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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 10, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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coincidence? i think not. walter, they are juicing the numbers. we get it, she is running scared. we are right on her heels. it's only our 14th show. we've made it one and a quarter -- we are not even handing out cash. tucker is next, and remember, i'm waters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." when democratic politicians across this country all of a sudden start to pull back their mask mandates, they did it virtually overnight and they did it in unison, we naturally assumed that new polling had to be behind it, someone at the dnc must have seen terrifying public opinion numbers and decided to abandon project quarantine before the midterm election. that made sense to us. we explained that theory on the show last night. we still think it's probably
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true. but it's also clear as of tonight that there is explanation for this. democrats in this country are looking north to their friends in the ruling party of canada, and what they see there scares them. canada's working class has finally rebelled after years of her lightless abuse. truck drivers are threatening to topple justin trudeau's creepy little government with their big rigs, and they may succeed, actually. the protest against his vaccine mandates have been far more effective than anyone in charge imagine. for democrats in the united states, that's a pretty obvious lesson. over the past 48 hours, canadian truckers have blocked the major trade routes between their country and ours. last night farmers driving heavy agricultural equipment checked on the highways at the manitoba border with the united states. you're seeing footage now from the town of emerson manitoba. 1100 miles away, a similar scene on the border of ontario in the united states. green tractors with canadian flags lining the highway in
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protest. but the most meaningful blockade of all is taking place right now on the ambassador bridge, the privately owned spam that connects detroit to windsor, ontario. if you live in the upper midwest, you know it well. a quarter of all the trade between united states and canada, one of the world's biggest trading partners, billions of dollars, comes across that bridge. as molly line is reporting from ottawa, that bridge is now completely shut down. >> we are canadian and we want to be free canadians. >> increasing concern spreading through canada and now the u.s. as the freedom convoy bretons trade along the border. truckers blocking traffic at the ambassador bridge connecting detroit and ontario, a second crossing linking alberta and montana calling for an end to all covid restrictions and vaccine mandates. >> we will have freedom, freedom of all mandates and that's what we're fighting for. >> the ambassador bridge is the busiest international crossing in north america karen 25% of
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all trade between canada and the u.s. >> tucker: we want freedom, the truckers are saying, freedom from mandates. it's a very straightforward ask, but so far the truckers don't have that freedom and so there blockade continues. so far, that blockade has forced forward motorcade -- to operate another plant with a skeleton crew. toyota says it will be able to manufacture vehicles and ontario for the rest of the week. general motors has canceled multiple shifts at its plant in michigan due to heart shortages. so this protest is less than a week old and already is causing deep pain to at least one global industry. it's hard to overstate the historical significance of what we're watching right here. the canadian trucker convoy is the single most successful human rights protest in a generation. if nothing else, it has been a very useful reminder to our entitled ruling class the working class man can be pushed, but only so far. when they push back, it hurts.
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it turns out that truck drivers are more important to a country's future than say diversity consultants or even an msnbc contributor. new. the white house has no interest in knowing. according to the associated press tonight, the bike demonstration is "urging" the trudeau government to use its federal powers to stop this protest. to end the protest. in other words, crush them by force. politico is reporting that biden officials are coordinating with canadian authorities to "establish alternate traffic routes" around the protesters. scranton joe, the prounion guy shutting down a labor action. pete buttigieg is the completely incompetent transportation secretary in this country, apparently in charge of this effort. but he does not realize is it's not so easy. truck drivers know a lot more about roads than mckinsey consultants do. the alternative border crossing in alberta has already been totally shut down. they thought of that already. the blue water bridge which connects ontario to michigan has
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been reporting delays tonight of nearly five hours. there is an obvious way to fix this problem. matthew marin is the owner of the ambassador bridge into michigan, just spelled it up for justin trudeau, who is not terribly bright. and the vaccine mandates and the bridge reopens. it's not hard. but justin trudeau won't. and he's decided he doesn't have to. because the truckers, as he's explained, have no legitimate complaint. they are racists, so we are not required to listen to them. here is trudeau in the canadian parliament on monday. >> people of ottawa don't deserve to be harassed in their own neighborhoods. they don't deserve to be confronted with the inherent violence of a swastika flying on a street corner for a confederate flag, or the insults and jeers just because they aren't wearing a mask. that's not who canada and
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canadians are. >> tucker: oh, so they are not even really canadians. their. so you don't have to hear anything they say. they don't even belong here, maybe we will in turn them or expel them. trudeau state broadcasters have been repeating his lies over and over and over again for maximum effect. that's what they do. what's striking however is the media and our country claim to be independent but they've been doing the very same thing. watch. >> some of the organizers of this protest, which as i mentioned started more than a week ago, they do want to overthrow the government. >> canadian officials calling the situation a "nationwide insurrection." >> the police chief says covid protests are a nationwide insurrection driven by madness. >> nationwide insurrection driven by madness. the language, i know it sounds familiar to you, a threat to, and insurrection. >> the police say that they are under resourced and overwhelmed.
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they said that it's under siege. >> i've heard there's cumin on supporters the crowd, residents that i have spoken to who say they feel terrorized, intimidated. >> it's occult. >> tucker: there are qanon supporters in the crowd. it's a cult! they are nazis and they are crazy. insurrectionist on the bridge! they are using these smears because typically they work. just dismiss these people, don't listen to them. they didn't go to college. but what justin trudeau apparently didn't count on is that a handful of independent journalists are committing journalism inside canada. and a free press works. that's why we have it, or did. so instead of repeating state-mandated talking points like their journalists do and the in our press corps do, these independent reporters have been broadcasting hours long interviews with the truckers themselves in their cabs totally insulted, so you can decide what you think.
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you can ask a make your own judgment about reality. so you watch the streams for just a few minutes and you realize this truckers, whatever their faults may be, are far less odious and much harder working than the journalists and the politicians who call them nazis. here's 124-year-old protester who saved up and bought a truck. he's losing hundreds of dollars every day because he's no longer working but he says it's worth it because he's more concerned about human rights than about his own paycheck. you decide. >> i agree with freedom of choice. so if you want to wear a diaper over your face, go ahead. you can wear a face diaper if you want, but why should i because of your fear of got to wear that garbage on my face. doing that for two years, they said two weeks. it's turned into two years. enough is enough. >> tucker: the voice of the workingmen there. you know how we know he's a nazi? because he used the word freedom. that was not shot by the cdc, it
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was from a live stream on the youtube channel. it was filmed just after midnight this morning. it is run by a man you've never heard of called matt garcia. garcia is one of a handful of independent youtube channel operators who are doing -- who the legacy media refuses to do anywhere, everywhere anymore. garcia actually talks to people, he reports. he's not paid to do this, he's doing it because nobody else will do it. you should watch it, it's compelling, because you can hear people speak and you can decide what you think about what they have to say. here's another protester that garcia spoke to on the streets of ottawa. this man says that justin trudeau's authoritarian behavior reminds him of the ayatollahs in the country he left, which is iran. watch. >> i'm from iran, and i am proud to be a canadian freedom loving patriot. i came here from -- i did a speech on the stage and i lost
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my freedom once in a run, by the ayatollahs. i don't want to lose my freedom again in canada. >> tucker: so what's the answer to him? is he in qanon? is he a white supremacist? canada's leaders have no response whatsoever. they just accuse all these people of bigotry, and then they turn away. the protesters are so immoral we have no obligation to listen to them because democracy. we all lose when they do that, because actually the truckers do have something to say. some of them are pretty articulate. some of them are even eloquent about what they want. so as a public service we thought you would like to hear it, here it is. >> something extreme about wanting people to be able to make their own decisions in their home, that is the best decision for their families. there's nothing extreme about that. >> tucker: no, that's not extreme. if you want to see extremism,
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take a close look at how canada's ruling class is responding to these decidedly not extreme protests. authorities in canada are now stealing firewood from protesters in subzero temperatures. you're seeing that theft on your screen right now. we are not making it up. that what is not being used in a crime. they are not using it to rob liquor stores, the protesters are using the wood to keep from freezing to death in february. but trudeau's enforcers just took it from them. they also seized fuel, which the truckers were using to keep from dying in their cabs overnight. watch. >> you take those cabs off of that truck, is that your property? it is now! so you have the right to take gas cans off of a trucker's truck, is that correct? it is correct. according to what? aiding and abetting criminals? a criminal offense? so you have gas cans on your truck, it's a criminal offense.
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>> tucker: let's say you are in american television or you liz cheney or any one of the many people who lecture you every day about democracy. what would you make of that exchange? you may not like the guy's beard or who he voted for, but what's answer to him? if police are breaking the law by enforcing an order from the guy who runs the country, is that a democracy? no. it's not. it's not a free country, it's a very scary place, and that's exactly what canada has become under justin trudeau. we will play one more clip. there are a lot of these but we are not going to drag it out. you see the point. watch this one. these are police acting under justin trudeau's orders dragging an elderly man to jail and hurting him along the way. why? because he dared to honk his horn in support of the truckers. >> what's your name and badge number? you're hurting an old man! a canadian citizen!
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communism! this is communism, he's scared. [bleep] communist. collier police chief, he will back you up. call your police chief. arresting an old man? shame on you! shame on you! >> tucker: they hurt him too. look up his bruises on the internet. in the end, canadians are nice people, the cliche is true, and they are seeing some of this. it's being hidden from them on the state media but it's all on the internet. so justin trudeau is attacking human rights and attacking humans, and that ultimately is bound to provoke a backlash. and it is. the province of alberta just announced it is lifting its covid restrictions and scrapping its vaccine passport system completely. saskatchewan, quebec, have done the same, they are getting rid
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of most of their covid restrictions in the face of this, in response to this. when you go too far, people turn against you. it was just a few days ago that a guy, the leader of canada's supposedly pro-worker ndp party, smeared the truckers as racists. of course "those that claim the superiority of the white bloodline" -- what a pig. it's always the same line. but yesterday, even he finally realized the same old slander doesn't work anymore. so he went to plan b. he went for a federal plan to "exit the pandemic." in other words, he caved in the face of principal human rights protests. that's how that works. several members of justin trudeau's own liberal party are now rebuking justin trudeau. one of those lawmakers, a member of parliament, described justin trudeau's vaccine mandate as "an attempt to wedge, to divide, and to stigmatize. i fear that this politicization
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of the pandemic risks undermining the public trust in our public health institutions." oh, you think? yeah! we in america know little bit about that. who won't trust a doctor when the smoke settles from corona? seriously. but on a political level, anyone watching this understands just how profound the betrayal is. the betrayal. both in canada and in the united states. self-described liberals, the one who have lectured you for decades about the nobility of organized labor, are now taking the side of management, of strikebreakers over striking workers. they are plotting with mr. burns on the simpsons as cops harassed and abused strikers and their families. pretty soon they will be demanding scabs, if they weren't already buried it is so deeply revealing. scratch a liberal and you'll find a fascist. today on twitter, and obama dhs official called for violence against the truckers. /their tires, she demanded. but don't stop there.
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canceled her insurance, suspend their driver's licenses. prohibit any future regulatory certification. have we learned nothing, fellow members of the ruling class? these things faster when there are no consequences. crush them before they get big ideas. she is a nasty little fascist and of course she is a cnn contributor too. of course she is. but we will concede she is right about one thing. these things do fester. when you ignore the population's legitimate concerns for long enough, when you dismiss your own citizens as racists and conspiracy nuts and try to shut them down for long enough, at some point, they are apt to revolt. once people realize they are citizens, not serfs, you can't really know where things go from there. and in that vein, tonight, a group of american truckers announced they will begin a nationwide truck convoy in this
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country starting next month in protest against joe biden's vaccine mandate. that rally will begin in southern california on march 5th and then it will progressed eastward by truck to washington, d.c., what they assume is still the capital of their country. how does the supposedly prounion white house feel about this? they are completely panicked. working class people exposing their opinions? that's not allowed. so joe biden, taking a page from justin trudeau, his friend to the north, has already set the department of homeland security to work to shut them down. we will be covering that in some detail. there is some drama ahead. in the meantime, we want to take you live to detroit where a reporter has been covering what's happening there. charlie duff is a pulitzer prize winning journalist, host of the no b.s. newshour, joins us now. what is the situation at the bridge? >> nothing is moving, no trade. i guess it's important to tell the country this: where member those pictures of the port of l.a.? were member those boats? this bridge alone in detroit is
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about half of what l.a. does. that's how important it is. this could send the economy spinning. >> tucker: so -- i mean, canada always was america's biggest trade partner, of course we are their biggest trade partner. i mean, the economic consequences for the government at some point are going to show up really obviously, are they not? >> really quickly. you see plants shutting down. canada gets a lot of its meat and its dairy and its perishables from the united states, so when you're talking $350 million a day going over one bridge, these guys up in canada figured out where the choke point is, and it's right here. >> tucker: so you've been there your whole life in detroit, have you ever seen anything like this before? >> in terms of taking over a bridge? >> tucker: yeah, the city of strikes historically, have you ever seen one this effective? >> to be honest, no. we've had many of them from flint to now.
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>> tucker: of course. >> i guess it's important to say that 90% of the truck drivers are vaccinated. what really happened here was all through the pandemic, these men and women worked. they went back and forth while everybody else huddled in their houses, right? they wear their masks, couldn't get out of the cab, couldn't use the toilet. now, two years into it, just this past january, you've got to get the shot. it's enough but for those guys that are vaxed, this is what they tell me. we support that, but what we are hoping doesn't get lost here is, you know, adults in canada is a truck driver. we make horriblee don't have a place to sleep at night. they are not even looking after them in general, so hopefully it's a moment in the labor time of truck drivers in canada where they actually get something. >> tucker: yeah, because when we talk of a supply chains, they are the supply chain. our civilization doesn't work. >> the politicians nibble cheese and try on the latest political costume. it's the truckers that make this
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whole continent go. that's how we each. so respect them or we are going to starve. >> tucker: charlie duff, thank you. >> you've got it. >> tucker: so reports tonight that is similar convoy is merging in this country next month. carl is a trucker from waukesha. not part of any convoy at but he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. so there are -- there was an announcement tonight by a group saying we are beginning an american freedom convoy from california to washington in a few weeks. would you support that, and if so, why? >> of course. with america being the forefront of freedom, all right, we've always -- it's in my blood to fight for what's right and i believe that having the freedom of choice is actually just trying to get and receive -- i think that it's a no-brainer. you know, why not stand on the forefront with those guys and show our solidarity with that country and say hey, we are
5:21 pm
against mandates, we are against forest, we are against tyranny of government. we want the same thing that everybody else wakes up and deserves, freedom of choice. so i've always been growing up to know that it's my body, my choice. what's going on now? what to think of attacker? >> tucker: it's not your body and it's not your choice. by the way, you are a racist for saying that it is. what you make of that? the immediate dismissal of their concerns by calling them racist. >> it's the classic race bait. listen, we have many evils in this world, and i was on with you before and i told you this, it's a matter of good and evil. and it's which side you want to be on. which side you want to choose to wake up and say hey, i'm for the people or them against the people, it is simple. we do not need to use simplistic mind tactics of race baiting to get an issue resolved. it's on you, justin, it's on you to let your people know that you stand with them firm and sound, that you want freedom of choice. do not force the mandate, and
5:22 pm
joe, please fall in line with us, because we are americans. we are the blue-collar workers of this beautiful country that we call america. >> tucker: amen. appreciate you coming on tonight, thank you. >> no, thank you, i appreciate you, tucker. >> tucker: so our leaders have been completely focused on eastern europe. that's the part of the world that paid joe biden's family a million dollars a year. looking there, china has increased dominance across the world, including in our hemisphere, we will have a report on that next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: by many measures, it's now more expensive to live in the united states than at any time in the modern era. and it's getting more expensive, new inflation numbers are out. the biden a ministrations to them? hard to believe. trace gallagher has the story for us tonight. >> there's an old joke about having insomnia but not losing any sleep over it, and other biden a administration is kind of following that path saying yes, inflation is stressful, but don't worry about it. remember, the administration first called inflation transitory, saying it was all pandemic-related and would quickly be corrected.
5:28 pm
then a few months later in december, the word transitory was out and words like rapid were in with the president saying that prices had rapidly increased and would rapidly decrease. but now the price index on all items is the highest since february of 1982 and the president says we should have some peace of mind. watch. >> president biden: inflation is up. it's up and coming from a family when the price of gas went up, you felt it in the household, the fact is that we are in a situation now where, you know, you should have peace of mind. >> and to calm us down even more, the president says they should all be resolved by next year. in time, we should ask point at the consumer price index measures a laundry list of items from gas and groceries to apparel and appliances, and everything has gone way up. gas is up 40%, beef up 16%. bacon, 18%.
5:29 pm
it used cars more than 40%, hotels, 24%, and appliances just under 10%. so prices are high and the federal reserve says many economists believe as well they will continue to go higher. in just 40 days into 2022, the president now banking on a much better 2023. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher for us tonight. thanks so much. ♪ ♪ you don't need to be an economist to understand what's actually driving inflation. a lot of things influence inflation but over time inflation is determined by the size of your money supply. if you have a lot of something, it becomes less valuable. it's that simple. that's why we have inflation. and over time, you can destroy your currency. so our government, bipartisan coalition over time, has printed
5:30 pm
more money in the last couple of years and in the past hundred years. and that has destroyed the power of the u.s. dollar. china is watching us. china would like to make a run on the u.s. dollar as the world's reserve currency and so they are working to do that. china announced a partnership with argentina in part on currency. argentina's president also said his nation would join china's belt and road projects. that's in our hemisphere. monroe doctrine that is happening and nobody's even mentioning it. not just argentina. 19 other latin american and caribbean countries are part of this chinese-led initiative. so china isn't just growing influence in this hemisphere. latimer putman just signed a deal with china, a new gas supply deal, so you have to think what are the implication for american power, particularly american economic power, particularly the power of the u.s. dollar on which everything else depends. a candidate for the comptroller of the state of california we are honored to have him join us
5:31 pm
today. thanks so much for coming on. are you -- i don't hear anyone talking about this, but i think it's worth being worried about it. are you worried about it? >> yeah, i am worried about it. look, the goal that china has is to use its currency to supplant the u.s. dollar as the world reserve currency, and they are able to do that essentially because in the united states, we've made a series of policy decisions that frankly erode the power of the dollar, erode our ability to have influence around the world, and i think that's the biggest challenge we face. you mentioned the road initiative. the way that essentially china gains influence us to go into countries to finance projects not with equity, but with debt. they essentially put countries in a debt trap and at some point the country is unable to repay the loan, they take the acid. great example, the power grid in laos is owned by china because essentially they extended a loan, the company went under, and they took the power grid. you see this all over the world. >> tucker: particularly in
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africa. you're seeing american companies here, municipalities, sign deals with chinese companies controlled by the chinese government. i heard about one today in which the chinese were demanding they import their workers to work on the project. why aren't american politicians awake to this i wonder? >> not only are they not awake to it but they keep adding to the problem. you wonder why there's inflation in the united states. when you put $6 trillion of fiscal stimulus into the economy as president biden and democrats did last year, you're going to end up with big time inflation and unfortunately that's what we are seeing. it's eroding the purchasing power of people here in the united states, people who are still making more money now are not making more money to keep up with inflation, facing great pressure on families throughout our country, so the challenges we face really, unfortunately, tucker, are self-inflicted and i don't know how we are going to get out of this unless we have a massive course correction when it comes to economic policy in this country. >> tucker: why are you running the federal reserve? you seem to understand is in a
5:33 pm
way that powell doesn't, none of the government. i appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so democrats in washington state have run out of things to do, so they've just come up with a bill requiring people to wear lifejackets while in the water, canoeing for example. this effort has run up against equity, however. one group says we've got to be exempt from this law. pretty hilarious story, we've got details straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: before we get to the next segment, there is a report dissed out, we can't verify, but that the governor of michigan, gretchen whitmer, has offered canadian authorities the use of "heavy equipment" to move trucks off the bridge that connects windsor, ontario, with michigan. if that's true, how is that not interfering in a democracy of
5:39 pm
another country? a united states elected official offering to shut down human rights protest in another country? that's consistent with our democratic when supposed? we are going to work to find out if that's in fact happening. a new bill introduced by democrats in the legislature in washington state would require people to wear lifejackets basically anywhere outside of the shower, in canoes, kayaks, stand up paddle boards that's obviously none of your business whether we wear lifejackets or not, but that new law proposed is running into another principle very popular right now called equity, and one group is demanding an exception from it. jason rantz is a radio show host in seattle, he is our go to man for the pacific northwest, he joins us today. jason, what is this? >> so it's a bill by democrat state representative and she says it will save lives. the problem is that outcome might actually be determined by your race. so the legislation has some
5:40 pm
exemptions where you don't have to comply. so if you're in a sanctioned competition, if you're being supervised by a coach or a trainer, or if you're participating in something called paddleboard yoga, which is apparently a thing. but if this is about saving lives, there's this carve out that doesn't actually make any sense. gives exemptions to members of federally recognized tribes for the most bizarre reason you can think of. one republican lawmaker actually brought it up during a recent hearing. >> just curious on the blanket exemption for the tribe. if that requirement -- i'm just curious where that came from in the bill. >> these are situations where they have either extensive training or have traditionally are really use to our cold waters for eons, essentially, or are very closely supervised. >> yes, these american indians in the water for billions of years, swimming skills passed
5:41 pm
down generation to generation from eons in the cold water, they are apparently now all supervised by the tribe's elders, rendering them unable to drown. and when he for about, it's pretty nutty, because here's where the equity part comes in. democrats don't want to insult american indians by being unfair with the law and the representative claims american indians have easy access to water where apparently white, black, asian, latino apparently don't. but the tragic irony is that the american indians in this country suffer death by drowning in natural waters more than any other racial group or ethnic group according to the cdc. >> tucker: oh, my gosh. it's all so crazy. laws have to apply to everyone regardless of color. it's great to see you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so a terrifying new terror bulletin from joe biden's department of moment security is warming of "the proliferation of false or misleading narratives what's so discord or undermine public trust in u.s. government institutions."
5:42 pm
that is something we do on a nightly basis because you shouldn't trust u.s. government institutions. they are not worthy of it, they've betrayed your trust, but the dhs tells us the so-called threat actors have "inspired violent extremist attacks during 2021." texas congressman chip roy has called this a blatant attack on free speech, which it is. harmeet dhillon's human rights lawyer, one of the best in the world, ceo of the center for american liberty, joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. so this is a direct attack. basically they are seeing anyone who would assizes the by demonstration is a terrorist. that would include us so we are sensitive but how does this not pilot the constitution? >> well, it is going to violate the constitution if they act on it but they've already been acting along the same trope for the entirety of the biden administration and even before that during the trump administration. you had activists in the doj and fbi. i'm calling parents terrorist, from calling protesters terrorist, from calling anyone
5:43 pm
who criticized the shoddy way the election was run in 2020, disinformation, misinformation, and now mal information spreaders. this is all designed to intimidate american citizens into shutting up and not criticizing the government in any way, shape, or form. it also kind of vaguely threatening them with what might happen if they do. we've already seen what happens with abuses to our law enforcement and persecuting citizens we've seen with the january 6th committee, law-abiding people who had nothing to do with january 6th and we saw clients like my client taken off of twitter for daring to criticize the election. so you can expect more of that in this type of absolute demagoguery and divisive language, continues to emanate from the by demonstration, frankly no reason not to expect. one thing to look out for is you've been covering on your show, i think the timing of this particular report is aimed at talk of trucker protests here in
5:44 pm
the united states and the super bowl coming up, and this is a way of telling people if you dare to speak out and engage in peaceful protests as permitted by the united states constitution first amendment, you will expect to see yourself in the crosshairs of the department of homeland security. this is un-american and every american should be very concerned about this because you could be next on that list of mal information, disinformation actors that they are aiming at. >> tucker: it means they are already working on it and already surveilling these terror threats which would include opposition journalists, so that is something to thing about. appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: black rock is the using its power to control every other company. understands how this works and joins us next to explain why it's not good at all. the right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: blackrock is the asset manager in the entire world and that fact gives the ceo of blackrock, larry fink, unparalleled control over the u.s. economy, and of the companies that comprise it. that's a pretty significant fact given that larry fink has a political agenda that's at least as aggressive as his investment strategy. he thought a lot about this, a tech entrepreneur and has been in business, but he's also thought about the political ramifications of all of this and where the country ought to be going. we are happy to have a montagnais. thanks so much for coming on. for our viewers who aren't familiar with larry fink and his agenda, if you could just sum it up for us. >> yeah, sure. i think every american deserves to know who larry fink is buried he is the what i call the king of the woke industrial complex. the ceo of the world's largest
5:51 pm
asset manager and what they do is they cause companies to bend they need to woke orthodoxy because blackrock says we won't invest in your company unless you abide by these progress of standards or we will dock the pay of a ceo or fire a ceo who refuses to bend the knee. but here's the rub, tucker, it is not their money. that $10 trillion doesn't belong to blackrock. say what you will about george soros, at least it's his money, in this case it's money that belongs to you, to everyday americans in this country whose blood would boil if they actually knew the way their own money was being used to force a progressive social orthodoxy back onto them. that is the defining scam of our time and i think it's high time that everyday americans wake up to learning how their own money is being used as a weapon to advance values that they would find repugnant if they actually knew what was going on. >> tucker: so to simplify for the noneconomists among us, including me, you invest money, you imagine this is your retirement, larry fink has influence over where that money is invested and he invests it in
5:52 pm
ways that are repugnant to you and your core values and your families future, is that kind of what you're saying? >> that's exactly right. is the puppet master behind the scenes of corporate america, so when you want to buy the ceo of coca-cola or whoever does what they do, larry fink and blackrock are big part of that. but there's one more part that makes the story taken even darker turn. the puppetmaster behind the scenes of blackrock is of course china. there is no greater friend of china on wall street than larry think today. he suffocates to the chinese communist party, he actually helps them in trade negotiations here while criticizing the united states and social inequity and injustice here, he is actually doing the bidding of the ccp at the same time while getting political favors from china. so i think this is something the american people ought to know a lot about. his decisions affect the lives of everyday americans or so than most politicians. and you know this. we're going through this thing that ever but he calls the great respect, the stake holder capitalism revolution where we dissolve the boundaries between
5:53 pm
government actors and private companies to advance a single progressive globalist agenda. well, i think it's time to reset the great reset and i think the first step is to see with clear eyes what's actually going on and larry fink is a big part of the story. >> tucker: so we take moral lectures from people who work for a country that doesn't recognize human rights and nobody ever points this out because why? >> because they build a great chinese wall that says you can't come into the chinese market and less you bow down to the ccp, but they roll out the red carpet if you criticize the united states, and so these guys jump to whatever tune the ccp blows on a given day criticizing the u.s., by supplicating to china, undermining our own moral standing on the global stage and worst of all, in the case of blackrock, not even doing it for their own account. they're doing it on the account of everyday retirees, everyday pensioners who really would be livid if they knew what was actually happening with their own money. i think it's the defining scam of our time and we're just just beginning to see the beginning of it rear its head up.
5:54 pm
i think this is an opportunity for a counter movement. i think we need to reset that great reset, restore american democracy. you have the left talk a lot about democracy. part of democracy is actually giving everyday citizens a voice rather than letting elites like larry fink have their way by throwing the money around. >> tucker: man -- i should just say you are not just a think tank guy, you actually are -- have been in business your whole life, so you know what your talk about. i hope to be part of whatever the solution is. vivek, appreciate your coming on. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: we will be right back. ♪ ♪ .
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>> tucker: according the biden administration russia is poised like a cat to pounce on poor little ukraine. the white house said the perfect moment to put biden in front of a camera to diffuse the crisis. >> there is no way we would ever
6:00 pm
unite iraq, i mean afghanistan. >> tucker: we just can't unite them. [laughing]. that's it for us today. it's mean to play that it. we will be back tomorrow night and every night. the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." live coverage from the freedom convoy in ottawa, canada continues. it's spreading worldwide. the truckers are not going anywhere and calls grow for the weak justin trudeau to end-all mandates. sara carter is having a good time with the truckers and will check in with us. first back here at home. democrats are in a full-blown panic after spending trillions of dollars on hand outs. our economy is on fire but not in a good way. breaking today


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