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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 13, 2022 12:00am-3:00am PST

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choice me this next saturday at 8:00 o'clock p.m. we will be back here may be vp live at 11:00 o'clock p.m. we do have some news how well the ukrainians are fighting they have killed three russiann generals already. major firing within putin's inner circle. hang in there we will be watching. dan is next. >> fox news alert russian airstrikes pounding if civility outside kyiv were nato allies have carried out drills with ukrainian counterparts now the westernmost attack since the beginning of the war and on the outskirts of the ukrainian capital are a full-blown battlefield the president they are bravely declaring ukraine will stand the test. dan: you're watching a special news edition here on sunday morning. >> as that unfolds we are also
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learning with ballistic rockets headed toward iran as nuclear talk come to a halt. >> we are standing by with the very latest on that following the us energy crisis but we begin just roughly 30 miles from moscow's latest attack. >> good morning to you both just four hours ago our position here in the center of lviv we can hear quite clearly those explosions in the missile attack at the base which is 25 miles from us it is that the military training center also known as the international peacekeeping and security center and it is just about 15 miles from the poland border which makes it a very
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very significant attack that the russians are carrying out so close to a nato member. that base has been used by us troops as a training facility pictures and then training forces there as recently as this january and february that is weeks before the war started and as the russian bombardment continues all over ukraine president zelensky of ukraine is warning that if the west does not do more than this war could certainly go beyond ukraine's borders was to president zelensky's. >> >>translator: what is happening in ukraine today will be europe tomorrow so to prevent that everyone needs to fight for themselves. sophia in whatever way they can.
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reporter: and is hard to overemphasize the significance of this overnight strike on that teefive military training center it is so close to the poland border it is a fully fledged member of nato any attack on poland would trigger the attack on any of one is attack on all. so 25 miles away and lobbing missiles at the target they are one parent missile landing in poland could make this war entirely different altogether. we are in a very high-stakes new phase of the war this morning. todd: and extremely concerning development and of course you are in lviv we have been focusing on lviv being a safe summer we have not seen the
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fighting. talking with the people there, has that sense of safety disappeared? detail. reporter: i think there is a sense of safety here in lviv itself. it was a military target but a lot of people coming into lviv by the tens of hundreds of thousands, are moving straight line to get across the border to poland where they feel there is a greater degree of safety. but on the enhanced some want to stay here they do feel this is a safer part of ukraine right now and they do not want to leave their homeland. for the moment they feel relatively safe. it's interesting to see their reaction after the latest strike very close to the city.
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carly: jonathan do you feel this is just an attack on a military facility or is the sending a message to nato? teach you he is absolutely sending a message to nato. we got that loud and clear. the deputy foreign minister yesterday said any weapons convoy being sent by european countries or the us into western ukraine and into the hands of the ukrainian forces would be a potential target. we don't know for sure but it is not a stretch to believe that some of the javelin stand missiles that are funneled into ukraine may have been going through a military base so close to the poland border so yes he is sending a message he will follow through to target weapons convoy is anything he believed is attached to military aid from the last.
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todd: poland is also quite frankly the number one place where refugees are headed from ukraine. and they are filled up all reports are poland is having difficulty at this point handling the influx of people. where else can these ukrainian refugees go? reporter: they are headed to poland more than 50 percent of two.5 million. the other western countries they can go into our hungary a on —- hungary, moldova and romania and slovakia and hundreds of thousands have gone to those countries but all of them are being stretched with social services and the aid they can provide. there is flooding in from europe and the united states but the sheer weight of numbers of refugees is clearly going to put a strain on all of those neighboring countries. carly: the mayor of mira topol
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was abducted there is footage that shows there was a bag on his head dragging him away. we have not seen something like that happen yet why did the russians target him? teach you what we are told by the ukrainians and i want to emphasize this is what we are told. we don't have proof those were russian troops taking him away it appeared to be him on the security camera video but what they say the mayor melitopol would not run at the way the russians wanted him to so they took him away with the bank on his head.
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so this is another example of a russian war crime and they want the mayor to be returned and freed immediately. todd: jonathan hunt live from lviv. another fox news alert. an investigation into whether russian money was used to fund american groups that push to and oil production. reporter: good morning republicans are calling for an investigation into the possible involvement of the american green groups that push to ban domestic oil production. the committee sense one —- sent a letter to secretary alan singh russia promoted anti- energy policies and politicians in the us now thanks to the war on domestic energy oil production has dropped 10 percent. president biden is under intense scrutiny is the national average $4.32 per
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gallon but high prices were not a concern under the last administration. >> without the money coming in from energy, russia doesn't work. but to make this threat credible, the us would have to immediately and bidens ridiculous war for american energy. we were energy independent. [cheers and applause] it's very simple we have to get her energy workers pumping, producing mining and refining like never before. reporter: texas land commissioner criticizing the president reaching out to foreign oil producers instead of ramping up production in texas. >> he is not reached out to the producers in my great state of texas which produces roughly 42 percent of all oil for the country. but yet he calls saudi arabia wheel members and the venezuelan dictators, another
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example of the collapse policy and agenda. reporter: former us intelligence agent tells fox news digital that they have embraced a plan similar to american military concept one side can react faster and more efficiently than an opponent. the russians believe there is no peace and in russian thinking there is a constant confrontation. as soon as were broke out he could stay one step ahead of the us coming to sanctions that vladimir putin already sanctioned the economy. >> after months of attempting anti- drilling like on —- legislation they are urging oil and gas companies to ramp up production. >> former acting deputy director things for being here this attempt by the president to say oil companies are at
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fault for not drilling enough is so disingenuous. wouldn't you agree? >> it is pretty clear the administration is now reaching out to oil and gas companies to encourage them to begin production and to be allies in the fight but the problem is over the last two years since the beginning of the administration, the policies have been the opposite. with a have been denigrating the oil companies to say look, there's no need for you to wrap up production because longer on —- long-term we want to fossil fuel to be faded out. >> they are calling an investigation was funding climate change groups and to bolster with national
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security. what do you make of this? >> i don't know anything specific about the allegations but as someone who was part of the beginning when the us began to ramp up the shale gas production it was pretty clear that the russians him president clinton were very unhappy with what was going on and they were criticizing the us for doing so and encouraging especially in europe, and looking at some of their resources, there was no need to do so. >> and higher taxes on oil companies. >> am cosponsoring was senator white house and others, a bill
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of a windfall profits tax. we get supply and demand that profit margins should not go up. that is just oil companies couching. >> if you would be so kind it is a horrible idea. >> it's just a bad idea. the whole point of the situation we are in right now is to try to encourage production and to get companies to invest money and get them to call workers back to work and begin to change what the current investment plans are, then why would someone threaten higher taxes on those companies? you can't have it both ways and say we want you to do something in your long-term interest and then at the same time to say if you do that then we will put the hammer down on you in terms of higher taxes. it is another example of trying to talk out of both
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sides of the mouth and have it both ways you are either for the extra production and put incentives in place or you are against the production. carly: talking to people in the energy industry they say the same thing. what is going on why they are not drilling more is regulation and all the red tape with drilling and leases and permits. can you explain one or two things the biden administration may be able to do today to increase prices in the long run? >> there is a general recognition we cannot just turn a switch and change what the prices are in the short term. that doesn't mean we cannot do things that would have a dramatic impact. so there is a certain amount of leases on federal lands. and it shows not a full
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understanding of the way the industry operates. there will always be some leases that are not producing because as part of an overall production line in terms of how you bring the oil or gas to market. besides the actual drilling that takes place one needs the necessary infrastructure to get it from where comes out of the ground to the consumer see you need pipelines and liquefied natural gas terminals which them process the natural gas so it can be shipped to europe and if you don't allow the infrastructure facilities and transportation the exportation facilities to be built than the production part doesn't work very well. you need all of that so permitting reform making it more efficient to do so is important so secretary
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granholm was down in houston this week at an energy conference in the one time she was sustained and spontaneous applause is when she talked about the importance of permit reform. it's wanting to talk about it it's another thing to actually do it. carly: it sounds like a boring topic but it's very important. jeff, we appreciate your time. thank you. todd: as the ballistic missiles are raining down in the us consulate in iraq. carly: we are alive saying iran is to blame. reporter: the counterterrorism agency have 12 ballistic rockets launched from
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neighboring iran in the courtesy and region. senior official tells our correspondent that might on —- and there is no indication the missiles were intended for us facilities. defense officials tell us all our accounted for and there were no serious energies but it is unmanned in there all americans who live near the consulate. the attack comes amid us here and nuclear deal. >> this is a tactic and once every meaning presence and once iraq to leave. hardliners are seeking
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leverage because we negotiated a bad deal. >> iran fired over a dozen missiles that cause to headaches troops and that was in response to the drone strikes killing the journal on —- the general. carly: now on east coast some parts of new england are buried under snow now they are setting a record for daily snowfall with over 10 inches yesterday. also caused a massive pile up in pennsylvania. seventy-three cars were involved. the whiteout conditions at least.
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>> bring your skates to my driveway it is a solid sheet right now. if you are just waking up, a special breaking news addition of fox news ukrainian facility and then those that are stepping up to defend their country a ukrainian rock star and then to send an important message to the west. next. >> dakota meyer and
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todd: in new york the museum of modern art evacuated after two employees are stabbed by a disgruntled man he recently had his membership revoked and police say he was not allowed into a film and jumped over the counter to attack the employees the museum will be closed today as police search for the suspect in place believe they know the five west point cadets and there's
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accused of selling over $1000 of cocaine to an undercover detective and that's who they were communicating with when they unknowingly purchase the cocaine. facing one felony count of drug trafficking in three cadets are still in the hospital. china says forcing taiwan militarily will face the worst consequences that country ministry of defense is warning the separatist forces seeking independence provoke exert force or even go through any redline we will have to take drastic measures. he accuse the australian defense minister of ideological bias for saying his country would do whatever we can to deter china from attacking taiwan. carly: escalating ukrainian rock star using his voice to raise morale for the country soldiers and civilians. ♪♪
12:26 am
♪♪ now joining me life from t15. you are amazing. what is it like to perform for ukrainians right now in the street with the piano? what is that like? >> the sound is very low. i cannot hear you. say it again please. carly: can you hear me? >> i can hear you but very badly.
12:27 am
carly: what is it like to perform for the ukrainian people right now? >> i am not performing from them. i am trying to support them. it is my position because sometimes in times like these and all the things that they can have and then to have some empathy or sympathy and i'm trying to do that. and with those rival stations in the east so hundreds of them started to hug me and trying to embrace me just to feel who they knowing can give them some support so it's very important to support people.
12:28 am
carly: it is in times like this. day 19. how is morale among ukrainians and soldiers right now? >> i would say it's not very high. it is extremely high. in my opinion, the more it goes because we're so much teacher meant on our enemy and getting the last soldier out of our city and into their land. what they are doing is horrible. atrocities. crimes against humanity. maternity hospitals. in the city mariupol just launching rockets into
12:29 am
maternity hospitals. shelling and bombing all of the country. the western city from where i am now was relatively safe until today. but now near the city they are using the place for drills to take place and then the airport is not a single place in our country and that's where waiting for the whole world to help us. if you cannot then i will leave ukraine but then just give us an of that edge of antimissile defense so you would have and then they can
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be in the air because then they across from them and then to or three days more if we are equal than it will take us three or four days or maybe a week you should see them. they keep doing it and we needed very much. todd: the mayor of kyiv and his brother have become hebrew since the start of russia's invasion. joining us leads one —- lviv you don't want to miss that. and now seeking out to about
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and then saying goodbye.
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carly: fox news alert russian airstrikes rocking western ukraine overnight. thirty missiles reportedly slamming into a military training facility nato allies drilled recently as last month. todd: jonathan scientists a few miles from the attack. reporter: we heard those explosions quite plainly a few hours ago now we have new information from local officials on the casualties from that attack. nine people were killed on the base of yavoriv and 57 injured. those numbers are high and speak to the unexpected nature of an attack so close to the
12:37 am
border with poland. yavoriv military base just 25 miles from the border of poland which is a full-fledged member of nato. we also hearing the russians fired 30 missiles at the base saying the ukrainian air defense system would take out the majority of those missiles and eight or left to strike the vase. according to the joint military training group, you were there as recently february to use training and surface to and missiles. are no longer personnel on the base for the breaking news via getting, 57 people mounted on the base and on an attack in a
12:38 am
military base that is close to. >> a russian journalist is under crimmins rule after she was forced to flee from her home country one decade ago. exiled depression journalist, regina thank you for being here what does the world need to realize how russia really operates? >> good morning. i just want to say that russia lives in a little bit differenerent reality. it's like gray on —- reality that is difficult to explain because there is no direct translation to where find me up to ten mindset is in the majority of russian people. todd: why did you have to flee russia? >> because my family was
12:39 am
persecuted. in 2006 through 2008 when vladimir putin went after freedom of speech and human rights organizations across the country i am not for moscow i was a journalist for bbc which is actually associated with a memorial closed one month prior to the war. and putin unleashed every possible aspect of going after journalists. many were killed and they are not as likely of a dime sitting and talking to you. >> is this. >> i have thought about it for many years.
12:40 am
it is the collective russian mindset so. i don't know how to better explain this. do i think. >> that is concerning and it shows how deeply this runs. to the russian people understand what is happening and then generally their inability to access the truth? >> imagine a society where any is there an official government line? constantly and so when do we remember the history that it was a free country in the phrase there was a time and
12:41 am
there was there but the country was by mafia. that you are treated with dignity and the police are doing their job. and then just to give birth talking as a woman. so imagine long-term. >> the one we operate as a human being we operate in terms of our immediate reality and also this is the frame of reference we had come i will
12:42 am
tell you my experience in 2008 a very cold time i had to burn bridges in my babies here. knowing that will probably on —- never go back. but one thing i can tell you i remember clearly how much freer i could breeze. literally physically. so you don't know. just do your day-to-day routine and go to work and raise your kids but your mindset is what is important for you is right next to you. so to understand how bad things are, so now when everything is shut down so we
12:43 am
cannot forget that information from anywhere we appreciate your time. thank you very much. carly: ukrainian soldiers defending his country joining us live from the battlefield to tell us exactly what he sees on the ground right now and that is resorting ress goes .
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todd: russian soldiers plowing towards kyiv leaving a trail of destruction. carly: ukrainian soldier going by the name of casper for his safety good morning. what you seeing on the ground today? >> good morning, america. recently i was in a nearby
12:49 am
town seeing the most horrifying thing is emptying shells. almost no food. it's not a significant problem that in mariupol were nobody is at all but it is a disaster people have no letter. it is a massacre. there is no water. todd: have you seen the russians fire on civilians? >> yes. multiple times. once i saw a car that was a young family and the father
12:50 am
could not fight for he was with his family. his car was, a russian tank rolled on it and smashed it to the ground they died instantly. there was a little boy who burnt alive. in the car. carly: oh my gosh that is hard to hear. i'm sure it was more difficult to witness. there is great concern over mariupol because of the issues of food and water. is there any way that there can be aid sent into the people whether dropping it in
12:51 am
our planes in the sky? it is clear what putin wants to do is kill civilians, freeze them out , starve them and then break there will are vladimir zelensky until he surrenders. >> but the main problem is we cannot control our skies. even with the planes i think it will be shut down by russia so we will need some air assistance. we want to protect them ourselves.
12:52 am
carly: yesterday ukrainian president zelensky said the only way russia can take kyiv f putin wipes out the historic memory of the entire region if that is okay the let them come. that is your president's message. when will russia advance and how that battle play out in kyiv? >> that is a really hard question. what i know for sure we will fight it is our land and we have to protect it. todd: every time we chat with you it becomes more breathtaking what you are going through and how you
12:53 am
described the situation. please check back in with us. we are praying for you. the red cross works around-the-clock to provide food and resources to help evacuate vacuum we to safety. fox news has donated $1 million to match the efforts generously helped our contributions now we have $5 million had to red to contribute. >> gas in his biden takes office he shut us down not only fuel went up to five dollars a gallon and
12:54 am
>> president biden facing scrutiny as the national average is above four dollars per gallon. todd: trevor noma ripping president biden over reports his call to saudi arabia and the uae are rejected. >> apparently saudi arabia will not even pick up the phone for the president of the united states. i know they are eight hours ahead so there is a window to make it work, but still and you can say what you want, but this never would have happened to donald trump. think about that jen psaki
12:55 am
press secretary calling the report inaccurate. carly: vice president harris outlines what democrats need to do to avoid a red waves in the midterms. >> the work ahead is not easy. everybody knows that that in many ways they got what they ordered. right? >> the president has delivered on his promise to work with crisis at home and abroad. todd: fighting alongside each other to defined there land and joining us from the capital bracing for an assault. carly: join us live from the poland and ukraine border and the latest efforts being led in hungary. don't go anywhere.
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carly: nine people dead after russian airstrikes hit a military facility outside lviv were nato allies have carried out training with ukrainian counterparts. the westernmost attack since the beginning of the war and the outskirts of the ukrainian capital of kyiv are a
1:01 am
full-blown battlefield. the ukrainian president saying they will stand the test. todd: a special breaking news addition on sunday morning. as this unfolds iran fired 12 ballistic rockets in eastern iraq as negotiations with a nuclear deal has reached a halts but russia also plays a role in the talks. todd: standing by with the latest but now we have jonathan hunt just 30 miles from moscow's latest attack. reporter: good morning. just about five hours ago from our position here in the center of lviv we could hear the attack on the yavoriv military base. missiles slamming into the base and less than 25 miles from the border of poland which as you well know is a fully fledged member of nato.
1:02 am
any attack on poland is considered an attack on all of nato. nato countries are d to respond. it is also a close and now just as recently as the end of january the beginning of february, us forces were there to help train ukrainian forces. and we understand from the mayor that 57 people wounded, nine killed in this attack. we have to point out and that base at the time they all left before the war started with the mayor sending a direct message today and it is a quotation "do you understand
1:03 am
the war is closer than you imagine? russia is already on your border. you have fighters that can protect and when i say hours a mean not only ukrainian but this wall may lose the prefix because to close the skies of europe that is the no-fly zone and we have word that repeatedly suggest throughout again that poland is a native military member and the base that was hit a few hours ago it's just 20 would trickle article five of the nato treaty it makes every member , including the united states duty-bound to respond. and attacked is one as we enter new significant phase.
1:04 am
carly: that is the question of anybody's guess that one —- guess at this point so how will poland respond so close to the border and how will the us and native allies respond as well? reporter: there will obviously be great concern. we should point out that just in the last few weeks, the us has been the patriot defense systems to : that made our lovely lady to be deployed if necessary and we also point out that they deployed their own air defense systems when the attack was ongoing today based on the russians fired around 30 missiles in total and ukrainian air defense systems to down 22. eight missiles struck the base.
1:05 am
so it will make everybody very nervous this is by far the most western strike we have seen in ukraine and it is perilously close to the polish border. carly: quickly give us an update on what is going on in the outskirts of kyiv. reporter: there is still intense fighting on the outskirts. we have seen pictures of that coming in and again as people are trying to get away from the fighting and the bombardment is ongoing but there is more artillery shelling i have to take home last night. the fight for keep is continuing but the russian troops are not pushing and add any great pace but that could change any moment. >> fox news alert.
1:06 am
>> lives and. >> good morning the counterterrorism ages on —- agency said 12 ballistic rockets were launched into that capital city in occurred to stand region. t1. but missiles were fired for the us consulate in t1 a lot. so there is no indication done missiles were intended for us facilities multiple us defense officials tell fox news none of the missiles at the consulate all personal are accounted for zero us casualties or injuries in the consulate in t1 is unmanned
1:07 am
but americans live and work near the consulate including us military personnel. look at this moment on camera and one of the rockets even damaging headquarters of 24 television causing the roof to cave in nobody was injured remarkably the last time missiles were launched was 2020 firing missiles at the airbase which cause traumatic brain injuries and 100 troops it was a drone strike killing a rainy in general and it becomes amid twos restart the area nuclear deal that could collapse due to russian demands amid crippling sanctions on their economy based on your war to ukraine. todd: the boxing champ brother are mean figures of the
1:08 am
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carly: police say they arrested the drug dealer they believe is behind the mask and to know overdose of five west point cadets broward county sheriffs office busted one for selling $1000 worth of cocaine to an undercover detective the phone is the same when the cadets were communicating with and the unknowingly purchased fentanyl laced cocaine now facing drug trafficking felony counts and clear the cadets are still in the hospital. and while authorities say they confiscated 2300 pounds of a deadly substance an increase of over 200 percent over the previous year the dea says the drug is being mass-produced produced in mexico using chemicals from china. todd: one person remaining in
1:13 am
ukraine is next adopted by a kansas family that cannot get to his home evacuated by bus to western ukraine last night but still a long way from safety joining us now that sharon jessica, when was the last time i'm sorry when the last time you heard from max? the mac we heard from him yesterday. a few hours we are still in communication with him. that they have housing where they are at right now. so we are thankful for that they are not in the orphanage. we are in process of adoption we have not officially adopted him yet. todd: is he scared? >> he is very stoic.
1:14 am
he has been in an orphanage for about ten years of his life. he comes with being able to deal with trauma. he has been very solid. todd: how gutwrenching is it for you getting max back to the us? >> basically we are hoping the state department and congressman can rally and support to get these kids to the us and out of danger. todd: how difficult will the process be to get him to the us? >> we don't know that exactly right now. because of the communication we have. we have been working with the senator's office and all here
1:15 am
in kansas are working on our behalf to lobby the powers that be to allow was to get max over to the united states. he is our boy. not officially on paper but that is what we're fighting for. we have great communication with new horizons for children and that is an organization just a few weeks ago he was at our house when we send them back to ukraine with that situation. so the director of new horizons is helping to evacuate orphanages. thankfully he was evacuated out of his. that was 48 hours ago. >> now we can have guns over every step of the way.
1:16 am
he has been the rainmaker and from the very beginning to have what was in his hand purchased for him six weeks prior and we could stay in communications what has been a blessing to make a way that we can see him again and the other orphans and fighting on behalf of all of these kids. we just need help from local officials and national officials to cut the red tape and get the kids out. todd: beautiful sentiment. matt and jessica we are praying for you please check back in with us and let us know his status and let us know when you are reunited here in the us we want to have all three of you on. carly: millions of people have fled ukraine as russia ramps up the deadly attack on
1:17 am
russians creating the worst humanitarian crisis europe has seen since world word to. we are checking back in.
1:18 am
oh my goodness... this whole journey has been such a huge gift for our family.
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carly: russia widening ukraine with the westernmost attack since the war began the violence of humanitarian crisis forcing 2 million people to flee the country. summary veteran and cofounder of save our allies are over at the poland and ukraine border hoping refugees. it is good to see you again so tell us quickly about your organization what you are doing over there now. >> we stood up in august to help with afghanistan and to
1:22 am
help with the deployment and now we have a team with that skill set and then we shifted that effort to ukraine to help americans over there. and also about to push medical to make sure they have good medical care and communications and what they need in a situation like this. carly: have the conditions on the ground changed at all in recent days? >> they are changing about every 12 hours. and then they get supplies across the border. this country still has over 40 million people. not everybody has evacuated. they can just get them out to where they are needed. they can help themselves they
1:23 am
just have to get the supplies to them so they can sustain the fighting against the russians. carly: on that front is there anything specifically the people need you want to give them that you don't have right now? >> a lot but hospitals are completely out of medicine. can you imagine if it is life-threatening though so many medications like that are out and then think it's cool on —- fuel and food and hot water and the ability to communicate. all those types of things ukrainian people need for us to develop and to be able to remove. >> sometimes evacuation means
1:24 am
and those we are providing. >> and also to donate them medicine that they need. if you weren't there who house goes to safety? it is understandable the ukrainian government is occupied right now. you getting any help or guidance from the state department are doing this on your own? >> all of these ngos are over here operating on their own. all the funding is coming from private donors on —- donors taking money out of their own pocket. and then to come over here because going to help people. we are not getting any help with what we're doing for
1:25 am
supplies going over. these are all supported by the people so how do those situations stack up and the differences you are experiencing now to get people to safety and ukraine? >> the president of the united states military would leave so we were pushing in that situation in ukraine and it does appear to be a mass exodus and there still 40 million people there. so the situation may look like an evacuation it is much less different and is much more complex if you have the modern militaries fighting one another.
1:26 am
and then the ngos are working on the situation and different approaches. >> save our to help chad and dakota to help those who desperately needed and can't wait to see you again and a couple days and then back in 2020 speaking out telling the pope he is on the verge of bankruptcy after he had to close his business in delaware and flee the state irs and other agencies ran intimidation campaign against him saying i was getting death threats i have to have a moment to be parked in front of my shop all the time. so now the democrats do is to avoid the midterms. >> the work ahead will not be
1:27 am
easy. but to show people in many ways they got what they ordered. right? >> given the high prices of gas at home and abroad. a restaurant owner among many americans to help the people of ukraine. >> we are checking in hand on —- checking in with him live next.
1:28 am
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durable kubota equipment. carly: russian airstrikes rocking rushing ukraine overnight missiles slamming into a training facility were nato allies have held military drills as recently as last month. nine people have been pronounced dead. todd: jonathan hunt joins us live with details on the attack. reporter: just a few minutes ago we have air ride on —- air raid sirens and we have heard no explosion that then eats that don't take it but that
1:32 am
many others were shot down by the ukrainian air defense systems. that is 30 miles from where we are at the center of lviv that is a needle member that has been used as a children on —- a trojan that's to be there as the end of january and early february weeks before the war started training and then it would be very dangerous because it can hit poland which is a nato nation triggering article five attacks on and then sending a strong message to say cormack joe biden do you understand
1:33 am
that we want to protect our skies and when i say hour i mean not only ukrainian because very soon. >> that this edges error but then to serve hot meals to refugees and then we are there at the smokehouse and add a refugee camp and joining us now i know her very well she also does a ten of charity work but this is different why do feel compelled to join this fight one world away?
1:34 am
>> just like everybody back in the states. you see it on that i have participated in other things like operation barbecue. i'm not the type of person to have the ability or opportunity to help somebody and pass it by these people needed. >> what does the reaction if you give someone a hot meal? and it is country —- a constant stream of people and to be 90 percent women and children and elderly ships and
1:35 am
as you finish with the other the view is . >> i had alisha me a vision of her apartment building after it was hit by a missile or a bomb. she was not doing it have but those to help define the effort for these individuals , tell us how people can get involved with these products. >> we are selling all of ours insurers as people go to the
1:36 am
website but this is the reason we are not bringing out the big done —- the big guns that new orleans operates all over the world it's amazing how they do and i'm honored to be a part of it. todd: these are deadly serious times we have spent a lot of people but it appears virus you i do see you again in a few weeks or months. we on —- happy retirement. >> thank you very much. todd: closing in and thousands are of the reality of four but
1:37 am
then at the city center what he seeing today? >> today was nice in kyiv but almost all populations stand if he is alive then there is no chance and then they are
1:38 am
trying to destroy the plans and go through kyiv the russians have two weeks ago. we destroyed the plans and we are prepared to defend through those forces. todd: are you prove on —- prepared for the close contact fighting in the streets? >> yes. we are prepared of any type of flight we are fighting to be a free country and to be associated with the western world with the european union we are in the heart of europe and will definitely defend the
1:39 am
matter what our choice to be a free nation. carly: ukrainian officials say the mayor of melitopol one is inducted by russian troops and with information possibly being tortured and some speculation of her that. what can you tell us about that situation? >> it is not just the mayor. a couple of days ago another mayor was killed. and then he was killed by russians. even yesterday we don't know where they are at right now.
1:40 am
but then for what the russians are doing with that, we go to everyone. go away from our country. go away from ukraine. but then we don't have a choice right now but we have weapons in hand and we have to defend our cities. todd: following up with you, mayor that president zelenskyy is gaining international attention over the last three weeks basically galvanizing the world against russia. what has he meant to the people in your city?
1:41 am
so shoe have the idea and then they were peaceful protests on —- professionals. but they made the change and huge but they want everyone to register for all houses and family for the future. carly: we are hearing that nine people are killed, 57
1:42 am
injured. right don't know if any weapons were destroyed in that attack. also there is concern. this is so close to poland do you think putin is trying to send a message to nato? >> very important. we need defensive weapons you say one are the strongest army that our forces should destroy and that's why we need the help. we need political pressure. and financial support. and defensive weapons. we need that now everyone with
1:43 am
the democratic war so now . >> with the military bases and with the border or no matter the message, this is nothing it is defining evil against the good. we talk about that now with
1:44 am
the russian president we try to get something he is acting against with the military. the military forces destroying not just infrastructure but the ukraine and to destroy the population. todd: brothers. used to fight now in the fight for their lives to fight for their country. we appreciate them joining us and thank you so much. >> everybody support ukraine. carly: absolutely. republicans are demanding answers between vladimir putin with energy independence you
1:45 am
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todd: we are back with a fox news alert a study into the russian many used to fund american green groups to push abandoned oil production. reporter: good morning republicans are calling for an investigation into russia's possible involvement in funding american green groups that push to be in domestic oil production a committee sending a letter to treasury secretary yellen saying russia spent millions promoting anti- energy policies and politicians in the us now things to bidens were on domestic energy us oil production has dropped 10 percent president biden is under intense scrutiny with the average gas price was $4.32 per gallon but high prices were not a concern under the last administration. >> without the money coming in from energy russia does not work. but to make the threat
1:50 am
credible us has to immediately and bidens ridiculous war for american energy. we were energy independent. [applause] it's very simple we have to get our great energy workers drilling pumping producing mining and refining like never before. texas land commissioner criticizing president biden for reaching out to foreign oil producers instead of ramping up production and texas. >> he is not reached out to the producers from my great state of texas that produces roughly 42 percent of all oil and our country but yet he is calling the royal members and venezuelan dictators another example of america last policy and agenda. >> former agent rebecca koffler is saying that russia has embrace of plans similar to american military concept allowing one side to react to
1:51 am
unfolding events faster than the opponent. the russians believe there is no peace and russian thinking there is a constant confrontation. it for broke out putin could stay one step ahead of the us when it comes to sanctions adding that vladimir putin proactively sanctions throughout the economy spent the keystone pipeline employees are speaking out against the president for more on domestic energy. listen. >> as soon as he takes office he shuts us down not only fuel which is five dollars a gallon? and the price of everything. >> we should sustain ourselves and not dependent other nations. >> those permits that were pulled they may not have that ground control so why would they drill on the ground? there may.
1:52 am
carly: president biden closing his day in office leaving thousands without jobs. small business takes a big hit from rising gas prices and owners are trying to find a way to keep the cost down. twenty mean now, and brandon brown from heating and air in lynchburg virginia. good morning to you all you are the owner of a moving company obviously they will impact your business. how? >> thank you for having me. storage and those things that
1:53 am
are far worse than arizona but as a business owner, here is a 38 percent increase in diesel since march 1st. we are a company that runs 25 tracks. we traverse about 600,000 miles per year so it's starting to have a significant impact on our bottom line. and we are trying to maintain the pricing they had when they scheduled it. but four of these price increases. it is the right thing to do, but there is a sacrifice. carly: that's right. you take the hit. when you think about high gas prices i don't think people think of your flowers so how is is affecting you?
1:54 am
>> just to let you know for the last three years, we can and then we have to play on —- pay extra for the basics. but now i don't know we need to start cutting some areas. >> so you are the owner in lynchburg so how are you spending out fuel last year compared to this year? >> we have spent over now is
1:55 am
almost two dollars a gallon more since january yet 17 million vehicles on the road with that in the supply chain the equipment going up 30 or 40 percent since july is compounding our issues to pass down the best prices for our customers. >> you are all good small business owners and the people that make the country work. thank you for joining us to explain your situation. >> the next guest coordinating relief efforts after the september 11 attack now looking to aid the refugee crisis. >> third term governor of new york state, thank you for being here we do appreciate it. despite the refugee crisis with your own eyes?
1:56 am
>> right now we're seeing thousands of crossing the border over one quarter of a million pieces and it is very well organized so far they can handle packaging what is a brave concern? send the next wave they have no place to go so they have to stay at or near the border and there are no facilities. at the moment we need to and then the inability to deal with those who are forced to play with nothing. carly: what you doing and why did you decide to help out? >> you see the images at home but i wanted to see what can be done and then went into
1:57 am
ukraine and a couple of cities meeting with refugees and the centers and hospitals and they are functioning but enormously stressed. so and then the government has been very supportive here to get across the border to badly needed parts of ukraine but i don't have those. so this is the type of thing on the ground you can do. none of it is area —- and we have no idea how he got in that we suspect we can fields of floyd and then to help us out and you will continue to that.
1:58 am
but the president zelensky is winston churchill of the 21st century. without him of ukrainian defense could hold out but he is also inspired the west and what the ukrainians are doing is incredible. we were in ukraine and talk to the refugees. there spirit and strength so now civilians and the hospitals without them fighting back. it's one thing from the military standpoint. i know the united states has rejected the no-fly zone
1:59 am
give them surface-to-air missiles. allow the polish mig swap to happen, so uraniums can fight russians, using their own migs women with own children while their husbands are staying behind fighting so zelenskyy can use to defend ukraine. todd: we still call him governor governor pataki, thank you for what you're doing for humanity. >> thank you very much. todd: carley, the red cross working round-the-clock. here at fox news fox corporation donated one million dollars to support those efforts. we've been asking you to join the effort by making a donation. thousands generously helped out with contributions exceeding five million dollars.
3:00 am
head to to contribute to the cross. >> over five million dollars viewers deflated to the cause. during the worst situation best of humanity comes out. todd: our breaking news coverage continues with "fox & friends weekend" right now. pete: we begin with a fox news alert, the deadly russian invasion of ukraine for the 18th day as missile strikes continue overnight. nine people are killed after russian airstrikes pound a military facility outside of lviv. kyiv prepares for a assault overnight. rachel: a dozen ballistic rockets raining down in iran near the u.s. con is a late in iraq.


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