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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 24, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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reporters on the ground, midnight eastern time last night were telling us that many of the ukrainians >> our troops deployed. thanks for joining us. >> the "story" starts right now with martha. >> martha: thank you. i am martha maccallum at fox headquarters in new york. breaking on the "story": >> the bombing of ukraine. the sights and sounds of the offensive from russia within ukraine. putin battling for global
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sumemacy. this is on-going in ukraine and putin says anybody messing his plans will see consequences not seen in history. president biden faced tough questions about the announcement of his version of new sanctions. >> if sanctions can't stop president biden what can? >> what are you waiting for? >> your confidence that these devastating sanctions will be as devastating as russian bullets and tanks? >> yes. >> martha: hr-mcmaster is with
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us and nikki haley. watching what surround way between russia and ukraine. trey yingst is live on the ground where russian forces took power over chernobyl. >> russian forced crossed from belarus into northern ukraine fighting in an extense battle with ukrainian forces in chernobyl. according to the president's office in kyiv, the russians are in control of this area. a major concern is there is still radioactive material. it's an area of land that has to be closely monitored. there are battles erupting across the country today.
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even as we speak. just outside of the capital of kyiv. ukrainian forces are looking to capture back an air field today when russia attacks with at least 20 helicopters. it's a critical piece of land. it's a battle extremely important. in the russians gain control of this air strip it would give them the ability to bring in more air craft, weapons and armor has they make what western intelligence analysts believe is a push to the ukrainian capital. ukrainian president zelensky urged citizens to pick up weapons and fight back. will they have enough time? we heard president biden announcing new sanctions saying he would wait to see about a month whether or not they were
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having the effect he intended them to have. the ukrainian people don't have a month. tonight civilians will sleep underground fearing another bombardment. >> martha: jennifer griffin? >> u.s. intelligence always believed it would take the russian military about 48 hours to take the capital kyiv if that was their final destination. it appears from the overnight assaults the manner in which those tanks and troops are moving in from two directions from the north as well as the air assault that allowed them to take that kyiv cargo airport 45 mondays outside of kyiv, they can start flying cargo planes in filled with russian troops. tonight we heard from the french president who warned vladimir putin who was making threats
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last night, suggesting that if nato or others were to try to interfere with what he was doing in ukraine, there was a veiled threat that some took to mean he was threatening with nuclear weapons. the french said and done nato is all a nuclear power. >> for those who could be tempted to intervene from outside. whoever creates threats to our country, our people, should know that russia's response will be immediate and lead to such consequences you have never encountered in your history. >> president biden responded when asked about putin's remarks. >> the threat the west will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history is he threatening a nuclear strike? >> i have no idea what he is
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threatening. i know what he has done. >> the pentagon says they have not seen any shift in russia's nuclear forces. the pentagon announcing that 7,000 more u.s. troops would be deploying from the u.s. to germany. those troops will then come under the command of the 18th airborne corps and used to bolster nato's eastern flank in addition to thousands of troops, 80,000 troops that the u.s. already has in europe. they will go to the baltic states giving this new threatening tone from putin to deter him from going further than ukraine. the president believes putin has ambitions beyond zane. >> martha: thank you very much.
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retired general hr mccaster under president trump. your assessment of how ukraine is doing? what surprises you and how long do you think ukraine can hold on? >> well, we just don't know. it's too early to tell. it's easy to look good. crossing the border and to initiate an attack. it's much more difficult to sustain it over distance. when you look at the map of ukraine, you can see that kyiv is close to the border. the country if russia wants to dominate all of ukraine look at the scale on that map am it would be difficult for russians to sustain an offenive across
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the country. this is not the ukrainian military of 2014. we helped them with defensive capabilities since president trump authorized the delivery of defensive capabilities to the ukrainians in 2017. they build-up some considerable capability. what we don't know yet is what will they have to resist? i think it's high. and i think vladimir putin has done more than anyone else to strengthen ukrainian nationalism and the will to resist this brazen offensive. >> martha: have we given them enough lethal weapons? during the obama administration we didn't give them lethal aid. there was criticism for that. since then they have been able to build-up their forces. have we done enough if we are not going to put boots on the ground there? >> ny no, we have not done
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enough. deterrents already failed. you want to convince your enemy that they can't accomplish their objectives through the use of force. that failed already in ukraine. what remains now we will have to see. what we allowed to happen based on not positioning forces in the black sea area is allowed russia to establish a blockade on the southern coast of ukraine without any problem posed to the russian forces. i think it's too little too late to deter. we will see how much cost that the ukrainians is inflict on the russians. it's important when russia first invaded ukraine in 2014 for crape crime. -- crimea, putin went to great
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lengths to conceal the casualties. they said you will get money but you better not say how your father or brother were killed. i don't know if vladimir putin realizes how much he's taken on. martha. i don't want to predict this. it could be the beginning of the end for him. and the economic and financial ramifications associated with the beginning of sanctions announced today. >> martha: that's fascinating to hear your take and whether or not he has gone too far and what the reaction could be. the ukrainian people -- want to see people a picture of victor before and after he was poisoned by russian forces. he served as president of ukraine. look what was done to him. you can see the remnants of that on his face.
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he became president of ukraine. after putin's pick was ousted from that country. there is a dramatic resilience in these people. >> that's what started the orange revolution. that's what putin fears is a color revolution coming home to him. the good reporting from courageous journalists in russia who indicate that the russian people may not be with putin on this. they may not have believed the steady diet of propaganda they were fed. in the biden administration did anything well in the beginning, it was to really declassify some of this intelligence, to let the world know and hopefully russians know as well what putin was planning and the disinformation campaign he was implementing. >> martha: a great point. thank you very much. i know we will be talking about this again. thank you, sir.
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joining me is nikki haley former ambassador to the u.n. what did you think of the sanctions actions the president plans to take against russia in order to get them into line? >> well, first it's a sad day. the idea that putin is a thug and a tyrant and a killer and a horrible individual. the fact that he made this move on ukraine, i can tell you in my protocols at the u.n. one of the first meetings was with russia. i met with the ukrainian ambassador before i met with the russian ambassador. my first speech was in defense of ukraine against russia. we had no better friend than the ukrainians and no better enemy than the russians this is infuriating. if you put that into what we sue from president biden, it was
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disappointing. i don't want to be partisan during a world war? where was the strength and the idea we will fight for freedom. we are trying to prevent a world war. he needed get to the europeans to stop all international banking and sanction all of the energy companies. that's the one industry that kicks putin where he needs to be kicked. that does not happen. biden, i was hoping for a leadership moment today. we need it. what he should have done is gone to the europeans and said this is it, you are 30% dependent on russian gas. poland and lithuania are now getting their gas from australia. the rest of the europeans needs to do.
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the u.s. doesn't need to take any more russian gas. we need to do more fracking. this is the day we should be doing. if we don't learn this, it will get worse from here . >> martha: it's good that you brought that up. boris johnson said we must hobble russia. it's germany that is not cooperating. we saw signs that was coming. they were quiet in the early stages of this all of this. >> the europeans made a massive mistake. they thought if they were nice to russia, russia would not hurt them. with nord stream-2 all of this
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was leverage. the lesson we have to learn is that tyrants do what they say will do. putin said he would do this. china said they would overtake hong kong and they did. now we are looking at the fact that china wants to take taiwan. iran wants to destroy israel. take them seriously and we need strong u.s. leadership. you do it by hitting russia's energy sector and rallying the europeans and by making more natural gas and exporting that out. germany, enough has been said from germany. they allowed this to happen. that has to stop. we need a leadership moment and biden did not give us that. >> martha: do you believe in vladimir putin is successful in toppling the government in ukraine he will push further? which countries would you look
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to for the next invasion? >> i think we need to take him at his word. he said he wanted poland and the baltic states and create a russian empire. we need to make sure we are ready. don't assume if. biden is saying i don't know what he is going to do. assume he will do what he said he will do. our job is to deter war at every level. that include taking serious actions. i don't know what president biden is waiting for. we can listen to what president putin said he will do and we need to make him at his word. so far he's proving he is serious about this. whether he is crazy doesn't matter. take him at his word. >> martha: a moment from the news conference. watch. >> did you under-estimate putin? would you still describe him the way you did in the summer as
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a worthy adversary? >> at the time i said he was worthy. i didn't underestimate him. >> it's not about underestimating or anything. it's the blood in the water. it's what biden did leading up to this. putin did not try to do this during the trump administration. he is doing this now why? he saw afghanistan fall. he saw that we left our allies by abandoning bagram air force base and didn't tell the allies that stood shoulder to shoulder with us for 2 decades. biden is falling all over himself to get in the iran deal. watched biden waive nord stream-2. every one ever these was an invitation to putin. i don't think putin initially wanted to go to war but biden allowed the green light.
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he said i will keep going until i can't go anymore. weakness is what got us into this situation. strength is the only thing that will get us out of this situation. >> martha: on china, when you look at this, china said one thing in the past 24 hours. that is we are nothing like ukraine. this situation is not like ukraine when it comes to taiwan. everyone knows that taiwan is part of china. everyone adheres to the one china policy. there won't be anything like that going on here. what do you say to that? >> we can never forget that russia is the junior partner to china. china means everything they said. they said they would take hong kong and did. they say they will take taiwan because they think taiwan belongs to them and they will. how soon is how we respond to this ukraine situation? we don't handle ukraine well, china will do what they said they will do sooner rather than
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later. >> martha: we stood by taiwan's right to defend itself. we have a similar arrangement with ukraine even though we took away their arms in a promise we would support them against russia. thank you. >> thanks. >> martha: president biden's path to deterrence and diplomacy to stop this. vladimir putin launched a path of death and destruction on europe's second largest country of 10 million people. war in europe. our breaking coverage continues with former secretary of state mike pompeo. >> we are watching the beginning of another cold war. is this a ruptour in u.s. and
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>> the path is diplomatic and also a path of deterrence. >> a 2-track approach with deterrence and diplomacy.
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the terrence effect has merit. >> martha: that did not stop vladimir putin from launching a full-scale invasion of ukraine. we bring in former secretary of state mike pompeo and a fox news contributor. we all just watched the president, he talked about sanctions that will be put in place. do you think it was enough? how do you think that fell on the ears of vladimir putin and the people of russia? >> well, i watched the president speaking while the attacks were coming in ukraine. i am convinced that vladimir putin doesn't care about what president biden said.
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we should take him at his word he wants to continue to expand. president biden showed up on day 97 with continued half measures. we have been behind and weak. i don't understand why we begin to unleash massive sanctions. this administration hasn't demonstrated the resolve it is willing to do. >> martha: you said he won't care about sanctions? is it the "swift" bank transactions? any sanctions that would change putin's actions at this point? >> you can do enough that you can begin to make this hard for him, difficult for the people at home. whether it will deter him, sanctions are one single tool. the big focus on "swift," i remember with iran the europeans
12:26 pm
didn't go along with us. we disconnected a massive number of iranian banks with "swift." the administration could do the same thing here and the germans don't want to do it, so be it. america is powerful. we ought to unleash american energy capacity. we should -- second kerry is still talking about the fight if ukraine distracting from the climate change push. this is music to vladimir putin's ears to focus on climate change when the ukrainian people are dying in europe. i have so many dear friends there. a friend who is a cleric who is running a hospital in kyiv. this is tragic and important for the world to get this right. >> martha: the number of
12:27 pm
casualties you may be seeing right now are likely way off in terms what have we will see and what is coming. i want to ask about the big picture. we heard president xi and putin at the olympics make it clear when they put forward that lengthy essay about seeing the post world war ii architecture. they don't think the united states should be at the head of it. an interesting op-ed called ukraine crisis 6 off new super power struggle among u.s., russia and china. mr. putin sos confidence in his relationship with beijing and leaves the u.s. contending with two adversaries at once. where is this going, sir? >> deeply concerned about the
12:28 pm
risk of cascading crises. the chinese will see american weakness and cascade the problems in ukraine. the relationship between russia and china is long and complex. we should convince russia to look west. putin has chose tone do otherwise for the moment. the chinese communist party is watching and wonderful. what happened in afghanistan and the cyber strike that took down american gasoline lines in the united states where we did almost nothing. those are the things that dictators like xi and the ayatollah all see them. the west is powerful. we need to show the resolve. it requires presidential leadership. i hoped for more today from the president. i am rooting for him and for
12:29 pm
america reach have to get this right the ukrainian people and folks here at home. >> martha: putin offered two ways to make this stop. declare yourself neutral and no weapons are placed in your entire country. >> ukraine posed no threat to vladimir putin. this is a dream vladimir putin had a long time to go back and grab ukraine. i think he dreams of grabbing the baltic states or moving in the south as well. this is in his heart. he sees himself as the heir to peter the great. we can't permit that to happen. >> martha: this sound bite is from the nato secretary general. >> peace has been shattered. we now have war in europe on a scale and of a type
12:30 pm
[inaudible]. >> martha: that's where we find ourselves today. is there any way to stop vladimir putin from taking over ukraine right now? >> it's hard to imagine the tools we would have. there are things we can do to make it costly. arm the resistance and the ukrainian government and convince him that continuing to occupy ukraine is not worth the cost. hard to stop it at this moment. we should do everything we can to make that happen. when i hear the secretary general speak, he is a good leader and good friend. he needs the european nations to rally around him and do the things europe should have been doing for the last decades preparing for this moment so putin would not have the free run he has today and the capacity to do harm in eastern europe as well. >> martha: one last thing, peter
12:31 pm
doocy asked about how this would hit the u.s. economy. president biden's answer said this won't last a long time. >> [laughing]. two things that were surprising. one was his comment about china. he didn't want to talk about what he was telling the chinese. this will be painful for you too. if you continue to support this thug killing innocent ukrainians we will put costs on you. i was surprised there. second, this may well drag on for longer than president biden said. he could he could deter this and when president trump left and the smart guys were in charge and putin would fear them. that's not true. this will go on longer than president biden allows and he won't do the things he could do. turning on american energy across the world to reduce the cost to americans here at home. >> martha: a massive change in
12:32 pm
energy policy would get a lot of attention. thank you very much. secretary pompeo. the attacks under way 5,000 miles away in ukraine. now felt here. a live look at the dow. it's well off its lows but took a serious hit on the rising of these tensions. down who 200 in change. senator tom cotton on putin's unprovoked naked war of aggression after this. >> how economically painful will it get for people in this country?
12:33 pm
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>> ♪ ♪ >> martha: an eye on the markets. stocks off session lows after tumbling 800 points after putin's declaration on ukraine. price of crude passed $100 for gallon. first time in 8 years. fox business correspondent is with us today. >> a total roller coaster. after bracing for a market
12:37 pm
catastrophe today. investors are breathing easier after the nasdaq and s&p 500 reversed. this is a big turnaround. vladimir putin's decision to invade the ukraine overnight sent markets into a frenzy. dow down 800 points. president aa -- announcing new sanctions on russia has people fearing it could affect us at home. the biggest thing is the rise in oil prices. now trading below $99 a barrel. some energy people predict we could see $120 barrel of oil and
12:38 pm
$5 a gallon. russia is the third biggest exporter of the world. the president allowed the keystone xl pipeline to open, americans could have claimed energy independence from the russians. volatility abroad led to volatility for the stock market. investors bracing for more big swings. it's not over yet. >> martha: it is not. thank you. china responding to putin's war on ukraine and refusing to call it an invasion. president biden answered the china question moments ago. >> are you urging china to help
12:39 pm
isolate russia? >> i am not prepared to comment on that at the moment. >> martha: let's bring in senator tom cotton from arkansas. good to have you with us. let's start right there? >> what did you think of the reaction to: are you encouraging china to isolate russia question? >> both vladimir putin and xi jingping are ruthless dictators that oppress their own people and neighbors. for xi jingping it's taiwan. it's important we take a firm stance against russia right now. xi jingping is monitoring what the united states and what our european partners will do. if we let off vladimir putin with a slap of the hand, he will read he can get off if he invades taiwan a country on the
12:40 pm
other side of the world of europe that doesn't have the historical ties ukraine does to europe. the sanctions president biden announced a couple of days ago were quarter measures. today we got half measures. the president needs to bring the european partnerships along for "swift." we need to sanction their minerals and take another steps as home. the president set up a budget last year for the military that was inadequate. below the rate of inflation he created. the congress added 25 billion dollars. that will have to go up now. we will have to see a reversal president biden's war on oil and gas production in america. if we were producing more oil and gas in america, not only
12:41 pm
would be we energy independent but we could supply the needs of europe to reduce the leverage russia has over them. >> martha: if he opened keystone, saying we will alter our policies. this moment merits to be independent. i think he would improve numbers with voters he lost. a military question. the president announced that 7,000 troops will go to germany. we bumped our presence in the nato countries. what do you think happens next? what kind of impact can we have by doing that? >> well, the temporary measure to help reassure our nato partners like poland and hungary, these are not inappropriate. in the long-term we can't continue to commit more combat
12:42 pm
troops to europe when we are trying to counter act china's aggression. we need our european nato partners, especially the large wealthy nations like germany to carry their share of the load. europe has more than 10 times the economy that russia does. they can spend on their military in a way to deter russia from a future conflict. they have not done that for 30 years. it's time for them to care much approximate european security as americans can care about it. we have to push european and nato partners to do more than they have. >> martha: vladimir putin has calculated that in. do you think that putin will be in control of ukraine and how long do you think it will take for that to happen? >> well, unfortunately what you have seen in the first 12 hours of this unprovoked attack
12:43 pm
against ukraine is the loss of their air force. russia has air superiority over ukraine's ground forces. they will put up a valiant effort but russia can go for the jugular. we should provide ukraine with military intelligence. we should try to provide them with resupply of ammunition and weapons. right now vladimir putin has the initiative in ukraine which is where we have been for month. >> martha: senator tom cotton, we understand the senators will receive a briefing at 5 o'clock. next week there will be unclass -- or classified briefings once everybody is back on the hill. thank you very much.
12:44 pm
vladimir putin is calling to de-nazify in his ramblings and some said delusional entrance into this war and his quest for control.
12:45 pm
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12:48 pm
there. what can you tell us? >> well, they have moved in from 3 directions am they came in from the north by the belarus border and the crimea peninsula heading north and also from the eastern border heading west. that's why we have seen some of the most intense fighting. we have video of an apartment building an example we have of collateral damage. we don't have a lot of information coming from there. it could be an example of the first civilian toll we know about. as far as what we know with casualties on the ground. 57 people thus far have been killed and 169 injured. given the intensity of this invasion that number seems low. anticipate sadly those numbers will increase. the air strikes are spread out across the country. the targets are picked like air strips and air defenses have
12:49 pm
been hit and military baraks and the military intelligence building in kyiv was hit. what remains to be seen if they have neutralized the ukraine dens. they claim not. ukrainians claim they knocked russian fixed wing air craft out of the sky and 2 helicopters. in kyiv it looks like business as usual. we talked to people with resolve who were going to volunteer and people who said they would fight. >> [speaking foreign language]. >> it had to happen. because putin went crazy. me as a patriot of ukraine i will sign up for duty. >> lines formed at banks with a run on the ukraine money
12:50 pm
changing in value by the minute. the national police are handing out weapons to retired military enabelling people to fight in streets and they can take shots at russian vehicles and encouraged them to use fire bombs. >> martha: bill hemmer, you listen to what mike said there. you think about the courage it takes to leave your home and take a weapon handed to you by the local police and use it against russian soldiers. i say a video of a ukrainian woman yelling at a russian soldier in the middle of her treat. the personal side of this story is not lost. >> there are videos we have seen that shows military contact in civilian areas. this is something that we have not seen in real time.
12:51 pm
maybe even perhaps in our entire lives. what mike talked about, i want to talk about a few things. at 1:30 eastern time the russian military hit ukraine from everywhere. north, south, east and west. i will talk about kyiv the capital city. there is an air base right about here. it's only 24 miles to the north and west. of the capital city. it's used as a cargo airport. there was a fierce battle into the day and night. it is unclear where the russians overcame the ukrainians. why is that important? if the russian air force has control of this cargo airport you can fly in troops and materials and machinery. you are only 24 miles from kyiv the capital city. another area up here. this is chernobyl.
12:52 pm
you might remember from april of 1996. this is where there was an enormous nuclear disaster in 1986. the russian collusion military moved through this area. this is an exclusion zone in red. the ukrainian military held them off for sometime but were unable to keep the russian military out and moscow was able to claim victory in that area there. let me clear this and go back one time here. this is what mike was talking about. the area where the russian military chose to go in. you can pinpoint 3 areas. from the north in belarus. this is a border now. this is not russia up here. this is not working great. what a senior defense official said earlier today from belarus they allowed the russian
12:53 pm
military to base out of here over the last 60 days. not russia, belarus. it's a different country. they allowed the russian military to come down to the capital city of kiev to the northwest and east. in the south this is crimea. took it over 8 years ago. they came into the south. the second prong. in this area a town on the ukrainian side of the border. the ukrainian military has been able to fight back against the russian forces. this is the scene of a lot of military action throughout the day. if you sum it up here, one here, two here and three here. we have yet to hear what is happening down in the southeast in the donbas region which was taken over 8 years by the russians. second time they invaded this country since 2014. you asked me what comes after
12:54 pm
phase 1? we don't know. we believe he are still in phase 1. it's a military operation and it's not done. i would argue today, we might be a long way from the conclusion of phase 1. >> martha: there was some discussion that perhaps the power that was being used was not as strong as shock and awe as some anticipated even though it came from all three sides of the country. who knows what is waiting in the wings. biggest attack on one nation against another in europe since world war ii. over 40 million people live in ukraine. the second biggest country in europe and invaded by russia. vladimir putin is putting europe into the darkest period since
12:55 pm
1939 with hitler. warning the world do not allow a repeat of the mistakes of the past. let's bring in dan and mark. both are fox news contributors. a simple question i asked other guests: do you believe that vladimir putin is in the process of taking over the country of ukraine and that the government there will topple? >> yes, i do think he is in the process of trying to take over the government of ukraine. it's striking that rather than the shock and awe we were expecting to see it hasn't been that. the ukrainian forces in the north are doing a descent job of resisting. that's the most interesting thing that happened in the last 24 hours. vladimir putin intends to take over a country of 40 million
12:56 pm
people. a point to be made, that has not happened since the end of world war ii. there was a reason for that. there was a reason -- nato resisted the soviet union and ronald reagan decided that the cold war went on long enough and we would raise the spending on defense and national security. he did that and the cold war ended. the "wall street journal" editor page warned we were letting that erode. we were not spending enough on dense defense to deter vladimir putin. here we are today going up at less than the rate of inflation. we have to re-address the fact we let our deterrent erode. you have russia and china
12:57 pm
looking as though they would take advantage. this is demonstration effect many of us predicted would happen for a long time. >> martha: mark, do you think putin will topple this government and replace it with one ever his own? where does he go next? that will whet his appetite for more. >> i think he does succeed. he will probably face an insurgency. i don't think he is stopping with ukraine. in his speech on monday night that deranged speech he said all of the former soviet union are not independent countries. that include the baltic states. we never included them in the soviet union but they did.
12:58 pm
jack keane did a military exercise telling me on my podcast. this is not the end. this may be just the beginning of a larger campaign to restore the former soviet union. >> martha: dan, either he is empowered and takes the baltic states or he wakes a sleeping giant in germany and elsewhere in europe. then there is a need to bolster our national defense. we is to defend the nato countrys. >> yes. i think he has the gun to wake the sleeping giant. i give credit to the nato secretary general who has been an extraordinary partner. he is one we can have take the
12:59 pm
credit for pulling the europeans and the nato allies together. it's been a big accomplishment. what happens to vladimir putin? the question is how does this end? it only ends i think if the russian people become squeezed and put pressure on putin. he holds power over from like any dictator. there is no reason to think that the sanctions or anything else we do will push him out of power in russia. he controls a very significant military. the only deterrent we have at the moment is showing as we have in the last week that the west is unified. we can't let up. if we need to put on more sanctions we should. more military effort into eastern europe, we will have to do that. we have to push back to show that he cannot push beyond ukraine. >> martha: we will see. we will see in the russian people want to put up with this.
1:00 pm
they have a lot of family members as putin pointed out himself on the ukraine side. they may not delight in killing people they consider part of their russian family. that's the "story" for thursday problem 24th. continuing coverage tomorrow. the invasion is on. we are on top of that. the president outlining sanctions that some that don't go far enough. we are going to get reaction. also updating lots of curious reaction. stocks are freefalling, the doubt down more than 800 points and finishing up on the day. some


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