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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 15, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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you browbeats for any time anywhere migraine strike without worrying if it's too o late or where i am. quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours on my folder medicine you bowlby the pill that directly bowlby the pill that directly boxgrove eff you a migraine youe not persistent three according to the most common side effects were not the entire thingng nrsc about drowsy and learn how acid can help you save anything at welcomeness tucker carlson said a lot happening in the news. here's one item that we noticed canada canceled democracy last night and the remarkable thing is no one in this country seemed to notice that itit happened. there was no outcry from ourno i political class as their friend justin trudeau declared martial law in response to an entirely peaceful protest from his country's working class. oure news media barely noted that it happened. weirdest of all, the state department n
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which exists these days to denounce such attackers of democracy is hungry in poland didn't say a singleid word as democracy in canadan' ended. that'sat pretty weird if youab think about it. canada is not some exotic faraway land with an alien culture and unintelligible language. it's not ukraine. canada is our neighbor, our trading partner. canada's our closest ally on earth. it's practically part of our country. our vice presidentea grew uprt in canada sort of half our comedians and actors and singers. our border with canada is the longest border in the world, stretches more than fifty five hundred miles. in every level we are deeply intertwined with canada. whether we noticed or not what happens there matters here. if nothing else, it's a preview of what will likely a happen in the united states. so with that in mind, youd should know that justin trudeau is no longer the primet ministee of canada.te justin trudeau is canada's maximum leader. strong it's cordial. it's potentate justin trudeau is the dictator of d canada.
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if you think that's anhi overstatementnk, try to think of another way to describe what justin trudeau is nowr doing. the first time in canada's history, trudeau has invoked what's known as the emergencies act. so the protests he is facing hardly qualifies as an emergency. hasenddenly justin trudeau the powercy to crush all political opposition to his rule. and that's exactly o what he's doing. trudeau has ended free's speech in canada. he's banned free assembly. trudeau's government has shut down political rallies and arrested his political critics without probable cause.t trudeau hasic instituted internl passports that restrict travel within canada to the politically obedient. canadians are no longer allowed to leave their own country unless they obey justin trudeau and if they don't obey, they could be bankrupted and destroyed. he now has the power to do that . trudeau has claimed a power to freeze the financial assets of any canadian who resisted. no court order is required to do this . he just decides justin trudeau can even dictate what you do for a living and how you do it
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. today trudeau h threatened to arrest tow truck drivers who refused tow the trucks of protesters. is this really about stopping the spread of coronavirus no. one in canada is even pretending that it is anymore. trudeau himself didn't mention the risk of covid a single time yesterday. dois not worried about unvaccinated truckers spreading a virus shrewish worry about canadians resisting his rule. that's why trudeau's government announced yesterday they plan to regulate cryptocurrency forever p much. >> we are broadening the scope of canada's anti money laundering, laundering and terrorist financing rules so that they cover crowd f funding platforms and the payment service providers they use. these changes cover all forms of transactions, including digital assets such as crypto currencies. the illegal blockades have highlightedhe the fact
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that crowdfunding platforms and some of the payment service providers they use are notin a fully captured under the proceeds of crimey and terrorist financing act. oh , the terrorist financing act. so that was a law passed to defeat al-qaida. now it's being used to stop law abiding canadians, middle class people, students, truck drivers from protecting their earnings from the total mismanagement of canada's central bank. justin trudeau has wreckedtr the canadianud economy. bute thanks to the terrorist financing act, there's no canadire from the consequences. seniors are going to have toan live with the consequences. justin trudeau's fiscal recklessness, whether they want to or not otherwiseec areis terrorists. surprise you't't the first move in the face of a trucker protest was to clamp down on cryptocurrencyru. democrats will try this in this country guaranteed bitcoin a russian plot. cnn will dutifully back them up, watch it happen.
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but at the same time, you've got to wonder since we're speaking of terrorism what happened to the actual terrorists, those do exist. how justin trudeau treating them? well, let's see.? a few years ago, justin gave more than ten million dollars in taxpayer money in a settlement to a self-described al-qaida soldier called omar khadr katamari to murder the u.s. army sergeant now murdered a u.s. army sergeant is bad, but it'sad not as bad as criticizing justin trudeau's . trudeau did not freeze congress bank account. instead he just made himez rich and when a christian arsonist burned more than 50 catholic churches across canada, justin trudeau did not declare an emergency. instead he issued a statement sympathizing with them, quote it is fully understandable, trudeau said, given the shameful history we were all becoming more aware of the beginning to see how this works in a dictatorship, the only real crime is opposing the regime. so how did all this happen so quickly in a country as nice and moderate as canada?
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what happened the way that it always happens, it happened with maximum aggression and limited popular supportnd. justin trudeau won reelection last year with less than a third of the national vote. in fact, he finished f the election behind his main competitor, the conservativein party . thanks to quirk's in the parliamentary system, trudeau took power anyways and he immediately began to crack down on anyone who opposed him. trudeau had relatively few supporters, but they turned out to be the right supporters. they were the people with power . the one, for example, you just saw announcingus a crackdown on cryptocurrencies is canada's deputy prime minister. but before she was that she wasp a long time journalist, including in our country. she used to write for b the washington post. she's currently married toto a new york times reporter. whyn is that relevant? well, because up and down this story you see the starring role that media organizations have played in the death of edia canadian democracy. the other day, for example, somebody hacked the database of crowdfunding website give fund go and then reveal the names of people who donated to the truckers protesting in ottawa.
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you've got to ask yourself who would have the tech savvy and the political motive to do something like that ? well, state intelligence agenciesth, in fact, we can't really think of anybody else. it wasod really interesting to find out who did it. it's a big part of the story. but media companies seem curious, uninterested in finding out who did it. instead, they immediately started using. this stolen information to intimidate the donors. anyone who dared to send money to justin trudeau's political opponents was unmask in public shamed and of course inevitably threatened because that'sd what happens produced a tv channel. the cbc has been working on this retribution project allt day long. they knew who their enemies are and they knew who their master is. it's justin trudeau. but canada's national postea newspaper is doing the same thing. the national post is supposedly independent ofda the government. they're still doing it in this o country. vice media too. it'sy great and eternal shame has been doing the same thing. a so what do all of these media companies have in common? well, they are all squarely on the side of entrenched power
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against the population they supposedly serve. that's the opposite of what journalism is designed designed to do. but at this point it isha the rule nott in theo united states but around the world. reporters and politicians and biggis point business all le against voters, against you. have youea noticed earlier this week the cbc one canadians it's the word freedom has quote become common among far righted groups. so only coonan wants freedom. rememberom the next time you complain about justin trudeau, media organizations have been agitating against democracy for years now even as they posed loudly as its greatest defenders in february of 2020 at the beginning of a the pandemic, vice media ran this headline antifah vaxersbe are terrified the government will enforce a vaccine fororer coronavirus antifah vaxedti groups on social media are claiming that the spread of a the diseasere will lead to mandatory vaccinations and unlimited surveillance. >> yeah, those conspiracy nuts
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now that all of that has actually happened twice has done apologized and said visus helping justin trudeau to hurt anyone who complains about it h in october of that same year w 2020 the cbc warned canadians about a quote disinformation campaignd quote falsely suggests canadians will be forcibly sent to quarantine a few months later. as if on cue, the trudeau government began forcibly t sending canadians to quarantine sites. but the cbc never apologized for posting what turned out to be disinformation. instead, they set aboutbo enforcing justin trudeau's latest decree's. they see that is their job some other way. this the so-called academicmm community. these are the university professors who've been granted lifetimenies job security preciy so they can think for themselves freely independent from government control. and yet in practice no one is more controlled by the government than they are. here's than they ar professor fs carleton university. that's an institution heavily funded by justin trudeau
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telling cnn's viewers how dangerous and immoral he is to criticize justin trudeauau in any way. >> watch. i think it's important to remember that at the core of this protestmb, you know, it was never really about mandates in the first place. it's always been about a small group of people who called for congo who hold very anti-government views and asac well as kind of a racist white supremacist views conspiratorial world views. oh , they hold anti-government views. that's the crime. 't but isn't holding anti-government views allowed in a democracy? in fact, fa isn't the measure ofou democratic government the degree to which you're allowed to question the people in chargeue.? that used to be the definition of democracy. it's not anymore. certainly not on the cnn anchor who heardnn that just nodded. yes, it is indeed a scary problem when canadians disagree with justin trudeau arrestry on msnbc, which is less subtle but a lot more straight
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forward. they'rethe time telling justin trudeau to stop the half measures. the problem with canada iss it's not authoritarian enough time to get the stick and start hurting people. >> watch stick this . >> i do have to ask one question, though. the liberal prime minister in canada. ca seriously? well,na i'm sorry.>> i'm if i'm a mayor, i'm a prime minister. your trucksyor, get my cityci straight. they're not going to stay there a week. no, no, no, no. not going to there's going to be somebody with a stick is going to be banging on the window. you got one or two options in this thing. are we going to cut yououop and take you to jail? we're pound this and we're going to find your company whataboutism move it or lose it. >> settle down, tough guy.e there's going to be someone there with a stick. it's interesting. it's alwayss the very same people who call for violence. it's almost like it excites. a it's not a good sign.sign. so clearly there is an appetite for canadian style tyranny in this country. so the question is how long till we get it?
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let's see. this morning weis learned that american intelligenceern agencies are trying to censor a financial website called zero hedges . si unnamed sources from joe biden's intel community press.o associated off the record, of course, that zero hedge was quote spreading russian propagandaa by which they meant criticizing joe biden. we can't have . av so how long before they pull zero heads off the internet? how long before they try the same thing with joe biden's many other critics in the media ,all of whom we can tell you firsthand, have also been accused of workingng for vladimr putin. and when that does happen,n.n. n these voices are silenced, what will we call it then? cnn will of course describe is a a necessary national security measure. >> but it's not that it's tyrannys ne. >> and by the way, since when does the cia get to decide a what websites americans are there any civil libertarians leftad in this country, old fashioned liberals, anyone?o >> what done they think of this maybe they don't notice it in their defense. it's hard to notice sometimes of leaders like joe biden and justin trudeau.
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they don't look very threatening, not the hollywood version of fascists. look atol justin trudeau. o o fa he's absurd. the seventies haircut, all those little outfits when he feels like playing dress up doesn't look dangerous. he looks ridiculous. b but maybe justin trudeau is smarter than he looks. leaders like biden and try to avoid the usual telx. they don't use armies to invade other countries, for example. instead they promote color revolutions and control foreign governments from afarlu. that's exactly what they did in ukraine, which became a far u more repressive place once joe biden began running it. and he does run ukraine. n make no mistake, that's what they do. this new class of dictators uses power incrementally through the bureaucracy they neveres raise their voices. they don't wave their arms. they smile and they tell they're protecting democracy and public health. they praise y diversity even as they demand conformity. they're entirely passive aggressive, but they're no less dangerous. one morning you wake up
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and they've canceled your job and seized your bank account for the crime of disagreeing y. themm this is the architecture of tyranny and it's not justrcy happening in canada. ni it'sng happening here in thend united states. usedill be used against us .ill bet aga on jason whitlock is the host of fearless. we are always grateful to have him on the show. jason , thanks so much for coming on . so we don't pay any attention to candidates famously boring. that's a compliment that things don't typically happen there.hi but this has happened. the guy is taking total control of the country and canceled human rights and our state department, our media, the bush administration say nothing. >> how does that work? wo tucker , what's amazing isrk justin trudeau on the record has told us exactly who he isth when fidele castro dies. he had glowing words for fidel castro.e he has talked about how muchec respect and admiration he has for chinat a in the way things e run in china. he has told exactly who he is. we don't care what is
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frightening about this because the things goingca on in canada are foreshadowing or working in concert with the events happening here in this country. i'm sorry if people get offended, but the january 6th thing they assassinate this young woman, ashley, and they thrown people in dungeons, in dungeons for yit trespassing on the capitol if and what's going on in canada with the truckers is bad. canada but we have the same style things going on here in america . the opposition to the left and their secularization of american society, the demonizee ,the freedom that was in your mind when you start talking about they demonize freedom. america has been built upon freedom, opportunity and self-determination. that's what made us the envy of the world. they're demonizing all of that . and now the goal in america isca
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equality, inclusion and diversity. thosee things are controlled by elites and government freedom, opportunity and self-determination. that'syo one you and me as individuals to go get that and that's why people beat down doors to get in this countryan and all of this freedom opportunity self determination, all of that goeson hand in hand with cristiana tucker . and if l you go look at canada and in the 50s and 60s, that country like 65% of them went to church regularly on sundays. they dropped that downre about 10% now. and so we don't even value freedom right now because we don't understand its importancer and they've handed us equity, diversity and inclusion in the race, religion and anybody that disagrees with them. oh my god, there was a swastika. there was a confederate. it's a group of racists.
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anybody who loves freedom and wants to try to fight to protect their race, they're sellouts. they're not in line with thein global agenda. it's we neede to pay attention to what's going on in canada and pay attention to what's going on in this country. we are being bulldozed right now. those of us that love freedom,fr opportunity and self-determination and , it's funny that secular i societies have a very tough p time preserving human rights. they talk about human rights constantly, but they were always the most repressivee societies i have noticed just a when we look. >> i appreciate you coming on . thank you . thank you . so jennifer say it's had s a pretty amazing career, an olympico athlete then she spent many years working at levi strauss, the jean company. she eventually rose to become the president of the brand sb54q impressive. she just quitui her job after the company tried to silenceut her for speaking out against coronavirus mandate and lufthansa.
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remarkable story. 70%. joins us after this . hunter biden is the most protected person in the country . he was given rights and say the jobs well beyond his credential. but just as the founding, you really can't find any business venture that is not revolve around his father's political power. tens of millions from the ukraine, china and washington entities, hunter is barely functional human, a roaring sex addiction obsessively videotaping every aspect of his life sussmann you
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restaurants in the world
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and all across the west for two yearss now you've seen institutions, government schools, company punish anyone who dares ask the most basic questions about our response to coronavirus or even ask questions about the virus. q >>ue so shut up to explain.irus here's the most recent example a . it's amazing one levi's the company that makes the jeans and has for one hundred fifty years in san francisco, has just forced out one of its senior executivestti for criticizing school shutdowns and mask mandates an opinion told by millions of reasonable people, jennifer say was fort' a long time the brandf present at levi's. she's a former gymnast for team usa now. upon leaving, the company offered a million dollars in severance to be quietor abouo what had happened to her , butt she refused. this night she joins wha 70%. te wefu are grateful to have youn on the show tonight . thank you . thghghththank so. thank you for having me, tucker . so we you know, anyone
10:24 pm
who comes on the show i always think of as brave but a anyone who turns down a million bucks to be quiet is deeplyly principled. tell us why you took the standnd that you did and why you turned down the money. well, for me this whole thing has sort of culminated in culminated in really being about the silencing of dissent and really not being allowed tod hold a viewpoint that is outside whatever the mainstream narrative is the orthodoxy and i was veryhe outspoken that close schools were harming children in my city, sanit francisco and in cities acrossco the country and that seems like a very sensible position to me. it seems folks agree with that now, but it was unacceptable and i have to be able to say that i don't think schools would be open if parents like me weren't saying all along. and so it's a broader issue in the culture. this is levi's issue. it's not specific to levi. the silencing of dissent. it's certainly not you know, it's easy to say this is bad and i'm against it. c but here's a million dollars. just be quiet like everyone
10:25 pm
else is. >> i mean, you must really mean it. i do really mean it. i just it goes against everything in my entire being. and it's not to say it wasn't tempting. i mean, i'm human, you know,ot that's a lot of security for my family. but i had persisted for two years and continuing to speak out on this subject becausehi i care about kids and then to agree to stay silent atgr the last minute because of money you just felt sous unacceptable and just gross margin and violation of everything i said i stood for. and i hope that in some deep and eternal sense i are rewardef for what you did because it's such a virtuous thing to do. i think so'sng i agree it's nota about levi's. a lot ofbo companies do this . but since you workedot for levie for sod long, i'm interested to know why it was unacceptable to express k very mainstream opinio and why they were so intent on your not talking aboutin this that they offered you all this money to be quiet. why do you think? well, and i will say i do find f it particularly egregious from
10:26 pm
levi's, which is this brand that's about rugged individualismshat' using your ve . i had led a whole campaign that we called use your voice. it wasn't partisan. it was really meant to inspireit others to speak up, not on asubc particular subject. and you know whyand, you say this view is mainstream now you have to remember i was doing mas this in march 2020. it absolutely was not mainstream. it was considered unacceptable . it was racist. itwa was you are a granitevilley you are the worst possible kind of person in the world that you would advocate for this . none of those things were fact based and so, you know, it caused a lot of upheaval-b in noise and social mediaem employees were complaining and it became very difficult tol managecomp ver as a senior execo a large extent and i accept this . you know,, when i speak, whether i do it on behalf of the company or not, i have to, keep in mind or you know, i do keep in mind that i represent the company to some extent, but i have four i've been an active public school parent for many years
10:27 pm
and that is more important to me. >> even though i was warned so, so much for listening to the voices of women. but bless you for doing what you did, for taking a stand on principle on behalfor of your family in the country and for coming on the show. i really appreciate hope we hear more from jennifer. >>fa say thank you . thank you . thanks for t having me. course. >> so if you let a problem fester tends not to get better, especially when they're drug addicts living in yourhb neighborhood being subsidized by the government or destroy civilization d d. case in point, a homeless encampment in seattle is terrorizing neighborhoods. city officials refuse to help us . in our irony file of blmny activist gun control activists just arrested for trying to assassinate a mayoral candidate in kentucky. we got that right. the hello, i'm mike lindell ceo of my fellow council culture has not only affected myself and my people but also millions of you out there, my employees.
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10:33 pm
neighborhoods, often on their sidewalks, in the parks across from their homes and democrats t in power refuse to clean themn up. they're called homeless encampmentsm in seattle. inevitably criminals are usingpe one of these encampments as a base of operations to terrorize people who live there. not surprised jason rance, a seattle radio show host is our man and pacific northwest. he's got the story for us . yes, this latest homeless controversy comes out ofve a park. it's called seven hills park. it's surroundedomeses by million dollar homes in seattle's capitol hill neighborhood since julysu of last year, this park has just been completely overrun by the homeless.t they use it as a camp site, a drug then as a public toiletd . and unfortunately it's getting progressively worse at any given g gpr time. you can see as few as 10 to as many as 30 tents filled mostly with addicts who are shooting up smoking meth many times le doing it out in the opn and as a result, the parky is constantly being visitednt by police and medics because ofy assaults against homeowners, ul
10:34 pm
fires, overdoses. and just in november therers wa. none ofstabbing. now, of course, none of this stuff stays in this park sometimesso you get the homeless using the adjacent townhomes as a toilet a right in the midde of the day. but what's most alarmingha is what's happening between the park and the townhomes where there's this private walkway for some people to get to their homes. the homeless are using it to th shoot up. they useey it as a toilet, whici of course the homeowners have to clean up . got and of course you've got homeless people trying to actually break into these homes, checkcko surveillance video. it's of a man either hire drunk, probably both thinking he actually lives in one of the homes that he's trying to break into . >> i mean, right now, dude,
10:35 pm
there is so quite romantic. city unfortunately is doing literallye nothing about it.ta they sent out a statement saying we're going to look into it bute they won'tom actually commit to a sweep of this park if this is a result of your social policies. those policiess by definitionlii felt this is cruel for everyoneu involved from the drug addict to the homeownersg. awful. and i appreciate your chronicling for us , jason . thank you . >> appreciate it. so one of joy reid's favoritehe activists just attempted to assassinate a mayoral candidatet in louisville, kentucky. > trace gallagher has the story for us . hey, tucker . prosecutors say twenty one year old quintet's brown had a nine millimeter glock, walked into the campaign headquarters of louisville mayoral candidate craig greenberg and fired multiple shotsts. nobody was injured but onlydy by the slimmest of margins considering greensburg's shirt
10:36 pm
was gray. oargins greenberg is white jewish a democrat and so far police havet no motive for the attack. but quintets, brown is not only a well-known black lives matter prolific who was during the george floydli protest, he has also been honored f by the barack obama foundation, is an outspoken supporter of communism, co revolution and defunding police. he also started making a namen for himself back in high school when he pushed for gune reform. and here he is in twenty eighteen on msnbc. >>ms we've all common sense gun> reform and if you're not willing to i w give up that then we're going too get everyone out here to vote and we're going to vote you out of office. soyo if you want to keep your job, you know, give us what we not what we want but what we need, what humans need. we need common sense gun reform ,get rid of assault rifles. quintets brown disappeared last summer and turned up two weeks later in new york. his family said at the time that he was attending to his physical, mental and spiritual needs. ce then in december, brown went on social media to announce
10:37 pm
he was running for louisville metro council. those who know him m sayt they thought he was for ending h violence, not carryingnd out. gallagher, thanks so much forp. that . yep, so the gun control activists promoted by julia reed pulls gun out and starts shooting at people. turns out the people who are a accusing you of violence areg actually committing quite a bit of violence in this country. have you noticedte a few months ago a black nationalist racist blm supporter murdered a numbere of people by driving over them with his suv in wisconsin? that was mass murder, don'ter you? that's very much episodeson't ld that focus some attention on who exactly is donating toesi blm and who the organization recruits and is run by .un so the washington examiner looked into this and it turns out that for several months now nobody appears ths to have beenm in charge of blm or the tens and tens and tens of millions of dollars it has raised. huh? what's happened to all the money that google sent them
10:38 pm
to jeff bezos g? be >>zo well, the address the blm lists on the tax forms is wrong and the charity's two board t members won't say who control the at least 60 million dollars they've got in the bag now. they'll also be buying new houses with it. but what's going on here? no oversight of the most important civil rights organization of the generation. charlie hurt of the new york o times is a one manyo accountability squad and joins us tonight to assess what we're watching. hey, charlie. so nobody's in charge and one of the richest charities in the country. how does that how doesth that work? >> yeah, no, it's truly, truly extraordinary. and i guess, you know, when you go through the lists of these crimes, whether it's illegal voting or attempted assassination, it should come as little surprise from an organization that is entirely built on thison racial supremacy and quite frankly, lawlessness. and it's a natural extensional that you would wind up with these cases like this . and sadly, even in a country like ours that is built not
10:39 pm
the only country on earth not built on a race but built on the idea that we are our rights come from god, that we are all equal under god and that that our laws are designed to be equally applied to all of us .all of an organization like blm that'su a real problem. and of course the real the mosg disturbing part of p this is a number of politicians, the people who are in charge of creating those laws that are supposed to be equally applied to all of us have completely fallen into bed with these blm activists because they see it as an opportunity to further their own power within the country. i mean, so the tell is when anyl organization starts saying we represent people of a certain race or color whichtain of coure is by definition racistt and anti-american, but i don't think the dummy to promote the stuff understand if one group starts doing that , then why wouldn'tup every group start doing that ? and do you really want to liveou in a country where every group is doingnt they don't see the ee to this ? oh i know i think that quite
10:40 pm
frankly, i think that would be just fine with these people because of course racial the problem that these people have with america is that it does tear down the divisions among people and they want people divided the way p these p people gain powereo is by dividing people and they will divide peopleeo by anything that they can manage to sort of wedge between people. but nothing is more effective for these people than race itself and that's whyhy w they dwellhy upon it more than, you know, constantly dwell upon . that'ske just rwanda.r: it's so bad. i wish they would stop but reallyd. sincerely and trulyli hurt. great to see you tonight . thanks a lot. so joe biden is still all spun up about ukraine where his son once worked his family millions of dollars. got it. is m russia about to invade ukraine like in the next ten minutes or what is going on ? doug mcgregor one man we trust to answer the questions
10:41 pm
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built for a home cook like me but fit for alinea. hey old joe biden was yammering again today about ukraine, his son's former employer. what does that have to do with you or your life? well, nothing weird thing is that people in ukraine don't seemu? as worried about russia as joe biden joe biden is very worried. watch. if russia attacks ukraine, it'll be met with overwhelming international condemnation. the world will not forget russia chose needless death and destruction. invading ukraine will prove to be a self-inflicted wound . the united states and our allies and partners will respond decisively to the citizens of russia. you are not our enemy and i do not believe you want a bloody destructive y war against a ukraine. let therega be no doubt if russa commits this breach by invading ukraine , responsible nations
10:47 pm
around the world will not hesitate to respond oh blah blah blah blah blah. oh, >> here's the upside for biden i . if russia does invade ukraine, he will have a handy excuse for the destruction of the americanm economy that he caused himself. kind of admitted that today. y. >> watch. i willwa not pretend this will e painless. it could be impact on our energy prices. s so we are taking active stepshe to alleviate the pressure on our own energy markets and offset raising prices. right.>> so it's going to make your life worse, but it's absolutely worth it because he didn't explain that part. happen? so what is going to happen? doug macgregor is retired u.s. army colonel, one of the people we trust to give us real information. we're happy to have him on tonight. so thanks so much for coming on . so it's interestingng biden saying ahead of t time we have a moral obligation to do this because for some reason but when we do it, it's going to maketh everything more expensive for you. mr. mrs. america, will
10:48 pm
president biden gave us a profound demonstration of infinite ignorance offi foreign affairs and especially russia g there there arero no grounds fos hostility between us and russia ,no grounds for conflict between us and russia. but he has nevertheless managed to cultivate conflict and badti willva now understand what's really happening today. half the population of russia was alive or born during the time that ukraine was part of the soviet uniont. they tend to look at ukraine almost the same way we look atst texas in eastern ukraine, the population is so thoroughly russian they have manyid relatives just on the other side of the border. but we have consistently failed to acknowledge their legitimate security interests in ukraine. they will not tolerate ukraine becoming a platform for nato to potentially threaten russia. and whether we n like it or not or believe it, they see nato as anti russian and a threat.
10:49 pm
so i think that his remarks today probably make it inevitable that the russians will intervenene in ukraine. we're told that we should care about this because ukraine is somehow a democracy, but ukraine is not a democracy. the opposition leader is under arrest. opposit anio opposition media have been banned. so what is the moral justification for weighing in to support anio autocracy? >> i don't get it. well, there is no moral justification for our interest in ukraine. other than as an honest broker to offer our assistance to moscow and kiev toie find a solution that both moscow kiev can live with . right. that's very important. but too do that we first have to acknowledge something that the german chancellor pointed out today in his remarks afterha he came out oft his meeting with putin. hanche said americans not necessarily americans, but we all must understandhe s that you
10:50 pm
cannot build a structure of u security in europe without russian participation. president biden acts as though russia's's interests are irrelevant, that russia has no role to play while russia is t about to demonstrate that we are powerlessde in eastern euro to stop them.o and i do not see any evidence for this overwhelming support around the world for sanctions against russia over something that most people rightly regard as a matter of national security interest to russia. >> yeah, he's a bloviating child, has no idea what he'sde talking about and it's justal that he'sk dragging all thesehe decent people into. doug macgregor, i appreciatese t your wisdom and clarity as always. thank you . sure. asso the governor of nevada, steve similac, has announced that students and school employees no longer need to wear masks. now democrats in the staten ara fighting that order. masoumeh say adam laxalt is the former attorney general of the state and has been watching this and has strong opinions on it. and so thanks so much for h onch
10:51 pm
coming on . t sohe is there massive support among the citizens of your state to keep children masked? you know, what we've seen in nevada is beyond rank hypocrisy. we've seen the corruption of our leaders laid before our eyes. you know, the governor last week came in and on a whim lifted the mask mandates.. so off course i support but it's important to note that by alle the metrics we're still in the red .ics, w wee're had more transmission la week than we did when the mass went on in august. but we all know the game they're following the political science. we've got a lot of elections coming up in twenty twenty two and you saw the joy of thoseou students in las vegas when it was announced the maskse were finally lifted.y i think they're crushed. i think they are not going to be able to put masks on again.
10:52 pm
but you know, it is juste this is from the same governor the never explained why casinos were open last year and churches and small businesses were shut this these are failed leaders. i know senator masato, our senior senator said, you know,be the numbers justify listing the masky man. t' and of course it's all lies. it's all hypocrisy. the good news is i think nevadans are ready for change and may force the lifting of this mask mandate shouldbu and maybe i knew this , but it's just so striking to hear you say it. kacinar were allowed to stay opn but churches were closed. did anybody even pretend there was science there or was it just purely political contributions? > there was no questions from the media. what was the science? and we all know there's nofi science that justifies that . but this isis the world we're w living. u they got so used to arbitrary power no one challenged themm on it. you know, today, tucker , i'm going to contrast those
10:53 pm
elementary kids cheering this is like human nature, liberty kids are excited to finally be released from masks. meanwhile,ch on one of our flagship universities today, you had college kids protestinga to puty, masks back on. it's c got to be one of the only examples in history of college age kids protesting for lessag liberty, for lessg individual freedom. but this is the propaganda that has affected this group that of course has no risk and should be really excited to finally be liberateded from thee arbitrary rules. i stockholm's syndrome is real.s that's the most depressing thing i've heard in a long time when people wanteprerd i to be oppressed you know this the tyrants have one adam, thank you for all youou do. great to see you. thanks. >> friend p.j. o'rourke died today, said we will remember him after the break.
10:54 pm
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approved get funds as soon as the same day your loan is on fox nation is america streaming platform exclusive daily contact featuring opinion done right. listen to unfiltered conversations. i'm tucker carlson. today dan bongino brings the heat on our nation's hot topic plus three prime time all the time commercial free all nation .com. >> they always tell you never to meet your heroes becauseea it's sors disappointing and that's usually true . but thirty two years ago last month i met pj work in a bar in managua, nicaragua. he was a hero of mine and he turned out to be everyth bit y the man i hoped he would beea in for 30 years we were friends, people who work a lot to say about him. two things. one of the funniest people who ever wrote in english at a time when you were allowed tos be funny, which is to say totally free and honest. his 1987 book republican party reptile still worth reading his work for rolling stone in the seventies and eighties national in the seventies. remarkable, but he was also one of the very few people h
11:00 pm
in journalism who actually had a happy life who cared about the right things. he loved his wife, his children ,northern new england, his spaniel's bird hunting, having lunch with his friends, tobacco. he was a man and for a great man with deep sadness we tell you that he passed away today. seventy four . back that's it for us tonight. we'll be back every 8:00 p.m. show. this is the sworn enemy of one pomposity and group that have a great pressure on him and great tribute toen p.j. o'rourke. thank you , the tucker .il welcome to "hannity". tonight , the struggle for civiln liberties in canada continues as the country'swa wannabe dictator justin trudeau now attempting to squash peaceful protests, enforced draconian covid mandates and perpituity at least it seems of the very latest. live from ottawa in just a moment. c and it's getting bad. also tonight , we'll check in on the white house where in the midst of a crisis at, home and abroad, multiple crises while joe biden spent precious time today telling


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