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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  March 27, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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zelenskyy? the special also currently is on foxnation. on the radio show make sure you listen 9 to noon. bret baier has to show up. michael goodwin and so much more. and "fox and friends" monday
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thanks for watching. dan bongino is next. [explosions] >> a fox news alert, missiles
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trike the city 50 miles from the polish border at the same time as joe biden visits poland. tonight the white house is again on cleanup duty after biden appears to call for regime change in russia. know matter how the war in ukraine ends, the world is going to change. can joe biden's new world order be the same as their great reset? donald trump, jr. is here. what is a woman? a supreme court justice nominee couldn't answer the question. a person we know for sure is a woman will join me to break the code. what could cause a jet to suddenly nosedive into a
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mountain. tonight we begin about a fox news alert. joe biden is hours away from arriving back in the united states after visiting poland. at the same time russia launched missile strikes on lviv, 50 miles from the polish border. that where alex hogan is tonight. reporter: the strikes were several miles are what where i'm standing. all this taking place in the same day that president biden spoke in poland. he was 240 mile s from the where i'm standing. still lviv is 45 miles from poland's border. the strike hitting an oil facility and factory, both of which were linked to the military. during this trip to poland president biden give remarks
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cautioning russia not to touch nato soil. and gave strong remarks to russian president vladimir putin about what he has been doing while he was visiting a refugee center. >> i have been to a lot of refugee camps in my life. i'm always surprised by it. see all those little children. they just want a hug. he's a butcher. reporter: more than 3.7 million we'll fled the country. i spent weeks talking to refugees about their stories. it's a mix of anger over what they had to leave behind. president zelenskyy speaking out about the cities turned to
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rubble by russian troops. he said these actions will not be forgotten. he said this is how nazi's tried to conquer europe 70 years ago. no one will forgive them, there will nobody transparency. residents in lviv ran for cover when the strikes started. it's quiet, the only sounds to break the silence are the church bells off in the distance. still there is a heightened sense of alarm for people who arrived here thinking this would be a safety, wondering that will continue to be the case. >> thanks, alex. please stay safe over there. you can always count on joe biden to screw something up, especially on the world stage. as president of the united states with europe on the brink of world war iii?
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i appeared to call for regime change in russia. >> you will have a different future, better future road in democracy and freedom. for god's sake this man cannot remain in power. dan: the white house has to do damage control. did biden just misspeam or is his staff running the white house? the media was more than happy to repeat the white house talking point. just yesterday, biden appeared to tell the u.s. troops that they what be going to ukraine. you'll see when you are there, some of you have been there. you will see women and young people standing in front of a damn tank saying i'm not leaving. i'm holding my ground.
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dan: cleanup on isle three. aislefour was yesterday. there were the economic sanctions against russia. >> the sanctions never deter. you keep talking about that. sanctions never deter. dan: can someone send his administration the memo season in. >> the president believes sanctions are intended to deter. >> the purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence. >> the purpose of the sanctions in the first instance is to try to deter russia from going to war. >> we see them as having a deterrent effect. dan: these are dangerous gaffes when the world needs leadership. let me quote joe biden himself during the last administration. >> the words of a president
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matter. they can move markets and send their brave men and women to war. they can bring peace. you think? your words matter, too, joe. joining plea now is fox news contributor brett velicovich, a retired lieutenant colonel and daniel davis. colonel davis, i will go to you first. your take on this apparent gaffe saying putin cannot remain in power. that's a bold thing to say to have the white house try to take it back. >> i'm not sure that will be flying well in moscow. that's one of the things they are most afraid of. they have seen the united states do all kinds of regime change in places all over the world. it's never effective. especially now when we are trying to negotiate a settlement, we are trying to get the two sides to stop the war. we don't want this to go to a
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military conclusion because so many more thousands would probably die. you just mentioned there about the comment about the polish troops from poland going into ukraine later. and you had lindsey graham talking about russia should assassinate putin. it makes putin more afraid of us. it's not good because he's got that nuclear button. that not an outlandish possibility that one day he could use that. dan: i couldn't agree with you more. it upped the chance for a miscalculation. brett we have video of you on the front lines in ukraine. explain to us what is the situation on the ground. >> it's catastrophic. some of this video was taken from some other guys on the front line. it shows the reality on the
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ground. some men are having to push their way through heavy fire and barrage of artillery to render aid to civilians trapped by some of the heaviest fighting. they are risking their lives every day to extract civilians from the crossfire. i am moving around the country quite a bit and i'm running across americans and british fighters coming in to fight on the front lines. they are coming in by the dozens to join the territorial defense group. i want to caution others about doing this. many of these guys great americans. but at least half of those americans i see coming in to fight i see leaving a couple days later because they don't truly understand what it is on the front lines. this is real war. this is not call of duty.
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don't come here if you don't understand the brutality of this combat environment. many of these guys anything when they cross the ukrainian border they will be handed a javelin missile and and bought of champagne which the ukrainians. necessity barely have fluff weapons for their own people. the ones coming here are becoming a liability. there were 10 of those guys standing there with know combat gear and the local military could only offer them two rifles and 30 rounds of ammunition. weapons from nato countries are not getting here fast enough. i want to pass that message. there are better ways for people to help, especially on the humanitarian side and medical assistance.
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dan: joe biden is reportedly back off his campaign promise by refusing to use nuclear weapons as a deterrence against russia. >> that's a bad move. we absolutely need to stick with that. the only reason we should use nuclear weapons is if we either are in danger of having a nuclear attack against us or if one is in process. and nothing else. if you pews one when maybe necessity wouldn't have, you can be guaranteed some are coming back. we cannot risk american cities on a miscalculation or bad decision. those things could destroy our country and we cannot go down that path. >> guys thanks a lot. stay safe. i appreciate it. >> joe biden's vision of a new world order. >> we are at an inflation point in the world economy. now is the time when things are
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shifting there will be a new world order out there and we have got to lead it. so anyway, i'm going to hush up. fire away. dan: it's his words. we are not conspiracy theorists. that's joe biden's own words. is that the same as the great reset? >> i believe this is the best time to reset our policies and to work jointly for a peaceful and prosperous world. what we are proud of now with the young generation like prime minister trudeau. so yesterday at the reception for prime minister trudeau -- >> what's the left's future. what does it look like? don, jr. is coming up.
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dan: the horrors of the russian invasion will have an impact way beyond ukraine's borders. will ukraine survive as a
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sovereign nation? no one can answer those questions right now. but one thing is certain. the world will change. what will it look like when the dust settles. i don't know and you don't know either. joe biden has some ideas. >> we are at an inflection point in the world economy. now is a time when things are shifting. there will be aful world order out there. we have to lead it and unite the world. dan: it wasn't some basement dwelling kooky left-wing blogger. they are not trying to hide it anymore. let's say with it joe. new world order. the media, they never let a crisis go to waste. what an opportunity all these crises. "axios" is touting this quote,
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increased momentum for big ideas. now? with the plan to create a federal agency to make a green infrastructure to force you to go green now with all these crises going on. the progressive behind that plan was biden's pick to be the top banking regulator. she backed out when it came out that she had sympathies to that system that failed a little bit. joe biden talks about it. does that mean it am not a conspiracy theory anymore? >> the whole vietnam war was fought over -- >> you are telling me. >> o.j. didn't do it. >> let's just move on.
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dan: folks you can't make this stuff up. the media is desperate to call us conspiracy theorists. it's perfectly reasonable to discuss what joe biden minted when he said new world order. there is zero disagreement that he actually said it. it's not a conspiracy theory. if biden can talk about it, why can't we all talk about what it means? let's talk about what that future looks like that joe biden keeps talking about. the new world order. remember klaus schwab, he has been talking about the great reset for years. it sounds like a new ordering of the world. >> i believe this is the best time to reset our policies and
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to work jointly for a peaceful and prosperous world. what we are proud of now the young generation like prime minister trudeau. he penetrates the cabinet. there was a reception for prime minister trudeau, and i know that half of his cabinet or half of this cabinet are actually [inaudible] >> you want to do some home work on that? dan: he has a book called "the great reset." you can't make it up. that not a conspiracy theory either. what else can this future look like? check out this headline. the fcc wants to know what
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companies are doing about climate change. they want to know how they impact the climate. xi jinping in china has a similar scoring system where people who don't score very high aren'ted as first class citizens. then the vaccine passports. the government used it as a work around to say who can work and who can't. don't forget about our surgeon general is convenient gaiting how misinformation is spread. >> the only way we when get past misinformation is we limit the power. >> they wanted to control the
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means of production. and they want to control our information using big tech censorship. does that sounds like the merging of our physical, and biological and physical lives? let's ask klaus schwab. >> we need a fiewftion our physical, digital, and our biological identities. dan: feels like a new world order to me. we are out of conspiracy theories again. please submit new ones, all the old ones are coming true. joining me, the president of the donald trump organization. donald trump, jr. one thing you and i won't know, know, censorship is part of it.
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your far it has been thrown off these platforms and the iranian mullahs can tweet away. >> the president of the united states can't have a platform. it's really sick. this is an affront on american values. if everything that they disagree with and they don't want you talking about, they try to shame you into submission. those are the ones they call conspiracy theories. but you flailtd it. the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth tends to be about six months. now that time frame is getting shorter and short. you heard it with makes. a little cloth mask is going to stop the spread. the wuhan leak theory. if you even questioned that you were out of science even thought it was the most logical question. you see sit with the ukrainian bio labs. that took about a greek going
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from a conspiracy theory to actually real. you have hunter biden tied to it and the laptop that was russian disinformation. all it is is an attack on american freedom. they want to subjugate american citizenship. they want one global order of leaders they choose. i don't know how biden can fit in that group but they are trying to control everyone who does not conform to their desires, and it's disgusting. dan: how does it make you feel with the hunter biden laptop we knew was real a year and a half ago. by the way, i know you have that new news aggregator out. does it have anything toe do with you not wanting this to happen again?
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>> they have been saying for years. build your own. so we have taken it upon ourselves. people like you. you are out there with the bongino report. you can see the news that exists. it's out there. people are writing it. but because of censorship, you will see what people are writing. the "new york post" got hunter biden laptop story dead on. but they decided that won't be good for joe biden and our leftist propaganda and we'll make it end. we'll make it as know it doesn't exist and we'll criticize and cancel anyone who tries to push it. wield end their livelihoods. covid. that amplified everything. that accelerated everything. that was their opportunity.
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they decided to weaponnize the pandemic. all the things people question about it end up being right. that doonts matter. they will erase history. russia russia russia, how can that not be true? they weaponized it fluff toe sow doubt in people's findsp minds. now with the insanity that is joe biden. now with the war mongering and the propaganda coming out of all this. people don't know what to believe anymore. guys like us want to be able to steer people in the right direction. a list of all the news you probably are not seeing. the news that will be censored by social media and other platforms. you can pull it up on your phone and read the stuff people are writing that you will never see
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otherwise. dan: coming up, the u.k. has some of the highest vaccination rates in the world. why are the hospitalizations numbers surging?
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." covid cases and hospitalization numbers are surging in the u.k., amongst mostly the senior population, despite vaccination boosters and even prior infection. doctor, thanks for joining us. if the vaccines are work so well, why aren't they work so well. the u.k. data seems to points to some negative efficacy. what's going on. >> that's correct. not only are they not work, they may be enhancing people's risk of infections. working backwards. the u.k. is not the only place we have seen it. we have seen it in ontario and israel and other highly vaccinated regions. we don't know if it might be happening in the u.s.
1:33 am
the reason we don't know is because the cdc is no longer releasing their data. a spokesperson for the cdc told the "new york times" the reason they are not -- releasing the data. they have worries it's not ready for primetime because it might increase vaccine hesitancy. why are niece metrics being withheld from the american people. we are starting to see the failure of this vaccination campaign. dan: do you explain in layman's terms what that means? >> these two explanations are not mutually exclusive. antigenic i am print is where
1:34 am
the vaccine focuses the immune system on the spike protein which noise longer in circulation. try to hit a clay pigeon with a rifle that misses the target instead a shotgun. our immune system is focused on something that isn't around any more, and other parts of the immune system get suppressed. with other viruses like the swine flu. your body makes antibodies because they are directed against the spike pro tweent original variant. you get an imperfect antibody binding and it enhances the ability of the virus to enter into your human cells and i infect you. this is two potential down sides of the mass vaccination campaign
1:35 am
which some voices early on worried we haven't done adequate testing to see if these might occur. we went full steam ahead, now we are seeing evidence these times of problems may be emerging. >> there is concern over the lipid nanoparticles, maybe being involved in an inflammatory response. the lipids get into cells all over the body. the japanese version of the fda did an animal study to see where it was distributed body after vaccination and the highest concentration was found in the female ovary. given the connection to menstrual irregularity, there are worries this thing that was supposed to stay in the deltoid went throughout the body and
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could have effects on other organ systems. dan: coming up next. an airplane flying over china took a nosedive. a pilot answers questions coming up next.
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dan: investigators are desperate for answers after a boeing passenger jet with more than 100 people on board crashed into a mountain in china. footage from state tv appears to show the moment when the airliner plunged straight down. robert, thanks for joining us. i'm not a pilot like you are. but i'm aware of basic physics principle. when you are going at that speed, it creates lift. you would almost have to aim a plane down to hit at that 90-degree angle. >> no, you are not. we tried things like that a simulator to see what would happen. it's difficult to hold an airplane in that position with
1:41 am
the nose down. you almost have to put your feet on the wheel and precedence it to hold the nose down like that. i categorize the possible bills as human induced or some sort of structural issue. x learned friday that the chinese aviation authority found a piece of the king of the bowing in the debris except it was quite a ways away from the actual main wreckage. that seems to indicate that either it came undone as the airplane was in that dive or it came off earlier and that may have been what caused the dive. we just don't know. dan: as you indicated. i saw some of your notes beforehand. even a plane with no power still has some sense of glide. you are probably not going to be
1:42 am
able to land it safely. but the wings will give it some glide. it won't plunge down at that kind of angle. >> many people don't realize that. even on a 747. if all four engines quit. it starts to descend, but it's not controllable. it's absolutely controllable. the angle if that video is accurate. angle we saw this thing come down at before it hit the ground, i have never seen anything like that. '. dan: the black box from early reports appears to be damaged significantly. with these black boxes tbibt sawfs some damage -- if it suffered some damage can they retrieve some information from it. >> we don't know yet. we know it was damaged. but that could be physically the box itself. it doesn't necessarily mean the
1:43 am
data on the cockpit voice recorder is not going to be readable. what they would like to get their hands on is the other black box which is the night data recorder that records the position of all the controls, the enjoys and air speeds and altitudes. but they are still looking for that. dan: coming up next on "unfiltered." another shocking comment by joe biden. he compared the ukraine refugee crisis in a war zone the influx of migrants on the southern border. a former derks a agent weighs in as fentanyl comes across do you find yourself buried in paper? this is the end. the end of paper. the epson rapid receipt smart organizer easily scans all your documents. paper
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>> the fact that you have so many ukrainians seek refuge in this country of poland. we understand that because we have on our southern border thousands of people a day literally, not figuratively, trying to get into the united states. but we believe we the united states should do our part relative to ukraine as well by opening our borders to another
1:48 am
100,000. dan: while visiting ukraine refugees in poland, president biden compared them to migrants at our southern border. did putin attack central and south america. there are obviously differences, including the fentanyl coming across our borders in record numbers. joining me is former dea special agent, derek maltz. west point asked down here on a spring break apparently came across some fentanyl. massive overdose. how prevalent is this problem? i am in florida. we are far away from texas. >> we are losing 289 americans a day. every five minutes a young kid is dying.
1:49 am
the cdc determined it's the number one cause of death 18-35. this is 300 grams of salt. if this was fentanyl it could kill 150,000 americans. unfortunately our parents are waking up every day finding their loved ones dead in their bedrooms. we have a genocide going on. we have kids 1- -- 12-18 years old that are buying drugs in mexico and their parents are finding them dead in their beds. they are not waking up. the border czar, they are not even talking about the american problem. dan: obviously i have no familiarity with this at all as
1:50 am
do most normal americans. is fentanyl a cheaper substitute? why are the drug runners doing this? that's where i think people are confused. >> the cartels are a multi-billion dollars enterprise. the drug trafficking between methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, but the fentanyl is off the charts. it's not plant based. they make it in labs. they are getting the chemicals from china. and they are doing the money laundering. it's cheap to make and it's very, very addictive. so the kids in america are being deceived because the blue pills coming in from the labs in mexico. the kids think they are getting prescription drugs, but they are getting fentanyl. it only takes 2 milligrams to
1:51 am
kill a person in america. we had 11,000 pounds last week seized at the border. dan: that's really sad. derek, thanks a lot. we appreciated. when asked to define the word woman, supreme court nominee ketanji jackson had no answer. shipstation saves us so much time it makes it really easy and seamless pick an order print everything you need slap the label on ito the box and it's ready to go our cost for shipping, were cut in half just like that go to shipstation/tv and get 2 months free
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cindy crawford it uses sonic waves that actually helps lift impurities and dirt out of your pores, and your skin is just glowing even before you put a product on it. announcer this is a limited time only special offer! call 1-800-201-1991 or go to right now. dan: listen, come on it doesn't take a biologist to define. really joe biden is no, ma'am night someone to highest court you can't seem to figure it out. it is just the latest example of the biden administration's push to cancel women. >> i am committed to doing the absolute most to protect black
1:56 am
mothers to protect black babies to protect black birthing people it took four minute and 33 seconds for leah thomas to slim her way into ncaa history. >> can you provide a definition for the word woman. >> i can't. not -- this context i'm not a biologist. >> so let me get canceled but men can't i'm confused new york post columnist joins me now to discuss carol so here's the genesis of your guest i saw your piece in "the new york post" you where a long time about just this. there's no seemingly equal effort to cancel men it is only women. ironically come prg party supposed to be party of women. please explain this i'm confused. >> right. >> you don't see transmen trying to get into men's sports and men's spas it is only happening in one direction and it is really wild to me that left is embracing this in a world where
1:57 am
anybody can be a woman at any time what's the point of woman studies department. how do we know that kamala harris is really the first female vice president. john adams could have secretly been a transwoman and women be vice presidents all along so following fringe on a dangerous path and i would really think twice about that. dan: you know you're a close follower and culture war is beginning on age shift is hag here. you can't tell me people don't see the absurdness. this is a change. >> i agree i think something has shifted here. people are compassionate about idea that somebody feels gender disforya i'll include myself in that but something different. where we can't define what a woman is at all or on like really large scale. it is really concerning, and that i think people are watching this and thinking i didn't sign up for this and women not to
1:58 am
exist. i, you know, maybe i feel compassion for people who are unsure of what gender they're supposed to be. but i don't think that this should be no women and i think -- the average men has seen something very different in last few weeks. and there are on a different plain right now and i think left is really losing. dan: i think you're right between crt and this and the fairytale don't say gay bill i think tide is turning. carol thanks a lot for your time we really appreciate it. time now -- you got it for our hero of the week -- canadian prime minister justin trudeau is in brussels to speak to european parliament and after speech several spoke their minds in regards to trudeau politic including german mp christine anderson and man she didn't hold back one bit check this out. >> prime minister who openly
1:59 am
admires chinese basic dictatorship but prosecuting and criminalizing his own as thes as terrorists because they dare to stand up to concept of democracy should not be allowed to speak this this house at all mr. trudeau you are a disgrace for any democracy. please bare us your presence, thank you. dan: what justin trudeau did up in canada is a disgrace let's be clear. they were not his rights to take away. they're big gods given rightings. now that wasn't united states but that was canada we have a constitution here. we need more people like this speaking up ladies and gentlemen, action changes world that do matters talk cheap. to talk doesn't motivate you to do something folks then we're never going to get our country back we need more people like this standing truth to power. it is critically important. that does it for us tonight here
2:00 am
on unfiltered by the way follow us on facebook and instagram or unfiltered on fox we'll see you back leer next saturday night at 9 p.m. if you can't make it live be sure you set that dvr. really appreciate your time. we'll see you next week. ♪ ♪


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