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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> tucker: what a tragedy that would be. we appreciate it. it is friday, we will be back monday. in the meantime we hope you have the best weekend with the ones you love. see you soon. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: we start the fox news alert, welcome to "hannity." tonight we are at the better end of what was a another horrific terrible week for the biden administration, but it is friday come as you know what that means? joe biden is now kicking back for another restful weekend of ice cream away from the white house. meanwhile our country is falling apart, treasury secretary now predicting uncomfortably high inflation for at least another year. what wonderful news. >> i think there's a lot of uncertainty that is related to
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what is going on with russia and ukraine. and i do think that it is exacerbating inflation. i don't want to make a prediction exactly as to what is going to happen in the second half of the year. we are likely to see another year in which 12 month inflation numbers remain very uncomfortably high. >> so much for transitory. according to "the wall street journal," inflation is the single biggest concern for the american people. it is no surprise that to nearly 60% of americans are unhappy with biden's performance. no surprise to everyone except our cognitively impaired commander in chief who seems to believe that his anti-energy policies have had nothing to do with rising energy costs, rising inflation, has nothing to do with government spending, nothing to do with his energy and economic policies. you decide.
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>> biden -- he said he's going to stop the keystone pipeline. and i did. not as the reason prices went up. folks, let's get something straight here. the keystone pipeline was two years away. it had been 2% finished. give me a break. >> i'm sick of this stuff. we had to talk about it, because the american people think the reason inflation men -- it's simply not true. >> sean: simply is true. unless you are really that dumb, joe. you have to be really, really dumb to believe that. joe biden is now, i blame all of my failures on vladimir putin. that is not going to fly. gas prices, as every american knows, already way up before putin invaded ukraine. inflation was already had a 40 year high before vladimir invaded ukraine. by the way, the oil and gas
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market -- that is a futures market, joe. i know that's probably a little too complicated for you to understand, especially in your cognitive state at this point in your life, but according to alberta's premier, that keystone xl pipeline that you put the acts too? it would've been completed by today and canada would be sending us 900,000 barrels of oil a day. we can get it done in eight months and we won't have to be importing oil from russia and banging some of the most unsavory characters in the world. canada is now telling us that they can give us an extra 400,000 barrels of oil a day starting immediately. that means you can stop begging opec like you have been, stop dealing with the corrupt evil, stop -- because it's humiliating. and it is embarrassing. i would rather get it from
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little justin in canada. at least they are in allied country and not run by a murdering dictator. they want to be a little dictator in justin. democrats are opting for catchy slogans instead. take a look. >> you may have noticed this week that your gas prices have gone up yet i want to talk to you little bit about why. a lot of it has to do with vladimir putin. >> we need to be honest with the american people. the battle for freedom has its costs here at home as well. people already feeling putin's price hikes at the pump the pump. to speak of the larger putin's -- that is really -- putin gas hike. that is his gas hike. so much of this increase in the gas tax -- gas prices started the weeks leading up to what happened there. >> sean: no, it is biden's oil
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tax. end is his 40 year high of inflation long before vladimir invaded ukraine. democrats out there with their little talking points, the little slogan, the little bumper sticker. all their line won't work, but that wouldn't stop them joe biden saying that he would "take any step weekend to minimize his price hike here at home." it is actually the biden price hike. it's kind of a weird thing to say sense he want to restart the keystone xl pipeline. he want allow drilling. he won't even unfreeze new exploration permits. and he's lecturing constantly the oil and gas industry that are doing their very best. as a matter fact, we can't find a single thing that biden is willing to do back here at home the lower prices. he would rather beg the worlds dictators. now he is willing to beg every dust but in the world who hates the united states. he wants them to increase energy production in their countries. how is that any different in
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terms of how it impacts the environment? interesting question. needless to say, it's not going well. gas prices, inflation -- this long happen before the invasion and it will continue to rise. joe's economic and energy policies caused it. kamala harris was asked about this serious economic issue. she had no answer whatsoever. watch with your own eyes. >> president biden has says that americans will feel some pain, but there does seem to be no end game in sight. how long should americans expect, how long should we be bracing for this release sort of historic inflation and some unprecedented gas prices? >> sure. in terms of the discussions that the president and i had, they ranged in subject including the
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issue. i will let him explain in more detail as he would like. >> sean: who is worse? is it joe or kamala? that was a simple question. for the record, she never managed to answer the question. between joe, kamala harris, our country is being led by utter idiots at this point. and now the american people are all paying the price and our national security is compromised on top of it. joe's policies are hurting. joe abandon energy independence. joe abandon america as an exporter of energy. now we are and they are by far. prices have been rising sharply ever since he got into office, but remember, according to joe and the democrats, joe biden has nothing to do with this inflation that has been at a 40 year high for months. we get the trillions of dollars in new spending, the trillions in handouts and entitlements, week at the new restrictions on oil and gas and rising gas
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prices and energy prices. according to the left, this is all vladimir putin's fault because he invaded ukraine. 19 days ago. this week our very own peter doocy as to circle back jen psaki -- if the administration was planning to blame putin for everything that goes on in the u.s. until the midterms. take a look. >> inflation goes up today, the president's statement blames the putin price hike. are you guys going to start blaming putin for everything? until the midterms? >> we have seen the price of gas go up at least $0.75 since president putin lined up troops on the border of ukraine. >> and last month, you didn't mention the putin price spike up it was because of -- >> there was a global pandemic. >> sean: our own white house correspondent peter doocy.
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inflation had been under a 40 year high. average gasoline prices long before putin invaded ukraine was almost about 50 more a gallon. we were already paying more for everything in every store we go to because it cost more to ship it there. is this strategy, this talking point, the slogan -- is this all going to be all we hear? >> even though blaming inflation on putin is different than blaming it on the pandemic, the reason is the same. these white house officials can say pandemic, that is not something we can ultimately control. let them up in? not something we can ultimately control. last night and earlier today, we heard the president at a dnc and vent here in washington and at a house democrats retreat -- he's testing out the pitch.
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they talk a little bit about the pandemic, but then it does look, prices are going out. and it's going to hurt. but it would hurt worse if we did not inflict these sanctions on putin, including cutting off the oil. essentially they are saying we know that things are going to get bad, but hang on. >> sean: peter doocy, thank you. always glad to have you. as the bloody invasion continues, we are witnessing so many sad, harrowing scenes from the ground. look at this video. this video shows two ukrainians defusing a russian bomb by hand with a bottle of water. do you know how risky that is? putin is dropping bombs all over ukraine, including bombing entire neighborhoods, civilian areas, apartment buildings, schools, churches, and even that women and children's hospital, the maternity hospital. the death toll and the suffering
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is unimaginable. nearly two and half million people have had to leave their homes in the country. it now images as you can see -- look at these mass graves. they are commonplace in side the country. despite the carnage, the abundant administration -- they nixed a proposal to help ukrainians protect their own skies by gifting them several polish fighter jets to ukraine. he was joe biden himself we are now learning that made that decision. 69% of you, the american people, are in favor of according to our friend. that same poll shows an overwhelming majority of americans wanting to replace russian oil that we are no longer importing with her own domestic production. for places like alaska, texas, oklahoma, pennsylvania, west virginia, ohio. they would rather beg of the mullahs of iran. where does this thinking come
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from? make this ridiculous new nuclear deal with the iranian mullahs, deal that thankfully installed as of tonight. guess what? the people brokering the deal -- it's russia, and china. they are brokering the deal because the iranians won't talk to joe biden. this is madness. anyway, it is pretty humiliating not only for joe biden, but the entire country. remember, during the campaign you might remember this debate, a pivotal moment. the unfortunate part -- this was the second debate and almost 100 million votes had already been cast when this debate occurred. take a look. >> we are energy independent for the first time. we don't need all of these countries that we had to fight a war over. we are energy independent. we are going to have the greatest economy in the world, but if you want to kill the economy, get rid of your oil industry. what about fracking? >> all right, let me allow
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vice president biden to respond. >> i never said i opposed fracking. >> you said it! >> say what you want about relationships, we have saudi arabia, mexico, and russia to cut back on the way back. and now it is very vibrant. everybody has very inexpensive gasoline. >> sean: here with mark, arkansas senator. i never anticipated that this country would find itself adopting insein green new deal's socialist policies result in america buying oil from russia, begging the iranian mullahs for a deal so we could buy their oil, begging venezuela, and begging opec. i don't know, maybe i'm old-fashioned. i don't think we should be enriching america's enemies. your thoughts? >> sean, it's crazy.
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joe biden has shackled our oil and gas industry for the last year. he would rather beg the ayatollahs to pump more oil for us or go to venezuela to someone we don't even recognize as the head of their government. the war in ukraine is actually closely connected to this terrible nuclear deal in i ron as you said. trying to get around to cut a deal with us. that is one of the reasons why he was so weak over the last year. he didn't want to do anything to offend vladimir putin. iran and russia walk away from the table because they know they have joe biden over the barrel. they can extract more concessions from it, both in ukraine and i ron. there is a direct connection between that and the war that vladimir putin is raging. >> sean: way and on alberta's
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premier in the statement that if we had finished, we would now have finish the keystone xl pipeline and canada would be giving us around 900 barrels a day. canada today said that they can find ways to give us an additional 400,000 barrels of oil a day by shipping it through the rail, et cetera, et cetera. i think i would go to them for us than the other countries. weren't we doing that? >> we are not doing it because they don't want north american oil. if they had to, they would take it to countries like venezuela or i ron. they are crippling the energy industry. it's not just oil and gas leases, it is the infrastructure, liquefied natural gas export facilities. all of these things take time. when you hear joe biden say that it wasn't even open yet, that is why it is important that you
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start these things now and you do so in a timely fashion and you build them so they are available in the future. so it sends a signal to investors of the oil to gas industry is a good place to put your money because it is going to be stable for years to come. instead you have joe biden and john carrying out their sane, we need more ira now, but in five years we don't want any oil and gas. >> sean: senator cotton, thank you. joining us now with more, former trump white house chief of staff, rinds a previous, former senior council president, kelly on callaway. there's not a single thing i can look at that i would say joe biden is doing successfully. i never thought things would get this bad this fast. is there anything that you see that he would be willing to do that could be helpful in terms of ukraine, energy, the economy, inflation? >> sean, they have to be looking at the same polls we all see,
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which have him down all around town. as you say, america feels joe biden and kamala harris literally do nothing well right now. there is no issue where they had a net approval rating on that issue. so if i were them, i would do a course correction. i would've taken the time at the democratic retreat in philadelphia to do breakout sessions. that is what you do, you've won on energy, one on the economy, one on education, one on health care purity come up with solutions that your party can live with and you go out and you bulk up the american people. i've never seen a president so unwilling to do that for us, but number two, someone willing to channel deep pride, the spirit, the resilience, the moxie of america. as the american president. it is the ukrainian president that has been inspiring so many people to waste trying to protect and safeguard his country. our president is making us less secure, making everyday life less affordable, and everything from education, inflation, all
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these phony polls saying his approval rating is going up. the democrats are tight and the generic ballot, look at that. he didn't even benefit from unifying the country because of an international crisis. usually president can rely upon five, six, seven more points just when there is crisis and uncertainty elsewhere that would refuel american interest. he hasn't even benefited that wave, and you see why. he is yelling out america again from philadelphia. he's blaming the rest of us. don't forget, 40% of the gas hike happened before a speech and even invaded ukraine. don't forget, couple of months ago joe biden was blaming gas prices and inflation on the supply chain crisis on the "pent up demand for post-pandemic travel. you cannot have an american president that has in america last policy and blames americans, blames americans in america for what is going wrong. he needs to step up and reflect the best of who we are. >> sean: i wanted to ask you
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about this. do you believe the u.s. should send f-16 fighter planes to poland and other nato countries as replacements allowing those countries to give older fighter planes to the ukrainian air force? 36% said definitely, yes. 32%, .8% said yes. the only people that said no were 11.5 and definitely no 8.6, so you literally have 69% of the american people believe we should be providing these fighter jets. joe biden is the one that stopped it. that was sending javelins -- that's good, stinger muscles, that's good. the ukrainian people have shown that they are willing to fight for their country. why wouldn't you send the jets? is he afraid of vladimir putin? >> look, kelly and his right about where the american people are at. those pools coincide with what
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i've seen as well which show that over 70% of the american people think that we need to be more aggressive when it comes to russian, ukraine. what is a big problem for joe biden, and kelly and will agree with this i'm sure, the problem biden has is that 60% of the american people approve of president zelensky and only 40% of the american people approve of the job that joe biden is doing, which means that as this ukrainian situation gets even worse, everything that joe biden and kamala harris is doing is going to be met with resistance from the american people. and it comes to this issue of oil and gas, sean, the reality is that during the presidential debates on the democrat side, joe biden was asked, would you be willing to displace hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers to shift to a green economy? you know what he said. yes, yes i would. and then he followed it up on
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day one of the inauguration with executive orders killing the keystone, killing oil leases, raising taxes on oil companies, putting john kerry in place, and on top of it come a few months later he said yes to the north stream to pipeline. that is the record of joe biden. you are what your record says you are. and that is his record, and that is why he is having big problems. >> i do know whose monologue was better, kelly hands, euros, or mine. i think i tip the hat to both of you. anyway, thank you so much. >> you are the one with the show, so you. >> sean: i have great friends that give great commentary. thank you both. straight ahead tonight, the world is taking notice after kamala harris embarrassed us yet again overseas. it was that bad. judge jeanine pirro, joe can't react, straight ahead. get fast relief of your worst allergy symptoms, including nasal congestion, with powerful claritin d,
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♪ ♪ >> live and keep tonight, there are exclusions on the outskirts of this capital as russian forces look to advance from the ground and the air. air grade sirens going off and preparing to enter the city with a population of nearly 3 million people. tonight we saw new satellite images indicating that 40-mile russian convoy that is currently sitting just of the northwest has disbursed and actually redeployed and some of the towns along the border of this capital city in the coming hours and days. officials here including ukrainian president will be watching very closely to see where these russians move. and if they do indeed try to surround the city. and now back to "hannity."
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: a fourth line tonight, biden and terrace continue to embarrass the whole country on the world stage projecting weakness, doubling down on their failed far left policies, and as usual, a never ending stream of bizarre blunders by both of them. here is the vice president yesterday with the president of poland. watch this embarrassment. >> is the united states willing to make a specific allocation for ukrainian refugees? and for president judah, i wanted to know if you think, and if you asked the united states to specifically accept more refugees? >> okay. a friend in need is a friend indeed. [laughs]
6:28 pm
>> giggling is the perfect way to answer a serious question about refugees. that moment was so bad that even the ukrainian president sullins' former press secretary tweeted "it would be a tragedy if harris ever became president. that is probably an understatement. of course, creepy, bizarre giggling is nothing new for the vice president. let's take you down a short trip of memory lane here. you might recall some of this. >> do you plan to visit the boater? >> not today. >> more parents are seeing the value of educators -- [laughs] they are saying, we are not paying them nearly enough. [distinct] >> there is an interesting fact, in case you didn't know, hard hats are actually unisex.
6:29 pm
>> you are considered the most liberal united states senator. >> somebody said that and it actually was mike pence on the debate stage. [laughs] >> sean: lots of giggles. anyway, according to the media mob and the cohost of the view on abc, if you think laugh enough questions about release serious issues as unprofessional, that means you are racist and you are a success. take a look. >> did you have a problem with the way she handled this, ladies? people talking about it that i personally think if she was a guy they would never say because they also made fun of hillary's laugh. >> they constantly question the qualifications of black women. >> i disagree. >> you can disagree, but that's the truth of it. this is based in racism, this is based in misogyny. we want to hear what the reaction, cohost of the five,
6:30 pm
judge jeanine pirro is with us along with fox news contributor. i don't know, the president is weak, frail, and he's obviously a cognitive mass, and the make out of vice president that gets serious questions and giggles. i don't know what is worse, you decide. speak up got to tell you, if anything the one purpose she has served has been an insurance policy to make sure that joe biden stays there, they idea that the highest ranking woman in the united states goes to poland to stand with the president of poland is not prepared for a question as to whether or not the united states is willing to help refugees that she looks to the president of another country that she is there to reassure, and then starts giggling like a fool, is an absolute embarrassment. and i'm sick and tired of people saying it is about color. let me tell you something. when it came to condi rice, nobody questioned her confidence.
6:31 pm
when it comes to the woman right now it was a candidate or nominee for supreme court, there is no one no one questioning her qualifications. this woman should be a question. she makes an embarrassment of herself whenever she gets on the world stage. by the way, doesn't she know about refugees? isn't she the borders are? this is a continuing, continuing image that we see of her. she should not be allowed out of the united states if she's going to be an embarrassment to this country. >> sean: joe concha do, we have images now of a mass grave. we have images of a maternity hospital that was attacked. dozens of schools have been hit. entire neighborhoods have been blown up. that is what she was asked. how do you explain that the response of hers? i don't get it. >> this is not a serious person and a very serious time.
6:32 pm
as far as blaming racism, i go back to an interview with kamala harris after she dropped out of the democratic primaries before one vote was cast. she blames sexism and racism. which is a very odd way to talk about democratic voters. this is the playbook by the candidate and by the vice president. play the gender and the race card from the bottom of the deck. the deepest problems come down to basic things. voters see her as ill-equipped for the job. that is based on odd statements like, it's time for us to do what we have been doing. i literally have that quote hanging here in my home studio. it's right next to reagan's mr. groh bashar, tear down this wall. that one is from kiana reeves but we could talk about that another time. in the end, ms. harris has a communication problem. she doesn't -- she is a likability problem. she's feeling on performance. it has nothing to do with race
6:33 pm
or gender, because i would say the same thing about the old white guy that happens to be her boss on the same issue. more than 2 million people have crossed into this country over the u.s. southern border in the last year alone pair that is triple the size of the total population of boston. despite comparing ice to the kkk, she was put in charge of fixing it and it's only getting worse as she plays the role of absentee landlord. now we see her cackling when asked to basic question with the world watching. she was supposed to be plan b, now she is plan z. >> sean: it thank you, judge. thank you, joe. the left continues to make america less secure and safe. victor davis hanson joins us as well as dr. oz and, quite a brush attack ukraine's nuclear points? could that have wide spread health ramifications? we will come up to that, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: i will say it again, the last two times putin has invaded ukraine, joe biden was in the white house and biden's weak diplomacy, lack of action early on, all that gave prudent the green light to unleash this bloody assault on a sovereign nation. maybe he still considers it a minor incursion, i don't know. joe biden's weakness is in bolding evil, ruthless dictators all across the globe. here with reaction, the author of the book "the dying citizen" hoover institution senior fellow victor davis hanson is with us. i just want to get your overall broad perspective on everything that is happening between energy, the economy, inflation, excuse making, ukraine. your thoughts? >> i think it's pretty simple,
6:39 pm
sean. putin is a carnivore, he's a raptor, he's an opportunistic aggressor. and we know when he moves and when he stays put. he moves when oil prices are high in the west and he is flushed with petrodollars and we are on green initiatives. whether it's europe or here. he moves when the president talks tough and carries a twig. he moves when nato is in disarray. when we have this change of government, when you tell vladimir putin, would you please tell your hackers to keep all 16 entities inside the united states or you ask them to help out with the iran deal or to pump more oil or you have the afghanistan humiliation -- he senses weakness and that is another green light for him. when you look at nato and they don't meet for 2% and joe biden comes over and says no, no, we are not going to sanction that nordstrom pipeline, but we are going to sanction the east pipeline that would replace some of those gas had we stopped that
6:40 pm
pipeline through greece. he gets his overall picture that there is weakness to be exploited. biden thinks that the more that he appeases that magnanimity is going to be returned in kind or appreciated by putin, but he doesn't think that way. he never did. he never will. i don't quite understand what the strategy is right now although then, i guess what we are coming up to, sean, is that we've got this movement from the black sea and down from kyiv, i think it's going to do with the soviet state in world war ii and what he did in chechnya, he's going to plaster the countryside, the villages, the towns. kill a lot of civilians, he killed over 20,000 chechnya end. he's going to move in and he's going to call up zielinski and say you know it come out let's take a deal. i will take two-thirds of ukraine and we will stop them
6:41 pm
and accept things as they are on the battlefield and then he thinks we are going to sleep again and then five years he will take the rest of ukraine. that is his attitude. he believes that a year from now they will say wow, that's napoleonic figure swallowed all of ukraine on most. well, that was gutsy. you know what? those europeans will come back and begged him for more oil and gas in the united states united states will sort of forget and will be sort of like -- who remembers that today question mike that is how he thinks. i think we are really -- we keep thinking that world opinion or he's going to stop or we are outraged that he bound to hospital, that is what he does. he bombs hospitals. so you deter somebody like that, you don't try to reason with them. >> i agree with every single thing you just said. and i pray to god that we are both wrong. and i don't think we are. i think you are dead on
6:42 pm
accurate, unfortunately. victor davis hanson, always great to have you. thank you. we are also learning tonight that the russians are holding more than 200 employees at the chernobyl site hostage as putin continues his blood he war against ukraine. according to the report, the employees are working at gunpoint raising fears of a major catastrophe at that power plant. here to react to that and much more, pennsylvania republican senate candidate, dr. oz is with us. dr. oz, you and i had a conversation this week, you met with some of the top producers of natural gas in your state of pennsylvania. if i were president, and i'm not and never will be, i wouldn't be begging iran come i wouldn't be begging venezuela, i would be looking to texas and oklahoma and alaska for oil. and i would be looking to west virginia, ohio, and the state you want to represent, pennsylvania, for gas. tell us what you learned.
6:43 pm
>> i'm in beaufort county, which is a western portion of the state. the people know everything about energy policy and know exactly how wrong joe biden is. natural gas is the wisest path to protect the environment. it is abused by regulations made by middle level managers and unelected bureaucrats. it is abused by lawyers, radical environmental activists. we know some of those activists were actually funded by putin. he knew what he was doing peered he's undermining germany by getting down to implode on nuclear energy. he influenced the english to stop drooling at all of the sudden, no surprise, he supplied them all their energy. here is the deal. biden has to stop ignoring the signs beer just like they ignored the signs on covid and pretended they weren't. really following the political science. he has to cast aside his work ideology and needs to get into
6:44 pm
agenda that stops feeling our jobs. well-paying jobs that can't be outsourced. if got to stop doing things that increase inflation and he's got to stop making us depended on hostile nations. i was in a big town hall earlier and they broke into a chant. here's what they were saying. "back off biden." free to frock is a mantra right now. it makes sense. and if we don't give energy producers the confidence that they are respected as part of our national security, they are not going to invest, they are not going to drill those 9,000 so-called permits that biden was talking about. they are going to hold back until they know that there's a pathway to success for our nation. they want to help. >> sean: thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. straight ahead, alec baldwin trying to shield himself from liability as it relates to the fatal shooting on the set of the movie "rust" and we will get the latest details on the ongoing drama involving the sentencing of jesse jesse's millett.
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♪ ♪ >> this is great, where the war has gotten wider and brutal on friday two airbases had in western ukraine where we are right now -- they are playing a role in gettg military aid to the ukraine military. also, there was a first-ever attack on the city in the center of the country. the thinking is if that is taken by russia, the ukraine military could be split into. this is the siege of the capital city of kyiv heightens. setting into shooting position, the population of the city gerd. and the flow of refugees from ukraine and the horror of war here builds. it is now up to 2.5 million people who have fled. we saw hundreds coming out today
6:50 pm
as we came back in. this as talk of cease-fires and humanitarian corridors continues to no event. that is it. ♪ ♪ >> sean: more development's tonight and the alec baldwin fatal flume set shooting as the disgraced actor is now claiming that a clause in his contract to shield him from financial -- according to a new report, he arranged a settlement with the widow, which would've allowed filmmakers to complete the film. but that settlement apparently fell apart after the family filed the wrongful death lawsuit. more coverage just ahead. but also tonight, we are following the jussie smollett hate crime hoax saga as the actor yesterday, as we showed you, was sentenced to 150 days in jail after he was convicted
6:51 pm
late last year of staging a fake hate crime in chicago, which he falsely claimed was carried out by maga trump supporter's. here is the judge. >> we are giving you the national pity party that they wanted. you are pointing you on the front page come all attention is on you. people talk about social injustice, your name is coming up. you use them -- if anything, people in those positions, their credibility is everything to them. and you did damage. because again, there is a side of you that has this arrogance, narcissism that is just disgraceful. >> sean: after the sentencing, he lashed out screaming repeatedly he's innocent and not suicidal, not suicidal, not suicidal. >> do you have any questions? [indistinct]
6:52 pm
>> i am not suicidal. >> okay. >> i am not suicidal. i am innocent. and i am not suicidal. i stuck my fist in the fear of black americans in this country for over 400 years and for the lgbtq community. your honor, i respect you. but i did not do this. and i'm not suicidal. if anything happens to me when i go in there, i did not do it to myself. and you must all know that. i respect you, your honor. i respect your position. jail time... i am not suicidal. >> okay. >> i am not suicidal! i am innocent. i could've set i was guilty a long time ago. >> sean: after those bizarre antics, authorities released this booking photo of the disgraced star who will serve a
6:53 pm
mere 150 days at a cook county, illinois, jail. here with reaction, fox news legal analyst, not suicidal -- that is clear. but he certainly not contrite either. i had never heard a judge just pound -- just pound the seriousness of what he did here and to somebody. but i felt there was a light sentence. >> you know, it was a fairly light sentence. he was looking at three years behind bars. but they could have been times five on five convictions. it could have run consecutively. all he's doing is five months in jail, not in prison. and he has to pay some restitution. so yeah, fairly light sentence. watching these clips, it's a pathetic performance by a bad actor. he decided to perform as best he could. this rant -- i'm not suicidal, if something happens to them to
6:54 pm
me in jail, i didn't do it to myself. it was a clear reference to jeffrey epstein as if he is auditioning for the remake of the death of epstein. i wouldn't be surprised if a couple of months from now he holds a news conference and says, they tried to hang me in my jail cell, i'm suing the city of chicago. that is the kind of pathological liar and hoechst are this guy is. >> sean: what about the alec baldwin case? i can't be held legally responsible, it's in my contract?" i've never heard of a contract like that. >> we haven't seen a contract -- sometimes they have a clause. case of attorney fees -- that is only, sean, if the actor is conducting himself in the course and scope of his employment, but
6:55 pm
if he engages in grossly negligent reckless conduct, which is criminal, that is outside the course and scope of his employment. and he's also saying, the armory and the victim themselves, are to blame. i'm not up sells me. under the law he has an independent duty of due care to ensure the safety of others. so whatever responsibility they had, it doesn't exonerate him criminally. >> sean: it's amazing. first it took a month to hand over the phone, now i'm not responsible. it gives a theatrical appearance on his own in front of -- what? we will be watching. always great to have you. thank you. more "hannity" right after this. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut.
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>> sean hannity: unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being
7:00 pm
with us. you make the show possible. stay with the fox news channel for continuing coverage of putin's war on ukraine. stay tuned, the ingraham actle is up next, let not your heart be troubled. see you back here on monday. >> laura ingram: i'm laura ingraham and this is the ingram angle live from washington tonight. we were hoping for some progress in the negotiations between ukraine and russia. but sadly, the scenes from kyiv tonight are grim. remember that convoy outside of the city, it dispersed and now we know the plan was to set up multiple positions going to the ukrainian capital. our team on the ground is reporting the heaviest and most consistent shelling of this conflict. and there are fears that the russian military is beginning the final push to overwhelm


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