. i am going to go to bed at 6:00 p.m. [laughter] >> steve: you should. >> ainsley: an hour early. >> steve: happy hour is now 5:00 p.m. ains. >> rachel: 5:00 a.m. >> ainsley: thanks, guys. coming up a huge 8:00 a.m. stuart varney, geraldo rivera. vanzant brothers are going to be on. but, first, wrestle mania taking
4:51 am
stage in texas. we have the preview coming up of the will smack down ♪ ♪ utions to help you engage and retain top performers today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ out here, you're more than just a landowner. so you can have more success you're a gardener. a landscaper. a hunter. because you didn't settle for ordinary. same goes for your equipment. versatile, powerful, durable kubota equipment. more goes into it. so you get more out of it.
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>> ainsley: off-duty sheriff's
4:55 am
deputy shot and killed in a texas parking lot. a gun fight ensued and two suspects were also shot in the exchange and are both in custody. a third suspect remains at large. comedian chris rock stops his fans from cursing will smith during his comedy show in boston last night. an audience member started yelling f will smith and chris rock yelled no, no, no. chris rock refused to press charges night of the oscars, even though the lapd were standing by to arrest him. and calling out alexandria ocasio-cortez for making a statement at the met gala, but skipping a rally for amazon workers. you shouldn't be bothered to show up until they are on the
4:56 am
cusp of victory. aoc said the warehouse is not in my district and cited security concerns. no security concerns at the met gala. check in with our meteorologist for the fox weather forecast. >> the temperature is relatively comfortable, warmer than yesterday. that is not the case for everybody, some folks waking up thinking oh, no, no, no, no, negative 29 in detroit, not the temperature, how much cooler it was than yesterday. 26 degrees cooler in pittsburgh. 27 degrees cooler in charleston. cool air funneled in. what does that mean? temperatures in the 30s and 51 in new york city. there are frost and freeze warnings across the south also, cold air still feeling a bit like winter across the country. steve, back to you. >> steve: thank you, adam.
4:57 am
wrestle mania smackdown takes center stage tonight in dallas ahead of fuelling match up between drew mc entire and happy corobberingbin on fox. drew mcentire, good morning. >> good morning, good morning, how are you? >> steve: doing okay. when you do a segment about what you're going to do tonight, have you to say it's friday night smackdown issue got to use that voice, right? >> yes, absolutely. ladies and gentlemen, tonight, friday night smackdown will blow your mind. there we go. >> steve: right pitch. tell us what you, i read you said the only decision i have to make, do i make it quick and embarrassing or drag it out as long as possible. we're talking about the match between you and happy corbin. >> yeah, myself and happy
4:58 am
corbin have a big match, biggest smackdown of the year live on fox. i have a little surprise for corbin. he stole my beloved sword, i carry the sword named after my late mother. he stole it from me, so tonight i plan to cause carnage at the expense of corbin. >> steve: you were cut from wwe, in 2014, but you knew your heart was in this and came back. you attribute a lot of your return to your wife. >> yeah, i got to give my wife all the credit in the world. i got fired, had to look myself in the mirror and understand this was on me and it was my dream and i wasn't giving it my all. i worked my butt off, i was
4:59 am
accountable and she helped me realize this boy had to become a man. i did soul searching and finding myself and returned to wwe, became champion two times over. no matter how dark the times get, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. it is not getting knocked down, keep getting up and pushing forward, like rocky said and i'm living proof. >> steve: and drew, ainsley walked across your camera. after one of your matches, it is gruelling, how many advil do have you to take the next day, i'm thinking at least four? >> i try not to use advil too much. when i was younger, being scottish, i would have a couple drinks after a match, these days, all i need to chill out with the wife and cats and throw on tv, fox, and i'm good. maybe after wrestlemania, it
5:00 am
will be physical, not because i'm getting beat up, i'm beating the other guy up so much, i might need advil. >> steve: special wrestlemania smackdown live on fox and wrestlemania takes place this weekend at at&t stadium in dallas. drew, good luck. >> thank you for having me, i don't need the luck, i appreciate it. always a pleasure. >> steve: that concludes hour two. hour three of "fox and friends first" starts now. >> president biden: our prices are rising because of putin. supply. >> except policy. >> our president made horrible decisions and we found ourselves in this place. >> intelligence showing russian troops are in position to ramp up attacks. >> they're pounding the capital of kyiv with aerosol. >> the russian way of war is to
5:01 am
kill as many civilians as they possibly can. >> large group of 50 to 75 sdmrchlt border agents are bracing for influx of migrants as title 42 comes to an end. >> governor desantis threatening to move many special privileges for disney. >> if that stops now, it should, that would be good for florida. >> try it again, we are supposed to be done talking at 12:30 after the hour. we are currently 2:40 over. we should probably do the news. ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: good morning, everyone. it is friday. you made it through the work week, this is the beach in florida, gorgeous. see the palm trees.
5:02 am
>> pete: big florida theme this show, a lot going on in florida. >> ainsley: we have the governor coming on. >> pete: sounds like you are bragging. >> ainsley: the van zandt brothers wrote a song about that. >> pete: one way not to pay your taxes, state taxes, if they had any, write a song about your governor. >> ainsley: you do not pay taxes if you move to florida. >> steve: april 1, due on april 15th, you get the monday after, i believe taxes due federal wise on april 18th. >> pete: the irs is very forgiving and understand if you forget to pay or miss the deadline, don't sweat it. >> ainsley: april fools. >> steve: stewart varney will join us with the jobs report and tell us what it means, it is friday and we have geraldo rivera, piers morgan will talk about the slap heard around the
5:03 am
world. >> ainsley: governor ron desantis and the van zandt brothers will tell us why they wrote that song. >> pete: they are from jacksonville, rich history in northern florida. they recognize a unique governor when they see it. they have had others. happiest place on earth not so happy ever after. florida governor ron desantis, ears must be ringing, we've been talking about him, he's calling to end disney special privileges in florida that let them do anything they want. >> ainsley: they basically have their own government. ashley webster joins us with the latest. ashley. >> having mickey mouse ear system ringing, as well. florida lawmakers republicans say if disney throws weight into the argument over education parental rights bill in education, then maybe they should butt out. they are looking to repeal that
5:04 am
agreement with disney allowing them to operate their own dpft or kingdom, if you like. let us not forget disney relies on consumers and going woke is not sitting well with a lot of people we spoke with. take a listen to this. >> disney needs to stick to things that bring us together, stick to what -- the line they created and stay there, not go somewhere else. >> it shouldn't be political tochlt tell a little girl she can't dress up like a princess, i think it's wrong. >> just think it's wrong. let me tell you, florida lawmakers spencer roach, republican in the house put out a tweet saying, if disney wants to take this tact, wants to embrace woke ideology, seems fitting they should be regulated by orange county, one of the
5:05 am
more liberal blue counties in normally a red florida. governor desantis, i know he's coming up on the show, he's called disney dishonest and hypocritical saying they do business in countries that ban homosexuality, ban gay marriage, dominican republic, for example. industry observers say the will of minority, the tail wagging the dog, take a listen. >> the minority that madison wrote about in the federalist papers, if you look at proportional response it may be 3%, 5%, 10% of the population imposing well on 90%. >> just in the last few minutes, word that a group of disney employees who don't like the woke policies panned an open letter, they say disney is creating an environment of fear for employees who do not back left leaning causes and they say
5:06 am
the walt disney company has become increasingly uncomfortable place to work for those who do not buy into the woke approach. interesting development, all is not well in the house of mouse. >> pete: do you continuing is disney serve at this point? will they keep their head down and hope it goes away or will their communications team address that? >> good luck with that, i think they doubled down and decided they are going to listen to the vocal minority of the employees, they staged walkouts and disney was accused of being muted and now caved and i don't think they can back out. they will have to stick the course and may hurt the bottom line. >> steve: ashley, you cover fox business from sun up to sun down, a lot of corporations don't make political statements because they don't want to be in
5:07 am
the situation to hack off half of america. >> ashley: yeah, it is dangerous territory and always the best advice from anyone in that line of business, don't get involved, stick with what you do best, for disney, too late. >> ainsley: especially when it involves children, an amusement park, don't know why they are getting political. what you said earlier, they are dubbing this as don't say gay bill. gay is not in the legislation or bill. just because you don't want your kid to learn about sex from your teacher doesn't mean you are anti-gay. >> steve: in florida they don't start sex education until sixth grade. >> ainsley: some teachers want to say things and parents say they were saying things they didn't like and in virginia,
5:08 am
parents were speaking out. >> pete: another country, ukraine, this country pledged staggering amount of montow ukraine. another $500 million, $13 billion overall. the aid is not getting over there, not sure the reason, sure it is not the easiest, other humanitarian groups are getting aid in, we are not getting in the drones, we have not delivered on the s-300 systems and not backfilled eastern european countries with patriot systems and said no to request for tanks and done nothing to make sure the migs get in. bret goes over there to help out and is stunned and embarrassed, ki imagine, to a degree, to see us fall so short. listen. >> bret: it's wild to hear the news about supposed humanitarian aid allotted by the u.s. government, what we are seeing, most have not made it to the front lines to people who need
5:09 am
it most. why am i getting calls from commanders who have not received aid on the front line and the ukrainian army is wearing tennis shoes and switchblade drones the biden administration announced, they are not in the country yet. i am dealing with the people that would get them, how do i have more drone necessary countries we handed out to forces than the entire u.s. government alone. >> steve: great question. the administration pledged another $500 million bringing total to $2.5 billion. bring in trey yingst. great to have you back on the couched it. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: can you start by telling us, we would see you standing in a window overlooking part of the city first thing in
5:10 am
the morning. how does the day work? do you ever fall asleep when you hear boom, boom, boom, all day long? >> trey: you don't sleep much, it is a massive story, you don't want to sleep, you want to follow updates as they come in. our day consists of plan in the morning, where do we shoot video, where is the front line this day. we go out in a town like irpin, which was recaptured by forces and interview who we can and basically make a plan throughout the day to get the story, come back, cut it and get out to the viewers. >> steve: trey, big story bret is talking about, he has been consistent, aid is not getting there, what is the problem and do you from what you saw, is there a huge lag? >> trey: there is major logistics problem in ukraine,
5:11 am
certain cities have supply lines sxoep they are able to get weapons and supplies in and others like the southern port city of mariupol that cannot be restockd and resupplied. when it comes to u.s. weapons, billions dollars worth of weaponry and support for the ukrainian military and people. i think in the coming weeks, you will hear more and more from the officials about what they need and what they have gotten already there is significant american sports, tank missiles and they need more, civilians are still dieing and this is not over. >> ainsley: 17 republican lawmakers are pushing our leaders in the administration, they want to see where the money is going and make sure -- >> pete: there are democrats on the list, too. >> ainsley: are there? good that it is bipartisan. asking to convene with leaders and hear where the monsebeing used. jenifer was pushing on this.
5:12 am
>> explain members are telling congress that they are not getting not only weapons they need, but shipments have slowed. >> we would not agree it is being slowed, quite the contrary, we completed the 350 million that president biden authorized a month or so ago and that was completed in a record three weeks or so, which is unheard of. we appreciate and respect that the ukrainians want this stuff and want it like yesterday, we understand that, we know time is not on their side, it is not on our side either. we are working hard. >> ainsley: trey, what is your reaction? >> trey: we understand there is a respect from the administration about what the ukrainian people and what the ukrainian military needs but as we speak there are ukrainian soldiers in trenches and civilians have picked up arms and dug in preparing to defend their cities and this war
5:13 am
continues. it is day 37 and russian president putin shows no signs of letting up. >> steve: as a war correspondent, you cannot go out and verify all these stories, ukrainians might say one thing and russians say something and the pentagon, how do you figure out which story is closest to the truth? >> trey: it is go og in parallel, and a lot of disinformation is coming from the russian side, they are not targeting civilian areas, that is easy to figure out. we have to go to the front line and show the world, not tell them what to think, show them what we see and allow them to make their own decisions from there. on the ukrainian side, we hear from ukrainian officials, from u.s. officials and we have to verify all information we get. truth is most important thing and in the fog of war, that can be distorted. we make sure we verify information before we take it to
5:14 am
air. >> steve: that is the hard part. >> ainsley: you just returned you went to our beloved reporter's funeral. you talked to benjamin hall. i am sure your parents were worried about you. >> trey: it is what pierreshg, sasha and benjamin were doing. that is what we will continue to do. >> steve: did you gauge the level of danger the same it was in retrospect? >> trey: safety is number one priority, we have resources to cover this story, the reality is, these situations are unpredictable and they are dangerous environments and you can take every precaution you plan and something bad can happen. >> steve: trey, thank you. great job over there. >> trey: thank you. >> ainsley: right behind you is ashley strohmier and i know, have you ever met?
5:15 am
>> ashley: we were instagram friends, happy to have him back safe. ashley. >> ashley: a storm caused massive devastation across the south this week is shifting toward the eastern seaboard and causing tornados in virginia. the system is moving toward northern florida and expected to shift all the way to new york, the storm system battered the south wednesday and thursday with tornados, two people were killed in florida and marks record number of tornados for the month of march. brazen robbery at houston area tire shop caught on camera and warning, the video is disturbing. surveillance shows armed robber pistol whipping two employees and holding a gun to the head of a female worker. the robbers stole their 1000 from the register after demanding the keys, wallets and phones of all victims. the suspect escaped the scene and is on the loose. this may be the most florida photo you see all day long, alligator spotted with
5:16 am
a football in its mouth in a national preserve in south florida. a woman captured the picture this month and it sparked debate whether the gator is trying to eat it or practicing football skills. people cracking jokes, like, maybe he wants to play for the florida gators, what do you think? >> steve: he is a florida gator. >> pete: would make sense. when you are the logo, you should get free tuition. >> ashley: thank you. >> ainsley: coming up, border crisis set to get worse as trump era policy is expected to end. geraldo will join us next to react. ♪ my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala.
5:17 am
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5:21 am
>> ainsley: america might face another major migrant surge as biden administration is set to end trump era border policy next may. senate democrats are urging white house not to drop title 42, a few of the individuals that have said they do not want it dropped. officials sounding the alarm with one sheriff saying, i've got a gut feeling that is one reason why they extended it, they got no plan, they can't do away with because they have no plan. what are we going to do next? last year we are calling it a crisis, this year will be a disaster, this is the calm before the storm. here to react is fox news correspond end geraldo rivera. good morning. how do you field about this?
5:22 am
>> geraldo: i think title 42 weather by design or accident given us some measure minimum measure of control at the border. it allows virtually every adult to be turned back immediately on the basis they may have covid. it is not a determination they have it, it is prophylactic, they come under title 42, they go. over a million have been turned back and big fear is if title 42, which allows preempative removal of undocumented immigrants if that is abolished by the federal government, we will be defenseless, united states will be defenseless. defense is half done, there is ambivalence and divided government without prescription like that giving the border patrol absolute authorization to turn people around and send them back, it is a free for all, everybody in latin america wants
5:23 am
to live in the united states, you can go to the bank with that, tremendous pent-up demand. many are hard working people, yesterday was caesar chavez day. this could easily double, triple, quadruple and take the democrats political chances along with it, ainsley. >> ainsley: what about americans, the border patrol say they feel abandoned, this will lead to chaos. mayor of uvalde, the quote i read at the beginning said, i called washington, i'm calling officials, writing letterss, i need help, we need buses at the border to take these people elsewhere.
5:24 am
i'm not getting help. their response, what are we supposed to do? you found a solution with the bridge, three days, all migrants were moved. >> geraldo: where to is the real answer. >> ainsley: they are not legal, they should go back to where they came and apply the correct way. >> geraldo: there is not a mechanism if they declare for asylum, they say i'm a refugee, i've made it to the united states, i hereby invoke my right of -- to asylum. >> ainsley: if they are persecuted in another country, that is asylum. >> geraldo: as cuimagine, anyone watching can imagine, the degree of hardship that you endured and the degree of peril and the emergent circumstance can be embellished and embroid erred as you are there and crying and it
5:25 am
is very pathetic, horrible scene. are you the border patrol officer that says go back. >> ainsley: no, but so much drugs are coming over here, not everyone is a good person coming across the border. >> geraldo: i only say this, drugs are coming across, but the pro drug smuggler, they exist in a world virtually separate than these poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free. >> ainsley: thanks for coming on today, have a good weekends. coming up, stewart varney is here and will join us live next with a jobs report. (driver 1) it's all you. (driver 2) no, i insist. (driver 1) it's your turn. (driver 2) nope, i think it's your turn. (driver 1) i appreciate you so much, thank you so much... go. (driver 2) i appreciate your appreciation. it fills me. (burke) safe drivers save money with farmers.
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don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. got any room in your eye? ask your doctor if a 90-day prescription is right for you. and pay as little as $0. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. >> ainsley: deputies say a pregnant woman after her boyfriend crashed into a river. police were chasing the truck that drove into the river in an attempt to get away. the suspect fled the car, leaving his pregnant girlfriend, who can't swim, to fend for herself. her boyfriend is in custody facing eight criminal charges. and pennsylvania judge removing five out of nine westchester
5:30 am
school board members from office after they pressed forward with mask mandate despite parent claiming the board has no right to mask kids. the mom joined us earlier, take a listen. >> people that live in our community that are going to put students, parents and even teachers first and not the political agenda of groups like teacher unions. >> ainsley: group of parents are vetting candidates to vet newly opened school board vision. and wordle is going woke, removing insensitive words from the roloshgdex after players noticed more than once acceptable answer to the puzzle. "new york times" have not confirmed what words are heading to the chopping block. check in with adam klotz, for the fox weather forecast. >> kind of pleasant on fox
5:31 am
square, temperatures on the warm side, at least from what we saw yesterday. not the case everywhere. four degrees warmer today than yesterday in new york. 28 cooler in pittsburgh. 30 degrees cooler in detroit, that is real winter air settling in, means it is 51 in new york city, drops you closer to freeze nothing portions of the midwest and further south we've got frost and freeze alerts until saturday morning, area where is it typically doesn't get that cold. temperatures across the country, 50 in atlanta, 40 in denver early this morning. still hanging on to a little bit of winter here as we begin april. steve, those are weather headlines, tossing to you. >> steve: thank you very much. we have a fox news business alert, march unemployment job number just released. it is u.s. added 431,000 jobs last month, that is less than expected, they expected just shy
5:32 am
of half a million. unemployment rate fallen to 3.6% slightly better than the predicted 3.8%. dial in stuart varney, the numbers are strong, but not as good as they thought. >> stuart: they are strong, 3.6%, pretty good and 431,000 new jobs, bit less than expected, but fairly strong. america has a chronic labor shortage. there are over 11 million jobs going begging in america, unfilled jobs, 11 million of them. we don't have workers to fill them, it is a great time to be a worker in america, jobs are there. but when you get your paycheck, that is when you figure out it is not a great time to be a workener america, it is eaten up by inflation. >> ainsley: what industries can't find employee? >> entertainment, bars,
5:33 am
restaurants, hotels, still crying out. >> pete: uk has the same problem, by the way. >> stuart: they do, labor shortage throughout the western world, it is there. demand after the end of the pandemic was strong and businesses couldn't keep up and workers had a choice, leave this job if you don't like it, there is another one down the road. >> steve: labor statistics at first glance. >> stuart: you get people off the sideline and back into the labor force, that is very big need in america today. not sure that is -- 62% is pretty good, not as good as account be. >> pete: that includes people retired. >> steve: speaking of labor force apparently alexandria ocasio-cortez has been called out by a journalist, she went to the met gala. she skipped an amazon union rally after she stopped by an amazon factory from, she stopped
5:34 am
that from being built, the headquarters, 25,000 jobs in the new york city area. >> stuart: i don't think alexandria ocasio-cortez is a great sort of partner for america's working families. she doesn't really represent them, she represents interests which are against them in many ways. america is creating this inflation and it is hurting working families and aoc doesn't realize it. >> pete: so funny, she says biden administration led a lot of young people down and they should correct things before it is too late. >> stuart: good luck, not going in the right direction. >> ainsley: expunge student loans. >> stuart: not going well. >> ashley: we both saw "crazy rich asians," and you have a show called "crazy rich russians." >> stuart: we do, they have huge
5:35 am
yachts floating around the world and they are having yachts and goodies frozen in place and they are in bad trouble. gives bad name to megaof yachts and oligarchs, the oligarchs stole their wealth, our guys, elon musk and the rest of them, they earned it, created millions of jobs and brilliant products and earned it, oligarchs stole it, that is what we will talk about. the yacht doesn't belong to them. >> pete: where do we see this? >> stuart: fox nation. >> pete: we'll watch at 9:00 on fox business. >> ainsley: happy weekend. >> steve: still ahead, surprising new details about the infamous sunday night slap at the oscars, police officers were going to arrest will smith for battery, but something dropped them. piers morgan, your cue, will
5:36 am
weigh in live from studio m. >> what a pleasure and honor. >> ainsley: how are you? nice to meet you. ♪ there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider every other month. it's one less thing to think about while traveling. hiv pills aren't on my mind. a quick change in my plans is no big deal. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions, post-injection reactions, liver problems, and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy.
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5:40 am
>> we will go get him, we're prepared, we are prepared right now. you can press charges, we will arrest him. they were laying out the options. as they were talking, chris was being dismissive of the options, he was like, no, i'm fine. no, no, no. >> steve: more slap gate drama, will packer, the oscar producer spoke out saying lapd officers were set to arrest will smith before being stopped by chris rock. >> ainsley: the perfect person to talk about this, piers morgan, host of the new fox
5:41 am
nation show called piers morgan uncensured. >> piers: thank you, i'm here uncensured. i was removed from my own back in the uk. if meghan markle is watching, who facilitated my departure. >> pete: you walked off your show, didn't you? >> piers: i did. i was told, can you apologize for disbelieving meghan markle who i call princess pinocchio because of the scale of nonsense that comes out of her mouth. why would i apologize? if you don't, have you to leave. i'm packing my bag. >> ainsley: what do you believe happened in the will smith thing? it is bizarre. >> piers: i've been spending time with your wife backstage and she's given me delicate information. >> steve: she is peter doocy's
5:42 am
mother. >> it is april fool's day. >> piers: give me one bit of information about him, he wasn't happy the day peter got taller than him. >> steve: peter is 657 and i'm just 6. >> piers: two of my sons are taller than me. this slap gate thing, one of the greatest stories of all time, wish i was on air. so many components to it. i wrote a column and said you can feel sorry for both people here. chris rock was magnificent the way he held his composure, it came down did he do the joke knowing that will smith's wife suffers from alopecia, and if so, that is not funny. he says he didn't know, he is an innocent victim n. will smith's case, he lost his head, we know that. what struck me about the night,
5:43 am
as often with hollywood, the extraordinary depth of hypocrisy they sank to. they are pretending to have been horrified by what they witnessed. this is disgraceful, stains reputation of hollywood and academy awards. really? on the night after he slapped chris rock on stage and swore at him from the audience, i seem to remember him getting one of the top awards and receiving standing ovation and going to the parties and partying like he was the most popular guy in town. i'm not sure your level of disapproval reflected itself in. remember when roman pawlawski was convicted, meryl streep led the standing ovation.
5:44 am
>> steve: so many stories out there now, why did the initial one, why did they leave will smith there? yesterday we were told they asked him to leave, according to tmz, will smith was never asked to leave the oscars, he was told by will packer he could stay, five minutes before he got the oscar. the story is changing everyday. >> piers: it is nonsense, get perspective. ukraine is being raised to the ground by a barbaric dick tarts, we are -- dictator. we have to get it in perspective, in the general scheme of world out rage, get out r outraged about ukraine before this. >> pete: we reported that twice already this hour. >> piers: extremely well. i love this show, you are so alert and awake, i used to do a morning show and i found it
5:45 am
hard, first few minutes. you get up at 3:00 like zombies, coffee goes in and you jolt alive. i have great respect for you all. >> ainsley: what time did you go to bed? when you had to anchor the show. >> piers: i kept threatening to quit. i was allowed to get out of bed 5:00, roll in and start free. i never used to look at a script, i would wing it, part of the problem. it was the night before in mahiki. you got to enjoy yourself in life. otherwise it is all work and no play and that makes it boring. >> pete: people i feel bad most for williams family. incredible story. >> piers: and great film. wonderful film. great character. two wonderful tennis players, you come from the roughest of backgrounds to be the biggest stars in their sport, this was their crowning night of glory,
5:46 am
the story of their lives being celebrated at the academy awards and will smith, interesting, the majority of americans, small majority support will smith, they back the idea of a man defending his wife's honor, to a degree i understand that, he did ruin the night for everyone involved in the movie. interesting thing, it happened now. >> pete: he needs his own show. >> piers: with the energy, i will go. >> steve: check out piers morgan on fox nation. >> ainsley: you are going to fox nation. piers morgan everyone has been welcoming this week, i can't wait to get going, i will cancel cancel culture on a nightly basis, it is getting wiped, cancelled, done. >> pete: first week, we are nice, second week, we turn on you. >> piers: awful backstabber, do not take your compliments at face value. >> pete: he's fired up. i will read this cold --
5:47 am
>> piers: ron desantis and van zant brothers share with us, first check in with bill hemmer. >> bill: i have two hours left. >> why you have a problem with piers? >> i have interesting question. only guy in the building who didn't have a show. >> we're the one. nice to see you, good morning, great show this morning. more on the breaking news on the jobs front, maria is here. the war in ukraine, general david perkins on putin's latest strategy, we go on the inside for that. will florida punish disney? we will join you friday morning top of the hour, we will see you then. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions to help you engage and retain top performers today,
5:48 am
so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ it was a tragedy. with knockoff batteries, little miss cupcake never stood a chance. until, energizer ultimate lithium. who wants a cupcake? the number one longest-lasting aa battery. yay! case closed.
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5:51 am
♪ ♪ fighting to keep our state free. ♪ ♪ it's calling out dr. fauci. fauci. he's the only one fighting for you and me. >> steve: that is a first peek of a brand-new song called
5:52 am
"sweet florida" highlighting leadership of governor ron desantis and his efforts to keep florida free. >> pete: right. excellent song. i was able to hear it backstage, fantastic. music legends are here, the van zant brothers are here, they wrote the song. joining us now is florida governor ron desantis. welcome, guys. >> hi, hello. >> good morning. >> pete: i can't woit to -- wait to get to the back story. the word fauci is in the lyrics. we asked what you did yesterday, you said, disney, i don't like your stance against this parent's rights bill. we will revisit your special status in florida. do you want to expand on that? >> gov. desantis: over many decades, brian, they have gotten
5:53 am
incredible treatment from the florida legislature and are treated on a pedestal, this one corporation is treated differently than anybody else. that is not something i've ever supported. in the legislature you see a move toment reevaluate the special privileges. disney has gotten over skis on this. there is policy dispute and that is fine, when you try to impose a woke ideology on the state, that is a significant threat. this wokeness will destroy this country we if we let it run unark baited. we take a stance against that. i think the legislature will look at that, six months ago they would be unwilling to reevaluate the special privileges. at the end of the day, i don't believe in special treatment for any corporation. >> steve: in 1967, they passed the reedy improvement act and
5:54 am
this happens in other locations in florida. this is part of improvement acts, they can zone their own stuff, they can build a castle or mountain, whatever they want to do. they have their own cops, water department, firemen, everything. for the fact the republicans in congress are potentially going after that special exemption that makes, gives them free reign to do anything they want, governor, you have got you the most powerful man in florida and the legislature versus biggest employer in florida, so something has got to give. >> it is interesting, brian, under the law, they can build their own nuclear power plant, it is extraordinary what has been in there. here is the thing, we very much support the jobs that are employed at disney and a larger
5:55 am
ecoshgsystem of small businesses that feed into the theme parks and we have the best theme parks in the world and a lot of disney employee necessary florida don't believe disney handled this well. california employees are activists, that is the nature of what we are dealing with here. treating every business the same is what you should do and other competitors to disney have complained they don't get the same treatment disney has gotten all of these years. going to more even-handed approach is probably better policy anyway. they have been able to get their way for many decades with the florida legislate urand the fact this is being discussed there, this would have been unthinkable six months ago. >> ainsley: a lot of politicians would be scared to go up against disney, they bring in so much revenue. good for you sticking to your guns and believing what you believe. you don't want teachers to talk
5:56 am
to little kids about sexual orientation and identity. a lot of parents agree with that, it is just too young. talk about the song "sweet florida," the van zant brothers you see on the screen, they wrote this song. we were shocked when we saw the video, we didn't know the governor was going to be in it, let's play the song for our audience. ♪ it sure does get in my business. ♪ he stands up for what he believes. ♪ so don't come down here trying to change things. we're doing all right in the sunshine state. ♪ stay out of our business, leave our gov alone. ♪ down in sweet florida. ♪ our governor is red, white and blue. ♪ down in sweet florida
5:57 am
♪ he's shooting us straight and telling us the truth. that's right. >> ainsley: tell us about the song, why you wrote this. >> first of all, we got to thank governor desantis for standing and believing for what he believes. we were raised in jacksonville, florida. >> we're brothers. >> we're brothers first of all. he stands for everything that we believe. he's been a great governor for us and he actually called me and said, you know, i'm running for governor again. we talked a little bit and we talked about writing a song. i told donny -- >> and i got very excited. >> he got excited about it and i think we wrote it in a couple hours.
5:58 am
>> sure did. >> and recorded it on an iphone and sent it to the governor and we've never done that before. when you are a writer, you wasn't to present something really, really good. we took a chance, governor, we're glad you like it. governor desantis, thank you. >> thank you. >> pete: governor, what was your reaction? >> gov. desantis: we appreciate you guys doing it, i suggested, you got sweet home alabama, what about florida, i thought they would tweak an old song. for them to do that, it is really special, they did a great job. it is a catchy song and if people want to see it, sweetfloridasong.comthere is a video up and you can do itunes to buy it. we recommend it. >> steve: johnny and donny, he was in the studio, we got a johnny and donny, let's have a
5:59 am
ronny, did you try to get him to sing along? >> the governor? oh -- >> i think governor desantis did. >> he did, i think. >> he looked good in there singing. >> steve: he didn't have part of the song, governor, what did you think? >> gov. desantis: steve, it is a catchy song, you know when a song is good because if you start singing along to it and you get it, you know and i can tell you, after i was in there in the studio, i'm leaving and i start, it plays in your head. i play today for my wife and kids and my five-year-old daughter sings it, that is how you know you have a winner on your hands. >> pete: sweet florida is available on spotify,, to listen . it is hard if your name is van zant, to get a ticket in florida when you right a song like that. >> awesome. we love the governor down here and again, thank you, governor
6:00 am
desantis. >> steve: that is what we -- governor? >> gov. desantis: if i could say something real quick. >> steve: five seconds. >> it's a wrap. >> steve: bill hemmer starts in seconds. >> ainsley: going to be a big hit. >> pete: fauci is in it. >> good morning, here we go, >> bill: good morning, it's friday. dana has the day off. i'm bill hemmer. look who is back in town? >> no better way to end my week than to sit next to you. >> bill: i believe you. >> here i am. great to be with you. good morning. i'm sandra smith, this is "america's newsroom." president biden is under increasing pressure to get a handle on the sky high gas prices hurting everyday americanan


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