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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 21, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> all right. unfortunately that's all the time we have this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. you, of course, make the show possible. we can never thank you enough. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. and the meantime, the ingraham angle is next. let not your heart be troubled. judge janine filling in for laura tonight. see you back here tomorrow night. >> janine: i'm judge janine piero in for laura ingraham and this is the "ingraham angle" from new york city. the senate confirmation of ketanji brown jackson today and the democrats apparently forgetting the kavanaugh hearings are blasting the gop for asking about her legal history. marsha black burn is here on that. plus, how do you make money in biden's america? by opening a let's go brandon
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store, of course. the ingraham angle goes on the road to new jersey to check it out. and air raid sirens going off tonight in lyviv, ukraine as the port city of mariupol remains surrounded. a live report in moments. now that "the new york times" admitted what we knew to be true all along that the hunter biden lap top story is real and not more disinformation, it's time for some answers to serious questions raised by hunter's seedy ties. these aren't questions about the political consequences for joe biden. they represent massive national security concerns. so, of course, the white house is trying to sweep it all under the rug. >> "the new york times" reported that they're under criminal investigation that the president still attempts to -- >> yes, that's the department of justice. i point them to you. >> how is president biden
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navigating conflicts of interests in sanctioning people and can you explain what the $3.5 million is for? >> i don't have any confirmation of the accuracy of that report. >> how is he navigating this when deciding sanctions? >> what would be his conflicts of interest? >> his son's company got $3.5 million. >> i have no confirmation and he's continued to sanction oligarchs more than we sanctioned in the past. not sure that's a conflict of interest. >> no, nothing to see here, move along. please, what a crock. we need transparency and answers from this administration on why an oligarch who handed hunter millions of dollars is not being sanctioned. because right now, the message this sends is that doing business with hunter gets you a free pass from old joe. now, if trump's kids were taking cash from russian oligarchs, it would lead on newscasts like
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cnn, msnbc, and the other networks every single night. but because it's biden's son who is doing the influence pedaling, the media is trying to distract you with phony russia fear mongering. >> the ferris wheel of russian propaganda is spinning wildly. >> a big problem is misinformation and policing misinformation. >> i trust setter and cnn to police misinformation as much as i trust a fox to watch a hen house. because the ultimate conveyors of disinformation and misinformation are the media. setter was among those who eagerly tried to falsify the hunter bide b story as fake news back in 2020. >> u.s. authorities are seeing if those e mails we just talked about are connected to an ongoing russian disinformation effort. for all we know, these e mails
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are made up and some are real and others are fake, we don't know. but we know this is a classic example of the right wing media machine. >> joining me live is miranda devine and molly holloway, the chief of the federalist. miranda, has brian stelter issued a correction or an apology for smearing "the new york post" hunter biden coverage? >> no, of course, he hasn't. on the weekend, he has a full hour show and not one word about the biggest media story of the week which, of course, "the new york times" belatedly admitting that the hunter biden lap top is real. they'll never admit it. "the washington post" doubled down again. "the new york times" admitted this in the 24th paragraph of the story that was designed to get hunter biden off of the hook pre-emptively for the charges that are looming with that u.s.
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attorney investigation in delaware. >> janine: listen to jen psaki about hunter's shady business dealing. >> last year, the attorney said he divested from the chinese investment fund. we have perceived not even basic transparency about who bought out his stake, when this happened, how much money changed hands? did he divest? and can you -- >> he doesn't work for the government. i point you to his representatives. >> threes. >> a conflict of -- >> i think we're done here. >> janine: he's not a private citizen. he's the president's son enganged in risky business. >> but it's also not just about hunter biden, it's about joe biden. what the lap top showed was that joe biden was intimately familiar with the biden family business in which members of the biden family shake down corrupt foreign governments and oligarchs in exchange for their proximity to joe biden. joe biden was the one getting
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10% for the big guy. joe biden was the one who went on a national stage and lied and said it was russian disinformation that his son's lap top had all of this material. he knew that was false. and blaming a nuclear power in the middle of an election for something that you know they didn't do is so irresponsible from a foreign policy perspective, but also a domestic policy perspective. joe biden was the point person in ukraine when his son was taking money by serving on the board of an energy concern there which was very much compromised by u.s. involvement in that country. joe biden was the one who took his son on a trip to china shortly after which he was able to arrange a deal with this chinese communist connected entity. so, this isn't just hunter biden, this is joe biden. the media know that. that's why they lied, covered it up, engage in a conspiracy with tech companies to make sure this was not something that voters could know about before 2020's
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election because they knew if they knew that joe biden would not be elected president. >> janine: 50% of those who voted for joe biden said they never heard about the laptop before with the election. and 10% said they wouldn't have voted for him had they known. that's in a close election with joe biden getting 51% of the popular vote. i mean, what is this say about the role of the media in electing our leaders? >> the reason that those biden voters were in the dark was because their organs of choice, whether it be "the new york times," "the washington post," all of the organs that follow them and take their agenda speaking points from those newspapers and cnn, and msnbc, we know jeff zucker at cnn instructed his staff on the day that "the new york post" ran our first bombshell story before the election, he instructed them just to ignore it. not to run anything on it
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because it was garbage. and this is exactly what joe biden relied on. he relied on his pet media, who were just so desperate to make him win and donald trump lose the election, and he got away with it. and this is the question now -- there's no reason why both media outlets should have been so incurious. tony bobalinsky, hunter biden's business partner, met joe biden twice. knew very much about the biden influence peddling scheme overseas and he offered himself up to the media after our story broke three weeks before the election. nobody took him up on it. >> ja j . >> janine: the former officials who labeled it russian disinformation are refusing to apologize. and jim clapper now cnn pundit
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said yes, i stand by the statement i said at the time, i think sounding a cautionary note at the time was appropriate. molly, there's no consequences to these 51 so-called intelligence agents. and the other part of it is the fact that they've never really told us what is certainly russian disinformation that identified it as not being credible. >> yeah, we're talking about people who spied on congress, lied about it to congress. were never held accountable. people who created multiple efforts to get rid of president donald trump, either before he was elected president or during his presidency or in the absolutely dangerous russia conclusion conspiracy theory. they weren't held accountable. that's because the media like to be lied to by intelligence officials. and they like to do things such as engage in these conspiracy theories, downplay legitimate news stories that voters had every right to know and needed to know before they went to vote
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in 2020. and they continue to peddle misinformation and disinformation, even right now, as it relates to whether or not to get involved in world war iii. and the media are completely irresponsible as are these intelligence officials. we are in a bad situation with so many members of our establishment regime, compleemly corrupted and peddling untruths complete ly corrupted and peddling untruths. >> the amazing part is because they said it was misinformation, in the presidential debates, joe biden couldn't be asked about it. a shame. miranda, molly, thanks for being with us tonight. the liberal media may love the fact that a biological male named lia thomas is dominating the women's swimming circuit. but female competitors aren't so thrilled and now one of them is actually speaking out. fox's bill malugan is standing by with the details. bill? >> judge, the virginia tech
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swimmer who missed out on competing in the finals in the ncaa championships last week is speaking out taking issue with the ncaa rules that allow transgender women to compete against biological women. this here is reijka giorgi of virginia tech, she missed the cut off of getting in the final of the free. she placed 17, the top 16 advance. she argues that she missed out because of lia thomas' dominant performance in the race. giorgi wrote a letter and posted it to her instagram writing, quote, i'm writing this letter right now in hopes that the ncaa will open their eyes and change their rules in the future. it doesn't promote our sport in a good way and i think it's disrespectful to the biologically female swimmers competing in the ncaa. 21-all time american and nine-time national swimmer maggie bowen tells fox news she agrees with that. >> we're allowing it because in
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all honesty, the ncaa is not doing their job to protect fairness and safety in women's sports right now. and it is their duty and responsibility to do so. and they are failing. that's why we should come together to request a change. and very soon. >> meanwhile, a group of feminists protesting outside of the ncaa women's swimming championships told fox news they have walked away from the democratic party over this issue and they believe others will do the same. >> i believe very strongly in sex-based rights for women and girls. they wanted to put men in prisons and men on sports teams and my daughter's school and so, yeah, that's why i decided i cannot be a part of this party anymore that doesn't even recognize my sex class. >> and, judge, the ncaa is not responded to fox news' request for comments on this nor have they responded to all of the fallout from the swimming championships this last week. send it back to you.
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>> all right, bill, thanks so much. joining me now is matt walsh, joining me of the matt walsh show podcast. why is the woke left determined to destroy women's sports as we know it. >> i think it's part of an overall war on truth. the truth here is men and women are different. lia thomas is a man. the fact he perceives himself to be a woman does not make him a woman. just basic reality there. the fact he's a man means he has many -- not just hormones, he has ingrained advantages -- everything from the size of his limbs, organs, lung capacity, so forth. all of this gives him an immense advantage over women. which is why if you look at most competitive sports, men almost always perform better than women on average. the fastest man in the world is always faster than the fastest
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woman. the best male swimmer in the world is always faster than the best female swimmer. but the thing is, you and i could sit here and talk about it. i could defend women's sports myself from the outside, which i have done, and talk about the fundamental truth. but i think, you know, there's nothing that can replace the women that were involved or on the ground who are in these sports. nothing that could replace them taking a stand and protest this. that's good that some of them are starting to -- it takes a lot of courage. we talk a lot about courage in our society, a lot of false courage is applauded. it takes real courage to take a stand against this as some of these swimmers have. i think the next step, though, is for the female swimmers or female competitors or any of these -- any of these sporting events when a male shows up to realize that because the man is there, this is all a charade now. it doesn't mean anything. so refuse to participate at all until this is -- this doesn't happen. >> all right, but after thursday's competition, reijka's
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virginia tech's teammate went public with this statement. watch. >> i have a teammate that did not make finals today because she was bumped out of finals. it's heart breaking to see someone who went through puberty as a male, has the body as a male, be able to absolutely blow away the competition. you go in it with a mindset that you don't have a chance. >> you know, this is so disillusioning, before you get to the race, you know what's going to happen. but, it is crazy to say we should have men and women in the same race. it's no different. one guy got in instead of all men and women in one swimming race. >> exactly. we find when you combine things, hwa you end up doing is -- if you were to get rid of the distinction between men and women sports, you're just really getting rid of women's sports because women wouldn't be able to compete. you're edging them out. all we hear about from the left
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about defending women, here this is really the central fight when it comes to defending women in our culture. it's not just sports, it's also locker room. it's women's privacy, safety. their identities are being appropriated and this is the central fight right now for defending women and truth, generally. and if you're not participating in that fight to defend women, you don't care -- you don't care about women. >> if you believe in objectivity, then it's about truth. anyway, matt, thank you so much for being with us tonight. now, what does it mean from the war if the ukrainian port city of mariupol falls into russian hands. we'll lay it all out in a few moments. don't go away.
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with locations nationwide. so call unitedhealthcare about the variety of plans we offer, including ppo plans that let you see any doctor who accepts medicare, without a referral. if you're on medicare or retiring soon, call unitedhealthcare or go online today. ♪ ♪ >> we go to ukraine where there are some signs that the russians are changing their strategy. but first hearing air raid sirens in lyviv where fox's senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is standing by. greg? >> hi, judge. yeah, we heard air raid sirens earlier on this night. earlier before that, a military base was hit northeast of here, the fighting going on across the country. but a lot of the focus right now, judge, is on mariupol. the russian defense ministry
7:22 pm
told ukraine to surrender by monday morning. they said no. the battery goes on. hundreds of thousands are without food, electricity, water, medicine, a truly horrible situation. the capital of kyiv, more artillery blasts heard on monday as rescue workers dig through the rubble with another missile strike, hitting shopping mall, high-rise buildings, killing eight. russians claimed it was a mill tafr target. you're right. these artillery and missile blasts by the russians could be, according to officials, a sign of what they think is moscow switching to plan b. they fail to win a quick, decisive victory on the ground, thanks in part to the bravery of the ukrainian forces and makes them part of the russian incompetence. now, it looks like russians could be digging in and trying to simply beat the ukrainians into submission with their weaponry, their long-range
7:23 pm
weaponry. the analysts fear, judge, that the next few weeks, it could get very nasty. >> all right, greg, thanks so much. you just heard greg mentioned the besieged port city of mariupol that is putting up stiff resistance. what's the significance? now a u.s. senate candidate in new hampshire and peter rau, senior hudson institute. what is the significant of mariupol falling into russian hands? >> it's obvious. it's a land bridge to russia, hugely important. it shores up their control of the sea of azoz and backs up their control of the black sea. this is an important area for them. but you can see they're running into the don't tread on me attitude to the ukrainians and
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they're not going to surrender. they can continue to barrage them. they is the wearwithall to say. >> peter, it seems that the determination and perseverance of the ukrainian people irrespective of how much russia is bombing is almost insur moundble. -- insurmountable. of. >> it's remarkable some of the anecdotes we haerld. mariupol, before the war, the tenth biggest city. a promising steel and iron industry connected to the deep water ports. it's been a promising city which putin has leveled. for that reason, i think, we have a lot of ukrainian people standing strong and trying to resist putin's plan to bring the entire don bass -- the base of the don river under his direct control and donetsk and the people are strong, they fought tooth and nail every step of the
7:25 pm
way and heard some harrowing stories out of mariupol in particular. >> back to you. russia has issued an ultimultim. and it appears that they're at a stand still. when they're at a stand still like this, this is where it seems that putin is desperate. what is his next step? >> the next step is going to have to continue to push, right? but unfortunately, he has a ukrainian resistance that's just formidable. and, you know, to their credit. quantity, as many people have said, has a quality of its own, so does the will of the underdog. he can push, but i think heel continue to push back. they have home-court advantagement. i believe they'll defend and defend admirably. that will be a real problem for putin. >> now and even if he does succeed, i mean, it will be an
7:26 pm
incredible insurgency. but, peter, today joe bide b issued this dire warning. take a listen. >> based on evolving intelligence, russia may be planning a cyber attack against us. the magnitude of the cyber capacity is fairly consequential. it's coming. >> wait a minute, didn't joe hand them a list of targets not to attack? >> i talked about the proposition of certain critical infrastructure should be offlimits to attack, periodment. by cyber or any other means. i gave them a list -- if i'm not mistaken, i don't have it in front of me, 16 specific entities, 16 defined as critical infrastructure under u.s. policy from the energy sector to our water systems. >> peter, telling the enemy our weak points and asking them not to attack isn't a good deterrent. >> or it's signalling to the russians that is fair game that
7:27 pm
is everything outside of the 16 areas which i don't think is a smart messaging move. after that clip which you just played, the president in june in geneva after the bilateral meeting with vladimir putin, they were attacks on our clonal pipeline as well as gbs, the meat packing distributor, one of the largest in the world last fall. so, the russians coming out of russian territory, we're willing to execute those sorts of attacks in the past. there have been some squirmishes in the opening days of the war which the u.s. and the cyber warriors have sought to assist the ukrainians and patch the vulnerabilities. there have yet to be the cyber standoff, the major cyber back and forth in this conflict between the russians and the u.s. the russians think they're overstretched in ukraine. they don't want to expand the war. the president did make a statement today. let's stay tuned and see what happens next. >> stay tuned and see what happens. general, why not an iron dome type missile defense system. we're not sending in the migs.
7:28 pm
we did the javelin. we have the iron dome, the patriot, the s-300, why can't they get an iron dome type defense system? >> i don't see why they can't. i've been pushing for that since the beginning, set up the iron dome, the air defense capability. we're a little too late. we're hand wringing. we have sent lot of stuff in, yes. but at the same sometime, there are real, you know, operational things that we can give them. air defense is one of them. i'm still a proponent of giving them the missions and i think that's what we should be doing. >> if we don't give them the migs, we should give them the defense system. thank you so much for being with us this evening. democrats' full hypocrisy on full display in the supreme court hearing today. we expose the double standards and hear from a gop senator who is daring to ask tough questions of biden's nominee. don't go away.
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>> the senate confirmation of judge ketanji brown jackson today and in a not so shocking display of utter hypocrisy, democrats blasted the gop for daring to bring up judge brown jackson's legal record. >> despite the record, we heard claims that you were, quote, soft on crime. these baseless charges are unfair. they fly in the face of the pledges my colleagues made to approach with respect. >> the nerve of him after what his party did to brett kavanaugh in the confirmation process? they have zero rights to provoke civility and fairness. >> good morning, i welcome everyone to this confirmation hearing on the nomination of -- >> mr. chairman, mr. chairman. >> you're out of order, i will
7:35 pm
proceed. >> we cannot move forward, mr. chairman. >> we believe this hearing should be postponed. >> if we cannot be recognized, i move to adjourn. >> you're out of order. >> i want to be recognized on your sense of decency and integrity. >> marsha blackburn sits on the judiciary committee. it's offensive for democrats to demand civility after what they did to justice kavanaugh and hi family? >> judge, one of the things that we pointed out today is if this was going to be a hearing that be respectful of the process of the nominee of the american people. we were going to ask tough questions, which which we started in on today. and we were going to go through our record, her writings, her rulings, things that she has said, and bring that forward. this is a time that the american people should get to know who
7:36 pm
this judge is. and what type of justice she would be on the supreme court. that means we need to do our job. probe her record, and bring that record to light for the american people. >> janine: democrats have long claimed the judicial conservative philosophy is an impediment to being a justice. they've established that precedent. do we have the right to know what her philosophy is, not indicative of case law or cases but how she views the constitution. >> yes, indeed. and when she was up for her appellate position, i asked her about her judicial philosophy. she declined to give a concrete answer. when i visited with her privately, she didn't have an answer on her judicial philosophy. but you know, judge, different issues will come before you.
7:37 pm
it may be crt, it may be parental rights, it may be court packing. what you want to know is what is her judicial philosophy. what is going to underpin her? where does she look first? does she look to the constitution, or does she look to current events? does she look to the rule of law, or does she look to precedent? those are answers that she needs to give the committee the entire senate and she needs to give those answers to the american people. >> you are getting some pushback on your statement today, rolling stone writing, marsha blackburn lectures first black woman nominated to supreme court on so-called white privilege. the republican from tennessee suggested to ketanji brown jackson that it's merely a coincidence that only two of america's 114 supreme court justices have been black. senator, your response? >> what was so interesting, i
7:38 pm
asked her about a school board that she was serving on. and that school board has talked about progressive education and very laudatory progressive education and what it moves forward. it even has a program they offer called woke kindergarten and then a class they offer for parents on white privilege. i asked her -- i told her tomorrow when we have our 30-minute question rounds, i discussed this with her because i wanted to know more about what she has. but you know what? the liberal media is not doing their job that they're not out there beating up on a conservative woman. they have good record at doing that. and it is impaired that we ask tough questions of judge jackson so we know where we stands on the issues. >> senator blackburn, thanks so
7:39 pm
much. joe biden laid out his criteria for choosing a supreme court nominee. it must be black and a woman. clearly, biden viewed this as primarily a box checking exercise meant to satisfy the woke left. of course, the left wants you to forget all of that. one democrat senator even tried to rewrite history today -- >> instead of celebrating the long overdue diversity judge jackson would bring to the court, some of my republican colleagues and public figures have attempted to undermine your qualifications through their pejorative use of the use of the term, affirmative action and may have implied you were solely nominated due to your race and not for other factors. your nomination is about -- not about filling a quo at a. >> joining me now, stephen miller, former senior advisor to
7:40 pm
president trump and founder to america-first legal. the big problem with what senator hirono just said was the president was explicit that his nominee would be, in fact, filling a quo at a? -- quota. >> senator hirono is upset, she only should be upset with president biden who clearly explicitly stated that race and gender would be his criteria in selecting a justice. that is president biden's statement. doesn't come from republicans. president biden doing a disservice to judge jackson by so declaring, making her rights and gender his stated criteria. shame on president biden for doing that to h her and to anyo else who was ruled out of consideration. >> you know, steven, one of the issues that the senators are interested in is the fact that it appears that judge ketanji
7:41 pm
brown has several cases, ten, undercut sentencing guidelines with child pornography and cases involving children as victims. do you think that's a fair area to inquire why she undercut federal sentencing guidelines and went below not only the guidelines but below what the prosecutors requested? >> i hope this will be of the primary areas the senators focus on in the hearings. i give great credit to josh hawley for raising the issue, putting it in front of center, carefully reviewing the evidence he assembled. it is rock solid, there is no question in my mind whatsoever that she is not only soft on crime, but that she is soft on people who peddle in child pornography, people who use and avail themselves of child pornography. it's revoting. it needs to be explored and
7:42 pm
discussed. she needs to give her side of the events. but the record senator hawley has laid out is incontrovertible. i'm stunned that democrats are trying to say that republicans are in err for bringing this up. it is part of her record. what they did to judge kavanaugh was a smear campaign unlike anything we've seen before in american history, falsely accusing him of a sexual assault. anything to do with judge jackson's record is fair play. >> here's abc news's fact check of judge brown jackson's shocking record on child important cases. -- porn cases. if and when we properly contextualize judge jackson's sentencing record in federal child porn cases, it looks main stream, a leading expert on sentencing law and policy. is that how they're spinning this?
7:43 pm
>> there's a sickness in this country where there are people, frankly, in both parties, who are soft when it comes to sex crimes. and, so, the fact that there may be other people who have agreed with her decisions don't make them okay. she is auditioning for a seat in the united states supreme court. republicans an it the party of law and order -- as the party of tough on crime policies, they need to go right at this and go at it aggressively. one of the defensives i have seen is these are only individuals who possessed child pornography. they weren't distributing it. what crazy world are we living in, judge? we're trying to make exes cueses for people who possess -- excuses for people who possess child pornography; that makes it possible for this barbaric activity to occur. of. >> the crazy part about it is if you receive or distribute it,
7:44 pm
mandatory minimum of five, maximum of 20 years. but if you possess it, there's no minimum. i mean, even a statute is backwards in this case. so as if receiving it is different than sending it. you draw the distinction on both and not giving the minimum -- >> yeah, not tough on sex crimes, period? >> we all are. thanks so much. still ahead, we speak to the men capitalizing on biden ice infamy. the co-owners of the let's go brandon store join us new moments right here.
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>> the ingraham angle has found maybe the only two people in this country who are benefitting financially from joe biden being in office -- the co-owners of the new let's go brandon store in toms river, new jersey. we went down there over the weekend to check it out. >> i'm out there in the street every day. know what people want. they want to see trump back in office. they opened up the store. we're open six days. look at the support we got here.
7:50 pm
>> everybody is searching for the change that i think this store reflects and we're thrilled to support the businesses and the owners doing great. so let's go brandon. >> let's go brandon. >> feels like a big separation between the federal government and the people in the country. they're not listening to us. what we want. >> uh-oh, we can't hear you. >> i'm a hair stylist. so i buy a box of foils, $ le.99, now $22. the small things i need to put together to provide a service is driving costs up so high consumers can't patronize me. >> with the uniform message out to the voters. >> everybody here, let's go brandon. >> let's go! >> joining me now is gregory -- and the co-owners of the let's go brandon store.
7:51 pm
all right, gregory, i will start with you. it seems like you've been getting quite the reception. what made you open this store. >> well, we did this, we did it right. we wanted to represent. we wanted to represent our freedom loving patriots. you know this -- i love donald trump, okay? he's the best thing for us. these aren't so good now. we're going to make it better with the support of everybody. including yourself. i want you to get it out of here. stand up, let's do this thing right? let's vote these guys out of there. even the rhinos, sorry to say it, that's the way it is. >> all right, gregory? vinnie, vinnie, i'm sorry. what made you do this? >> yes, hi, judge. we were setting up tents around ocean county popping up and we were having problems with our permits and we decided to open a
7:52 pm
store front where no one can bother us. another store of trump merchandise and we changed the name to let's go brandon. i think it's working out good for the past few days. >> you know what i think they should do? i think they should have a loop in the store with joe biden going, "let's go brandon". you know? >> you're correct. >> you're correct. that's a great idea. we're going to do it. >> i don't charge for my advice. all right, we have a lot of people in the store there. you were open six days, seven days a week? >> yes. >> yes. >> 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day. >> sundays, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. google has us downish you believe that? we went live with our listing, judge, six days ago. i said, hey, we have this line now. so i posted on my friends -- just to my friends. and the response was unbelievable. i guess my friends had shared it
7:53 pm
with others, picked up by exit 82 scanner news who did a hit piece on it. but it backfired. >> look at this. a lot of support. a lot of support. >> we found it on google. but, vinnie, we found you. but when we searched earlier. but according to the washington examiner, facebook flagged the announcement of your store's opening. there's no surprise there, is there? i'm sure you expected they would dough that, didn't you? >> not at all. they let putin stay on instagram and twitter. what's up with that? >> how has inflation affected your business? >> oh, my god. it's affected everybody. not just here. but look at the gas prices. i don't have to tell you. go to the pumps. they're talking almost -- we have a diesel bus and we can bring it to parties. we don't care. we'll excite people, get people on our side. take it to events at washington,
7:54 pm
d.c. should be available for birthday parties and special events. haven't worked out the route yet. we'll be there for everybody. everybody is there for us. we want to stand for america, donald trump. vinnie from new jersey no left. >> look at this crowd! >> let's go brandon! >> yeah! >> all right. good luck with let's go brandon. thanks for joining us. thank you, welcome back. now, does joe biden know where the rust belt is? the last bite explains. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer.
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midwest. now is the time when things have shifted. there is going to be a new world order out there. >> you can catch me weekdays on "the five" go to jeanine or watch me on fox. thanks for watching. >> live in ukraine. seeing some of the most intense street battles since the invasion of ukraine began. it comes one day after ukraine rejected a russian offer to surrender this strategic port city or face "severe consequences," and most of it now sits in ruins, and at least 23


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