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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  February 12, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PST

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apples with uncle jeanine apple. >> jesse: zero calories. >> judge jeanine: so delicious. ing. sneezing seals. ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light, ♪ what so proudly we hail'd ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming, ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched
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♪ were so gallantly streaming? ♪ and the rockets red glare, ♪ the bombs bursting in air, ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there, ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave?
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there is a phone call today. based on what you know and where the chess pieces are. what's coming in the next 24 to 48 hours? alarm bells about as loudly as this administration ever has. i think there is three components here that we have to be looking at. first of all, russia and ukraine
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had nine hours of negotiations on thursday. they failed even to issue a joint statement afterwards so the diplomats path appears to be closed. secondly, russia has launched massive buildup of troops on the border. we know 130,000 of them plus military exercises in belarus and a buildup in the black sea with 11 amphibious ships and submarines. and then third, we have got the intelligence to which jake sullivan alluded yesterday that there have been communications between putin and his military about an invasion. look, all the efforts of this administration to try to deter russia or do escalate the crisis as the president, president biden did in the last phone call, 30 december 2021, those have failed. that's why this administration is telling our citizens in ukraine to get out because it looks like war could be imminent. will: yeah, dan, that's exactly what the strategy is looks like. scream as loudly as can you from the mountain tops. by the way that is preceding
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president biden set to speak to vladimir putin today as you pointed out though it looks like the diplomatic path is somewhat a dead end. i'm curious what you think that conversation will entail. and let me ask you a second question as well, dan, just out of shear curiosity. what is the approach in your mind of the european neighbors to ukraine? how concerned? how high is the alert in those countries? half a world away from americans. we have geopolitical interests. if you are sitting in germany or italy or wherever you may be this is much closer to how concerned are the europeans? >> so, first, on the european -- vladimir putin has exposed the very stark differences among our allies. the baltic states immediately provided military assistance to ukraine, javelin, antitank missiles and stingers. whereas germany has withheld military assistance beyond some helmets. president macron has gone on kind free styling diplomatic mission to russia where
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reportedly he talked about finlandization of ukraine and giving russia a sphere of influence which they should never have to violate ukraine wants territorial integrity and independence. as far as the phone call today, i think president biden, i would expect him to say to putin look, this is our last chance. we are going to make it prohibitively costly for you in terms of spilled blood and treasure. we are going to mount unprecedented economic sanctions. we are going to provide ukraine with more military assistance and is he also going to try persuade putin to not to harm u.s. citizens. but we really lack the leverage to do anything in ukraine right now. that's the -- it's the conclusion i think we all must draw is that vladimir putin is dictating the pace of this crisis and he is framing it as well. carley: dan, yesterday national security adviser jake sullivan laid out in vivid detail what a russian invasion would look like. listen to this. >> if you stay, you are assuming
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risks with no guarantee that there will be any other opportunity to leave. and no prospect of a u.s. military evacuation in the event of a russian invasion. if a russian attack on ukraine proceeds, it is likely to begin with aerial bombing and missile attacks that could obviously kill civilians without regard to their nationality. a subsequent ground invasion would involve the on onslaught of force with no notice arrange a departure could be severed and commercial transit halted. no one would be able to count on air or rail or road departures once military got underway. carley: yeah. so the u.s. position is that the military will not save americans in the event of an invasion. is that the right call? >> >> well, we don't have that capacity. and the president biden has made it clear that we don't want to
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risk some sort of war with russia by going into ukraine and, look, we all know in the fog of war, pete, you know this from your experience, serving in war zones. in fog of war almost anything can happen we don't want u.s. and russian soldiers to be shooting each other. that's the concern of this administration that's why they have warned u.s. citizens to depart ukraine. let's make it clear. vladimir putin is trying to thread the needle here. he knows a war in ukraine would be extremely costly and historically wars have been the cause of a collapse of russia, world war i of the soviet union over afghanistan. is he either practicing brink manship to get the most he can out of a negotiated settlement which would be favorable settlement dombas to give that region veto paw over ukraine's foreign policy or he is going to take an extraordinary risk here of causing massive civilian casualties and to his own armed
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forces as well. and that's at the heart of this for our intelligence community. we are seeing a lot of intelligence but intelligence is never certain and up until vladimir putin troops fire the first shot at ukraine, we're just not going to know for sure what putin's plans are. >> dan hoffman, thank you for that insight this morning. pete: thank you, dan. >> thanks. >> the wrinkle of war only thing standing between at joe biden and emmanuel macron and statements like that from the podium. at this point, vladimir putin is -- wants to regain a sphere of influence. has interest in ukraine doesn't believe europe or nato is potent enough to do anything about it. we are on his watch. and when you look at the alliance that he has formed with china that's what creates -- he wants to reorient the whole east-west dynamic with the west taking control of the world order or international relations since world war ii. they believe it has hurt them. and a move like this is a first
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shot. will: yeah. vladimir putin's ambition. that's the great question. what is vladimir putin's ambition? i know history doesn't repeat. it sort of rhymes. it sounds familiar and looks familiar. carley knows this week i'm watching movies about the add vent of world war ii. the reason i asked about the european neighbors to ukraine. what happens if one domino falls. if one falls does another? does poland have to step in and then if polgd steps in what's the domino after that? when is the domino effects it so it's undeniable that the united states has to be involved? i don't know the answer to that. and i do not think the answer to that is ukraine. carley: what would the optics be in an invasion does occur americans don't heed the warning, don't get out and then they are stuck there? that could be something that's harassment. pete: seen that movie before and how that ended.
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vladimir putin wants to reestablish the soviet union. he believes it never should have broken up. carley: another major topic that a lot happened with the canadian trucker protest yesterday and overnight. a court ordered the truckers off the ambassador bridge if they don't move they could get arrested and the mayor of the with a also declared a state of emergency. trying to get these truckers out of the nation's capital. the mayor said that this reflects the serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents posed by the ongoing demonstration. so, the mayor is saying that these truckers pose a safety threat to residents. that's not although. listen to this journalist on msnbc saying the truckers are acting like children. watch this. >> essentially now it has become a temper tantrum which, is simply ruining the lives of people who are trying to goat work and put their kids -- you know, put their kids to sleep and everyone wants it to end. every day they are there, their
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message diminishes. they're getting less powerful by the day. this is the kind of spillover to american political, you know, toxicity disgust would be a really common reaction to this. will: it's america's faulted. it's america's political toxicity you are seeing take to the streets of the with a. yesterday on "fox & friends," jeff flock had a set of amazing interviews from inside the freedom convoy there in ottawa talking to the truckers. you can listen to that commentary on msnbc. or you can listen directly to the ones accused of being right ring extremists. fringe players or children throwing a temper tantrum. answer for yourself does this sound like a child throwing a temper tantrum. >> i'm a 60-year-old grandfather who has been fired from his job by general motors of canada on december 12th. they told all non-vaxxed people to just leave. they cut us all out. my 31-year-old son has lost his job. he will be in april.
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he has been told he is gone because he is not vaxxed. and my daughter, who was pregnant in the fall and being asked to vax had to leave early and give birth to a child prematurely after the government was harassing her to take the vaccine. i will die to protect my family and my children from overreach by the government. i hear -- i'm here for peace. this mr. trudeau does not deserve the title of prime minister. is he an insult to canadians. i just want to know how far mr. trudeau would go if someone took the food off of his table. pete: that's it right there. you heard from other protesters who said i have never been to a protest before. i'm not an activist. i'm looking at my livelihood and basic freedoms. put the demands. what about the commands that blm put out a laundry list of left wing wish list at every point. the truckers are saying no
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vaccine passports no, mandate. i want to be able to work. that's it, that's the whole approach they're taking. yet it, all comes down to how the media is attempting to characterize them. how justin from canada is trying to characterize them. as extremists. as white supremacists. one flag here. one thing there the totality of what this movement has created is a giant confrontation over autocrats in canada and frankly the united states. and free people, working class people who want the ability to make a choice in their own lives. it comes down, to just like other incidents in our country. how do you define these people and then what elements of federal government power do you use? justin trudeau said everything is on the table. what does that mean? how far could they go? >> yeah. without a doubt. you know, i also think that the united states and canada, they have been really throughout this pandemic, it's sort of mirrored what a socialist state would look like. they have been so intrusive. we really have seen what would happen to this country if we
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stopped carrying about freedom and democracy and let the socialist bernie sanders wing that is left wing of the democratic party take over. every single time that has happened. the same thing happens. a oligarchy form. ruling class form. people who say you have to do something but don't follow the rules themselves. why? they are in charge. therefore, they think they are better than you. i mean, that is the definition of what happened throughout this whole pandemic. and that's why these hardworking people in canada and the u.s. are so frustrated. their goals are that they want to work. they want to put food on the table. i love to hear justin trudeau answer that question. that that 60-year-old grandfather asked and said what would you do if somebody was threatening your family's livelihood? pete: that's it. will: yeah. it's a great unmasking. and, you know, these leaders are being very upfront. i say these leaders in quotation marks. these public servants are really
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unmasking themselves as to the extent that they will go to punish disobedience. they will censor you, if you are a maverick podcaster. they will call you a domestic terrorist if you are a parent showing up at school board meeting. they will threaten your job and livelihood if you show up to a protest in canada. they will do anything to get you back in line. pete: preeminently shut down trucker convoys happening in our country. shutting down facebook pages. how far will the government go to stop that from gaining traction. we are at the point where we are preemptive live trying to stop free and open peaceful assembly and protest in this country? scary. get this, coming up approximately two hours and 18 minutes. 8:30 p.m. eastern time president president trump here on "fox & friends weekend." an interview you do not want to miss. pete: have a few things to ask him. a few things going on. carley: also fun things going on this weekend like the super bowl. and lawrence jones is in california. he is covering it all. and he joins us now.
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hey, lawrence, good morning. lawrence: hey, guys. so good to be with y'all. super bowl 56. we're so happy about it. yesterday we had the opportunity to talk with some fans about how they feel who is going to be joe burrow or the rams full off. they have the home field advantage, guys. had a great time with them. also you saw yesterday we got to scroll the red it carpet talk about our dallas cowboys. a lot of folks are excited but folks are still upset about the reap strictions in place. they want to feel the spirit like the rest of the leaders are feeling it at their games. will: i'm proud of spirit. pete: got in the cowboys plug. steve: his ability to use roman numerous merlsz. i don't even know what super bowl they are on because they can't put it in regular numerals. carley: we got rid of latin. pete: we should we get rid of the roman numeral why do you
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want to tear down every tradition. will: when is the last super bowl. pete: number on the football that's cool. 56. recall makes you think and look important. will: what was the super bowl the vikings were last in a. pete: a long time ago, 70s. carley: pete is a traditionalist. pete: can't do football coverage for "fox & friends" without a football in your hand. carley: absolutely. did you hear this? this is a soundbite of the week. joe rogan has a message for the media. watch this. >> the answer is not to silence me. the answer is for you to do better. the answer is for you to have better argument. carley: podcaster not backing down. more of that coming up next. ♪ ♪
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>> back with headlines, video you are about to see may be distressing. police confirming nine officers injured in phoenix during a violent barricade situation.
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phoenix ph.d. most officers one day. subject placed a baby on a doorstep and opened fire on officers trying to rescue the child. the baby was not hurt. all injured officers suffered non life-threatening injuries. thankfully. >> in and a livestream turns awkward for boston's woke ware michelle wu. she faced a flood of demands covid restriction. she struggled to find a single friendly question to answer. watch. >> a lot of friends who have different -- oh, happy new year. yes. year of the tiger very, very cute tiger emoji. will: wu stayed silent dozens of calls in the vaccine mandate in the city and unmask children. oh, happy lunar new year. there is one. pete: should i read the recall
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me? will: here is one, how do i like the winter in boston? always nice. pete: when cacoon in bubble gets bursts a little bit don't know what to do. will mentioned as we wrapped up the previous segment we stay a famous podcast icon message of free speech. not just as someone who is a conservative. he wouldn't even describe himself as one. he would say a free-thinker willing to engage with ideas, ask tough questions. listen to answers from all sides. you know who he is. his name is joe rogan entire kitchen sink of cancel culture has been going after him in a concerted ambush, really. attempting to pressure spotify to drop him and to get him canceled. well, he has come out the other side, at least at this point still on top. and he had a chance on his podcast, the joe rogan experience on thursday to give his message to the media based on what they attempted to do to
3:26 am
him. take a listen. >> the answer is not to silence me. the answer is for you to do better. the answer is for you to have better argument. if you want to do better. just [bleep] change your model. change the way you do it. stop this editorial perspective with guys like brian stelter and don lemon that nobody listens to. nobody is like chiming in saying oh, yeah, finally we get the voice of reason. nobody thinks that have part-time that give out oneffective news -- effective news. i will turn around 100 percent and be one of the people who tells people i saw this on cnn. walch this on cnn. will: it is pretty fascinating to think that the answer to something that you find that is wrong is to silence what is wrong. if it is wrong, it should be that much easier for you to rebut. it should be that much easier for you to persuade people that
3:27 am
that is wrong. but because it's not wrong, but because you are the purveyor of misinformation, your only tool that you can reflexively go back to is silence. carley: think about what just happened here, people are trying to cancel him. trying to get him kicked off spotify, clean-up is never going to happen because he has millions of fans. i actually think this is good for his brand. the reason they are doing that is because he had actual medical doctors on his podcast who have a differing opinion from the cdc. and that can't happen because i guess we were told that dr. fauci is science, not true. and something that joe rogan said in his initial response to this whole controversy that i thought was so accurate is he said the reason i'm pushing back against this whole misinformation thing, spreading misinformation is that what was once considered misinformation is now true. think about the fact that people got kicked off of facebook, their posts were censored
3:28 am
because they were talking about the lab leak theory. look at where we are now. masks don't work could have gotten you kicked off social media. now the cdc openly says that masks don't prevent the spread of omicron. pete: yeah. if there is one word i could cancel, it would be misinformation. misinformation is code for another opinion that i don't like. and -- may i never use it again. if i ever do, will, come over here and punch me. will: okay. pete: you have free right if i ever utter that word yet again on this program. will: can't wait. pete: i would let you take a free shot like we used to do as kids. free shot. it's true it's such a cheap label used by elites that want their narrative to be pursued. it hasn't worked because people are smart. joe concha, cnn international and 500,000 viewers at most. joe rogan has 11 million on his podcast. you tell me who is driving the conversation. and thankfully people don't want
3:29 am
to be condescended to. joe rogan doesn't give answers, necessarily. he just asks questions. and allows people to think which is what you are supposed to do. will: you point out coordinated it has been coordinated. when it failed went to a familiar tactic which is to call joe rogan a racist. compilation of him using the "n" word out of context. did he say things that he regrets but he has apologized. upcoming nfc fight mma fighter was asked or actually the dana white the president of ufc was asked about joe rogan and israel grabbed the microphone and said i will take this. here is what he had to say at the nfc 1 press conference. >> i had a question for you around joe rogan. there has been a lot of controversy with him. [crowd boos] >> first off. let me take this. hold off. i'm black. can i take this one. i have been in this fight game since 2008. and joe rogan is one of the nicest, coolest.
3:30 am
humble [bleep] [cheers and applause] i have had the pleasure of working with you know what they're trying to do. you can't control the man. he has the biggest platform in the world right now. so that's [bleep] joe rogan [bleep] the noise. [cheers and applause] going off that what other advice would you give to joe rogan to shut out all the noise around him? >> do what i said [bleep] the noise. just keep doing you, joe, have some mushrooms, keep doing you. carley: mic drop and advice have some mushrooms. pete: i think he will. i think he went through that phe where he was going to grovel and, that's what cancel culture folks want you to apologize to make you look weak. donald trump, who we are going to have on the program later we'll ask him about this. gave advice to joe rogan stop apologizing. that's all they want you to do. turn the corner. keep asking questions.
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good for him. carley: 30 minutes after the hour. disturbing scene this week. a dad ripped from his chair and dragged out of a school board meeting not wearing a mask. >> look at this. look at this. look-what are you doing? what the [bleep] are you doing? what are you doing? it's our ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and it's temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. and now, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday that's a pretty tight spot. watch this. of course your buick parks itself. that's so you.
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3:36 am
with signs being posted outside the doors. i was okay to be in a segregated classroom where i could watch the border meeting from there. it was just that in the board room that they had a problem with me not having a mask on. i feel it was because the meetings are recorded and they needed to show compliance with new york state to receive the $14 million school emergency relief money. $1,700 per student. my son is worth more than that. >> tell me really quickly to follow up on that, dave, how did it escalate to this what we are seeing on video? >> the security officer asked me to put a mask on and i refused a couple times, then at the end he demanded that i wear a mask, and that's when he put his hands on me and forcibly removed me from the board room. >> chad, there is a reason you are dave's lawyer, there is a reason you are sitting here today as you look at this. i understand that was either a retired law enforcement officer. i don't know if he was working in a official capacity as security. but, do you feel like this was -- this provides you a legal claim, what happened today with
3:37 am
this school board meeting? >> certainly. our understanding is that he is a retired law enforcement officer. and that he was working in his official capacity at the webster central school district as a security officer, in that situation that you see on the video, there is absolutely no legal right that that individual has to place his hands on my client the way he did. only a uniformed police officer effectuating a lawful arrest has the right to do it. there was no arrest there. there was no unlawful conduct by my client. you can see that he is entirely peaceful. just watching the board meeting. and he gathered his composure greatly after the first assault so to speak. sat back down and then he was ripped out again. will: hey, dave, if there were an isolated incident it would be easy to dive into the details well, he didn't comply. he didn't wear a mask when he was supposed to. it's not an isolated incident. we are seeing these types of moments where individuals with authority are increasingly reacting to people like you who
3:38 am
refuse to comply in not just a threatening but in case a violent manner. it extends to censorship and texas tends to canada. when you look at this, dave, and your moment and put it in the context of everything that's happening across not only america but the western world, what do you think the real take a&e way here? >> for me the take away is, the patients we don't have enough of a voice and a choice in what happens to our children at schools. there is too much political control and overreach. and if i could say anything to governor hochul it's remove the masks from our kids' faces and keep politics out of our classrooms. will: a message i hope many are hearing this morning. and many will hear because of unfortunate incident that that happened in this school board meeting. dave, chad, thank you, thanks for sharing your story. we wish you the story and being on "fox & friends." >> thank you, will. >> thank you. will: white house warning a russian invasion could happen at
3:39 am
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i wonder if we will get a transcript of that one. invasion could happen at any time even during the olympics. this as orders more u.s. troops to poland and americans in ukraine are being told to leave on their own within 48 hours. here to react texas gubernatorial candidate lieutenant colonel allen west. thank you for being with us this morning. vladimir putin is reading the tea leaves. from his perspective, why we think this is the time to invade? >> well, it's very simple. it's a pleasure to be with you, pete. because he understood the message of rondell reagan peace through strength. you don't see that happening here. when it was the obama-biden administration you saw him overtake crimea and large portions of eastern ukraine. this is just a repeat. when you look at the debacle of the withdrawal that we had in afghanistan. even the soviet union back in 1989 had a more orderly withdrawal from afghanistan. and so he realizes that this is an incredible time for him.
3:44 am
and down mere in texas one of things we are scratching our heads about is why would joe biden put the hammer down on our oil and gas industry when we could have been producing, consuming and exporting our oil and gas resources over there to eastern europe which would undermine vladimir putin, his economy, and, of course, joe biden supported the nord stream 2 pipeline. he is just sending all the wrong signals. amazingly to us here in texas he is more so concerned about the ukrainian border than the border down here in texas. pete: that's right he is more concerned about 130,000 russians invading ukraine's border when we have millions invading our own. it's not just you pointing this stuff out, colonel, it's also the "new york times" which loves to be the p.r. arm of this white house. they had this op-ed. america's russia policy has a biden problem. here's a portion of that op-ed as well. the real problem in administration policy is joe biden. the insular nature of his decision including his reliance
3:45 am
on like-minded advisers lacks rigorous thinking and fuels a kind of arrogance that can lead to unforced errors. very interesting to hear from them. and that like-minded thinking is someone like jake sullivan the architect of the iran deal, you look at what happened in afghanistan. no wonder. >> yeah. you are absolutely right. furthermore, look at the opportunities that china sees as well. we have seen an increase of their overflights very dangerously so. in the taiwanese defense airspace. so all of these things have come to a head. when you look at tony blinken and look at jake sullivan and joe biden and look at kamala harris. this is a cast of characters that just exudes and that is very enticing to people like the ayatollahs in iran lie xi jinping and also vladimir putin. pete: you are right looking across the table fundamentally unserious people who have not protected america's interest in a serious way and thinks this is
3:46 am
his time to move. lieutenant colonel allen west gubernatorial candidate. thank you for your time. >> appreciate it. airborne. pete: you got it all the way. later this morning the 45th president of the united states, donald trump, will give us his take on russia and ukraine and so much more right here on "fox & friends weekend." we'll be right back. ♪ i may have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. or psoriatic arthritis. but we are so much more. we're team players and artists. designers and do-it-yourselfers. parents and friends. if joint pain is getting in the way of who you are, it's time to talk to your doctor about enbrel. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop permanent joint damage. plus enbrel helps skin get clearer in psoriatic arthritis. ask your doctor about enbrel, so you can get back to your true self. play ball! enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred.
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carley: it is officially super bowl weekend the rams are set to take on the bengals at sofi stadium on sunday. will: fans are gearing up for the big game. some have been waiting a long time to see their team win it all. pete: lawrence jones is live in englewood, california with more from those fans, lawrence? lawrence: good morning, family. everybody is excited for the big game super bowl lvi. we had the opportunity to talk with some of those fans. and let's just say they were fired up. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> the bengals are going to win. >> let's go rams. >> i think it's going to be a close game and exciting game. >> bengals 30-7.
3:51 am
i have waited 33 years for this. i had to come out for it. >> go bengals! >> go rams. lawrence: the big question is who will win the big game tomorrow? will it be the home favorite the l.a. rams. only the second team to be able to play a super bowl in their home stadium. or will it be joe burrow, bill hemmer's bengals, guys? >> will: i like how you went with bengals, lawrence. that's a running debate is it bengals or bangles. lawrence: i'm a little bit more country than you, will. will: how does that work i'm from a small town outside dallas and you're from dallas how rumor country than me? lawrence: you went to a nice school in texas and all of that. [laughter] will: what are you talking about. you are just making. listen, you are fake news. carley: is that misinformation?
3:52 am
lawrence: it's true. it's true. will knows it's true former espn guy and i'm just a country guy. will: sherman high school first time ever got called fancy. thank you, lawrence, amazing. pete it's a amazing talent of these two. entire segment made for fans from cincinnati and los angeles and it becomes about dallas. carley: er single time. pete: unbelievable. carley: yesterday was the same way, too. will: just talking about bengals. carley: three more hours. all right, lawrence, check back in with you. all right. so, the big question, is your super bowl spread ready for kickoff? pete: it's true. it's something you need to think about. jason counsel is a chef and owns oscar pence restaurant in florida. helping us tackle game day with his twist on tailgate appetizers. chef, good morning. you are right there in the kitchen. >> today play a little bit with
3:53 am
delved eggs, bacon wrapped stuffed pigs. super bowl can be a fun time to make hors d'oeuvres. everyone wants to stick with typical chicken wings here at oscar pens we we are a fine dining restaurant. we will put a little on the app. advertiser hors d'oeuvres with a fine dining twist. what we're going to do here i have my egg yolks already made up here. we are going to take some lobster meat. dice up lobster meat and incorporate that into the egg yolk and then we are going to make us a little bit of delved egg here. the fun thing about delved eggs is i always tell people that it's something really can be played with like anything you like in an omelet almost. we are going to take this and mix this up. and then we are going to obviously make our egg here. pete: you have other stuff in that bowl too, right? what else is in there mayo and i
3:54 am
got mayo. we fresh grind our pickles and then we have salt and pepper and now we got a mice beautiful ram, if you would, devil egg. carley: picture perfect. >> what else do you have? so we're going to take some fresh chives here. top that and take another piece of lobster meat take that and top the delved egg. will: that looks awesome. carley: we're off to a very good start. will: delved egg fan. pete: i like delved eggs, too. excellent. >> i love deviled eggs. so we're going to jump now up to fig here. let me change my gloves. we have done the rams is this for our bengals fans? >> so we do have this for the bengals as well. but we also made our famous brownie and we made a homemade
3:55 am
whipped cream here if you want to take a look at that while i'm putting my gloves on. whipped cream is so ease dr. to make at home, guys, the key to it is to keep the cream cold. you can see i mixed it on a bed of ice. and that gives it the fluff. so, it's so easy to make a little heavy cream. fresh italian paste or vanilla paste. and keep whipping. powdered sugar. will: that glove is giving you hell. >> take a look at the finished product there. carley: that is beautiful. pete: we only have about 30 seconds left, chef. looking at that beautiful food there. will: nice lineup. pete: that's a nice lineup for sure. >> all right. so what you want to do is take your fresh fig and snip the stems off and then basically slice it in half. carley: what's in the filling? >> the glove is just. pete: the glove is owning you.
3:56 am
will: we will be there and check that in florida, chef. that's a beautiful-looking spread jason council thanks so much for sharing your appetizers. pete: we have to leave it because it's time. carley: how about that? pete: more rehearsal on the imlof. carley: don't go anywhere anywhere, the 45th president of the united states donald trump joins us later this morning. pound for pound, this one's still tougher. tough. tougher. tough. tougher. mahindra - the official tractor of tough and stewart-haas racing. [ muffled ] i've got a race this weekend. [ muffled ] i'll see you later. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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4:01 am
midnight court order to clear the route. >> i will die to protect my family and my children from overreach by the government. carley: now they could face fines or even prison time. we will talk to two truckers who are fighting these mandates, but, first, we start in ukraine, the major situation unfolding there let's bring in jeremy hunt u.s. congressional point west point graduate. also been deployed to ukraine to train forces there. jeremy, good morning to you. we want to start off with your current assessment of the situation. it feels like an invasion is imminent although the biden administration says that they don't think that vladimir putin has made up his mind yet on what he wants to do. so where does that leave us? >> yeah, unfortunately it, looks like war is on the way on the border of ukraine. all the intelligence estimates point that way. all the reports we have seen on the news. one of the issues though that we are going to see is the
4:02 am
humanitarian crisis on the issue of how are they actually going to get americans out of the country? and as we saw in afghanistan, the biden administration will leave americans behind. they showed us that in afghanistan. and so they have given us no reason to believe or have any confidence that the same thing would not happen in ukraine. and so i'm urging all americans to get out of the country as quickly as you can. because the biden administration will not save you. and that's clearly been the message that they have sent. you know, this whole thing, it's amazing how we got here. i mean, the biden administration day one has projected such weakness from the white house that russia no longer fears us. they no longer respect us around the globe. and that's honestly how we got here in the first place this entire situation has been a complete mess and unfortunately, we have the white house to blame. pete: you know, jeremy, it's interesting. we read it in your bioon the way. in you have been involved in helping to train ukrainian
4:03 am
forces in the past. what capacity do you believe they have with a full onon ononslaught of the russian military. they have received training sense. what's your sense of the ukraine's will to fight and capability. >> they love to fight. they love their country. they are very proud to be ukrainian. i'm telling you right now there are men and women in ukraine right now willing to give everything for their country. that's something that is incredibly special. here in the united states continue to give them resources to fight and defend themselves. it's also a cautionary tale for us here. we have to secure our own borders and we also have to restore pride in our own country. and we need to be proud to be american and proud to lay down our lives for our country. in ukraine, that's what they're willing to do for theirs. here in the united states we have our military leaders leaders -- not military leaders but senior officials in the
4:04 am
biden administration are telling our soldiers how easel america is if you remember the biden administration spent the better part of last year sayings that our military is full of white supremacists and racists. and that demoralizing our troops. so, biden's strategy up to this point has been demoralize and then deploy. demoralize them and then deploy them pull them close to the action. we're fed up. the military community here my district i'm right outside of fort benning people are upset about this. it's time for biden to come up with foreign policy. that's one of the reasons i'm running for congress is to turn the tide and actually ask the tough questions and have some hearings in congress to find out what's going on. please feel free to join us. hunt for we will get answers for this. will: demoralize and deploy. weakness defines these moments in history. the advice you are offering this morning, jeremy, has not been
4:05 am
received with an open mind. it's been received with some bit of defensiveness to the biden administration. take a listen to jacqui heinrich pressing jen psaki on the biden foreign policy approach. >> the president has frequently talked about getting out of afghanistan as a major event. it has impacted his polling. this is a current event that is underway. the question is, what does the administration say to critics who are looking at these two events and questioning his administration's foreign policy approach. >> who is questioning us? give us a name. >> republicans. >> like who? >> i could name off any number of republicans. >> i would love to know a name. >> goodness, mitch mcconnell. >> okay. well, here's what i would say to mr. mcconnell, the president ended a 20-year war in afghanistan, a war that had cost us thousands of american lives. billions, trillions of dollars, this is entirely different. because we are not ending a 20-year war. we are trying to prevent war here. will: instead of mcconnell
4:06 am
let's put in jeremy hunt. there is your message to jeremy hunt. >> absolutely amazing. i mean, what they're trying to do hoping that the american people have a short memory and that somehow we forgot how he demoral lived our military and dropped moraling witch hunts earlier this year. they are hoping we forget what happened in afghanistan about the americans that were left behind and saying oh, ukraine, you should trust us, believe us. we have plan. the american people are not stupid. we can see right through it and we're here, we're going to ask the tough questions. we are out here actually advocating for our american troops. because of the biden administration will not. pete: absolutely not. jeremy hunt, thanks for your insight and service to our country. i know you want another chapter to that service as well. we wish you well. >> thank you. pete: thank you very much. >> thank you. pete: the u.s. army just announced recent live that they are going even more green. so we have to have electric fighting vehicles by 25050.
4:07 am
look at all that is going around the world and pentagon leadership is worried about a green future for the army. carley: s in the first time. vice president harris solar panels strapped to the back of soldiers. pete: that's what i need added on top of my sack solar panel. will: two of the three of us sitting on this couch. that's okay you had the day off. pete: i watched you guys though. you did great. carley: thank you. will: as we were sitting here in the commercial break, a video scrolled across our phones. i showed you this video. showed it to brian. this is an amazing piece of footage from las vegas. i want you to take a look at what the reaction is from these children that they are told by their teacher that starting tomorrow they won't have to wear masks. >> starting tomorrow we don't have to wear masks anymore.
4:08 am
[screams] will: that was actually a fairly short. pete: it goes on and on and on and their faces were blurred there for legal reasons. it does go on to your point. the celebration is beyond jubilant. of course kids will celebrate anything if you told them tomorrow was ice cream day they would go bananas as well. do not dismiss this with that reality. this is pure relief and excitement over something that has been suppressing them for two years. carley: without a doubt. it's been suppressing them for this reason. listen to this statistic to according to the cdc. this is really important. there have been 770 deaths, tragically, from covid in kids between zero and 17 years old through the end of january. there have been nearly 10 million known cases of covid in the same age group making the death rate approximately 0.008%.
4:09 am
and then when you think about what all of these children across the country have been through, their lives have been turned upside down, still wearing masks three years into this pandemic, these children don't even remember a time in school when they weren't wearing a mask on their face. learning loss because of virtual learning. not being able to connect and communicate with people properly. and for what reason? pete: for no reason. in fact they are loosens mask mandates in some states. only for adults. kids in school still wearing masks. the cover on the "new york post" this morning the mask police state of new york a -- starting to see a break in the dam some schools under the mandate attempting to give their chance to celebrate like that. maybe half of them. let the parents choose you want to put your kids in a mask, i think you are lame but you have the choice to do it. carley: you have the choice. that's what this is all about. pete: i'm glad we shared that
4:10 am
video. maybe we can share of the longer one later. that's what every kid deserves. it's been adults who have brains who can look at the data. carley: look at this. pete: randy weingarten and unions, they don't have kids that they have been staring at as they leave every day as they have their mask around their neck. this is one small good time. will: meanwhile stacey abrams shows up to classrooms like that co-morbidity as everyone can see completely maskless free breathing while the children had remained masked. carley: another video going viral of a father in upstate new york, right, will did an interview. we will play a little bit of his reaction of what happened to him when he went to a school board meeting. he had been sitting there quietly for about 20 minutes without a mask on. and the reason he was there is because he wanted to speak out against the mask mandate in schools. and then a security guard comes up to him. you can see forcibly removes him from this school board meeting because he wasn't wearing a
4:11 am
mask. listen. >> oh. look at this. look at this. look -- what are you doing? what the [bleep] are you doing? what are you doing? what are you doing? is this how you treat our children? you put your hands on our children like that, sir? >> holy crap. holy crap. that's assault. that is assault. oh my god. oh my god. >> doing this to the children, too? >> holy [bleep] >> what the [bleep] are you doing? >> that father has lawyered up. >> as he should. that's a school board meeting of in america and as the father pointed out will in that interview. all the other places inside the building he was okay wearing no mask. but when he stepped into that room, which is on videotape, then it became a problem that untenable. and the so-called authorities, i guess it's private security.
4:12 am
we don't even know the status, necessarily of the people who tried to drag him out. that father dave calus and his father chad hummel on the program to talk about what happened. here's a portion of what they said. >> there is absolutely no legal right that that individual has to place his hands on my client the way he did. only a uniformed police officer effectuating a lawful arrest has the right to do it. i feel it was because the meetings are recorded. and they needed to show compliance with new york state in order to receive the $14 million emergency school relief money. that's like $1,700 per student. my son is worth more of than that we don't have a voice and choice in what happens to our children at school. too much political control and overreach. if i could say anything to governor hochul remove the mask from our kid's faces and keep politics out of the classrooms. will: that power dynamic. that visual right there. that moment is symbolic -- it's more than symbolic. it's exactly what's happening
4:13 am
across this country on honestly a host of issues. the white house coming down on a podcaster. the canadian prime minister denouncing truckers. what are you -- whatever you want to pick right now, quite honestly that power dynamic is playing out across america, canada, western europe. and i think people have had enough. carley: across america. you said around the world. but also in california. one of the wildest situations unfolding in l.a. it has to do with vaccine mandates. and the fact that what? 4,000 police workers may be fired for not getting vaccinated and then sheriff alex villanueva saying during a crime crisis, is this all about saving lives during a crime crisis? do you really want to fire 4,000 people and the amount of people who have covid who were vaccinated, unvaccinated in his staff are virtually the same. pete: that scene ask is coming to new york city. i believe the deadline is coming next week for nypd and fdny. the very same people who worked
4:14 am
through covid at the beginning. when this was the epicenter. they were the heroes. carley: put their lives on the line. pete: remember when we sang the national anthem and sang to them hospitals. sorry about that. getting fired up. carley: banged pots and pans? the day after that video took place where that father was dragged out of the classroom is when kathy hochul lifted the mask mandate. hours later. how does that make sense. pete: every one of us could see ourselves sitting in that chair. we are used to it almost callus to the heavy handed reaction that parents get. he wasn't yelling or screaming e was seated to observe a school board meeting. will: right. carley: demoralizing. steve. will: i imagine who someone is say something on these topics. carley: who would that be. will: donald trump join us 8:30 a.m. eastern time. who will sit in with us i would
4:15 am
imagine a good half hour as we review the events of the world. carley: there is a lot to review. turning to headlines now. the suspect in the deadly waukesha parade massacre pleads not guilty. darrell brooks jr. entering the plea for all of his 77 charges. he is facing multiple counts of first degree intentional homicide, hit and run resulting in death and more. he is accused of driving his suv leaving six dead and over 60 people injured. u.s. border patrol chief raúl ortiz joining "your world" to shed some light on the covid-related challenges facing his agency. listen to this. >> the morale is certainly going to be a challenge for us. not just because we are dealing with, you know, this humanitarian push that's coming at us from 140 different countries, but also because we are dealing with it in a covid environment. on any given day, i may have for 400 or 500 officers in a quarantine status.
4:16 am
carley: throughout 2021 u.s. border patrol agents encountered millions of migrants at the southern border. >> love is in the air ahead of valentine's day. a couple's ring doorbell camera capture as very special moment. mid move in their first home. watch. carley: very very moot. the bride to be call the moment surreal. you can see she was definitely caught off guard dropping the box. that's great. moving is the worst thing in the world. will: worst. carley: if you can do anything like that to make it a lot better. i think that's a good idea. pete: did he strategically choose that spot because he knew the ring doorbell would catch
4:17 am
it? if he did. carley: that was next level. will: do you know what i noticed in the video that i loved just the dog following them around. carley: i didn't even see the dog. will: are we going outside now? cool. wherever you guys go i'm with you. check in with lawrence jones fox news enterprise reporter host of lawrence jones cross-country which is tonight at 10:00 p.m. i understand he will be coming to you live from los angeles ahead of the super bowl. lawrence: yes, sir. good morning, family. big day ahead. super bowl lvi. what do we have coming up on fox? we will break down the best commercials that you will see during the commercials. and the next hour or the hour after that. i will take this jacket off. the reason why i want the cheerleaders from both teams will be joining me live on set right in front of sofi stadium, guys. will: going to get the guns out. pete: you are going to take off your jacket and show them the
4:18 am
physique. carley: show many the tattoos. lawrence: you know, the trick is you have got to knock out a quick 100 pushup and then the guns will be showing. carley: is that the trick? will: ladies, have you guys see the gym? i can't find it. [laughter] typically boy? pete: you find a private stop before the hit to knock out some pushups? lawrence: brother, it's already ready for. i have already told the crew. i'm going to knock them out for the ladies. will: what kind of setup do you need for pushups? do you carry a yoga mat around? >> there are several other cameras around us. it's a tight space. we have to clear out a special area just for us. pete: joey owns it. you are right. the rest of us have tucked around corners and hidden in the bathroom and knocked out 25 pushouts before a segment. carley: lawrence, the cheerleaders are going to love you. tell us how that goes, please. lawrence: there may be a
4:19 am
proposal on "fox & friends." we don't know. let you see that later. pete: that would be amazing. lawrence: momma would be proud. pete: one to look forward to. carley: thank you,. lawrence: lawrence see you all. carley: fighting for our freedom. threats and court orders not stopping truckers. message traveling worldwide truckers standing strong against the mandates join us live later this hour. ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
carley: tomorrow will mike five years since the disappearance and murder of abby in delphi, virginia. as police continue to search for their killer they still remain without a clear lead. joining me now the grandmother
4:24 am
of libby german mike patty, mike, good morning to you. this case still is receiving national attention but for those who don't know, who are unfamiliar, tell us what happened to libby and abbey. >> well, it was obviously five years ago tomorrow that they went for a walk on some of our local trails. only supposed to be gone for an hour and a half or so. obviously we tried to call to meet at the rally point or pickup point. no answer. and then they -- massive hunt from our families and the community joined. in we searched all evening into the wee hours of the morning and we searched the next morning on the 14th. one of the search crews came upon them by noon and found their bodies. carley: absolutely devastating. i know there have been multiple leads throughout the years. what's the latest on that front? what are police tell you today?
4:25 am
>> >> the latest information specific to the case and asking for help is anybody who had contact with a fake account that was out there under the name of anthony schotts. so when the police come out and ask the public for their help. this is a great opportunity for people to step up, look at the information that they have. maybe some old iphones or talk to your daughters that would have been possibly young at the 2016, '17 time frame. 12 to 16 seems to be a potential target range. but look back at some of your old information. talk to those girls who are now young women and hey, just, please, give libby a minute what she asked us for. give me a minute. we are asking people to truly take a minute and look back through that and turn that information. in no matter how insignificant it may seem. that might be the piece that they're looking for. carley: that might be the piece
4:26 am
that they're looking for that could help crack this case. tell us about libby. what should we know about her? >> oh, man, she was outgoing, fun. she was always at the center of everything. wanted to do everything, wanted to try everything. she kept our family, for sure, on the move. she was involved in sports year around. but always planning, you know. there was never a weekend when it seemed like we could just sit around. it was always something hey whether it's going to the movies or going to a theme park or doing something. she was always trying to plan something. carley: do you still have hope? i know it's been five years. it sounds like you still have hope in getting answers to what happened to your granddaughter. how much hope do you have? >> oh, it's not wavering. i mean, get frustrated obviously. we're five years down the road. and the person responsible for a double murder is still walking around free.
4:27 am
that's not right. and i know the investigative -- you know, their team is frustrated as well. but i can tell you they are diligently and continuing to work on this. obviously this latest set of information where they are asking for information on this account is a direct result of that. that could take us to another place or another avenue that we'll just continue to push and continue to go down. carley: how old would libby be today? >> oh my gosh, she would be 19. >> 19 years old. my gosh. >> she should be in college, you know. carley: such a beautiful girl. such a bright light. so was her friend. mike, you do such a good job advocating for your granddaughter. thank you so much for joining us this morning and keeping her spirit alive. we appreciate you telling your story and we are praying for you and your family. >> well, thank you very much. carley. and i appreciate everybody out there please take that minute because it's going to take a
4:28 am
community effort to really bring this to justice and i think we're going to get there. carley: you are absolutely right. i have hope, too. thank you, mike. appreciate it? >> all right. bye. carley: god bless that family. all right, still ahead. is the cia spying on you? what a disturbing new report reveals about how the government agency is handling america's information. plus, our next guest calling for an end to vaccine mandates. we're going to be joined by a wisconsin trucker and a canadian trucker who are fighting for freedom. ♪ o believes in doing anything it takes to make dentistry work for your life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental.
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will: trishs in the trucker con void ordered to clear the bridge by midnight. protest moving worldwide to france and new zealand. canadian truckers join us now. thank you both so much for being here. harold, if i will, start with
4:33 am
you on the canadian side. what's your sense of where this is going? if you look at the demands of the convoy, they remain clear as they were on day one. here, before i have you answer, here are the demands of the convoy, terminate vaccine passports and other contact tracing programs. eliminate the vaccine mandates and stop the divisive rhetoric we of course still see from justin trudeau. you see the demands and situation. where does this go, harold? >> it doesn't go anywhere until those demands are met. we have been clear right from the start, you are correct and we know that that's what's been harming our society for a lot of -- for almost two years now. and we need it to go. we need to be able to discuss with doctors, with lawyers, what's been all going on. and he is ignoring us. he has been calling us racist. bigots and other fancy word that
4:34 am
i can't remember exactly how they say it. we are firm on what we are doing here in ottawa. i do want the world to understand that the convoys that have been set up at the borders, they are not organized boy the freedom convoy here in ottawa. not that i wouldn't i don't want to say that i disagree with how they are doing things there. they are a separate organization. and it's -- i think the support we are getting from convoys that have started around the world have been hum bring and been mind boggling,. will: you know, that's an interesting point, harold, organize demands and organized body in ottawa. under the banner of the freedom convoy, karl, the message and the movement has clearly spread not just beyond ottawa but
4:35 am
beyond canada. you are a trucker from the united states of america and message he resonating to people here in the united states and people in europe as well. what is it on a more global scale? what is the message that is resonating? what do truckers across the world they hope accomplish? >> will, i appreciate your comment. we hope to accomplish solidarity and to show our canadian brethren that we stand with them. we stand firm with them. the message is simple. it is a freedom of choice that is really the biggest thing that needs to be understood. to be misheard or not heard at all is by far one of the worst things that you can do to a people as a whole. and i think once you take that ownership, as far as being the leader of your country, and to actually show some type of care. some type of empathy to them. you will get the side of the people to actually go along smoother. this is a peaceful protest.
4:36 am
i think people mistake that for something else. there is others on the other side that are shown, you know, hostility towards these guys. and i have to say publicly. stop. if you don't understand, just stop and ask. talk to a trucker. we are the ones that help put food on these tables. we help run america. we run canada. we do this day in and day out, man. we go away from our families, our friends and we help out the countries that need the biggest support with these products, this is not the time to shun us. this is the time to hear us. so we say freedom convoy 2022, america supports you, all right? that's all i'm going to say to you canadians out there we support you. pete: let me stick with you real quick? do you believe there will be an american convoy and would you be part of it. >> i have heard rumblings. i'm down for whatever. i'm an american through and through. i understand it's god, country
4:37 am
and family. anything that's going to october to my freedoms, i'm going to go against that i go against tyranny of government. i'm here to stand firm with anybody that is looking for freedom. like i said, i appreciate choice. and, will, i want do say i'm proud of you, man, because i have seen you rise from espn, i have seen you on your rise, and you have been always been well-outspoken and i want to say keep doing what you are doing and thank you fox news for having me on. will: we appreciate that i appreciate that i'm sure harold appreciates that as well, karl. we will talk more, hopefully. >> yes, sir. will: harold, let me end this with you. how do you see this play out? if you look at the situation on the ground in ottawa. how does it end? does trudeau meet your demand? does he bring in more force to break up the protest? how does it end, harold? >> yeah. it's pretty simple. all i will be going home when we have our freedom of choice again
4:38 am
on this vaccine mess. and we will be here until the bitter end. the army has already said that they're not coming. tow truck companies are not coming to toe us. they are not going to toe theirr customers. the canadian public has supported us with hugs, smiles and high fives for a week. and they have supported us with food and fuel. everything and everything that the -- has been thrown at us has been handle with professionalism by the truckers, by the -- by our supporters, by the command center, it's just been amazing and humbling how through all of this can you see god's hand in it that this is going to work. we're not going home until the mandates and the lockdowns are gone. pete: harold, you know, this but you are standing up on behalf of millions and speaking for millions. and we're grateful for that. and it's a powerful movement.
4:39 am
that is -- could move to america and certainly has moved around the world. carl tharpe porter and -- god bless you both. thank you so much. >> thank you,. >> you too. will: monitoring the latest overseas officials warn a russia invasion into ukraine could be imminent. congresswoman victoria spartz, ukrainian immigrant reacts live next. pete: still ahead the 45th president of the united states, donald trump will be here in less than an hour. you are going to want to hear what he has to say coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ pete: a fox news alert. joe biden will hold a high stakes phone call with vladimir putin this morning from camp david. it is a race against the clock as signs of a russian invasion of ukraine are imminent. will: at the same time, 3,000 u.s. paratroopers have been deployed to europe to offer protection for nato allies in the region. carley: tension hitting close home for our next guest. congresswoman and ukrainian immigrant victoria spartz. good morning to you, congresswoman. you know this area. you grew up in ukraine. and one of the things that has been interesting about the reporters, fox reporters on the ground in the region, they say that the citizens there are not
4:44 am
afraid. they are going on with their daily lives. from their perspective they don't think that vladimir putin is going continue slide. a very different message we are hearing from the biden administration here in some of our european ally countries, who is who right and why would theyen acting in the way that they are? >> good morning, thank you for having me. there are several things, first of all, ukraine being in a state of war for 8 years. and i think unfortunately a lot of people there are used to being in war. and i also think, you know, i think a lot of ukrainians cannot believe that russians would actually go and try to kill them. because they understand putin's -- they understand he has very significant personal ambitions and he really did a lot of propaganda to brainwash russians, too. there is a lot of things bad for his country and his people.
4:45 am
but people still feel like there are a lot of marriages between russians and ukrainians, there are a lot of people live in russia and lot of russians live in ukraine and now they know a lot of them don't even talk to their relatives for that reason but i still cannot leave that russians would want to go and kill ukrainians, still the state of disbelief. will: on this that expleef congresswoman it's fascinating the ties you talk about. intermarriage, cultural cross ties. it's in our life. almost all of our lifetime that urk was part of the soviet union. i'm curious how all that history, those cross ties, how that influences the average ukrainian, meaning i know there fierce independence streak. what's the general attitude in ukraine. >> people are very concerned. unfortunately this conflict will have implications for a very long time. when i left, i grew up in a
4:46 am
region between the border between russia and ukraine. actually the border crossing has a monument three sisters, ukraine, russia and belarus. it was very kind of calm were friendly. even regions like that after a lot of young people died. are a what happened in there, people are very anti-russian. they do not want an aggressive. and i think people are going to be fighting and putin under estimating the will of the people to defend their country because for them it's an aggression of a foreign country. pete: congresswoman, you understand the politics of ukraine and the politics of our country. we have a southern border which is effectively wide open with an invasion of over 2 million illegals and counting under the biden administration. and a lot of americans are asking why should we care what's happening in ukraine? how would you answer that question? >> well, i think, you know, you know, as a congresswoman who is
4:47 am
on, you know, immigration committee and went to the border three times i'm appalled what happened in our southern border. and what we did is weaken our country. we creativitied this instability around the world. there are several things what's happening in your honor. first of all, this conflict, the scale of the conflict can escalate in a significant conflict since world war ii have auto dominant effect in the whole world russia aaligning with. team up aggression. we also do have some commitment under budapest protocol. it's a different type of commitment that nato allies. if we're going to take nuclear weapons from a country and say that, you know, we will provide some assurances for your sovereignty and then we do nothing about it, what's going to happen next time we try to negotiate with countries like
4:48 am
iran? so our words should matter something. unfortunately there administration can be very slow in their responses and project france now they are trying to playing catch up and put us in a difficult situation right now. like the united states important guarantor for stability around the world. we have to stay strong in our commitments. carley: so well said. what an interesting perspective. congresswoman spartz, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you. pete: turning to a few additional headlines beginning with this beginning with a disturbing report about the cia. newly declassified letter from two democrat senators accuses the cia of collecting information on americans with no approval from any branch of government. those democrats, senators ron wyden and martin heim rick say the agency has been collecting that data in bulk without
4:49 am
congress knowing. they are demanding an explanation and rightfully so. if we get any information we will bring it to you. scary. and the supreme court rejecting an appeal from a group of new york city teachers who wanted the vaccine mandate blocked. teachers arguing the mandate violates their religious freedoms, justice sonia sotomayor rejected the emergency appeal. offering no explanation, no word on whether she was wearing that when she rejected that the rejection coming the same day as the deadline for nearly 4,000 nyc mandate or face losing their jobs and those are your headlines. all right. will: we're downtowning down the kickoff in the most anticipated ads of the year of the super bowl. you won't have to wait until tomorrow to see them because lawrence jones has a preview. lawrence: good morning, family. we have been talking about working out before the cheerleaders get here. what if i could told you can have a nice snack and work out
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♪ will: you turn on the super bowl
4:54 am
for the game and stay for the commercials. >> somebody companies have already dropped the biggest ads of the year. >> ladies and gentlemen, our takeover of general motors is complete. >> now we can reduce tail pipe emission. >> i'm sorry, am i no longer dr. evil, i'm dr. good now? i didn't get -- >> lawrence jones joins us live from sofi stadium once again with nor sneak peeks, hey, lawrence. >> hey, guys. so that was a funny one. that was by general motors and it really is going to kick off the super bowl commercials best part of the super bowl. but, guys, i think you guys have some more commercials. carley: that is right. you are holding a black bowl with yogurt in it for a reason. oikos yogurt. >> really heavy. lawrence: play the commercial first and demonstrate how that this is done.
4:55 am
>> strength how do you think i gave birth to you and your big head? [laughter] you have to do a cellular, you have got to do a press and then have you got to do a squat and then one. will: not doing it with that. will: cellular, press. lawrence: there you go. a press, and then a squat. a squat. >> bill: watch the pants rip. i had confidence in pete. i knew will cain would not pull it off. i knew it. will: i wouldn't, what? you knew what? pete: warm up. lawrence: you would not pull it off. will: ifb banged on my chair on the way down in the squat. lawrence: 15 pounds. you can actually get some, you know, some muscles. carley: more than 50. will: this is not 15. carley: i wouldn't be able to get this over my head.
4:56 am
will: careful. pete: don't hurt yourself. carley: thank you for caring. so nice. pete: i don't understand you to hurt yourself. will: all right, lawrence, thank you, man. the big man himself, former president of the united states donald trump joins us live next hour. we work outg in the break. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette people with moderate to severe psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the way they exaggerate
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this is the ergo smart base from tempur-pedic. and it responds to snoring- automatically. so no more nudging your partner. or opting for the couch.
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5:01 am
>> i will die to protect my family and my children from overreach by the government now think could face fine or even prison. first get right to the situation in ukraine. we bring this dakota meyer, marine veteran, recipient of the medal of honor and dan holloway u.s. army veteran. gentlemen, great to see you both this morning. dakota, you look at the situation, an escalating situation. one that seems on the brink in ukraine and what should be the opinion of americans? what should be the position of america? >> yeah. i mean, i will say my position is why are we getting involved? right? ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries on the face of the planet. i mean, look, if anything else, the biden administration showed they couldn't even pull out of a country with the least sophisticated military our
5:02 am
government up against them speaking with the taliban. what are we going to do there? what is this w. this unhealthy interest in this conflict. pete: it's a fair point. when you look at the conflict it's potentially the connection that vladimir putin and the willingness he has shown to form an alliance with xi jinping and the communist chinese. their ambitions are bigger whether it's ukraine or taiwan or replacing the west and the united states as sort of the world's leader. what do you make of what he might be attempting to do in the larger context? >> well, sure. i mean, it's, to me, this is -- you are right on the ball with that i think china is the main focus and russia is just a distraction. i think it's all a distraction. what biden doesn't want is the american people paying attention to his failures. the record inflation, the handling of the border and the crisis in afghanistan to losing case after case with these mandates. the administration wants to set up this straw man with russia.
5:03 am
one, i don't think we should be getting involved in the first place, but, two. don't be surprised if this call later between biden and putin if biden doesn't knock down that straw man. if putin doesn't say or if we don't learn from in this meeting that nothing is actually going to happen and then biden tries to take a victory lap for it. this is typical sleazy politics, right? carley: dakota, one of the big announcement came down yesterday 3,000 more troops will be sent to poland leaving later this week. going to be arriving next week. how significant is that and what will their job be while they are there? >> i mean, i don't know. maybe to make sure that, you know, if russia does invade ukraine that they don't extend past ukraine, right? i mean, i think that that's the app.ance that biden administration is showing that hey, our involvement is going to probably be limited to that which i don't think we should be involved at all. this is not our war. this is not our fight.
5:04 am
and let's just hypothetically speak that we needed to go into ukraine. he what's the plan? we went in and fought over 20 years against the taliban. all they did was wait us out. they waited us out and went ahead and took the country over within a few months after us being there 20 years and they are nowhere near the advanced military or government that you've got with russia and china. so, what would be our strategy on that? will: you know, daniel, you and dakota have both pointed this out. many people have asked the question. why what is the american strategic interest? why would we get involved in this at this point? i think bore photo you and dakota the answer is we shouldn't at this point. my question for you is there a point? is there a line that is crossed? is there a moment where what happens in eastern europe becomes, in your mind, our problem? when does it become a u.s. military action? >> that's a good question. you know. as dakota said we found out over the last 20 years.
5:05 am
we learned these lessons the hardest way you can learn them. that you can't gift somebody liberty. they have to fight for it themselves. you know, my understanding and most of the national intelligence community believes that a great deal of the ukraine is more comfortable under russian control than otherwise. from the american perspective, to a hammer every problem looks like a nail. and to -- every conflict seems like a good idea. and the people who stand to make a great deal of money and capture a great deal of power routinely leferght lives of young americans towards those ends. and i can't think of anything more despicable than that. pete: you are right, dan. you can't give someone freedom. they have to be willing to fight for it themselves and gain their own independence. such an important point to not forget after 20 years in afghanistan which blew up in our face because of terrible policy choices. speaking of bad policy. an op-ed in the "new york times," of all places, points out where the real problem is.
5:06 am
it was by shaqy, i don't know the last name. real problem in administration policy is president biden, the insular nature of decision making like minded advisers lacks rigorous thinking and fuels the kind of arrogance that could lead to unforced errors. dakota, big i agree with the aspect of that article. look, i don't think that -- i think the whole administration, they just look so weak, right? i don't think that -- i mean, look, i think russia and china they might have -- us going in ukraine and fighting for ukraine or helping ukraine out is not going to change the he aallegiance between russia and china. it's not going to change how much, you know, misinformation that russia puts out. i mean, it's really not going to do any of these things.
5:07 am
it was also listed later on in that article. i just think that, look, at the end of the day, if i was the america's enemy, i would be trying to go out and go ahead and do whatever i wanted to do right now as you see with china, with taiwan and as you see with, you know, russia with ukraine. now is the time to act, right? because we have america looks weak across the globe. carley: such an important point. dan, you have to think about how we got to this point where we are today. and every time you think of some sort of international crisis that's taking place, you can't help but think about the disaster that unfolded in afghanistan. if that had gone different. if there was a different leader in office, who would have handled it better, would we be having this conversation about russia, ukraine, and potentially china down the road? >> no, of course not. i mean, when the cat's away the mice play. if anybody is away is president
5:08 am
biden. out to lunch is a good way to say that i don't have faith in him. certainly not. but i also don't have faith in the intel community surrounding him. if you read the senate report about the afghanistan withdrawal that came out, i believe last week, you will know that the security council didn't even meet on this issue until august 14th. two weeks in to the complete meltdown and four months into the taliban taking territory. by august 1st they had 40% of the country under their control. it's not like it happened all of a sudden. this has been brewing for quite a while. over the course of about six months. all of our enemies figured out that we are that person to steal on. do you know what i mean? now they are coming and continue to float test balloons and see how we react. and how we react right now matters. standing firm and not being baited into some conflict that we have no business in is a really important thing to happen in america right now. pete: that's a good point. those same leaders we saw an
5:09 am
announcement from the u.s. army just recently they are going to move that army fleet into a green new future. their focus was on climate change and green vehicles. carley: and equity. that's exactly right. dakota meyer, dan holloway, thank you very much for your insight. carley: thank you for your service. will: move on to this now this morning. the trucker convoy the freedom convoy has been maligned as racist, extremists, nazis. it now being called childish. steven march a canadian journalist was on msnbc. and he had to to say about the freedom convoy. >> essentialry now it has become a temper tantrum, which you know, is simply ruining the lives of people who are trying to get to work and put their kids, you know, put their kids to sleep, and everyone -- and every day they are there, their message diminishes. they are getting less powerful by the day. this is the kind of spillover to
5:10 am
american political, you know, talks city. would be a common reaction to this movement. pete: is he talking about the black lives matter antifa riots in 2020. carley: he actually wasn't. pete: okay, good. i was unclear. people horns must not be honked. the amazing willingness on one side of the media. majority of the media both here and state run media in canada to totally mismiss, deride and not just denounce but defame these truckers who have their own voice and their own reasons. been very clear from the beginning their list of demands which we put on this program is not a laundry list of right wing or left wing grievances that they got in graduate school. they're simple. no vaccine passport. no tracing programs.
5:11 am
no vaccine mandates. >> stop the divisive rhetoric. meaning characterizing us as being enemies of the state. when you actually take the time to listen to them. what they're saying remains consistent and simple and freedom-loving. the guy like steven marche who we just heard from. how many truckers has he talked. to say honest question? i bet if one most likely zero. so he sits in his ivory tower and characterizes those people he deems to be evil. well, we take the time on this program to actually talk to truckers. we talk to one karl tharp porter from wisconsin and a canadian trucker. here is how they gave voice to this movement. >> everything that the -- that has been thrown at us has been handle with professionalism by the truckers. by our supporters. by the command center. it's just been amazing and humbling how through all of this you can see god's hand in it that this is going to work. we're not going home until the
5:12 am
mandates and lockdowns are gone. >> the message is simple. it's a freedom of choice that is really the biggest thing that needs to be understood. this is not the time to shun us, this is the time to hear us. so we say freedom convoy 2022,. carley: there you go. nobody said it better than those two the trucker we heard from yesterday said he is out there protesting because is he 60 years old. he lost his job. his 30-year-old son also lost his job. his daughter, who is pregnant felt like she had to get forced to get vaccinated and asked justin trudeau if somebody was taking food off of your family's table. how would you go? does that seem like an unreasonable position to you? i think that this trucker protest is a story of perception versus reality. what the elites want you to believe versus the actual truth. first they said this wasn't a big deal. it was only going to be a few hundred people. reality is thousands. then the narrative was that
5:13 am
these people are bigots. they are racist. see do those two truckers look like racists to you? i don't think so. you are being fed a lot of lies about these people. and what when you really listen to what they want, their requests are reasonable. is this situation that's unfolding on the ambassador bridge an issue? yeah, it is. one way to stop it is for justin trudeau is to get down from that ivory tower and talk to these people one-on-one. will: can you imagine leading? how about try that on for side. lead your people interact with your people. find a solution with your people. instead of demonizing your people. that's a simple explanation. and a simple deficit that we ever lacking. how about you lead your people in. carley: how is this diagnose to end if not for that. pete: so true that would require
5:14 am
humanizing the other side. legitimizing the voice of the other side. that's what i feel like our so-called leaders are unwilling to do right now. no, you're bigots. you are racist. i love what the one trucker said some word i don't even know what it was. it was probably like intersectional misoggist or something. they throw labels on people to dehumanize them and don't want to have enengage with their argument. justin trudeau unlikely to every sit down with them. will: here is a reason you will not see trudeau compromise. you will not see trudeau lead because so much rides on this pretorius. if the workers of the world. if the common man. if the truckers of canada can we would this much power and make this regime. it's a cross border western civilization regime that has commandeered so much power. if it has to fold in the fails of the voice of the people, it can fold anywhere and it can
5:15 am
fold on everything. and so this entire facade of power. disguisingtucker carlson described it as imimpotence last night. if it's exposed the entire house of card can come folding down. carley: they're truckers. this profession is a natural social distancing profession. a lot of these people, 90% of them have been vaccinated already. this isn't an anti vaccine protest. it's a pro-choice, a pro-bodily autonomy protest. i don't see how it ends without -- i pray that it ends peacefully. could you imagine if something happens where police come in or military comes in? there are so many kids there. there are some families there. the images would be from that? i think totally misjudged this moment. pete: you are exactly right. that's why he is so terrified by this. his rhetoric matches the only tools he thought he had for some
5:16 am
time. now it's big boy time. he is not just a city council member he can't just talking about imagining green spaces. he has a real crisis on his hand. canadian trucker said the tow trucks are unwilling to tow. good for them in solidarity with the truckers. why would they tow their customers. the army for what he said as well has signaled they are unwilling to get engaged. okay. so you arrest the truckers. but you can't move the trucks. how long do you hold them before -- you are going to have to deal with it what a wonderful reality these truckers have come to. we have power. we had power before because we supply everything you need. we don't brag about it we don't ask for your thanks. we had a moment where we did thank them because we understood it now they say no, no. we have power too. it's a beautiful thing to say. speaking of a guy who has power. he has got the power to call into our program in 13 minutes and we believe he is going to do so. the 45th president of the united states, donald trump, coming up here on "fox & friends weekend"
5:17 am
at 8:30. we have got a lot of questions for him. should be fun. will: will be fun. turning now a few additional headlines for you. we want to warn you the video you are about to see may be stressing. police confirming nine officers injured in phoenix during a barricade situation. during one point a man placed a baby on the home's front doorstep then the suspect opened fire on officers trying to rescue the child. luckily, thankfully, the baby was not hurt and all officers suffered non life-threatening injuries. phoenix ph.d. believed it is the most officers reported of shot in one day. and in maryland two officers were shot responding to a suspicious man with a gun near a department store. they also are expected to survive. now this, pfizer is delaying fda application to expand its covid vaccine to children under the age of 5 by two months. they will delay it until april. the pharma giant needs more data
5:18 am
on a third dose's effectiveness in the age group because of the omicron variant. yeah. i would say so. meanwhile, the fda gives emergency approval to eli lilly's monoclonal antibody treatment. it secretary of state the treatment works against omicron. it's the third monoclonal antibody treatment available in the u.s. and a livestream turns awkward for boston's woke mayor michelle wu when she faced a flood of demands to end strict covid restrictions and criticisms of her leadership in boston. she struggled to find even a single friendly question to answer. watch. >> a lot of friends who, uh, have different -- oh, happy new year, yes, year of the tiger. >> we have, very cute tiger emoji. will: staying silent as she skipped over dozens of calls to end vaccine mandates and unmask school children. you know the most telling part of that clip is autopsy, i foun.
5:19 am
pete: look over at presumably an aide. can i phone a friend? what do i do here? carley: maybe we should never do that again. live and learn. pete: got a text from a friend who was -- just to go back to russia for a second. she said look out for a two-front war. why wouldn't xi jinping move if vladimir putin moves in ukraine? will: when do the olympics end. carley: february 20th. pete: why wouldn't you put america on the move in two places? carley: really quickly, a lot of people have been saying that this invasion, this possible invasion wouldn't happen until after the olympics. putin met with xi jinping during the olympics. they were at the opening ceremonies together. tell me a conversation didn't happen between those two about what could possibly come down the road in the next few days. pete: absolutely right.
5:20 am
masks dismissed kids erupting in cheers after being told they don't have to wear masks anymore. the teacher behind that incredible video joins us live. carley: plus counting down to super bowl sunday with nfl legends joe theismann and merril hoge. their predictions for the big game coming up next. ♪ ♪ plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. vazalore 325 liquid-filled aspirin capsule is clinically shown in a 7 day study to cause fewer ulcers than immediate release aspirin. vazalore. the first liquid-filled aspirin capsules...amazing! it's our ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. vazalore. and it's temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. and now, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday
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5:24 am
pete hegseth would have had that thing inhaled in less than 30 seconds. [laughter] pete: thank you very much. i will take that as a compliment. will: i threw down the challenge. carley: as you eat i want to thank edwards cincinnati with supplying us skyline chili cheese and hot dog. do you like it. will: um-huh. pete: it definitely is a cincinnati staple.
5:25 am
i had a version of this. i don't believe it was skyline chili for breakfast and it was one of the best breakfasts i have had in a long time. will: it is the kind of spaghetti with sauce. carley: history. how do you get here? how do you get to this place? pete: i believe we are going to rampantly speculate about it. it seems like mid west pasta. it is mid west bolognaise. carley: anything with this much cheese i'm going to support. i'm going to try the hot dog. will: texas chili but it is good. carley: take some of the bun off. >> bill hemmer you have to google it to find it skyline chili gyp. he is going to be at the super bowl.
5:26 am
i made two years straight in my house. what's in it. pete: skyline chili. carley: dip. >> sour cream, a bunch of cheese and onions put in the onion for 25, 30 minutes, some chips. carley: delicious, edward cincinnati in tribeca, new york. if you are in town i highly recommend. we are doing this for a reason. the los angeles rams take on the cincinnati bengals tomorrow for super bowl lvi. pete: quarterbacks joe burrow and lb 1 make their super bowl debut. will: but who will win the big game let's ask running back merril hoge and joe theismann. good morning, gentlemen. >> hi, will. >> good morning. will: there you guys are all right. joe, we spoke yesterday. i know your prediction. so i'm going to put you on hold for one moment. member ril, i don't know where you going with that yet. ram, bengals, what happens?
5:27 am
>> listen, i'm cincinnati has been the best team, since probably actually week 8. so i like cincinnati to win this one 28-2 4. will: really the best team? pete: come out with a straight up prediction. now, joe, forgive me, i didn't see the segment yesterday. so for those of missed yet. will: one-on-one segment. we are not broadcasting. pete: for those who missed it yesterday. >> skyline chili. pete: solid. >> would'ved it down. that's great. i'm going the other way. i'm picking the rams 24-21 in this football game. i think they are a complete football team. cincinnati played tennessee, that was basically a defensive team. they played kansas city, that was basically, i think, an offensive team, now they are going to play a very balanced football team. if the indications over the last couple of weeks of the playoff
5:28 am
games are anything, i'm expecting this to be that same kind of a football game and something that everybody can going to get a chance to enjoy. carley: merrill the rams are playing in home state. >> this is the super bowl. this is a little bit different. stakes are higher. does that give the rams at all a leg up or is that something that because it's the super bowl no change? >> well, carley, this is like old times. joe and i disagreeing right off the bat. [laughter] >> i'm very at home right off the bat. now, if you watched the nfc championship game you would have thought it was the whole bill for the niners. carley: so true. >> i don't think l.a. has a home field advantage. most time you don't. last year it was -- about the only time it was slightly in favor of tampa bay. but i just don't believe they have a home field advantage. i think cincinnati will show up strong and based on that environment anyway, when the
5:29 am
raiders show up seems like home field for them. i don't think it's an advantage for the rams. carley: good point. >> it will be very mutual. will: i would love to do first take "fox & friends" this morning and tell you why i don't think the bengals can block aaron fields and vonn miller. we don't have 15 minute segments here. instead i'm going to go to you joe on this. i think mahomes is a great example of this. we see great young quarterbacks man they are going to be there every year. mahomes won one. look at joe burrow and we all think this kid is great and going to be there every year. that's not the way it works out, is it, joe? >> no, it's not. it you look at the quarterback position and merrill knows this very well it's the most dependent position on the field. dan moreno, one of the greatest of all time, how many super bowls did he win? how many super bowls did he participate in? what really is important and it happened to tom brady a year ago. the entire football team stayed together after the super bowl to try and come back this year. how many guys will leave the
5:30 am
cincinnati bengals if for a chance they win the game and go after the opportunity to go after the big paycheck. there are a lot of variables that go into it. there is absolutely no guarantee what you do this year is going to reflect on what's going to happen next year. will: that means it's burrow's moment, pete, do it now. pete: that's true. look at both of these quarterbacks. burrow, the new guy with so much in front of him and love what matthew stafford did toiling for 10 years in detroit and now big moment on big stage. joe theismann and merril hoge thank you so much for your time. carley: so fun. thank you. >> see, merrill. pete: look at that. carley: look at that. that's cute. carley: that was a first for me, too. pete: breaking right now, live pictures in ukraine of people protesting russian aggression interesting. pete: up next, the 45th president of the united states donald trump reacts to the intensifying situation there and so much more.
5:31 am
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and lung inflammation can occur. lasting remission can start with stelara®. janssen can help you explore cost support options. o ♪ pete: well, let's get straight to it bring in the 45th president of the united states, donald trump. mr. president, thank you so much for joining "fox & friends weekend." >> well, thank you. it's an honor. and we have a lot of problems in this country but it's an honor to be with you. pete: we're grateful to have you, sir. let's start with the headline we have had all morning long. you know, what's happening in russia, what's happening in ukraine. the white house is saying right now an attack could happen at any time. on your assessment, where are we and how did we get here? >> well, first of all, it's shocking because this should have never happened. it should have never happened. it would not have happened. and how we got here is when they watched afghanistan, when they watched the most incompetent
5:36 am
withdrawal in the history of probably any army, let alone just us they saw that and president xi and president putin, watch what happens with china very soon but with taiwan. they watched that and they said what's going on they don't know what they are doing. all of a sudden they got a lot more ambitious. putin wanted to negotiate for a period of time. i think when he watched afghanistan, when he watched that unbelievably bad withdrawal. incompetent when they took the military out first. where they left $85 billion worth of equipment behind for the taliban to have to sell and to use. and of course the death, the death that happened. when they watched all of that, i think they got emboldened. will: president trump, joe biden is scheduled to be on a call today with vladimir putin. what do you think he can say? what should he say? if you were in office today, what would you say to vladimir
5:37 am
putin? >> well, i wouldn't be in this position. because we're in a very bad position right now. and it would have -- as i said, it would have never happened, i know him very well. i got along with him very well. i stopped his pipeline. i sanctioned them more than anybody ever sanctioned them. nobody was ever tougher on russia but i got along with putin very well. we respected each other. i think you have a whole different ballgame right now. this is just an exercise. he is not going to tell him anything. and i don't think putin at this point is going to be listening. it's going to be very interesting to see what he does in terms of the depth, what -- will he take a small piece? when biden originally said he is going in, everybody was like did he just say that? nobody could believe it. but he said it. and it was almost like a card. ukraine went crazy when he saw that, when they heard that. the president. but now, the phone call i think is pro-fung tore. i don't think much is going to
5:38 am
come out of it. carley: sir, republicans have introduced a bill that would blockade to ukraine until the southern border is secured. why would we be worried about a border in europe when disaster is happening right here at home. do you think those two issues should be linked? >> well, i certainly understand how people feel we had the strongest border we were three weeks away from finishing the wall after going through two and a half years with lawsuits with the democrats and winning them. we are two and a half weeks from finishing the law which largely frankly finished anyway with tremendous help. we had the best numbers in the history of our country on the southern border other than coming in illegally. lowest drug numbers, best drug numbers in the last 32 years. they were getting much better rapidly. and all of a sudden this guy
5:39 am
takes over and the border is open and we have millions of people -- i think it's 10 million. they say 3 million. but people coming in from countries all over the world. they are releasing their prisoners into our country. we are like a dumping ground. i can certainly understand how people feel when they certainly say tie one for the other. we fight for other people's borders but don't fight for our own border. we have the strongest and most secure border we have ever had at the south. and mexico was great to me. they helped us, gave us 28,000 soldiers. free of charge. because, otherwise, we would have, as you know, tariffed all of their cars and things come in. we got along great with mexico. we had the stay in mexico policy. now it's called stay in the united states. whoever you are, just come on in. it's a very terrible thing. and i must tell you i do understand how they feel when we're fighting for other
5:40 am
countries but we're not fighting for our own. pete: mr. president not only fighting for our own facilitating that transportation with flights in the middle of the night. things have you heard about as well. i want to go to our other border if we can, mr. president. and the idea of truckers and the trucker freedom convoy that's happening there. not just in ottawa but now on trade roots routes on the canadian border. you heard him justin from canada. what justin trudeau has said about them. characterized them as racist. as bigots. but their message has been clear from the beginning, mr. president. the list of their demands has been terminate vaccine passports. terminate vaccine mandates and stop the divisive rhetoric. they have been straightforward. they want freedom. what's your message to both the freedom convoy and justin trudeau? >> people all over the world are watching and they have respect for what they are doing. they're tired of being pushed around by incompetent people. being told what to do. being forced with the mandates.
5:41 am
the mandates should have not happened. i'm very proud of warp speed. everybody has given us credit. nobody thought it was possible to do what we did. and that includes therapeutics by the way regeneron and the various thiewrpds that worked so well. what we did with warp speed was very, very great. what they have done with mandates is very, very bad. there is a lot of respect for what they are doing. i see they have truck signs allp signs all over the place. our country is a tinderbox, too. don't kid yourself. there is plenty of our country up there right now, folks. when you look at what is happening. when you look at what is happening in canada, our country, i think, is far more of a tinderbox than canada. will: president trump, we are watching blue states begin the process of loosening restrictions across the country. in my one chance to interview in the past, president trump, i asked you about dr. fauci. you were at the front end on so
5:42 am
many things as we panicked as a nation. you talked about balancing the shutdowns against our economy. and i asked you at that time about dr. fauci, and the way the public viewed him. and you were beginning at that time to express some skepticism. i'm curious and i'm not trying to give you the answer ahead of time. i'm curious if you look back on the last two years, some of which was under your watch when it comes to covid, what would you have done? what would you do differently if put in the same position, with perfect hindsight? what if anything would you do differently? >> we haven't been given credit. we are starting to get credit. warp speed was phenomenal. i closed up the country to china. i closed up the country to europe. that was incredible. and i filled the shelves. i filled up the cupboards of the states they were unable to do themselves. had you very competent governors and very incompetent governors. i went around when the cupboards were bare and they were.
5:43 am
that was a big thing. >> the ventilators, all of the equipment. and all of the things that we're able to get from goggles to clothing and the plastics and we did an amazing job. >> got no credit for it. but everything was stocked and right now the whole country is stocked for something like this. the country and this is long before i got there, was not prepared. fauci, however, was not a big factor with me. is he a big factor now because biden chose to make him such. he was not a big factor with me. he said he didn't want to close to as you know very strongly because we talked about this. he didn't want to close up the china, which was heavily infected. he didn't want to close up to europe which was heavily infected. four months later he said that president trump made a great decision and saved, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of lives. because i was really a single vote. i had 21 people in a room. none of them want to the close it down but i did. because i saw what was happening
5:44 am
in china and in europe. fauci did not play a big a roll with me. he played actually a pretty light role and if you also noticed, oftentimes, when he would say something, i would do the opposite. clean-up tended to be pretty good. he came out against masks, and then he became a radical masker. he was a radical. wear four if you could. at the very beginning if you look back early on he was against masks. and then he had some very different views. but he was not a big factor with me. i didn't get to see him too much. i didn't deal with him too much. i made my own decisions and they were great decisions. and i let the states run, whether it's florida, texas, south dakota, if you take a look at some of the states, south carolina they did a terrific job, the governor did a terrific job. but, i let the states run and make those decisions and frankly, the republican governors did a far better job than the democrat governors, but
5:45 am
fauci was not a big factor as far as i was concerned. he became a very big factor once biden came in. and then it's almost like he couldn't make a move without asking fauci. carley: mr. president over the last week something interesting has happened several democratic governors have dropped mask mandates or at least pulled back on mask mandates. there's this clip that's going viral. it took place at a las vegas school, children so excited that they don't have to wear their masks to school the next day. take a listen to what that sounded like. watch this. >> starting tomorrow we don't have to wear masks anymore. [screams and squeals] carley: i think that would put a smile on anybody's face.
5:46 am
appose that about what president biden said mask restrictions it's premature. the cdc said now is not the time. if now is not the time, when is? >> well, first of all, that's adorable. it should have happened a long time ago. and everybody says that the mask for the new variant at least is virtually ineffective. i mean totally ineffective. so i don't know what they are doing and why they are doing it. but they have come out and said that the mask has almost no impact. especially on the new variant. and i just don't -- it's inconceivable what's going on. but, a lot of the states are opening up. but i think politically it would be unacceptable. they are just not going to be able to egg out too much longer. it's ridiculous. that clip is so beautiful to watch. but it should have happened a long time ago. pete: mr. president, the place where the virus emanated from, communist china is the place now hosting the olympics.
5:47 am
and it is on track, the olympics happening right now, to the lowest rated winter olympics in american history. why are people -- what is it about these olympics that are making people turn it off? >> well, i think one of the things they turn it off on television is because the place is empty. you know, i would have said that they would have had those stadiums full. but you look at it, it looks like just a small event. there is no cheering. there is no anything. and you see these great athletes from all the countries. and our country. they are working so hard. and it's beautiful to watch in that way. but there is no excitement. you have no fans. they have a serious policy. you look at a stadium that holds 100,000 people and they will have like nobody there. and so i think -- i really do think that it hurts it i know you are also getting at the fact that all the abuse and all the other problems caused by china, including the china virus. and i understand that, also. but it is a much less exciting event to watch on television
5:48 am
when you see absolutely nobody in the stadiums. no cheering. and it just doesn't feel like the olympics. will: no, it doesn't. there's a national conversation that seems to be completely out of touch with the american people at every step of the way. and i think one of those examples might be the latest obsession president trump, which is, again, and always seemingly about you. maggie haberman of the "new york times" has a book out she has been discussing on cnn and the other platforms. the big take away is that you have ripped up papers and flushed them down the toilet. what is your reaction on what you are hearing on other mainstream media channels in this book by maggie haberman. >> fake news she got a pulitzer prize for russia, russia, russia. and then they found out it was a hoax. and so did others. frankly the ones that get pulitzer prizes they happen to work around you and around pete. and i will tell you, it's a disgrace.
5:49 am
but, no, it's a totally false story. she made it up. i don't believe they have sources. who would be a source for that anyway. there is no source. they make it up. you know, they oftentimes, these fake writers like her, they act like they know me like she knows me. i haven't spoken to her in a very, very long time. she knows me no better than any other writer. they write books like they know and then they make things like that up. and it would be no way of her knowing if it were the fact. there would be know of her understanding that or knowing it. it's a totally fake story made up by her. as much of the news is, i will tell you, this country we have to get honest reporting. because if we don't get honest reporting. it's really leading us down a bad path. and it's really leading us down a path of anger. pete: it's true. their obsession knows no end. 90% of cnn's audience has left and a lot of it has to do with their inability to object says day by day tweet after tweet as
5:50 am
they did for four years with an agenda to boot. we just talked about a book and part of the reason you are on the program today is to talk about your book it's called "our journey together." it is a coffee table book with pictures from throughout your presidency as well as when you were running. if you would, share our viewers. you sold a ton of copies of this book. what is it? >> well, we are about 300,000 copies already sold. and we're ordering another 400,000 and interestingly, it's not even believable, the printer is one of the biggest in the country said, you know, you can't get paper, you can't get ink, you can't get glurex you can't get leather. he said we have never had a problem getting paper or any of these things before. and that's the supply chain. but, it is getting done. nevertheless, it's been a tremendous seller. far greater than what we thought. because usually that kind of a book, you know, sells on a limited basis. but we are selling numbers like i guess not too' people have seen before. really it's a little bit of a
5:51 am
romance. it was done with beautiful pictures of the time spent in the white house. and i think what happened and the reason it became such a big seller is that pretty simple they look at what is going on now with inflation and average withdrawal. the way it was done. i got -- i was the one that got it set to be withdrawn. we were down to 2,000 soldiers. we hadn't lost a soldier in 18 months. think of that not one soldier and then they did that horrible botched withdrawal the way they did it and, you know, they see that and they see all of the things that are happening with russia and china and north korea and one of the most dangerous of all it looks like iran is going to be on their way to a nuclear weapon. i had that totally stopped. just like i had the pipeline in russia stopped. you know, but they see what happened, we had the greatest economy in the history of our country and then china virus come in. and we rebuilt it again. so i sort of did it twice. but we had the greatest in the
5:52 am
history of our country. every metric. employment, just numbers our country was thriving. we were beating everybody. and by the way, charging china massive taxes and tariffs. taking in hundreds of billions of dollars. we never took in 10 cents. they viewed it as a romantic period. i think. i think that's why it's doing so well because there is a lot of romance to the book. it was -- despite all of the vicious hoaxes and scams that they pulled and made up stories like russia, russia, russia. you know, you had the mueller, you had impeachment hoax number one and impeachment hoax number 2. despite all of that they view it as a very glamorous time because our country was doing so well and we were respected. putin respected us. and president xi of china respected us. kim jong un respected us. they all did. i will tell you iran really respected us. they weren't doing a thing. and now they are going to have -- now they don't even talk to the united states.
5:53 am
they won't even talk. they want money. they want billions and billions of dollars just to sit down. people viewed it as a very beautiful and maybe romantic time in a sense. despite all of the nonsense by the other side. and the radical left, i call it, because that's what it is. they are sick. so, it was a beautiful time and people loved it and that's why it's selling so much and it's an honor that you asked me that question. thank you. carley: well, mr. president, with that said, we want to look ahead towards the future and there is some speculation swirling that hillary clinton is thinking about running for president again in 2024. so the question is. >> i hope so. carley: are you going to run and with that will there be a repeat of the 2016 presidential election? >> well, anything is possible. anything's possible. we are certainly looking at it and we're working right now with a lot of great people in the senate and in congress and my endorsement has meant a lot as you know, i think it's 158 and
5:54 am
2. that's pretty good. a lot of people want that endorsement. i think everybody wants the endorsement. we are working on getting congress, getting the senate and we're looking at very, very strongly. i think ultimately a lot of people are going to be happy because our country is a mess. our country is going to hell. when you look at what is happening in our southern border. when you look at disrespect that other countries have for us, that just a year ago we were more respected than at any time. we were never so respected. a and now we are just totally disrespected. at a level that i don't think we have ever gone that low. so, that's what's happening with the book and i will be making a decision and i think a lot of people will be happy and i certainly hope they choose hillary. because that gives us a very good -- that gives us a very good shot. [laughter] will: president trump, we are 90 seconds from a hard commercial break which will cut us all off.
5:55 am
i love your records 158-2 i know you are a sports guy as well. i know you enjoy football. >> here we are super bowl weekend. do you have a prediction to share with us on who wins the super bowl? >> well, i'm so impressed with the cincinnati quarterback, a young guy, great guy, i met him during a game that he played in college. and he was just a fantastic guy. he is very impressive. again, so is stafford. i mean, you look at what he has done. it's pretty amazing what he has done. i just don't know. you know, who knows? you know the expression in that stuff who knows? i hate to make predictions. i think it's going to be a good game. but it's impressive what the two quarterbacks have done. pete: all right. we'll take that a bit of a political answer, mr. president. we will give you that. >> a little bit political. pete: that's all right. thank you for joining us. the book is called "our journey together" congratulations on the amazing success of the book. "our journey together" thank you very much.
5:56 am
carley: thank you, mr. president. will: thank you. >> thank you. pete: just like that. we have one more hour of "fox & friends" straight ahead. carley: i can't wait. pete: can't top that but we will do what we can. dan bongino, tomi lahren and we thank the 45th president of the united states for joining us. don't go anywhere.
5:57 am
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back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. >> the russians are in a position to be able to mount a major military action in ukraine any day now. pete: welcome to the final hour of "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. we're following two major stories. first, any day now, the u.s. pulling all of its staff from the kyiv embassy. joe biden will hold a high stakes phone call with russia's leader later this morning. carley: and canadian truckers refusing to back down, the group still blocking the bridge
6:01 am
connecting michigan to ontario, defying a midnight court order to clear the route. >> we'll be here til the bitter end. i'll be going home when we have our freedom of choice again on this vaccine mess. will: mow they could face fines or even prison. we have alexis mcadams live in ottawa on that. but first, lucas tomlinson joins us live from ukraine with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the u.s. embassy here in ukraine redawessing its staff to a bare -- reducing its staff to a bare minimum. the state department is urging americans here to evacuate the country immediately. >> there are very real possibilities that it will involve the seizure of a significant amount of territory in ukraine and the seizure of major cities including the capital city. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy here in shifting many operations to a consulate in western ukraine, 40 miles from the border with nato ally poland.
6:02 am
u.s. officials say nato could launch ap invasion in the middle of next week, before the end of the olympics, russian diplomats packing their bags and reducing staff. many european if allies following suit. the british embassy preparing to leave behind only a core team. the u.s. military continues to bolster it presence, 3,000 paratroopers from the 82 82nd division. soldiers from the army's 2nd cavalry regiment have also arrived. expecting a call with vladimir putin later in this morning. as far as the mood here, guys, things are very calm. i bumped into one gentleman who says he's not worried about the russians, he has a lot of guns in his safe at home. carley: well, if somebody's not worried about the russians ors, it's definitely that guy. from ukraine to canada, ottawa's freedom on soy defying a
6:03 am
midnight order to disperse. will: canadian officials threatening protesters with fines or even prison time. pete: alexis mcadams is live from inside the convoy with the latest. alexis. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, things are heating up here today, very cold out here in ottawa, canada, but these truckers are not planning to go anywhere. i'm going to step out of the way so you can get a look. they have very strong messages for the canadian government. tensions could escalate at some point. police will no longer be asking people to leave, they say, but will be forcing them to. you can see what it's like out here, ontario now under a state of emergency. officials threatening protesters who block the flow of goods, critical infrastructure with hefty fines and even jail time. on friday the city of ottawa asking the court for another injunction, this one focused on putting a stop to the loud noise, idling, fireworks and illegal use of -- in city facilities. prime minister trudeau calling
6:04 am
for all hands on deck discussing those ongoing blockades with president biden. listen. >> he expressed concern not just for the impacts right now, but the indication that there is international support from the united states and from elsewhere around the world for these protests. >> reporter: now, a judge on friday ordering protesters that the ambassador bridge here over the u.s./canadian border and the phi-day-old -- five-day-old blockade that that has stopped the flow of goods, also forcing the auto industry on both sides to have to roll back on production which is also costing them lots of money. now, when the 7:00 deadline arrived last night, the police thought maybe some of the crowds would disperse, but they stood for strong. back out here live, the same case here in ottawa, canada, and the police will be moving in trying to move people out. back to you.
6:05 am
will: alexis, one quick question before we go, we see the images on the screen of the police lined up. as you're surrounded clearly by protesters, how big is -- i'm hesitant to use the word militarize, but how big is the presence of authority, police, whatever it may be, around or inside the convoy? >> reporter: in the past 24 hours, that police presence has increased, but most of the protesters have been very cordial y'all with those investigators and police, there hasn't been any run-ins with police. they do have orders to get these people out of here. they're blocking off streets here near the capital, so they're being ordered now of to go into some of these areas to tell people to get out, so it could reach a point of contention this weekend. will: what i find fascinating, not to draw too close of a parallel, or but you see russian troops mounting toking on the board ore of -- mounting on the border of ukraine, i wonder do you see now -- and clearly, you
6:06 am
do -- a mounting presence of law enforcement are, a militarized presence with tension rising, could this come to a head sometime soon in canada. pete: let's bring in somebody who can help us answer it, dan bongino, "unfiltered host" and former nypd officer. feel free to opine on any of those topics, but first, whoo's -- what's happening with the truckers. you've been a law enforcement officer, but if their given -- they're given the orders to forcibly remove all these truckers, how does something like that go down? >> well, they shouldn't do it. i know a lot of people in the audience would be like, well, dan, what would you do. well, i'd resign. i was a secret service agent. i'd resign and retire. i didn't get a pension. i didn't like the direction the country was going in. i certainly didn't like what the obama administration was up to. i mean, i did my job as i would, of course, he was the president. but, you know, i resigned. so i'm not speaking with forked tongue here.
6:07 am
you shouldn't be removing them. why should you remove them? what i don't understand, i was watching -- that was a great report there, you guys asked really good questions. i was curious as well about how many police officers were there. what i was thinking was so the canadian government's responding to excessive coercion and government mandates with more coercion and more mandates. guys, you can't arrest your way out of this, okay? and this is a really bad look. i mean, isn't that obvious, right? i mean, the left, especially the trudeau type leftists, you know, they've -- they've got a monopoly on the whole socialist workers of the world unite message, right? so so workers of the world finally unite, and you're going to arrest them all on international global television? i mean, how do you think that's going to work out? guys, there's an easy solution to all of this. thankfully, because the omicron variant has not been as deadly as the other one, you've seen people waking up, learning we've got to live with this thing. maybe the government, trudeau --
6:08 am
who clearly doesn't have the maturity to deal with these people like an adult -- should sit down at the table and say, listen, let's talk and move towards a free, more prosperous canada. but he doesn't want to do it. i mean, he just wanteds to sit there. he's like, i'm taking my toys and i'm going ohm -- home. okay. well, good luck taking a 2, 3-ton toy from these truckers. they're not going to move them. you think these things are ford pintos, you just put it in park and get them out of there? and then i love, oh, yeah, we're not going to -- we're going to starve you of gas. ohs -- oh, that's -- how are you going to move the cars then? did they think this true? -- this through? how do some of the dumbest people on planet earth get elected? what's going on here? is it just good marketing? and one more thing. when i used to fill in at a radio show in washington, d.c., i would arrive in on i-95 from
6:09 am
maryland to d.c. at the wee hours of the morning, 2:30, being. i'm sure you guys can relate. and i would see these truckers lined up on 95, i mean lined up, for miles and miles. and i tell this story off the time on my radio show. i really thought, my gosh, this is the bloodlines, these are the arteries of the entire nation. these people are the real heros. you're not eating, you're not getting your medicine, not a damn thing, your workout equipment, nothing, if it isn't for american and canadian truckers who are feeding you, clothing you and everything else, and they should be shown some darn respect, and trudeau better wake up to that fact right quick. carley: well, dan, justin trudeau's first comments on this trucker protest was to say that they were radicals, racists with unacceptable views. and he's not the only person that's trying to silence a group of people. look at what's going on with joe rogan and cancel culture that's affecting so many people. it feels like the left is
6:10 am
threatened by free speech and freedom of thought. in the united states of america, how did we get here? >> yeah. well, as a guy who's thrown my money and time behind the construction of an entirely parallel economy, you know, we did so by forgoing the andrew breitbart rule that politics is downstream of culture. we thought we'd elect our way out of this and vote our way out of this and, carley, that didn't happen. you know, listen, i'm throwing myself under the bus here too. you know, we let the entire education system for three or four decades educate our kids into a pernicious ideology, and this crt and all this other junk happened right under our noses. did you with ever realize a howard zinn textedbook? pete, you -- textbook? pete, you just did a special about this. i'm throwing myself under the bus here. i'm not saying look what you
6:11 am
did, i did it too. i didn't sit there and read every lesson my daughter took, and now we've found ourselves in a culture where censorship and tyranny are accepted? we taught it to ourselves. it happened right under our noses, and we didn't stay ahead of it. will: dan, we turn this now quickly, we just had a half hour conversation with the former president of the united states, donald trump. we talked about a whole host of issues. so instead -- and let's get taan to react -- carley: i didn't want to be the one to do it. will: i had no idea what he was going to say in this clip right here. let's all listen together. >> people all over the world are watching and they have respect for what they're doing. they're tire of being pushed around by incompetent people, being told what to do, being forced with the mandates. the mandates should have not happened. that's what happens. you can push people so far, and our country is a tinderbox too, don't kid yourself. and there are plenty of our country up there right now.
6:12 am
when you look at what's happening, when you look at what's happening in canada, our country, i think, is far more of a tinderbox than canada. will: so there you go, dan. it's on the same missive we're discussing right now, and that is the potential for this to come to the united states of america. >> i've got a guest on my show tonight who i had on before, he was speaking about covid with the ron johnson committee, he has some print good info on it -- pretty good info on it. with regards to the convoy and the messaging, here's the problem joe biden's going to have. you know, i've addressed it on the n before. the most damaging political narratives in the world, right, are the ones that change your pre-existing notion of who a person or what a movement is. that's why the blm story about them buying luxury homes for millions of dollars was so damaging. that wouldn't be a story -- imagine the same story, right? you heard it about donald trump? would that ding his approval rating? no, he's a capitalist. it didn't change your notion of
6:13 am
who he is. it shows why joe biden is so terrified of this convoy that is coming here, right? joe biden has painted himself, correct, guys, as like the scranton kid, you know, i was a lifeguard and corn puff -- [laughter] whatever he's doing. i'm just like the lifeguard, zinc ox side on my nose guy, i'm the lunch bucket joe with, union worming -- working guy. really? one of the biggest unions of actual workers who field and clothe this country are truckers. you really want to go to war with the truckers? you sure about that? you want to change the pre-existing motion of who you are like that? start attacking the truckers who field and clothe this country. feed and clothe this country. good luck on that one. and one more. you can always tell when the left, the messaging machine -- which is very, very efficient, very good, they are. i don't like them, but they're very good. you can always tell they know they're in trouble when the message is buck shot rather than
6:14 am
rifle slug. when it's scattered shot and all over the lace, that -- place, that says to me having one run for office that the donor class is panicked, they're saying, listen, this isn't working. you need to do this and you need to do that. and you notice the messaging on the truckers is all over? they're racists, they're nazis, they're fascists, it's a siege, it's an insurrection, it's an occupation. there was a clip on msnbc, they're playing link coe, they've got pizza ovens. oh, my gosh, they're playing plinko. what are we going to do? [laughter] that's to how you know the donor class is saying, listen, houston, we got a serious problem, and they don't know who to listen to. they're all over the place on this. pete: oh, huh my goodness, they have a bouncy house. [laughter] willwell it was not weirder. corn pop leg rubbing has to be
6:15 am
the weirdest thing you've ever herald on television by a politician, pundit or broadcaster, the weirdest thing. >> it's cringe layeredded -- it's like a seven-lay layered cake of cringe. and he's rubbing the -- what is this guy talking about? carley: we don't know. it's still an open question. >> you know -- [inaudible conversations] my life is joe biden with corn pops. when the hell is -- . will: find corn pops. >> go get griff jenkins on, find corn pops. [laughter] carley: dan, you always have a way of putting a smile on our faces and setting straight, telling it like it is. and your show tonight, "unfiltered," on fox news channel at 9 p.m. will: i'm going to do a -- >> we've got a poll tonight.
6:16 am
will, i'm going to need you to answer the poll too. there's video of me and pete throwing a pass here, and pete's got perfect technique, but i don't know, i think my video -- i had some nice, like, old joe montana -- will: you've got an arm. pete: you chime in on one of the biggest "fox & friends" scandals in the last decade, what happened at the super bowl three years ago. no, not the catch telephone. carley: and there's no video, right? pete: it's a scandal, and you're going to vote on it. 9 p.m. tonight. >> yes. will, for the first time ever. [laughter] pete: 9 p.m. tonight, "unfiltered" with dan bongino. will: stay on the lookout for my new fox nation special, the search for corp. pops. [laughter] >> through yo go. -- there you go. [laughter]
6:17 am
carley: good stuff. we were already talking about throwing footballs, so let's check in with lawrence, he's at the super bowl. >> reporter: good morning, family. the energy is good here because we have the home favorites, the rams, they're here. the cheerleaders are here, and the bengals are on their way, don't worry, we're going to do it fair and balanced. they're ready for the big game. as you know, they are predicted to win because they have the home field advantage, but we'll see. the bengals are not going to go down without a fight, so we'll see them later on this hour. i learned something new, guys, it's cold here. the reason why it's cold is because the sun is coming up, so apparently the temperature drops. they don't teach me that in school. will: that's why your jacket's on? if -- >> reporter: i wanted to show some muscles, but the weather didn't permit me. pete: i can tell your morale has lifted though. you've got a lot more pep in
6:18 am
your step. [laughter] will: i get it. pete: bengals cheerleaders, report back to us. and by the way, the "fox & friends" trophy is at stake -- carley: oh, boy. pete: finish as well. we're going to put our football skills to the end. it has been in will's office for far too long. will: that's what we're doing? pete: yeah. we're going to have to navigate some running and then hit, throw it through the hole. will: okay. president if -- pete: the ball through the hole, any way you want. [laughter] carley: of football. that's right. i can tell you right now, it's not going to be my time. will: it might be like that dr. pepper challenge which is the best way to do it is a chest pass -- pete: i'll throw it like a man finish. [laughter] i'll win either way.
6:19 am
all right. well, coming up, could another trump presidency be in the future? you do not want to miss what he told us last hour. leo terrell and tammy bruce are all here to react. carley: and look at these kids, erupting into cheers after being told they do not have to wear masks anymore. the teacher behind that incredible video joins us live coming up. ♪ ♪
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carley: mask dismissed, las vegas elementary school students absolutely thrilled after learning their mask mandate was over. take a look. >> starting tomorrow we don't have to wear masks anymore! [cheers and applause] carley: well, our next guest teaches those children, and she says seeing their reaction gave her chills. john b. bonner elementary schoolteacher christy o'donald joins us now. good morning to you, pure elation. so fun to watch. did you expect this reaction from them?
6:24 am
>> i didn't. i mean, i -- we weren't expecting the news, so it was amazing that we got it, and we were just so excited. carley: why do you think they reacted like that? every single one of your students just absolutely freaked out all in unison, so excited to take off the masks. >> yeah, it was crazy. it was such a genuine expression from them, and it was just amazing. i think they were just excited that they can read and talk to us and smile. i have a kid who comes in the classroom every single morning, and she says good morning ms. o'donnell, and then she has to put her mask on, and to see her smile is going to be amazing. carley: have you had class yet with the students with their masks off? >> i actually had my daughter's cheer competition yesterday -- carley: you're a good mom. >> so i was disappointed i couldn't go to school, but i'm
6:25 am
going to see them on monday. carley: we talk a lot about the channels kids face, and that's a huge part of this conversation, rarely do you talk about the challenges teachers face in teaching students masked up. how has this experience been for you? >> it's been hard. so, i mean, i'm a first grade teacher, so my job is to teach the kids their sounds and how to read, basically. and so i have some kids coming in my class, and they don't know, like, the short a sound. and so one way that i teach that is we get an apple, and they go ah-apple. so if they can't see my and i can't see their mouth, a lot of learning is done by imitation, so they cannot imitate me. carley: oh, my gosh. very difficult. do you think there's going to be any long-term effects? because of the past two years? i mean, some of these kids haven't even been in school without a mask on. >> yeah, absolutely. and so i noticed it with the kids, for instance, who can read, when they read with a mask
6:26 am
on and i have my mask on, like, for instance, the sentence i can jump, when i hear it, i hear jug the m, and i can't hear it, and so i think they've created a lot of bad habits that they don't really realize that when they have their masks off, i can see them pucker up their mouths a little bit, and i can tell they're saying the letter m. carley: we just interviewed former president trump, we aired it, he called it adore,. >> i know, it was amazing. carley: right? you just brought so many people so much joy by sharing this moment of pure elation with kids. who didn't like to see that? so putting the masks in the rearview mirror at your school, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you so much. carley: you bet. americans in crew crane being told to pack their bags as u.s. officials warn a russian invasion is imminent. former national security adviser general keith kellogg on that
6:27 am
coming up next.
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>> i want to be crestal clear on this point. any american in ukraine should leave as soon as possible, and in any event in the next 24-48 hours. russian military action could begin any day now. pete: now they're being crystal clear. all eyes on ukraine as white house officials beg americans to get out of the country within 24 hours. this as we wait to hear about joe biden's call with vladimir putin this morning. if so what can we expect next? let's ask former national security adviser general keith kellogg. general, thanks for being here. we'll get to that question, but this phone call this morning, do you to expect anything at this point to come from it? >> yeah. well, thanks for having me this morning, pete. no. i think we've reached a point where it's binary. either he -- he, being putin --
6:32 am
is giving the greatest head fake in the history of the world, or he's coming south. and i don't think anything biden is going to say is going to affect bind at all because, frankly, putin does not respect biden. the russian word for security means without threats. and what putin sees, he sees ukraine as a threat because of nato. he does not see nato as a defensible alliance, he sees it as an offensive alliance that's gone from 20 to 30 countries. and he looks at it as, okay, they're encroaching on soviet -- i'm sorry, russian territory. he doesn't have ad good understanding of the west. he only served one tour of duty when he was in the kgb in the west, and that was east germany. so he doesn't really understand how the west operates. you know, with president trump it was always good to go in and talk to him because i'd always say, look, always look through your adversary's eyes. why is he reacting the way he's reacting? so you can condition yourself to
6:33 am
react back to him. that's the role of a good strategic adviser to a president is, okay, understand what the enhu, the adversary's doing and be able to react. and president trump was good about that. so i think he's got a big security issue, and i think the way it's looking right now the -- if you read all of the indicators, and the national security adviser said yesterday, and he's got pretty exquisite intelligence, they are in all probability coming south into ukraine. pete: you kind of answered what you believe is happening next. no one can know, but if he does decide we're going in and we're going hard, what does that look like? >> what it looks like from him is -- and i've said this repeatedly -- i think he's going after the eastern one-third of ukraine because that is the predominant russian-speaking of ukraine, and it gives him a buffer area that he wants. it also connects crimea with the rest of russia, and he's got a hard boundary. if you look at any geography, if
6:34 am
you look at a map of ukraine, there's a river and from that's is one-third of the country, and he'll probably go in and do that. i don't think -- he doesn't have troops to take over the entire country. the second reason he doesn't want to do that, there's a chance of miscalculation. you move west, you run into the nato territory, you run into poland and you run into the czech republic, you're running into a lot of areas that are nato-related, and he does not want to do that. to him, if he goes against nato, i believe to russia that's an extinction-level event. he cannot face nato one-on-one. you're talking about three nuclear powers against one, you're talking about an incredible difference of force strength, so he's not going to do that. if all the indicators are right, he is going south, he is going into ukraine, and he was given the green light. when president biden said, well, it depends on a limited incursion, if that wasn't one of the biggest green lights in the world, i've never seen one.
6:35 am
pete: yeah. if he takes the eastern part of ukraine, annexes it, you would consider that a minor incursion. general, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. pete: we move on to another fox news alert, police reportedly moving in now to end the freedom convoy protest in ontario. this happening moments ago and ongoing. we are on the ground in canada live with the latest. and our panel is on deck to react, tommy if heroin, leoer the terrell and tammy bruce -- tomi lahren. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours. i'm ben affleck and i want to thank you for joining me and supporting paralyzed veterans of america. i joined the navy to serve my country as a navy seal. i wanted to protect the people i love and the country i love. being a seal gave me so many things, but i gave
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will: fox news alert, you're looking live at protests in france in support of canadian truckers. tear gas was sprayed at protesters moments ago. now, this is as canadian police are reportedly moving in on the truckers blocking the bridge linking ontario and michigan. the move coming after the group protesting vaccine mandates ignored a midnight court order to clear the route. alexis mcadams is live in canada, and we're hearing reports of arrests, alexis. >> reporter: that's right. we're keeping a very close eye on what's going on over there at the ambassador bridge. the last time we saw aerial footage was last night. you can see that some of the truckers did move out of the area that they were told to get out of there even though they opened one lane, the protesters, on the ambassador bridge, the authorities say that's just not going to cut it.
6:40 am
this is cutting off access to lots of goods and trade. people, they say, need to be using that bridge on a daily basis. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see what we're dealing with in ottawa as we keep a close eye on the situation. the ambassador bridge across to detroit, they're trying to clear the demonstrators who are trying to fight back against the covid-19 measures here in canada. they blocked that north american bridge, that crossing, rather into knot north america, one -- north, for sick days and counting. prison in windsor, ontario, tweeting this morning they now have commenced, rather, enforcement at the bridge near that area, and they're urging all demonstrators to act lawfully and peacefully. commuters are still being asked to avoid that area because it's still affected by demonstrators at this time. the day after a court order which was geared towards winding down that blockade, but it has had a big effect on supply chains and alarmed many political leaders. we have talked many times and
6:41 am
heard from justin trudeau who said he's been on the phone several times with president joe biden trying to figure out how they can get a null figured out because they're trying to get those demonstrators out there to get people back to work. especially the auto industry in detroit, people have not been able to go to work. really it comes down to the economy and the canadian government does not want this going on anymore. they've given one, two, three, four warnings. now they're saying we're coming in, we've told you guys to leave, so it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out. will: we were just talking about that mounting police presence, looks like we're beginning to see that action. great report. thank you, as always. let's bring in leoer the april, tomi lahren -- tier low terrell and tammy bruce. fox news contributors. great to have you all on the program. let's start with what you just saw on your screen, let's start with what's beginning to take place now in canada. leo, i'll start with you. the police seem to be moving in. >> and i don't like it.
6:42 am
you know what? i see peaceful protesters. i see people who are demonstrating their anger and their frustration with these mandates. will, you guys have been showing those kids in nevada, happy because they want freedom. and let me be very clear about this, the attack on these truckers compared with what america went through for two years with the summer riots, love zone, c.h.o.p. zone, this is the government reaction to their control over these individual. all they want is liberty and freedom. i want to be as clear as possible. this -- when i heard these truckers are being racist? no. the racist card is always played out. these are canadians who are representing freedom and liberty and what they're trying to be characterized as, as racistst, is a big lie. you want peaceful protest, that's peaceful protest. will: as you're speaking, leo, tammy, what our viewers are seeing is live video from paris
6:43 am
where there are protests in support of what's happening in canada, in support of the protesters in canada. tear gas has been deployed and, tammy, this just touches on something i think many of us have been saying. this is so much bigger than simply a vaccine mandate in canada. >> well, it is, and it's bigger than canada. i mean, this has been inspirational to the rest of the world. europe has had it demonstrations prior to this one, so the european if demonstrations, no doubt, inspired the working class, canadians in general, they're inspiring americans. but i would caution and, you know, look, trudeau talking to biden is just a disaster. it's like dumb and dumber. these are two individuals who have been getting messages repeatedly from their own people, and they refuse to budge like petulant little children in dealing with -- you know, there's a way to end this. you flip the mandates. but they just don't want to be, you know, ignored. it's like fatal attraction, that
6:44 am
movie, when you've got somebody who just wants it their way. but i would caution the images that americans know, that the world know from the 1950s and '60s from the american south, civil disobedience, peaceful protest. when police or military move in, it reverberates around the world. it is a horrible scene. we've seen that kind of dynamic around the world. this will not end well for a regime that clearly has shown that it has no regard for its citizens, and it will only be more inspirational to people around the world, especially to americans. these are our brothers and sisters. this is the working class. these are effectively biden and trudeau socialists, sympathetic or direct regimes, attacking the working person who all they're saying is we want to be free from onerous government intervention. and the government as a result puts a boot on their neck. this will not end well for the government of canada.
6:45 am
will: tomi, you see these images in paris, ottawa. what's your reaction? >> this is, like tammy said, this is bigger than just canada, this is a movement. it's a movement going existence what we've seen for the last two years. now, in the spring of 20 we didn't know what covid was with, we didn't know the best way to address it. well, now we're two years in, two years, and now people are getting angry. i do believe this is going to be the time when you see republicans and democrats come together against the insanity. you're going to see people outside of the united states, outside of canada come together against the insanity. and tammy's exactly right. what this is, these governments ignoring their people, is it's looking at these forgotten canadians, forgotten americans who just want to be left alone. we have poked the bear, and it's not going to end well. it's about forgotten americans, forgotten canadians, those people who just want health freedom and medical freedom and privacy and want to be able to do their jobs. they don't want to be infringed
6:46 am
upon anymore. and truckers have said this is not about being anti-vax, it's not about a being racist or violent, it's about a wanting to be left alone and not having the government on their back telling them how to live their lives. and this would end very simply if trudeau end would look at the people rising up and say i am with you, you are my people, you are my constituents and you have a voice. but instead, he is taking the cowardly approach just as our president has. people want to be unmasked, they a want to choose if they want to get vaccines, and they're not going to stop until they get that freedom. you can send the police all you want. this will not end because they disperse this group, and i think you're going to see a convoy much like the one we're seeing in canada right here in the usa. and i've always said, will, i think we should take those truckers and put 'em on our southern border because those blockades seem to work pretty well, and we could sure use it down south. will: they do create an
6:47 am
effective wall. tomi, president donald trump was on "fox & friends" just about one hour ago. he was asked -- we talked to him about hillary clinton potentially run anything 2024 -- running in 2024 and his own future. here's what he had to say. key chi some speculation swirling that hillary clinton is thinking about running for president again in 2024. so the question -- >> i hope so. carley: -- are you going to run, and with that, will there be a repeat of the 2016 presidential election? >> well, anything's possible. anything's possible. we're certainly looking at it. we're looking at it very, very strongly, and i think ultimately a lot of people are going to be happy. pete: he said that before, tomi, but he would be very excited about a potential opponent being hillary clinton. >> i think we would all be excited. i think it would be a come by we'd all -- comedy we'd all like to watch. if the democrat party, if they really think that the solution for the disaster in the white house is hillary clinton, maybe the least liked woman in the
6:48 am
united states maybe after kamala harris and that is your best option? it shows the democrats don't understand the american people, they don't understand what electorally succe certainly, with what they have in the white house now, going to hillary is not going to be the solution. but it also shows donald trump still lives rent-free in all of their minds. you can cancel him on social media, you can disparage him, demonize him, but you can't get rid of him, and i think a lot of people would be very excited to see a trump 2024. will: tammy, not to say tomi nor president trump are wrong, i think they're right about the electability of hillary clinton, but try coming up with an alternative. there aren't very many names for the democrats to say, yeah, that'll work. >> yeah. i mean, this last election was supposed to be their best, and all they could do was hide in the basement from from donald trump. all they could do was mislead the american people about who they were, what they were going to do.
6:49 am
that misleading continues and, of course, it is a debacle for this country. the american people have really been educated. they now know what the lies have been about donald trump, they know about the incompetence, the malevolence of the democratic party. there's so much power in the american government, and yet what they're doing, what they're using it to do is malign and smear the american people. and the reason is, as you heard from donald trump this morning -- great interview, by the way, you guys -- is that is an individual who remains engaged, remains in touch with what the issues are, what the solutions will be, the nature of loving this country, caring about the american people, being able to answer questions knowing what matters. that is a rare commodity. clearly, in politics in general, also on the republican side there's at least more talent with the republicans, and that is going to be built up for the midterms, of course, as well. but, yes, the democrats, my goodness, where is the talent? where is that bench?
6:50 am
will: right. >> part of the problem is that barack obama destroyed it by making that party a cult of his own, and now they're reaping those benefits. but i look forward to '24 and getting this nation back. will: leo, i don't know that we can come up with another name. >> i'll tell you right now, i saw the interview, it was a great interview with trump. with trump you saw a leader. right now biden is being mangled. this -- managed. this country needs a leader, we have buyer's remorse, and donald trump is concise. when you asked the question about fauci, this man makes decisions based on his gut reaction. joe biden has a committee of five who's managing him. and this country needs joe finish donald trump. last point. the only two people who want hillary clinton to run for president is hillary clinton and bill clinton. that that's it. will: well, and the potential republican who would run against them. >> yes. [laughter] will: leo, tammy, tomi, great to
6:51 am
talk to the three of you this morning, always a pleasure. take care. >> thank you. will: forget the lombardi trophy, the coveted "fox & friends" trophy is up far grabs. we're competing in a football training camp. oh, she misses. coming up. ♪ ♪ psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff,... ...swollen, painful. emerge tremfyant®. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults with active psoriatic arthritis. some patients even felt less fatigued. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today.
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♪ pete: this is officially super bowl weekend. the rams are set to take on the bengals at sofi stadium on sunday. will: fans gearing up for the big game, and so are the teams' cheerleaders. chi chi lawrence jones is live from sofi stadium with a few of those cheerleaders. lawrence. >> reporter: everyone is here now, guys. everybody's excited for super bowl lvi, and we couldn't be more excited. morgan, you've got to tell your mother hello, because she watches the show. >> hi, mom, i love you! so happy you're here. >> reporter: tell me, what is the strategy? they have home field advantage, so y'all gotta be extra hyped. what's the plan? >> we're basically going to walk in and take it over, i would say. so we are the home team, so we're just going to come in and act like we're at home. >> reporter: all right. what about you, sam? >> i'm just excited we're bringing the heart and soul of
6:56 am
cincinnati with us. this is decades of buildup, so we're not coming home without a win. >> reporter: ooh, those are fighting words. now, napoleon, do y'all feel like you have an advantage? all your people are already here. >> absolutely. it's been an exciting week, and it's rams' house and all of l.a. a, it's electric to be in the city. we're taking that and pushing all the way through. >> reporter: sam, if you had a prediction, the score at the end of the game, what is it going to be? >> you know, i'm not sure what the score's going to be, but i know it's going to be a great game, and we're so happy to be here in the rams' house. >> reporter: what does this moment mean for you and your team? >> it's just been such a long time coming getting into sofi stadium, it's incredible we get to be here celebrating the super bowl as well. >> reporter: did y'all put in extra prangs or what? >> oh, yeah. we've been practicing nonstop. >> reporter: all right, morgan. y'all wanted to do a cheer for
6:57 am
us? absolutely. >> reporter: all together, who has the loudest cheer? here we go! [cheers and applause] will: did he propose? i didn't see. >> reporter: i did not propose. they want me to propose to someone. [laughter] laugh. >> reporter: did you do push-ups? >> reporter: of course i did the push-ups. will: today one of us will win the "fox & friends" trophy. carley: that's right. it's time for football training camp. pete: here with the rules of the game, darren alexander with betty's bounces. thanks for helping us out. >> of course. pete: my office has been without the trophy for too long. what are we going to do here? >> first of all, clear clearly
6:58 am
you came dressed for the occasion. we have the three-person mega-drill, it's about 65 feet long, and there's three lanes, and this is only one rule, there are no rules. so finish this and slide down, you have to get off, and then you go through our first down segment. you have to throw four passes through the circles with footballs, and whoever finishes that first is the "fox & friends" champion. will: carley, you're in the middle. carley: i'll separate you two. pete: you're going to count us down? >> i'll count you down. ready. on my -- 3, 2, 1 is, go! >> this is what i like to see. pete and will, oh, who's goinged to do it? pete gets off first, here we go. we need four shots.
6:59 am
carley, get in the game. >> come on, come on. will: three! [inaudible conversations] >> it's a tie. >> honestly, i think pete took it home. i think pete took it home. pete: there ain't no way i lost that. >> we looked at the instant replay. pete, i think you won the trophy. this year's "fox & friends" champion. [inaudible conversations] [laughter] will: five minutes before me paying this dude. chi chi who won?
7:00 am
will? >> will. carley: or pete? clee clee people are saying will. [inaudible conversations] >> to be fair, there are no rules. so, i mean, carley is right, if the crowd is voting for a fan favorite --womenwomen. will: i'm a man of the people. ♪ ♪ >> the world on edge as russia set to possibly invade ukraine, president biden speaking with russian president vlad mire putin this morning. experts say we are in the 11th hour and the white house urging all americans to leave ukraine by tomorrow. welcome, everyone, i'm edward lawrence, this is "cavuto life." david spunt is at the white house with the latest. >> reporter: i was just on a call with a senior


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