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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 23, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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the mainstream media that peter doocy sits in the white house press meetings, you see the seriousness -- >> sean: we see the difference. stay with the fox news channel for what is happening with russia and ukraine. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham taking over from here. [2. >> laura: the developments are coming in fast and furious. we are watching every minute. i am laura ingraham with the "the ingraham angle." a major new development. senator rubio tweeting that the russian invasion of ukraine is under way. lucas is on the ground with the latest. >> just a few minutes ago russian president vladimir putin declared war on ukraine. we are getting reports of
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russian forces on the move from crimea to russian crossing the border into ukraine. we don't exactly where this is going or where it will end. right here, the power is still on. there are cars on the road. in eastern ukraine it's an area that vladimir putin wants to take for russia. the two separatists areas he sent troops to protect ethnic russians. earlier in a speech in russia, the ukraine president zelensky called on putin not to do this. he learned that russia was sending 200,000 troops into this country. let's listen to president zelensky. >> if troops attack us and someone tries to take away our country, freedom and lives, the lives of our children, we will defend ourselves. when we attack you will see our faces and not our backs.
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>> vladimir putin considered ukraine and russia to be one people. the people here disagree. putin saw what happened in 1999 when nato spread to hungry and poled and the czech republic and serbia. forces are moving. we don't know where they are going. for weeks russian forces have been on the other side of the ukraine's second largest city. that's a major area of concern and forces come up from crimea and maldova.
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>> laura: how significant was president xi's support for putin and xi would not push back if whatever putin wanted to do xi was fine with it. how significant is that in all of this? >> it is significant but i would point out that ukraine is a major trading partner with china. i would not expect president xi to be happy with this invasion. china is a major trading partner with ukraine am think about what russia benefits of taking this country of 40 plus million people. there are large businesses. enormous trading partner for china. you don't expect president xi to support an invasion of this country.
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>> laura: a state department spokesman talked about this new alliance. he said russia and the reb republic of china want a world order. he said it's an order that in many ways is destructive rather than additive. that's bureaucratic jargon. it looks like our government is concerned about it in the 21st century. >> there is no question this is a battle east versus west and china has their eyes on taiwan. they will be watching this invasion carefully. president biden did not send forces here. ukraine is not a member of nato.
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well, kosovo and others were not part of nato and they launched large military exercises there. some officials say if the air force flew and sent forces here that would be a different story. that's not what the president chose to do. he is shoring up the nato allies that border ukraine. the baltic nations. putin was afraid nato was on his doorstep. now he will be on nato's doorstep. >> laura: thank you. joining me now is jason chafffetz and former utah congressman. putin said we have to preserve russian and territorial
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integrity. your reaction? >> well, he is a thug. he is a monster. he will continue to roll over people as long as there is a lack of strength. i do not believe the united states should be engaged in this fight and send our military into harm's way this ukraine. we could have done a lot of other things that barack obama and joe biden and kamala harris failed to do. this didn't happen under the trump years. they are going into ukraine under biden/harris. this is a concern. if putin goes unchecked. who knows what other countries he will go into. >> laura: they are on the doorstep. these are countries, i was in,
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in 1983 when the area was still a soviet empire and ukraine as well. you felt the fear in the people. it was a different era. you get the sense that vladimir putin feels like he has the wind at his back with a very different type american leadership compared to the america first, strong. rebuild the military. strong economy donald trump. >> if you look at ronald reagan and donald trump they had peace through strength. they were world leaders and were able to garner the world and get their support behind them. that picture of donald trump sitting with his arms folded and
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all of the other countries looking to donald trump for how strong or weak america would be. biden is fec less and they are on the march. weakness invites invasions. millions will be affected. it doesn't have to be that way. when you disarm the united states by getting rid of our energy independence and you preach to the world that global warming is a bigger threat than russia and china, youor the wrong path? >> that's why president xi will move on taiwan and you have vladimir putin going into ukraine. >> laura: russia state tv aired putin's new address at 6 a.m. in
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russia time. the russian people are aware that their homeland is involved in another according to the u.n. the situation on the ground is spiraling out of control. that's the reporting coming out of the u.n. jason chaffetz, this is the biggest challenge that a military challenge that america has an ally of the region and nato countries has had in i don't know how long. for russia to be involved in this type of military invasion, 190,000 troops, how big of a challenge to biden and his team is this? >> well, look. putin went into georgia and took over 25% of that country with no
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consequences and went into crimea. barack obama and joe biden said they would put sanctions on them. those sanctions did not deter him from doing it again. the president i would use the mother of all sanctions against russia that didn't slow them down. we turned off our energy spigot. we can't supply germany and other nato partners with liquid gas. >> laura: stay with us. on the phone now is jennifer griffin. fox news natural security correspondent. we are hearing spiraling out of control this is extremely disturbing out of the u.n. what can you tell us? >> i am watching images in
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downtown kyiv where reporters are hearing closings in the capital of kyiv. this is what we have expected. we have been told that once the air strikes and missile strikes begin that all of ukraine is vladimir putin's sights. i want to read you what putin said in his speech at 6 a.m. this morning when he announced this military action inside ukraine. it's mominous. in a warning to the u.s. and nato he said a couple of words for those who would be tempted to intervene. russia will make sure you have consequences. why the u.s. hasn't put troops on the ground. it's a different situation we find ourselves in tonight.
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these are two nuclear powers. the u.s. and nato know when you are talking about russia and russia going into a sovereign country like ukraine, you can't put your military on the ground and risk it escalating into a nuclear war. they are telling putin we know what he is doing. they have been working on this since october. the nato alliance worked on this together. sanctions will be rolling out in waves. because they knew they had very few cards to stop putin. very important to remember that's why troops are in the baltics. they don't want this to spill over into a war between two
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nuclear powers. go ahead. >> laura: jennifer griffin, the question here is where are our nato allies in terms of just statements? we have not seen statements from germany, france, italy. it's surprising. i have not seen anything coming out from the biggest powers? >> you mean this evening? >> laura: yes. >> this just happened in the last few minutes. everybody suggested that tonight was the timing of when we expected this to begin. it was an open secret. the u.n. security council is doing a dance with the russians.
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this is the greatest danger to europe since world war ii. this say turning point in terms of what will be unleashed of putin going into ukraine. this is not a european conflict. the world is too interconnected. president xi is watching. this i remember the images at the beginning of the olympics and putin was sitting there. he leaned back and closed his eyes and had total disdain. he would not stand for the ukraine team as they walked in. you knew that putin decided to invade ukraine. he was just lying in wait. and stood for the russian team. it was all about the platform
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that the olympics gave to president xi and putin to carve up the world. you better believe -- people better realize that president xi is watching. the statements coming out of the chinese leaders, he hasn't criticized putin or russia. he said said that internal matters should be handling internally. he is referencing taiwan. >> laura: thank you. a foreign correspondent in kyiv. trey, you are hearing explosions, is that right? >> i lost the show. >> laura: we can hear trey. not sure he can hear us. reports are coming in from various sources that there are
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explosions in kyiv. a lot of people thought that putin would play on the edges but he is going for the capital if these reports are accurate. this is a very fluid situation. talking about stopping at just the territories in eastern ukraine? if these reports are correct that's not accurate at all? >> you summarized what we will see in the next few hours. we are living history. you're absolutely right. in my view where the air strikes will take place in the capital or other cities, where will the ground troops stop? if they shop this pro-russian
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villages and towns and cities that's the minimum plan putin would have. if we see a movement from crimea to the coast, now we are talking about a different story. we are talking about moscow or russia trying to seize the sea and close it and that would be aded to the russian fleet. in the next few hours decaprio -- depending on where the ground troops move that will give us the answer. >> laura: putin is warning any foreign attempt to interfere with this russian action would lead to consequences that they have never seen. it looks like putin feels like he has enormous cover for what
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he is doing both by the fact that the u.n. is paralyzed here. they don't have any ability to do anything except condemnation and sanctions coming. i go back to china. if you have the support of the largest standing army, the moral support, and almost the largest economy in the world, that gives him an enormous amount of running room. at least in his own mind if not literally. >> absolutely, laura. there is a debate happening. will china allow this to happen because it has interest in ukraine? the real interest of china is to have an aalliance with russia. who will help china with the
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security council. they are divided. they could block it forever. there would be no resolution under chapter 7 or any other chapter to intervene. forget the u.n. the biden administration said we won't mover into ukraine. ukraine is not a member of nato. ukraine is not a member of nato. russia knows that. the interest is to secure the 1st part of the plan and seize those 2 robberies -- republics. >> laura: thank you. trey in kyiv, are you hearing explosions there? we are getting reports here from a variety of news sources there
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are explosions in kyiv? >> we are hearing explosions in the capital of kyiv right now. this is the cordinated attack that could take place. the explosions in the ukrainian capital after reports of explosions in the east and the paper marks by russian president putin finished up in moscow. one place took a direct hit during the initial air strikes. a small town. it was a town we landed over the weekend when we were on the front lines with ukrainian troops. there is a lot of military equipment. it was a base. the fact there are explosions in the ukrainian capital escalates this russian invasion into ukraine to a level that was
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feared could expand to a much larger conflict between the two sides. >> laura: there is a wide berth of possibilities that could spiral fast out of control. what are you most concerned about given the fluidity of this current situation? even knowing this was about to ppen? >> it's the type of weaponry that will be used against large cities in this country. jennifer griffin at the pentagon reported what american officials believed be used. we are looking at things from cruise missile to ballistic missile and ground troops in ukraine. there were 200,000 russian forces on ukraine's border. this was the worst case scenario that everyone was talking about. ukraine getting hit from multiple angles.
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it country preparing for the possibility of a russian invasion, it's been clear that this level of a sustain attack in different locations across the country simply would not be able to be defendable by the ukrainian military. we saw the drills a few weeks ago near crimea. they took place at a level nowhere near the parallel drills in russia including missiles that give the russians the ability to have flexibility from the air and the ground. the coming hours will be significant to see how president putin aims to invade this country. there are a variety of options on the table. putin is known as a military operator. he has a playbook in front of him and will make a number of decisions and change has this unfolds.
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depending on the push back the ukrainian forces give the russian troops. there are anti-tank missiles they received from the united states and other nato countries. the fact that we are seeing air strikes in the ukrainian capital means that ukraine and russia are at war. >> laura: and vladimir putin in a statement that the russians heard at 6 a.m. moscow time, he said if you lay down your arms, if you are a member of the ukraine military, you can return to your families. i don't know how many of the ukrainian soldiers will do that. looking at the choke hold that russian troops have surrounding ukraine and the key ports to the east, north and south, they are going to be overwhelmed quickly.
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anti-tank weaponry, they don't have the force to withstand this. i don't think am we will check back with you soon as this develops. joining me now is chad wolf, chad, we have to say that this something that we are grateful did not happen during trump's term. he had an interesting approach to russia that was short circuited by the mueller investigation. he wanted a better relationship to avoid what is happening am russia getting closer to china. here we are. as jennifer griffin said a pivot point in history with what russia is undertaking with the military invasion tonight.
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>> you're absolutely right. what we saw from president trump was engagement on adversaries. what he realized and what president biden doesn't is continued engagement from day one. you don't have to agree with your adversaries but you need to engage them. that's been lacking over the last year. and as well as leadership. we talk about afghanistan or a number of blunders from this administration. that send a signal to our adversaries like putin and xi and otherses, maybe now is the time to take some action we would have otherwise not. that's what is unfolding here tonight. >> laura: well, i think both president reagan and trump understood that the world is safest and most stable when america's economy is strongest. when our people are united
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behind the idea that america is an exceptional country and not a racist country. we have political differences but the prosperity was key to our holding this country together and being a force for good. not only for our own people but a beacon for the rest of the world. when we are weak at home hell breaking news loose all over the world. that happened in the 1970s. reagan said it has to be peace with strength. 2 years since covid. a lost of the country has been locked down. it doesn't mean our adversaries will wait for things to stabilize. they are working toward their vision of conquest and rebuilding their old days of glory. i think putin never got over the
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soviet union collapse. i lived there back in 1983 for a short period of time. those original kbg guys, that was glory for them. they never felt like they had as much power. that's always been the desire even with the small economy about the size of france. >> you're absolutely right. when you look at not having that prosperity here in the united states and not only does that divide us as americans. our adversaries are looking at what is going on in the united states. they see crisis after crisis, with inflation and the border and afghanistaned. now is the time to make a move we would not have otherwise. they are divided at home.
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they are not strong. all of the factors coming to play right now. not only in ukraine with russia but elsewhere in the world. it's a dangerous time unfortunately. it takes real leadership from a president and vice-president we don't see putting force policies to protect americans. i don't see that occurring. >> laura: i was reminded that when he was running for president, joe biden kept stating and restating that he was going to bring dignity, the normal order of international business and respect in the world and strength back to the fore. he pledged that. things happen and we understand that. but boy, what a different world we have 14 months later. we are seeing it play out sadly in part with emboldened adversaries. joining me is bret baier host of
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"special report." we heard from putin that experts say an empire of lies was created inside the united states. it is hard to disagree. that's an attack on what america is. china and russia would like to think they tried that system and look of they can't keep it together. it's falling apart. >> bret: yes, there is a big moment for the world order. i think that putin is making a gamble here, he is the move to take ukraine back. he characterized it in this very bizarre characterization of how he sees history. he is moving on that. moments ago we got a statement from president biden where he
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said it was unprovoked and unjustified and the world will hold russia accountable. we will see how significant that is. you have a lot of sanctions in a lot of european countries when it comes to energy. a united nato and united front against putin is going to really crucial for the biden administration to make these sanctions stick. in the meantime ukraine, i had the foreign minority on "special report" the other night. they will fight the russians and it could get messy. >> laura: another part is the monthey vladimir putin still makes. even with sanctions kicking in. he is selling a lot to china and other eastern nations of oil and
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natural gas. it is incumbent upon our government to do everything in its power with everything on the line in ukraine, butting up to the nato countries to lower the price of energy in the united states to bring it down so putin doesn't benefit from this crisis that he created? >> definitely. >> opening up our drilling? >> yes, but i don't think our administration is at that point. to the keystone pipeline get open. their answer is to call opec and hope that iran steps up production. that's literally their answer at this moment. you are right to say that russia
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produces a billion dollars a day and we take 5 to 12 million barrels of that every month. if russia decides to cut back their production by half, let's say, the price goes way up. they would still make money. we have to fill the hole. it has to be filled somewhere. currently it's not going to be filled by the u.s. >> laura: bret, we killed our energy independence in short order. you brought up a great point. thank you. back with me is trey. >> the ukraine capital is still under attack. we heard another explosion. it's one of a number of ukrainian cities being targeted
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with russian missile. and of the southern port cities are taking fire. it's a coordinated attack on different fronts. it will be difficult for the ukrainian military to defend from this. especially on the front lines in the donbas region. they were there over the weekend speaking with the troops about their preparations. they have been there for 8 years. they in trenches and exposed to the possibility of drone or air strikes amid this growing conflict. the fact that the ukrainian capital is taking fire right now is significant. it was a larger redline for the west with sanctions and response by the russians. already the rhetoric is heating up between washington and moscow. we heard in the initial declaration of war by president
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putin warning foreign states against interfering with russia in this country. initially it looked like this would just affect the east that are partially controlled by russian backed separatists. it's clear this is a wide scale russia military operation targeting ukraine. the coming hours will show us how large the invasion is. there are strikes in kyiv and other key cities across the country. >> laura: the reports we are getting here is that it's abegin to a blitzkrieg on kyiv and the bombing is coming from all side to a blitzkrieg on kyiv and the bombing is coming from all side. it was a fools thought to think
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he would stop. is there any ukrainian air power that could take out any of the in coming missiles? there is no air force to take on the russians? come on. >> the ukrainian air force is about a 10th of the size of the russian air force. this city and country supposed to have air dense systems. we have not seen any engagement in the ukrainian capital of the that was part of the russian playbook. the russian would hit the air defense systems it ukraine order to prevent them from trying to shoot down jet over ukraine right now. early tonight we started to see the air space over ukraine close down. it was the russian who sent out
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an alert to civilian air craft not to fly along the border. that started to inch out further. it became clear that all of ukraine could be in danger. you could watch on these regards. -- radar. and other flights flying through ukraine had to divert outside of the country. a sense of what these hours leading up to right now were like. the ukrainian military already mobilizeed in a number of locations am but they won't just take fire from the air but also the ground. the southwestern part of the country, you could see on these maps, traffic at 3 and 4 a.m. this morning. that was tanks coming down the street. it indicated this was starting.
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then we heard from officials in the west. secretary of state blinken saying their belief was this would start tonight. that matched the tone of the ukrainian officials in kyiv who warned the west if something did not happen to interfere with russian plans there would be a full-scale operation against the country and one is taking place as we speak. >> laura: there was a flurry of democratic activity with machron in france and italy and kamala harris in the munich conference trying to talk sense into putin. none of it worked. all of it was ignored. i think the point that jennifer griffin made earlier, she said that moment when xi and putin
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were together at the beijing olympics -- know. >> can you hear the explosions behind me? kyiv taking russian fire right now. you make a great point. there were all of these last ditch efforts by the west to discourage putin. they said you can step back from the brink. it's not too late. the most horrifying statement came from the ukrainian president. you could hear in his voice he was out of options. he made an address to the people of ukraine and then in the middle of those remarks shifted his address and started in russian directly to the russian people calling them to encourage their leader to call this invasion. there was a sense in the final hours this was going to happen. it is difficult to describe to you what the coming hours will be like here.
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there is a firm understanding this will be a bloody conflict. upwards of 50,000 ukrainian civilians could die in this war erupting between russia and ukraine. thousands of soldiers on both side expected to be killed if this eerupts and the invasion continues. >> laura: joining me now is glenn greenwald. we heard a lot over the last year. since biden became president of the world based international order. it would keep the emerging nations in world together. to avoid unnecessary chaos.
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how are those folks thinking tonight? >> it cause into question the entire system that you relied on to avoid catastrophic wars. the idea they could prevent countries from going to war has always been a fantasy. >> laura: sorry to interrupt. the former president of the donald trump is joining us now. thanks for joining us via telephone. you are watching this unfold. your reaction to putin's threats if anyone western nation or any nation interferes with the russian military action? >> this should have never happened. this would not have happened during my administration. people are saying why didn't
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this take place over the last 4 years? it didn't for a good reason. have would not have taken place right now. it's a sad thing for the world and the country and a lot of people that will be needlessly killed. >> laura: give us a sense, though. you know vladimir putin. you have dealt with him. how would you have avoided it conflict? how would you have prevented these series of events from unfolding? >> well, i know him very well. we had many, many times together. i got along with him fantastically despite the fact i shut down nord stream-2. i am the one that shut it down. i told angela merkel you are doing a terrible thing. they were going to get 75% of their energy from nord stream-2. it was ridiculous. if you remember i told you this
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privately once, i sent them a white flag of surrender. she said what does this mean that means you will surrender as far as russia is concerned. they had a lot of conflicts over the centuries. it's a terrible thing. the way it started, i don't believe he wanted to do this initially. i think he wanted to do something and negotiate it and had got worse and worse. he saw the weakness want it really started with the weakness in afghanistan. the way they pulled out of afghanistan. i really believe that's where he started think he could do this. >> laura: president trump, we understand that biden is monitoring the situation at the white house now. he will talk to the g-7 tomorrow? tomorrow? he will talk to the nation as well. your reaction to that approach?
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>> i don't think he's monitoring. i think he is sleeping. this is a terrible thing that should never have happened. i believe it was afghanistan. when the military is pulled out first and our soldiers are dying and horribly wounded. we leave 85 billion dollars worth of equipment. they are one of the biggest sellers of military equipment in the world. selling the equipment we left there. $85 million and left hostages behind. i think they said we can do this. >> laura: president trump the burgeoning friendship between president xi and president putin is of deep concern now to the state department which described this as a potentially
7:44 pm
destructive force in the world. gone is the hope for a new world order if we have two major adversaries working in concert against the west. did you think that was an important dynamic to disrupt when you were president given what a powerful alliance that could end up being? >> well, i had a good relationship with both. it was hurt by the russia hoax. you see what happened with durham and those reports and other reports including mueller. it was a made up hoax and it hurt our country. despite that, i had a good relationship and with president xi of china. but he was not happy about the fax i was taxing the hell out of
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them. the worst thing that could happen is drive those two countries together. it started with obama and energy. he drove them together because one needed the energy and the other needed the money. drove them together and biden -- i kept them apart and biden now it's a great love fest. that's a very bad thing. you could add iran too. they are including iran also. it's a very bad thing that happened. very, very bad thing. >> laura: how critical is it now that this administration even with all of its climate change ideas moves to lower the cost of energy for americans given how we have already seen a huge run up right up to this conflict? this is obviously not helping. do you think this might break
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their desire to kill oil and gas for a short period of time? >> no, just yesterday he ended a lot of leases for energy and oil because there was not good for environment. this whole environmental thing is out of control. china and russia and india don't adhere to. nobody adheres to it but the united states. he doesn't know what the hell is he is doing. it's a disgrace. we have get back into the real world. we had energy at a level nobody has ever seen. we would have been double the side of saudi arabia and russia combined in one year. we were already bigger. we were energy independent for the first time probably ever am they say in 72 years. probably ever. >> laura: president trump, we are just learning that u.s.
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officials are looking at a landing in ukraine. a month ago the experts said that putin would just be content with staying in the separatists regions. begin what unfolding, sadly with weakness in the united states, they decided to go for it. it looks like they are going for it. >> i think that's what happened. >> laura: where does that leave the nato alliance? >> you are right. he sees the weakness and stupidity of this administration. as an american i am angry and saddened. it happened because of a rigged election. that include inflation and millions of people pouring in on a monthly basis coming from 129
7:48 pm
different countries. they are destroying our country. >> laura: president trump. we are going to the pentagon i believe. ukraine is speaking at the u.n. >> [silence]. >> i was intending to ask the russian ambassador to confirm that russian troops would not starting firing at ukrainians today. that became useless 48 minutes ago. your president declared war on ukraine. now i would like to ask the ambassador of the russian federation to say on the record at this very moment, your troops
7:49 pm
do not shell and bomb ukrainian cities and do not move into the territory of ukrainian. you have a smart phone. you can call. we can make a vote to let you go out and call him. if you are not in a position to give an affirmative answer, the russian relinquished the responsibilities of the president. passed these responsibilities on to a legitimate member of this council, a member that is respectful of the charter. i ask the members of the security council to convene an
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emergency meeting immediately and consider all necessary decisions. >> laura: we will monitor this. we will go back to president trump for a quick reaction. a pathetic display from president zelensky earler in day spoke in russia and implore vladimir putin not to invade his country. now we have the ukrainian ambassador to the united nations looking like a defeated man. your final reaction? >> well, i think the whole thing would have never happened. it could not happen. it's a sad thing. what is also very dangerous you told me about the amphibious attacks by americans. you should not be saying that.
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they should did that secretly and not through the great laura ingraham. >> laura: a russian amphibious landing. >> i thought you said we were sending people in. that will be next. we want to protect our own borders and get to the southern border and protect it. it's a very terrible situation. it's a situation that should have nerf happened. >> laura: there was a poll that just came out today. 36% support american support for increased military involvement in ukraine. there is not a public appetite for us to get involved militarily. president trump we appreciate you joining us tonight.
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back with me is our foreign correspondent trey in kyiv. air strikes are dropping bombs on ukraine control centers? >> exactly. we are getting this from an advisor to the interior minority. kyiv is being targeted with cruise and ballistic missile. rubio said this know anywhere near over. russians are targeting not only the largest cities but other cities. we are talking about millions of people. mostly civilians in the cross fire of this conflict. it's part of the reason you had so many western leaders pleading with president putin not to
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launch this invasion and you had the ukrainian president zelensky speaking russian to national tv speaking directly to president putin. this was a slow bleed. we knew it was coming. a worst case scenario that is currently taking place right now not only in the ukrainian capital but across the country. there are a variety of different angles and positions you will see. the russia forces are continuing to move. in jennifer griffin reported on this. these air strikes across the ukraine is just beginning. there will be more heavy assaults and ground troops. 200,000 russian forces have moved according to satellite images. more troops from russia are getting close to the border.
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president putin preparing for a long campaign. understanding while he has the upperhand against ukraine this will be a bloody conflict. the russians is have casualties. but there are millions of civilian caught in the cross fire. 3 million people in this city shelterering in place. we were told in kyiv there would be air raid sirens. you can't hear those though the strikes continue. >> laura: back with me is glenn. when you think of the city of kyiv around since the 6th century. the centerpiece of the slavic world.
7:55 pm
it and ukraine have a tortured history. this is just one more wrinkle in what is a completely complicated and upside down situation if eastern europe tonight. >> yes. it's very complex. it's dangerous. russia has more nuclear war heads than any other country including the united states. they have 20 times more than china and france. our policy has been to avoid things like this over the levity 5 years. -- lasted 5 years. we indulged this unhinged theory and made it such this was impossible to meet with russian diplomats without being accused
7:56 pm
of treason. it was dangerous to play games with the relationship between u.s. and russia. >> laura: looking backed at steele dossier and russian collusion and the tens of million dollars spent on the ridiculous mueller investigation. the world is playing the price. we wasted an opportunity. you heard president trump. he wanted to work with putin and try to avoid what people thought was building over a course of many years preceding the trump administration. he was not able to do a lot. it was an admission on his part. lay the blame at the feet of the people who tried to hound him out of officer. there was russian collusion between russia and china?
7:57 pm
>> that's the collusion we created. >> the most dangerous thing that could happen would be an alliance between russia and china. president trump ran on a campaign in 2016 of wanting better relations with russia pointing out how dangerous a conflict like this would be. the interest of the american people to avoid it. what power do we have to do anything about this complex region when russia has not only china and other countries aligned with them. the united states is not the sole super power in the world. this makes the united states even more impotent in this volatile war. >> laura: it's pathetic. thanks for your voice. join me from kyiv, steve.
7:58 pm
you are hearing more explosions? >> we are. off to my right i hear explosions 3 or 4 and then an orange glow. however will vladimir putin go? -- how far will vladimir putin go. here in kyiv 6 hours away we are hearing explosions. is this capital city of 3 million people part of the attack or simply surrounded and sealed off? we can only imagine in the darkness that key points in the city are being hit. communications, airports, police. we heard since i have been up here in the last few minutes. 8 to 10 explosions and the orange glow after the explosions. a terrifying night for people here. ukrainians in disbelief they could be fighting with their
7:59 pm
relatives. it's come to this. can cruise missile attacks. russia attacking ukraine. now this capital city is being hit. how far will it go. are we going to see ground troops? we heard that russia has target lists to capture what is the reaction so far. >> laura: steve. >> we could see martial law here. >> laura: steve, we are almost out of time but has anyone heard from zelensky? tonight? >> had not heard from him yet but his tone has changed dramatically over the past day or two. it is been there is not going to be a war and now he is saying we are going to fight until the very end. as he said, ukraine will defend itself. >> laura: steve harrigan on the ground in kyiv as we are
8:00 pm
seeing more explosions. we can hear them in the background. steve, please state dave. this is a pivotal time for the west. the east is challenging us. we will keep following all the breaking details. that is it for us tonight. shannon bream and her fabulous team will take it all from here. attune to fox news and for all the breaking details. thanks for joining us. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news at night" special coverage. i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, russian decline what it is: or putin is calling a special military operation with reports of glass on the ukrainian capital. we have key coverage keeping us up to minute with very latest development in i. trace gallagher reporting on the cyberattacks one day that led up to tonight's military action. on the


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