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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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reston asset and other irredeemable" whatever. what's interesting is here's keith oberman, doesn't have an iq over 100, calling for his political opponents to be arrested and jailed and no one on the left has denounced him? here's how that works. they say something insane and then 5 minutes later it happens. we will be back tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" and tonight again we start with a fox news alert. tonight we are tracking the situation on the ground outside of kyiv after ukrainian forces waged a major counteroffensive against russia's front line. we're going to take you there live in just a moment. plus, a not so bombshell report from "the new york times," the so-called paper record -- yes, they finally admitted only two years late that hunter biden's laptop hell is very real and zero experience hunter and his dad, the big guy, they might be in serious trouble tonight.
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also coming up we will take a trip down memory lane, show you how the mob, the media, big tech, democratic party, shamelessly working together to censor the truth. a huge story, two weeks outside of the 2020 election. we will go through that tonight. first we begin with biden's feckless policy as it relates to the war on ukraine waged by vladimir putin. he dragged his feet on major sanctions, dragged his feet unblocking russian oil imports. dragged his feet on the legal aid needed by ukraine, dragged his feet on resupplying ukraine's army with ammo, javelins, stingers, air defense systems, and now he's dragging his feet on the fighter jets that ukraine desperately needs that poland wants to give them. he vetoed it. as a result, ukraine is now struggling to defend its skies and thousands of innocent civilians are now being murdered
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with russian bombs every single day that joe biden is dithering and waiting, it means more innocent, men, women and children will die. how many more mass graves do we need to see before we recognize that is targeting civilians? we are also witnessing a modern day the hands of an evil, murdering thug. why some people defend him i have no idea. but as speaker gingrich, who will join us in a moment, points out, "biden says no to ukraine, zelenskyy, and keeps america in the backseat." so make no mistake, what happens in ukraine will have consequences all over the world. and you better believe that other hostile regimes like china, the mullahs in iran, they are watching, all while joe is forging ahead with his idiotic new nuclear deal with iran. still being negotiated, believe it or not, by russia and china. how does that make sense? or as the national review put it, "biden caves on sanctions over russia's war crimes against ukraine to preserve russia's
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sponsorship of terrorist iran's nuclear program. either way, putin may get a $10 billion nuclear facility that he builds in iran out of this deal according to reports. so an important question tonight. how can anyone on earth actually at this moment be trusting russia to broker a deal with the iranians and our country? i cannot emphasize enough i'm a this is madness, this is insanity on a whole new level. back to russia's invasion. if ukraine is able to win this war, it will be in spite of joe biden, and it's a big "if" but the benefit would be america's enemies hopefully will start thinking twice before waging future conflicts. i doubt that's going to be the outcome because they see a week, frail cognitive mess in joe biden. they don't see the smartest person in kamala harris, and nancy pelosi has her own cognitive struggles. and now more than ever we need the policy of reagan and trump, and that's peace through strength. and again, i'm not talking about
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starting world war iii. under no circumstances should america ever put a single boot on the ground, should we had all ever enforce a no-fly zone. that's a nonstarter. we should have learned a lot in the last 20 years if not the last 60 years. we cannot and will not be the worlds police force, and i have said this for days. joe biden needs to get off his ass and get ukraine though migs, let poland give them the migs and anything else they need militarily. they seem very willing and able and capable of defending themselves with the right equipment. and instead of joe's veto of the pole and migs, he needs to get out of the way and let every country do what they believe is the right thing to do. this is europe, if their backyard. they should have a greater sense of urgency over the u.s. let's be clear, this won't escalate into russia's invasion into a global conflict. let me just -- let me give you a little history here. during the korean war, the
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vietnam war, maybe you don't know this, the soviet union at the time, they supplied north korea and north vietnam with dozens of fighter jets. and by the way, didn't lead to a world war. didn't lead to a nuclear holocaust. russia already set the standard for migs. unfortunately the biden administration doesn't seem to have a firm grasp on history or foreign policy. we are being led by truly incompetent people, stupid people. this is bad for the world, it is bad to have a weak united states president but today the president took time out of his busy schedule to reassure we the american people that he's not stupid. see if you believe him, you decide. >> president biden: bless me, father, for i'm about to sin." [laughter] i just want you to know, i may be irish, but are not stupid. >> sean: that is so
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reassuring, isn't it? despite we just heard, i can assure you that being irish and stupid has no correlation -- it is st. patrick's day -- even though joe biden is both. over on capitol hill, it's even worse. today nancy pelosi made a valuable contribution to ukraine with a dramatic reading of a poem written by bono. although she didn't quite say bono. take a look. >> u.s. history, later -- maybe you might want to watch, i'm going to be reading a poem written by bono. about ukraine which you might find interesting. but in sorrow and fear, that's when saints can appear. to drive out those old snakes once again and they struggle for us to be free from the psycho in this human family. ireland's sorrow and pain is now the ukraine and st. patrick's name is now zelenskyy.
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>> sean: wow. despite what it might seem, not everyone in the democratic party has been in the washington swamp for 150,000 years. in fact they actually take their marching orders from this new person, the real speaker of the house, nancy pelosi's speaker in name only. take a look at this. >> would have a crisis of missing and murdered indigenous and black women in eight states. today i want to discuss part of this crisis that is all too often overlooked, but whose evidence shows that there's a very, very meaningful connection here. the correlation between fossil fuel extraction sites and objections and murders of indigenous women across the united states. >> sean: fossil fuels, abductions, and murders of indigenous people. okay. congresswoman aoc and a few other climate cult eco-socialists in congress, they
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are calling the shots now in the democratic party. that's why joe biden won't drill and do the things that we could do to be energy independent. he's a coward that is now refusing to stand up to that person, her squad, and the entire democratic new greendale radical socialist party that he is leading. as a result, low, middle income americans, they are suffering severely economically, 40 year high in inflation caused that. joe biden doesn't seem to care about those americans. middle-class joe, that's all his shtick, that's a lie. because if he cared he would make energy -- he would make energy independence a top priority. he inherited it from donald trump. he only seems to care about himself and his family. joe biden is not a leader. i thought don't act he knows today is thursday. he's a self-involved career politician sickly taking talking points from his staff and of course he loves the power and the wealth it always has and always will. here now with more, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich.
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mr. speaker, i'm -- this is what america last and what happens to the world if we have a week american president. i want to get your general thoughts. you're more of a professor and historian then you were ever a politician. your take on this? i don't even think you can compare joe to neville chamberlain. neville chamberlain look strong compared to joe in my view. >> i think that's right. chamberlain was a very strong political leader who had a strategy. unfortunately with a personality like adolf hitler, that strategy didn't work. it's very bizarre. you have biden yesterday saying yes, putin is a war criminal. what does that mean? it means nothing. you have biden saying we're going to really cut them off and make the sanctions work, and then we learn from the free
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beacon in washington that in fact the biden administration has already promised the russians that if they can get an iranian deal, they will waive the sanctions, released $10 billion of russian construction companies going into iran. item after item. it struck me, i just wrote a newsletter on this, but you had zelenskyy talking about an immediate, urgent, now crisis and you have biden talking about months and eventually and sooner or later and you could tell this when biden spoke two nights ago to the democratic national committee's fund-raiser and in the entire speech, there's one sentence about ukraine and russia, and that sentence is that if we had more green fuels, things would be better. when you can reduce the tragedy that you and i and everyone watching has seen in ukraine,
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the viciousness, the war crimes, the brutality, and it gets totally ignored by the president of the united states in his speech, you know that there's something profoundly wrong with the biden administration, and frankly whatever is wrong with biden's 20 times worse with harris. harris' performance and polling was so humiliating to every american to have her laughing when asked about refugees from ukraine. i would say harris should never again be allowed to lead the united states, because she is such a continuing embarrassment to the american people and she brings the united states in disrepute. nobody in the world thinks this it administration can lead. nobody in the world is going to rely on the guaranteed of joe biden, who has consistently lied, lied about afghanistan, has lied about ukraine. it's truly historically a dangerous moment for the
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united states and frankly for the entire human race. >> sean: they are not even serious. maybe you can make sense of why they brought in the tiktok influencers into the white house with prescreened questions, basically propagandists. maybe you can explain what jen psaki couldn't explain, and that's the logic behind giving ukraine drones and javelins and stinger missiles, but they won't let poland give them the migs that they have, and if you can extrapolate out the meaning of aoc's comments, i would -- i probably give it a gold star for being a genius, because it makes no sense to me. >> you just through three very different questions that made. let me start with -- i think the whole -- i think the whole thing about migs is not's. if were going to put in antiaircraft missiles to shoot down russian aircraft, if we are going to give them equipment to kill russian tanks, the fact
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that we allow ukrainian pilots to fly them out of poland or germany or wherever they come from strikes me as a nonissue. why would you allow putin to define what you're allowed to do? which is exactly what joe biden did. and i think that there is no rational difference. in terms of aoc. look, her version of climate change is a religious experience. it has nothing to do with reality, nothing to do with facts, and as a religious fanatic in her own right, she can say anything she wants to, because it has to be true, because it's what her religion told her to say. the fact that it's not true factually makes no sense to normal people and in fact many americans are being punished like everyone else by having to pay vastly too much for gas and oil and natural gas because of the policies of joe biden. so in a sense, the said administration is punishing native americans, not protecting them and helping them.
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i think that's how i would frame that. >> sean: let me -- we can look to the past. you're the historian. we watched ronald reagan. he never put a american foot on the ground when the former soviet union went into afghanistan, but he did provide them stinger missiles, and though stinger missiles made all the difference. he did provide the freedom fighters in nicaragua the weaponry that they needed. that proved successful. then you got the trump doctrine, which took out the caliphate that grew under biden and obama. he just bombed the living hell out of them or took out -- with the same principal, no american boots on the ground. and took out the al qaeda leader in yemen. i think we can learn both from trump and we can learn from reagan how to do this and win without risking american lives. your thoughts? >> sure. absolutely. the thing that's frustrating about the said administration, whether it's fighting inflation at home or dealing with crime,
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or dealing with foreign dangers is we know what works. we lived through it. we live through it for eight years with ronald reagan, we lived through it for four years with donald trump. if the price of oil went back to where it was under trump, we would strip putin of two-thirds of his daily income. we would cripple him automatically by doing that. the very fact that biden would rather buy gasoline and oil from venezuela, which is a dictatorship, iran, which is a dictatorship, saudi arabia is a dictatorship, they are okay to joe biden, but now texas, oklahoma, ohio, pennsylvania, north dakota, they are really dangerous places. you have to say by any legitimate standard, these people are crazy. this is not about politics. this is not about normal behavior. they're nuts. they're out of touch with reality, the world doesn't work the way they think it's going to, and frankly, i hope that the new republican congress in
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january will look very deeply at for example how wrong our intelligence community has been, how wrong general milley has been -- he was wrong about afghanistan. and then he turned around and said the russians would be in kyiv in three days. he had putin apparently had the same timetable. the ukrainians didn't know they were supposed to obey him. so the russians still aren't in kyiv. that should worry all of us because we have 17 intelligence systems, we spend billions and billions, tens of billions of dollars, and there wrong. this should lead to far more than just joe biden the fundamental form done microform of the american system so it works again. >> sean: speaker gingrich, always great to have you. thank you, sir. tonight there are two major narratives emerging from russia's invasion of ukraine. one, the ukrainian people are fighting really hard, really effectively, especially when supplied with american javelins and stingers. number two, the russian military
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performance has been dreadful. seems to be true. putin is seemingly poised to purge an untold number of government officials and oligarchs and military leaders that he's blaming for this massive embarrassment. take a look for yourself. >> any people, and even more so the russian people will always be able to distinguish to pray to -- true patriots and simply spit them out like a fly that accidentally flew into the mouth. spit them out. i'm convinced that such a natural and unnecessary -- necessary cleansing society will only strengthen our country. >> sean: russian oligarch or high-ranking official i think they should be very worried tonight. should take matters into their own hands, right? they can end this carnage of say bye-bye to putin. russia's most senior diplomat turned his plane around midflight, headed back to moscow. what that means, if anything, i don't know. here with analysis, douglas murphy is with us along with
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former cia station chief, fox news contributor dan hoffman. we are seeing a radical increase in attacks on civilian targets. entire neighborhoods. we've seen the mass graves. obviously hades -- he's the aggressor, he's evil, et cetera. on the one hand i also think putin has a big ego and in many ways i think you can argue he's being embarrassed on the world stage. i don't think he anticipated the fierce resistance of the ukrainians. i think so far they've done a good job with the military equipment that's been given to them. my question is, you know him about as well as anybody, what is his next move. when embarrassed is he like a cornered rat? this the only hell and go scorched earth? should worry about that? >> yeah, we should. russia's military offensive is bogged down as we know, and
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their economy is cratering, so we are seeing three things from vladimir putin. the first thing is that he's launching attacks more indiscriminately against ukrainian targets and deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure like energy and water facilities, residential areas that variable maternity ward and drama theater as well where it looks like at least most everybody got out alive, thank goodness. so we are seeing that. we are seeing russian outreach to china, which is really an act of desperation. remember those two countries are closely aligned, i wonder if china has got a little buyer's remorse at this point given the way that russia is behaving and remember that ukraine's number one trading partner isn't russia, it's china, and the chinese stand to lose a lot economically because of this war. in the third thing we are seeing is increased repression. i listened to that speech that vladimir putin gave, the whole thing. it is reminiscent of stalin. if president zelenskyy is channeling his inner
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prime minister winston churchill, vladimir putin has got stalin on the mind, and he's looking for scapegoats to blame others for his failures. he made a huge miscalculation in terms of ukraine's will and capacity to fight and zelenskyy as a real 21st century great communicator, which is something that putin is not. >> sean: douglas murray, let's get your take on that same question. >> i think that's absolutely right. i think what we are seeing from putin is the lashing out that inevitably comes after everything has gone wrong for him. there's a law -- the curmudgeon have it written all over his walls. the laws of war. sometimes known these days as murphy's law. expect anything that can go wrong to go wrong. and this is something that russia and russia's opponents have known throughout their history. everything that can go wrong will, and expect it to happen. that's just a lesson which
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vladimir putin has totally forgotten in recent weeks. he seemed already to be living in a sort of hermetically sealed world. clearly he was being told what he wanted to hear by the people who wanted to obey him. he was getting terrible information because of the structure that the kremlin has been, the dictator-like structure, the stalinesque structure, and now we see one of the consequences. not just that he underestimated the ukraine is but he massively overestimated the abilities of his own armed forces. so he's humiliated and like many despots before him, he's lashing out in every direction and as you just said, i wouldn't want to be in oligarch or a head of any of his intelligence services in the coming nights. >> sean: dan hoffman, i'm looking at this top russian general reportedly detained as putin is targeting "traitors," he sounds paranoid. he also looks extremely puffy. that's my observation. i've talked to people that know the intelligence, they believe
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that there's something seriously wrong or different about putin at this time, i will leave that for others to decide. and i'm not sure what to make of the foreign minister that turned around during a flight to china and headed back to moscow. what's that all about? how do you interpret those events? >> i think one thing about vladimir putin, understanding his plans and intentions as of the highest priority for our intelligence community. every time this assignment, that's an opportunity for us to get a good look at him close up. president biden had one with him a year ago. it would've been a good time, by the way, for us to have given ukraine all the military equipment that they need now. might have deterred russia from invading in the first place. so putin's health -- we've got, you know, leadership analyst in the intelligence community will look at these videos of him and track his potential health sickness and other things in order to determine whether he's of sound mind or not. and we also have our human
6:23 pm
sources. hopefully we got a few of those well-placed who can tell us what putin is up to. but this is a perilous time. vladimir putin has used chemical weapons on his own opposition, the chemical substance, he turned fsb defector into a human dirty bomb when he poisoned him with polonium 210, so another key requirement for the intelligence community, i can tell from the experience of the cia is whether russia plans on using chemical weapons or even tactical nuclear weapons. this is a time for us to engage the russian counterparts and warn them off of that, tell them it's putin's war. there's an offering for everybody else. there might not be one for putin but there is for his military if they refuse to take these orders, as you noted. >> sean: i mean, that's always the case. douglas, we only have about a minute left but anytime you have a nuclear power, any time you have somebody that's going to kill women and children, that's always a threat. you can't let that natural fear
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guide you into capitulation. you know, you can't be neville chamberlain in moments like this. >> that's right, sean. you can have basically vladimir putin being the security advisor to the united states government, basically dictating the terms which the united states government should or should not operate. and as for the wmd point, as dan just rightly mentioned, that's already been answered. the question of whether or not vladimir putin would use them, he's already used them. used them in my home city of london. the polonium that he used would have, if it had gone out wider, would have been able to kill tens of thousands of people. it was a demonstration of strength. it was a demonstration from him that he was willing to do this sort of thing. so would he be willing to use wmds? yes, because he already has. >> sean: that's a scary historical note but noted well. i hope people are paying attention. good to see a very dan hoffman, always good to see you.
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we have this fox news alert just in, putin's bloody invasion is showing no signs of slowing down as his indiscriminate shelling continues yet this evening. greg palkot now joins us. he's on the ground in ukraine again tonight. upgrade, it's a little more frightening, more civilians being targeted than in the initial phase of his invasion. what's the latest where you are? >> more and more indiscriminate, absolutely. quiet here in lviv but we are getting reports in the last three or four hours of renewed artillery clashes between russia and ukrainian forces in the southern part of his country in the eastern part of this country. a lot of focus on the capital of kyiv. the main russian forces, as we've been talking about for days, remain outside of the center, but that indiscriminate artillery fire is hitting residential buildings, the suburbs are being pounded, death and destruction in a lot of different places. a possible small miracle in the city of mariupol, some survivors were said to have been pulled
6:26 pm
out of a theater-turn shelter which was destroyed by russian air strikes, but the horrible seizure of that city goes on and the experts say russians might go in for the kill in just a couple of days. in kharkiv, widespread damage, just one of many other hot spots. they ukrainian military, as you've been reporting, quite a good job against their larger russian foe depending on even send the ukrainian forces have killed something like 7,000 russian soldiers just in three weeks. that's a remarkable toll. finally, state department confirming, sean, an american citizen was killed, the first american citizen to be killed in this war. he has lived here for a long time, he's a professor, he was caring for his ill wife. apparently he was standing in a bread line when he was mowed down by russian sniper, really, really, really horrible stuff. back to you. >> sean: thank you for that report.
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please be safe. biden and the democrats, they continue to blame everyone but themselves for the mounting crisis facing this country. inflation is at a fresh 40 year high as it has now been four months, and the prices of everything you buy in every store you go to our way higher. this is long before putin invaded. gas prices, you feel the pain at the pump, heating your home this winter, you're paying a lot more than you are paying last year but if you listen to the left-wing socialist democratic party and their allies and press people in the media mob, it's only because of vladimir putin. the dog bites, the bee stings, you've been feeling sad, everything that joe screws up, blame putin. take a look. >> i would say that since president putin began his military buildup on ukraine borders, the price of gas at the pump in america has gone up $0.75. >> no. i mean, he did not cause the war which caused prices to search. >> you are the president of united states say putin's price i. >> putin's price hike.
6:28 pm
>> putin's price hike. >> putin's price hike is a great way to message it. >> president biden: i'm going to do everything i can to minimize putin's price hike here at home. >> sean: of course fact, truth actually tells a very different story. look at your screen. the biden administration's own economic data shows that inflation -- oh, look at that. it was surgeon well before he invaded ukraine. gas prices, the price of used cars, food, beverage all have been going up since joey got into office and well before putin launched his bloody assault against the sovereign country ukraine. biden and every democrat, they are lying to you. costs are surging because of his failed economic and energy policies. there's reckless spending and of course his attacks, always blame the american oil and gas sector, they are playing dumb at making less money according to fox here to explain more, larry kudlow. i don't like being lied to.
6:29 pm
the putin price hike as it relates to gas is b.s. we were already paying almost about 50 more a gallon. everything we buy in every store, we have been paying more for because it's been month after month after month of 40 year high inflation. vladimir putin didn't cause that. but this is now the new talking point. explain from your perspective. >> well, look, i pulled numbers that will help i think. there's a certain inflation amnesia going on with biden ends of the left. gasoline prices were $2.35 in january of '1. by october they were $3.31. up to 40%. that's before putin put any troops on the east side of the ukraine. and as far as the world price goes, you are at $52 in january '21 and it was $84 by october of a posturing 21. that's a 61% gain.
6:30 pm
so that's before putin showed up at all. those are huge numbers. the inflation rate, consumer prices, less than 2% in december of 2020 and then it gradually surged to three, 25, 27.5% before putin invaded. by the way, the latest readings, and we haven't seen the peak yet, the latest readings for the cpi plus 8% year on year. wholesale prices, sean, up 10% and today we got a beauty or yesterday, import prices of 11% and it's not over yet. and i think you were right. the seeds were planted with a huge big government socialist deficit spending package of march 2021, about one year ago. and then they sold all that money by selling bonds and the federal reserve bought the bonds, so the money supply is surging into continues to
6:31 pm
search. the fed hasn't done a thing. so we are in for a big problem but those seeds were planted over a year ago. >> sean: let me ask you about goldman sachs. they are now predicting in the next two years as many as 11 interest rate hikes from the fed. originally they were predicting three or four this year, then a predicted as many as 7 this year. as interest rates rise, what will that do to the economy overall? will it help with inflation? because i think it's going to probably hurt the economy or than anything else. even lawrence summers now saying the likelihood of a recession is pretty high at this point and most economists are saying the same thing. your thoughts? >> i agree. i thought what larry summers wrote in the paper a couple days ago is basically right. right now we are in stagflation. the first quarter is going to come in about 2% but the inflation rate is going to be
6:32 pm
about 8%. so that is stagflation. that's not going away. interest rates are probably going to go up higher than almost anybody is anticipating. i mean, look, if you got 8% inflation -- actually, suppose you had a 6% inflation rate. the basic, basic inflation rate. interest rates are going to have to go to 7 or 8% in order to quell that. the feds of got to stop buying bonds and i've got to stop printing money. that has not been done yet. so all these estimates from wall street or the fed are way too low. we are going to have to see an enormous increase in interest rates, and yes, that is going to lead to a recession, the middle class, the working folks are going to bear the brunt of that. their real wages are already falling and it's going to be worse than that. it's a tragedy because i will tell you this, sean. as a proud alumnus of the trump
6:33 pm
administration, we left them with a solid v-shaped recovery, energy independence, and virtually no inflation. and in one year plus they have wrecked the whole economic story. it's a tragedy. >> sean: the cpi was 1.4%, now it's 7.9. there is your inflation. if we use the old method back in the carter years inflation would be at 16%, it would calculate it -- calculated that using that old method. larry kudlow, good to see you. when we come back, after denying it for years, "the new york times" finally admits hunter biden's laptop from hell is a real story. wow, a little late. we will check in with congressman jim jordan, joe concha. they are next, straight ahead as we continue. ♪ ♪ it's just unbearable. getting vaccinated against covid-19 is the best way to prevent long covid. what are you recommending for muscle pain?
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>> sean: now with the 2020 election well in the rearview mirror of the media mob, it's finally ready to admit, two years later, the obvious, and admit that what we showed you on this program night after night, that the hunter biden laptop him hell is actually authentic and it's damning and has nothing to do with russian disinformation is now final "the new york times" admits in a new story, paragraph 23, about the hunter biden tax probe, the laptop is real, it is authentic, the times writes "those emails were obtained by "the new york times" from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by mr. biden in a delaware repair shop. the email and others in the cash were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation." they could have learned all of this right here on this show. in a blistering editorial from the, well, "new york post" today, the paper opened with a sentence, forgive the profanity, but you've got to be bleeping
6:39 pm
kidding us. here's how circle back jen psaki dodged and biden duct about earlier today. >> "the new york times" have a ten to get emails that appear to have come from a laptop abandoned by hunt and bite -- hunter biden delaware. the president has previously said "the new york post" story about this was a bunch of garbage and it was a russian plant. does he stand by that? >> secretary psaki: i have pointed to the department justice. >> sean: go ask hunter about that stuff. what do we know? except remember the laptop wasn't just about hunter's nefarious behavior, his out-of-control lifestyle. it did give a behind-the-scenes look in the biden foreign syndicate we've been telling you all about, including his meetings with executives from the corrupt ukrainian oil and gas company. that would be burisma and oligarchs all over the world. it also exposed to the biden family used their political status to enrich themselves through lucrative contracts. they had no experience and no
6:40 pm
qualifications four. big tech, they censored the story in one of the most brazen acts of political censorship, probably the biggest campaign add or campaign donation in the history of this country. democrats, their unquestioning allies in the media mob, they falsely called it russian disinformation. two weeks before the election in 2020. take a look. >> federal authorities are now investing in whether recently published emails that report to detail the business dealings of joe biden's son, are tied to an ongoing russian disinformation effort. recently published emails that purport to detail the business dealings of joe biden's son are actually part of an ongoing russian disinformation campaign. >> hunter biden, this laptop that intelligence officials have warned is likely russian disinformation. >> it's broadly known and widely known, peter, that there was a broad range of russian disinformation back in 2020. >> [indiscernible].
6:41 pm
>> yes, yes, yes. god love you, man, you are a one horse pony. thank you. thank you. i promise you my justice department will be totally on its own making its judgments about other should should proceed. thank you. >> sean: now we know the truth. it was they themselves who were the ones spewing disinformation and frankly outright lies to the american people with zero curiosity. here with reaction, congress and jim jordan of ohio, fox news contributor joe concha. oh, russia disinformation. where's the rest of the media, number one, jim jordan. number two, why was it buried in paragraph 23, and question number three is what about those big tech companies that censored all the information in the 14 days leading up to election day which could have made a difference in that race, couldn't it have? >> could have made a huge
6:42 pm
difference. sean, sean, it was all true. the laptop was real, the eyewitness was real, the emails were real, the news was fake, and the disinformation came from the fake news, not from the dash as these intelligence agencies said, you know, from russia. i mean, give me a break. and here's -- i'm reminded of title i of rush limbaugh's books, see i told you so. you told them so, so many people told them so, but no, no, no. big tech and the mainstream press all colluded to keep the story from the american people in the weeks just prior to the presidential -- it is as wrong as it gets. where's the correction going to be? you know and i know it's not going to happen, but if this would have been -- this would have been donald trump jr., oh, my goodness, it wouldn't be on page 20, this would have been front page, as you know, sean, so just shows you how bad. >> sean: this would have been the story, joe concha, you have your own media show, this would
6:43 pm
be the story for the final two weeks leading up to election day. in the media gave the greatest donation they could have ever given joe biden on top of keeping him in the candidate protection program. your thoughts? >> because, sean, it's an easy game to play. if this was donald trump jr., if this was eric trump, being accused of the same things, if we had a laptop from those two individuals from the trump family, what with the media coverage look like? you would have to add an hour and a day to 24/7 cable news coverage. we talked about bias in media on this program before. we talked about the disturbing move from journalism to activism, but the most insidious form of bias in journalism is the bias of omission, and if you're teaching a class in journalism school, the first thing on your itinerary should be the way the u.s. media treated the hunter biden laptop story. that consisted of using the
6:44 pm
family name, as you just talked about, on hunter biden's part to enrich himself and his family. but there was almost no coverage on it and the coverage that did exist was suppressing the story. social media, censoring it to the point where social media accounts like kayleigh mcenany, who was the white house press secretary at the time, they were shut down. they were locked out over it. whatever happened, by the way, to the dozens upon dozens of those who worked in u.s. intelligence who wrote a letter before the 2020 election at the hunter biden laptop story was based on russian disinformation starting with john brennan, the former cia director who is now on msnbc talk about ethics. we now know, as you said, it was a lie and any corrections, any follow-ups in terms of journalism at this point doesn't mean a heck of a lot because the important thing now is that this happened before the 2020 election one votes could have been influenced and they got joe biden into office. when you hear about it now, it doesn't really mean a heck of a
6:45 pm
lot and i'm sure a lot of viewers out there are saying you know what, great, but what does that do for is now? >> sean: jim, there's one other point to this, and that is okay, russian oligarchs paying hunter biden, watch, the former first lady of moscow, oh, those millions of dollars. the millions from burisma, the $1.5 billion deal with the bank of china, the 35 million that peter schweizer talks about in his number one best-selling book that just came out. all of that tells me that the biden family is completely compromised by every country we are talking about lately, china, russia, ukraine. but where's that investigation? >> well, sean, it's even worse because remember the democrats went after president trump for a phone call with president zelenskyy where he brought up those facts and they turned it around and used that as the basis to try to run him out of -- that's how bad this -- joe is right, this is how bad the situation is. and also the story in the times.
6:46 pm
what if don jr. or eric trump hadn't paid their taxes on time? because that's an element in this story as well. this is how -- this is how great -- it's how the american people understand that big tech and big media are colluding to keep the truth from the american people, and it's why if, in fact, the american people put us back in power, we are going to have to enact the kind of reform that is going to change that, particularly when it comes to the big tech platform. >> sean: jim jordan, joe concha, thank you both. we were right, we will continue to follow this. by the way, where's the indictment? if it was a trump, oh, it would be never ending coverage. straight ahead. growing concern among republicans over biden's supreme court nominee's soft on crime record, especially child predators? josh hawley has the details straight ahead. ♪ ♪
6:47 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: republican senator josh hawley tonight is raising serious concerns about the record of biden's supreme court nominee judge brown jackson. according to what he calls an alarming pattern of lenient treatment towards sex offenders, for example, as he writes, "as a member of the u.s. sentencing commission, judge jackson advocated for drastic change in how the law treats sex offenders by eliminating existing mandatory minimum sentences for child" and citing one case where the sentencing guidelines called for a sentence of up to ten years in prison but judge jackson sentenced the perpetrator to only three months behind bars. white house press secretary jen psaki said that the criticism was taken out of context at some of the remarks were something a witness said in order to ask a question. and that's not all because we are also learning that biden's nominee praised the discredited
6:52 pm
1619 project in an mlk day speech back in 2020. confirmation hearings are expected to begin on monday. here to explain more, missouri republican senator josh hawley. senator, tell everybody what you found. >> well, what i found, sean, is a pattern here of treating sex offenders leniently. those who have gone after children. i think we have a basic question to ask. are we going to get a judge here was going to protect children or who's going to protect child predators? it's a simple question, one i think that every parent in america would like answered but it's one of the white house doesn't want to answer and so far judge jackson doesn't want to answer it. total radio silence from her and if you look at her record, which you see is this is someone who o is consistently let predators off the hook for people who have been convicted. she is consistently them lenient sentences, slaps on the wrist. this is someone who was raised the question whether registries are unconstitutional, whether notifying parents when there's an offender in the area is
6:53 pm
unconstitutional. see should -- she suggested all of that. this is very troubling, we need to get the answers. >> sean: you say this came both as a judge and a policymaker, meaning her background, and are concerned that this is a record that will endanger children and you cite other cases. i mean, how do somebody facing a 10-year sentence for something this serious only get three months in prison? >> yeah, that's the problem, sean. if you look at what she's done as a judge on the bench when she had the chance to put away child predators over and over again when it comes to these cases, she chose to give them the latest sentence possible in case after case. you mentioned one, the guidelines recommended ten years. she gave him three months. and we could go on and on. the problem is i haven't been able to find a single case where she has had an offender in front of her where she hasn't given him the most lenient sentence she possibly could.
6:54 pm
and again, this is someone since law school who has been saying that the offender registries may be unconstitutional, that notifying parents about offenders in their neighborhood may be unconstitutional and who voted as a member of the u.s. fenton's and commission, she voted to get rid of the mandatory minimum sentences, so this is a long pattern. it stretches over many years and we need to get answers on this. >> sean: senator, when you look at for example, you read about prisons and two things they consistently prisoners don't like that i hear about. one, they don't like rats, people that tell another people to cut deals to make their life easier, and the second thing is those that are predators against children. i can't think of a single logical reason why there's leniency on this issue considering we're talking but the most innocent people in society. have you come to any conclusion as to why this is? >> i can't figure it out, sean,
6:55 pm
and this is what we need to hear from her on. she's really going to have to tell us. this is why her hearings are so important. we need to know why did she give these offenders these light sentences. why did she vote to get rid of mandatory minimum sentences, the existing ones, anyway. why did she say way back as early as law school, why was she saying that maybe these sex offender registries and other protective measures were unconstitutional? these are questions that she's going to need to answer and i think every parent in america is going to want to know the answers because this is a lifetime appointment to the u.s. supreme court we are talking about here. she could be ruling on these cases and we need to know. >> sean: we need to know -- real quick, your fellow republicans, do they share your concern? ten seconds. >> you know, i hope so, sean. i hope so and i think you're going to see a lot of tough questioning this week. >> sean: we are going to watch closely starting monday. thank you, senator.
6:56 pm
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great is always we thank you fo being with us very you make the show possible. please stay with the fox news channel for the latest on the russian invasion of ukraine. is vladimir going to use indiscriminate bombing of men, women, and children flex i hope not and pray. in the meantime let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is up next. ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham with a jampacked ingraham angle tonight from washington. let's dive right in. the escalation caucus, that is the focus of tonight angle. i want to clue you in on something. earlier today "the ingraham angle" yielded inquiry both perplexing and revealing from our dear friends at newsweek. apparently as intrepid reporter some fellow named gerard based in the uk was stunned that the
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