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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  March 27, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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want and there's nobody stopping them. he says hoffa could very well be here and during the daytime they all want him at night. it wasn't legal there was never a landfill, the trucks went in in the middle of the night. >> the search for james hoffa on fox nation now. ♪ >> russia hit lviv from the polish border and wrapped up the visit to poland. i'm katie pollock along with joey jones, jackie deangelis and leo terrell. welcome to "the big sunday
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show". >> we begin with a fox news alert, president is back at the white house. there is abiding worldwide walk back happening after he appeared to call for a regime change in russia. the white house is cleaning that up and many remarks from overseas. check that out. >> for god sake this man cannot remain in power. >> if you do not have a strategy regime change in russia or anywhere else for that matter. >> ukraine will have a lot of backbone and guts and i'm sure you're observing it and you will see when you were there. >> of chemical weapons were used in ukraine, with that trigger a military response from nato? >> it would trigger a response in kind. >> we have no intention of using chemical weapons under any circumstances. >> bidens approval hit the lowest in his presidency according to a new nbc news poll only 40% of americans approve of the job i didn't is doing and a whopping 55% disapprove. here we are on day two after president biden was supposed to be how the united states is not
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the aggressor anti-gay vladimir putin online the regime change and now the white house is not just walking back in america but around the world given the high stakes of what was said. >> what are the most annoying things that we say in network television, the quiet part out loud. they say that all the time, usually inside the beltway where we know people think something but they don't ever say it blatantly. this is actually a case where biden said the quiet part out loud. the reason it is quiet strategically quiet and we love to see vladimir putin gone but were not to serve it up on a silver platter the idea that were trying to get him gone i took the same issue with lindsey graham on bipartisan. this is a dumb thing to say and what was a decent speech is speech that he would get from accolades.
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there's a lot of hits of the lack of substance and the fact that we can talk about all you want to but if your actions back it up it doesn't matter. word for word he said something like that and it trumps any other call to action that he might've made during the speech. katie: the rest of the context of the speech were not top of mind when it came to the sunday show this morning. let's take a listen. >> in the moment that was a principal human reaction to the stories that he had heard that day. the president is a straight shooter and at the pentagon. >> the white house has pointed out has not changed. >> it is up to the russian people to determine who is going to be in power in the kremlin. katie: jackie, are democrats trying to walk that back in addition to the white house? will that be enough for president putin not to think that joe biden meant what he said?
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jackie: into penta you ask. if you asked the democrats they are saying this is fine is perfectly okay to go up there and ms. speicher giveaway strategies or say things that you're not supposed to. the trip overall essentially for the president was a fail and when he is not unscripted he makes loads of mistakes. we went over them yesterday and we will go over them today and when you look at what is done with respect to approach in general i go back to before the starting. they said they were gonna work on diplomacy and they said they would do things to prevent it. they waited on sanctions, there was no diplomacy and no conversation. the fact that were in a month into the some bloodshed to get people to move a little bit here is absolutely amazing. then you have people on the sunday show sitting there and defending him after he makes a statement. everybody needs to get on the same page. to me it's completely unacceptable but not surprising from this president he was making mistakes way back into the debates before he was elected this is what people
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voted for, now you have it. you mentioned a number people defending the president some admitting this may have been a mistake from the president. >> when you're calling for a regime change out of any nuclear state, that is a policy that you might want to think through before you do it. >> whether or not u.s. foreign policy will reflect that remains to be seen. something like calling for regime change or adjusting the notion of regime change has a lot of landline. >> we talked about yesterday how the president has repeatedly said his goal is to not get us into world war iii but he may stumble into it as a result of the things that he decides to stay. you also heard from the president that were dealing with a nuclear armed country which is why we have to be very careful about what that perception might be and how vladimir putin would
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take that. yet here we are with the president saying the regime change on a country that has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. >> i'm glad you asked that question. being a history teacher you learn from history when leaders historically make foolish statements and like what you heard from joe biden calling about the regime change, that leads people into war foolish statement, we don't know if you made that consciously or was a slip of the tongue. biden dealing with a madman and putin who is angry, not happy with the way the world is going you're backing them up and looking for excuses. what better excuse to use the words of joe biden talkative about eliminating him to justify further escalation than the work, history has taught us
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diplomacy is very important. you do not make a foolish statement like the one that joe biden makes, he did and now we have to be very, very careful thank goodness the white house walked that statement back and hopefully people will put countries first instead of party loyalty that will criticize president biden and make sure the statement will be out there again at least overtly. >> mistakes are high and president biden said if russia were to use chemical weapons and as united states. senator marco rubio talking about how he thinks russia will perceive with their attacks in ukraine. take a listen. >> i think the likeliest thing you will see from putin is trying to use chemical or biological weapons for that matter but doing anyway that makes it look like somebody else did it. i don't think he would admit using chemical weapons and blame the on ukraine or nato and say it was them who did it.
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katie: the state department and the administration is morning about russia doing a false flag operation and using chemical weapons. we know chemical weapons have been used in syria and where russia has been for many years now. what are your thoughts as we proceed with these gaps being cleaned up and what is the impression that the russians have of the united states and what they might do. more important for me looking back on what happened in syria in the obama administration when joe biden was vice president aggression is a tendency to call bluff and they did so under the obama administration. is there a danger of them calling the bluff of joe biden and him not responding in the way that he would. >> what were talking about is posturing into defensive strategy and it's a part of exercising in certain places in certain times is not just a show
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of force but assure readiness and joe biden failed the sound that. i'm not just tried to beat up on joe biden i'll be honest with you i don't trust as the administration to get into and back out of a direct conflict with russia and we have not supported escalating planes to send them to the ukraine that will give us in direct conflict i don't trust the administration the polis out rather not russia uses chemical weapons that another strategic advantage. they have a tremendous amount of weapons they are using were being used on civilians and chemical weapons put put in a better spot but is back into a corner and feels like he can't get a win out of this. it feels like macron is trying to get that and this will stop hopefully becomes the end very quickly. as far as joe biden goes he does not have it to get into this and get back out. he's a most are the right thing for the wrong reasons which is basically sitting and not
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publicly doing more. effective biggest concern with him making these gas, putin considered the thousand protesters, that is operation by the west, they put people here to do that and we need to punish them. that is the kind of ammunition you get putin when you say things like that. words are important in deliberate and were failing at that right now. katie: we are a month into the war but it probably feels a decade to ukraine but unfortunately there is a long way to go when it comes to putin and his options. straight ahead russian admits to using cruise missiles to attack aleave while biden was visiting miles away in poland. a live update from lviv is next . serena... ace. get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. directv stream,
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katie: we are back with a fox news alert russia admitting it hit lviv when president biden was 200 miles away in poland lviv is bracing for more attacks. there was tense moments in error raved interrupted a musical
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show. [cheering] jackie: mariupol says it doesn't exist. joining us alex. we heard the sirens twice tonight in lviv and during the day we visited the site of yesterday's attack, there are firefighters that are still unseen watering down some of the sites that we did see yesterday after the strikes. take a look at the footage massive flames and black billowing smoke as crews worked throughout the afternoon and evening into yesterday and both of the sites the oil depot and a factory used by the military were both struck twice. the shock of the explosion blowing up the windows in nearby buildings as of this week nato says between 7,015,000 russian troops have died since the invasion so there is no confirmed number at this point.
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>> i attend the funeral of every soldier i try not to miss any funerals. for each of us they are heroes of ukraine. >> those are people speaking at the funeral of many ukrainians have been killed in this war. today people who live here in lviv gathered at sunday mass trying to find comfort in a community of church after the attacks that they have seen here in lviv. the closest to the city center since the start of the war. more than 3.8 million ukraine from neighboring countries and dublin that are currently displaced within their own country. in the southern part of ukraine russia and ukraine agreed to two humanitarian corridor to evacuate civilians from mariupol. and they explored the damage of
2:17 pm
the bombed and burned neighborhoods pre-broken windows and craters as people who live there and head for safety. >> olivia newman kitchen were filled the same happened to the toilet and corridor. it is a mariopol that we survived we were in the corridor near the doors. >> meanwhile thousands of residents in kharkiv are moving underground sleeping in the train station stream russians attack. back here in lviv. much of life has seen to return to normalcy. we saw people walking their dogs and going for runs and trying to find any sense of what the old reality was during the weeks and months that we saw prior to the war breaking out in our home country. also in kyiv, high school and university students will start school again tomorrow on monday they will learn virtually but finding any sense of normalcy as the work continues.
2:18 pm
jackie: i certainly understand the desire to want to feel normal and get out but as you're on the ground and speaking to people who are essentially watching the devastation in other parts of the country and see the escalation and they know some degree they are next. how could you characterize that for us? >> it is the balance of hoping that this will remain safe haven while worrying about the loved ones that they possibly left behind in their homes that they left behind. right now there is compartmentalization to make sure they are safe and helping in whatever way that they can. >> we seen president biden to his trip, his wrap that up now. in his trip he had a couple of things like u.s. troops made up in ukraine or president putin needs to be ousted.
2:19 pm
our people in ukraine responded to any of that, has it changed their demeanor, do they feel like the u.s. is about to do more, do they have a sense about it? >> i don't think there's a sense of a change in perspective. especially since we told the white house get back from some of the comments, we also heard other world leaders step away from the comments and french president emmanuel spoke about this will only heighten the sense of tension that were seen in this country so people here are necessarily buying into those words at least not yet. katie: i want to focus on the cruise missiles that they are admitting they sent into levin yesterday. do they do it specifically because president biden was in poland or was this done as a way to open up the new front to get closer to attacks on lviv.
2:20 pm
is it because president biden was in poland that opens up questions if there being used as a proxy free russia to be sending messages to the u.s. >> we heard from the mayor in lviv saying this was a specific target because of joe biden and his location. it's not specifically heard that from russia itself predated, confirming the strike that took place yesterday. we haven't heard those words from them. the good have to shift more of their tactics to the eastern side of ukraine but the complete opposite from what we saw 24 hours ago. >> stay safe, thank you so much for that. coming out more stimulus checks for americans maybe on the way to help pay for gas. does that mean the democrats want to pay you to use fossil fuels that there against? we have more when the sunday show returns.
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♪♪. leo: welcome back to "the big sunday show" as americans are feeling pain at the pump, democrat lawmakers are looking to bring some relief with stimulus checks. the gas rebate as of 2022 would authorize $100 monthly energy rebates for any month this year. only at the national average of the price of gas exceeds $4 per gallon. it would offer the same monthly rebate for each dependent. by the way i live in the worst state in the country where the worst governor in the highest gas prices in california. sorry to tell you that but i'm being honest. katie, help me out. these rebates that we were
2:26 pm
energy independent two years ago, why do we need rebate checks when we have the opportunity to drill? katie: i have to say don't feel sorry for you, i saw the weather in the opening beach shot and the east coast is still pretty cold. i don't feel too sorry. i'll take it with the gas prices. this is get a big the problem worse, they want to. more money to give to people to solve a problem that they created by waging a war on americans energy oil and gas. energy is the underpinning of the entire economy. when you have high energy prices, specifically diesel price, that is the cost to get every single good to market goes up as a result of that why you are seeing prices go up with inflation and were on energy. also goes to a bigger idea that democrats believe the government should control the way that you live your life and whether it's
2:27 pm
through stimulus check or whether to giving you money to buy gas. they want to be the ones telling you what you can and cannot buy by making the situation worse and printing money they do not have. leo: that's an excellent point. the wall street journal op-ed editorial board came up with an op-ed and it said gasoline stimulus checks letter being sent out, basically, the word rebate -- this is not related to any payment to the federal government. if government to pay for higher gas prices cost in large part by government voters are blaming democratic policy for inflation into produce american oil and gas. with an election coming in the majority and pearl democrats are
2:28 pm
resorting to what they do best spending more of your money. isn't it nothing more than an election gimmick for 2022. the democrats are in trouble, joe biden is underwater and they are trying to basically mislead the public with the so-called rebate check. jackie: do not try to mislead the public. they are actually trained by the public to get them to vote for them. that is where all the stimulus checks a bit about. and to add to what katie was saying, part of the problem is the war on oil and gas by this administration. the other problem that started inflation and created all these price increases. is probably the fact that they were printing money and sending out checks. there are certain segments of the population that like that and other segments of the population the say you need to let the economy work and be a free market economy without giving freebies out to people in
2:29 pm
essentially let the industry fix the high gas prices. when biden was inaugurated gas prices were $2.39. the national average, i know you pay a lot more but $4.24. a 77% increase. all they have to do is not. anymore money or send any checks and just laid oil and gas companies. you can drill and build pipelines and export terminals for lng and help with the situation overseas as well. that is all that they have to do. leo: it's close to over $6 a gallon in california. nancy pelosi in the full oc family is making a lot of big money on green energy her husband just bought over $2 million tesla stock which you can see with the screenshot. my question to you this commitment to green energy we
2:30 pm
must stay and maintain the course of green energy. is this a commitment to green energy at the expense of the american public. are we as american taxpayers, are we paying the bill for the green energy plan? >> we pay the bill for every decision. how many trillions of dollars to be spent last we don't have that we sit around and wonder why we have inflation and high prices and going full steam ahead with the policy decisions of a double down on a two cowardice to tell the truth about it. that's what bothers me so much when jen psaki stands up there and uses a stroke about federal land leases enter. dishonesty forgets to say the rest of the sentence which includes things like going 1500 of those believed to hold the potential. basically what happened all
2:31 pm
small companies that need investment go by leases because that is the collateral they can show investors when they haven't built the pump jacks or found the work, we have access to this lien and not because they can prompt and they don't know if they can. the other thing which is a big part six permits waiting to be approved for natural gas terminals even if you can pump it were extracted the pipe and has to go somewhere. four of those are bill and they want to prove it devin into energy policy and that's what were dealing with. .leo: the american taxpayer and the market public is suffering. coming up on "the big sunday show", cory booker says ketanji brown jackson was under the bus at outrageous attacks. that is not true that is everything, not true. clearly he must've forgotten about this. >> judge kavanaugh you drink on weekdays as well and high school not just weekends. the july 1 reference for skis
2:32 pm
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joey: welcome back to "the big sunday show" liberals are letting their hypocrisy show again. republicans at ketanji brown jackson a lot of questions during the confirmation hearing last week. >> in your view is morbid deterrent to have somebody substantially supervised in terms of the computer use in looking at child pornography that it is to putting them in jail? >> i'm not saying it's more or less. >> do you think these laws are too tough and too tough on sex
2:37 pm
offenders. >> it was about the characterization of legislation. >> could you provide a definition for the word woman. >> can i provide a definition? >> yeah, i can't. >> democrat senator cory booker was absolutely outraged previously made republicans for their behavior. >> she was bringing me a lot of emotion during the whole hearing. under the most outrageous attacks she was showing who she is. joey: cory booker has amnesia from his own behavior during the confirmation hearing from now just as brett kavanaugh. we have some tape on this but jackie and want to go to you. did they attack her character? can you tell me why these hearings have been so
2:38 pm
inseparable for him. jackie: they did not attack her character they're being attacked for asking difficult questions and would you look at other hearings for example where the shoe was on the other foot. the democrats do the same thing to a candidate for the supreme court. that was appointed by every publican president. we seen this time and time again. when it comes to cory booker hypocrisy.i went to law school k new jersey when cory booker was mayor. he puts in superficial band-aids on a very violent and very corrupt city but deep down at the core he did nothing and it's still extremely dangerous. every day i went there and i thought it was taking my life in my hands. he was elected as a new jersey state senate. my mind was blown on like who voted for this guy i do not think they knew who he was.
2:39 pm
i saw him sitting there giving his commentary, being a hypocrite in the political theater i had to laugh because he also gave a commencement speech at law school and it was the most uninspiring boring long hideous speech i have ever heard in my life. i look at him and said this is where it's coming from. joey: on this topic of what might be hypocritical cory booker but here's his outrage. >> what we saw this week was to me outrageous and beyond the pale very different than what i witnessed in my short time in the senate. joey: sober spartacus had different words a few years ago. let's hear him questioning brett kavanaugh. >> judge kavanaugh you drink on weekdays not just weekends in high school. >> weekdays? >> the july 1 reference for skis
2:40 pm
was brewski. >> that would just be a yes or no, brewski right? >> is not a sloppy drunk, your remake was lying. >> he talked about drinking and sexual exploits did you not? joey: as they are questioning him he is looking at his journal from high school to answer the questions. >> how did they have this hypocrisy in front of everyone. you look at how brown jackson was question compared to kavanaugh. >> i had to take deep breaths, i don't say words that were not allowed to sand television but the idea that cory booker would say the jackson hearings were worse than anything he's ever seen in the senate really shows where the priorities are for democrats. republicans this week ask judge
2:41 pm
jackson very specific pointed questions about her judicial record when it came to sentencing child pornographers. she is going to likely be on the supreme court and the united states in her judicial record is what matters. on the other hand with brett kavanaugh when democrats asked him questions about what kind of beer and they also put false obligations again grape into the congressional record true given to them by michael avenatti who is currently imprisoned for extorting or attempting to extort nike out of billions of dollars. the media was very focused on brett kavanaugh calendar from high school. they were not focused on what came on after the hearing and after he was confirmed. there is 600 page senate judiciary committee report that came out showing that not only were these allegations into the record after the confirmation hearings were initially over not true but a number of people who lied to investigators were
2:42 pm
referred to the department of justice were criminal prosecution for the media did not talk about that at all in the aftermath of the cabinet hearing it just shows that cory booker and democrats like him are very dishonest when it comes to the supreme court nomination but about the way judge jackson was treated the way judge kavanaugh was treated at the time of the confirmation hearing. joey: will get a very liberal progressive justice on the supreme court. that is a part of the political game that we play now. just the focus back on kavanaugh it wasn't just cory booker that was upset about the brewski we have democrat all-stars not even what a hearing to happen. >> i welcome everyone to this confirmation hearing on the domination of brett kavanaugh to serve as associate justice.
2:43 pm
>> mr. chairman if we cannot be reckoned as they moved to adjourn. >> and moved to adjourn. [applause] >> that's what republicans do with. i for one am so thankful if they brought passion and substance in the person's character at voting yes or no on the supreme court confirmation. >> you are absolutely right, they brought consistency and as a lawyer i appreciate the tough questions. this woman justice jackson will be on the highest court in the country. she will be making policy in interpreting the constitution over 300 million americans. to ask questions and stay focused on what her judicial philosophy is. what she is going to bring to the supreme court is critical.
2:44 pm
what makes this country great is what they call the constitution. we want to justice to interpret the constitution in the original form and hopefully to interpret it without a political agenda. that's what these republicans did and i applaud them for it. unfortunately i cannot applaud the democrats who treated justice kavanaugh in a disrespectful manner. >> we all what i forget how that went down but it's important that we don't and we show the justice position and that's is where we are republicans are going to take it away and this is a better loss. still, "the big sunday show", phil collins with an emotional farewell to fans at the final concert last night. will it really be his last show? we take a look back at the biggest stars who couldn't stay away from space. coming up next. ♪
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katie: welcome back to "the big
2:49 pm
sunday show" an emotional moment in london phil collins announcing last night's concert was his last. 71 years old and failing health, giving his fans one final ♪ ♪ phil collins comes out of retirement one day he would not be the first rolling stones, elton john, a few of the examples and never seem to go away. i will say this i saw phil collins before covid he did a show in the chair, that was two years ago, he was so proud his son was playing the drums behind him but you could tell how frail he was and his health was failing. he may not be one that makes a comeback. joey: i will tell you it is
2:50 pm
pretty amazing to be 70 something years old. i used to work for zach brown and i know everything that goes into the stage production most bands to her 40 - 60 shows an upwards of a hundred. it is not an easy life no matter how much you to read 71 years old. my hats off to everybody that tours. maybe a residency in vegas after they came off the road and what it reminds me of a band called the band and they stop touring and everybody thought they would come back and they never did. this may be his last concert. >> they mentioned the rolling stones and have gone up the garden multiple times. mick jagger is 78 years old and somehow he manages to get on the stage and keep shimmying. >> i think they like the attention and the economic
2:51 pm
advantages of key performing in a newfound generation. this morning before i started the show is one of the topics and the music is gold that is to keep performing until they cannot perform any longer. >> prepared so we said that they do not make songs like this anymore when they talk about the rolling stones elton john. there are songs that generational appeal. artists like that loved on stage and they feed off of it. katie: i will say the zach brown be and never retires. i met them once a day or so talented they have great music and every person on stage was
2:52 pm
playing an instrument. it is absolutely amazing. i love the eagles and i hope i'll be able to see them they came out of retirement to do a tour. i've given up my hopes that the spice girls will obligate back together again. they have been teasing us for years. it is not happening. it is not going to happen i know willie nelson had gone into retirement had to come out because he was going broke spending all of his money and having too much fun. the music is great in my parents would say they are still listening to the eagles and fleetwood. >> and so mi. >> the spice girls did not come back that might not be the worst thing in the world i'm not holding my breath for that. >> i've accepted is not happening. joey: i what is a buffet once before he retires if i can get to jimmy buffett concert. >> i will join you, let me know. don't go anywhere. the big four is up next.
2:53 pm
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joey: welcome back to "the big sunday show" it is time for the big four these are our picks that everyone will be talking about this week. i will go first. a new medical trial that shows psychedelic drugs can increase.
2:57 pm
this is something i know quite a bit about. the specific trial mbna a recreational drug that unfortunately college kids abuse their micro dosing the psychedelic side of filling what you find in mushrooms where the native americans have used for really long time. when you micro dose it allows you to free your mind from the stress and focus on fixing them it is very effective i know clinical people go down to south america to show that this works. i've seen it change veterans lives, we have to drop all the stigma on these because the antidepressants that we throw veterans are much more destructive than this in the right way. katie? katie: i'm glad to hear there is another solution. easter is the latest holiday hit by inflation by candy prices surging, everything from the
2:58 pm
cost of cadbury eggs and peeps have gone up since 2019. he will pay a dollar more for peeps and a dollar more for the chocolate bunnies, cadbury eggs are up $1.50. we have to ration peeps, that is a real problem in this country. leo: thank you katie i was thinking about the chocolate. anti-biden wall. joe biden is building a huge fence around his delaware beach house, fences work but walls don't. democrats do not want border security, joe biden wanted fencing around his house. all these democrat leaders are down but they want private security. why did the democrats always take the elitist position that they need the security but the average americans, no security at the border and the law
2:59 pm
enforcement. it does not make sense. i just have to scratch my head. it is democrat parties not for the working people. joey: they keep american citizens out of the capital not of the white house and away from joe biden but they won't keep the criminals out of our country. that is the point that you're making and it's appalling. >> this week is energy independent summit that we've been talking about energy but if you want more on this we will be live from staten island and we will dig into the global energy market and what it means for americans it will stream from 1w and charles payne and maria bartiromo. there will be a live audience i will ask is all kinds of questions about what this a administration where we were, how did we get here and how do we move forward and get our
3:00 pm
energy independence back there, somebody americans that are passionate about this and worried about this especially those that work in the oil patch and have seen their jobs go away. a really important topic to discuss and we really hope that you will tune in and stream. >> that is going to do it for us we will see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern. the "fox report with jon scott" starts right now. >> for god sake this man cannot remain in power. >> president putin cannot be in power to engage in aggression against ukraine or anyone else. >> let me stay off the bat that the u.s. does not have a policy of regime change towards russia. jon: damage control after president biden said vladimir putin cannot remain in power. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox


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