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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  February 13, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PST

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9:00 to noon. and don't forget to tube into "unfiltered." dan bongino -- is ready to go ♪. [playing of "the star-spangled banner" ]
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♪. pete: we asked you, you delivered again. none are stock photos. those are your photos original to "fox & friends weekend," it is our honor to play them and show them every saturday and sunday morning. welcome to "fox & friends." it is sunday february 13th,
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year of our lord, 2022. send us your patriotic photos. rachel: i'm back. i go away at you guys. i go away for one day, donald trump is on the show. what the heck? pete: yesterday typical "fox & friends" morning. donald trump was on the show. ran a obstacle course. eight sideline chilly. it was previously scheduled and moved we didn't know you would be here. rachel: darn. pete: one time i was supposed to host the weekday and will didn't and donald trump appeared. rachel: shows up whenever he wants,. will: comes to timing and former president donald trump i do have a few regrets. we had explosive breaking news story yesterday afternoon, we didn't get to can him about. he was on early hours.
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we will get to the story. i can't state in my mind how big and explosive the story we're talking about. rachel: what are you talking about? pete: one about russia. the one about russia. the other one about russia. will: check in with lawrence jones, host of "lawrence jones cross country". in los angeles in sofi stadium ahead of the super bowl. reporter: hello, i smell victory in the air and the other defeat. one of these teams women win it all. talked to fans on both sides, they are fired up about it. you have to like this will, talked to micah parsons and some veterans, i talked with the big gronk. here is a sneak-peek. what is next to gronk? going back to fox sports or partnering with joe burrow to
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win another super bowl. >> i'm just chilling. reporter: waiting for breaking news. >> i will be taking my time. reporter: as you can see gronk is excited. has not made a decision yet. tune in later for the interview. he talks about what veterans mean for this country. he honoring those vets, he and micah parsons. i had a great time with him yesterday. send it bake to you guys in new york. will: thank you, lawrence. really cool. >> thank you, lawrence. pete: he is covering the big game everyone will be watching later tonight. there was a big game that happened yesterday, rachel. rachel: there was? pete: contest for the "fox & friends" trophy. currently in will's office. he won the last competition. will: i can't even remember it was a long time ago. rachel: something you beat pete at, that is all that matters, right?
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[laughter] pete: this is what happened yesterday, rachel. it was an obstacle course into a football throwing competition. rachel: where is carley? will: way behind i won. it ended. this is the critical moment. chest pass. pete: both of us declare victory but the camera is not on the shot. to be clear for our viewers, the gentleman in the yellow who i have never met before at all -- will: so suspicious. pete: he run's betty's bounces he was the official, called it for me. n a smart appeal to the masses, people observed the crowd, observed it better than camera did, the crowd seemed to go with will. rachel: are you losing touch with viewers. they always seemed to side with you even though you lost. will: maybe they care about the
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truth. i have been robbed. so there is some expectation today there will be a rematch but it is snowing outside. rachel: we'll see. we'll see. pete: might just be the throwing portion. there is already a graphic. that is a cool graphic. rachel: a great graphic. i'm not up there with stuff under my eyes? will: you can get throwing. pete: you need to be a judge. we need a fair judge. will: i'm not 100% convinced that will be a fair judge. rachel: i'm fair. i'm fair. will: eh, i'm not talking about the world at large but -- rachel: come on. come on, will. what are you talking about? pete: she will give you a nudge. will: why? why would i believe that? rachel: because i've known him longer than you think i will cheat for him? i wouldn't do that, will. i love you both. will: now that i chilled through this a little bit.
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pete: outdone yourself. later on in the program, check it out the real contest. will: coming up, carson palmer, devin still, two super bowl players will break down the game ahead. a stunning report from john durham investigation shows the clinton campaign paid to infiltrate the trump servers. rachel: this is a big story. the report is revealing that the campaign was trying to establish a narrative linking trump to russia. pete: alexandria hoff live in washington on details what is truly a bombshell report. reporter: good morning this is big stuff. this information comes from a motion filed by special counsel john durham relating to special conflict of interest defense team representing clinton team lawyer michael sussman. he is accused of lying who he worked for with the fbi and pled not guilty. durham is looking into the origins of the trump-russia investigation, relating to
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motion that sussman paid an internet company to infiltrate servers at the white house and trump tower in order to connect president trump to a moscow bank. after he hired an executive quote come to access and maintain dedicated servicers for the executive white house as a arrangement that provided dn s. res. solution services to the dop. about then president trump damaging information and the former president responded to the report of continuous surveillance writing quote, the latest pleading from special counsel durham despite my campaign and presidency were spied by operatives paid by the hillary clinton campaign in effort to develop completely fabricated connection to russia. this is a investigation greater in magnitude than watergate and those involved in this spying
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operation should be subject to criminal prosecution. sussman provided the fbi against numerous allegations against president trump, and special counsel durham said no evidence was found to support any of this. is big and we'll see what comes. back to you. pete: if the 45th president would like to call back in today -- rachel: why doesn't he do that. pete: talk to rachel. will, when you were reading the first headline into alexandria, the viewers could see your hand gestures, when you understand the gaffety of the words durham has put out, what he has said this is espionage on a candidate, on a president-elect and on a president. will: correct. pete: specifically into his servers from opposing political campaign working with tech companies. that is what general durham has uncovered. will: it is huge. you got to the last point with your last statement. think about the players involved in this. not almost, certainly the
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hillary clinton campaign through their attorney mark sussman. also by the way in coordination with another familiar name, marc elias, a cable news pundit electioneer. he was also wrapped up in this but it is anonymous, the words and names become generic, tech executive number one, in coordination with a big tech company, to mine data -- i think this is key as well, and then also reeling in a university's reserve department funded by government research grants to bring in big data. now you have coordination with government and the university system to go mine as much data as they can specifically targeting trump tower, i can't remember all the offices. lauren: also in the white house. that was what surprised me. pete: his personal apartment. will: specifically says in this with the communication to fabricate, in the part you said, rachel, to create a narrative.
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in other words a story, what ended up being a false story that donald trump was connected to the russian government. this is bigger than watergate. rachel: it is bigger than watergate. i have so many questions. if that was happening while also in the white house who else knew in government? i find it hard to believe that our intelligence didn't know about this. i guess the best to get bottom of it. will: rachel, at one point, they take all this, take everything they have gotten and they present it to the fbi and then the fbi runs off on their witch-hunt. you've got the government involved. we no that is true people are been arrested, indicted lying to the fbi what they got here. pete: they got sussman he lied about the fact that he never represented to the fbi that he was working with the clinton campaign. the lie they got him, representation of it. it is not just tapping into servers, tech executive number one come to access, maintain dedicated servers.
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the tech executive and the tech company provided servers to the executive office of the president as part of a sensitive arrangement whereby it provided those services. the tech executive and his associates, straight from the report, exploited the arrangement, mining the executive office of the president, traffic, other data for the purpose of gathering derogatory information about donald trump. they just didn't mine the server, they owned the server, the tech executive did, what the charges are bring so that not so they could get the facts and the truth, so they could create and craft a narrative. will: yes. rachel: did we ever find out, how this investigation, when will the name of this tech executive come out? will: wouldn't we all love to know who that is, what the company is? i would think at some point we will learn names of other individuals involved. pete eventually we will. i can't remember what reporting it was, something that included source number one, i still have
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the file up in my office, source number one was the source of the dossier, christopher steele. we didn't know it was at the time it was released. eventually we found out. in due time we will find out the tech executive and tech firm and the university as well. rachel: university as well. week we were talking about hillary clinton wanting to get back into presidential election, this might disqualify her you think? this will be covered on other networks? will: no. rachel: we appropriately gave this the bombshell treatment it deserves. will it even be covered on the other networks? will anyone know. pete: did entire movies about watergate featured in "the washington post." will: did entire movies about the mueller report. came up with nothing. the durham report cost 3.million dollars to investigate so far. mueller report, $32 million, came up with nothing.
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durham report produced what are we up three or four indictments? pete: with more to come. will: with a 10th of the budget because there is the truth there to find. rachel: can i give you a story? i have a friend. he is a moderate republican. he lives in california. a few weeks ago i was talking to him on the phone, the russia hornings, there really wasn't. no it was debunked. no, no, trump was working with the russians. that was debunked. it is a hoax. he only listens to cnn, other networks. he lives in california. it is some people are not getting information. that is what concerns me about this. this is serious stuff. as the former president said, this is worse than watergate. pete: no expectation they will cover it. when they were using it was useful for them. rachel: this is not useful. pete: it is is not useful for them. not about facts or issuing
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corrections. they can't cover it. it would totally undo the coverage of last five years. will: i'm not done with this story. it deserves major treatment. it is not just a dead story. it is not just a story about the past. the links to which so many apparatuses highest levels of american, the system of power between tech corporations, politics and law enforcement will go to accomplish a goal. in this case the goal was to take down an outsider. it was donald trump. rachel: that's right. will: do you think that will never happen again in america? it could be donald trump again or some other outsider. rachel: last couple years, in particular, i think in the wake of the whole pandemic situation, people have lost, during the trump presidency, people have lost such trust in institutions like the fbi, like doj. so i think -- pete: like media. rachel: the media, exactly. i think if we want to restore, if this country is going to heal
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we have to see this through. it has to come to life. will: absolutely. move on to a few additional headlines. president biden warning vladmir putin quote, swift and severe consequences if russia invades ukraine in a phone call yesterday. the u.s. admitted there is no fundamental change to the tense situation as 3,000 additional troops deploy to europe. the president urges that all americans leave ukraine, warning a invasion could be imminent. alexandria ocasio-cortez gearing up in the midterms, campaigning in texas. listen to this. >> texas turning blue is inevitable! [cheering] inevitable. it will happen. the only question is when, texas. will: funny way to say inevitable. rachel: inevitable. will: but, not just any blue wave, court court is rallying for a progressive candidate, looking to unseat her democratic
3:17 am
colleague representative henry cuellar. progress dems against. pete: cuellar wants a border. he has got to go. will: sam ryder makes a ace at iconic hole. >> this is moments ago. sam ryder taking it right at it. come on. will: 20,000 fans at the 16th hole littering the course with beer cans, water, going nuts. look at that. after the hole-in-one. the first to make a hole-in-one on 16 during the phoenix open since 2015. those are the headlines. the crowd is the best part. pete: crowd goes nuts. rachel: look how beautiful phoenix is there. just a pretty time of year, wow. i want to go back there. pete: that is your takeaway.
3:18 am
rachel: that is my takeaway. unbelievable. pete: honest. i appreciate it. maybe that is the tradition, if hole-in-one can hock your beers. one guy did it. will: i don't know either. rachel: can i see something, will, i was fascinated by aoc's clip. is texas turning blue. will: everyone turning to texas, whether or not they leave politics behind i promise you there will be a fight. pete: i'm heart inned what you're talking about polling on hispanics. connection to conservative values. i don't think it is inevitable at all. rachel: it is not. pete: america's crime cries voice is so bad, grocery stores are locking up food. >> you got to be kidding me. walmart has the steak locked up. holy [bleep]. pete: the steak is locked. how rise in thefts and inflation
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♪. rachel: welcome back, everybody. it is 6:22 and we have another story. you know i told you guys that the news never stops and inflation is a big story in this country and so is crime here's one where both of them come together. check out, this is from a tiktok user, his name is michael. he is showing what's happening to steaks in walmart. take a look. >> yo, you got to be kidding me. walmart now has steakses locked up. holy [bleep]. it has come to this. this is getting bad now, man. rachel: steakses are expensive. people are stealing. pete: couple of rib-eyes. >> good choice. pete: that is mesh wiring. i'm chumming, some kind of metal, can't be cut easily. will: hard plastic, one of those
3:24 am
tags if you walk out the store. rachel: walk out with that, it will go -- pete: how many things you seen locked in the grocery store. will: who cares whether it makes a noise. they don't care any way. the point they can't cut into the steak or mesh offer? rachel: i'm sure they could. pete: bolt cutter. >> a little bit, maybe it's a little bit after deterrent. you know what i will not go for the rib-eye, go for cheaper cut. if i steal it. think about what it does with stores. grocery stores operate on a very small margin. people don't realize that. now they're investing in stupid stuff like this. protecting your rib-eye being stolen. a video came out the other day of a guy leaving without paying and little old lady -- pete: different one. rachel: they're all over. little old lady was yelling at the guy, shame on you. >> look, they just leave.
3:25 am
pete: new york city, 10 steaks wrapped up walking out. will: remember in response, they talked about this broke through on msnbc, al sharpton noticed toothpaste was behind cvs. in new york city, i haven't noticed in dallas, new york city, you need deodorant you have to flag down a store worker to get it out from behind the case. but, you know, nicole hanna jones, 1619 said this is not a national story, a dude stealing steaks. it is not one guy. to the extent walmart locking up steaks. walmart in florida, by the way. pete: part crime, part inflation. here are numbers to remind you again of meet in this country. super bowl eating a lot of meat. it is up, way up, bacon, beef, pork, chicken. it is all up.
3:26 am
the narrative of the left. these are all -- rachel: they're poor. pete:down trodden folks that need food. that is why the theft is taking place. "new york post" op-ed in reaction to the trader joe's steak theft. here is the headline, the argument we'll talk about a little more. the hamburglar shows truth about massive shoplifting this is not about poor, but money making thieves. if shoplifting is a crime of poverty, article of progressive faith, how they hit high-end shelves? steak guy departed trader joe's with fine eating instead of 10 cans to spam, no. many thieves are not poor in any exculpatory sense of the word but opportunists to make easy bucks. cvs, walking around the corner with a fire-sale on the sidewalk. this is about making money, there is no consequences for these type of thefts.
3:27 am
>> we saw it during the blm riots. break into louis vuitton stores, high-end stores on chicago's miracle mile. i never forget, people run in, park cars in front, throw stuff in the cars and take off. it is also a sign of degradation of society. people losing their morals. people having no conscience. it says, bill bennett be used to say the death of shame. that guy is walking down the street with steaks. he doesn't care. look at that. will: i said you have to flag down somebody to get deodor rant. this came up with brian kilmeade. i'm an old spice guy. pete: so am i. will: he is a brute guy. pete: brut is that a type or a brand? will: it is a brand. deodorant, you become a consumer in 17, it does not change the rest of your life.
3:28 am
pete: isn't that old spice? stealing stakes used to be rare. that wasn't mine. will: he handed you off camera. pete: important note about news. i got a pun. rachel: that is all you get from me. that is all you get from me. pete: quite something. will: it was never ending, russia, russia, russia. now the durham probe got clinton campaign paid to link to donald trump and russia. former attorney general matt whitaker says this is much bigger than one filing. he is next. ♪. >> woman: what's my safelite story? i see inspiration right through my glass. so when my windshield cracked, i chose safelite. they replaced the glass and recalibrated my safety system.
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pete: we're back with a fox news alert. a new report from special
3:33 am
counsel john durham coming out late last night, claiming clinton campaign lawyers paid a tech company to infiltrate trump's servers, to fabricate a connection between trump and russia. former acting attorney general under president trump matt whitaker is here to react. matt, you've seen this report, for our viewers, this might be new for a lot of people. what did we learn here? >> well it is beyond outrageous and good morning, pete. pete: good morning. >> what we learned there were spying operations on both going to the trump campaign and its trump tower headquarters. when president trump became president, they continued to spy on him at the executive office of the president. and the question raises for me, pete, is why was the federal government not defensively briefing president trump and his team and the campaign as to this domestic spying operation that was being conducted by the clinton campaign?
3:34 am
the reason is it appears they were complicit in wanting that information, wanting that, the link between trump and the russia government and that just did not exist, it never did exist. so this durham investigation is so important to reveal how much of a hoax this truly was. pete: matt, you're right, this latest revelation from durham names tech executive number one, law firm number one, tech firm, you don't get names but what you're saying is it couldn't have just been one tech firm and one tech exec and one law firm? people inside of the government would have had to have known this as well? >> yeah. if you really think about it, how protected government servers are, and should be, there are certainly government agencies monitoring this traffic, to make sure that it is not compromised, that it is not being routed
3:35 am
through other people like this university and like this private internet company but it was. it was being, not only was it being reviewed on a ongoing and regular basis, but it was being used to ultimately try to create a, what is called a dossier for lack of a better term, but a document that was going to be used against president trump and or candidate trump. i mean again, it is beyond outrageous what happened here. and the fact that the left doesn't seem concerned, that this is what is happening i think shows you how much they wanted to take president trump down. pete: we'll get to see that today, as we pointed out at the beginning of the show, entire movies, books, written about watergate, "washington post" involvement in digging. does "the washington post" cover this? does cnn cover this? is there any interest by any of the legacy media to get to the truth of the fact that a
3:36 am
duly-elected u.s. president was spied on, spied on, that is an intentional term by a political candidate and other levers of government? >> yeah. and that is exactly what it is. remember, the attorney general at the time said that trump had been spied on and everybody dismissed that as hyperbole. that is exactly what happened here. we can, we have to make sure it never happens again but it is also extraordinary how successful president trump was and how he fought through all of this to ultimately make a significant consequence in the, you know, the arc of american history to the positive. pete: ironically now we're talking about a potential russian offensive because of an actual weak u.s. president. amazing. matt whitaker, thank you so much for breaking this down for us. >> great to see you this morning,. pete: pete the "freedom convoy" going global and met with tear
3:37 am
gas in paris, as the convoy gains steam a canadian judge put as freeze on the millions of funds. the site founder is next. ♪. ta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ [school bus passing by] [kids laughing] [bikes passing] [fire truck siren]
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3:41 am
access to millions of dollars in donations for "freedom convoy" truckers raised on the christian crowd funding site, give send go now the site isfieding back, claiming canada has zero jurisdiction. give send go founder is here. they raise ised $8 million. have they resieved any of that money. >> at the moment, yes they have. there are a couple campaigns in regards to those truckers up there. yes, funds have flowed to those campaign owners. rachel: you say the canadian government has no jurisdiction over your company. are you appealing it? are the truckers appealing it? what's the next step here? >> they definitely are appealing it there but the funds primarily at this point are here in the united states. they're completely not frozen. there are a wide variety of
3:42 am
methods for us to get them to them. but yes, the convoy is appealing it, going through that legal process up there. rachel: so how do you plan to get the money to them? >> we are looking at a wide variety of options. all legal options are on the table and we're coming up with creative things, it will be interesting couple weeks. rachel: now your competitor, gofundme a lot of americans didn't realize they were so idealogical. apart from the money your company has raised, eight million for the truckers, have you seen, you know, consumers of this kind of philanthropy moving over to your site? are you seeing a huge increase in traffic apart from the trucker stuff? >> oh, absolutely incredible. i think this was a huge pr mistake by gofundme. our platform is booming. we haven't seen this much business, i mean last year we grew incredibly. this year, the same pace is on.
3:43 am
100% month over month. it is absolutely astounding. people are vowing never to use gofundme again because of the idealogical stancing they're taking. we take a neutral position. we allow people to fund raise, period. rachel: yeah, i know i would never use go fund my after that. when they tried to do, what they did do was outrageous. there is an economist, the name of arthur brooks, who did a study on conservatives, on philanthropy shows conservatives are more generous, individual conservatives are. that ought to be helping your site as well, jacob? >> completely. what we've seen the campaign pass nine million dollars, 9.2, almost $9.3 million. the average amount per donation is actually about 30% higher than what it was on gofundme. so we see our givers giving more. they're passionate across the board. definitely a boom for our business. rachel: quick question, you have the bandwidth to keep up the
3:44 am
pace with all increased traffic? >> we brought on extra teams, called right forge, to build out the infrastructure even faster. we have a whole ton of incredible, incredible initiatives we're rolling out to even decentralize our platform even more. more giving options, more receiving options. there is a great future in front of us. rachel: i didn't know about your company until this happened. good for you, jacob. looks like gofundme made a big mistake. >> thank you very much. rachel: all right, pete? pete: rachel, well-done. turning now to your headlines starting with this, riots in minneapolis, up to 100 rioters vandalizing buildings, blocking traffic as they demand justice for amir locke who was fatally shot by police during a no-knock warrant. he was holding a gun, important detail. the group caught on video spray painting businesses. this is not ottawa, this is
3:45 am
minneapolis, spray painting businesses, writing quote, destroy minneapolis police department. wonder if anything will happen to them? new york city police arresting this man in a vicious you know way attack. we want to warn you, the video we're about to show might be a little hard to watch. the suspect caught on camera, beating a thai model to the ground, stealing her purse. faces assault and. kevin douglas was in jail for another crime. the "new york post" reports he has a lengthy rap sheet with 44 arrests, dating back to 1997. yeah. let him out. amazing rescue in georgia caught on camera as first-responders in savannah, save a woman from drowning. police and firefighters swam through freezing waters trapped under a dock as she fell from a bridge. they were able to pull the woman to safety, treat her on the scene.
3:46 am
two rescuers are being recognized as heroes, rightfully so, by the police department. and those are your headlines. ending on a good note. up next he is a still a bengal at heart. former cincinnati defensive end devin still shares husband prediction for today's big game. lawrence jones takes us inside of the super bowl fan zone. there he is, he has football ready to go, on assignment, fun super bowl questions we want you to play along with and answer. what color gatorade will the winning coach get doused with? email us your predictions, we'll share your answers and maybe ours later in the show. i will go with orange. ♪
3:47 am
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♪. will: today is super bowl sunday, rams, bengals. fans are getting ready to for tonight's championship. lawrence jones at sofi stadium with a sense how fans are feeling before the big game. lawrence, who is feeling confident? reporter: funny, will, seems
3:51 am
like l.a. rams have the most confidence but seems like the bengals have the most swagger. feels like they could be victor because they are underdog. people underestimated them all season. i talked with both fans the other day. this is what they have to say. watch. ♪. >> super bowl, la. >> i think there will be more bengals fans than l.a. rams. >> rams don't have fans, do they? >> rams, baby, let's go. whose's house? our house! >> bengals. they haven't been here since like 88, 89. after the four-win season last year. no one thought they had a shot. >> let's go rams. reporter: so everybody has been talking about gronk and if he is going to join burrow but odell beckham, jr. says if he is
3:52 am
allowed to come back to the rams he is willing to take less money. will, you know sports. is that going to be a game-changer for the rams? will: you know, yeah, anytime somebody takes less money, helps you manage the salary cap. i will get to this in just a moment, lawrence, the one fan said where are the rams fans? there are rams fans but l.a. hasn't traditionally supported their teams in a way that you would expect actually helps the team in the super bowl. i wouldn't be surprised if there are more bengals fans there. reporter: yeah, brother. it is funny, when i was out there yesterday talking with some more folks it was hard to find them. they have home field advantage. will: i know, right. >> reporter: we'll see what the stadium looks like. will: thank you, lawrence. w his prediction for the game, former bengals defense system end devin still. you're a former bengal, you knee about this, this is a fan base
3:53 am
that hasn't had a whole lot to root for i guess really since about 1989. this is a big moment for the bengal fan, isn't it? >> it's a huge moment like you said. they have not made it to the super bowl since 1989. they have been waiting 31 years for this moment. i think bengals fans will show up in l.a. today. will: we'll see if that translates into some kind of a way, home field advantage or not, but as you look at the game, everybody loves to focus on the quarterbacks because they have the most name recognition. matthew stafford with all the validation after years in detroit. joe burrow, i don't want to say he just arrived he won it all at lsu. when you look at the quarterback matchup, what do you see? >> i see the new generation versus the old generation. what i think in this game the offensive and defensive line.
3:54 am
can the bengals offensive line protect him against aaron donald to allow him to do his work? can they defensive line match up to the matthew stafford. will: i think specifically ram's defensive line against the bengals offensive line there is not areat amount of evidence or history that the bengals offensive line is ready to handle something like aaron donald. will this happen? >> the bengals will have to switch up their gameplan. joe burrow will have to get ball out of his hands quickly. you will have to see quick passes to lamar chase. joe mixon mixing it up. they will have to switch up the gameplan to slow down aaron donald. will: we'll see if you do this with your heart and your mind then. what happens, devon, in the game. >> you know i'm going with my heart. i'm going with my heart. i have the helmet behind me.
3:55 am
will: i see it over your shoulder. >> definitely. i'm looking for the bengals to pull this off. i don't think that will be a big scoring game. i'm calling it with the ben gals 17-10. i will say that he have have been mcpherson will be a big play maker in this game. will: the kicker, your mvp pick, long shot mvp pick? >> i don't know if he will be the mvp but a crucial factor. will: i will go on the other side of this bet from you, devon, i will take the rams and i take aaron donald as the mvp. i like long shots. we'll see on the back end who got it right. thanks for jumping on. >> thank you, will. thanks for having me. will: marxism on the menu? this miami restaurant putting a bad taste in customer's mouth for glorifying communism and fidel castro. hear the outraged community in the next hour.
3:56 am
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movement dysfunction and restlessness are also common. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. ♪. will: go ahead. pull it together. >> all right. so i was looking at the screen and i said -- [inaudible] just super bowl. will: shot of the morning. super bowl. rachel: i will read it. that is your shot of the morning. that is the super bowl sofi stadium in california, right? [laughter] will: excellent. >> lawrence jones is there.
4:01 am
pete: he is there. the cincinnati bengals are playing the rams which are from what town? rachel: l.a. will: whoa. pete: boom. rachel: i'm so glad you said. i only knew the bengals were playing. will: you didn't know they were from? rachel: i knew they were from cincinnati. i didn't know the rams were playing [laughter] pete: setting you up for success. i wasn't going to ask you where both teams are. rachel: i love super bowl. i love super bowl snacks. we'll enjoy some later on. we'll have guys from, getting some wings. pete: john and john. i will soil your view of sofi stadium. you know it cost $5.5 billion to build including taxpayer dollars. will: it's beautiful. rachel: is it nice? will: i never been there but looks on tv. pete: the most expensive arena in the history of the united states. rachel: that isn't surprising. pete: they made it to the super both in two years. rachel: worth it,. pete: worth it. rachel: all right. pete: we're glad you are here
4:02 am
with us. today is the super bowl. tomorrow is valentine's day. there is a rematch on will and i's football contest later on in the program. a lot of controversy yesterday. we were not able to go to the tape. down on the wall, espn style, sorry, fox sports style breakdown. will: that would have been awesome. pete: whose ball went through first. four balls through. the we both threw it at same time. official called it for me. not the russian judge, straight up. will: people saw what happened. pete: saw what happened. pete: will has no tape to prove it. will: so suspicious. rachel: wish they put up with the promo that makes you guys super athletic. where is that one? pete: i look down there see john durham's face. we are supposed to move to actual -- rachel: we'll have to move on. but we are going to have the rematch. we'll do some super bowl snacks. we'll do valentine's stuff. can i tease this? in honor of valentine's day, you
4:03 am
guys have to stick around. i you flew with my husband all the way to florida to cover the love story of dan bongino and hits wife paula bongino. we'll have the interview coming up. they will join us. you will get to meet the woman behind the man. will: wow. rachel: this is my valentine's treat for "fox & friends." pete: double bongino on a sunday. rachel: and a love story. come on, what's not to love? pete: well-done. rachel: okay. pete: to the fox news alert and it's a big one. a stunning report from john durham's investigation shows that the clinton campaign paid to infiltrate trump servers. will: the report revealing the campaign was trying to establish a quote, narrative, linking trump to russia. rachel: alexandria hoff is live in washington with details on this bombshell report. alexandria? good morning. reporter: good morning to you all. all of this was revealed within what would appear to be a somewhat benign court filing on
4:04 am
friday. special counsel john durham filed a motion relating to a potential conflict of interest within the defense team of former clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman. now sussman is among those indicted so far in durham's probe into the origins of the trump-russia investigation but within that conflict of interest motion durham reveals that sussman paid an internet company to infiltrate servers at the white house and trump tower in order to connect then president trump to a kremlin type. that sussman billed the clinton campaign after he hired a tech executive, who quote, come to access and maintain dedicated servers as quote, part of a sensitive arrangement provided dns resolution services to the eop. eop executive office of the president. the court filing says the purpose was to uncover damaging information about then president trump. the former president responded to the report of continuous surveillance with this, quote, the latest pleading from special counsel john durham provides
4:05 am
indisputable evidence that my campaign and presidency were spied on by opera activities paid by the hillary clinton campaign in an effort to completely fabricated connection to russia. this is a scandal far greater in scope and magnitude than watergate around those who were involved in and knew about this spying operation sudden be subject to criminal prosecution. michael sussman has been charged for lying to a federal agent who he worked for and he has pleaded not guilty for that. rachel, will, pete. rachel: thanks, alexandria. it is really amazing to think back when donald trump was on air saying, at the beginning of his presidency my campaign was spied on and everyone laughed it off. the left said he was crazy, he was paranoid. this was evidence that he wasn't mentally stable. turns out he was right. will: rachel, eric trump has a tweet with a clip from "60 minutes" with donald trump saying to lesley stahl with my
4:06 am
campaign was spied on. she said, mr. president, mr. president, that absurd. you know it is true. my campaign was spied on. it is worst of that. she goes there is no evidence whatsoever. vindicated on almost every count, every count. this is huge. this is a presidential candidate spying in collusion with big tech, america's university system, government grants and ultimately with the fbi as well on first another presidential candidate and then a sitting president of the united states. rachel: right. because it continues from the campaign into the white house. will: richard nixon was impeached for less. pete: absolutely right. in 2017, this is in the "new york post" but from durham's report, sussman, who already has been indicted provided to another government agency, quote, an undated set of allegations n 2017 donald trump was president of the united
4:07 am
states. it wasn't enough to attempt to defeat him and discredit him, they tried to bring down a presidency which ultimately led to a cascading effect, they attempted to impeach him. they couldn't because the hoax was being shown then they went to a phone call with ukraine. donald trump is exactly right this is far worse than watergate. movies were meat about watergate. as you point out, will, movies were made about mueller and his garbage. will "the washington post," cnn, anyone else report one iota about this, without independent news, talk radio and fox news channel, nobody knows any of this. i'm old on this show but i remember in early 2017 when mark levin came on "fox & friends weekend," used only open source material, just open source, you could get in newspapers and put together the facts and reality that donald trump had been surveiled and we were told we were crazy. will: surveiled, again surveilled is one part of it.
4:08 am
surveilled to create a fake story. pete: yeah. will: they were planting a narrative. will: initiating a narrative that did not exist that donald trump was controlled by russia. rachel: yeah. will: we'll get to that in just a moment by the way. rachel: it's crazy. can i just say -- pete: something almost -- rachel: you know throughout the biden administration we have seen this really troubling collusion between big tech and the federal -- the administration and this shows this was happening before the biden administration. this collusion between this big tech company, we don't know what it is, big tech company number one, boy, i am dying to find out who that is and then this university and then the fbi. you just feel like, here is this outsider who decides to come in break the system. americans talk about all the time wanting someone to come in, be an outsider, not do the
4:09 am
inside game. you see what happens to somebody who tried to do that. it is so disheartening. if this doesn't end up in some sort of a, somebody ending up in jail, i don't mean these little guys here, they're not so little, hillary clinton all the way up to those people, i just believe the american people will give up on the system because this is police state stuff. this is police state stuff. will: getting a little excited because this is just so, this is what is going to happen. donald trump put out a statement yesterday saying that this is worse than watergate. there should be criminal proceedings. then he had a line in a stronger moment, a stronger time in our country, this could be met with the death penalty something like that. rachel: treason. will: that's the anything get. that's the excuse not to cover it because what will happen, they will grab that nugget say he wants to put his political opponents to death. this is the state of your media. grab the shiny, flashy distraction and bury the truth for as long as possible.
4:10 am
the truth is way more scandalous than any one line in a released statement. the truth is so sandal louse. pete: obsessing donald trump flushing paper down the toilet not caring are hillary clinton emails. hillary clinton put out a meme based on that, saying and her e-mails on a hat, selling it. dismissing it if it is nothing. rachel: right. pete: this is not just surveillance to your point, according to durham, durham state has the internet company tech executive number one came to work for, come to access, to maintain dedicated servers for the executive office of the president. rachel: unbelievable. pete: as part of a sensitive arrangement provided dns resolution services to the executive office of the president. rachel: wow. pete: dedicated access to servers of the president of the united states with connections to the clinton campaign and other, marc elias, he is a democrat super lawyer. he works for everybody.
4:11 am
he does election work. he is at the forefront of everything they're trying to do. how far and wide does it deserve to go? thankfully durham is still digging. >> i thought the durham investigation, i didn't know what happened after joe biden was elected. it is thankfully continuing, thank god, will continue hopefully until somebody is accountable for this. you had former president donald trump on yesterday. who knows, maybe he might call in. pete: open invitation as always. rachel: this broke after you had him on yesterday. pete: we brought up russia. russia is the center of this story. russia has the troops on the bored he have ukraine. flashing back -- before we go back to that, what does someone guilty ado, deny and counter accuse. look at hunter biden, all of it, they're accusing him with no evidence around just learning about it now. will: on that point, what did joe biden had to say about
4:12 am
russia when he was campaigning for president? taking into account where we sit today, what did he s about russia then? president biden: because putin knows if i'm president of the united states his days of tyranny, trying to intimidate the united states and those in europe are over. i'm going to stand up to him. he is a bully, just like the president. and i know he doesn't want me to be president but tell you what, when impresident things are going to change. rachel: wow. pete: things will change like the border of ukraine. look at it, putin knows he sees crimea under the watch of obama-biden. he understands the weakness. look who comes out winning on this? our media obsesses about trump and russia for four years and the only ones pushing russian disinformation is the media. rachel: that's right. pete: on behalf of vladmir putin as he laughs. now he says the weak guy is in office. time to move. there was a high-stakes phone
4:13 am
call yesterday we were all told would change the game. all the readouts say it was entirely inconsequential. takeawayses were totally different from washington and moskow. there is no reconciliation. we all know joe biden would never de-escalate this from where he sat. who was tough on putin? rachel: we know it was trump. we also know that joe biden emboldened and strengthened russia just by our crazy, illogical energy policy that he started on day one which was not making us his number one energy producer in the world which of course then made russia stronger. meanwhile part of the reason why putin thinks that joe biden is weak was his performance in afghanistan, and how poorly he evacuated our citizens, our allies and also you know, leaving weapons behind, et cetera. now we have americans that are in ukraine this is really interesting. this is the message, on the
4:14 am
heals of the whole thing in afghanistan, the debacle, this is the message from the u.s. embassy in ukraine to u.s. citizens leaving ukraine through poland. it says, poland has indicated to the u.s. government that u.s. citizens may now enter poland through the land border with ukraine but u.s. citizens must present a valid u.s. passport and proof of covid-19 vaccination. travelers are also encouraged to present a negative test result from a pco or antiagain covid test which will facilitate -- this is so crazy. will: see if i got this right, rachel. russia is set to invade ukraine imminently. americans should leave based on their own safely, in the past six month anytime you are told to leave a country the united states feels in danger it is a good idea to get out. get out of ukraine, it is imminent, but before you go get a negative pcr test, definitely
4:15 am
provide proof of vaccination. rachel: of a vaccine that does not actually work. will: if you cannot stay in ukraine where you are imminent danger of a russian invasion. by the way if you can make your way to mexico you can i come in illegally without proof of vaccination. got it. rachel: did the biden administration require proof of vaccination when he allowed so many afghans, many of them unvetted -- pete: i don't think they were checking at abbey gate. i don't think they were. rachel: this is proof american citizens are treated like second class citizens. if you were in afghanistan at abbey gate, as we mentioned a lot were not vetted you didn't have to have a vax card, you don't have to have a vax card passing through the southern border. pete: will, you said it all, if you're in ukraine, catch a flight to mexico city. if you're not vaccinated. that is as close as you will not
4:16 am
get. some moron in the state department in washington, d.c., wearing a mask, triple vaxed said, you know what? we need to make sure the american citizens are vaccinated. maybe that is, i have to check, that is poland's policy? will: that is u.s. embassy? pete: are we, i would be shocked if that is what poland is demanding. i'm sure it is. this is our standard. good luck to the americans in ukraine who can't get out. rachel: what it shows is their priority. their priority is to continue this vax stuff and it is not to keep americans safe. we should have known that from the way americans were treated in the exit from afghanistan. will: stunning. rachel: it is crazy. you can't make this stuff up. will: go out to los angeles, sofy stadium, the home of the raps and super bowl. rachel: super bowl. will: lawrence jones, the host of "lawrence jones cross country" is getting us ready.
4:17 am
>> i love how you're coaching rachel through this. you're already getting it. all the talking points are down. everyone is excited about super bowl lvi. that finally get some type of excitement, some type of normalcy. the players are honoring our veterans. we'll show you a package later you don't want to miss. the players that didn't make the big game are already prepping for the next season. this is what they had to say. what is next for gronk? is gronk going back to fox sports or partnering with joe burrow to win another super bowl? >> man. >> what does gronk want? >> i'm just chilling right now. it is really quiet. >> waiting for breaking news. >> i will be taking my time. >> that was gronkowski right there. he will be on "fox & friends" in another package. we have micah parsons, will. he will tell us what the cowboys need to do. i told him he is hurting the cowboys swagger every time we go
4:18 am
and we say they're going to go to the super bowl and they don't deliver. you will love that conversation we have later on "fox & friends." send it back to y'all in new york. will: that man is doing everything he can, that man is holding up his end of the bargain, mica mica parsons. carson palmer at 9:00 to get us ready for the super bowl. next weekend, "fox & friends" live from the daytona 500. rachel: rick is coming out with us. will: he might even be wearing pants. pete: that would be a big bonus. will: i hear they're even building a nice set for us and everything. had a great time down in talladega partnering with nascar. the race is on fobs. we'll promote it all weekend long. it will be fun. rachel: master built guys will be her today, john and john two, they will both be there at
4:19 am
daytona for us. pete: for the show? rachel: for the show. will: definitely going to the infield. did you go to the infield last time? rachel: yes. no i didn't tape the package but i was walking the infield. does that count? pete: what is the infield? rachel: is thatted middle of the track. will: where there is what? rachel: where there is stuff [laughter]. will: rvs,. rachel: yeah, yeah. i got you. pete: yesterday will said he doesn't like roman numerals. >> i don't like roman numerals either. pete: do you know what number this is? rachel: 40, in my ear. [laughter]. will: not to help with the roman numb railings. we have to go. rachel: is that 56? is that 56. will: it is, that is 56. pete: i'm a big fan of roman numerals. rachel: i'm catholic. will: american numerals. rachel: coming up the midterms are still months away but parents are making their message
4:20 am
loud and clear when it comes to covid mandates. put kids first or gut it out. our panel of moms explains next. pete: excellent. fire up the grill. we'll show you how to make some mvp worthy wings just in time for the big game. ♪ e nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. [ joe ] my teeth were a mess. visit and get started today. i had a lot of pain. as far as my physical health,
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♪. rachel: as states roll back mask mandates many children are still being forced to cover up in class and parents have had enough. that's why moms say they will put politics aside in coming elections and instead they will vote for whoever who will put their kids first. joining us now is our panel of moms, julie hamel, california mom of three, rocks an hodge, a california mom of four, and margaret nichols a new york mom of one. good morning, welcome to all of you and thank you for joining us this morning. julie, you went to a basketball game where kids were masked, some of them were collapsing. you say that mask policies are
4:25 am
changing the way you look at party politics. explain. >> yeah. so i'm speaking to you from los angeles. i'm in rancho palos verdes, just outside of the city where we're about to hold the super bowl today and just yesterday my five-year-old, during a heat wave was told that he had to wear a mask if he wanted to play basketball outdoors in 80-degree weather. rachel: unbelievable. >> it was, there was, it was a group of about 25 red-faced, sweating five-year-old children with panicked eyes and i pleaded with the referee, i said look this is really dangerous. you have 13 children in l.a. schools this week collapse or vomit because they're being forced to wear masks not only inside but outside during a heat wave in los angeles while they're exercising. and so, you know, i basically
4:26 am
begged and pleaded with this woman, i said this is dangerous. harmful for the kids, who are clearly suffering and, i was told to leave. so we left. this is just one example. i was run out of a store two weeks because of mask policy -- [inaudible]. i simply can no longer comply with these. in terms of politics, you know, in california we have a super majority democrat legislature. and in my entire life i have never felt more personally harmed by policies than i have in the last two years. i've been unable to work. my children have been immeasurably harmed unnecessarily. rachel: right. >> i supported democrats in the past and i can never, i will never do that again. rachel: wow. margaret, you're in new york, correct? >> that's right. >> and so you're governor said,
4:27 am
oh, kids are fine wearing masks, like putting on tennis shoes, they don't like to put on shoes but we make them wear them. they get used to it. we saw the foodage of these who announced they don't have to wear masks anymore. you saw jubilation, and excitement, it was so adorable. it is sad what we've done over the last two years. how has it changed your idea about politics? particularly because i understand you're a democrat? >> i voted democrat more than 25 years, my entire adult life, straight down the blue line, the party ticket. i'm just so completely disheartened by our party. seems they have abandoned children. seems that they are not listening to concerned parents. it feels like we are screaming a bit into the void and no one is listening and party is going on whatever they think is best and there is so much hypocrisy wrapped around it in the way
4:28 am
they're treating our children, the way adults are operating in their daily lives and politicians are operating in their daily lives. i am just completely saddened, that our children are last it seems on the agenda of democrats priorities. rachel: yeah. it definitely seems that way. roxanne, how has mask policies affected your feelings about party politics and also as margaret was talking about the hypocrisy? we saw the photo of stacey abrams maskless, these little children have no risk with their smiles banned? >> it's insane. i know everyone calls late la land but i don't think people rest of the country how backwards los angeles county has been on everything relating to our children. since covid began, for a year or
4:29 am
more l.a. county board of supervisors, which takes their marching orders from l.a. public health, wouldn't allow public or private schools to open. and as you know here in l.a., we can do everything outside. you can live 51 weeks of the year outside. we've known from the beginning that was not a risk area. and that people un25 were also not at risk. rachel: right. >> i have very much older kids and the harm for adolescents and young adults it is horrifying how many people i know whose kids were very much in danger mentally through this whole thing. rachel: well it looks like these policies spawned some new alliances and definitely some parents who want a more responsive politicians who are responsive to moms, and to kids and margaret, leave it with what you said. i'm not antimask, i'm pro-human,
4:30 am
i love human faces. i love that i want to thank all three of you for joining us this morning to give us a lot to think about. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. still ahead president biden sends a warning to vladmir putin amid escalating tensions over ukraine but will the president's words be enough? plus, the golf celebration you have got to see. the incredible beer-filled cheers after sam ryder sank a hole-in-one at at phoenix open. [cheering] >> i can't believe this. they replaced the glass and recalibrated my safety system. that's service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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4:35 am
as ukraine's president insists the biggest enemy right now is panic. air force veteran nolan peterson is a war reporter based in ukraine. he joins us now with a look inside. nolan, thank you very much for being here. you're in the middle of it, before we talk likelihood, what does it feel like to be in ukraine right now? what are you observing amongst the people there? >> you know it is hard to really find the words to describe what it is like to walk around a european capital, see kids in playgrounds, couples holding hands, life going on, to think this could all be prologue, as just some horrible tragedy around the corner. in the past i used the analogy but a florida town before a hurricane to kind of describe the mood here as people try to decide what they should do, or leave or stay or in this case take up arms to fight.
4:36 am
important to note that a hurricane is an acted god. russian elite have chosen this war and it is going to be a crime of historic proportions against the people of this country if wash were to compete pete -- pete: nolan you said hurricane will come and go. but what is the urge to fight with the ukrainianss putting up resistance? >> i've been here since the war began in the donbas and it is incredible how the democratic civil society rallied past eight years to prepare the country for a bigger war. this is game time. this country is getting ready. everyday civilians are taking combat first aid. military skills. how to pack go bags, and children in a combat environment. as people prepare to exist in
4:37 am
the war zone to survive it,civilians are volunteering to join territorial defense units to join towns. my 57-year-old father-in-law, former veteran decided to join a territorial defense force to defend his town against a russian invasion. it is a incredible moment, a democratic society which the people are not waiting for the government to come in and save them. the ukraines are fighting for their freedom, their democracy, their existential right to exist as a country fry from russian oppression. these everyday men and women are willing to stake their lives to that future. as a veteran like yourself who fought for his country for freedom, it is inspiring in my heart to see the people believe in the things we believe so strongly. pete: what a vivid picture. gives me a sense i am in israel a state under constant existential threat. people willing to fight and if
4:38 am
invasion comes, protracted insurgency people are ready. nolan, stay safe. love to continue to get your insight. >> you got it. pete: thank you for your service. still ahead, lawrence jones live in california with a preview of the today's game. the famous macklemore family is on fox square and it is snowing. do you think they care? they have game-day grub. as we've done all morning, we have a question for you, how many commericals do you think will feature a cat, i'm sorry a dog or cat, but the official question is dog. how many? i'm going to say four. email us your predictions. we will share them later on in the show. ♪. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture.
4:39 am
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4:43 am
across the east coast. rain in in front across parts of florida. will be with us for a lot of the day today. in across the north we have snow after incredibly spring-like day yesterday. cold front moving through. dropping temperatures a lot. snow, three to four inches, especially accumulating in the grassy spots. look at what we're looking out across parts of the west. potential record breaking temps. we've seen a lot of temps in the 90s over last couple days. everybody looking to the big game, pushing 80 degrees today. cooler than yesterday. absolutely stunner day to be outside in california. where lawrence got the good fortune of nice weather in southern california. lawrence? reporter: rick, you know what is crazy, talking about all the sunlight, it is freezing right now. thank you for that forecast. what is coming up, what about the future of the dallas cowboys. i talked with micah parsons
4:44 am
yesterday about that this is what he had to say? >> i am a man of my word, i got to get a super bowl. super bowl is coming. keith, patience can be a pain to us all but we -- [inaudible] reporter: last night's show, i made a bold prediction about the dallas cowboys. you will hear from gronk later on as well as veterans and how these nfl legends are partnering with them. next on "fox & friends" later on. will: lawrence, thank you. while everyone else is watching joe burrow and matthew stafford tonight, we know the biggest mvp of the game is the food. rachel: i love super bowl. i love the food. the famed macklemore guys are here to show us the best ways to season, smoke and sear your wings. you guys are you a some being out here in the weather. pete: master built family john and joe. would not be a super bowl without you.
4:45 am
>> would not be a super bowl without us or the wings. rachel: which are expensive. >> they are. who tailgates in the fox plaza. thanks for camper dan, bringing the mobile home. we camped out here last night. we slept here. around we saw, what better way to get y'all out here in the snow to do some great wings this is a chicken wing, we call smoke and seared burnt end chicken wing. take the wings, season them with the honey sriracha sauce and put them in a dark steak marinade. rachel: that is so good. >> gravity series with master built. the capacity on the grill is amazing. this is smoked. we'll do this at 250 degrees. we have apple woodchips in there. we smoke them about 45 minutes. john goes to the next grill, turn them up to 500 degrees and
4:46 am
sear them off. >> in a matter of minutes, go from 250 wings, put the smoked wings in the sauce. we call it shushu them. throw them back on. rachel: how long is the process? >> 45 minute smoke and five to 15 minute sear so get that in. that is just what you want. my pick, two spatulas, cook it like rice. toss them up. toss them up. five to 15 minutes. pete: smell that. >> smells amazing. so juicy. >> perfect burnt end. get the perfect smoke juice and moisture inside of the wing but get a burnt end. rachel: i got this. i love it. i will make this today. will: today, in this weather. rachel: no. at my house. mine is in my garage. will: smoke in your garage? pete: smoke in my garage.
4:47 am
>> you can smoke, sear, chicken wings, steak, whatever for the super bowl. will: wouldn't be super bowl without you getting something big. there you go. >> wing and turkey leg. >> 1.42 billion wings eaten over eight million pounds of guacamole. 14,500 tons of chips are eaten. in light of the super bowl stats, 72 footballs are used in the super bowl. this is 72 wings for y'all. will: these are different. >> it's a hot sauce. >> i said one wing. we did two. this is barbecue honey sauce. rachel: what is your favorite, john? >> seared. >> hard to beat it. >> nachos will come up in couple hours. maybe it will stop snowing. but then i heard you say earlier. we'll go to daytona. what? pete: they're coming to daytona. >> we are?
4:48 am
pete: best news i heard. will: rachel will do it today. master rachel: later in the show with more gameday grub with you guys. all right. what! still ahead a new miami restaurant putting a bad taste in customers mouths for glorifying communism and fidel castro? we don't do that at master built. >> no. rachel: hell no. we'll hear about that outrage next. ♪. before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts,
4:49 am
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4:52 am
♪. will: a new york restaurant planning to open a second location in miami is upsetting locals who say the restaurant glorifies communism and now deleted online description, cafe habana boasted its restaurant as quote inspired by stories mexico city hangout where legend has it chair ga vara and fidel castro plotted the cuban revolution. ronnie lives in miami and joins to us react. good morning to you. i mentioned this is the second
4:53 am
location. this is cafe habana's 52-week low quailings this location, not a mom-and-pop shop. this is embracing cuban revolution, communism or incredibly ignorant? >> i think research and development department needs a overview. how you can come to miami do anything that is pro-castro, pro-chair ga che bharara, is astonishing. we took many refugees who started a new life. personally they have had people affected with family members in prison. everything taken from them by the cuban government. it is astonishing to me this company didn't realize that. this location is in brickell. they put a lot of money into it. will: do some research and understanding that miami is home
4:54 am
to cuban refugees of the cuban revolution. >> correct. will: what do you think happened here? many ways chair ga che is symbol. is that what they were going for? >> plays on the campus of nyc is in new york doesn't play in new york. or miami. what plays on the nyu campus doesn't play in miami. will: images on your screen what everyone see. emblazoned on t-shirts. most of the people that wear the t-shirts honestly they are ignorant. they have no idea what che did, what communism wrought for the island or other nations. it is different than a professional organization. to my knowledge, ronnie, correct me, the mural, social media was promoting a mural within the restaurant, i believe, i don't know that anything has changed besides deleting this promotion? >> so the restaurant hasn't
4:55 am
opened yet. i walked past it last night. it is in a beautiful area in brickell in miami. there is a lot of new development, a lot of new restaurants. the doors have not opened yet but pictures i sent your producer last night were from the door. will: from the door. >> from the door outside. will: good luck, cafe habana. you might have some trouble. >> maybe. will: let's end with that, do you think miami will reject this restaurant or is there some counterculture revolution or enough ignorance -- >> no, no, not at all. anyone who is smart about miami and miami politics will stay away from it. the cuban people mean so much to this city. you wouldn't want to offend them as well. will: right. ronnie, fascinating story. thanks for highlighting it this morning on fox. >> have a great day. enjoy the game. will: thanks. up next, a huge story the best guest to break it all down, congressman jim jordan breaks down the durham probe findings that the clinton campaign paid
4:56 am
to spy on, to infiltrate trump servers while he was president of the united states. move over dr. suess, there are new poets in town. the "fox & friends" hosts are about to go down. the fox hosts love to compete. who will win, me, pete, rachel. so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> woman: what's my safelite story? i see inspiration right through my glass. so when my windshield cracked, i chose safelite. . . . >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ plaque psoriasis, the tightness, stinging... ...the pain. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin
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♪ rachel: countdown. >> my mic isn't on. i said it twice, i could tell my mic wasn't on. >> if you don't hear yourself --
5:01 am
>> if you don't hear yourself, you're not on air. rachel: i couldn't tell. i'm not seasoned. put those wings outside. >> i had amazing discipline during that segment. welcome to "fox & friends." good morning, it's super bowl sunday. we're getting ready all morning long. >> it is one of those days where there's so much going on, on a regular show you would spend maybe the whole show on one particular thing or one angle and there's like six of them. rachel: it's not just that there's super bowl, there's super bowl food, it's valentine's day. there's like -- we're having a poetry contest here where we've written some poems and we're going to have someone come in and judge, joe concha coming in to judge and the valentine's day, the love doesn't end there. i am premiering along with my husband an exclusive interview, we went all the way to florida to get the love story of dan bongino and his gorgeous
5:02 am
columbian american wife. so you'll meet the woman behind the man. >> john said put shuj on their wings. you put the shuj on columbian. rachel: we want to celebrate love, marriage, commitment, all that stuff. stay tuned for dan bongino and paula. >> we're celebrating love, food, man carnage on the football field which we'll watch later on today and a he rematch in our contest, will, in the snow. rachel: some carnage there. will: maybe. it's corruption. conspiracy. there's a lot of things involved in the competition yesterday. pete: i brought my helmet. will: i saw a well met. i want you to -- helmet. we can do all the competitions you want, we can interview the former president of the united states, nothing has hung over
5:03 am
high head more than a poem competition. you know it stresses me out. like the christmas gift thing. pete: you waited until the last minute and went to build a bear. rachel: you crushed it. will: that a was the producer's idea too. pete: too? he cheated on football. rachel: remember the contest when you gave him meatballs and gave hit bitcoin. i love the meatballs but i wanted bitcoin on the side. inflation is so bad and currency is so bad -- >> charles payne is now on bitcoin. we're going to get him on the show, play back some of the clips when he didn't like bitcoin, but now he's in. rachel: sean duffy will be in the show and he's been all in on bitcoin with you. >> all of this nonsense is not the lead, even close, this morning. now to a fox news alert, a stunning report from john durham's investigation shows the
5:04 am
clinton campaign paid to infiltrate trump servers. >> the report revealing the campaign was trying to establish a, quote, narrative, linking trump to russia. rachel: alexandria hoff is live in washington with details on this bombshell report. alexandria? rachel and pete, all of this was revealed within a potential conflict of interest motion filed by special counsel john durham, it has to do with the defense team of michael sussmann, among those indicted so far in durham probe into the origins of the trump russia investigation. in this motion, under section, durham revealed sussmann paid an internet company to infiltrate servers. durham said sussman billed the clinton campaign after the internet company that a man that worked for, quote, had come to
5:05 am
access and maintain servers where buy provided dns resolution services to the eop, meaning executive office of the president. the filing says the purpose was to uncover damaging information about then president trump. the former president responded with this. quote, the latest pleading from special council john durham provides indies muteable evidence that my -- indies indisputeable evidence that there was an effort to develop a completely fabricated issue with russia. those who were involved should be subject to criminal prosecution. now, michael sussman has been charged for lying to a federal agent that he worked for and has pleaded not guilty to that. will, rachel, pete. >> thank you for that. let's bring in for immediate reaction, ohio gop congressman, jim jordan, a member of the
5:06 am
house oversight and government form committee. you heard the news, what's your reaction? >> president trump was right. remember in 2017 when president trump said they were spying on me and the press and democrats said they weren't and be in 2019, they then attorney general bill barr said spying took place at that time fbi on president trump's campaign. everyone said no, no, no. now we know 100%, john durham's filing, yes, there was spying going on and it was worse than we thought. they were spying on the sitting president of the united states and it goes to the clinton campaign. so god bless john durham and his investigation. it's taken a long time. we're getting to what we suspected. what we didn't understand, it was worse than we thought. >> i think everyone as they watch this wonders where will this go, where will accountability lead us, who will be held accountable? i got a note earlier in the
5:07 am
show. i want to run it by you. i don't know if this is within your knowledge. within federal crimes, there's a five year statute of limitations, we're talking about stuff from 2016, a '17. are we looking at something that has expired in terms of accountability at least within the justice system? >> look, i don't know. only john durham knows that. i know some of the filings that he's done were running up close to the five year statute of limitations and we do know this, john durham has gone to the start. understand, the indictment against zusman lying to john durham and his team, it was about the original lies when they started the effort to go after a presidential campaign. that is what is so frightening here. you had the government working with the clinton campaign to go after the republican party's nominee for president to spy on that campaign. we've never seen anything like this in history. so president trump state's
5:08 am
yesterday is on target, this is undent -- unprecedented, when you couple it with the context of a few years ago it was democrats using the irs to target conservatives, then it was this issue with them going after president trump's campaign and we know four months ago the department of justice set up a threat tag label and they're putting the threat tag, that label on moms and dads showing up at school board meetings. when you do it in context, it's more frightening. >> sure is. congressman, you mentioned the way the media characterized this. from the beginning, they de-- not just denied, but pursued the official narrative of those pedaling this to the fbi and the media. i want to remind our viewers with a bit of a flashback. here's how the media and democrats characterized the durham probe. watch this. >> the biggest scandal was when they spied on my campaign. they spied on my campaign. >> there's no real evidence of that. >> of course there is.
5:09 am
it's all over the place. >> no. >> leslie n spied on my campaign and got caught. >> donald trump and bill jam wm barr said there would be proof of a huge corruption. they haven't proved that. >> they're trying to turn it into some kind of scandal. >> wait until the durham report comes out and then nothing happens and they move on to the next conspiracy theory. it is never going to end. guess what? people who want to believe that bs are going to believe it. >> congressman, yet again we go to the word misinformation. it was conspiracy theories and misinformation until it's proven not to be. >> yeah. the conspiracy theory, the misinformation came from adam schiff, the democrats and the mainstream press. schiff said there is more than circumstantial evidence that president trump worked with the russians. that was false. completely false. the media reported it.
5:10 am
it's proven be false. there is certainly now more than circumstantial evidence that the democrats and the fbi and the clinton campaign spied on president trump's campaign so, yeah, the country sees it. seems like they call everything that's misinformation turns out to be true and they're peddling a false narrative all the time. rachel: i was surprised to that the indictments came out, that the investigation was still going. i thought maybe it would not. that's how much of a loss -- >> so did john lemon. rachel: he thought the same thing. all of us wonder, who will be held accountable. you saw those three guys. how far up do you think this can go? i mean, the american people need to regain their trust in government. this is third world stuff. this is, as you said, it's like watergate. this is weaponizing government and our intelligence agencies, working with big tech.
5:11 am
this is really big stuff. >> yeah. no, and again, i think it's important to view all this in context. you think what the democrats have done. the democrats this year, they've closed the capitol, allowed proxy voting, kicked republicans off committee, won't let republicans serve on a select committee. they're trying to end the filibuster, trying to pack the t court, trying to let noncitizens vote. the january 6 committee altered evidence. we found out the democrat committee of hillary clinton was spying on the sitting president of the united states. you view it all in context, let's hope people are held accountable. when john t ratcliffe was director, he made sure certain documents were available to durham about the top people in the intelligence division under president obama, so we'll see where brennan or mccabe or comey, we'll see what happens a. i don't know, only john durham
5:12 am
knows and he is being persistent and methodical about the investigation. we're see where it shakes out. >> we get the sense it's going somewhere, the way that durham is conducting this in the quiet. this revelation wasn't one he put out there. it was in a small filing over a conflict of -- >> in a filing, yes. >> it seems like this could be headed somewhere, this investigation does have a in-flow. rachel: are democrats officer nervousright now? do you believe they are nervous at this point, that they're worried that they might be held accountable? >> again, i don't know. what i do suspect is how did jim baker, the top lawyer at the fbi, the chief counsel at the fbi, when zusman is handing him this information on the coordination between trump and these folks in russia, how did jim baker not know, zusman was
5:13 am
-- how did he not know that he wasn't representing the clinton campaign? i think he had to know that i don't know for sure. but it seems to me that that makes sense to me. so we'll see where this investigation goes. >> maybe he wants deniability. it names tech executive and tech company number one. do we eventually learn who those people are? >> i assume so. again, i think mr. durham is going to move through this in a methodical way, as evidenced by the fact that it's been three years. the american people deserve the truth. we want to know what exactly happened and we want to make sure that this kind of stuff never happens again and that the government quits weaponizing the things they have to go after american citizens. rachel: thank you, congressman. >> real quick, total change of gears. you're from ohio, who do you like today in the big game? >> you bet. who do you think, the bengals,
5:14 am
for goodness sake. >> yeah, he's going to say la. that's what he's going to do. rachel: he would not have won the next election. [laughter] >> thanks, congressman. rachel: thank you. >> let's go -- >> thank you. >> let's go to the super bowl, outside sofi stadium, lawrence jones, host of lawrence jones cross country is live this morning. what's up, lawrence? >> what's up, guys? did you all see someone just walk through the congressman's shot. >> i did. >> reporter: i mean, you all didn't miss a beat. are we not going to acknowledge this? here live -- i'm here live for super bowl lvi. look at this, they've got the t-shirts, they've got the footballs out. everybody's excited and they don't know who is going to win this but a lot of people are saying la is the thing because they have the home field advantage but this is what i can tell you. the bengals, they have people that showed up and showed out and they're going to pack this stadium. so if anybody's -- it's
5:15 am
anybody's game. i had the opportunity to talk with nfl grates yesterday and they're honoring veterans. a lot of them paid for tickets for those veterans who served and fought for our country to go to the super bowl. i thought that was very cool. we'll have a package later on on "fox & friends." we'll send it back to you. rachel: thank you, lawrence. >> thank you, lawrence. this valentine's day makes someone's day or you should make someone's day with a tray from chick-fil-a. that rhymes. rachel: are you stealing that? >> the chicken chain is bringing back its heart shaped trays for the holiday. they can fit 30 nuggets in a tray, six chocolates or 12 chocolate fudge brownies. the company says nothing says valentine's day more than a nugget of love. >> very true. i would rather get a bunch of nuggets for valentine's day than chocolate. rachel: really? i would rather have chocolate. >> no doubt.
5:16 am
chick-fil-a sauce. rachel: he could drink it. >> lick it out of the container when it's done. rachel: i like it but not as much as pete. >> it's the best sauce in the world. you know the meme on the internet, it's something that says prove me wrong. best sauce in the world. prove me wrong. >> you want cookies? you want the brownie? rachel: i think i'll take a brownie. i like -- are they special brownies? let's not. all right. >> you enjoy that while i read this. still ahead, president biden sends a warning to vladimir putin amid escalating tensions over ukraine but will the president's words be enough? he retired four star general jack keane weighs in next. ♪
5:17 am
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5:21 am
americans to leave ukraine, warning a russian invasion could be imminent. ukraine's president insists the biggest enemy right now is panic. here to react, retired four star general, analyst general jack keane. general, considering everything you've seen and the phone call yesterday and the calls for evacuation for american citizens, what do you see happening in the next 48 hours? >> well, i mean, we've heard from our government officials and talking to some of them myself, i mean, it's pretty evident that they certainly have come to the conclusion, based on all the indicators that had they have, that a russian invasion is now likely. they don't have evidence of a decision. but they've got lots of evidence of indicators. what would those mean? those are likely troop he deployments, troop preparations getting closer to assembly areas
5:22 am
and attack positions and we have an enormous capability to monitor what people are doing, not just see what they're doing so we probably eaves dropped on some things and heard the preparations taking place. so i think that's kind of where we are. and in terms of what this will look like, putin certainly has many military options available to him. i still think it's unlikely that the full-out invasion to occupy all of ukraine would be quite a stretch for him and that's unlikely but he -- a partial occupation of ukraine, yes, and also a pressure campaign to topple the government so he can put in there a stooge government like he had before. that's another likely avenue here. and when the operation begins, i think the pentagon and the intel services are trying to tell us that it will likely begin with unconventional forces, a false flag operation which would
5:23 am
justify provoking a military invasion to stabilize the situation and we would then likely see pre-assault fires which would be air, missile, rocket artillery, followed up by ground attack inland on multiple courses of -- multiple avenues of approach and naval infan troy take some -- infantry to take some coastal areas and likely a massive cyber attack, he focused on the government and shutting down the electrical grid and putting pressure on the people. so that's kind of what's in front of us, i believe, based on my sources and where putin is in the decision making process. >> general, so many questions. thank you for breaking that down. but it leads me to one key one. what is vladimir putin's goal? what would he be -- i know the most likely course of action is eastern ukraine, the most dangerous might be attempting to
5:24 am
take the capital itself. what is he looking to he get from his actions. >> he wants ukraine under his sphere of influence. zelensky has been the most aggressive in moving towards the west. he's frustrated by that. i think it's an emotional thing for him too because sees ukraine as part of russia. but he's got serious risks here, pete. and when you look at them, you can see them for what they are. i think he underestimated zelensky. he's held the population together. there's no panics, no hoarding of food, people are going about their lives on a regular basis. zelensky has stood up to president biden when he made the gaffe about a minor incursion and counseled biden about stop the saber rattling. the ukrainian people may be occupied as a red light of what putin is going -- as a result of what putin is going to do but they're not going to be defeated. he'll have to fight them for years to come. the second thing, despite the
5:25 am
differences we talked about with nato here on the show, the reality is that if he invades, he's going to unite nato and strengthen them in a way that is the exact opposite of what he wants. he wants to undermine it. we'll go back to a cold star status if he takes the fledge fledgeling democracy and we'll have more forces on the border than he imagined. if biden sticks to the sanctions he says he's going to impose, if he does pull that trigger, the economic impact on russia is severe. this is central bank aing, shutting it down, shutting down their participation in the dollar driven financial system. shutting down foreign investment. and listen, he's got a he retired military general who heads up their retired officers association, a guy by the name of hebeshaw and he wrote an a open letter, castigating putin,
5:26 am
he creating a conflict that doesn't exist, that you'll create a mortal enemy with ukraine by killing thousands and the russian people will suffer significantly as a result of your criminal behavior, these are his words, not mine. so yeah, there's some headwinds ahead for mr. putin if he does invade. >> let's hope he does bite off more than he can chew and it goes back in his face. thank you very much for your time. >> great talking to you, ass always. pete: still ahead, we shift gears on this program, roses are red, violets are blue, the "fox & friends" hosts wrote some valentine's day poems just for you. our first ever poetry contest is next, and joe concha is here to determine the best. ♪
5:27 am
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♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." as you know, tomorrow is valentine's day, we're celebrating it here on the show on this sunday. roses are red, violets are blue and we've got valentine's day poems for you. a viewer suggested we should have a contest where we write a valentine's day poem and we actually -- me and pete took our time. >> we did the assignment. will: i did it. rachel: will was like the guy in the class, he chicken scratched it during the break. will: i did it during the general keane segment. mine's not in the prompter. pete: mine is longer. rachel: let's listen.
5:32 am
pete: republicans are red, democrats are blue. let's all be honest, i know democrats are commies and so do you. rachel is the rose that sits between two horns. once was a man from texas, will cane, he could endure anything but when he loses the trophy to me, it's pure pain. jenny, you put up with me every day. next weekend we'll be in daytona to see the great american race. i want to say let's go brandon to the real brandon's face. my kids will all be there to enjoy the track and the sun, all nine of us will sleep in one room, oh, boy that sure does sound fun. today is the super bowl, packed full of cheering people. hey, lawrence jones, when you walk to the game, watch out for the needles.
5:33 am
we love our weekday crew, i would never say a bad word about you three, because you make way more than we do. rachel: that's true. pete: happy valentine's day to me, the 2022 elections will be big, no doubt. to chuck, nancy and the dems, don't let the door hit you on the way out. rachel: i'm impressed. wow, pete. i'm very impressed. will: now my procrastination feels bad. before we did this, the producer said rachel, yours is so great. she said this words, you're a literary artist. so i'm between that -- rachel: that's a little bit more, but very well done. you got in let's go brandon, come on. >> i did scratch this out. rachel: go ahead, will. will: quickly. grading on a curve. valentine's is but one day a year. one day is not enough, i hear. to profess my devotion to pete's
5:34 am
aberis, we'll come back to this and my love of rachel's sports ignorance, more seriously, my love of pete's devotion and my devotion to rachel's love for her next generation. and for everyone on this team on the back end, this is just one day but every weekend is better with friends. rachel: the last line really did tie that together. i was a little lost in the middle, not as much whining as i would have liked. >> it's got ignorance. aberis -- >> one of my favorite things about you, you are all in on everything. it doesn't matter what it is. if it's eating chick-fil-a nuggets or competing here, i love that you are all in on whatever it is. >> i wish i had multiple -- >> the next generation is your family. rachel: i got that. for doing it during the keane segment, it's pretty good. >> i was also listening to keane. i want you to know, i was listening.
5:35 am
rachel: here's mine. waking up for "fox & friends" is not an easy task, but spending four hours with will and pete is always such a blast. we start our morning with photos, a salute to the red, white and blue. then pete orders breakfast and will makes fun of the way i chew. it's true. when it comments to our game, they can be cut throat and they're not always happy when it comes to the vote. one's a strong rancher, the other a t vet, but when a beat them at bowling, who can forget? i teach the boys spanish, they h me sports but when bongino is on, he's holding documenter i admit they're good looking, easy on the eyes which definitely helps our four hours fly by. our friendship is based on the love that we share for our country, our families and our viewers out there. so thank you both for making my tv dreams come true. happy valentine's day from this
5:36 am
latina to you. >> oh,man. that is so good. you are a literary artist. >> that's a hallmark card right there. rachel: did you guys really like that? >> no joke, that was awesome. >> no joke, that was -- >> both of yours were awesome. i will withhold my vote because i believe we have a judge. rachel: we do. >> who better to judge our poems than the media man himself, joe concha, who i hope heard all of those. rachel: did you actually hear them all, joe? >> i was moved to tears by pete's. i didn't know we had robert frost sitting on the couch here. that was quite an effort on his part. will, on the other hand, did this about 12 seconds before the actual segment and it showed. and obviously rachel, incredible effort on your part. so i have a tie between pete and rachel. and i know nobody likes a tie but you each get my conch2.0 hat in honor of leo terrel, i also
5:37 am
have a 2.0 thing going on. i used to write columns about being single. they called me joey jessica parker. i'm an expert. the criteria is was it unique, did it rhyme and did you avoid being cheesy. rachel and pete did that. will, you get a set of steak knives, don't think you go home empty handed. will: i'm not mad. i know which place i got. i'm not mad. i can accept defeat when it's honest defeat. pete: i will take a tie. ties are not really a thing on "fox & friends." rachel: we like when people win or lose. pete: it's a bit of a softy. rachel: everyone gets a trophy. pete: you can bring it out. it's okay. rachel: we'll be put it on the next tag, everyone wins a trophy. pete: we'll give it to will and he can give it to whoever. all right, where does it go?
5:38 am
>> all right, it goes to pete hegseth, he worked in a let's go brandon. pete: i thought it was going to go the other way. rachel: i am too. i'm a hurt. pete: know your audience, know your judge. went a little political. joe concha does the politics thing. have you heard a sentimental comment? rachel: he said he's like the sex in the city guy from hoboken. pete: i actually think you won. >> this could be an honor that you didn't win, look at it that way. pete: i'll let you touch it. >> outstanding. again, happy valentine's day to all. i'm sure mr. duffy will make up for you not winning. i talked to him before. he has quite the night planned for you. pete: you're getting the horns. >> we wanted to get you in on this as well. you heard of this story, you know, it feels like yesterday's story. the real story is the spying on the trump campaign. the day before, it's everyone
5:39 am
obsessing over maggie haberman's new book where she alleges president trump was flushing notes down the toilet. we asked him about this. this is what he has to say. >> it's fake news. she's a fake writer. she got a pulitzer prize for russia, russia, russia and they found out it was a hoax. >> joe, what do you think of this entire scandal, story? >> we're supposed to -- scandal. okay. we're supposed to believe that maggie haberman learned of this toilet story one year after donald trump left office and she and only she was the only person on the planet to get such salacious information and she happens to have a book coming out for which she got a multi-a million dollar advance for. what is the new york times paying her to do. is she paid to report or to sit on big stories that people have to pay $39 to read about.
5:40 am
you have to excuse me that i have a hard time believing that this didn't come out when donald trump that was the oval office and not 13 months later. it's a growing trend among those who call themselves journalists to sit on big, true stories, whether they're true or not, i should say big stories, true or not, so they can enrich themselves. you look at the media reports on the toilet story, everyone is treating it as gospel instead of gossip as if we didn't learn anything from the trump years in terms of unnamed sources say, guys. rachel: how do you compare the stories? you have this story and you have this bombshell story. i bet 10 bucks that the whole thing happening with durham, i bet the other networks are going to go with the toilet story. >> look at, it's toilet flushing at the top. >> is it really. >> it's at the top. can we tell joe the other headline i saw. >> please do. >> this is a literal let line. joe rogan's video using the n word is another january 6th
5:41 am
moment. [laughter] rachel: you can't make it up. >> you know, obviously i hadn't heard that before. they tried to crush rush limbaugh, they tried to crush howard stern when howard stern was howard stern and both became bigger as a result of the fcc getting involved or the media trying to take them down and joe rogan right now is unstoppable because spotify is paying him $100 million, the spotify flakes, rumble is waiting with $100 million. if no one pays him, he could start a podcast company and make the money he is. joe rogan, keep going with the headlines. you're only helping him and no one is buying it. cnn gets 500,000 viewers a day, maybe on average. and joe rogan's averaging 11 million per day. i think that's 20 times the audience or so. that's all you need to know about the medium and where it's going. rachel: and howard stern still locked in his basement, scared to death. it's so -- i'm going to forgive you for not picking me for the poem. >> not me. rachel: it was really fun.
5:42 am
it's okay, i think you went with your heart on that. >> check's in the mail, joe. [laughter] >> venmo, i'm a venmo guy, pete, come on. rachel: the freedom convoy protesters are still trucking on despite opposition from their prime minister and police. up next, we're going to talk to a journalist who interviewed 100 drivers to find out what they're really fighting for. ♪♪ and one chicken salad. anything else? yeah, do you also take orders online? yeah, we do that. yeah, we do. secure payments, the tools you need, people who can help, we do that. - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little
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5:46 am
>> the freedom convoy is now a global movement as truckers drive into canada and refuse to back down. our next guest is a freelance columnist based in ottawa who has spoken with more than 100 protesters on the ground. rupa subrinania joins us now. we're seeing similar protests across international borders, in france. but it started in ottawa. you spoke to at least 100 of these truckers. tell me what you heard. >> thanks for asking that question, will. and what i've been hearing consistently throughout the protests and it's been here now for more than two weeks is for the government to drop all the mandates. they want the mask mandates to go. they want the vaccine passport system to go. and the truckers want the trucker mandate to go which is a
5:47 am
federal mandate. and but it's also brought together -- it's not just the truckers. the truckers are spearheading the protest. but it's also brought together people from all across the country who oppose the vaccine passport system, they don't want any more lockdowns and restrictions. they want to go back to normal life or their life, what it was about two years ago before the pandemic. they say enough is enough. will: let's read a quote from one of those protesters, ivan, from ukraine. he spoke to you on why he joined the movement. he said we came to canada to be free, not slaves. we lived uncommon niche and in canada we're -- communism and now in canada we're fighting for our freedom. that's a very broad aspirational goal. there's also very specific demands from these truckers regarding the vaccine mandate. do you think there's any chance that the canadian government which would require i believe
5:48 am
provincial governments to hear the demand and comply? >> well, unfortunately what we've been hearing from the prime minister is he's just been pouring fuel on the fire here and he's been continuing to demonize them. his rhetoric has been divisive, unfortunately. the main convoy organizers are open to dialogue. they want someone from the government to reach out to them and hear them out. but so far, no one's actually done that. and so unfortunately what's happening with the political side, they refuse to meet the protesters, they refuse to acknowledge they'll and by and large the government demonized them. .will: that's fascinating, to effort to make contact, to communicate with the protesters, only to demonize them. thank you for doing actual
5:49 am
reporting and speaking to the truckers on the ground. thank you for your time. >> thanks so much. will: coming up, a salute to our heroes at the super bowl, lawrence jones is next. ♪ listen to the radio. ♪ don't you remember. not only do centrum multigummies taste great. they help support your immune defenses, too. because a healthy life. starts with a healthy immune system. with vitamins c and d, and zinc. getting out there has never tasted so good. try centrum multigummies.
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5:53 am
>> reporter: welcome back to "fox & friends." everyone is excitessed about the big game but our nfl legends are honoring our veterans. take a look. >> what does this partnership with the nfl mean. >> this is really special for us. ten years ago we went to if nfl, said we had to take care of veterans. we created a platform of salute to service. [ applause ] >> it's a great honor. i did 32 years in the military, the united states air force. i feel proud about being in the military, i feel real proud about being able to come here and accept this. >> are you a cowboys fan? >> i'm a big fan. too. >> what does it mean to partner with veterans, give back to the community. >> it's big for me. we have a big military family.
5:54 am
it's a huge honor. what they do for our country, it allows us to do what we do. >> i've always been around veterans and people who serve the country and what they're doing is awesome. >> what's the reaction from veterans when you meet with them, talk with them. >> you can tell they're grateful. i'm grateful. i served in the national guard, got deployed to iraq on april 19th 2005. i was in a humvee explosion. >> you're going to the super bowl. is that a bucket list item. >> >> it is. i was in infantry, deployed in 2008 to iraq, 2008, 2009. then i came back, was he deployed to afghanistan. i got blown up, got a purple heart. >> what does it feel, acknowledging the sacrifice you made for love of one tri. >> that's honestly the biggest thing. >> it's mind blowing to be able to be part of this and the spec spectacle the that goes around it. >> he put his life on the line,
5:55 am
gave us the freedom to play football, going of over to the country, serving for the country. it's cool to give back to the guys that put their whole life, their family life, everything and to protect us and give us our freedom. >> what's next for gronk, is he going back to win another super bowl? what does gronk want? >> i'm just chilling right now. it's really quiet right now. >> everybody's waiting for the breaking news. >> i'll be taking my time. yeah, i'll be taking my time. >> this is a tough year for you. you had an injury. what will the next year be like for you? >> hopefully better. going to year 10. >> you said you're not going to the super bowl until -- >> it's in phoenix next year. the rams home field advantage. i feel a trend. >> tell us about the cowboys nation. >> we're going to get a super bowl, finally. >> a super bowl is coming.
5:56 am
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6:00 am
♪ yeah, yeah, i get so caught up. >> welcome to "fox & friends" on this super bowl sunday, the fourth and final hour. super bowl lvi, that's how i say roman numerals. that's sofi stadium. we are glad you're with us. you have a lot of options on sunday, we're grateful you spend it with us. we enjoy spending it together.
6:01 am
will cain, rachel campos duffy. will: we start with a fox news alert, this is big, a stunning report from john durham's investigation. it shows the clinton campaign paid to infiltrate donald trump's servers. rachel: that's right. the report revealing the campaign was trying to establish a narrative linking trump to russia. >> imagine that. alexandria hoff is live in washington with details. >> reporter: all of this was he revealed in a somewhat routine court filing on friday, special counsel john durham filed a motion relating to a potential conflict of interest within the defense term, michael sussmann. he is among those indicted in durham's probe into origins of the trump russia investigation. in this motion durham reveals that sussmann paid an internet company to infiltrate servers at the white house and trump tower in order to create a narrative
6:02 am
connecting then president trump to a kremlin tied bank. durham says sussmann billed the clinton campaign after the internet company that a person known aztec executive one worked for, quote, had come to access and maintain dedicated server as, quote, part of a sensitive arrangement where it provided dns resolution services to the eop. dns resolution connects the computer to an actual website and eop stands for executive office of the president. former president trump responded to the surveillance with this. the latest pleading from special counsel durham provides indies indisputeable evidence that my campaign were spade on by operatives in an effort to develop a fabricated connection to russia. this is far greater and scope and magnitude than watergate and those who were involved and knew about it should be subject to criminal prosecution. michael sussmann has been charged for lying to a federal
6:03 am
agent about who he worked for and has pleaded not guilty to that. rachel: thank you. will, what do you make of the fact that this information was not some leak. we're used to getting leaks in investigations. it wasn't a leak. he filed a routine report and a reporter found it. will: during some our private conversations a moment ago, pete said it does say something, i think, that this isn't some big pr stunt. this isn't dribs and drabs. this came out through the routine investigation that's going on behind the scenes that makes you feel like at some we're headed somewhere, that durham at some point drops the findings of his investigation which look to be incredibly damning, just really quickly, this i think is big. this is a laser through a web of confusion. and for one, i spent most of the past five years in sports media and the entire russia, russia, russia story became so impossible to peer through this string, that name, this latest. you could never understand what was going on.
6:04 am
so let us if we might quickly clarify what we learned. we learned through an investigation from john durham that the clinton campaign funded a spying operation on donald trump's first campaign, they used american universities and government grants inside the universities to cull data and to your point they took over a server inside donald trump's i believe apartment and in his office. pete: and the office of the president. will: and ultimately not just as a candidate but as a sitting president of the united states they spied on his campaign in order to create a false story that he was somehow connected to russia. and this by the way has resulted in yet another indictment. these aren't simply dribs and drabs from rachel maddow to drive ratings, this resulted in the third indictment. this is law. this is justice and this is the truth and this is the beginning. rachel: there is also another
6:05 am
part of the story that you left out, which is that there is a tech company that we don't know the name of the tech company, we don't know who the head of the tech company is, it just says tech company one. they're working in coordination with tech companies which we've come to get really used to with the democrats, that's what they do. pete: we've come to get used to it in a general bias sense. in this particular case it appears it's a specific collaboration. tech executive number one, tech company number one, we don't know who they are yet. you better believe if it was the other way around with dribs and drabs, we know precisely who they are and they would be public enemy number one. this is a candidate, then a president-elect, then the president of the united states. it feels like -- this feels like a real big boy investigation where they don't need to do leaks into the media, they're doing spade work quietly, like they should. it's probably difficult to get, considering how big the
6:06 am
institutions how, how long they may have happened. the way had they derided the president and anyone else who suggested there was espionage and spying going on, when he came out and said they wire tapped trump power, everyone lost their mind. they did worse than people thought and here we are and i -- man, i pray we can get to the truth and you've emphasized it. we need some respect in our institutions. rachel: we really lost trust in our institutions. you're right, they said that he was newer rotic, it -- in your , that he was mentally unstable. he was telling the truth. and it was much worse. my question was if it went to trump to you of wear, -- tower, his apartment, into the white house, who else could have known? who is protecting our information if hillary clinton's team can spy and have possession of a server that is spying on the president inside of the white house, that's --
6:07 am
>> we showed the dollar amounts earlier, how much the mueller probe cost, like 38 million bucks, this is at 3. talk about bang for your buck. remember the spectacle of the mueller report, of bob mueller testifying. it was the super bowl of the left. they wanted it to end with an impeachment and it didn't. >> they attached it to a phone call to ukraine. they couldn't find anything after $32 million an the whole of the government and durham's doing the lord's work right now. see what else comes up. rachel: we had representative jim jordan on earlier. here was his reaction to the bombshell news. >> president trump was right. remember in 2017 when president trump said they were spying on me and the press and the democrats said they weren't. in 2019, then attorney general bill barr said spying took place at the fbi on president trump's campaign and everyone said no, no, no. well, now we know for sure. it was worse than we thought. that is what is so frightening here. huh the government working with the clinton campaign to go after
6:08 am
the republican party's nominee for president to spy on that campaign. we've never seen anything like this in history. the american people deserve the truth. we want to know what exactly happened and we want to make sure that this kind of stuff never happens again. >> not hyperbole, accurate to say this is worse than watergate. now to this, what started in ottawa is overtaking the globe. rachel: protesters in new york, paris and more standing in solidarity with the canadian truckers. >> alexis mcadams is inside from inside the canadian convoy as officials turn up the pressure. >> reporter: there are more protesters than police. prime minister justin trudeau called a meeting where he said he will talk about what federal resources he can use to move the convoy out of the capital. take a look at the video, you can see every weekend it's been
6:09 am
a party in canada's cap tall, the third straight weekend of protests against covid restrictions. 4,000 demonstrators lining the streets of ottawa yesterday. the convoy has semis parked in front of parliament. the group has been threatened with fines up to 100,000 canadian dollars and even jail time. ottawa police established a joint command center with ontario police and royal canadian mounted police. in response to the protests. the convoy says they're not anti-vaccine. 90% of canadians have the shot. listen. >> doesn't matter if i'm vaccinated, you're vaccinated or anybody's vaccinated. that's your choice. that's what we're here to fight for, is giving the choices back to canadians. >> reporter: now, on saturday, counter protesters walking the streets of ottawa, hoping the convoy moves out so businesses can reopen and they can walk the streets in peace. listen.
6:10 am
>> [chanting] >> reporter: now, in windsor, ontario u police moving in to move protesters blocking a trade corridor from the u.s. to detroit. police starting to tow their trucks off the ambassador bridge. he protesters are still there and according to the ottawa pd on twitter they've been talking about how they're making arrests this morning. we're still working to get eyes on the ground to figure out what that looks like. in paris, french protesters watching the canadians. according to those people there, they've been watching what is happening in canada very closely. they want to keep a close eye on the freedom convoy to frye try to figure out what's happening here. politicians and police dealing with demonstrations. back here live, the freedom convoy says they have no plans of moving. the crowds really do pick up each weekend as people come in to party and a talk with their friends and be part of this and they go home.
6:11 am
we expect the crowds to thin out. we're under an emergency order. trudeau is considering what immediate action the government could take. rachel: thank you, alexis. >> party yesterdays coming out. >> it's like the winter of love. rachel: it is the winter of love. funny you said that my thought was how committed have you to be. this is cold. this is very unforgiving temperatures. people continue to come out. this is more than the pan date. we were talk -- mandate. we were talk off-camera. canadians are vaxed at a high rate, over 90% of canadians are vaxed. i think what this is really about is kind of bill marr touched on it, it's about eliteism, the people who were as bill marr said, people wearing lululemon, sitting on their computers versus the people who are out there working.
6:12 am
i think the servant class thing that we had going on where you saw nancy pelosi for example having a big donor event and all the people wearing masks. you saw those had that were so upset, so many are in the service industry in the back of a kitchen wearing a mask for 10 hours a day or having to wear a mask while the diners don't. there is an eliteism that was exposed in this pandemic that i think the working class are fighting against. >> which includes by the way the division the continues between adults and children -- the difference between adults and children. an ottawa journalist spoke to over 100 truckers about what exactly are their motivations. >> it's not just the truckers. the truckers are spearheading the protest. but it's also brought together people from all across the country who oppose the vaccine passport system, they don't want anymore lockdowns and restrictions. they just want to go back to normal life or life as they --
6:13 am
their life, what it was about two years ago before the pandemic. they say enough is enough. what we've been hearing from the prime minister is he's just been pouring fuel on the fire here and he's been continuing to demonize them. his rhetoric has been divisive, unfortunately. >> the problem justin from canada has is the demands of the convoy are imminently reasonable. we're not trying to free a hostage or something that you can't -- you're asking for a return to normal, an opportunity to make a personal health choice, and his side is completely unreasonable, unwilling to even have a conversation. they're trying to arrest these truckers. i saw some of the arrests have been for public consumption of alcohol. use of fireworks. so the party atmosphere they created which is celebrating their own attempt to get back to a new normal is what they're he demonized for. that can't hold out. the longer it holds out, the worse it is for justin trudeau.
6:14 am
his options are limited. rachel: joe biden is telling him to crack down more. >> it's been a monday tray, if you could come-mantra, if you comply, we could get to normal. >> countdown to kick off, hours from now the rams will take on the bengals in super bowl lvi. so who will take home the lombardi he trophy? lead team member carson palmer played with the bengals for eight seasons, he joins us now with his predictions. great to talk with you this morning. really quickly, this is such a big moment for anyone who is a cincinnati bengals fan. for all that have played with bengals since 1989, it's been a rough couple moments. there's highlights in there but nothing like this. it's got to feel good. >> it's a fascinating story, an underdog, david versus goliath.
6:15 am
you have the la rams with the glitz and glamour of hole wound you have the bengals who are now in the super bowl. at the end of the day, my heart wants the bengals to win. i don't know how they'll pass the fierce pass rush that the la rams have. >> as a quarterback, exactly on that point, how do you prepare for a game like this when you know your biggest disadvantage is your opponent's advantage. you're a young quarterback who showed a lot of cool he'll be under siege all game long. >> joe has to get the ball out of his hands. the head coach has to script a bunch of plays early, screens, quick throws. you can't sit back in a pocket and hold the ball, you have a former super bowl mvp, aaron donald, the defensive player of
6:16 am
the year, they get after the quarterback. i look to see them get the ball out of the hands quickly, don't let joe get sacked early and get the ball to the play makers on the outside. rachel: tell us about filling the stadium and how our viewers can help. >> fill the stadium is an initiative that we started when the pandemic hit. it was during lockdown. the football season was underway. they weren't going to allow fans into the stayed jumps. there were children all over the world in dire situations, through compassion international that were not going to be sponsored, were not going to be row vieded with the bare essentials to live, food, water, doctor visits and fill the stadium is an initiative where we raise money that goes directly to these children and these families and helps them just survive. their kids and a families were forgotten about through the pandemic. we raised almost $40 million, sponsored over 70,000 kids. >> all right, carson that's great work. i hear your heart and mind
6:17 am
struggling and i think we know where you are but let's get it on the record n the game you predict what outcome? >> i think the rams win this one, 28-21. >> 28-21. >> he went with his mind. rachel: not your heart. >> understandable. we appreciate having you on the show this morning. thank you. >> thank you, carson. >> thank you. >> again, it's fill the stadium dot-com. i want to be invited to his house. rachel: looks like a castle. >> like a castle. >> when you're a great nfl quarterback -- rachel: you can do that. >> he had his house sweater on in his castle. >> you like house he sweaters, >> i do. i have a couple. when you get a house, you need a house tear and -- house we swear and slippers. rachel: you have the kids get the paper for you. >> not anymore. >> here's some happy news.
6:18 am
on the note of sports, we will be live from day toes that -- daytona next weekend at the daytona 500. don't miss it. rachel: still ahead, democrats are raising red flags as the cia collects data from americans so trump's not only one being spied on. how much does the agency know about you? >> all morning long we've been asking for game day predictions like what color gatorade will be poured on the winning coach? >> blue. >> the prompter says peter. >> it does say peter. no, no, no,that's peter a viewe. >> peter a viewer says it will be orange like my tie. >> you predicted orange too. >> i think it will be the bengals. >> that's why you wore that? >> that's why. >> i predict blue like the rams and a victory.
6:19 am
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>> a newly declassified letter from two democratic senators accuses the cia of collecting information on americans with no
6:23 am
approval from any branch of the government. sense ron widen and martin heinrich says the agency secretly conducted a bulk program without oversite from the judicial, congressional or executive branch. here to he react, former cia operative mike baker. what do you make of this? >> well, look, certainly senator widen's never been known to hyperbole or dramatic overstatement. they know better. they've basically put out a letter that's essentially click bait. but what is the issue? the issue is, look, when the agency is collecting intelligence, when they're identifying, targeting, monitoring suspects, terror suspects or potential suspects overseas, if one of those targets is in contact with a
6:24 am
u.s. person, that person now becomes temporarily a person of interest because what do you have? you have an authorized investigation against a terrorist who is in contact with a u.s. person. you've got to determine whether that's an innocent contact or that person actually is of concern. and so the question that heinrich and widen are raising in this redacted letter that's come out, they sent it over to the agency about 10 months ago, is how do those internal data search s systems within the agency work when the analysts within the cia are asking or querying or inquiring existing data repositories. i know that's a lot of -- >> i get it, mike. >> down a rabbit hole. >> the cia has an act to look at american citizens if is collecting data on threats external to the united states. they say they exseeded the
6:25 am
statutory -- exceeded the statutory limitations. what's your response? here's what the cia says. the recognize and take sears sey to conduct vital national security activities including collection activity in compliance with u.s. laws, committed to transparency. they're saying we're operating within the bounds of our limitations. the senators seem to say they're not. >> yeah, look, i spent a long time behind the curtain. people can expect me to say this, they're not going to look at me as an objective observer. i'm the cia. they are operating within defined protocol as to what happens when a u.s. person comes onto the radar screen as part of an investigation into a foreign national who is of national security concern. and so again, look, frankly if widen was that concerned about privacy and civil liberty issues, he would open a senate
6:26 am
intel committee hearing into what amazon are collecting, americans unwittingly but happily hand over vast amounts of personal data to big tech companies when they're online doing shopping or whatever they're doing and so again, i don't want to minimize the importance of checks and balances. checks and a balances within the intel committee are important. i'm saying senator widen and heinrich's letter is stretching what's happening, making it appear it's a nefarious massive collection on u.s. citizens. >> in the end i would fall on this, i want to know more. you're right about amazon and big tech companies. it doesn't have to be an either/or proposition. privacy is under assault at every angle. we always appreciate your voice on these issues. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, dan bonginos is well-known for his unfiltered take on the day's top news. wait until you hear his take on
6:27 am
meeting his wife. >> we were so different. it's like a ying and yang. >> this was love at first sight? >> pretty much. yeah, pretty much. >> sean duffy joined rachel to hear about the epic love story. he joins us along with the bonginos, be next. ♪ i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here! shh! i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs.
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♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." tomorrow is valentine's day and in the spirit of love, sean and i took a trip down to florida to see the bonginos and to learn dan and his beautiful wife paula's secret to a long lasting relationship. take a look. >> paula, dan, tell me how you met. >> it was a blind date. >> yes, it was very blind.
6:32 am
[laughter] >> it was only one way blind. >> tell us the story. >> we were talking on friday. we were going out on saturday and he said to me, if you want to know what i look like, you can check out wednesday's newsday. >> i was at the u.s. open with hillary clinton. they had taken a picture of hillary and i'm in the background with a smug face. and i swear i really just thought to myself, that way if she thinks i'm ugly, she won't show up. she says it as this big, hey, look at me -- >> i told him my wednesday newsday is in the garbage. [laughter] >> so wait. this is where -- this gets great. we go out on a date and i don't know, three or four dates, she's reading this book. the book -- >> you're not supposed to find that. >> it's a picture of newsday. [laughter] >> she cut it out. she had it -- it was her book mark. >> i only cut it out after i
6:33 am
met him because i fell in love with you so quickly, my love. >> how long were you t dating before you knew, okay, this is the man i'm going to marry. >> i just kind of knew. it was pretty instant. we took off right after that. >> we had so much in common. yet we were so different. she was a web developer. super smart with tech and all that stuff. i couldn't even turn on a computer and she could be shy sometimes and i was like the outgoing guy and yet i'm the one in the house who is kind of more shy and reserved and she's the one who kind of takes charge. so it's like a ying and yang everywhere. >> complementary. >> 100%. it was, totally. >> that's the way it supposed to be. >> this was love at first sight. >> pretty much. yeah, pretty much. >> you've been married how many years? >> 18. 18 years. >> what advice do the bonginos have for a successful marriage. >> i remember when we first met we went to your grandparents' anniversary, they were celebrating 60 years of marriage and they were just dancing, having a good time i remember
6:34 am
looking at him and i said one day i want that. grandma ann, she came over and she told me how marriage is hard, nothing comes easy but she said when you get through those hard times, they're going to bring on happier times and i just always try to remember that. >> marriage as you guys know, it's work, man. you have to work at it. when things get a little rough, you got to remember the -- you can't always -- you tend to focus, like we had a fight, it's all over. it's not the end. there were 10 billion good times for the 100 times you're at each other's throats. >> i always joke when i hear people say, we never fight. i'm like they're getting divorced. >> you have to date your wife. that's the most important lesson. to the husbands out there, remember the woman you love was once your girlfriend. she's still your girlfriend. works me.
6:35 am
we're better parents because of it. >> we had so much fun with you. thank you so much for joining us. we loved having you at the house. >> of course. >> sean, you show up on the set with roses for your lovely wife, rachel. >> chick-fil-a cookies, here, paula, chick-fil-a cookies for you. they aren't even mine. fox sent them over. >> you said date your wife, i got flowers this morning, brought them in. >> he's dating me on set. >> date your wife. it works. >> paula, i thought what was so great, first of all, everyone is so curious to know, who is the woman behind dan. we see dan one way. we see you and interview you, we really get to understand dan. i love how he talked, you guys were not shy about the fact that marriage is not easy all the time. and it's a lot of work. but it's worth it. >> right.
6:36 am
i'm usually the person behind the camera. this is my first time this side of the camera. >> are you nervous? are you okay? i got worried because i said listen, i don't want this to turn into a star is born moment. like bradley cooper. like now america will love paula bongino, she gets the show and i get fired from fox and i descend into madness. i'm a little concerned here. >> take the camera right out of here. >> she's already got plans. it is a lot of work though. we did -- and as said to you during the special, which we had so much fun. it was so great to have you at the house. i just don't like when people tell me that when they're about to get married, give me marriage advice and they pretend it's all peaches and cream a lot of time. it's a lot of work. if you don't give yourself an off ramp off the highway and in the end you commit to it it's the most rearresting re-- rewarding relationship of your life. >> i a agree. >> she definitely agrees.
6:37 am
she runs my business too. she won't sign the check if -- good job. >> talk about the balance between you and dan. we always a see dan, he's pretty -- he throws his hands at the camera, tells us his opinion. how does it work in the house? how do you create a balance with dan bongino. how do you keep him reined in. >> he's totally different off camera. rachel: he's a softy. >> he totally is. the girls have him pinned down. they give him a little face and he's all done. >> it's true. she's not lying, america. this is -- fact check. fact check true. this is a real fact check. yes, that is corrects i am a big sucker for the kids. >> you're totally a softy. people who know you know that. by the way, this conversation, you saw a three minute clip, but this entire conversation will be on our podcast and we're going to do a special thing which we're going to actually drop
6:38 am
that podcast on valentine's day, tomorrow, so you can watch the entire thing. what i love about this, dan, you talk about the importance of family. and marriage is the foundation of family. and talk to us a little about that. we talk a lot about that in the whole episode, in the whole conversation that you'll see tomorrow. >> yeah. i mean, i think it's interesting, especially us as conservatives and people who really care about the cause and the country and the republic and we pledge allegiance to it as we should. political fights don't mean much. reminds me of jordan peter son's book, 12 steps for life, one is make your own bed first. sometimes we forget, if we have broken families, i know they do their best. i went through a similar situation, so did paula. i get everybody does their best, parents. sometimes relationships don't work out. but we really have to do our best to cure our ills at home and then later on we'll figure
6:39 am
out what is wrong with society. what did andrew breitbart say, politics are stream interest the culture and the culture is falling apart. as i said during the special, moms and dads love their kids different. sheehan tells -- she handles our kids differently than i do. having both of us here has been incredible for the kids. >> we both grew up in divorced environments and our parents -- i watched my mother struggle financially, emotionally. i wanted to give my kids something different. they have so much to worry about these days especially right now outside of the home with covid, social media, just politics. i just wanted to give my kids a good place to come home to.
6:40 am
rachel: t beautiful. >> save america, save your family. rachel: this conversation goes on and on. we talk about everything that you talked about here and more so we hope you'll join. it's a celebration of love, family, commitment, and marriage. and valentine's and love. so join us -- it was awesome. you guys cannot miss this information. make sure you -- >> rachel, i liked your poem the best. you get my vote. [laughter] >> i did too. she's was by far the best poem. >> by far. by far. rachel: thank you, guys. >> you threw a bongino reference in there. >> we love you, bonginos. >> chick-fil-a cookies for rachel too. rachel: thank you, guys. more "fox & friends" coming up. my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma.
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6:44 am
>> fox news alert, john durham's probe revealing the clinton campaign paid to fill trait trump servers to try to tie him to russia to try to create a narratives. here to react, sunday morning futures anchor, maria bartiromo. you've been all over this story for years. now this revelation. maria: yes, it is obviously now the conclusion to what we have all known for several years and for several years i have been saying hillary clinton made the whole thing up and infiltrated
6:45 am
donald trump and really damaged his reputation. pete, every american this morning should be outraged. the government and the media failed you. they failed you because they went with a political narrative where one political candidate was simply trying to take down another candidate but this goes much beyond that. and this is the reason that for four years straight i had people like he devin nunes and john ratcliffe on my show every sunday and told our viewers the truth. >> yes, you did. maria: adam schiff was lying or going on with this narrative the whole time so the question now becomes when specifically did the fbi start working with the clinton campaign? that is what we need to know now. because we know that hillary clinton made the whole thing up but how is it possible that her people were able to infiltrate the president of the united states' server as well as his home as well as a healthcare
6:46 am
company. that's what we need to understand. this tech executive one, apparently had contracts, government contracts that enabled him to get this information and get this access to these servers so much so that it went right to the president of the united states. i'll tell you, i hope donald trump sues them all for everything because they damaged his reputation throughout his four years in office. so much so that he was constantly on defense, constantly explaining that there was no collusion, constantly explaining why -- that he had to explain that he thought they were spying on him, all of this, again, every american should be outraged by this. do you know how many foreign countries want to get into the white house's internet flow? adversary's want to get into the internet activity and this tech
6:47 am
executive was able to do that. what does that tell us about the national security of the country, what does that tell us about the power of the cline thn machine, enabling her to take down a political enemy and damage his reputation. she lost the election but this is so much bigger. this is the biggest scandal we have ever seen. we know for sure they tried to cheat in the 2016 election, they tried to cheat in the 2020 election behind the guise of covid. we are getting into it this morning. by the way, i have to tell you, all weekend long the white house leakers have been running around saying that putin is going to invade ukraine this wednesday. so is it all a ruse that they are really going to invade this wednesday or are they trying to create all of this drama because we were getting this durham information and we just saw 40 year highs on inflation. we're talking with the ranking member of the house intel
6:48 am
committee. will he hold hearings to hold these people accountable and will we see more indictments. john ratcliffe was on my program a couple of weeks ago. thanks to him, we know all of this because he declassified all of these documents that he sent to durham and a i want to know from mike turner, is he going to hold hearings to hold the people in government, i'm talking about the fbi, the cia, the state department, who obviously worked with the clinton campaign. hen we'll talk about what's going on across the country. mask are coming out. we have winston sears with us as long with senator marshall and david pursue in the race for governor of georgia. all coming up. >> we look forward to watching, maria. thank you so much. let's turn to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth who has the fox weather forecast. rick? >> good morning, pete. a lot colder across parts of the northeast than you were 24 hours ago. you have snow across parts of
6:49 am
the northeast. really cold across the far northern plains, temps feel like minus 40 right now. we have a little bit of snow across parts of the mid-atlantic and new england. we'll see it scattered throughout the day, maybe 2, 3 inches accumulating. we've got pretty significant rain across parts of florida, a rough morning. it will clear out later on by this afternoon. things improve a little bit. temps drop quite a built as well. -- quite a bit as well. wednesday and thursday of this week we're looking at the threat for pretty significant he severe weather, maybe a severe weather outbreak across these areas, watch for that. one other story we're watching is the heat across the west which coincides with the super bowl where we have our lawrence jones out there in california. lawrence, how's it going? >> reporter: hey, thanks so much. so we are hours away from the big game here at sofi stadium and in the stadium there's going to be a had history flyover with historic planes. you'll want to tune in for that.
6:50 am
also, there is a couple that is waking up in one of the suites, the courtyard does something different every year. they turn one of the suites where people can live and wake up and see the game. the man waking them up or introducing them to that is with the kansas city chiefs. he also has advice, travis kelsey has advice for the players for the big game. take a look. >> i would just say don't make the moment bigger than what it is. you know, at the end of the day, this is a game. it might be the biggest stage that the game is on. it might be the biggest game of your life. that doesn't mean do things that are uncharacteristics of yourself. >> reporter: that was solid advice. this man has been there where the players are, it's a big game. it has been so great doing super bowl coverage. it was by far the biggest honor. it's going to be my first super bowl. i want to thank the crew that
6:51 am
made everything happen. they didn't get sleep sometimes because they were doing "fox & friends" as well as lawrence jones across country. so the production staff, the crew, thank you so much. i'll send it back to you guys in new york city. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. >> here on "fox & friends" this super bowl sunday it's all about food and here with how to cook up some of the game's that he chos, the mcelmores. >> we've got nachos and mac and a cheese. rachel: it's the best. >> barbecue nachos. there's 14,500 tons of chips t eaten on super bowl day. we've got probably half of them right here. [laughter] >> dad's going to show you the barbecue. kicken, pulled pork and sliced brings get. brisket. >> yesterday we did the wings. today we dial it up with
6:52 am
barbecue nachos, pulled pork, sliced brisket, smoked chicken and you take all of that and make the most amazing super bowl nachos. >> is it good? >> this is flavor that's digitally controlled. >> you think about when you're going to sit down at a nacho bar and you're going to do whatever it is, all you got to do, even though it's super bowl -- you take your cheese and we're going to basically just do a little -- >> i love the portion control. >> there you go. pon control and then you take some of your pulled pork and you're going to add it to it and layer it. so again, we never come to fox with masterbuilt without taking care of you guys in a very big way. rachel: you guys all take the best care of us and this is
6:53 am
absolutely amazing. >> beautiful. rachel: beautiful. >> this is not portion control. >> this is not portion control. >> what else -- a blanket -- >> when have you a super bowl party, sliders, you can do wings, you can do poppers, you can do pigs in the blanket. with this grill, it allows you to smoke at 225, barbecue at 350, sear at 700 degrees. doesn't matter what your recipe is, they deliver with the equipment. you're living the graph phi. .rachel: i love mine. >> we went big for pete. we had to get you a large nacho chip. [laughter] >> that's a nacho chip? >> there you go. pete -- >> you're going to do that? >> oh, baby. >> there you go. get chicken on there. there you go, barbecue. >> look at that. >> i want to back up while you eat that. >> that is a pete-size nacho, baby. [laughter] >> oh, man.
6:54 am
>> go big or go home, right, baby? >> rachel: where's the napkins? >> that's what this is for. >> rachel, right here. [laughter] >> well done. >> check out the -- rachel: masterbuilt, the best recipes right here. >> are you ready for the rematch? >> it's rematch time. rachel: absolutely. >> what is this? >> i think this year you are -- >> will? >> we'll go head to head, once again decide who really deserves the "fox & friends" trophy. first we asked how many commercials during the big game will feature a dog tonight. alex prediction since the bengals are underdogs by 4, he predicts 4 and-a-half dog commercials. i don't know how you have half of a dog commercial. >> that's a good question. >> i don't either. ♪ i step out of the shower steaming upr the place
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♪ >> again, again, again! >> i think you won the trophy -- >> what is this? >> i think this year you won -- >> who won, will? >> will. >> oh! >> no clear winner in the football training camp contest yesterday, so will and pete are ready for a rematch. first one to get four footballs through the hole, and we don't have a lot of time. ready, set, go. pete: oh, boy. one -- ♪ will: oh, no. pete: two -- [laughter] pete: three. rachel: come on, pete. one more if, you win. pete: oh, i missed! i've got no balls. i just said that. >> three, four! rachel: oh, pete's the winner! whoo! pete: i needed the rematch if, for sure.
7:00 am
will: thanks to betty's bounces. rachel: good-bye, everybody, enjoy the football game tonight! pete: see you in day known that next weekend -- daytona next weekend. rick: enjoy the super bowl today, everybody. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures," i'm maria bartiromo. today, on the brink. vladimir putin expected to invade ukraine within days despite a saturday phone call with president biden. as the state department raises the rhetoric all weekend long. >> any american in ukraine should leave as soon as possible and in any event, in the next 24-48 hours. maria: the u.s. now deploying 3,000 troops to poland this week as a war in europe is


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